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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Fairy's Courtiers

This is our own unique 'About Us' page another one of Fairy's creative concepts.

Courtier defined: An attendant at the royal court. A companion of a queen.

Listed from least important to most important. Please note, these are ONLY major most notable people who contribute to the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's public site and fan club site. In reality, she has close to 50 people working for her. Stage crew, a management and financial team and all the other behind the scenes that goes along with being an entertainer.

Artwork and design throughout by Alonso Lafar (Haze Theatre Art Director) and Fairy Mercury

                         The mysterious one referred to as 'Mr. X' - not pictured for reasons below.

                                Famous entertainer from the 1970s who knew Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev of that time.

                                Among, but not limited to, famous figures 'Mr. X' knew includes: DJ Kenny Everett, famed fashion                                 designer Halston, Lord Snowdon/Countess Margaret, Halston and met Liza … knew many ballet people (Sir Frederick Ashton to Sir Joseph Lockwood, Royal Ballet chairman and Queen’s EMI record label)

MANY others affiliated with Nureyev and Freddie at that time.

Very close friend of Russian ballet danseur multimillionaire Rudolf Pavlova. You can use the site search box to search 'Mr. X' to learn more and pages he has been mentioned on glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's website.

From one of the pages:

As a reminder why the one referred to as 'Mr. X' will not allow his identity be revealed:

  • 'Mr. X.' refuses to let himself be revealed because he's not bound to upstage Fairy or have Fairy accused of 'riding his coat tails' of fame. Or more 'what about me?' cruelty of her being cruelly used for already famous. 'Fairy is not going to be thrown further to the evil wolves to prey upon. I was told all about the cruel shameful copying her and mockery that was done by the disgusting fools! Both Freddie and Nureyev had an extreme hatred of the media. I do as well.'


  • She's (Fairy) the star and he's not going to upstage. 'This old dog had his days. I'm not a jealous spotlight hog; too fucking ego driven to share the stage. My hey days have long since come and gone. Besides, you two (Fairy and Pavlova) are far more attractive, exciting and interesting (as your idols were) compared (dreaded fucking word) to anything out there. Past or present. I see why Fairy's fans are very obsessed with you two.'

Ron Craster

Stage director Haze Theatre and Fairy Mercury's live concerts

Personal valet to Pavlova

Pictured in gif in blue with ballet danseur Pavlova. Ron Craster has been valet for Pavlova for the past 15 years; since the multimillionaire Pavlvoa was age 23.

Originates from London, England

John Price

Guitarist for Fairy's mock-up Queen band

John Price of Cardiff, England is the newest member of Killer Queen's courtiers. He managed to catch Fairy's attention in her the fan club site's comments section, as well as emailing the website samples of his guitar skills.

She asked John to replace her old guitarist and he thought she was joking. She wasn't!

His debut as Fairy's mock-up Queen band guitarist was her last two sold out shows in Bristol (near Cardiff) ending her astonishing, very successful Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour.

Below: Advert advertising Fairy's first ever performance at Haze Theatre.

Known Fact: Fairy Mercury is the only rock act to ever perform at Haze Theatre!

Up until then, Haze Theatre only accommodated opera, ballet and stage plays.

Geoff Stafford

Fairy Mercury fan club president, editor of Fairy Mercury online

fanzine Loyal Subjects

We'll let Geoff tell his story from off the Loyal Subjects online fanzine:

About Geoff Stafford fan club president and comments moderator for Killer Queen’s fan club. Geoff formerly from Kent and now resides in Brighton is a long time fan of Fairy, from the start of the exotic prancer’s career which kicked off in 2018. Geoff was the first fan Fairy met!


Let me add more details to that (even though it's all in the fan club...). My best mates Jerry and Dave along with my partner Clive are childhood friends from Kent. Last year, we relocated to Brighton. It being a well known 'gay community'. Where our exotic queen Fairy got her start - performed her first ever show. So it has a symbolic meaning. I was the first ever fan Killer Queen met. I am so proud of where she is today in her fame. Thinking back on her struggle for success.

The following that Geoff recalled even had the princely Russian ballet danseur Pavlova captivated when Geoff wrote of it on the online fanzine:


I am so personally proud of Fairy. As you guys know, I was the very first fan of hers she ever met. I'll forever fondly remember it. My friends Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive attended one of her very first shows which was in Brighton. As you guys know, Brighton has a large gay community. Proud Cabaret nightclub ... We left in awe how mirror image she was to 1970s Freddie Mercury. People will hang out back waiting for performers to exit. I was so in awe I told my friends, I have to meet Fairy! She came out with her mock up Queen band and a few others. So laughably stripped down compared to the famous glam rock queen she's become! Oh well, even an exotic bitch has to be humble and get her start somewhere, right Fairy? 😄

(I can almost picture her doing her hair toss to that. LOL!)

Anyways, my friends were adoring her and telling her how amazingly identical she is to 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and more so up closer yet she was. I asked for her autograph and she laughed, 'Omg, I'm getting the star treatment!' and graciously autographed (of course,

I still have it to this day and forever will cherish it!) the monogram napkin from the nightclub

I gave her to autograph. Next gig she played, we attended. She remembered us!!! Her lovely sibilant purr gaspily telling me, 'weren't you the boy who gave me the star treatment wanting my autograph, darling? I love it!!!'

Her fame gradually grew and so did Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive and myself's fandom of Fairy.

Loyal Subjects online fanzine was one of the glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury's creative ideas. Inspired by Queen's official fanzines and Japanese created fanzines. Naturally, she asked Geoff to run the online fanzine.

Loyal Subjects | Loyal Subjects 2 | Loyal Subjects 3 | Loyal Subjects 4 | Loyal Subjects 5

Philip Goldman

Assistant Photographer, viVid Photo Studio

Pictured with the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury

This man is a literal mystery! Philip Goldman is a professional photographer from Manchester, England. Ballet danseur Pavlova praised viVid Photo Studio's assistant photographer as the next Lord Snowdon. Snowdon was very close friends with Rudolf Nureyev and also Snowdon's favourite subject to photograph.

Things became so hectic for viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings, Fairy's personal photographer, he had to hire an assistant to help him with filming and photographing the 'Fairy ... Tale Couple'

Greg Hastings

Fairy Mercury's personal photographer, viVid Photo Studio

London, England born Professional Photographer

Following by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


::: How It All Began :::

Many of the glam rock Persian queen’s adoring fans have asked how her dream of fame as incarnate of her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury began. She briefly tells of how her and (my partner) Greg Hastings (viVid Photo Studio) sat out aspiring to be the next Mick Rock photographing 1970s Freddie Mercury. But how did the two actually meet? Greg told me that they were on the Tube (subway system in London, for those not from or familiar with England) and he spotted Fairy and her stands out unique exquisite exotic looks.


This is what he said, ‘I was trying not to be rude, but I kept looking at this ‘exotic creature’ as the Russian ballet danseur Pavlova is fond of calling Fairy, and trying to figure out why she looked so familiar. As we got off at the same stop, I caught up with the ‘exotic creature’ realizing why she looked so familiar. She was identical to Freddie Mercury from off the Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack albums. I approached and said, ‘Hello, I know we don’t know each other, but I am a photographer. Has anyone ever told you how you are thee splitting image of Freddie Mercury of the 1970s?’ Fairy laughed with that toss of her long midnight black hair bit she does and her Persian sibilant purr replied, ‘yes, darling, I get it all the time. Freddie is my idol. I’m an inspiring music star. My aspirations are to be the next 1970s Freddie Mercury. You’re a photographer? How grand! Like Mick Rock? Could you photograph me? I mean, every star needs a photographer, right?’

I laughed saying, ‘you even have the trademark black varnish on left hand nails and everything. It really is remarkable how identical you are to ‘70s Freddie. Mick Rock happens to be one of my major influences. I’d be honoured to photograph you – we can be the next Mick Rock photographing ‘70s Freddie Mercury.’ Then Greg went on to tell me that he realized he never asked this ‘exotic creature’ what her name is. He recalls when he did, Fairy did her toss of the long midnight black hair and purred, ‘Fairy – Fairy Mercury, dear. You know, like Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke, My Fairy King and the fairies on Queen’s emblem which represented Freddie.’ she then added followed by her wild flamboyant laugh, ‘and it’s so queen – you know, slang for effeminate gay.’ and winked at Greg then glided off. They had an instant working rapport and the rest is history.

Johann Wagner

Costume Designer for Fairy Mercury and Fairy's best friend

'I've Been With You Such A Long Time'

(from Queen's You're My Best Friend)

Originates from Berlin, Germany

Resides in London, England

Named after Austrian composer Johann Strauss


(continued from above)

I met Fairy a short time later, at the Brighton cabaret where she got her start. That was wild and so like the Killer Queen as well. Memorable. She approached me purring in her exotic Persian sibilant purr, ‘you resemble Emcee, you know, the character on Cabaret played by Joel Grey. Let’s do a campy rendition of ‘Money, Money’. I laughed telling her I don’t sing and how ironic the movie takes place in Germany where I am originally from.

I am a wardrobe designer. I remember her lovely exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes lit up at the mention of ‘wardrobe’ – like her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury who was so ‘dandy’ and such a ‘fashion horse’, she is VERY ‘glam’.

She excitedly purred, 'could you replicate some costumes for me. You’re familiar with Freddie Mercury of Queen – his 1970s looks.’ I remember replying to the campy queen, ‘I’ve seen you perform as Freddie and you are convincingly the queen himself. Reincarnation. The phoenix reborn. You’re very exotic and have such a lovely slender frame. Yes, I’d love to. Let’s get together and bring me books, photos, preferably video so I can study the details – movements of the stage wardrobe Freddie wore.’ She was elated. As with Greg, we had an immediate rapport and we became instant best of friends. Inseparable bond.

Additional Mentions

Public Relations Agent for Fairy Mercury: Jorge Schumann. The Dresden, Germany born Schumann has worked for

Haze Theatre since age 16. Now at age 40, he has continued to serve as PR for Haze Theatre's productions but for the past 3 years as the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's PR agent. He is the one wo does the captivating promo throughout Fairy's

public and fan club sites (mainly the home page). The 'narratives'. Below is Mr. Schumann at Haze Theatre with

Russian ballet danseur Pavlova, who is rehearsing method acting in ballet and pirouettes. Jorge is in the gray t-shirt

then orange in second frame.

Newsagent for Fairy Mercury: Former classic rock DJ Ron A. is the newest addition to Fairy's entourage.

In his own words we'll let him tell his unique story (taken from now scrapped news blog)

That's Clever!

What better of an intro. into all this than the one glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's

Public Relations man Jorge Schumann gave me on Fairy's public site.


Former classic rock DJ Ron A. is asked to run an add-on to blog. There's Queen's album 'News Of The World', well, we will be having 'News Of The Glam Rock Queen'. The blog will start out with the former classic rock DJ having been approached by 'Mr. X' about the idea and the DJ was more than happy to accept the offer!! He will tell of the history of having met the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury, the death of his DJ co-worker Michael Barrington who wrote the following:

He's been a huge fan since Fairy's beginnings and was one of the first member's to join her online fan club! He will tell of having met the glam rock Persian queen for the very first time in the famous nightclub Heaven (Freddie Mercury was known for frequenting in the 1970s). Small world indeed, he hilariously tells about having attended one of the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur's ballets and being snub by the high strung aristocrat, who waved a single long stemmed rose in his face and said some 'unsavoury words in Russian' to him.


So with all that said, the purpose of this blog is that it will serve as an add-on to Fairy Mercury's public site and ran by me as an all things Fairy news site. I will be her media, per se. Doing a running commentary on her recent events and things she is posting on her public site and fan club site to her adoring fans.

So let's, as the wealthy aristocrat ballet danseur Pavlova would most likely remark, let's dispense of the formalities and

get down to it, shall we?

This is me pictured with glam rock queen Fairy Mercury.


Where to begin. I guess I’ll start with my name. I hail from Surrey (outside of London).

My real name is Ronald Chadwick. Yeah. My ‘on air DJ name’ is Ron A. Let me explain that.

As British speak, they tend to pronounce ‘Ronnie’ as Ron-A instead out Ron-E.

I had a flat mate who in an annoying nasally tone was always, ‘Ron-A, oh, Ron-A!’

So ‘Ron A.’ it was. It stuck. When I had told Fairy Mercury the story behind it, she thought it was clever. I was flattered. During my time as a classic rock DJ, too many people thought the A was the first initial of my surname. I’ve told and retold my ‘clever’ name that stuck story over and over.


Michael Barrington was the DJ who came on after my radio spot. We were best mates.

I would like to direct you to the page on Fairy's public website I appear on entitled: Exotic, Erotic, and Elegant.


Now that is out of the way, brief and to the point about me. Up next, is when I get into the midst of things. When things pick up and become exciting.

It's All About The G-A-Y

One night we went out to the famous gay club ‘it’s all about the G-A-Y’ in London

named Heaven. The club founded in the 1970s and was frequented by Freddie Mercury then. We were approached by this total creep (loser who was Fairy’s manager in her ‘pre-fame days’) who asked, ‘you’re those classic rock Djs out of Surrey, aren’t you? Do you see that exotic creature dancing there with the German (Johann Wagner) and the

Brit (Greg Hastings), who does he look like to you?’ We looked in the direction the creep was pointing. Almost comically simultaneously, mouths gaped, looked at each other and I started to say, ‘Freddie Mercury – Sheer Heart Attack album’

Mike completing my train of thought, finished my sentence saying, ‘off the Queen II album’

I need a closer look!’ I exclaimed. We were speechless how eerily identical to 1970s Freddie Mercury this ‘exotic creature’ was in looks, later to learn, as a whole. Neither one of us danced. So we just casually made our way through the crowded dance floor of dancing bodies. Having reached the ‘exotic creature’ who, up close, looked even more 1970s Freddie then our from a distance view!


We introduced ourselves and Fairy was elated, excitedly saying in this lovely lilting sibilant purr (it was so loud in there and we could barely hear her soft spoken voice) how she would love to be on the radio like Freddie was on Kenny Everett's radio spots. (Btw, ‘Mr. X’, thanks for ruining things about Kenny Everett with your having known him story and he was such an eccentric odd ball loser. LOL! It reminds me of something I read Freddie Mercury say about not liking to explain lyrics.

The actual quote (I looked it up because Fairy doesn’t like her idol being misquoted. HA!)

Actually, I’ve always thought it was a bad idea to explain songs too much. I remember being so disappointed with what (creep name omitted) had to say about his writings – it destroyed my mental images.’ (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)

Greg Hastings introduced himself and Johann Wagner as Fairy’s photographer and costume designer and explained Fairy ‘was Freddie Mercury for a living’ adding, ‘incarnate. We don’t use impersonator or lookalike. Come see her perform, you’ll see what we mean.’ That we did. The following weekend, Fairy was booked to perform at the Brighton cabaret (where she got her start). We were left absolutely speechlessly awestruck!! The piano playing, vocals and stage presence was so 1970s Freddie Mercury! Naturally, nothing faked. Many unprofessional amateurs lip sync and that awkward bit. She is the real deal! We were so enthralled by her talents and identical likeness to ‘70s Freddie, we decided to help her out by plugging her on our radio spots. Adverts for upcoming events in and around the London area. Then we had her on our radio slots interviewing her. The second time Fairy

appeared on mind, she performed in the studio for my listeners.

We wanted her to succeed and she had our full support. Then tragedy struck. COVID. Life basically came to an abrupt halt, which affected live performances. Fairy’s pursuit for fame and all support put on hold. Two weeks after COVID struck, Mike Barrington died in a car crash. COVID was a disastrous time, a curse.

As Fairy’s pursuit for fame escalated, she decided to create an online membership fan club site. I was one of the first to sign up for membership in my continued support of her.

Below, from Fairy’s public site:

Bohemian Rhapsody performance and radio interview snippet


I will start my interview out with the stunning beyond words very talented Fairy Mercury by discussing this snippet of a performance of the legendary 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and the past radio interview clip that follows it. The interview will be unscripted. So like everything the very unpredictable campy and very sexual (like his beloved idol he aspires to be was), I'll try to be well-prepared. See you then, Fairy's adoring fans! Classic rock radio DJ Ron A.

Page the video appears on: Satin Queen


Coming Next: The Turning Point – Goodbye Pre-Fame Days!

The glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's adoring fans decided to call themselves ‘Loyal Subjects’, upon this appeared

on her public site:

I won’t dwell on her ‘pre-fame days’. She hates those times, her photographer and costume designer hates those

times, and so do her 'Loyal Subjects'.

(Note: Ron A.'s write-up of 'Goodbye Pre-Fame Days' can be read on page: Glam Rock 'N Roll)

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