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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Androgynous Hermaphrodite

Fairy Mercury

This day and age 1970s decade Freddie Mercury


Sheer Talent

Exclusive by one referred to as 'Mr. X' who knew both Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev in the 1970s

Need we remind people/fans ... ALL images and video on this site are of Fairy (and Pavlova).

NONE of them are Freddie Mercury (or Rudolf Nureyev)


As a reminder why he will not allow his identity be revealed:

  • 'Mr. X.' refuses to let himself be revealed because he's not bound to upstage Fairy or have Fairy accused of 'riding his coat tails' of fame. Or more 'what about me?' cruelty of her being cruelly used for already famous. 'Fairy is not going to be thrown further to the evil wolves to prey upon. I was told all about the cruel shameful copying her and mockery that was done by the disgusting fools! Both Freddie and Nureyev had an extreme hatred of the media. I do as well.'


  • She's (Fairy) the star and he's not going to upstage. 'This old dog had his days. I'm not a jealous spotlight hog; too fucking ego driven to share the stage. My hey days have long since come and gone. Besides, you two are far more attractive, exciting and interesting (as your idols were) compared (dreaded fucking word) to anything out there. Past or present. I see why Fairy's fans are very obsessed with you two.'

With that intro. about me, I was asked to make a point in stressing, this site is about Fairy.

It IS NOT about Pavlova even though he is featured and the love of the glam rock queen's life.

Fairy being a literal reincarnation of Freddie Mercury, the phoenix having risen; reborn. They both are/were soft spoken. Sibilant whispery purr. Erotic tone. As I made mention in my book The Fairy Tale Couple (currently only available to Fairy Mercury fan club members), both Fairy and Pavlova bring me back to the 1970s when I knew both legends Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev very well. Nureyev fancied campy ‘queens’ (effeminate gays). Freddie was that. Fairy is the walking, talking breathing Freddie Mercury of that time (1970s). Very sexual.

Pavlova is flawlessly Nureyev who he was molded after, 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' as was documented on the site's page Unruly Queen. The glam rock queen herself holds court taking the throne as her 'Russian prince' gives her a revealing interview.

When I watched Fairy’s ‘first ever self produced video’ for the first time. I have viewed it several times since. I found myself wiping away tears. The stage presence in the footage and the vocals capture Freddie so perfectly. I was left absolutely speechless! I took it upon myself to make my own gif from the video below.

The vocals soar to the crescendo that Freddie adored. Freddie lives on through Fairy without a doubt. I have long since quit pointing out to Fairy whenever I am in her presence, ‘what you said there is so Freddie! What you did there is so Freddie!’ I have embraced the fact that Fairy is Freddie reincarnated. Even right down to habits, such as the preening of the long midnight black hair, documented on


(below in reference to what ‘Mr. X’ has mentioned, copy/pasted from page:

Preening Queen

Gifs left: the habitual 'preening' habit that both Fairy and her idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury would do.

'The person who was edited out of the photo I was signing an autograph for kept telling me how awestruck they were by my 'striking resemblance' to Freddie Mercury, 'you even move like her' (yes, using the feminine...). It made me uncomfortable how the person kept watching almost rudely staring at me! Like in this reflective way. As if remembering. You know, one of those old scenarios of meeting someone who was a 'long time friend' of the family and they're saying to some child, 'you look just like your mum, you even have some of her habits' and then sitting there watching the child as if reminiscing about mum. That was how the man behaved towards me.'

Fairy talking of famous figure who ballet danseur Pavlova knows who knew both Rudolf Nureyev and Freddie Mercury.


Reference: photo below and page 'Bohemian Queen'

The ‘satin queen’ prowling and slinking about the stage in obscenely tight satin (black queen or white queen) catsuits captivating the audience of adoring fans. I was informed that to date, the most viewed page on the website is Fairy's profile. Fairy is most definitely the most unique astounding creature, captivating entertainer since Freddie Mercury. I seriously mean that. Sheer talent.

Photo right: Glam rock queen Fairy Mercury in satin top, erotically performing in satin knickers.

The Erm ... 'Art' (lack of a better word) Of 'Tucking'

A prominent word used to describe not only Freddie Mercury's onstage presence, but offstage personality as well word be 'campy'. Campy queen ('queen' slang for effeminate gay). Such as scanned sections from a book below:


Remind you, fans, I am talking 1970s Freddie. Nothing further than that ... What Fairy is the 'incarnate' of; identical likeness to.  Freddie's idea of 'wearing women's clothes' was the satin catsuits. Adorn with jewellery. The makeup,

hair and, of course, the effeminate moves and ‘campy queen’ behaviour. One instance included the encores.

Queen would perform the campy song ‘Big Spender’. Lyrics as such: ‘I don’t pop my cork for everyone I see,

hey Big Spender, spend a little time with me.’ where s/he would be dressed in a Japanese silk kimono, stripping it off (strip tease style) with short white satin top and satin knickers underneath.

See screenshot from (taken from Loyal Subjects 3) along with fabulous photo of Fairy emulating this on stage. (Note to Mr. Greg Hastings, you most certainly are 'this day and age' Mick Rock).


‘Gay terminology’ in the 1970s, there was a phrase ‘tuck box’ which was in reference to when a male will tuck their privates between his legs to give the impression of not having any. As I explained in the screenshot. Androgynous. Freddie would do that. Fairy does as well. I can’t say it enough how captivated I am with both Fairy and Pavlova’s likeness to Freddie and Nureyev, in many ways. Looks, personalities, even how they move. As I had also mentioned,

I knew Lord Snowdon/Countess Margaret, Kenny Everett, Halston and met Liza … knew many ballet people (Sir Frederick Ashton to Sir Joseph Lockwood, Royal Ballet chairman and Queen’s EMI record label) MANY others affiliated with Nureyev and Freddie at that time.


Sir Thomas who has often been mentioned on the fan club and website. He was very good friends with Sir Frederick Ashton and Sir Joseph Lockwood. He knew Nureyev very well. The page A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen captures Nureyev’s lust for ‘tucking’. Which is Pavlova’s as well. Both were/are the dominant in the 'gay' (I absolutely abhor labels) relationship. Once Nureyev was given 'the key to the city' and remarked to the giver in his thick Russian accent, 'what ees thees for? I just hope eet will open a veree tight asshole.' Both Nureyev and Freddie were very sexual. Nureyev fancied ass while (campy queen) Freddie fancied cock. Just like Pavlova and Fairy.

Left: From interview Fairy did with Pavlova on page

Unruly Queen.

Right: Concert footage of the satiny glam rock queen Fairy Mercury. Ass clad seductively in tight satin trousers.

Below: Created by fan in Leeds.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ I just had to share this, dears! Pavlova telling me, 'we must stop him now. He is writing additional book.' I told him, 'No, Rudy darling, my precious fans are captivated by what he is writing. You asked him to 'review' my new video, and he agreed to. Along with our likeness to our beloved idols he knew so well.'

My precious fans, I will be busy all week preparing for my intimate private concert - Thurs. night - at Haze Theatre...

And yes, he is embarrassed by it. I'll be 'unruly' and he must be prepared because he won't know what to expect.

Then he reminds me of the 'important people' who will be attending, as if that's really going to bother me any...

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - My fine friend, 'Mr. X', bravo and standing ovation on your captivatingly wonderful 'write up'. How they say? You went 'above and beyond'. As for Thursday ... I tell my femmka, 'guest of honour (me) will not be in attendance. I run away. Whereabouts unknown.' She laughs then pouts ... lips ... Then I tell her it's blasé to ask 'what do you get for man who has everything? And for me to say all I want is you.' She laughs even harder - wild laugh. Then I tell her, 'so where does that leave us, baby?' I forget how she reacts when I call her

this ... Instead of usual shy gaspily purred, 'What?! Oh my god, what did you just call me?!' She slowly shakes lovely long midnight black hair head, dark exotic eyes gazing at me - transfixed - as if I am telling most captivating story.

I waved my hand before her face wondering if she was alright. It was lovely, she slowly looked away quietly purring, 'in love, Rudy darling. It would leave us very much in love and for want of nothing.' Romantic, indeed.

Message from 'Mr. X' : I would like to take the time to personally thank you, the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's adoring fans, for enjoying my review. I would like to make mention that her public site is unique because it was not built by a professional web designer. Fairy refused all that because, in her own words to me, 'if I let someone else design it, it would become their idea and no longer mine.  I strive to stand out and be unique in every way. My PR man and my photographer put it together and showed me what they had done every step of the way, and I would approve of it or change things. I can't be bothered by criticism. My precious fans think my public site is the most interesting and attractive website online. So there! We're never boring, darling.'

'Boredom and dullness are the biggest diseases in the whole world. You can never say that life with me is boring. Excess is a part of my nature, and I really need danger and excitement. I love to surround myself with strange and interesting people because they make me feel more alive. Extremely straight people bore me stiff. I love freaky people.' -- Freddie Mercury

The quote is so Fairy ... I agreed with her. She doesn't need a boring run of the mill site. Meta this, keywords that ridiculous jargon. Enough on that. Pavlova is in for quite the surprise Thursday. While talking with Fairy, she revealed to me a few of her plans. Those ten fans who were chosen to attend should be envied.

John Price (guitarist for Killer Queen) - I want to say something. Mr. Schumann got very upset about the way over his head geeky bs of Fairy's site by geek engines. They make you feel small and stupid. It's such a laugh what all the geeky clowns expect someone to do just to have a site approved. Who cares!!! It's about Fairy having an online presence for her fans to enjoy her and her music talents. To be informed about concerts, etc.

I REALLY enjoyed 'Mr. X's' write up/review and am so glad this particular page was created for Fairy's site.

More, please! 'Loyal Subjects', I was at rehearsals today for the exotic prancer's Thurs. 'private event' and if you only know what she has planned ... Those ten fans carrying on in the can club comments. What can I say? It must be nice to be a multimillionaire. All expenses were paid for them by Pavlova estate. Travel from Europe (for those who were chosen in Europe). They've been put up in a very upscale hotel in London for the entire week!!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Me being a right cryptic bitch ..... (book screenshot ... you would come on here because cock is being mentioned ...)

I have wonderful news, my precious fans! My mentor 'Mr. X' has agreed to be 'guest writer' on my public site!

Isn't that just grand?! His insight is so valued.

Anyway, rehearsals today for my Thursday show got a bit naughty. More later ...

Pavlova at dinner party with 'Mr. X.'

Important Message To The 'Loyal Subjects'

Fairy's intimate private concert she will be doing at Haze Theatre on Pavlova's birthday (tomorrow, 25 May) will now be exclusively covered ONLY on the fan club site. With exclusive photos and videos of the event.  Fairy told me she is not going to have the event ruined by killjoys ... - Jorge Schumann, PR for FM

~~Fairy Mercury ~~ [first half omitted] I love you all, darlings! You are not only fan club site members, but you have that serious interest. You look at my public site and really get involved. Giving it DIRECT 'visits' and look through it and leave your lovely comments about the photos, videos and content. Behaving like the idea fans I hoped to have when I pursued fame.

Bookmarking my site and I read the comments thread where many of you have it sat as your browser homepage.

Awww. What was touching is the recent thread that has been receiving many comments. The precious fan who started it stating the new page on my public site 'Androgynous Hermaphrodite' could easily be an add-on to

my profile. I agree with it so much, I think I will have it linked to on my profile page as a related page.

Who's ready for tomorrow?! ... Birthday boy is still teasing about running away, then he saw the satin knickers photos on this page and told me, 'well then, if that's a glimpse into what I can expect tomorrow, perhaps I shouldn't be so embarrassed about it.' Oh, my dears, just wait until you see the coverage we'll be doing. If only each and every single one of you could be in attendance. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


Glam Rock Queen

Eye lined eyes and erotic glossed lips

How This Page Needed To Happen

Fairy, Pavlova and entourage would like to thank 'Mr. X' for suggesting this page to be created for

It's crazy, ever since the one fan made the comment Fairy wrote about (above) and added a link to this page to her profile as a related page, in the short time, this still to be completed page has been online; it has become as popular as the glam rock queen's profile itself!


Fairy Dresses Up And Pavlova Dresses Down

by 'Mr. X'

In the aftermath of the wild extravagant birthday bash the glam rock queen held in honour of Pavlova's 39th birthday, the 'Fairy ... tale couple' have flown off (very hungover) to Pavlova's estate in Vienna early this afternoon.

It is 4pm here in London England as I write this. Exclusive coverage was held on miZ Mercury's fanclub site and you fans brought it with your comments/reactions to the coverage. The ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's birthday is

25 June, the first anniversary of their wedding. I can hardly imagine what Pavlova will have in store for his queen.

Early yesterday, I spoke with the Russian ballet danseur and curiously asked him, you have had photographs taken of yourself just for Fairy. She has taken many photographs of you. Why not get behind the camera and take a photo of Fairy. About the above two photos: Fairy took the photo of Pavlova who is almost always dressed in his tailored suits or ballet regalia. He was dressed in the photo in a simple plain black t-shirt. I questioned him about it and he gave me a sly grin saying, 'don't ask.' He borrowed viVid Photo Studio's assistant photographer Philip Goldman's camera and chose to take the intimate candid photo of the glam rock queen putting on her eyeliner, readying herself for her 'intimate private' concert. Pavlova told me about capturing that moment, 'many times I have secretively adored her afar, watching as she applies makeup. She has this elegant sensuous way of doing so. I find it very arousing. You post photo I take of her and I wait for her to see it and her reaction.'

So we wait and see once the Fairy...tale couple arrive in Vienna and get settled.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - She has yet to see photo. We arrived in Vienna a few hours ago. She has been spending majority of time looking at fan club site. Comments still being left about yesterday's coverage. When she sees photo and reacts, I post again.

Details of taking photo of unruly exotic creature.  Regards, Pavlova

From 'Mr. X' - I'm sure Fairy's very talented costume designer Mr. Johann Wagner will get a laugh over this ... Pavlova, make sure when you give details, tell how you had to ask Phil Goldman how to operate a camera. The young man is even more wealthy than me, folks .... Phil Goldman told him, 'just point and aim, then press here' showing Pavlova the button to press to take the photo. Pavlova (so like Nureyev) made this sexual remark

(both Fairy and Pavlova are very sexual just like their idols were ...), 'like point my cock and aim at her ass.'

Phil and I laughed so hard!

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: No comment, 'Mr. X' ...  The muscles in his arms in the photo she took of Pavlova... I just now got a text from Fairy. Several, actually. I'll post them:

  • First text reads: What the ... Rudy took a photo of me without my knowledge and (Mr. X's real name omitted) posted it on the public site!! Have you seen it, Hans?

  • Second text reads: Omg!! I am in Vienna with him and I wish I was still in England because now I am so fucking embarrassed and even more shy of him after seeing that photo! Thank god it's not unflattering! HA!!

  • Third text reads: My precious honies have seen it and are carrying on in the fc comments over it and what he wrote. I mean, everything is so 'arousing' about me to him. I want his enormous fucking cock thrust deep inside me so bad right now!

From 'Mr. X' - How Fairy is holding her black nails left hand in the photo Rudy took of her and in the gif I made from off her video, Freddie was in habit of holding her/his black nails left hand that exact same way. On display to draw attention to the nails.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - Peasant costume designer who I have no words for, I admit, for once,

I appreciate you sharing these texts my femmka has sent you ... I often wonder things she must share with you, her feelings about me and much more ... Campy, amusing and melodramatic ... I start weekend off tomorrow what has become of my femmka seeing photo I secretively (candid) take of her. Along with details I promise her adoring fans of taking photo. To my fine friend, 'Mr. X', I can not thank you enough for agreeing to participate.


~~ Fairy Mercury ~~

Right, my darlings, where to even begin with this. I know it's rather stupid of me to even take to my website posting about it but I am seriously concerned. Let me start by explaining something. There is the Russian Tatar. For those not familiar with Russia, a Tatar is very violent. Rudolf Nureyev was one. He would describe himself as a fighter and a lover. 'Mr. X'. had told me that Nureyev had a violent temper. That creep Andy Warthog was one he showed it to. That creep tried to pervy take a close up of Nureyev's crotch and he literally destroyed every single shot that
creep did of him. Pavlova is that same way. Remember when I had read in one of those books I obtained last summer on Nureyev and Freddie's intimate relationship? Someone in one of the books saying that Freddie was the only one who could soothe Nureyev's temper? Then that one old bird literally saying that about me when it comes to Pavlova.

Well, he threw the vase nearly hitting his valet Ron Craster. I tried to go to him to calm him and he started yelling, 'leave me!! Get her out of my presence!!' then something in Russian. His valet hurried me out the room. I was in tears, dears!!! His valet had to explain to me that Rudy didn't mean he wanted me to leave him, just that he didn't want me near him while his Tatar temper was raging. I sat on this lovely chaise outside the room he was in. His valet went back into the room and I heard him say to him, 'where is she? I will die. My heart beats for her!!' His valet replied, 'you have scared her, Pavlova. She is crying.' Then I heard him say, 'bring me vodka. I need to calm myself, then go to her.' I decided to prowl about the garden. His estate in Vienna is so breathtaking.


I stopped to smell roses on a lovely rose bush and was startled as an arm went across my midriff. I heard him quietly breathing into the back of my long midnight black hair head, 'now I am alive again. Forgive me for outburst earlier, femmka.' I managed to ... purr ... 'your love for me scares me, Rudy darling.' His broken English Russian accent

replied, 'why scare? Have you misspoke? You mean my temper?' I turned to face him and ... purred, 'no, darling, I mean your love. It's a possessive, protective love. The kind that you would go to extremes just for me and to prove your love for me. You're such a fucking prince and I wish I could believe you're real.' At that moment, a breeze blew a strand of my hair, causing it to cling to my ... glossed lips ... Remember how it's the only thing that makes him shy? ...

He glanced at my lips/the strand of hair clinging and turned away saying, 'well then, I don't believe you're

real either, so where does it leave us (pause) femmka? You are forbidden creature. (pause) Erotic. Yes, that is word that perfectly defines you.' The breeze came up again, causing him to look like that fucking salacious windswept prince way - blowing his light brown bob unkempt. I stepped closer to him and pressed my ... black nails left hand ... to his chest ... purring, 'I want you to tell me about secretively taking the photo of me you took, Rudy darling, not my precious fans. Tell me.'

His eyes lowered to my .... glossed lips ... strand of my midnight black hair still clinging to them .... his lips parted. Then his eyes look past me. I cleared my throat and continued to ... purr ... 'I feel embarrassed my best friend shared those text I sent about it for not only my precious fans to read, but for you to read. Actually, I'm kind of angry at him now because of it.' I mean, I just can't, dears!! He then went into arrogant snide aristocrat mode saying, 'he is peasant! This is why you shouldn't have friends like costume designer! Sordid gossip!! He embarrassed me in front of your fans about your tits now sordid gossip has embarrassed you in front of your fans. I am not embarrassed. No.' Then just briefly quits talking. You know, like how someone will do when they're not sure they should finish what it was they were about to say? I mean, if you only knew, dears!! He too obviously doesn't understand Johann and misconstrues just about everything he says (like that ... tits ... incident). I was like, 'no, Rudy darling, go on. What was it you were about to say?' I wish soooooooooooooo much I never asked!!! This is what he said, 'Am I supposed to be embarrassed over the size of my cock and that you behave like forbidden tart flaunting I have such cock that fucks you? That is why sordid gossip shared texts you sent!'  I told him, 'it was not, dear!!!' He then said, 'then you explain, femmka!'


I told him that he wanted my reaction upon seeing the photo of me he secretively took putting on my eyeliner.

When I noticed it, I texted Johann and Johann was only letting him know I had seen it and my reaction was to text him the things I did. He did not like that whatsoever, dears! He folded his arms and stood there sternly staring at me, his light brown bob slowly shaking, then he coldly breathed, 'and you not come to me with your reaction - with these things?! I would have put my cock in you as you wished!'

I mean, it was soooooooooooo embarrassing, I started to walk off!! I heard him coldly say, 'don't walk away from me!' I turned around to face him ... purring ... 'yes walk away, Rudy darling! Remember, I'm - as you put it - 'bohemian way of life'?'


Then I started to scream!!! It was terrible, dears!!! This is what he did!! He stood there coldly staring at me for a lengthy period of time then he turned to the rose bush and grabbed the thorns and held up his bleeding palm saying, 'I bleed! I am very real, femmka!' I ran!! I ran back inside to get his valet and I was in hysterics!! I was screaming, 'he's bleeding! He's done something mad! You have to help him!!' His valet stared at me slowly saying, 'whaaaat?!' as if unable to believe what I had just told him. Then there Pavlova was! He came in and was angrily speaking in Russian. I frantically yelled at his valet to translate! This is what he was saying, 'Nureyev once said that he was born a peasant and danced as princes. She thinks I'm a fairy tale prince just because I was born into great wealth! I am VERY real!!!' then with angry gesture towards me, he continued in Russian, his valet continuing to translate, 'SHE is what is not real!! Look at her! Erotic forbidden creature! Head to toe!!' His valet finished translating and told him, 'let me tend to your hand, Pavlova' as he walked past me, he quietly said, 'please quit implying he's not real, it obviously makes him very angry. He in turn honestly believes you aren't real. A forbidden out of his class
erotic illusion.'   And yes, my darlings, Pavlova still plans to come on and post about taking the photo of me ...

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - While you, 'glam rock queen's' adoring fans, enjoy her rather melodramatic narrative of the day's events, I shall compose what I had promised. It may take a while. She artistically places photos and gifs in places to go with her melodramatic narrative and I was quite amused. Especially part where she ... shyly ... found it 'embarrassing' when I tell her I would have put my cock in her as she wished. I only reply about what she had texted sordid gossip best friend.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: While we wait for lord Pavlova to tell about photographing his exotic queen unaware ... I had to laugh over he thanks me for sharing the text then in turn can never like me. I knew he didn't mean his thanks. He would rather hear from his 'femmka' and none other. The thing with that is, she is very shy of him and he will never really learn the intimate things she has to say or thinks ... Because it's different for someone to talk about someone to them and talk about them to others. If you guys know what I mean. So I'm not surprised he's angry that Fairy didn't come on here and post her response/reaction directly to him; what she thought upon seeing the photo he 'secretively' took of her. Of course, he's going to be all theatrical and princely how he'll present it.


I tell my femmka I try not embarrass her over what I write, but it probably will.

As my fine friend 'Mr. X' wrote, he has asked me why not photograph Fairy since she has taken many photos of myself. I tell him, I am ballet danseur not photographer. Although I very much like idea he has suggested. I not do amateur phone camera photography! I need real camera. Goldman's camera. Goldman is contacted and he shows me how to use camera. At first, my intentions were to ask 'divine lush creature' to pose for me, as I sat out to look for her. I ask my valet if he had seen her. He tells me he hasn't. Last time was when she joined me for lunch. I ask one of guards if Fairy was still here at my Cambridge estate or has she left for her London home, or elsewhere. He tells
me she is still here, no one has left to his knowledge. Estate is ... enormous ... Exotic creature could be anywhere.

I decide to go upstairs and check bedroom in hopes my femmka is there getting ready for night's performance.

How will she dress/look just for me - to celebrate my birthday ...

As I step into bedroom, I see her in upper section at mirrored wall putting on eyeliner. I decide, I will photograph

her candidly. As I mentioned, many times I have secretively watched her applying makeup. There is this lovely elegant sensuousness to how she does. It's very arousing this little thing she will do when she finishes ... preening ... Almost out of habit that I often wonder if she is even aware she does. The patting of her ... tits ...

As captured in gif and, long time fans of the 'glam rock queen', you may remember video I had made a few months after I had first met her - tits video ... Oh, how the exotic creature has such arousing luscious tits ....

Now I tell of recent photo of me Fairy takes. She tells me she wants to do birthday photo. Birthday part I could have done without. I find occasion embarrassing! Then curious feline starts her questions. Who are my parents?

I ... dance ... around subject (as saying has it. More like pirouette. HA!) asking 'what of your parents, femmka? You are quite a mystery yourself.' She purrs, 'would you like to meet Jasmine? She shows up on the analytics every day, having looked at my public site, Rudy darling.' I laugh over her bringing up that damn analytics. I tell her, 'our relationship is odd, is it not? You are like Freddie even in that aspect. 'Mr. X' tells me Freddie rarely ever spoke of his/her parents even to friends.' She off and on raises and lowers camera debating on perfect shot she wishes to capture of me as we talk.

**Note to fans: Jasmine is Fairy's mother - Ref. Fairy's Profile

The lovely feline with such elegance, slowly pushes her long midnight black hair back, preens it's fringe (bangs), shrugs and purrs, 'there's not much to tell. My parents attended our wedding. They wanted to meet you, but (she pauses looking off shaking her head, then purrs) you're so wealthy and they're (clears her throat) peasants. Commoners. I was sent off to boarding school here in England. There isn't much to tell. Life in India is what it is, dear. Now you tell me. It's only fair now that I've shared that with you!' I sigh so very reluctant. The enticing creature is so adamant that Rudolf Nureyev was my father of secrecy. I pause here to tell you, her adoring fans, this. She is obsessed with page on public site Mirror Image. She has often times told fans this is her favourite page on site.
I find her many times reading things on it that were posted from books on Freddie and Nureyev's intimate relationship. It is very romantic and very sexual. It depicts them.

Reference Page: Mirror Image

I bend in pose in photo she took. She takes photo. She then purrs, 'why would that Dame Eleanor bring you, as a baby, to Rudolf Nureyev? Those things in her diary?' I sigh and tell her, 'we go over this so many times, femmka! I tell you, I am Pavlova! Decedent of ballet great Anna Pavlova! Nureyev was very fond of Nijinsky and Pavlova.' There is no - how you say? - 'getting through to' her!! She pouts those ... wet lips ... and purrs in pouting tone, 'and Freddie was fond of Nijinsky and had the lifelong crush on Nureyev. Their relationship was so romantic. Like a fairy (rolls eye lined eyes as sibilant purrs purrs her name...) tale. Freddie was trying out Nijinsky because Nijinsky was effeminate
and knew Nureyev fancied effeminate queens.'


She quits pouting and laughs purring, 'I still laugh over you telling me when (Mr. X's real name) told you of the time Freddie showed up to the Royal Ballet, in hopes of learning ballet, tarted up in that silver sequin ballet leotard thinking Rudy would be there or something. It was something Liza would do. Campy. Her trying to pursue that baron story. Freddie was trying to pursue (pause) her (pause) Russian ballet prince.' She is forever the romantic just as her
idol was said to be... Glad to be off topic of fathers ... I tell her, 'I laugh myself when (Mr. X's real name) told me story. I joke to him, 'imagine dancing ballet in sequin leotard'. He then showed me photos of Freddie at Royal Ballet dressed as such and 'she' is learning the ballerina dance parts, not the danseur (French for male in ballet) because Freddie wanted to be Nureyev's Fonteyn. The effeminate Nijinsky.

Reference page: Funny How Love Is

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Won't someone (other than fans leaving comments in the fc club comments) reply to what Pavlova has written?! Preferably Fairy who I have phoned AND texted and have not heard back from. He is obviously being his usual haughty aristocratic self on purposely throwing in the bit about Fairy's tits, just to spite me!! I laughed, Pavlova!!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Johann, I did get your messages. We've been very busy here in Vienna with ... guests ...

I am so embarrassed that 'tits video' he made of me still exists! I mean, I still want to say what I have from the start, something you want to happen but just not talk about it... Then he writes '...enormous ...' that was so deliberate.

Me always referring to his cock as that ...

He and even 'Mr. X' never actually deny certain things... Which leaves those things open for speculation. I told him, maybe you're Rudy and Freddie's love child. He just stood there laughing and saying I was being utterly ridiculous and a hopeless romantic. Now whenever I put on my makeup, I make sure I'm locked away in a bathroom because

I feel embarrassed! He is such a fucking prince!

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury:

I'm being deliberate back (below photos). What good it will do. You don't go up against lord Pavlova ...

He is very in love with you, Fairy. 'A man very in love and obsessed' as Dame Eleanor kept saying about him when

he learned of your existence. When he found his Freddie that went with his Nureyev to complete him.

Hello dears. I have a lovely surprise to announce. Several, actually. The owner of the cabaret in Brighton phoned and asked if I would kick off gay pride month (June) by performing at his cabaret. Tickets go on sale Friday. I will be performing 9-10 June. 16-17 June I will be performing in Cardiff. Those tickets go on sale Monday.

23-24 June I will be performing, for the first time ever, in Vienna. As you know, dears, my birthday is 25 June and it is also the date I married Pavlova. Last year. Our lovely memorable 'romantic regal extravagant' wedding, at Pavlova's Vienna estate. I am so nervous and so excited!!! Another one of those many very important people will be in attendance things. HA!

You don't even want to know what happened with Johann and I's replies to what Pavlova posted. As you know, I am in Vienna with Pavlova. We return to England this weekend. I will tell about it later. I just can't right now and I don't care him or ... whoever ... (the 'important people') are reading! (me being unruly bitch). Until I do tell, I want to thank you all for especially loving this 'captivating and revealing' page. It will probably become even more just that ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

The Truth Of The Matter Is ...

by 'Mr. X'

'Loyal Subjects' (what the elegantly talented Fairy Mercury's fans are known as), remember this from the intro. at the top of this page?

Mr. X.' refuses to let himself be revealed because he's not bound to upstage Fairy or have Fairy accused of 'riding his coat tails' of fame. Or more 'what about me?' cruelty of her being cruelly used for already famous.

(I wrote): ...I was asked to make a point in stressing, this site is about Fairy. It IS NOT about Pavlova even though he is featured and the love of the glam rock queen's life.

With that said, I am going to make another point. Who is this website about??

Who are you fans of? This human being named Fairy Mercury who is the 'incarnate' of Freddie Mercury from the 1970s decade. The time I knew Freddie and very well. Pavlova IS NOT going to be treated like he is the star!

The 'already famous' upstaging Fairy. I flew to Vienna this morning at the distraught request of Fairy. I was left

heartbroken. It was one of those reflective moments for me. In angry tears she told me and Pavlova, 'maybe I should butch up and then all the gay haters will like me.' I laughed and told her, 'why ruin your true self with a facade?! That is what Freddie did and he became a parody. He butched up and got into drugs and I no longer liked him. A lot of people didn't. Drugs changes a person. Then the company he took up keeping ... I won't say any more. Pavlova does not like 'butch' gays whatsoever! Nureyev didn't. Not any more than they like cunts. BOTH are VERY misogynistic. Both only fancied campy effeminate queens. You, Fairy, would no longer be yourself. You would not be liked by me, your fans and your relationship with Pavlova would end.


The things on Androgynous Hermaphrodite is not only you but also the real Freddie Mercury. Not a bloody public facade to appease gay haters! The page was created for that purpose. We're no longer living in a time, that time, when Freddie and Nureyev had to pretend they were into cunts, Fairy! What is adored about you, by not only your fans, but myself even Pavlova, is that you are true to your effeminate self and aren't ashamed! It helps those like you to have the courage to be proud of who/what they are. With that, Fairy started to cry harder and she told me, that she is tired of feeling as though she is of no real interest that she is always shoved into the backstage as second best while myself or Pavlova might as well be show offs what we're about. That's not going to happen!! Pavlova and I will see to it. Besides, you, her Loyal Subjects, are fans of Fairy - the effeminate queen.

To Fairy, the photo of you in the erotic low cut satin catsuit your costume designer posted is so very breathtaking.

Welcome to Gay Pride month - June, Fairy's adoring fans!!

And since I knew Freddie Mercury ... the low cut catsuits look was also inspired by him wanting to be Liza off Cabaret. The necklace that Fairy is wearing on the All Dead, All Dead video is suppose to be a take off of the choker

look Liza is wearing. Which Freddie had a necklace like it that I believe he wore with the fur on the Killer Queen music video. The fur was a main attraction in the movie Cabaret. But this IS NOT about the already famous! It is

about your star, Loyal Subjects, FAIRY Mercury and her own personal unique personality, looks, etc. that she lends to her already identical likeness to 1970s decade Freddie Mercury.

You can read about the video on the Videos page and/or page Exotic Prancer

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: 'Mr. X' thank you for posting what you did. You do know Fairy is only being sarcastic and bitter in saying the butch remark, don't you? Butch up for what? The so loathed by us gay men hater cunts? Especially the jealous doggish cunts who are so gay hater towards 'queens'.  They snoop and lust after Pavlova who is VERY gay and despises cunts as much as Nureyev did. His only interest is in Fairy. It would just kill the fuckers to like gays (esp. effeminate ones) and give FAIRY attention.

Francis James Boyd, auction broker and authorized buyer for FM: [section omitted] You ever notice they can never say in return anything about Fairy and her public site? It's always about them getting feedback and whatnot. I am so very glad 'Mr. X' posted what he has! I think people better take a serious interest, like her fans do, in her and be impressed with her talents or shove off! I've personally have had it and I know all of you have as well.

From 'Mr. X' - Mr. Boyd, I am VERY impressed with Fairy and am very fond of her. Nureyev hated cunts. He used that Fonteyn as a 'fag hag'. I'm sure you know the gay term. A cunt who acts as a fake girlfriend to a closeted gay man.

He made ballet more of a male dominated thing. He loathed the cunt ballerinas trying to upstage him and he would on purposely drop them. He was the dominant in the gay relationships. He only fancied campy effeminate gays. There are the famous quotes of him being very openly misogynistic. 'If you cut off it's tits and sew a dick on it, then maybe I would be interested' He was quoted by that damn press remarking about that cunt he acted in Exposed with. Those gay haters would spitefully create ridiculous rumours of relationships with cunts just to be bullies. Spitefully cruel homophobics. They were constantly being cruel to Freddie because SHE was too obviously effeminate with the nails, makeup, clothes and campy queen behaviour. HER habitual 'dear' and 'darling' talk that SHE would even call men. It really would hurt Freddie's feelings. That damn homophobic media and homphobics in general are disgustingly cruel!

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: 'Mr. X' who I wish out of respect I could call you by your real name, my hat's off to you! As the saying has it, 'you keep it real'. You were asked on here by Pavlova to help promote Fairy's extreme likeness to her beloved idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury through your actually having known the queenly legend and you do exactly that.  With your focus mainly on Fairy. When you could be behaving like a right wanker banging on about Freddie and this site is not some tell-all about Freddie Mercury or even Nureyev thing.

I thought it was funny how you said you get bored in your retirement and you were more than happy to oblige the offer to help promote Fairy. Your book The Fairy Tale Couple just wasn't enough. It's unique what we do here and we bury the boring #shitpeoplelike shit that's out there. With you on board having actually knew FM and RN in the 1970s REALLY became a MAJOR added bonus. It's all about acceptance. #gaypride

Almost 100% ...


From 'Mr. X' -  And I will pay the complement back, Mr. Greg Hastings. Your photography of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury rivals that of Mick Rock. I stand in awe. I agree, what you do here is very unique. It stands out.

Mr. Hastings, talking about acceptance. I won't name who said what. But I remember the argument at a club that broke out. 'What's wrong with you that you can't get it up with women?' ballsy homophobic freak asked. Reply in front of a large group, 'What's wrong with you that you can? Their bodies are repulsive compared to men and men do all the fucking.' The homophobic freak turned so red with humiliation, couldn't reply as the large group of people laughed and laughed and threw their drinks at the homophobic clown.

From 'Mr. X' -  [what Fairy and Pavlova wrote that 'Mr. X' is replying to was deleted] Fairy, people abuse privileges. They expect to use, as Rudy said in what he wrote, famous wealthy people for their own jealous 'claim to fame'. I know and he knows it all too well... The example you would use. You're not going to have your public website used to freebie promote other idiots while you're treated like a cast aside underdog. Many of the asses get enough attention. Top rankings, customers, reviews, sales whatever it may be.

Then they, like greedy pigs, expect to steal from you.

I am sure you read this I wrote yesterday: Those gay haters would spitefully create ridiculous rumours of relationships with cunts just to be bullies. Spitefully cruel homophobics. They were constantly being cruel to Freddie because SHE was too obviously effeminate with the nails, makeup, clothes and campy queen behaviour. HER habitual 'dear' and 'darling' talk that SHE would even call men. It really would hurt Freddie's feelings. That damn homophobic media and homophobics in general are disgustingly cruel!

That damn media is narcissistic and cruel. Foolish drama. In the sense of not only being homophobic and partial to straight people but they are attention seekers. Jealous at celebrity and spend their jealous time trying to provoke responses with their little people immature unprofessional cruelty. They pander to gays pretending support because it makes them look good. FAKES. Don't waste your time or emotions, Fairy. On them or straight people who just don't get gays. Too naive and too self centered. Pavlova and I along with many very powerful people have promised to back you every step of the way. Let's move on from this now. Your fans are bored with the hurtful negative cruelty shown towards you. I'm just sorry what you and Rudy were doing on this page ended up ruined. The photos you took of each other. Especially the candid he took of you applying your eye liner is absolutely stunning.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: 'Mr. X' here are a few photos of Fairy. Close up, head shot, of the one you're talking about that Johann posted. Along with another close up of pale blue eye shadow. Fairy wearing the replicated by Johann choker style necklace Freddie wore inspired by Liza on Cabaret choker. Fairy wearing replicated by Johann 'diamond crotch' leotard look.

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