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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Phoenix Reborn

 From Fairy Mercury's Profile

Many of his adoring fans believe he is ‘this day and age Freddie Mercury’ - reincarnated. On the logo Freddie Mercury designed for Queen is a Phoenix. The story of the Phoenix is that when the bird was about to die, it would build a funeral pyre and set itself on fire to be reborn... Reincarnated.



As you Loyal Subjects know, 'miZ Mercury' is Fairy's cabaret name. Combination of Liza (with a Z) and Freddie. The name was created for Fairy with help of the Brighton cabaret owner. Where the glam rock queen got her start in show biz. We explore the very beginnings of Killer Queen's pursuit for fame as 'this day and age 1970s decade Freddie Mercury'. Featured will be the man pictured in gif one fan at the Brighton cabaret (from Fairy's recent performance there to kick of gay pride month in June) hilariously 'secretively filmed' of Pavlova in the VIP section (read details about it on page: Poseur and Danseur)

The cabaret owner (who is friends with Pavlova) learning about the Russian ballet danseur meeting his top act (miZ Mercury) and slipping Pavlova footage of Fairy being campy tart using a maraca for a tit. Upon viewing the footage, he knew he had to 'form a romance with her'. She was his Freddie to go with him being 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' In Fairy's own words: 'The new page (another Pavlova creation) will be entitled miZ Mercury. Him, myself and 'Mr. X' are going to talk about my cabaret beginnings. A part 2 of

As It Began and Androgynous Hermaphrodite and Poseur and Danseur'

As asked by my close friend Rudolf Pavlova to contribute due to my having known Freddie Mercury and
Rudolf Nureyev in the 1970s, I will talk on Freddie's obsession with the movie Cabaret and wanting to be
Liza Minnelli. Liza dating Nureyev wannabe Mikhail Baryshnikov (who Pavlova hates with a passion, Fairy found that out fast when she met him and it was hilarious). Freddie's obsession with Nureyev, his/her lifelong crush.

Bohemian Rhapsody - live Haze Theatre
In the Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited - live Haze Theatre
Partial 'Somebody To Love' - ending


This page will also include:

One year later, the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury reminisces on when she performed at the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur's grand Haze Theatre for the very first time. Haze Theatre only accustomed to ballet, opera and stage acts. Fairy was the first rockstar to grace the stage of Haze Theatre. Candidly, Killer Queen will recall performing before not only you, her adoring fans, but many very important people. Myself included ... it was when I met Fairy for the first time.


Comments by 'Mr. X' - Freddie Mercury was literally obsessed with the movie Cabaret. Adopting many of LIza's looks from off the movie. From the fur coat, wearing a glove with diamond nails, the talk that Liza's character did on the movie and so much more. Below is from an interview the Brighton cabaret owner once gave to Geoff Stafford (Freddie Mercury fan club president):

Brighton, on the coast of England, is often described by tour guides as eccentric, vibrant, flourishing gay scene.

'Endlessly entertaining'. Prowling Brighton's streets was an exotic creature .....

I remember this lovely dark Persian creature slinking into my cabaret demanding to see 'the manager, booking agent, or whoever it is I need to see around here to perform, darling!' I approached the exotic creature, saying I was the man to see. She kept on her flamboyant banter with an exotic sibilant purr and elegant flicks of the wrist, 'oh, I'm sure you know who Liza is - after all, this is a cabaret, old chum (wild laughter). Tell me, who do I look like? Freddie, dear! You know, Mercury - the queen of the '70s rock band Queen.' I was staring in shock disbelief because the exotic creature did look astonishingly as though Freddie stepped off the Queen II album cover back to life!

I was immediately captivated.

She is very stunning. Her dramatic dark exotic looks. The long midnight black hair, the black nails only on the left hand trademark look of ‘70s Freddie, the makeup, obscenely tight satin clothes she’s fond of – of course, the identical likeness to ‘70s Freddie Mercury in looks, etc.  She didn’t even have to tell me what her ‘act’ was, it was too obvious she was ‘70s Freddie Mercury with a touch of Liza.

I remember we chatted at length about the song ‘Killer Queen’. The song is popular with the queer community. It’s campy and so Freddie – the effeminate queen and … her … campiness.

Fairy told me during that conversation if anyone who is an avid fan of Freddie and knows a lot about him and are familiar with him knows he took his habitual ‘dear’ and ‘darling’ talk from the movie Cabaret’s Sally Bowles character (played by Liza Minnelli). Also Freddie was known for writing and saying ‘pouncing and pooving’ – in the movie, Sally Bowles is talking about ‘pouncing’. The character is basically a slut, prostitute – what have you, which Freddie explains the song ‘Killer Queen’ is about a ‘high class call girl’. Freddie would call himself a ‘tart’ (British slang for slut) because it was one of MANY instances of him trying to be Liza’s Sally Bowles, in the movie Cabaret, that he was literally obsessed by. Constantly listening to the Cabaret soundtrack over and over.

Above photos: Liza with ballet legend Nureyev - Right: Fairy in her 'miZ Mercury' look on stage at my cabaret.

Pavlova’s close friend who he refers to anonymously as ‘Mr. X’ who knew Freddie and Rudolf Nureyev, pointed out Freddie’s idol worship wanting to be Liza down to the details of the Capital Radio DJ Kenny Everett had Freddie on his radio spot interviewing Freddie for Queen’s A Day At The Races album and Freddie was talking about that damn press going on about his black nails and made a remark about it doing that I don’t know what you would call it sound the character Emcee (Joel Grey) and Sally Bowles is making on the song ‘Money, Money’. Freddie making that sound after remarking, ‘so there!’ Listen to the song or watch the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a sound people will make with their tongue.

But this isn’t about Freddie Mercury, it’s about Fairy and her extreme likeness to him but with her own unique touch, creativity – take on her idol she aspires to be. She’s a modern day take – spice – with her own unique blend. Campy queen and overly sexual. She’s a unique individual who adds her own panache to her incarnate likeness to her idol, if that makes sense. She stands out.

Fairy has drawn the largest crowds my cabaret has seen and especially now that she’s become so famous. I can’t be more proud of her and her success. Needless to say, I will continue to book her without hesitation. I remember telling Fairy that the movie Cabaret was about Sally Bowles and her cabaret friends basically making a parody out of wanting to make it big but knowing they’re stuck as a ‘local gig’ in the Kit Kat Club. And that I hope she doesn’t end up ‘stuck’ playing local gigs and confined to my cabaret. Now she’s very famous and married to an important multimillionaire,
and I couldn’t be more happy for her.

I have been friends with the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova, with Anna Pavlova and another I can't disclose lineage, for many years. I wonder if he ever told Fairy this. He secretively attended one of her shows at my cabaret when he learned of her. You know, like what he did by joining her fan club with a pseudonym to remain anonymous. It was when I gave him of the campy queen using a maraca for a tit footage I had filmed of her. I slipped him a usb flash drive with it on it telling him, ‘you have such an interest in the exotic creature, I know you’ll be interested in seeing this.’ Like his idol Nureyev, Pavlova has his ‘forbidden desires’ and Fairy most definitely is that.

When We Continue ...

One year later, the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury reminisces on when she performed at the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur's grand Haze Theatre for the very first time. Haze Theatre only accustomed to ballet, opera and stage  acts. Fairy was the first rockstar to grace the stage of Haze Theatre. Candidly, Killer Queen will recall performing before not only you, her adoring fans, but many very important people. Myself included ... it was when I met Fairy for the first time. She was told some who were going to be in attendance and Fairy admitted she was most nervous that Pavlova was going to be part of her audience.

PLUS!! Killer Queen recalls the hilarity when she first met Pavlova and made a sorry mistake to mention Liza dating Baryshnikov in the 1970s and Pavlova's angry theatrical reaction to it.

Both man and gif property of

Fairy and not for use!

'miZ Mercury' in action

Both man and gif  property of Fairy

and not for use!

From Fairy: Okay, my precious fans, I'll start with the chronological order. The Baryshnikov thing. Anyone familiar with Mancherster would be familair with the Lowry Hotel. An upscale hotel known for rockstars and the likes staying there while in Manchester. Pavlova had us put up there. Who I mean by 'us' is myself, my costume designer, photographer, my mock up Queen band and stage crew. This was before Rudy and I were officially dating. I was being a right tart trying to find excuses to talk with him. Anyway, it was my first time playing to you, my Manchester honies. As you right recall, I ended up sick and had to cancel. Awww. I know. Even this queen gets sick. HA!
I phoned Rudy and told him that I was terribly sick and knew I couldn't go through with the concert.
The salacious prince told me I was allowed to be sick and he would have his valet phone the booking agent
and let him know and to have him cancel the concert. I asked him if he would come get me.
He told me he would. While we waited for him to make the trip from his Cambridge estate to Manchester, Johann (Wagner, my costume designer) and I got into a conversation about how he was so Nureyev and Liza had dated that Baryshnikov and what were the odds of that considering Freddie's lifelong crush was on Nureyev and Liza was his idol. What he must have thought, the odds of his idol Liza dating a ballet dancer.  


Glam rock queen Fairy Mercury (with Russian ballet danseur Pavlova) wearing Liza scarf look which Freddie was often seen in.

Well, he arrived and as we were walking through the hotel, I brought up the conversation Johann and I had.
He got furious!! He started angrily speaking in Russian. My costume designer who is German is also fluent in Russian was quickly translating and trying to keep up with what he was saying. He was angrily saying that Baryshnikov was a copycat of his idol Nureyev. He copied defecting from Russia like Nureyev did and even copied being seen in public dancing with a famous actress. Nureyev was photographed dancing with Elizabeth Taylor in the 1960s at a club in a famous photo. Baryshnikov had to copy that by being seen in a club photographed dancing with Liza in her white scarf look and a ... satin white catsuit ... (so Freddie...).

He was so angry he totally ignored the manager who acknowledged his multimillionaire presence as we entered the lobby and exited the hotel. He came by his personal limo. When we reached the limo, things got hilarious, dears!

He surprised me by princely dropping to one knee, taking my black nails left hand, delivering his princely kiss to the back of it saying in this humorously pathetic mocked up pleading tone, 'Oh Liza, don't leave me for BarFshnikov!!'

I laughed so hard and ... purred ... 'Don't worry, darling, he's not my type.' To make it even more comical, almost campy, some guy passing by says, 'say yes' thinking Rudy was down on his knee proposing to me! I'm not making this up! It for real happened!!

The following day, I got a text from him that had that photo of Nuryev with Liza attached. The text just simply said,

'I hope you're feeling better today, Fairy.' Much later, I read in one of the 3 books I obtained that spoke of Freddie and Nureyev's personal relationship, that Baryshnikov had admitted that he was a 'groupie' of Nureyev and a wannabe of him. I told Pavlova that and he laughed so hard saying (quoting how his Russian accent speaks broken English), 'See?! I told you! But I knew all that. I was told that. Then Freddie learns Nureyev is dating that Wallace Potts and gets jealous. So she goes to see Baryshnikov dance and jealous bitchily remarks Baryshnikov can fly more than Nureyev. Thees is not true! Eet angered many! Eet angered ME!! Then she writes Jealousy song. Her quills were out!'

'Nevermore' and 'Jealousy'

What Fairy had to say about the video: Yes, it is me performing/emulating 'to perfection' with backing tracks 'Nevermore' and ... I just had to ...'Jealousy' ... Snippets. 'Nevermore' with the lyrics (by my idol) 'why did you deceive me' brings to mind the ballet of Giselle, is what Pavlova had to say about it.

The second is 'MiZ Mercury' (my cabaret name...) - Liza-ish - cabaret sounding. My vocals: 'Freddie with a touch of Liza' as the cabaret owner puts it. We started the video very theatrically, with the Haze Theatre curtain.

Page the video appears on: Behind The Throne

From Pavlova, ballet danseur - I reply to what my femmka posted, because I know you, her adoring fans, will find amusing. I tell her, Freddie then became the effeminate Nijinsky. Wanting to be like because she would do anything to attract the attention of Nureyev. She learned Nureyev was very fond of Nijinsky. Nureyev had met Nijinsky's dance partner Karsavina who was still alive. So she (Freddie) decided she (with help of Sir Joseph Lockwood - Queen's EMI record label and chairman of Royal Ballet) was going to be next Nijinsky - rockstar version. I was told all this by people who knew them (my fine friend 'Mr. X' being one). Freddie shows up at Royal Ballet dressed in (Fairy wearing replicated look in gif on this page) silver sequin leotard. Freddie's 'panache' to everything. Liza was known for wearing glittery sequin outifts ... Then Freddie takes on Nijinsky harlequin leotard look.

My fine friend 'Mr. X' jokes it reminded him of when Liza wanted this baron but she thought she was too dowdy so she asked, famed gay fashion designer of the 1970s, Halston to 'create a look for her' so she could attract the baron.

I reply, I am sure Nureyev was very amused by forbidden desire effeminate queen Freddie trying so hard to attract his attention. Oh, and she did succeed ... just as Fairy succeeded to attract mine and then some ...

(Below photos: Fairy in replicated harlequin leotard look and Pavlova destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev)


Note from Fairy:

We're proud to be gay and we don't want asses looking at my site who aren't or who aren't genuinely seriously interested fans!

Btw, just because we were talking about already famous freak cunt Liza doesn't mean we're suddenly not gay. Because we seriously do not like cunts! We're only about dick (Pavlova and Nureyev) and effeminate gay (me and Freddie). I'M better and more attractive at feminine than actual fucking ugly cunts .... So says you, my darlings, and so says everyone I know, including Rudy who loathes cunts like his idol did.



Up Next: The glam rock queen reminisces about the unforgettable first time she performed at Haze Theatre and she is so campy queen being her unruly self what she has to say! If you're not a long time fan, you might want to familiarize yourself with these pages on the site which covered the highly anticipated event:


Below, another new promo for my upcoming Haze Theatre concert. What do you think, dears? We will post to my public site very soon. Must wrap up what we were doing on the fan club first and Rudy and I have been very busy since arriving in Vienna. We've had guests ... I can hardly wait to tell about the first time I performed at Haze Theatre. There was something this ... unruly queen ... always wanted to do. 'Who were you again? Never heard of you.'

Rudy thought it was so hilarious, he still finds it funny when thinking back on it.


The first time I performed at Haze Theatre was dream-like. It was to be the first large capacity venue I had ever performed. Not only that, but I was going to be performing to a mix of people. Not just you, my precious fans, but to the audience of very important people from France, Russia and here in the UK.
I remember taking it for granted at first because there were no names, titles or faces. I was just told 'very important people'. Then it was sprung up me last moment, backstage, as I was getting ready for my first performance of 2 nights. Pavlova's valet Ron Craster approached me and reading from a list he had told me who these 'important people' were. These same people were to attended my wedding to Rudolf Pavlova several months later. I remember Ron finishing and saying to me, 'you don't seem impressed. Are you in shock?' I ... purred ... 'The only person I care to be nervous about performing in front of is Rudy Pavlova.'  

Me backstage in Pavlova's personal dressing rooms. NOT just any dressing room. That cheeky sod photographer of mine captioned it wrong. HA!!
Gif of Pavlova backstage stepping into his litter box 'resin box'. It helps to prevent the ballet slippers from slipping. As if that perfect prince ever would ...

So I grace the stage. I remember finding where Rudy was in the VIP and some man who looked oddly familiar was seated beside him with the one Sir Thomas on his other side. I kept trying to remember the names Ron Craster named off. Why did this man look so familiar?! I couldn't get a good look at him from that distance up on the stage. I did notice he kept anxiously talking in Pavlova's ear. The best part was the reaction of those people when I came out in my knickers to perform 'Big Spender'. Pavlova (for the first time ever) danced his ballet bit during the operatic break in my 'Bohemian Rhapsody' performance. I had just incorporated him into my act.

I watched backstage using ... opera glasses ...  my photographer found backstage and gave me. 'You won't be able to see that distance from the wing to the VIP and especially with the lights dimmed.' He then grinned, 'A night at the opera' (Queen album name).

It was touching when Pavlova danced, obviously many of those people were there to see him dance ... Watching through the opera glasses you could see such intense emotion on their faces as they watched. I was later told that when he got up to get ready, one of them asked where he was going. Very theatrical and so him, he quoted his favourite Nureyev quote, 'Lights go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again' and walked off. Suddenly my concert became like a ballet. When he finished, the VIP section rose calling out, 'Bravo!' and throwing roses onto the stage. As custom in ballet. The ... curtain calls ...It was so moving, I had to get my wits about me and go out to finish the performance. The rocking 'so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye', etc. section of the song. Then back at the piano to finish the melancholy 'nothing really matters ... anyway the wind blows'

Ballet danseur Pavlova in his Nureyev leather look, a single rose and playbill in hand. Outside Haze Theatre after glam rock queen

Fairy Mercury's first ever concert there.

After my concert (first night of two), the backstage crowded. I preened myself and became presentable.
Pavlova approached me with the man who looked oddly familiar. Now I was able to see him up close and get a good look. Pavlova casually and so fucking nonchalant prince like in that delectable Russian accent of his saying,

'Thees ees (Mr. X's real name) I am sure you know of heem.'
I seized the moment to do something I've always wanted to do. I tossed my long midnight black hair back

and ... purred ... 'Who are you again? Never heard of you.' I mean, it was hilarious, dears!! He looked offended!!
He had this dumbfounded, 'huh?!' expression on his face.  Rudy saying, 'she's being silly girl!'
I then told 'Mr. X' I was only teasing, of course, I know of him. That was when 'Mr. X' did that thing people will do. Arms outstretched bowing gestures saying, 'Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! You are so Freddie! It's unbelievable!' and talked about it was his turn to be a fan in the audience and asked me to sign my autograph for him. I received this in an email from him. Pavlova at ... curtain call ... after performing The Sleeping Beauty as his idol Nureyev portraying Prince Florimund. He became my mentor, dears, and helps me further my aspirations to be more and more like my beloved idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury. A LOT of insight.

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Up Next. The multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova candidly opens up about 'forbidden pleasures'.

Fairy's 'The Sacred Forehead' post she had made on Effeminate Epicene Queen page. It is rare he ever wears his fringe (bangs) of his light brown bob off his forehead ... Being shown in book 'The Real Nureyev' that the ballet legend wore a cock ring and he was instructed to take up wearing one ... the campy queen Fairy confiscating his custom cock ring to wear as a 'fashionably naughty bracelet' and more of his search for his (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury to complete him being destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev.

For the naive idiots out there ...

In the meanwhile ... Featured comment taken from Killer Queen's fan club site.

Posted by fan Neil Coleman (Cornwall, England)

I seriously can't live any more!! There is such thing as perfection and the 'FAIRY ... tale couple' for real are that!

How perfection is the 'new promo' our glam rock queen posted for her upcoming Haze Theatre concert?!

Fairy is so tucked in her leotard and Pavlova's cock fully flaunted. #obsessed

From ballet danseur Pavlova - Well then, apparently my femmka has become even more shy of me. I ask my valet why she behave like this? He tells me she is shy and embarrassed over 'up next' and didn't expect that to be the next add-on to new page. So I write and will see her reaction once posted. It may take me awhile. I am poor at English. Russian is my first language. I will do this myself without help of valet. I am delighted to hear her new promo for her mid-August Haze Theatre concert is receiving, how you say? 'Frenzied reaction'...

So much I can say in response to what she posted. I will include in what I write.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello dears. Could you imagine your own husband calling you a cock teaser? I mean, really?!

I wear his ... ahem ... cock ring I stole back when for my fashionably naughty bracelet on the wrist of my black nails left hand ... You can see I am wearing it in this concert footage gif of me he is so obsessed with. What he posted to me on the homepage. I will transfer it below.

I had posted: Rudolf Pavlova means EVERYTHING to me along with my aspirations to be my beloved idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury. With that said, I am announcing 18 &19 August I will be performing at Haze Theatre. Tickets will go on sale starting the 8th. With exclusive pricing for fan club members only.

Who's going to be ready to see some of this? ....

That naughty boy Rudy probably being like ...

From Pavlova - Fairy, move last 1/2 you write to new page and I might reply ... I really am obsessed with that gif of you in more ways than one .... Fans, I can't wait for silly girl to write what she plans on new page about first time she performed at Haze Theatre. Oh yes, it was quite the memorable event and the lovely unruly creature still wears my custom cock ring as a 'fashionably naughty bracelet' as she likes to call it.

Well, he asked me if I saw what he wrote and if I cared to hear his reply and then this is what he said, 'you are cock teaser.' I gaspily ... purred ... 'WHAT?! Rudy!!' Then he said, 'Why you react as you do, femmka? Thees ees not bad theeng.' So ... ahem ... I guess he is right. This tart is cock teasing my 1/2 mic. stand with my black nails left hand.

'I don't pop my tuck cork for everyone I see' ('Big Spender' lyrics) ....

Ballet danseur Pavlova - She writes, I read. She is unruly creature and I can not say this enough about her. You fans wonder what it is to actually be in her presence and know her. She is very exotic and lovely. Sexual, erotic. Very unruly. She is bohemian way of life. Gypsy peasants are known for stealing. She has much money ... but there must be a strange pleasure in stealing. Lovely slender hands stole my custom cock ring during time she was preparing for

first ever performance at Haze Theatre (last year) and never gave back. Her 'fashionably naughty bracelet' as she came to call it. Close up of her lovely slender hands playing piano. Left hand with the black nails, wrist with my cock ring on it.

How unruly my femmka, the 'glam rock queen' is. The person who asked her backstage then if she cherished my cock ring more than the engagement ring I gave her and she ... purred (this about her is very erotic, the soft sibilant purr), 'I cherish his enormous fucking cock.' If only I could reveal who it is the unruly creature said it to.

Now I tell history of cock ring just for my femmka. When I was being 'groomed' to be 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' I was approached by ... Sir Thomas ... who had told me, 'I don't know how this managed to be included in a book on Nureyev, but he wore a cock ring and I advise you to wear one.' I was shown in book where it appeared, then told of time Nureyev removed towel revealing himself to a 'queen' who told him, 'I don't think I can handle that' (the size of his cock) and he replied, 'well, if you change your mind -'

My tailor was instructed to take measurements of my cock, at 'base' then have jeweller custom make cock ring for me. Now for other I had told Fairy. First, I copy this from off page Effeminate Epicene Queen

The complex and complicated life of the mysterious Russian prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova explained briefly because much I am not allowed to reveal. St. Petersburg in Russia where ballet royalty Anna Pavlova was born. From that lineage came then Nikolai Pavlova (now Rudolf Pavlova). When he was age 10, he was taken from there to Moscow then Leningrad to learn ballet - the age the legend of ballet Rudolf Nureyev began ballet lessons. 'When destiny was to begin to unfold.'


He was literally taught every 'trait' Nureyev had. From habits, speech, mannerism ('royal etiquette') to ballet technique of Nureyev. Lucky for Pavlova, he is eerily similar to Nureyev (as Fairy is to her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury), he naturally (not taught) in many ways. One majorly being, having an extreme attraction for 'campy effeminate queen' type gays. The 'forbidden' - out of his league, class, nobility, elite lifestyle and extreme wealthy upbringing. The prince Albrecht and the forbidden peasant Giselle.

Entry from that old bitch Dame Eleanor's diary:

Nureyev hated women and dealt with them strictly on professional grounds. He was only fond of campy effeminate gay males such as Freddie Mercury.

Nureyev stopped the feminization of male danseurs in British ballet. Having been quoted saying, ‘I restored the rightful place for men.’ when asked about making ballet a more male dominant profession, ‘I consider men to have a better organized brain and better able to separate themselves from nature and their own nature. Men respond better to music. They are better leaders in all the visual arts and in architecture. Men are better at everything. They also have the highest level of sensibility and sensitivity.’ He was drawn to the campiness of cabaret … explaining more how Freddie Mercury who was campy, theatrical and fond of cabaret, vaudeville – much of his 1970s Queen songs were this – would be suitable ‘perfect lover’ as Nureyev often referred to the effeminate queen as. He was the dominant in the relationship and all his lovers the submissive (Freddie being his “fairy tale of fairy tales. A fairy tale from antique Persia. Freddie is my destiny and will be my last love” the lord of ballet Nureyev’s exact words).

In wanting to create the promo for her mid-August Haze Theatre concert, I had Philip Goldman (asst. photographer, viVid Photo Studio) take photo of me in ballet pose. I presented it to Fairy and she purred, 'Oh, Rudy darling, I know what's different! You have your fringe off your forehead.' ....

Section from old bitch dame Eleanor diary entry:

He (Nureyev) held the baby, kissed his forehead and said in Russian, ‘you will dance as me. Find your destiny – your Freddie – your Madam Giselle.’

I re-tell her what was told to me about this. Fairy is the only one I will allow to touch my 'sacred forehead'. Those arousing erotic ... glossed ... lips I allowed to kiss it. In details, for you her adoring fans. She had to leave my presence

because I forbid her to let me see her cry.

I tell her, yes, quite theatrically ... 'I was brought to Nureyev when born and to him, at his graveside, in death.' She left my presence, in tears. When she composed herself and returned to me, I tell curious feline, when I was in my teens, that old bitch Dame Eleanor decided it was time to tell me of when I was born and brought to Nureyev.

I wasn't allowed to ask questions. Unruly curious feline decides she will go to Sir Thomas (since old bitch is dead)

and ask him. I forbid her to! I laugh! Next I know, I get call from Sir Thomas telling me, 'collect that unruly creature you are married to, Rudolf. She has found it necessary to show up uninvited demanding to speak with me!'

She never let me finish. AT THE TIME, I wasn't allowed to ask questions. When I was in my 20s, Sir Thomas

had - how they say? 'taken me aside', yes? and gave details. Which I then told her recently after creation of Androgynous Hermaphrodite page. These details are not allowed to be made public.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ My precious fans, my uninvited visit to that Sir Thomas' mansion was almost camp! Before I tell of it, I want to answer what many of you have been wondering in the fan club comments. I had the name of this page changed because we were torn between miZ Mercury and Phoenix Reborn. The latter was more suitable.

As for my uninvited visit to that Sir Thomas' mansion. That was almost camp! I showed up and guards at the gated property (like Pavlova's...) greeted me. I was let in because I'm married to Rudy Pavlova. In the foyer, I was asked to wait, since I 'came unannounced' they had to go ask if Sir Thomas would 'receive' me. Oh dear, darlings! It was so proper royal etiquette, dears! (picture me in hysterical melodramatic laughter).

Tarting myself up for my ... unruly ... uninvited visit (left). Fucking salacious PERFECT prince.

Btw, my precious honies, I never told Rudy what happened during my uninvited visit. So I can hardly imagine what he's going to be thinking when he reads this ... Right. So any way, the man agrees to see me. I believe it was out of surprise curiosity. I was brought into the 'drawing room' and that Sir Thomas glances at me and sternly says, 'Is Pavlova not with you? This is quite inappropriate. What brings you here?' then looks off saying in this strange distant tone, 'you know, one of Anna Pavlova's best ballets was titled Fairy Doll' I rolled my eye lined ... eyes thinking, 'oh really?! Lame the irony of ... fairy ...' then I just blurted out what I came for, dears, like a right bitch, 'I want to know about Freddie - you know, my idol Freddie Mercury and her relationship with Nureyev. Like what Nureyev supposedly said to MY Rudy as a baby.' Very sternly, the man said, 'supposedly? It is not questionable that happened!

They were very in love. A hidden and forbidden relationship. Freddie, like you, was full of camp behaviour, effeminacy. Flamboyant and melodramatic. Go to Pavlova. I won't allow you here unaccompanied by him!'

Then the pretentious man had someone bring him a phone. I slinked out the room not aware he was phoning Rudy!

I don't drive, as you know, dears. I came via Pavlova's personal limo by his valet. Ron Craster (his valet) got a lecture in Russian ... for having taken me to see that Sir Thomas when we returned. Oddly, he never asked me about it ...

Why I posted about it. Curious. Besides, I thought you, my precious fans, would find it amusing to share it with you.

This Day And Age (1970s Decade) Freddie Mercury


Above photo caption was during the days of Jorge Schumann and his PR efforts. He came highly recommended by Sir Thomas. Head of advertising department for Haze Theatre, German born Jorge Schumann was instructed by Killer Queen, 'be dazzling, spontaneous. I must be promoted captivating and never boring!!' 

The following is the return of Jorge Schumann as the glam rock queen's PR agent. Now that the spectacle sorry mistake freak show was rid of, disrupting our world ... We will always protect and side with our own.


Reincarnation Defined: Rebirth of the soul in another body. A new incarnation or embodiment. Hindu religious belief known for the ancient Egyptians.

The exotic prancer Fairy Mercury (like her beloved idol) is/was from India. She burns incense and prays to Allah.

The one often referred to as 'Mr. X' confided to the glam rock queen's adoring fans in her fan club (which now consists of 11.5 million members) The strange Freddie Mercury written 'Mustapha' was Freddie doing what is written in the book scan below:

From the lyrics of the strange song: Allah, Allah, we'll pray for you

Once again, from the definition of reincarnation: Rebirth of the soul in another body. A new incarnation or embodiment.

Famed celebrity referred to as 'Mr. X' (reasons explained here) literally believes (as well as you, Killer Queen's adoring fans) that Fairy is the incarnate (basically same meaning as reincarnation) of Freddie Mercury (of the '70s).

Having known both ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev and rock star Freddie Mercury very well then.

It was the ancient Egyptians who believed, created the myth of the Phoenix.

Not only in looks, but the outrageous campy, overly sexual persona, to eerily NOT emulated effeminate moves and habits. Capturing to perfection the vocals and stage presence of (1970s) Freddie Mercury.

'It all comes naturally! I was floored when she (Fairy) admitted to me that she doesn't spend hours watching Freddie Mercury perform and trying to emulate it. Because Fairy IS Freddie Mercury of that time (1970s)!! 'It's like I'm being guided. I really don't know how else to explain it, dear.' is what Fairy explained to me.  -- 'Mr. X'

In a very revealing conversation, 'Mr. X' 'comes to terms' and is determined, beyond a doubt, the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury (born Bahiri Raj Masoudi) is Freddie Mercury reborn (incarnated). He also details the history of the mysterious multimillionaire ballet danseur Pavlova, who was literally strictly 'groomed', moulded in the likeness/image of Nureyev and what he had to endure.

He was literally taught every 'trait' Nureyev had. From habits, speech, mannerism ('royal etiquette') to ballet technique of Nureyev.

All this and more, up next! Plus! Will Pavlova respond to what the divine lush creature wrote about her visit

to Sir Thomas?? ...

   The lord of dance and ... leather                          The erotic seductive satiny glam rock queen

From ballet danseur Pavlova - I am sure Sir Thomas is laughing and enjoying his sherry as he was reading all this ...

 Sir Thomas had phoned telling me the unruly creature came uninvited and for me to come. One of my bodyguards had informed me my valet had taken the lovely unruly creature to Sir Thomas, so I couldn't go. When they returned,  I gave valet a lecture about taking it upon himself to take her to see Sir Thomas uninvited and he knew better. She charms and seduces ... I never questioned my femmka about her visit because Sir Thomas told me about it when he

phoned. He said the unruly creature came uninvited demanding to know more about what Nureyev said about Freddie day I was brought to Nureyev as baby. He told me it was time I tell her the truth about it. I did and it will not be made public.

It was the first time she had ever attempted to speak with Sir Thomas alone. She tried to bring up embarrassing incident that sordid gossip best friend/costume designer of hers wrote of on A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen page. Yes, I had asked Sir Thomas to do it because after being embarrassed over 'myaow meeow incident', I couldn't do it myself. I dread writing what I will next. What she will think, say and/or do once she reads. I remember Sir Thomas telling me, 'she will not be your Freddie if she will not consent to doing it.' I would have been so very heartbroken because I was a man in love and obsessed with exotic forbidden creature.

We're sure you, Loyal Subjects, will be anxiously waiting and wondering if Killer Queen will respond to the

... ahem ... candid reveal. You will also definitely want to read what's up next!

The Phoenix Reborn!

Freddie Mercury drew a phoenix on Queen's logo s/he had created for the band. Was it a sign of things to come?

The divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury details how her beloved idol had come to her in dreams!

Pavlova is through with the deceit and comes clean about a few lies he was told to tell.

Fairy Mercury 'this day and age (1970s decade Freddie Mercury'  -  Not only in looks, but the outrageous campy, overly sexual persona, to eerily NOT emulated effeminate moves and habits. Capturing to perfection the vocals and stage presence of (1970s) Freddie Mercury.

'It all comes naturally! I was floored when she (Fairy) admitted to me that she doesn't spend hours watching Freddie Mercury perform and trying to emulate it. Because Fairy IS Freddie Mercury of that time (1970s)!! 'It's like I'm being guided. I really don't know how else to explain it, dear.' is what Fairy explained to me.  -- 'Mr. X'

In a very revealing conversation with 'the FAIRY ... tale couple', 'Mr. X' 'comes to terms' and is determined, beyond a doubt, the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury (born Bahiri Raj Masoudi) is Freddie Mercury reborn (incarnated). He also details the history of the mysterious multimillionaire ballet danseur Pavlova, who was literally strictly 'groomed', moulded in the likeness/image of Nureyev and what he had to endure.

He was literally taught every 'trait' Nureyev had. From habits, speech, mannerism ('royal etiquette') to ballet technique of Nureyev.

My precious fans, this is me being a right campy bitch 'trolling' and ruining.

Pictured right, me 'burning incense and praying to Allah' (Jorge, that was quite dramatic! HA!)

To ... Rudy ... don't worry, darling, I had no issue with 'tucking' ....

I think you're so fucking sexy when you're drunk on your cherry brandy. Such as the first time I ever experienced you that way ... You know, the 'myaow meeow incident' (you are referring to it as) that embarrassed you so. I mean, you are so embarrassed by it, Rudy darling, it was me - your ... 'femmka' ... herself that wrote of it NOT Johann!

Should I be insulted? Or is it you're going to try to convince me more that you're not perfect. I will NEVER believe otherwise! Reference screenshot below of the 'incident'

Now, my precious honies - 'Loyal Subjects' ... here's some camp for you this unruly tart got up to just yesterday!

Ron Craster (valet for Pavlova and stage director for Haze Theatre and my concerts) answers all calls to Pavlova.

Well, he was on the mobile to someone and he had to put the call on hold because there was this horrible loud crash somewhere in the Vienna estate. Be being a ... curious feline ... slinked over to get the phone. I saw the call waiting message, so I decided to answer. I ... purred ... 'hello?' and some man's voice was angrily saying, obvious to someone while waiting for his call to be answered, 'he is being a brash foolish prince and it's urgent that -' words trailing, the man then says into the phone, 'Rudolf, have you taken leave of your senses?! What in the world are you planning to reveal on that unruly creature's website now?!' I just hung up, dears! I can imagine it now. Whoever it was probably phoned back and asked that salacious fucking 'prince' why he rudely hung up. AHHH! What?!

Lack of royal proper etiquette! God forbid!!!

Freddie was cremated. You know, the myth of the phoenix ... This is very real and I am sure many people out there have experienced it. A dead loved one appearing to you in a dream. My beloved idol appeared to me several times and it was so eerily very real. He looked like 1970s him that I idolize and aspire to be. 'Mr. X' strongly believes s/he was reborn in me and it's why I am so eerily identical to Freddie (of that time). I hope you don't think I've turned mad weirdo telling this. I've always been hesitant to because many people will laugh and thinking you're a right weirdo.

So I hope all of you don't. The mos recent dream I had was before we left for Vienna. He oddly showed me this quote from Mick Rock telling me to share it with my fans.

More soon, dears. I've been summoned away at the moment.

From ballet danseur Pavlova:

Don't ask what happened ... Picking up. My femmka really is too campy and I can't say it enough, unruly...
The phone call. The man did phone back and asked why I rudely hung up. I say, 'perhaps you got wrong number.' Man says, 'I was certain - well any way, Now we are back at, I'm sure many have phoned, warning you to be careful what you say!' I reply, 'and it seems none of you trust me. I am not a 'brash foolish prince' and before you say anything about my femmka, don't make me repeat she is bohemian way of life and all that. Now I must go and thank you for looking at my femmka's website.' I ended call there.
I tell my femmka, I am sure they are obsessively looking to see what I post. She laughs lovely wild laugh.
My heart beats for her. She is my life. My ... destiny ... as Nureyev claimed Freddie was his destiny.

This from one of old bitch's diary entries:

He (Nureyev) was drawn to the campiness of cabaret … explaining more how Freddie Mercury who was campy, theatrical and fond of cabaret, vaudeville – much of his 1970s Queen songs were this – would be a suitable ‘perfect lover’ as Nureyev often referred to the effeminate queen as. He was the dominant in the relationship and all his lovers the submissive (Freddie being his “fairy tale of fairy tales. A fairy tale from antique Persia. Freddie is my destiny and will be my last love” the lord of ballet Nureyev’s exact words).

Killer Queen 'killing it' at the grand

Haze Theatre!

So we sit and I caress back of her black nails left hand as I tell her I was told to lie about being Snowdon lineage.
Although several of the 'important people' as she prefers to call those 'surrounding' me are.
I was given Pavlova for surname after Anna Pavlova. Legally it would not be my actual surname ...
She is lovely, her exotic dark eye line eyes widen looking like a curious captivated child being told a ... forbidden ...
fairy ... tale. She sits attentive, quietly listening as I continue on telling her. Nureyev admired ballet legends
who came before him. Pavlova and especially Nijinsky. Nijinsky was very effeminate and like me, Nureyev was very attracted to effeminate gays ('queens').
They. Don't ask me who 'they' are. I can't reveal (I've told Fairy who) wanted someone from Nijinsky descent.
The gay Nijinsky, who married a lesbian (as I said, lesbians are drawn to effeminate gays) after the great Serge Diaghilev ended their gay relationship quite cruelly, had two daughters. I would have to stop there.
I tell my femmka, I guess it was almost foolish to deny the obvious. The part of that diary ....

He (Nureyev) held the baby, kissed his forehead and said in Russian, ‘you will dance as me. Find your destiny – your Freddie – your Madam Giselle.’

Fairy is very perceptive and curious feline. It was arranged the surrogate was to be kept unknown. 'They' didn't care to know. So I suppose that gives you fans an idea of my wealth, lineage and importance.

I was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Then off to Moscow, Leningrad. I was taught ballet by those still living that knew Nureyev. Habits, posture, told many intimate details. I was to 'take on' all of it. 'Destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'. Fairy told me it reminds her of books and movies she's read/seen.
When some 'long lost relative' mysteriously shows up and everyone is in shock because this person is 'splitting image' of relative, even smallest details. Unlike Fairy who eerily resembles, in reincarnate way, her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury but she never knew anyone having to do with Freddie (until 'Mr. X'),
I know people who had to do with Nureyev (and Freddie...) and those people 'moulded and made' me in the image of Nureyev. 'You do this - No! Like this!!' I told my femmka one of them I was literally petrified of. Even more stern than old bitch. 'You do as Rudik!' said in Russian, of course, then man would grab fist full back of my ... 'wispy bob' as femmka is fond to call my hair (I tell her this and she became upset, so I had to calm her ...) shouting, 'Sit! Sit!! Sit!!' jerking me around positioning me, 'this is how Rudik sit!' again in Russian. Then he would say, 'you want me to report back to Rudik you misbehave?!' I tell Fairy (and she laughs) that when you are infant to age 9, you really have no idea the magnitude of or who Rudolf Nureyev and Freddie Mercury are. We were ages 7-9 when they died.

After Nureyev's death, as I got older, was when I realized their importance and mark they made. Their legend.

Teen and early 20s is really when the desperation for me to be 'lord of dance Nureyev' started because it was obvious his death really affected these 'important people'. Obsession for me to find my Freddie, etc. outlined in old bitch's diary and things I've been told by many of these people and letters I've been shown ...

 I joke telling my femmka and she found very amusing, lovely wild lovely laughter, 'only thing I wasn't taught was Nureyev's - how shall I put it? - bedroom habits? How he had sex. But there were things I was told that might as well have been. Such as things from those books where he himself talks very openly about him and Freddie's sexual relationship (reference page: Mirror Image). Then I forget how she is towards being called 'baby' (another I was told. That was Nureyev's favourite choice of 'terms of endearment' as Freddie's was 'dear' and 'darling').

So I tell Fairy, 'dance is like sex and both I do very well, baby' She always reacts in the same lovely shy way,

'what?! Oh my god! What did you just call me? I just can't' and she takes off. Many times, I pursue. Other times

I won't. Depends ... Sir Thomas telling of the 'tucking' ... he's told me other 'forbidden pleasures' Nureyev indulged in. While on that ... subject ... I find it VERY insulting that I had forgotten it was my femmka who wrote about embarrassing 'myaow meeow incident' perhaps I was just trying to lessen the embarrassment of it.


Now all that is out of way, I present to you fans who call yourselves Fairy's 'Loyal Subjects' latest music video we put together. We leave Vienna tomorrow (Sunday) for England as Fairy prepares for next weekend Haze Theatre concert all week. Fairy will look forward to comments left in fan club comments on new video.

Glam rock queen Fairy Mercury performing live

(Featuring Russian ballet danseur Pavlova)

'We Are The Champions' - Vienna, Austria

'Big Spender' (2 different performances) Brighton cabaret, England

'White Queen (As It Began)' - Paris, France

All from her recent Fairy Soars 2023 tour.



I've seen the video and all I can say is WOW!!

Stunning footage of the 'FAIRY ... tale couple' and Fairy's live performances of the songs are so

1970s Freddie, the stage presence as well and it's why any fan NEEDS to catch her live shows!

Pavlova regally commands the stage as this day and age Nureyev.

It truly is sights and sounds to behold.

Jorge Schumann, PR for Fairy Mercury, Myaow Meeow Productions and Haze Theatre

Message From Fairy

Hello dears. It would only be proper if I pop in and said a word about my new video.

First off, Jorge, thank you for your comments on it. I would like it saved and transferred

to the Phoenix Reborn page. I still have yet to read comments my precious fans are

leaving in the fan club comments about it ...

I'm going to eventually reply to Rudy Pavlova's 'reveal'. It was too intense.

That is after I quit laughing over his spelling error that was corrected.

'That old bitch's dairy' instead of diary. He caught it and was laughing and I asked him

what was so funny. I mean, he is so fucking sexy, dears! His ... thick ... Russian accent

in broken English telling me,'my shit English. No good! Like Nureyev, he say

his English is poor. He leaves out words. Even my spelling English is shit, baby!'

I mean, I just can't!! .....

Any way, please watch my new video to the end. I hope you love how I myself decided to creatively end it.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio

It is going on 3am here in London. I am at loss for words over you fans' reaction to

Fairy's new video. I don't know if her and Pavlova are still awake.

I know Pavlova doesn't read the comments. Fairy does.

I spoke with Fairy a little while ago. She said Pavlova has been receiving loads of

phone calls from the 'important people' about the video.

This was one of the first comments that rolled in.

From fan Bernie Penrose in Cardiff (England):

Pavlova and Fairy manage to outdo themselves with each new video they produce!

I am dazzled! Fans keep calling them 'perfection'. I just now witnessed ultimate

perfection and the true meaning of 'reincarnation' watching the new video!!

Then I read Pavlova's 'reveal' and it was one of those in awe wtf moments.

Fairy's life is so surreal. She is so breathtakingly erotic on that video and

Pavlova is just that, a ... Russian prince.

How the video ended just goes beyond words!!

1364rf2 - 1.jpg

My precious fans, we did arrive back to England safely and will post soon. Discussing my new video that I am so very happy that all of you are enjoying it. I thought I would share this bit of camp with you.

The above photos. Rudy and I were messing around. I made the photo of him, I took, to look 'aged' - old photo filter. Me, well ... he did what he did with it. Then that damn photo editor software decided it was no longer compatible,

so that was the last of that. I had my authorized buyer Francis Boyd purchase me something that is! HA!!

I should have flipped one of them, so we would be looking at each other.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


From 'Mr. X' - I had been rendered absolutely speechless these past few days. I finally pulled myself together.

The video is proof beyond a doubt that Freddie has been reincarnated in the form of the ever so elegant exotic

Fairy Mercury. I can't praise Mr. Jorge Schumann (Killer Queen's PR man) enough for his words on the video.

As with you fans, I too have become obsessed with the video. I've watched it through six times, so far.

I want to take a moment to talk about how Fairy ended the video, which all you fans have been talking much about.

Footage of her in the Freddie Mercury trademark harlequin leotard look (inspired by Nijinsky) then she added the photo of Nijinsky (from ballet Le Spectre de la rose) with the effeminate Nijinsky as a rose in ballet costume.

The quote was so Fairy! What were the odds of 'Russian prince' and piano?

What burns me up is when asses out there thought Freddie was trying to be Nureyev. S/he was NOT! He was in love with Nureyev and trying to be Nijinsky (while still keeping his/her Liza aspirations). S/he went into 'fan girl' mode when her/his idol Liza started dating a ballet dancer (Baryshnikov) - what were the odds of that?! When Freddie was so obsessively in love with the legendary ballet danseur Nureyev?

More Truths Revealed

Above left, the heartbreakingly devastating moment when Freddie's harlequin leotard was auctioned off at Bonham's auction house in 2012. Photo right: Fairy looking eerily identical to (1970s Freddie Mercury) in the Nijinsky leotard look.

Photo left: Auction broker and authorized buyer for Fairy Mercury, Francis James Boyd, with the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova. Why Pavlova hates Boyd? Because Boyd was commissioned to bid on Freddie's leotard on behalf of Pavlova estate. Remind you, 'Loyal Subjects' money is not an option to a multimillionaire. Boyd lost the auction stating he couldn't get hold of the bidder he was representing (Pavlova) when the highest bid Pavlova estate placed was outbid. According to Sir Thomas, 'he (Boyd) had permission to bid until bidding was exhausted and Pavlova won. Apparently, there was a lack of understanding on his behalf.'

As I've made point to say many times, Sir Joseph Lockwood (Queen's EMI record label also chairman of Royal Ballet )

had a major hand in trying to get Freddie together with her/his lifelong crush Nureyev.

I adore Fairy and her extreme likeness to (1970s) Freddie in more ways than one. I have always stood in awe of Pavlova and his lineage. The captivating 'FAIRY ... tale couple'. I wholeheartedly agree with you fans when you say 'they outdo anything out there. They are the only entertainers this tired old world needs.'

You will hear from them again soon. This is a very busy week for Fairy. I'll flip the photos for you, Killer Queen.

Btw, the recent photos you took of one another are ... 'magnifico' -- your 'Russian prince' in his princely light brown fringed medium bob and you looking exotic in your midnight black fringed long bob. The FAIRY ... tale couple.

1364rf2 - 1_edited.jpg

Following transferred from homepage by request:

From 'Mr. X' - [section omitted] Because as you've said, Pavlova, she's unreal as well as she thinks you are.

Fans think she's so stunning, etc. the photos and video of her. They have yet to see her in person and be in her presence. Two words easily come to mind describing what it's like - erotic and exotic. Dark Persian beauty with her erotic overly sexual and campy personalty. The lilting, to use a word Pavlova used, alluring whispery soft spoken sibilant purr (just as Freddie spoke like). NEVER have I've seen two people more suited for each other and obsessed and in love with one another than Pavlova and Fairy. It rivals Freddie's obsessive crush s/he had on Nureyev. Their very sexual relationship very explicitly told by Nureyev, before his death, which Fairy and entourage documented on the page Mirror Image. Again, this is not about the already famous. Fairy deserves to be renown just like Freddie was. That's my opinion.

From ballet danseur Pavlova - I very much like what you reply to me. Desirous exotic creature who is always dressed half naked. Then those ... glossed ... sensuous full lips. It is hard for me to speak to her without becoming distracted by the elegant effeminate gestures (I told of how she handles my cock...) which I find very arousing. Her tits on full display (most of the time). Those lips ... She is desirous forbidden creature that I do not understand, 'out of my league'. It intrigues me, her Bohemian way of life. It is like living out of legendary ballet Giselle. The peasant girl that Prince Albrecht fell in love with while passing through peasant village one day. He returns with his valet, in disguise as a peasant, to woo Giselle.

From 'Mr. X' - Pavlova, you always have that theatrical noble princely way of wording things. Especially when you speak of your femmka. Keep what you posted and add to Phoenix Reborn page?? As with the ever so elegant Killer Queen's fans, I'm excited to be graced with yet another video. Will most definitely be looking forward to it.

My precious fans, I am sorry we weren't on here or my fan club site. I won't explain why. Not worth the attention ...

This is funny, so I thought I'd share it about my recent new video I'll post it below from the homepage (then have my PR man add it to the videos page, because I see he hasn't).

Fan Henri Beaumont's comment:

 'Pavlova is my idol. Him emulating Nureyev on Fairy's newest video is everything! Fairy is my goddess!! How is there even such thing as them? They're so unbelievably attractive and talented, being identical to their idols. It's funny how Pavlova ended Fairy's newest video with ass shots of her. So like him... She even has an effeminate walk. I don't like the shorter hair. Pavlova doesn't either. I love Fairy when she has her beautiful dramatic 'Queen/Queen II / Sheer Heart Attack' albums and Hyde Park looks. I want my idol Pavlova's bob look. Why Nureyev wore the look because it's how princes are depicted since that's what he danced as in his ballets. I love them both so much!!! I will NEVER quit being a fan of Fairy and Pavlova!!'

I'll let you in on a little secret, it's a wig ... Oh no!!! Now it's not a secret!! The long hair, that is my real hair.

The other, which I call my 'miZ Mercury look' is done just to capture the Freddie leotard look when s/he unfortunately shortened his hair a little in the mid-70s. I am glad you speak out and don't tolerate homophobia. Both Pavlova and myself thank you for your avid fandom.

About the video:
The first 1/2 has an explained intro. added.
The 2nd half was put together by Pavlova. He picked out live footage viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings filmed

of Fairy to put the video together; accompanied by Fairy performing live, to you her adoring fans, at several
venues throughout her 2023 Fairy Soars summer tour.
Performances include:

  • Seven Seas Of Rhye

  • In The Lap Of The Gods

  • 2 different performances (partial and full) of Killer Queen

  • Bonus material - ballet danseur Pavlova watching and emulating Nureyev

As always, 'Loyal Subjects', watch the video to the very end, for stunning ending footage of Fairy

followed by the credits.


From Jorge Schumann, PR for FM:

Loyal Subjects. this is awkward and I am issuing a warning. If anyone is caught acting crazy stealing someone else's comments in the fan club and pretending it's their's they will have their fan club membership taken away!

Fan Henri Beaumont came forward saying that comment above Fairy chose to respond to about her latest video, was originally his!! He reported it to Geoff Stafford (fan club president who also is fan club comments moderator)

In turn, Geoff alerted me and I checked into it and sure enough, he was correct! The timestamp of the posted comment and his IP. It was copy/pasted by crazy fan pretending to have posted it. We don't tolerate this behaviour whatsoever! It is very cruel and mean!! Fairy will not tolerate negative hateful jealous behaviour! As she has stated in the past, she does not want people like that as a fan. Being the campy queen that she is, she thrives on happiness, love and all things positivity. So I have given credit where credit is due to Mr. Beaumont.

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