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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

As It Began


Fairy Mercury

This day and age 1970s decade Freddie Mercury

Want sex? You got it! Want candid? You got it! 


As was explained on the hompage to introduce this page:

The new page will be titled 'As It Began' after the Queen song 'White Queen (As It Began)'

Below taken from the page Androgynous Hermaphrodite. The page hailed as the take off of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's profile.


Remind you, fans, I am talking 1970s Freddie. Nothing further than that ... What Fairy is the 'incarnate' of; identical likeness to.  Freddie's idea of 'wearing women's clothes' was the satin catsuits. Adorn with jewellery. The makeup,

hair and, of course, the effeminate moves and ‘campy queen’ behaviour. One instance included the encores.

Queen would perform the campy song ‘Big Spender’. Lyrics as such: ‘I don’t pop my cork for everyone I see,

hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me.’ where s/he would be dressed in a Japanese silk kimono, stripping it off (strip tease style) with short white satin top and satin knickers underneath.

See screenshot from (taken from Loyal Subjects 3) along with fabulous photo of Fairy emulating this on stage. (Note to Mr. Greg Hastings, you most certainly are 'this day and age' Mick Rock).


Myself and the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova will discuss our first impressions of the 1970s decade Freddie Mercury lookalike/incarnate Fairy Mercury. Such as Pavlova's first, as written in the diary of Dame Eleanor.

(see screenshot below and ref. page Funny How Love Is)

This will be a 'take off' online version of my co-written under pseudonym book 'The Fairy Tale Couple' (available exclusively for Fairy Mercury fan club members only)

The Fairy Tale Couple

Footage of Fairy and Pavlova taken from the glam rock queen's

first ever self produced music video

When I watched Fairy’s ‘first ever self produced video’ for the first time. I have viewed it several times since. I found myself wiping away tears. The stage presence in the footage and the vocals capture Freddie so perfectly. I was left absolutely speechless! -- 'Mr. X'

The setting: the drawing room in Pavlova's luxurious Cambridge estate. I kept expecting the ever so elegant exotic glam rock queen Fairy Mercury to swept in in campy Freddie manner gracing us with her alluring presence. I could tell Pavlova was longing for her presence. I tell him, 'let's start there, with my intro. to the new page. The diary entry speaks of you having been shown Fairy's website. You speechlessly enamoured, spending hours watching her videos, looking at the photos of her breathtaking eerie canny resemblance to 1970s Freddie Mercury, who I knew very well then, and reading the content of the site.

Pavlova heavily sighed, 'must be, how they say? got straight? I hated that old bitch. Nureyev, well you know how he was about cunts. Pizdats. You knew her and you not like her either. Strict mean old cunt. I was under her tutelage. Raised to become Nureyev. Take after. Destined to be lord of dance. Old bitch was under strict instructions. She was epitome of blasé strict mean governess. How they say? 'Long story short', I needed a Freddie Mercury to go with me being 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'. As you know, friend, I was told by you and many others, details of their 'hidden' relationship, which some ended up documented in books my femmka (Fairy) obtained upon meeting me.'

Above are excerpts taken from the books Pavlova is referring to. More can be read on one of Killer Queen's fave pages on her public site: Mirror Image

There is a sound outside the room. Pavlova's grey/blue eyes (same colour as Nureyev's, he so takes after...) stares at me with slight amusement; obviously having noticed my expectant look towards the doorway. He then says, 'it is not her, friend. I know the sound of her walk and her scents. Even the soft whispery sounds of her satin and silks, as her erotically exotic whispery purr. It is my valet.' How theatrical of him to put his 'femmka' in such a way. He then picks up saying, 'the old bitch comes to me telling me she has found my Freddie. I could not believe what I was seeing on this website was real person. Enticing, very sexual forbidden creature. Most photos half naked. While looking through site, I became aroused several times. Then I tell you of her several weeks later and we pursue what we did. Hilarious was it not, yes?'


What the multimillionaire ballet danseur is referring to is that we got his valet and my personal assistant to sign up with fake credentials to join the exotic glam rock queen's fan club site so that we could learn even more about this alluring creature, so identical to the beloved 1970s Freddie Mercury. Pavlova's pseudonym he created for himself

was Hugh Dickens (huge dick).

Of course, the campy queen couldn't resist teasing about it (ref. Loyal Subjects and Loyal Subjects 2)

The romantic prince has photos of himself taken and gifted to woo the satiny seductor


The young multimillionaire used a sexually humorous pseudonym

'Hugh Dickens' (huge dick) to gain access to the glam rock queen

Fairy Mercury's fan club site to learn more about the love of his life he became a man in love and obsessed with.

Photo left: Pavlova performs ballet as one of many princes his idol he was 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' danced ballet as.

'Well endowed-ness' packed snuggly in leotard.

(Photo from book 'The Fairy Tale Couple' - exclusively sold to Fairy Mercury fan club members only!)


Photo above: Fairy looking every inch 'Killer Queen' in Pavlova's dressing room at Haze Theatre. Dramatic black eyeshadow. Looking mirror image to 1970s Freddie Mercury off the Queen II album. 'Black queen' album cover. Inside bore the 'white queen'. Iconic MIck Rock photo session.

(Photo from book 'The Fairy Tale Couple' - exclusively sold to Fairy Mercury fan club members only!)


The 'divine lush creature' that is Fairy Mercury had texted the ballet danseur after the first time they had sex to tell him: 'oh my god! I was fucked so hard! I could barely handle it, Rudy darling! I was gasping and gagging around it as it swelled so fucking enormous in my mouth and I can still feel it inside me. I am so fucking in love with you!! HA!'

Pavlova texted back: 'You are everything and more I've hoped for. Apparently Freddie could handle 'the most famous cock in theatre' Nureyev's well-endowed cock. I was told of a time he took out his cock and some 'queen' turned him down telling him, 'I don't think I can handle it.' and Nureyev replied, 'well, if you change your mind -'  Texting is very impersonal. I tell you my thoughts in person next time we meet.'

Photo left: Fairy looking remarkably like 1970s Freddie. Tits on full display. (Photo from book 'The Fairy Tale Couple' - exclusively sold to Fairy Mercury fan club members only!)

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ My parody of being a 'troll', dears ...

In continuing the teasing I was doing on the fan club site, I still have absolutely no idea who those two naughty boys were that were 'trolling' my public site creating that 'As It Began' page ....The one, you know that princely looking light brown wispy bob one with the enormous ... well, whatever. I guess he's been so bothered that I still haven't responded to what's been put on that page so far.

Oh look, my darlings! I re-created the logo my beloved idol Freddie Mercury created for Queen's logo. Let me know what you think of it in the fan club comments.

Left: My wild concept art    Right: The actual original logo



Pavlova (ballet danseur) - It is after 3pm here in England. I tell what became of this that unruly creature writes on homepage:

So any ways, my darlings, to stir up a little excitement, I was thinking of doing something absolutely wild today.

Taking a pleasure boat on the Serpentine (Hyde Park). Maybe any of you in and/or around the London area can come and wave from the banks as I float by. HA!! Oh, look at that right tart 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon' (Queen song)
I seriously
might do it! We'll see as the day progresses ....

Feline prowls at nights and sleeps until noon. I wake and find laid out 'impossibly tight shorts' as she calls them ... (me in them, below left) with note that read:

'Rudy darling, I want to do something really campy and spontaneous for my precious fans.

Let's take a pleasure boat on the Serpentine. You can be my princely gondolier and we can make

it really theatrical and romantic. I'll be sipping champagne.'

I think, absolutely out of question!! It would gather crowd. I can hardly imagine how she expected to dress for this occasion. I looked to see if anything was laid out of hers. Only this of mine was. I ask my valet meaning of 'trolling' She is being silly girl, too shy to reply to what has been put on this page so far. We continue with page soon.

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

by 'Mr. X'

'Thursday I go waltzing to the zoo .. I'll be Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon'

(from vaudeville ragtime Freddie Mercury written Queen song)

I'm running with it, Rudy ... First off, Loyal Subjects, I'd like to say the exotic Persian glam rock queen's 'wild concept art' of re-creating the Queen logo is stunning. Fairy did it with 'png' images using the fairies one fan in Germany had created and sent in to the fan club site. Speaking of being unable to handle 'the most famous cock in theatre' incident Pavlova had once been shared with him about Nureyev and it was actually documented in the book

'The Real Nureyev', when we continue this page, we will pick up our conversation about creating pseudonyms to gain access to the divine lush creature's fan club site, and how does something so well-endowed manage something so provocatively, shall I say compact?

Gifs made from off Fairy Mercury's first ever self produced music video.

Satin queen and lord of leather

Pavlova specifically pointed out the footage of Fairy from the video saying,

'that lovely little ass in sinfully tight satin trousers. So very desirously forbidden'

Below screenshot from my 'write-up' on Androgynous Hermaphrodite page of me recalling this incident about Nureyev.

(Suggested reading: Unruly Queen and A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen)


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I forgot to add to what I write, what became of 'pleasure boat on the Serpentine'.

Of course, it was first 'conversation' or, correction, encounter I had of the day with my femmka. She glides into room

I was in and I see erotic full sensuous lips drenched in this 'gloss' pout as lovely exotic dark eye lined eyes take in how I am dressed and sees it is not in 'impossibly tight shorts'. This was how she was dressed (photo left), which I am sure was how she planned to go looking as. Without a word, she slinks out of room. I think to pursue but decide not to. I let her come to me.

Ron Craster (Pavlova valet and stage director Haze Theatre and Fairy Mercury live shows):

Loyal Subjects, believe it or not, Pavlova asked me to post this. He told me, 'post about today's event to my femmka's adoring fans. I am sure they will like to hear about it. A few hours ago (it is now after 8pm here) the 'Fairy...tale couple' returned from a late afternoon stroll to the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park and along the Serpentine.

Fairy came to Pavlova asking him what were they planning on doing to spend their Sunday afternoon.
She was cute looking and behaving very shy as he replied (in his broken Eng. Russian accent), 'we go pay visit to your jealous friend Peter Pan in Hyde Park then perhaps go for walk along Serpentine. I (heavy emphasis on the word)  have to dress appropriately (Fairy slightly blushed over that part) you as you are. As you know, I will not tame you and expect you to behave accordingly in dress or manners.'

Of course, I accompanied them along with two of Pavlova's bodyguards to Hyde Park.
The 'Fairy...tale couple' has their ongoing joke about that statue. Fairy stood hugging Pavlova's arm to
her bare tits in the black satin 'wrap top' and Pavlova smirked,'well then, I've had enough of looking up
Peter's frock. Shall we?' with a sweeping gesture and they headed off for the stroll along the Serpentine.
'Soft whispery sibilant purr' (as her idol Freddie Mercury spoke in), the glam rock queen in embarrassed
tone told the ballet danseur, 'Rudy darling, I'm embarrassed by the new page and the things my precious
fans are having to say about it in the comments on the fan club. I mean -' her purr trailing.
Pavlova replied, 'why embarrassed? Is it not sexual enough? You don't shy away from overly sexual, femmka.
Or is it hearing from me and what I - Pavlova - has to say about his femmka sexually' She slowly pushed her long
midnight black hair back then nervous habit started preening the top of it and her fringe (bangs) dark eye
lined eyes looking at the water of the Serpentine, slowly shaking her head purring,'I mean, I'm not sure I'm ready to hear - well, you know -' She REALLY became shy when he said, 'sex is like dance and both I do very well, baby'

You fans know how Fairy gets whenever he calls her 'baby' ... She gaspily purred, 'What?! I'm sure!! I'd kind of like
to leave now.' He quietly laughed and gestured to myself and bodyguards as he took her lovely slender black nails
left hand in his, quietly breathing in Russian (translated), 'don't be shy of me.' She obviously didn't hear him
because she always looks to me for translation.

Pavlova is literally obsessed with the footage of Fairy in below gif (performing sexually implicit campy 'Big Spender') Her black nails left hand seductively ... stroking ... up the 1/2 mic as if it's the 'shaft' of a penis. Along with the obscenely tight white satin trousers footage of her.

Other gif - one of many duties as valet, assisting the multimillionaire ballet danseur with his dashing princely appearance.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ My allergies have been very bad these past few days, dears. I can't even wear makeup ... 

I finally have got around to write about this that happened a few days ago. Those impossibly tight shorts.

I mean, and I thought my satin trousers and catsuits were 'obscene'... Mmmm this 'queen' really does lust a man who flaunts, immodestly, his overly abundance of jewels ...  So anyway, as you long time fans know, I tend to sleep until noon. Well, I woke looking a right mess because of allergies. My hair I left in it's natural state not bothering to glam up with sleekness. Me pictured below with my 'natural hair'. The photo below it, I mean, seriously! ... They should make a ballet titled the prince and his overly abundance of jewels. HA!!

I slinked into the room Rudy happened to be in, savouring a glass of cherry brandy. I noticed he was wearing those impossibly tight shorts. I rolled my eyes thinking, 'really?!' I mean, I felt like it was being done on purpose. You know, days after that failed Hyde Park plan. I was right, it was! He got up and came over to me and went to take my black nails left hand to deliver his princely kiss to the back of it as he always does. I turned away with a toss of my right mess midnight black hair. I heard that sexy fucking broken English Russian accent of his say, 'why you deny me, femmka? Ees it because of shorts? I wear them now for you. You know I am not Bohemian way of life as you. I can not go in public dressed like thees. Then you expected me to play role of peasant gondolier to your silly girl fancies. Don't you think that's a bit insulting?'

I turned to him to let him see the right mess I was in. I ... purred ... 'Rudy darling, it would have been campy. I wasn't trying to insult you. As you can see, my allergies are still bad. I'm not in the mood of you flaunting your enormous fucking cock. Unless you want to go for the campy angle (being ... purred ... in the most erotic tone) 'Oh Rudy! Fuck me - achoo!! - ha-ha- achoo!! - harder!!' He started laughing. Then I really did sneeze instead of pretending in my campy parody.

As for that footage of me (made out of gif, below left) caressing my 'slender' hand up the 1/2 mic. stand as if it's a cock. One of my beloved idol's famous overly sexual tart moves ... They want to make this page sexual ... I should share with you, my precious fans, when I do that to Rudy's cock and how he reacts to it ... Dare me to.

'You Make Me The Happiest Man'

From intimate, personally self written wedding vows, Russian ballet danseur wrote and recited when he married glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury. Of course, adoring fans didn't waste one moment blowing up fan club comments 'daring' her to tell-all. While they wait for, I'm sure the overly sexual queen will do just that...

Let me say this, the 'elite society' lives by standards. No PDA, certain dress code, strict etiquette, etc. As you, Loyal Subjects, know many of those type of people view Fairy's websites (public and fan club).  Pavlova gets many phone calls about the content (incl. the photos and video). The 'unruly prima creature', how shall I say?, 'pushes boundaries' when it comes to them.  Pavlova reminds them, 'Nureyev had his forbidden pleasures. The vagabond - out of his class. Freddie was that. In public, he (Nureyev) was seen with and photographed with elite. Lords and Countesses. Even the Queen of England. The royalty that came with the high-strung elite of the royal ballet. His private life was indulged forbidden pleasures. You do not understand her Bohemian way of life. It is not for you to criticise or understand.' Ballet bad boy indeed....

To Pavlova - The 'Sirs' will be embarrassed and keep their 'stiff lipped' airs about them. I'm sure you'll continue to get

phone calls and you will have to keep reminding them, it's destiny...

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - In reply to you, my fine friend 'Mr. X'. I can hardly wait for her to tell ... Unruly feline creature who is very sexual yet shy of me. She texts or letters (as her idol was known to be fond of). Shy. Such as text

I had you share with her adoring fans ... It is one reason this page embarrasses her. Because it was shared to her fans.

As for elite ... I find amusing. I get calls either addressing me as Rudolf or Pavlova (depending on if ballet or not...).

They will say things (in high strung snobbish tone), 'oh rrrealllly, Rudolf (or Pavlova), can't you have that unruly creature behave and dress a bit more properly than that, in public, on those sites of hers?!' Then I tell them what you quoted of me saying. I was age 8 when Nureyev died. He died a year after Freddie. I was brought to his graveside burial. I told Fairy of this. They played music from ballet Giselle. His ballet slippers and lilies (symbolic of Giselle ballet) was tossed onto the casket. He was buried in France, the country he defected to. I admire you, friend.

You and I are of wealth, great wealth, fame and famed lineage. We must give way to my femmka and her fame.

She is erotic and exotic beauty, is she not?

She really is 'this day and age' 1970s decade Freddie. You having known Freddie, attests to it.

Again, I thank you for agreeing to contribute to my femmka's site.

You have texted saying I've 'slipped up'. I'm drunk? Perhaps ... You did too in saying about my eyes/colour I take after Nureyev ... I am a man in love and obsessed and I will go lengths for her and her success. Even coming close to revealing ... I was born year movie Exposed, Nureyev was in, was being filmed. That was mentioned in that old bitch's diary. Shared on my femmka's public site. Which page? Ah yes, Funny How Love Is. She worships Freddie Mercury of 1970s decade. Obsessively so. I'll end there. I've said enough already ... I don't need more 'be careful what you say' phone calls ...

Mid-week check in time. Awww, my precious fans, you've been so bored with internet absence of me. Now you have a taste of what things would be like ... I will never abandon my fan club site though. I grudgingly looked at the stats for my public site and, this was rather funny, dears. I saw: 'there's a 53% increase in visitors' and I ... purred ... 'Rudy darling! Come back!! Your subtle slip up got me the attention I needed!' This was his reply: 'How they say? I will put my life on line for you, femmka. Thees world needs to wake up and take notice of you. Eet insults me eet doesn't.'

It was so funny, dears! He was told off by that Sir Thomas. The man was like, 'what are you trying to do, Rudolf?! You are being the brash foolish prince.' His reply I swooned, he said, 'maybe so. I am a man in love and will stop literally at nothing for my femmka's success. People need to stand up and take notice!' He was warned to be careful.... My costume designer keeps describing him as 'haughty' (ironically, a word that was often used to describe Nureyev...) He had a haughty expression on his face as he made a dismissive gesture.

I have been very busy with rehearsals for my Manchester show on the 14th & 15th. My allergies have finally come under control today. I've been so bloody drowsy because of it. In the meanwhile, enjoy ... this gif of me with my sweaty tits ...and that 'haughty' expression (other gif). I fucking LO💗E you, Rudy!! Glossy ... kisses 💋....

Will post again soon to the new page. All the best, Fairy

Okay, my luvies, I've decided to share naughty bits I had you dare me to do.

I've teasingly delayed this long enough. HA!
Rudy and I will be in bed - naked. I'll place his enormous fucking cock laid up on his belly and caress it like the concert footage of me (made out of gif) he has become so obsessed with.

Slowly erotic effeminate caresses with my black nails left hand. His blue-gray eyes gazing down his body from my hand stroking his enormous fucking cock then gazing at me. Then his broken English Russian accent, with sly sexy grin, breathes, aroused ... 'exotic snake charmer. Seeng (sing)' I'll laugh with a toss of my long midnight black hair (that turns him on more) then I'll sing from 'You Take My Breath Away'
'Every time you make a move you destroy my mind - and the way you touch,

I lose control and shiver deep inside - You Take My Breath Away'

Very fitting for the romantically sexual moment, isn't it dears? ....

(Page the video appears on/including making of video: Bows And Curtain Calls)

Then the enormous fucking 'snake' becomes naughtily erect .... Rudy sits up from the 1/2 sitting, 1/2 laying position
he'll be in and takes hold my black nails left hand, kisses the back of it and ... well ... I'll leave what usually happens next to your naughty imaginations, dear. I mean, I can barely handle it - so deep inside me ...

I suppose he'll get phone calls from a few of 'the important people' about this as well. We'll be laughing, won't we, Rudy darling? Unruly creature pushing this to the most unruly naughtiest limits. HA!!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - My femmka has 3 more hours before her second night Manchester concert. So I decide to take time and compose something for public site. Yes, I did get phone calls telling me 'that unruly creature has overly done it!' blah, blah, blah. I tell my valet refuse any more calls unless important. I was sick of repeating she is bohemian way of life, I refuse to tame her and what my fine friend 'Mr. X' said ... it's destiny ...

Then what she wrote. I am scolded, called 'brash foolish prince' because I make 'subtle slip up' ... I was surprised the hounds, (as 'Mr. X' refers to the disgusting breed of fools as 'vultures') didn't come swarming. I tell Sir Thomas, if they were to, I tell them 'then it's about time you stand up and take notice of my femmka instead of overlooking her and treating her so cruel and poorly.' They get no chances or forgiveness.

I was surprised Fairy shared what she did. Yet this is unruly creature, not predictable. I haven't time now, but perhaps after her concert tonight I write more about what she shared.

If only she would talk about when I make love to her tits ....

Before I go, my femmka's adoring fans wonder what happened to chat. It was causing issues with site. Too bad.

It was fun idea. Attractive app. I was going to humour Fairy and get on it as .... 'Hugh Dickens' .... and chat with her.

До свидания

Свет гаснет, и я умираю, завтра я снова рождаюсь, завтра я снова буду танцевать - Nureyev

'Lights go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again' - Nureyev

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - We are on now. Well, I am. I don't know about my femmka. I lost track of her. We were suppose to head back to hotel and leave immediately to Cambridge estate. I am still laughing! Her second night show ended 1/2 hour ago (present time: 9:30pm). It was maddeningly wild! First she interrupts my ballet bit, getting you adoring fans of hers, in attendance, in frenzy. Lovely exotic sibilant purr purrs, 'dance with me, Rudy darling.' We ad-lib dance Fandango. Then silly girl tells fans at end of show, 'fuck it! I'm going online once I get off stage and moving the new pages to the top!' I see she has. Perhaps put 'thumbnails' next to new pages links, baby ....

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ What?! I mean ... Rudy darling, I only wish I knew you were going to be so bloody humourous with the chat thing or else I would have tried to make it work. I just now read what you wrote about it and picture me in melodramatic fits of wild laughter, dear! And I thought you were too funny earlier saying, 'we make another new page, femmka, just to be annoying about new pages.' Actually, in all seriousness, we should soon. Because this page is getting a bit long.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I knew you would find it funny, femmka. I only wish I did now before you deleted chat app. Remember how you got upset that 'Hugh Dickens' deleted his fan club account and he never cared to post one word? Yes, that Loyal Subjects fanzine was funny. Especially when we would intrude on what boy was doing on it.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ So um ... didn't you say you were going to post more later about the naughtiness I had shared with my precious fans? ....

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Yes ... This 'gif' of Fairy, I defy any gay man who thinks it not very arousing ... She has lovely delicate effeminate elegant touch. Erotic. The particular - how I say? - intimate moment? she recalled, 'gif' is literally how she will stroke my cock. I had too much cherry brandy (reminiscent of embarrasses me Myaow Meeow incident in ... Manchester ... last year). As she was so erotic stroking my cock (as in 'gif') she reminded me of exotic snake charmer trying to charm snake to  ... erect ... itself out of basket. So I jokingly tell her, 'erotic snake charmer, sing.' She has lovely effeminate voice with sibilant purr like her idol Freddie Mercury when she sings. Hissing lisp of the 's'-s very prounced, like Freddie ... So she chooses to sing song. Romantic ballad and successfully 'charmed' the snake ... I post 'gif' of myself next to 'gif' of her. She will be upset if I don't.

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