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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Seeing Double

' I'll have you seeing double ' (from Queen's Flick Of The Wrist', written by Freddie Mercury)

Perhaps you have heard the phrase 'spitting image'(someone who looks very much like someone else)

Seeing Double will consist of 'emulation photography' of Fairy's identical likeness to her idol

1970s decade Freddie Mercury who s/he emulates to perfection.

All ... tucked ... and ready to go. My darlings, I will be doing something a bit different with this page. 

Something horrible has happened to my site!! While preparing to create this new page, my PR man got a bit curious as to what the bloody hell is a 'dynamic page'.

Apparently, this joke hosting site only allows 100 pages (mine is now at 51) then you can have no more unless you create 'dynamic pages'. Way over our heads strangeness.

Anyway, he chose to make the last page Glam Rock 'N Roll into one of these

'dynamic pages'. We lost the page!!!!! I am so upset, dears! Now we're going to have to sort out getting it back.

Next part stays. This week I rehearse for 2 nights gigs in Brighton. So who or what are you going to be for Halloween, dears? Mmmm - I want to be a 'what'. HA!! Isn't that what androgynous is all about? You could be either sex.

Mystique. What is this creature? A boy or a girl??  Who's going to be ready for some rock 'n roll this weekend?!

Be prepared to be amazed, 'guaranteed to blow your mind' (from 'Killer Queen') with the 'emulation photography' my photographers will be presenting. I love to get (purrs) verrrry naughty during photo shoots, dears ...

You know, like this erotic little number tarted up in the slinky black satin with 'nip slip'

But before we rrrreally begin with all this and speaking of androgynous ... I want to post about this that was deleted from off the homepage. I managed to save it so I could:

Pavlova, ballet danseur - [section omitted] We loathe cunts, butch gays and straight people. Myself, I am like Nureyev. He was misogynistic. He was VERY attracted to effeminate gay. You speak of androgyny. I should post this on new page once Jorge Schumann gets it ready. Fairy and I went to place, I not tell where. Boy had received us as guests. I give him generous tip. He looks astonished. I ask if something is wrong. Perhaps he expected Euros or Rubles. I tell him, 'did you expect Rubles? We are not in Russia.' The boy replies nervously, 'no, it's just - ' he does not finish. Rude etiquette of peasants. He then says, 'your wife is very beautiful.' Then turns very red when noticing Fairy is not actually a 'she'. Androgyny. That 'Mr. X' tells of how Freddie once was treated as such. People would come up behind saying, 'excuse me, ma'am' When s/he would turn around they would become embarrassed realizing the lovely slender long haired creature wasn't actually a she.


That up next.


Phoenix Reborn

Mouse over for some more 'divine lush creature' androgyny. Me looking identical to Queen II album Freddie. Backstage in satin ... fairy ... winged frock, black eye makeup and glossed lips.

Speaking of 'emulating', watch this, dears, while you're waiting for the 'up next' from me. It really is quite hard to do, unless it comes naturally - pure talent and it helps if you're an 'incarnate' ... I'm thanking you, my precious fans, on behalf of Greg (Hastings, my personal photographer) for being so awestruck by his photography and filming live footage of me. The man is so modestly humble. I loved his story of when him and I first met.

About the video:
The first 1/2 has an explained intro. added.
The 2nd half was put together by Pavlova. He picked out live footage viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings filmed

of Fairy to put the video together; accompanied by Fairy performing live, to you her adoring fans, at several
venues throughout her 2023 Fairy Soars summer tour.
Performances include:

  • Seven Seas Of Rhye

  • In The Lap Of The Gods

  • 2 different performances (partial and full) of Killer Queen

  • Bonus material - ballet danseur Pavlova watching and emulating Nureyev

As always, 'Loyal Subjects', watch the video to the very end, for stunning ending footage of Fairy

followed by the credits.

From Pavlova (ballet danseur) - [omitted] We are off to bed. She needs sleep so she can be focused on rehearsals tomorrow. She is silly girl. She was bored earlier, she takes photo of my 'ballet feet' which she plans to post on new page. Then she carries on over how slender her feet are compared to my feet. I tell her I worship the ground her slender little feet prance on and she becomes adorably shy.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello, dears. I am in a very good mood now! [omitted]

My PR man and Greg will be sorting out the Glam Rock 'n Roll page issue. Until it's back up, THEN I will continue the new page Seeing Double. Awww, my precious fans, ballet really does a number on ones feet. We all suffer for our art, I suppose. I know I do!!

While you are being bored waiting for the new page to continue. I absolutely refuse to continue until

Glam Rock 'N Roll is saved! So here's a little camp for you. I almost killed my prince! I read what Jorge posted and

I was like, 'oh really? Like people are lusting after this 'queen' at 5 am. [omitted].' Rudy started coughing, having swallowed his cherry brandy wrong. He is so fucking naughty and sexy, dears. When he recovered, he said, 'could you not be campy until after I've swallowed my drink, femmka? I've woken at 5am (pauses) wanting (pauses again) you. Longing for you.'

I mean, how do you even reply to something like that being said to you by a naughty boy man?!

You should see the photo of me he took. I'll post it along with the photo of his feet I took.

All this coming soon. Plus!!! 'Emulation Photography' and the effeminate androgynous Fairy 'queen' being mistaken for a she.

Where The Action Is

Exclusive fan club members only content!

All the excitement this weekend is on Fairy's fan club site.

Where the genuine fans are ... Positive, focused atmosphere.

After as follows:

If you’re not a fan club member, you’ll wish you were!! The overly sexual Persian glam rock queen Fairy Mercury

and Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova emulate the full-frontal nude scene on the 1977 Nureyev film ‘Valentino’

Where the legendary ballet danseur Nureyev, portraying silent film star Valentino, does a full-frontal nude (of course, Pavlova emulates that part) and Fairy emulates the actress in the scene.

The androgynous Fairy is naked as well and ... 'tucked ' ...

Sending fans into a wild frenzy of hysterics.

The ever so elegant queen is definitely NOT predictable.

She dazzles and surprises her adoring fans in the least expected ways!

Apparently she wanted to flaunt her Russian ‘prince’s’ unclothed ‘enormous fucking cock’ that … well, you get

the picture.

On the concert front – the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury is rumoured to have the one referred to as ‘Mr. X’ as a surprise guest at her Brighton show this evening.

Update: The glam rock queen announced, 'I have a surprise guest, dears.' and 'Mr. X' came out to perform with her in Halloween costume! So his identity remains still unknown. Very cunning!! Most likely Fairy's tease idea.

What a wild night!


Loyal Subjects, what will you be for Halloween??

Fairy Lands

In June 1970, the regally magnificent legendary British glam rock band Queen gave their first ever live public performance in Cornwall.

With the help of the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova, the Persian glam rock queen, 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate, Fairy Mercury is slated to perform in Cornwall for the first time ever; 24 & 25 Nov.

Coming next to this page, Fairy talks about performing in Cornwall for the first time.

The exotic prancer is also booked to perform in Manchester, which she has performed numerous times.

Fairy and Pavlova re-live Manchester on the newest page to the divine lush creature's public site, Seeing Double.

Campy hilarious moments such as 'living in squalor' to the birth of Myaow Meeow Productions.

Message From Fairy

Hello dears. As many of you pointed out, it's been five days my public site has sat inactive. All the activity over those past five days has been on my members only fan club site. I have decided it's time to make my public site active once again. As a reminder, my public site is ONLY for my precious fans and only being done to entertain them with myself and Rudy Pavlova's talents. We've rid of 'the demons' that was causing issues. From that whole bloody analytics nonsense (we're no longer interested in how my public site fairs on the internet) to the foolish nobodies bit.

I would like to personally welcome classic rock DJ Ron A. as my Public Relations agent. To me, he would perfectly suit the position because of his radio DJ background. What is called 'plugging' or 'pitches' - you know, the advertisement commercial bits done on radio. I told him, never make me boring and always try to be captivating and spontaneous. I'm looking forward to having him.

Haze Theatre costume department will be in charge of wardrobe for me.

Since I choose to share my spotlight with my Russian prince, he (naturally) along with Ron A. doing PR, my photographers and Pavlova's valet (occasionally) will be the only people who will take part in this. I have invited the one we refer to as 'Mr. X' back because he is VERY relevant and the reason Rudy coaxed him to in the first place, because he would be beneficial in attesting to my extreme likeness to Freddie (other than looks). Since he actually knew bother Freddie and Nureyev in the 1970s. As always, my precious fans, although those people are taking part, they are because of ME (and Rudy) NOT because of themselves. This IS NOT about anyone but me who this site is about, is 'name holder' ( and who you are fans of.

I personally can't wait until we press on with our new arrangements.

Ahhhh! (shrieks like excited feline) I am so excited about Cornwall and can not wait until I tell you all about that this weekend! Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Pavlova, ballet danseur - It seems like forever since my femmka's public site was active. We are in better spirits now over it, so now we turn from activity on her fan club site to this. Speaking of activity on fan club site, the lovely yet very unruly creature has become shy over it. She tells me in her erotic whispery sibilant purr, 'Rudy darling, I am embarrassed now that my precious fans know what we look like naked.' Well now, I think how she put that -

'what we look like naked' she has included me in what she has said. I don't know if it is my being Russian and not understand this phrasing or perhaps her ... etiquette ... way of speaking is so different, so I ask her, 'does my cock embarrass you suddenly? You have shown nothing but your enticing pubic hair. You dress quite scantily revealing to begin with. So why embarrassed? Explain this, femmka.'

It was funny. We love humour and so did our idols (Nureyev and '70s Freddie). Romance and humour. That was what they were about and have Fairy and I are about. The lovely creature pouts those... drenched so erotically in gloss ... lips and slowly pushes her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder, purring, 'I mean, I was such a fucking tart and the things the fans were having to say.' Her eye lined dark eyes glance at the front of my trousers and she shyly how you say? 'getting off topic', yes? handing me a book 'Queen in Cornwall' and purrs, 'this is the book -- ('Mr. X') was talking about, where it mentions where people would come up behind Freddie mistaking him for a her, saying 'excuse me ma'am'. It's about Queen's first ever live show.'

I decide to surprise my femmka by having it arranged through contacts ... for her to perform in Cornwall. She was very excited. I was rewarded with a blow job from those intoxicating sensuous full lips ... I'm sure she will try to embarrass me (speaking of being embarrassed...) when she posts about Manchester ...

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Oh, I've come prepared, Rudy darling ... So, my luvies, isn't it just grand about Cornwall?

I don't know why the bit about some tart some boy's enormous fucking cock a blow job was necessary to mention ...

And those pictures he added to what he posted! I mean, imagine being that unrealistically well-endowed ... and the tart with the lips and tits on full display ...

So any way, dears, my long time fans remember this from 2 years (I can't believe it's been already that long!) when

I had asked Rudy Pavlova if he would dance ballet during my concerts. I had it all creatively planned, for him to do it

during the operatic break of my Bohemian Rhapsody performance. It's breathtakingly theatrical - like a ballet.

Backdrops and the whole works. For those of you who have attended my concerts.

It's all on the page Flick of The Wrist, but I'm bringing you left out details. HA!

It was when we were still in 'early dating phase'. He told me he would arrive at the Lowry Hotel (you know, the posh one where rock stars are known for staying when in Manchester) where I was put up at.

Apparently, on his way from his Cambridge estate to Manchester, he has a bit too much of his cherry brandy (or was it the Russian vodka, Rudy darling? ...)

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use

Right, this is what ends up happening when he arrived. I made the screenshot from of the Flick Of The Wrist page. Again, you can read it in full by visiting that page, dears.

Manchester is always a wild time, my precious fans. I don't know why because there's nothing outstanding about it such as Brighton is ... There is nothing Freddie or Nureyev related when it comes to it. It just is. Then I became such

a melodramatic tart when it dawned on me that the venue was out of this gorgeous princely Russian ballet danseur's grand, wealthy elements he is so accustom to. I started to fell embarrassed because it probably was like living in squalor environment to him! Then enamoured at the same time over thoughts of if he wasn't going to stand for his 'queen' performing in such a 'run down' place.

This was so gallant of him, dears. I don't know if it was because he was just trying to be kind or what, but he behaved as though he didn't mind. He launched into how he danced in theatres very old with dressing rooms the size of a closet. I filmed him ... secretively ... making these gifs. Him in the backstage area 'warming up' for his ballet and him, with his valet, resting after rehearsals, on a living in squalor mattress in the backstage area. His valet told me, it was most likely used to cushion landings when someone jumps out a backdrop window and the sort.

I've included photo and gif of me performing along with them.

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Ah, you are beginning to know me all too well, femmka. You are right, I was being 'gallant'. Such a noble word you have chosen to use. Prince Albrecht (if he were real) in the ballet of Giselle.

The noble prince going in guise as a peasant, 'out of his element' (as you say), to peasant village to woo peasant

girl Giselle. What a man obsessed won't do for the love of his life. Many of these old theatres and venues stand for historical purposes - novelty. Although they've grown old and a bit musty, it is the history which makes them still grand. Such as the great Albert Hall, there in Manchester.

Fairy and myself will continue this conversation soon, fans. The … ahem ... how 'Myaow Meeow Productions' came about. Silly girl even uses drunken nonsense and sex for creative ideas. We must be off to attend to something.

Be back soon.

News Brief

A Bittersweet Moment
by classic rock DJ Ron A.

Greetings, Loyal Subjects. While you are waiting for the conversation between the 'FAIRY...tale couple' to continue,

I bring you this news brief. I nearly failed (already) at my new duties as PR for the exotic Persian glam rock queen.

Thanks to you, fans, while reading through your fan club comments, I was overcome by extreme emotional grief.

Bittersweet defined: something that is pleasant with a touch of sadness.

Fairy's 24-25 Nov. concert in Cornwall will be held on 24 Nov. - the date her beloved idol Freddie Mercury died.

'Sends Shivers Down My Spine'

(from Queen's magnificent legendary 'Bohemian Rhapsody')

Once realizing this (thanks to you guys) I phoned the divine lush creature to ask her about it.

The soft sibilant purr lilted over the phone to me, in melancholy tone, 'I know. It is in memory of Freddie. What better way to honour Freddie's memory but where it all began for Queen. It chills me, really, because we didn't deliberately plan it.  It came as an afterthought. What are the odds! The venue had those dates available for booking.'

Hello dears. I'm doing a bit of my own PR. HA! Seriously, if you are a fan and wish to join my fan club site, please do so. You will access exclusive content (videos, photos, etc.) that is not on my public website. It is well worth it.

Yesterday, we wrapped up all that naughtiness I surprised you with on my fan club site. Rudy and I were so entertained by your reactions and responses to it, expect much more, dears... Believe me, you will get your money's worth. Now about me being mistaken for a she bit. I mean he (Rudy Pavlova) is so fucking sexy! We attended this elite aristocrat thing he was invited to. As he said in what he had written, he gave one attendant a generous tip.

The guy obviously was left speechless over the amount. I was hugging Rudy's arm to my ... tits ... It was very embarrassing, dears! The boy stammered, 'your wife is very beautiful.' Rudy 1/2 paying attention (which I've noticed he is fond of doing when one he classifies as 'peasant' dares speak to him...) breathed, 'hmmm' looking over the people at the gathering. I un-hugged his arm and the guy noticed my furry kitty chest and turned so red!!!

It brought to mind Freddie at the start of Queen had shaved his chest to appear more androgynous but he felt uncomfortable about it, so he quit. Of course, the part in the Cornwall book talking of how people would come up behind him saying, 'excuse me, ma'am' mistaking him for a she. I fucking love it!! I asked Rudy what he thought and that I absolutely loved it. He actually slightly blushed and again, I AM NOT (certain people who look at my sites...) making fun of his broken English! I think it is very sexy. His broken English Russian accent replying, 'well, you are very effemineet (it's how he pronounces the word effeminate) so it's expected. Forbidden creature, so erotically enticing.'

Photo above right: I took of him outside his Cambridge estate. Famous Nureyev look. The jacket was actually owned by Nureyev...

I won't let him live down the 'myaow meeow' incident, dears. Yet I should because of something this silly tart did over the weekend. Since it had been brought up on my public site, I couldn't resist teasing. I said to him, 'Rudy darling, I would like to get a cat from Russia so I can see if they do say 'myaow'.' I felt so embarrassed over his reaction/reply! This is what he said, 'no! You will not discuss that drunken nonsense no more!! Eet was verree enappropriate that I, Pavlova, come to you in that condition. Like slovenly vagrant!' I mean, he is sooooooooo fucking sexy and such an aristocratic prince how he speaks, dears!!! This 'queen' pouted (although the tell off really was so fucking sexy) and ... purred .... 'Rudy darling, please don't ask me to change the cute Myaow Meeow Productions I created for my label inspired by, as you put it, drunken nonsense.' He did this dismissive gesture and replied, 'no, eet ees you, eet ees expected. Silly creature who gets her creativity from sex and drunken nonsense.'

I just hope when he sees I've shared this with you, my honies, that he doesn't reply.

I'm off now but I promise my public site will become very active again. All the best, Fairy xx

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Unruly creature's adoring fans, this has become embarrassing over what she has shared with you about wanting cat from Russia. The shy creature left me note (obviously having become fixated on idea) asking if I can't ask one of my 'Russian acquaintances' if they could have cat brought to England for her. Of course, she has these cats all names start with 'm', this one will be named Myaow. I will do anything for my femmka, so I have contacted someone In Russia for cat. As for very campy of her 'diva photographer', apparently photographer is refusing to let Goldman move forward with emulation photo shoot. I tell Fairy, it's a good thing we have many photos we can use in meanwhile. We will be working on new video for Fairy soon. I have chosen this video as feature.

'The Prophet's Song'

A live performance Fairy did of Queen’s ‘The Prophet's Song’ during her last show (in Bristol) before going off to Vienna to get married. We hope you enjoy the video and if you haven’t seen her perform, we hope the live footage moves you to want to see the very talented eerily 1970s Freddie Mercury lookalike/incarnate’s tour. It was once again choreographed by Pavlova. One part will absolutely send chills through you that he brilliantly did. The footage of himself as Fairy is singing: ‘Heed me not, let all your treasure make you. Fear for your life, Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you, should death await you ’ – The footage is very theatrical. Pavlova had this to say about the particular lyrics of the song, that it reminds him of the ballet of Giselle….


Page the video appears on: Funny How Love Is

Name omitted/former associate - Pavlova, like all Fairy's performances, it's absolutely breathtaking. The vocals and the footage of you and herself you put on the video. Her speaking at the start of the video in her lovely sibilant (lispy hiss) purr. Then at the end. I am truly amazed at the perfectly timed with the lyrics choreograph you did with it. Dramatically theatrical.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Спасибо. The end, before she speaks again, I wanted to create ultimate surprise of the theatrical drama. Sudden end that startles. I used footage of one of my ballets where I am being carried off after prince I portrayed had been killed. It was befitting.

Name omitted/former associate - Japanese silk kimono photo of her at the end is very exotic. Identical to '70s Freddie. Well, it not only startles, young nobleman, but it leaves the viewer longing for more. I myself watched it and suddenly it goes off with her purring the 'resting on laurels' bit and you become slightly disappointed, longing for more. A great tease. Brilliant.

As for your femmka wanting a cat from Russia, it's cute.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Ah, (name omitted), the only thing that should intoxicate me is her ... I am embarrassed she will not stop teasing over the drunken nonsense I displayed that day. Longing for more. I like that. Спасибо

Hello dears. I just can't over the things that's been going on. I was going to have Ron A. do one of his news briefs. He had contacted me asking if I had anything I could give him to 'report on' to you, my precious fans. I told him I would post instead. So you can hear from me. I'll start with that embarrassing demanding diva photographer of mine. Of course, he's reading ... Obviously, he's been made embarrassed over me calling him a 'diva' and things being said about it. (Name omitted) contacted me telling me he received an email from [name omitted] that the oldie Win7 laptop he found is on it's way. I could resist contacting the demanding diva to let him know. I mean, the clearly embarrassed tone in his voice. His only reply was the word, 'good'. To further the embarrassment, I added this, 'what are the odds, Wix (the hosting company) had in their 'new releases' they send, how you can now use Adobe Express to edit photos. I mean, I laughed myself to tears!! I was hung up on!!!

Then to add to all this photo drama, I had a conversation with Rudy and told him, 'we can do the emulation photo shoot, Rudy darling. I'll photograph you and you can photograph me.' It was unheard of. 'No! I am ballet danseur, not photographer!!' as if it were an insult I suggest such thing. Although I adore the photos of me he has attempted to take. Examples: photo left, was the very first photo of him I ever took - at his Cambridge estate. Photo right, is one of the photos he's taken of me when I was rehearsing at one of my Brighton shows.

I had to leave this bit to last! Although embarrassed, I am so excited that I'll be getting my Russian kitty!! I can't believe Rudy went to the extent. That's sort of embarrassing, dears. His valet told me he was present. That Rudy himself contacted someone in Saint Petersburg (Russia) in Russian, had a conversation with whoever, that he needed a cat from Russia. His valet told me the person laughed and questioned him thinking they misheard. His valet then told me he said something like, 'you know, myaow. You read the site. I will do anything for my femmka. She is sat on cat from Russia.' So apparently it's  been arranged that Myaow is being flown from Russia to London by private plane and will be arriving tomorrow! I hope the cultural difference won't upset him and I hope he understands me since

I don't speak Russian. I just know my M's will welcome and love him. More soon. Fairy xx

News Brief
by classic rock DJ Ron A.

Timestamp: 7:08pm London, England

Coming this weekend. The hilarity of Fairyland continues. The glam rock queen Fairy Mercury and Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova's reaction to 'Myaow' who arrived safely early this afternoon (Friday). Plus, how he's adapting.

[section omitted]

Most likely the 'FAIRY... Tale Couple's' response in gifs of them below:

Hello dears. I meant to come on yesterday, but Rudy and I spent the past 2 days entertaining our guests from Russia.

They've gone back today. They said flight is dangerous, but they'll be safe. There were 3 of them. I feel like some forbidden creature! ... My London home would be out of their element, so we were at Rudy Pavlova's Cambridge estate. One of his bodyguards brought them there. They had Myaow in a pet carrier and I was given him straight away. Aww, I love him!!! I held him and he purred so loudly. Rudy engaged the guests in Russian. Only one spoke English fluently. I played piano and sang for them. I then had Ron Craster (valet and stage director) take me to my London home because I was excited to have Myaow meet my M's. They loved him and he quickly took to them.

Playing, eating, then curling up and sleeping in one furball heap. HA!!

Rudy eventually came which is always awkwardly embarrassing because my 'bohemian way of life' is so out of his element ... I told him the cat still hasn't spoken. But purrs so loudly when I pet him. He told me 'breeng him. I speak to him in Russian.' I mean, what happened I just can't!!! I went to get Myaow who at the time was being groomed (licked) by Mikado (Japanese emperor turned valet - HA!) I brought him to Rudy who reached out petting him and speaking in Russian. He bit him!! (picture me in wild melodramatic laugher, dears!!!) The sexy 'prince' laughed, joking, 'well then, apparently we have ourselves a little Tatar.'

So I am still waiting to hear if Russian cats do say 'myaow' .....

As for that embarrassing, demanding diva photographer of mine ... [name omitted] got the laptop, I think it was Thursday. Any way, he contacted me telling me the old laptop I had him find for me in my efforts to help that diva out, was in surprisingly good condition for being an old Win7. The outer had normal wear of a few scratches and nicks, not bad. The keyboard and screen were mint condition. Then he joked, telling me to tell diva, he was considering keeping it for himself. That's what he does, my precious fans, he buys things .... well, I'll let him tell you himself. Your cue, [name omitted].

Name omitted/former associate: First off, loveliest 'queen', I'm glad things worked out about the cat. I laughed over it having bit Pavlova. What did he say to it??

[section omitted]

I contacted her telling her she should tell that 'diva' that I decided to keep the laptop and he'll have to get over his attachment to that incompatible photo editor software he uses and make due.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Francis, I tell her it was funny photographer hangs up on her when she mentions Adobe Express, hosting company provides. Yet it was rude but peasant behaviour for you. Then I tell her, on second thought, we should do what she pose - taking 'emulation' photos of each other. Who needs the embarrassment of that 'diva'. We have Goldman who is his own man (although employed by 'diva') so we have him exclusively do photoshoot. But you tell my femmka laptop should arrive Mon. or Tues., so 'strike' is over.

For 'glam rock queen's' adoring fans - when you've gone mad and 'matching' in your madness.

She is lovely is she not in photo? Looking like her beloved idol Queen II album. With replicated 'crush velvet' jacket her idol (1970s Freddie) was often seen wearing as offstage apparel. As for cat, I tell it that it will be happy here. That my femmka will love and care for him. So he must let her hear him speak. Cat bit me! No breaking skin bite.

I am surprised she did not ask what I say in Russian, but unruly creature is very shy of me ... When valet isn't present to translate, she obviously expect me to translate what I say to English. I will not. Only during sex I will ...

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, the 'strike' is over is funny! That foolish diva was behaving just that, on strike.

He was refusing to do the emulation photoshoot until he was able to use that photo editor he is so attached to.

He literally wouldn't even let Phil Goldman do anything. It is a rather nice photo editor with loads of impressive features though. I've used it ... Microsoft Digital Image Suite is the name of it.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - You've had cat 3 days now, femmka. Has he spoke yet? People in Saint Petersburg, Leningrad and Ufa find it amusing I was bit by cat and call him little Tatar. He immediately, how you say? 'Took to' you and other cats, yes? So he will be happy, content.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ No he hasn't. I'll feed my M's and they'll purr and ... meeow ... slinking about my legs. He sits there so politely waiting to be fed. He purrs so loudly when I hold and pet him. I love him! My precious fans, Moxie and Ming are my oldest kitties. They are 5. Mikado is 4. Since Minkus was a stray (the story of him was embarrassing. Me being a right tart nude in Rudy's Cambridge estate garden ... Ref. page: Fairy Tale Couple) the vet put him at about age 4-5. Myaow is age 4.

Name omitted/former associate: Ever so elegant 'glam rock queen', I am sure the cat will speak eventually. He is probably getting used to his new friends, surroundings and you. It's cute.

Pavlova, 'matching' in your madness is very funny. I'm telling you though, Fairy being campy 'queen' calling the photographer 'demanding diva' is hilarious!

Pavlova, ballet danseur - I am glad you are amused. I tell my femmka, why you bother [name omitted] over this embarrassing 'diva' fool's tantrums. He should do like all peasants, go to lowly pawn shop to find such outdated item. But she reaches out to you for help for photographer instead. How they say so dismissively? 'Whatever'.

I then tell the exotic forbidden creature that I, Pavlova, will not be photographed by this 'diva'. Only Goldman.

She was in poor state when I come into her life. I not mean poor as in money, I mean her music career. She had this 'diva' photographer making videos from live footage he films of her. Nothing spectacular. I, Pavlova, take over and choreograph her videos with pure theatrical art form! You look at older videos on Videos page. Such as 'We Will Rock You' performance she did or 'You're My Best Friend' - these are work of 'diva' photographer who is professional photographer but amateur in film. He got a bit better with her 'My Melancholy Blues' video.

I thought it was artistic he took live footage of Fairy all with blue spotlights to create that video. It was his last before I took over. He sticks with what he is professional at - photography.

'My Melancholy Blues' live

The exotic prancer Fairy Mercury's comments on the video: My personal photographer Greg Hastings has completed the video of my performance of 'My Melancholy Blues'. I can hardly wait for you to see it, my darlings! It's loaded with live footage. So come out and see my Flight Of The Fairy show in November! Let me give you a little info. on the song. My beloved idol Freddie Mercury wrote the song as a reminiscent of his idol Liza Minnelli's 'Maybe This Time' off the film Cabaret.


Page the video appears on: A Rhapsodic Fairy ... Tale

Name omitted/former associate: I agree, Pavlova. They are ordinary music videos.

As if there is anything wrong with 'simple', I'm not saying that. But they lack in what you're saying; theatrical art.

The footage of your femmka is breathtaking, of course (along with her Freddie Mercury vocals). When you took over choreographing her videos for her, you bring it to life. The conversation we had on here the other day. When I said it's theatrically brilliant how you will perfectly time the footage with the lyrics. That particular video the photographer created just a few short weeks into your having met Fairy 2 years ago. My have things come a long ways since.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - When she pauses in singing on performance and purrs 'listen, honey' is very erotic.

Yes, [name omitted], October 2021 is when I met the love of my life. June 2022 we married on her birthday.

We are very in love - inseparable.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Aww thank you for the complements you two gorgeous ... men. When Rudy Pavlova has his aristocratic haughty expression over his 'achievements' and me being a right tart ... If I wasn't a rockstar, I would want to be a Geisha, my darlings. Then there's a gif of Mikado (the Japanese emperor turned valet) getting ready for Xmas in 2021 ...

Pavlova, ballet danseur - No wonder he turned valet, femmka, if he is emperor he would have etiquette. I am surprised it is not Minkus, who is as unruly as you.

Name omitted/former associate: If you wanted to be technical about it, Pavlova, it couldn't be Minkus, since she got him in 2022. You two really do get up to naughty mischief. Especially her, which I am sure it must amuse you considering it's behaviour and lifestyle you're unaccustomed to. I agree, when your femmka pauses in singing and purrs, 'listen, honey' is very 'erotic'. The song is so Freddie Mercury - the jazz/cabaret Liza stuff. That one you refer to as 'Mr. X' who knew Freddie and Nureyev in the '70s, I remember him in the fan club talking about Freddie was very obsessed with the film Cabaret and wanting to be his idol Liza and that song 'Maybe This Time' off the film. He was glad they made mention of the inspiration behind the song in that Queen - All The Songs book. At least that was gotten right about Freddie. You two are so very talented. How you capture the regal stage presence of Nureyev when dancing ballet is astonishing.

If either one of you are still on, and assuming role of interviewer (something the DJ lad should consider), I would like to engage you in conversation about this video. Fairy's first attempt at putting together a video on her own. When she tried her hand at it.

Fairy Mercury's First Ever Self Produced Video!!

The video consists of Fairy performing:

In The Lap Of The Gods (live, Dresden Germany)

In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited (live, Berlin Germany)

Bohemian Rhapsody

Somebody To Love

You can read the making of the video on the page Don't Stop Me Now 


Page the video appears on: Don't Stop Me Now

Pavlova, ballet danseur - I am on, [name omitted]. How long ago you post? Are you still on? Bah! It is unheard of I be interviewed by that unfashionable DJ vagrant!! I was VERY proud of Fairy when she put together that video.

Single-handedly. It took her several days and many hours. She wanted it to display her creativity at doing this for first time. She chose favourite video footage of herself during live performances of her European tour. Black eye shadow (like Queen II album). Breathtaking, the footage and the song performances. Although she did not choreograph, it is a magnificent work of art. Of perfection, in my eyes. I gave her footage of myself to add, upon her request. Exclusive content. She included footage of me she filmed herself arriving - after we got off private plane.

All of it is pure talent, is it not? It is all us - as hard to as it is to believe. We 'mirror' our idols that much.

Her vocals on those performances are effeminate beauty.

Name omitted/former associate: But you are wrong, young noble man, she did a little bit of choreograph on her 'Somebody To Love' performance. The feet part, looking in the mirror, praying parts.

It is a beautiful work of art and her vocals on those songs, renders me absolutely speechless, along with the video footage she accompanied it all with.

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Well then, I stand corrected. It has been awhile since I've watched it. I am watching it at this very moment. She is very arousing ... Oh yes, I remember and you are very right. Then she so dramatically ended it with the Haze Theatre curtain which was breathtaking and - how they say? 'Clinched' her creativity.

Name omitted/former associate: 'Effeminate beauty' I agree with you calling her and her vocals. Consummate performer. The footage of you 'flying' ballet performance is surreal.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ [name omitted], thank you for the kind words on my videos/performances. Rudy darling, I am sure a classic rock DJ wouldn't interview a ballet danseur. He is only on here promoting me, the glam rock star. The video

I 'single-handedly' made, my god! That was crazy!! It literally did take me several days and many hours! I thought it would be easy and it wasn't! I wanted it to be perfect for my precious fans. For it to capture the essence of my talents as 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate - anyone who were to watch it - fan or not. 'Somebody To Love' I decided to try my hand at choreography. The 'perfect timing' you are lauding Rudy about is so hard!! 

(mmmm I know something of his I wish was ... 'hard' ... right now)

I managed to pull it off. My fans' response, when it was presented to them, was touching and a task that paid off immensely. As a reminder, my honies, tomorrow I start rehearsals for my Manchester shows this coming weekend.

Classic rock DJ Ron A. : Fairy, I've been sitting here following along reading. Ahem ... unaware of it or not, what

[name omitted] ... and Pavlova ... are doing would be a good plug for your upcoming Manchester shows. All I can say about the videos is WOW!! What talent - the both of you ... I scanned from that book about 'My Melancholy Blues' and highlighted the part referenced.


Pavlova, ballet danseur - I laugh! Unfashionable vagrant has to make appearance because he was mentioned.

Then he posts fashion photos of myself and my femmka - out of spite? Lowly peasant in your cheap lowly 'jeans' look! I tell Fairy, 'come look at this! What a fool!' She purrs, 'oh Rudy darling, try to be nice.' I tell her, we go to bed and fuck. She gaspily purrs, 'Whaat?! Rudy, oh my god! Can't you be more blunt and to the point with your desire?!'

Name omitted/former associate: Message to the elegant 'queen'. Obviously, Pavlova's bluntness what brought on by what you wrote in your 'strike through' ...

Hello dears. I have just returned from Manchester to London. It's just now turned after 4:30pm here. I wasn't going to stay in Manchester because I wanted to be home with my M's and my newest one. Aww!! He became very verbal!! When I walked in, he was in the foyer waiting and he spoke!!! 'Myaoooowww!' I picked him up ... purring ... 'Aww, did you think I left for good?' Another, 'myaooowww!!' I love him!! I phoned Rudy straight away to tell him Myaow finally spoke and Russian cats do say 'myaow'. I mean, his reply was so miserably hilarious. He said, 'good, that saves me the drunken embarrassment.' Talking of embarrassment, I got the laptop. I gave it to the demanding diva. He looked very embarrassed and said, 'you've had your bit of fun, Fae' I just rolled my eyelined eyes ... purring, 'Well really, Greg, you were a bit of a demanding diva over it and you know me, campy queen couldn't resist having a bit of a tease over it. You being teased has been long overdue.' Then I slinked off. Much more soon. Oh it's so lovely having my public site active again!! Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Me performing just for you, my precious 'Loyal Subjects'

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Me feeling like I'm giving a ridiculous acceptance speech. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank Fairy for being so thoughtful, contacting [name omitted]. [name omitted] left a note in the laptop saying he hopes it suits my needs and complemented how 'very stunning' my photography of Fairy is.

Thank, you, sir. I'll never let anything interfere with 'the dream'. You fans know my story (read here if you don't).

I was to be the next famed rock photographer Mick Rock, photographing the next 1970s 'glam rock queen' Freddie Mercury (Fairy). Fairy's 'pursuit for fame' began in 2018. I've been with her from the start and am very proud to be 'along for the ride' photographing her 'journey'. Her achievements as a music star/performer/entertainer and even her personal life achievements.

These are the first ever live shots I took of Fairy. Her erotic glossed lips and speaking of 'My Melancholy Blues'  - under a mix of pale blue and violet spotlights. Violet and black are the divine lush creature's fave colours.

'Loyal Subjects', many thanks for your fandom of all things Fairy. Cheers!

News Brief
by classic rock DJ Ron A.

Timestamp: 4:25pm London, England

Fairy's Manchester shows for this coming weekend have sold out as of yesterday (Tues.)

The highly anticipated Cornwall concert, in memory of Freddie Mercury's death 24-25 Nov., has completely

sold out in advance! Congratulations, Killer Queen!!

Russian ballet danseur Pavlova reportedly has arrived in Manchester via his private limo driven by his valet (who is also stage director for Haze Theatre and the glam rock Parsee queen's live shows) joining Fairy who has been busy with rehearsals. We hope to hear from them soon. I asked her about Myaow. She is going to post when she finds time, the recent which has to do with Pavlova. She did say the cat just doesn't seem to like him and it's hilarious.

[section omitted]

Greetings, 'Loyal Subjects'. As those of you who have fan club membership already know, Fairy has been busy rehearsing all week for her highly anticipated Cornwall concert. Which takes place 24 & 25 Nov. in memory of Freddie Mercury's death (24 Nov.). I present to you a sneak peek in photos, what has been taking place all week.

Fans who will attend the concert are in for a memorable event!

The divine lush creature who is Fairy Mercury was photographed in brilliant colour while the man she shares her spotlight with, the dashingly handsome Pavlova, was photographed, then edited, into crisp black and white.

Enjoy!! Hopefully they will find time to come on and post before this exciting event takes place.


My precious fans, I have decided to quickly post. I wish I had more time. But this really has been a VERY busy week.

Greg (Hastings, my personal photographer) is not done being teased over the photo editor sofware bit. I can't wait until you hear the recent. Rudy Pavlova snubbed him, just as he did over our wedding. Remember that, dears?

When he asked Philip Goldman to photograph and film it instead? It really is too funny. I hope you enjoy the photos you were presented with. We are enjoying our stay in Cornwall. Taking in some of the sites, including the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur's Tintagel Castle, including Merlin's Cave. I mean, you should see me! Climbing the steep steps, hugging Rudy's arm to my ... tits ... and he does everything without effort. I mean, they are some arduously steep steps! HA!! Oh, the nostalgia. Don't you just love it?

Speaking of that, I would like to end this with something taken off the page on my public site that Rudy had posted.

It was so very touching it literally sent 'shivers down my spine'... when I had read it. It was posted shortly after I had finally coaxed him into taking part in helping promote me on my public site back in 2021. We met October of that year. This was posted by him in Nov. 2021 on the page Will You Do The Fandango? I will include the theatrically dramatic gifs he included with the post of him and myself.

As follows, posted by ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova (Nov. 2021 edited to the effeminate)

It is 24 Nov. 10am here in London as I write this. The time Haze Theatre usually opens our doors. Today the doors remain closed and the stage lights off save one. A blue spotlight focused on the middle of the stage and there lies a single rose. We have closed our doors in remembrance of 'the greatest singer of all time' - the legendary Freddie Mercury who passed away on this date. I would like to take the time to thank the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's dedicated adoring fans for their fandom of her. Not only that, but for embracing her as 'this day and age Freddie Mercury'. The word so many of you are fond of using 'awestruck' when struggling to describe your feelings of the eerie likeness Fairy has to her idol Freddie Mercury.

The appropriate words escape me. I believe there are none sufficient enough to put this "divine lush creature"(the phrase Freddie Mercury once describe his own self as) into words. A moment I will never forget is the moment Fairy graced me with her presence in my office the first day we met, in person. It was like the real Freddie Mercury, as s/he was in the 1970s decade, materialized before me.

I was, as you fans say, 'awestruck'. The entire world should stand in awe and amazement at Fairy Mercury's extreme likeness to the iconic rock music legend Freddie Mercury. It's haunting.

In closing, I personally would like to thank you once again for choosing to be fans of this very talented, unique, amazing individual that is Fairy Mercury. Freddie Mercury most certainly does live on through him. Once our doors re-open, we will begin promotion for her December shows at Haze Theatre. In the words of the English poet

Percy Bysshe Shelley: 'Peace, peace, he is not dead - he does not sleep - he has awaken from the dream of life'

5 Sept. 1946 - 24 Nov. 1991 - R.I.P., Freddie
Pavlova, Haze Theatre

With that, my precious fans, I will commemorate my beloved idol's death 24 Nov (then on the 25th) performing for the first time ever in Cornwall. Where back in June of 1970, Queen performed their first ever live show.

All the best, Fairy Mercury xx

Pavlova, ballet danseur - I don't wish to ruin Fairy's very touching post. But the unruly creature was being campy when we visited the remains of Tintagel Castle. Those familiar with the story of King Arthur and how he was the

only ... lord (prince) ... able to pull 'Excalibur' from the stone. Well, she runs her black nails left hand across the front of my trousers ... erotically purring, 'Rudy darling, will you pull your Excalibur out and, well, you know ...' (most likely referring to blow job). We post more soon. Including our personal thoughts, etc. on newest photos.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, that is not how the story goes! Merlin puts a sword in the stone. When Arthur pulls it out and becomes king, he obtains Excalibur sword from the lady of the lake. Here is some gaudy campy for your, dears. I use gaudy because he doesn't know 'cheesy' and I can't stand that weird slang anyways. I was being a right tart wanting him to pull out his Excalibur so that maybe we can work a little ... magic in Merlin's cave. HA!



Message From D. Somes, Marketing Dept.

[section omitted]

We're all proud of you, Fairy! Good luck on your Cornwall shows tomorrow and Sat. I'll be in attendance.

Our adoration and support from Haze Theatre

Pavlova, ballet danseur - We'll think over how we'd like for you to proceed, David. As you know, we are busy with important matters which does not involve that. No interest in my femmka seems utterly ridiculous. I don't think that

is so. She captivates with her talents and personality. It is the lack of the right exposure, David. Yes? The doors close on Haze Theatre tomorrow. It will be filmed and shown on large screen at her concert tomorrow. The pale blue melancholy spotlight on Haze Theatre's stage shown on a single rose. Shown during her performance of

'All Dead, All Dead'. Her fans attending tomorrow's Cornwall show will witness a very memorable event.

Although what you have written will be deleted, what I have replied will stay.

'All Dead, All Dead'

Choreographed by ballet danseur and owner of Haze Theatre Rudolf Pavlova / Fairy Mercury's management.

The video features footage of the glam rock queen during her Flight Of The Fairy tour and features Pavlova.

A venue operator at one venue Fairy has performed numerous times had this to say: 'The vocals and piano are

eerily Freddie Mercury with a touch of Liza. Haunting and emotional. If there was such thing as surpassing perfection, Fairy has achieved that. The queen outdid himself with that performance, and the way the video was choreographed completed it to perfection. The imagery was stunning! Pavlova makes me envious to admiration how he delivered to perfection the ballet moves such as the arabesque and pirouettes. If any man is deserving of the lovely superstar Fairy Mercury, undoubtedly it is Pavlova.'


Page the video appears on: Exotic Prancer


My precious fans, I will be gracing the stage for my second night Cornwall show in another hour. It is 7:45pm as

I post this. I am in a bad mood and I wish I wasn't. I'll try to give my best tonight.

[section omitted]

Anyway, depending on my mood, Rudy Pavlova and I might come on after my show is over. Cornwall, you brought

it and I delivered during my performance last night. Last night's show was so magical and wonderful.

Thank you for your fandom and support. Fairy xx

My dear fan club members, I would like to thank you again for your fan club comments reactions, positivity and support towards the exclusive coverage we had today on my fan club site of my Cornwall concert from Friday.

I am still apologizing and am heartbroken that I let those of you down who attended the Sat. night show.

Thank you for your fandom, my precious fans. Sweet dreams, Fairy xx

A Return To Cornwall And Haze Theatre Gets Xmassy

Exciting news, Loyal Subjects! With Cornwall under the glam rock queen's glimmering belt, the booking agent has booked Fairy for a December gig on the 15 & 16th ! Details TBA.

The ever so elegant 'queen' is also slated for a long overdue performance at the grand Haze Theatre. Fairy will be performing a special Xmas concert 22 & 23 Dec. (details also tba - ticket sales, etc.).

Coming next to this page: the 'FAIRY...tale couple' enjoyed their time in Cornwall so much, they are still there!! Merlin must have worked his magic on them after all... LOL! Also, the Persian 'queen' Fairy talks about secretively photographing Russian ballet danseur Pavlova (ref. one of the 6 above photos). viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings is glad fans caught the humour in the Pavlova cross photo. Bare was not in error. He meant for the caption to read 'bare' and not 'bear'. Bare as in bare chested. Fairy found it very amusing. Of course, the exclusive Cornwall rehearsal photos of Fairy are absolute effeminate beauty! Fan club members were treated to even more exclusive photos and video coverage from her Cornwall concert she performed to a sold out venue on 24 Nov. - the anniversary of her beloved idol Freddie Mercury's death. Her second night sold out show on the 25th was cancelled after Killer Queen, a 1/2 hour in, could not continue due to emotional stress.


Also! viVId Photo Studio assistant photographer Phillip Goldman gets asked to follow Pavlova around to photograph

him. According to Mr. Goldman, 'Pavlova approached me telling me he won't have the 'peasant photographer' his femmka was teasing calling a diva photograph him. When I took the photo of him watching Fairy rehearsing

'You Take My Breath Away', he truly is a man very in love with the exotic creature. Very romantic.'

All this and so much more coming soon to this page, Loyal Subjects!

Jorge Schumann, Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions

'You And I' and 'You Take My Breath Away'

Timing couldn't be more horrid. We hesitate to even present it to you. My new music video of me performing 'You Take My Breath Away' and 'You And I'. It is filled with loads of footage of myself and Pavlova. We premiered a little of his choreographed version of the ballet of 'Giselle'. Prince Albrecht mourning at Giselle's graveside.


Page the video appears on: Bows And Curtain Calls

From John Price (Fairy's mock up Queen band guitarist) - Me doing what you guys think is funny - making an appearance on the glam rock queen's public site from off her fan club site. The performance of 'You And I' was done to sound like a skipping record. I came up with that idea and Fairy thought it 'grand'. She loves nostalgia.

You know like vinyl record albums and how they'd skip or get stuck. Of course, her beloved 1970s idol Freddie Mercury and Nureyev. I asked if I could 'contribute' to her public site because I have a lot of candid things I could share with you guys about your star - 'the glam rock queen' and her princely ballet danseur. Being a band member, you kind of 'witness' things ... Fairy agreed to let me 'contribute' to her public site. So I'm letting you guys know.

Can't wait until they continue with the 'coming soon' that her PR agent posted about.


To all my precious fans. I can't wait until you hear the latest about Myaow. It's so adorable and funny! He just does not like Rudy and we think we've figured out why. Then Rudy's reaction/response to me having secretively photographed him. When I was told he wanted Philip Goldman to follow him around and photograph him,

I took the camera from Phil and ... purred ... 'let me photograph Mr. haughty aristocrat then be casually like,

'oh, this photo Fairy candidly took of you' and tell me his reaction to it.'

Cornwall was absolutely wild, my dears!! I loved it there.

Remember when I was being a campy tart queen by emulating Rudy Pavlova's princely bow? The is me emulating him 'bares' his own cross. My Freddie Mercury trademark 1/2 mic stand is my 'cross'. The photo of me was shot last year during one of my ... Haze Theatre ... concerts which fits even more with the theme of my upcoming concert events. I mean, he is so fucking sexy! Those of you who didn't see my Cornwall show, he got very theatrical during his ballet bit. 'Just don't drop me' was translated from Russian for me when I asked what he said to the other dancers of the Haze Theatre troupe. Awww the perfect prince who will not stand to be made a fool out of in front of his 'queen'. How romantic. I can't wait for us to begin this weekend with all this ....

Love and kisses to you all, darlings, Fairy


'Mr. X' Makes His Move And Give Fairy An Exclusive To Reveal

Click on the above to read the entire revealing article posted by the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury herself!

Both 'Mr. X' and the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova are determined to get Killer Queen the recognition she needs and deserves! 'Mr. X' (who knew Freddie Mercury and Nureyev) in the 1970s, has become Fairy's mentor. He was approached by Pavlova to contribute to Fairy's public and fan club sites.


Since, 'Mr. X.' has contributed on pages such as:


Pavlova, ballet danseur: The unruly creature's 'emulation' of me on cross is quite erotic, yes? ...

I tell about cat. I come to her London home. She lives like Bohemian way of life, but I try to understand. Now the cat hissed at me and I tell it (in Russian) 'I can not have you biting me. Now you hiss! Why you like this? Is it because you think I will bring you back to Russia away from her?' My femmka laughing over me having conversation with cat. My valet translating what I say into English for her. She laughs wildy as cat looks from me to her. I bend over and say in English,'shall I speak in English instead?' holding out my hand. Cat slowly comes to me - I'm expecting to be bit.

Instead, cat smells my hand then goes over to Fairy purring. She thinks cat doesn't like me because cat thinks I am to take it back to Russia away from her.

Philip Goldman/VPStudio asst. photographer - Me feeling a bit awkward considering this is probably only the 2nd time I've posted anything on either one of Fairy's sites. I've been mentioned a lot ... Speaking of awkward, I'm going to be feeling even more so talking about certain people and just knowing they will be reading. I was approached by the multimillionaire ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova to follow him around and photograph him while the androgynous glam rock queen was in Cornwall. I had asked him, 'no Fairy? Just you?' His reply (in very thick Russian accent),

'no femmka. She has that peasant photographer. Demanding diva.' I was trying to hard to hold a straight professional face because he was being so serious, aristocratic and haughty saying this to me.

Apparently, Pavlova is very obsessed with the very first photo of him and Fairy I had ever shot (pictured below).

I still laugh over when fan club president Geoff Stafford was calling Fairy's expression in the photo 'concentrating bitch look'. She obviously had the expression because I'm sure Pavlova's accent would be even harder to understand with him talking in her ear. To top it off, you fans being so bothered wishing you knew what he was saying to her.

So while in Cornwall, I sat about doing my new duties I had been offered. The below photo captured such pure emotion of the ballet danseur. He was watching the ever so elegant effeminate 'queen' while she was perched at her piano rehearsing 'You Take My Breath Away'. A man so very obsessed and in love.

Later on, that same day, during her rehearsals, she slinked up to me her sibilant Parsee purr asking how was I doing.

I told her what Pavlova had said about Greg and my offered new-found duties. She laughed and purred, 'oh, give me that camera, dear! Let me photograph Mr. haughty aristocrat then be casually like, 'oh, this photo Fairy candidly took of you' and tell me his reaction to it.' She was so campy! She slinked off to find Pavlova and secretively managed to shoot the below photo of him. Below it, I have placed the first ever photo of her he took.

I did what 'Killer Queen' wanted. I showed Pavlova photos I had taken, and when that one she had taken came up,

I said, 'Fairy was being her usual campy self and asked by to borrow my camera and shot this one of you, candidly.'

He stared at it then said, 'Oh?' (curious tone) 'Well then, she would say it's homoerotic, yes?' Then made this gesture that I understand (through talking to Ron Craster, his valet and Haze Theatre stage director) is a dismissive gesture when he is through with a conversation or wishes for someone to leave his presence, or for something to be taken from his presence. Knowing I had to report back to the 'divine lush creature' Pavlova's reaction,'I asked, 'do you not like the photo? She is quite good at photography.' He looked at me with this very haughty expression as if to say, 'why are you still here discussing this?!' (dismissive gesture...) So I left. I found the androgynous 'Killer Queen' preening her lovely long midnight black hair and told her what became of the photo. His expression was unreadable, and the 'homoerotic' thing he had said. She wildly laughed, purring, 'Ahhh!! I fucking love it!!'


Life Is A Cabaret

(from Liza Minnelli song 'Cabaret')


Hello dears. Now things have been sorted about my public site, I have decided to go from the activity on my fan club site to getting my public site a bit updated. I have exciting news!! I will be doing a special New Years gig at the Brighton cabaret on the 31st. So any of you in and around the Brighton area (or those being so touchingly devoted enough to travel) wishes to spend New Years Eve partying at the Brighton cabaret with me, I would truly love it.

More soon and a new page coming very soon! This one is getting a bit too long.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Come hear the music play

Come to the cabaret, old chum

Life is a cabaret

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