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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Poseur And Danseur

Need we remind people/fans ... ALL images and video on this site are of Fairy (and Pavlova).

NONE of them are Freddie Mercury (or Rudolf Nureyev)


As a reminder why the one referred to as 'Mr. X' will not allow his identity be revealed:

  • 'Mr. X.' refuses to let himself be revealed because he's not bound to upstage Fairy or have Fairy accused of 'riding his coat tails' of fame. Or more 'what about me?' cruelty of her being cruelly used for already famous. 'Fairy is not going to be thrown further to the evil wolves to prey upon. I was told all about the cruel shameful copying her and mockery that was done by the disgusting fools! Both Freddie and Nureyev had an extreme hatred of the media. I do as well.'


  • She's (Fairy) the star and he's not going to upstage. 'This old dog had his days. I'm not a jealous spotlight hog; too fucking ego driven to share the stage. My hey days have long since come and gone. Besides, you two (Fairy and Pavlova) are far more attractive, exciting and interesting (as your idols were) compared (dreaded fucking word) to anything out there. Past or present. I see why Fairy's fans are very obsessed with you two.'

Just Some Of The Highlights This Page Will Cover:

The page will basically be a take off of the captivating and riveting page Androgynous Hermaphrodite.

  • Pavlova dances to a different tune and turns er .... photographer??

  • 'Mr. X' finally finds the revealing 1970s interview where Fairy's beloved idol Freddie Mercury is openly crushing hard on Rudolf Nureyev. Remind you, this IS NOT about the already famous ... with that said, you will not believe how eerily FAIRY the things in the article is!

You know, like this from off Fairy's profile (below)

'Mr. X' mentions when Nureyev told one of the clown act magazines, 'I am now dating a rock star' and who he was talking about was Freddie Mercury. Below, from off the website. The moment 'Mr. X' who knew both Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the 1970s, reached out to Fairy ...

Following Transferred From Homepage Per Killer Queen's Request:


~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello once again, dears. While the new page we will be creating for my public site is being sorted, I have something very odd going on. I bought a new laptop and it is very strange. You know how the @ is above the number 2? When you go to use it, it shows up as quotation marks instead. Isn't that the strangest thing? Do any of you have any idea how I can fix it? I'm actually having to copy/paste the @ symbol whenever I am wanting to use it. Annoying!! Rudy is laughing at me!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Campy queen is too funny. She finds @ symbol to copy/paste on new laptop she got identical to mine ... It is strange. As she say. You go to use it and it gives quotation marks instead. She comes on here to post what she has. She then ... purrs ... 'Rudy darling, I can't use this. It's annoying. It just won't work.' I go over to sofa where she sits and say, 'let me see, baby' forgetting how she is over being called this by me... She turns sideways so back is face me, gaspily purring in shy embarrassed tone, 'what?! Oh my god. I mean -' Then lovely slender hands/fingers quickly elegantly type in, 'how to fix broken @ symbol.'

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ I mean, he is such a fucking prince, dears!! I found all these disable sticky keys, etc. suggestions and none of it worked! I was really becoming annoyed with copy/pasting @. HA!

He says in his delectable broken Eng. Russian accent, 'Let me see, femmka. I fix for you.' 

Without effort, like a fucking nonchalant prince, presses the lang. bit and did the @ symbol and it appeared! I gave him a ... lips drenched in gloss ... kiss at the corner of his lips. Remember how the lip gloss bit is the only thing that makes him shy? ... He breathed, 'well then' shaking his head 'no' with a dismissal gesture when his valet stepped over offering him a handkerchief. I could see he was fucking aroused by it and I just had to leave! I asked his valet a few moments ago, what Rudy did when I took off.

I mean, you seriously do not want to know, dears! I will tell of it soon. Or have his valet do so.

Jorge, keep this to put on the new page, all right?

Ron Craster (Pavlova valet and stage director for Haze Theatre and Fairy Mercury's stage set)

The exotic queen approached me after she glided out the room her and Pavlova were in and asked me what Pavlova did after she left. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to know? In her lovely sibilant purr, she replied, 'yesss'.

She excitedly purred, 'magnifico!' giving Pavlova a kiss at the corner of his lips. As Fairy had written, I had offered Pavlova a handkerchief and he refused it. After she had left the room, I told her that he said, 'why she do?!' I felt a bit embarrassed because he gestured to the erection in his trousers. She's rather cute how when she is embarrassed, she is in habit of gaspily purring, 'what?!' Well, she did just that. I hesitated to go on from there, but I did. I told her, that he then said, 'she is cock teaser!' He snatched the handkerchief out my hand, which I was still holding, and scolded me, 'never offer handkerchief to me after she has marked my face with her kiss! She would be offended! Insulted! As though I am rejecting her affection. Only offer when we are in presence of others. This would be proper etiquette.' I told her he then left the room. There was no more to tell.


Jorge Schumann, PR for Fairy Mercury, Myaow Meeow Productions and Haze Theatre: I have a new

responsibility added to my already overly burdened ones. Every day I am to report to Fairy and Pavlova how the glam rock queen's (public) site is doing analytics wise. Well, I did that today and you can't get any better than (besides her profile along with several other pages) the page Flick Of The Wrist is one of the most viewed ... They both laughed. Pavlova slightly blushed when reading (off the homepage) the summary I created for the page (screenshot below) and cleared his throat and said (translated from Russian), 'well then, your PR efforts seem to be paying off' Fairy, hugging Pavlova's arm to her ... tits ... was wildly laughing and purred, 'oh Jorge, you are the best PR man ever. Isn't he, Rudy darling?' I just had to share this with you, Loyal Subjects. Can not wait until you guys see what's in store for you once this page gets underway.


'I'm quite happy being the lead poseur of Queen' Freddie Mercury

by 'Mr. X'

'Loyal Subjects', as you recall, I was in conversation with the ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy on her fan club site about an interview Freddie did, in the '70s. Well, after having to contact a few people, I located the interview. Below are sections from it I wanted to touch on. Freddie was small, thin, effeminate in stature. He would say, 'I'm such a little thing'. So I had to laugh over the 'little leather ballet slippers' part. The point being, to note Fairy's eerie resemblance to Freddie and not just in looks. Fairy being 'silly girl' (a phrase Freddie once called her...self) being backstage emulating Pavlova's 'princely bow' and the gif made of it. The part of Freddie crushing on Nureyev in the interview immediately brought that to mind! But in this instance, Freddie is trying to emulate Nureyev's walk.

What are the odds?! Fairy is literally the phoenix reborn and reliving Freddie's life in the 1970s!


Brighton Rock
'We must ever be together, nothing can my love erase' - from Queen's 'Brighton Rock'

Pavlova gets behind the camera again to photograph 'poseur' glam rock queen Fairy Mercury!
The below photos the Russian ballet danseur took during the divine lush creature's rehearsals.
viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings had this to say about the photos, 'Pavlova isn't a professional photographer and that shows in the photo quality. For being amateur, they are very stunning. Concert photography is hard and challenging, because of the constant movement of the artist. He choreographs ballets he dances just as his idol Nureyev did, he perfectly timed the shots.'


The cabaret owner who is very good friends with both Fairy and Pavlova had asked Killer Queen if she would

start off Gay Pride month (June) by performing at his cabaret in Brighton. The glam rock queen perfectly did her

'miZ Mercury' routine complete with 'Big Spender'. Emulating her beloved idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury to perfection. Complete with Japanese silk kimono and sensuously stripping out it in satin knickers worn underneath. Pavlova doesn't do cabaret. For one thing, the stage is too small for a ballet danseur to 'fly'. The 'Fairy ... tale couple' took to the dance floor, after Fairy's performance, and things got very sexual between them! With Fairy 'rubbing' her satin clad ass against Pavlova's 'well-endowed' crotch. He pulled her to him and too obviously spoke in her ear something on the lines of 'let's leave'. Fans outside the cabaret, excitedly caught glimpse of the Fairy...tale couple running to Pavlova's private limo and disappeared inside.


Above Gifs: The lord of dance backstage. Haze Theatre. London

Satiny seductor Fairy in kimono and black velvet and satin. Footage from Brighton cabaret show. Pavlova pointed out, 'watch her lovely slender hand as it sensuously caresses up the mic stand. That's how she handles my cock.

Very arousing.'

Brighton Was Wild!!

Fairy's Pick


The 'divine lush creature' that is Fairy Mercury devotes time to read you, her adoring fans, the 'Loyal Subjects' comments left in the fan club comments section. Her recent Brighton shows definitely weren't an exception.

She laughed so hard and just had to give fan Ethan Cowen of Brighton a nod. Ethan's comment he left in the comments accompanied by a gif he made of video he 'secretively shot' caught the glam rock queen's attention.

Comment as follows: 'Loyal Subjects! I attended Killer Queen's sold out Brighton show Friday. I spotted Pavlova in the VIP section chatting up some old geezer. I secretively quickly taped some of it. Here's a gif I made of it.

Fairy was soooooo f 'n stunning. Breathtaking. She's not even real. Figment of one's imagination.'

Fairy's reaction to the comment.  Her wild laughter and in her sibilant purr, 'add it to the new page! I can't quit laughing!! I teased Rudy and told him, 'Rudy darling, I bet you won't be caught sitting in the audience ever again.

I mean, really?!' I laughed so hard over his reply! He told me, 'how you say, femmka? At least it's not an unflattering shot.' Then I just had to! I told him, 'remember this, dear? We were so knackered and I don't know what possessed me to share them and the texts with my precious fans back then'

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Instead of done deliberately just to provoke response out of me 'tucking' ... example

that was used ... I tell my femmka I try out new search box we put on site. I've been told you, her adoring fans, are very impressed by it. We are pleased. So I do search of her site using 'Brighton'. I make screenshot of results (below).

She would like to have highlight colour changed to lilac, her favourite colour.

Fairy and I too are impressed with new search of her site app we have added. She will come on soon and talk of things posted over weekend with me. She is very campy things she has been saying to me about much of it.


~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello, dears. We'll be on tomorrow, but before going off to bed, I wanted to share this with you. We've been wanting to create it ever since I had that old site! Finally it is seeing the light of day. My so appreciated entourages' own little 'about us' page. I wanted it to be named Fairy's Courtiers. So click the link and have a look, my precious fans. I can not wait until Rudy and I come on tomorrow ... Until then, sweet dreams.

[Section Omitted]


Now to all of you, honies. I mean, we (Rudy and I) have been laughing so hard over the comments being left about the gif the fan Ethan Cowen made and posted in his comment. Replies went from 'maybe that old geezer is 'Mr. X'

'No it can't be 'Mr. X' doesn't look familiar with any famous person.' Then it went to 'maybe the old geezer is the person who owns the cabaret' To 'maybe it's that Sir Thomas they often talk of.'

My parody of the cruel 'everybody but' shit ... Who cares, dears! Talk about Rudy in that gif!!

I loved the parts from the interview on my beloved idol my dear mentor 'Mr. X' went to extents to obtain.

All of you 'lusting' the photos of me Rudy took and that gif of me in my kimono and being a right tart caressing my hand up the cock of my 1/2 mic stand. HA!! Apparently Rudy has become very obsessed with that gif of me ...

He is right, that is how I 'handle' his enormous fucking cock ...

I'm not sure I want to share what I'm going to next. Because he'll be reading ... Talking of cocks ...

I know I say this a lot. There is nothing like being married to someone who is a mystery. So much I still don't know.

I mean, I often wondered about something and found out about it quite on embarrassing accident. I 'popped my tuck' and he glanced, then is a very snobbish/snide tone, 'well then, what are we ('we' with heavy emphasis and very snide) suppose to be doing with that ? ('that' with heavy emphasis and very snide)

Enormous fucking cock in impossibly tight shorts. Me with midriff on erotic display rocking my satin knickers.

I quickly turned around, back to him. He pressed himself against the back of me, slowly slipping his arm across my midriff and I heard him quietly breathe into the back of my long midnight black hair head, 'I expect an answer, baby.' I closed my eyes and wanted so bad to take off!! .... All I could manage to ... purr ... was, 'it was an accident'

I heard him sigh, his other hand caressing my bare ass ... The rest is left to your imagination, dears ... I doubt this will be replied to. I can hardly imagine about the thoughts of it being read ....

Now for the serious bit, dears. I'm happy to read the comments that you are liking the PR my photographers have taken over doing, so far. I am very glad you are enjoying the search this site app we added. We ourselves are finding it very beneficial for when we want to search my site to reference something on a past page. Just behave, all right!

I see your silly comments about searching for 'Fairy's tits' and such! You naughty honies!

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Pavlova, ballet danseur - I laugh over last bit my femmka writes. Am glad to see all of you are having fun with search app. I say no more. My talk of her ... tits ... embarrasses her. Fairy, why you say I speak in 'snide' and 'snobbish' tones to you? Do not be shy of me .... You, how you say? 'keep bringing up' I am mystery. What you wish to know?

After disgusting breed nonsense that happened causing Androgynous Hermaphrodite page to be ruined, I told you answer to why I was brought to Nureyev as baby and what I was told he had said when he kisses me as baby on forehead. You were told not to tell of my answer to it. It is not for public knowledge.

To her adoring fans. Gif she posted above of herself and 'the kimono gif', yes, I have become obsessed with...

As for fan 'secretively' recording me 'chatting up' (peasant talk... of the British commoner ...) the 'old geezer' (more British commoner talk...) in the VIP section of my femmka's cabaret show. She was very campy what she told me about being spotted seated in audience. I laugh so hard over her camp humour.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, I often describe you as haughty. Your expressions and your behaviour. I suppose you're going to get angry over me posting to you (like always) You want to hear from your femmka and only her. She poutingly ... told me, 'he just doesn't want to love that part of me.' I reminded her of that, I honestly believe you were behind setting it up, Sir Thomas 'tucking' conversation documented by me on the page A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen. I told her that you're 'noble' aristocratic upbringing. You won't put a cock in your mouth or be dominated by one. She laughed purring, 'as if I want him to! I hate being referred to as him and he. I am verrrry effeminate, Hans! I need for him to know it - well you know, came untucked quite on accident. I didn't expect him to react and like he did to it.'

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Oh the peasant speaks! I tell you I have no words for you!! You will NOT have this conversation with me! What is this? More attempts at trying to embarrass me in front of all her fans and my femmka?! Only thing worth reading you write is her reply to what you tell her!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, when I read in what you wrote 'what is this?' something you say a lot ... I can even hear your gorgeous broken English Russian accent in my head and how you say it 'what ees thees?' You pronounce all your i's like e's. Just don't reply to Johann, all right? I mean, you two just don't get along and you obviously don't understand him. Johann, why did you tell him that conversation?! I'm embarrassed now!!

When you want some of what's going on in these two gifs...

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I have absolutely no comment about the things posted above ...

Loyal Subjects, just thought you would be interested in seeing this. Remember the last time I reported it, Fairy's public site was at 85%? So much for the boring #shitpeoplelike crap that's out there, huh? People just better get on board who the REAL stars (Fairy and Pavlova) are in this world.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Greg, thanks for sharing that with the fans. Fairy, that gif of him - his cock is so 'enormous' it practically fills his lap. Part where he sits and crosses his leg over the other to put on his ballet slipper... I didn't mean to embarrass you. He just needed to know what you told me. Don't be shy of him...

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Johann, her site went from 21 to 25 on jackass Google in ranking. *shrugs* Who cares! What we do stands out and away from all the rest. Unique and unrivalled!!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ It will get no attention from myself or Rudy, Greg .... So, my precious fans, you don't even want to know what happened concerning what I posted yesterday on this page before we went off. I received this very strange phone call. I answered and this is what the person said. As if picking up in the middle of conversation. 'You know, Nureyev was once quoted saying his English is poor. He leaves out words. Don't embarrass Pavlova. Or he will only speak Russian. And since you are so fond of (pause, clears throat) sex, how will you know what he is saying while you two are (pause) how shall I say? Engaged in such (pause) act. No reply needed. Good day.'

Me ....

Reality being, I think it's so fucking sexy his ... thick ... Russian accent speaking 'broken English'. So I know the person who phoned looks at my website. I do think a reply from me was needed. HA!

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Who phoned and say this to you, femmka? Don't post on here. Tell me otherwise, yes? This done behind my back without my knowledge! This angers me. I do know some Farsi and HIndi, since that is where you were born. India. If you prefer. Last thing written on scans from book (pictured right) is you.

We make new video, yes?

Pavlova, ballet danseur - Fairy turns ageless in a few more weeks. She will grace a stage in Vienna, Austria for the first time days before. I have a wonderful surprise planned for her birthday. I do not read fan club comments. I am told things. Many of you have been curious. So I tell. The day will be spent just the two of us. My heart beats for her. Fairy is everything to me. The unruly creature and her Bohemian way of life which I wish not to tame. I still try to understand much about her lifestyle. Very different from my upbringing. She calls 'royal etiquette'.


Hello, dears. I thought I would quickly post after my second night Cardiff show before going off to bed. This is too hilarious. Someone had this very crazy silly toy/game called Stinky Pig. Look it up online. I mean, it is crazy the things people create!! You press it's belly and you roll a dice and you have to quickly pass it to someone else (according to dice roll) because you don't want to be left holding it when it farts. I just seriously can't! If you only knew the backstage craziness myself and my entourage get up to. I'll post about it tomorrow.

Kiss xx  Fairy

All right, my darlings. I am much better today. We rid of the loud spectacle ... Rudy and I just can't stand it ...
Jorge Schumann has returned to his duties as my PR agent. Greg and Philip will continue to play a part in all that.

We are learning from mistakes. Certain assholes know of me and no one is impressed ...
We noticed several visits to my site from Ufa (Russia). That is where Rudolf Nureyev was from - born. I pointed it out to Rudy (after what he told me the answer to what I wanted to know about the being brought to Nureyev as a baby bit. Ref. pages Funny How Love Is and Unruly Queen). What can I say? ... He will continue to be on my public site but it is not about him!! BOTH of us have been very upset. Who cares! We dealt with it.

Now about that silly toy/game I mentioned last night. One of my entourage had it with them backstage. As I said, you press it's belly and it starts humming Pop Goes The Weasel. It's a lot like musical chairs. You know, dears, the game when the music stops, everyone is to quickly sit down and if you're the only one standing you're out.

Or something like that. You're suppose to roll the dice it comes with and the object is that you're hoping you're not the one holding it when it farts. If you don't believe me, go look it up online!! I was going to have Greg film all of us playing with it backstage, but I was in a mood. I have an awful tension headache today. I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend full of naughtiness. Thank you for your fandom. Fairy

[Conversation omitted. Saved from conversation below]

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ My precious fans, Rudy and I also talked things over with Jorge Schumann and he's going to resume what he was doing. All of it will not be discussed on my public site because my public site IS NOT about PR efforts of Jorge Schumann! [section omitted] I am driven to outdo my fucking competition, who I loathe. In a few hours we will be deleting this entire conversation and let it be at that. This is MY fame and in the end, I make all final decisions. I am sick of all the off topic nonsense as much as I know many of you are, dears. (it's BORING!) Expressed by many of you in comments on my fc site. My Vienna concert has not been officially cancelled. I have decided to proceed with it. Rudy and I leave for Vienna tomorrow. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Pavlova, ballet danseur - 'Glam rock queen' adoring fans, I tell her this and she laughs. She is exotic and lovely when she laughs. Wild feline ... I tell her, if those particular prying non-fans of her fools want to know how they're doing, they need to contact Jorge. They're not going to come snooping around Fairy's site thinking it's going to be used by Jorge to be letting them know how whatever he's paid them to do in efforts to promote her public site is 'getting on' as British say ... She laughs and ... purrs ... 'what? Cat got their tongue? It's not like Jorge bites or anything. Mmmm... but I do, Rudy darling. Remember this and how you wanted me to do it to you back when I read it in one of those books on Freddie and Nureyev's relationship?'


Below, I made screenshots of parts she pointed out to me from Divine Lush Creature page.

(We keep this part, yes?)

Following being said in 'haughty' tone and expression ... ah, the good old days of sordid gossip's 'write ups' ...

I also add from Fairy's favourite page she is obsessed with ... Mirror Image parts from same book that she is especially obsessed with. I tell her, our ... sex life ... either rivals theirs or is identical to theirs, which is it, femmka?

She purrs in erotic breathlessness, 'identical to, Rudy darling! Most definitely, identical to! After all, we are living their lives as in reincarnated form.'   Someone had most recently searched Google for 'Freddie Mercury reincarnated' ...

Jorge tells me Fairy's site is 14 on Bing.


Hello dears. I hope you are enjoying the first day of summer and wearing as little clothes as possible.
Like me, the tart who is almost always 1/2 naked - as my photographer likes to put it.
Or um .... wearing distracting impossibly tight shorts to flaunt your ... enormous ... well you know what ...
I asked my PR man Jorge Schumann what is on the agenda.
He told me, 'you and Pavlova haven't posted anything on your public site since Sunday. I told him, 'has it been that long?!' I mean, we have been so very busy since arriving in Vienna. It is now after 8pm here (for my UK honies who are an hour behind Europe). I had a very busy past 2 days with rehearsals.

Where did we leave off on my sadly abandoned site before killjoys came along (once again).
It was hilarious one of you 'secretively' filming Rudy seated in the VIP at my Brighton cabaret show.
I teased the salacious 'prince' it'll teach him for being spotted in the audience. He laughed so hard over it.

Then I get that phone call I mentioned. Snob trying to tell this queen off for her unruly-ness. HA!!
I'll do more of it now, dears. When Jorge told me it's been since Sunday my public site was posted to, I jokingly ... purred ... 'Has it been that long?! We've been slacking off.' The salcious 'princely' Pavlova asked, 'what ez thees? Slacking off?' I mean, he is constantly asking me 'what is this?' because so much he doesn't understand about 'bohemian way of life' as he puts it - his form of refusing to call me a peasant and/or commoner. I asked him while he was rehearsing his ballet bit he does during the operatic break in 'Bohemian Rhapsody' that I do if he ever falls? I mean, he is so fucking perfect, dears!!

He took my black nails left hand, kissed the back of it, then stood there caressing the back of it gazing
at me breathing, 'such odd question. Why you ask?' I mean, I just couldn't the next bit!! I ... purred ... 'everything you do seems so perfect, Rudy darling.' This is what he replied!! 'Is sex we have perfect, baby?'
I mean, I just can't EVER!!! I went to take off and he went after me - again, arm going across my mid section, pulling me back again him. I heard him breathing into the back of my long midnight black hair head, 'don't be shy of me!

I not ask costume designer. I not care what he has to say. I want to hear from you, femmka! It is not even -' his words trailed. I turned facing him ... purring, 'what, Rudy darling?' pressing my hand to his chest. He placed his hand over

it saying, 'lovely elegant slender hand. No, I not finish because it does not pertain to you.' In the most erotic tone

I could manage, I softly purred, 'no tell me, darling' making sure my ... glossed lips were inches from his lips.

This is what he said, 'high society, aristocrat, elite - it is forbidden to kiss in public or anything intimate. You do not discuss intimacies. It is sordid gossip of commoners. You are forbidden pleasure. How you say? Out of my element, yes?' I whispered on his lips in the most erotic tone, 'kiss me in public, Rudy darling' (btw, all this happened on the stage after rehearsals today). Very fucking romantic and theatrical, he breathed on my ... glossed lips ... the fleeting kiss. You corrupt me, forbidden creature.' ** heavy sigh ** I was denied the public kiss, darlings!!

Remember this from the book on Freddie and Nureyev's intimate relationship? ...

HA! I took advantage of the new search this site feature my PR man added to the site to find what page it was off of. The page Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited if any of you wish to ... revisited it.

Below photo: Pavlova in his Cambridge home dance studio enjoying a cup of tea after ballet rehearsal.

The glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury once commented, 'Pavlova had told me his idol Nureyev expected to be brought tea and toast after his ballets. Imagine drink hot tea after already being hot and sweaty after dancing ballet, dears! Pavlova expects the same as being molded in the image of his idol, as he candidly told me.'

(ref. page Unruly Queen, where the glam rock queen holds court interviewing the Russian ballet danseur)

Vienna Waltz

It has been a very  busy week for the 'Fairy... tale couple'. Rehearsals for the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's first ever concert in Vienna. Along with guests, guests and more guests arriving and paying visits to the Pavlova estate.

Who's ready for this tonight and Saturday night in Vienna?!

'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions'

Choreographed by Pavlova.
Fairy performing 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions' on the credits.
The glam rock queen's adoring fans, please take note of the perfect timing of some of it that Pavlova did with

the choreograph. As always, read the captions and credits because there's a bit of camp and a special message

from Fairy. The very hilarious making of the video can be read on the page Regal And Majestic where Pavlova teases Fairy over her being campy queen emulating his 'princely bow'.

Summer is most definitely getting off to a very heated start!

Speaking of heat, it's been reported to us it's a scorching 80 in London and it is only 66 in Vienna.

Current time in Vienna on Friday 23 June - 7:10pm. One hour before the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury graces the stage for the first time in Vienna!

Coming soon:

Campy Mischief!

Johann Wagner, the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury's talented costume designer, rekindles 'write ups'!

Too hilarious sharing with you, Loyal Subjects, Pavlova telling one guest not to use the word 'erect' in his femmka's (Fairy) presence. Then the 'Fairy...tale couple' get up to naughtiness at the urgings of the campy queen.

Oh, Pavlova, your 'forbidden pleasure' has most definitely corrupted you!!

All This And More - Coming Soon!!

20 minutes into her Vienna concert which started at 8pm, Fairy reduces several very important guests in the VIP section to tears, as the satin clad queen purrs, 'many of you in attendance tonight know why, but for my precious fans who don't and believe me, it's been asked by many of them in the fan club comments. Why does Rudolf Pavlova often call me femmka. I had several unreal, unimaginable things revealed to me leading up to the date of our first wedding anniversary, about him having to do with my beloved idol Freddie Mercury, Nureyev and even the great Nijinsky. Things I am not obligated to go public with. The effeminate Nijinsky although gay, married a woman. His pet name he had for her was femmka. As all of you know, it was Nijinsky's harlequin leotard look Freddie adopted in the legendary look, in her - yes, her pursuit of her lifelong crush on Nureyev. While I slink off to change into the harlequin leotard look, the next number, I'd like to dedicate to Freddie, Nureyev and Nijinksy.'

Although, I do not have footage (as yet) for my PR on this, below the very first video choreographed by Pavlova for Fairy. The glam rock queen performing Queen's 'All Dead, All Dead'

From the Videos page, edited:

'All Dead, All Dead'

Choreographed by ballet danseur and owner of Haze Theatre Rudolf Pavlova / Fairy Mercury's management.

The video features footage of the glam rock queen during her Flight Of The Fairy tour and features Pavlova.

A venue operator at one venue (the Brighton cabaret to be exact..) Fairy has performed numerous times had this to say: 'The vocals and piano are eerily Freddie Mercury with a touch of Liza. Haunting and emotional. If there was such thing as surpassing perfection, Fairy has achieved that. The queen outdid herself with that performance and the way the video was choreographed completed it to perfection. The imagery was stunning! Pavlova makes me envious to admiration how he delivered to perfection the ballet moves such as the balance (arabesque) and pirouettes. If any man is deserving of the lovely superstar Fairy Mercury, undoubtedly it is Pavlova.'

A fan review. Taken from fan club comments
Josef S. - I live just outside of Vienna. I attended our exotic Persian queen's first ever concert in Vienna.  

I am speechless and don't know where to begin! It was very unique (but what isn't about her and Pavlova?!) how it was sat up. Whenever she spoke to the audience, it was all reminiscing of the past year she's spent married to her multimillionaire princely ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova.
One of the most touching moments is what she said before she performed the song 'All Dead, All Dead' as was reported on by her PR man. As you guys know, Pavlova only dances ballet during the operatic parts of 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. To everyone's surprise, he came out and danced while Fairy, perched at her grand piano, played/sang
'All Dead, All Dead'. It was unreal.

(continues below)

(photo of Pavlova was taken by Fairy at his Cambridge estate)

The other touching moment is when Killer Queen spoke of the first thing Pavlova ever said to her. She entered his office at Haze Theatre, meeting him for the first time. He took her black nails left hand, kissed the back of it and asked her, 'will you do the Fandango?' 'From the iconic Bohemian Rhapsody ' is what I remember her saying about it.
The entire concert is such a
blur to me now. I literally felt liked I dreamt it all! She then reminisced about the very
first lengthy conversation she had with Pavlova.

Below is what the fan is talking of.


Campy  Mischief!

by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury

Since this is gay pride month, I thought I would point out, Nijinsky's wife was a lesbian. Which is obviously why she was attracted to Nijinsky's effeminate-ness.
This has been a very hectic week here in Vienna. I thought I would share a bit of candid with you, Loyal Subjects.

I entered the room Fairy and Pavlova were in. They were standing with some man who was boring Pavlova with talk of renovations being done on a museum he owns. The man started to say, '... then they started to erect on the mezzanine this -' words trailing as Fairy, hugging Pavlova's arm to her ... tits ... started to laugh, gaspily purring, 'oh my god, what?!' The man, glancing at her, snobbishly asked, 'what does the creature find so amusing, Rudolf?'
Pavlova obviously trying to stay serious with suppressed laughter playing around his lips, gestures to his valet to bring him a cherry brandy saying, 'don't say word. Use other word. She is bohemian way of life, you -'

The man rudely interrupts him snobbishly saying, 'Don't find excuses for the unruly creature! Certainly!! I am not going to repeat everything I said just to change a single word! That is utterly ridiculous! Now what word are we speaking of?' The Russian Tatar's anger starts to become provoked and he coldy says, 'You not take tone with me! Why you older people think you can speak as such to younger. I have you leave if you take tone again! You do not say erect. My femmka hears it as sexual.'

Fairy presses her erotically drenched in gloss lips in suppressed laughter, exotic dark eye lined eyes looking towards where I am. The man with expressions of insulted over Pavlova's reprimand then slightly blushes looking very embarrassed over why he is not to say the word ... erect ... The man then feebly tries to apologize as he starts to say, 'I didn't mean to speak to you -' words rudely cut off as Pavlova makes a dismissive gesture and saunters off to a desk in the room (with Fairy on his arm still... I'm sure enjoying every moment of his arm being hugged to her ... tits ... talking of ... erect ... Yes, I write things like this just to provoke him even more) heavy Russian accent saying in almost a ... haughty ... mockery of being young and older people talking down to you as if you're some naive child, 'I make out check. I know how to do this, you know. I not need my financier. It is not I am helpless.'
The man looking offended, says in puzzled tone, 'a check?' Pavlova says, 'for your museum project, yes?'

Loyal Subjects, remember when Fairy was talking about how Pavlova's broken English (identical to Nureyev's...) pronounces 'i's like 'ee's? The word six ... is pronounced 'seex', and yes, the overly sexual 'queen' (like her idol Freddie Mercury was said to be) long since made a point to be naughty on several occasions to carry on over it when talking about him to me. Pavlova starts to say, 'well then, how much? Seexty -' and gazes over at Fairy who quietly purrs very campy, 'write it s-e-x and see if he notices, darling.' Pavlova, leaned over the desk, quietly laughs. I move over to the desk area and he for real did just what Fairy was being campy queen telling him to! He wrote the check out 'sexty thousand'. With theatrical flourish (obviously in cocky show off mood for his 'queen'...) tears the check from the check book and holds it out. The man steps to the front of the desk saying, 'most gracious of you, Rudolf.'

Fairy starts to quietly giggle burying her face into Pavlova's shoulder. The man asks, 'what is so amusing, might
I ask?' Pavlova, with slight grin, shakes his light brown bob breathing, 'mmm' with a mock innocence - method acting. His valet says, 'I'll show you out, sir.'

It was hilarious!! They laughed so hard after the man left the room and started humorously joking about what might become of it. Fairy really is very lovely, Loyal Subjects. She is so very shy of Pavlova.
He jokingly said, 'let's see him erect his mezzanine now.' He then fell silent, gazing at her as she stood wiping tears from her eye lined eyes from laughing so hard and reached out taking hold the cascading
down her ... tits ... layered necklace quietly saying in Russian, 'you distracting thing, you should be envied by me' then lets it fall back into it's cascading down her on full display ... tits ...

Pavlova, now you're talking to jewellery, have you taken leave of your senses?!

25 June

Happiest Birthday, Fairy, and 1st wedding anniversary to Rudy!!

Long May You Reign, Glam Rock Queen and The Fairy...Tale Couple!!!

From your loyal 'courtiers'

Message From 'Mr. X' - Mr. Johann Wagner, all last summer, you held fans captivated by your entertaining

'write ups' on 'the FAIRY...Tale Couple'. You have returned to doing it, and it has sent fans into a frenzy.

You're the 'PR' needed. It's not surprising, because a costume designer is very creative - imaginative. Theatre ... You're quite the storyteller.
The 'candid' you shared with the 'Loyal Subjects' (Fairy's adoring fans) eerily reflects Pavlova having Nureyev's humour and Fairy having the campy humour of Freddie. Those two bring back so many memories to me from when

I knew Freddie and Nureyev. I personally want to wish the glam rock queen a lovely birthday and a wonderful first wedding anniversary to her Nureyev - Mr. Rudolf Pavlova. The romantic 'Fairy...tale couple'.
All my love, (imagine my real name signed to this)

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - Thank you for the complements,

'Mr. X'. From one of the books on Nureyev and Freddie's intimate relationship - Nureyev saying about Freddie:
'It's a long awaited kiss that made me more and more ecstatic. I sense lipstick from the fleeting kiss.'

So them being identical to Freddie and Nureyev, is it not??

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