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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

A Rhapsodic Fairy ... Tale

The glam rock Persian queen who I design – replicate his stage (even some offstage) wardrobe – the wardrobe his idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury wore received an email reply back (reference post/page Killer Queen to familiarize yourself, fans, who already aren’t) from Mr. Nikolai Pavlova on the time and area in Hyde Park (more less the Kensington Gardens area) they are to meet and agreed to letting me come along.

Rain is predicted. I am hoping it doesn’t because I don’t want this ruined for Fairy. We come to the area, near the Serpentine … of all places – the Peter Pan statue. We had to laugh at the wit of Mr. Pavlova choosing the location. Fairy finding the humour in it. Fairy …. tales (which is what the legendary Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev performed) and Peter Pan wears leotards. After the eerily incarnate/lookalike of Freddie Mercury exotic prancer Fairy points this out, he purrs, ‘I can’t get over how much he resembles Nureyev! He is a lot like me, isn’t he, darling? Two people fortunate to resemble legends they happen to idolize and choosing to emulate them for a living.’ Then falls silent in a reflective mood. I have been his costume designer and best friend for so long I know what it is he’s thinking. How he literally lives for his aspirations to be his idol – 1970s decade Freddie Mercury.

He shudders from the chill in the air; coming out of his reflective state.I see Mr. Nikolai Pavlova approaching complete with umbrella something we didn’t think to bring.Things already start out on a campy note as the ever so elegant Fairy's sibilant purr is telling me, 'I wonder why a person's nipples become erect when they're cold.' Totally unaware the 'Russian Prince' has walked up behind him hearing this! Mr. Nikolai Pavlova clears his throat, his Russian accent saying in embarrassed tone, ‘If you’d like, I can wait over there until you are finished with your (pauses) conversation.’ Fairy turns facing him wildly laughing purring, ‘Oh no! We’re quite done, dear!’

‘Well then, shall we?’ the Russian slightly grins gesturing in the direction of the Serpentine Gallery and that is the direction we head off in. Fairy presses his erotically heavily glossed lips in suppressed laughter, dark eye lined eyes glancing over at me and starts up looking as if he’s about to faint bit when the Russian prince says, ‘aren’t you cold, kitten? Satin can’t be very warm in this weather’ glancing at the exotic prancer dressed in his ‘obscenely tight satin’ that he favors wearing (on and off stage – just like his idol did).


The exotic prancer tosses his long midnight black hair head, about to say something when Mr. Pavlova says, ‘I suppose we won’t talk of the things you entertain your fans with on (pauses) well, namely the public site of yours. The rather interesting things Johann writes up. You do know how to entertain on and off stage. As you know (long pause) nudity is an age old art. From paintings to (pauses) photography, dance and fashion. Nureyev did those poses nude and I only emulated them. I didn’t mean for you to see them. If I had thought, I would have had them taken down before your visit to Haze Theatre. I don’t want you to feel (pauses) well (pauses again) uncomfortable around me.’

Looking embarrassed over how ‘proper gentleman’ what the Russian prince is saying, the glam rock queen purrs with a toss of his long midnight black hair, ‘It’s art, dear. It’s why I wanted them because I adore black and white photography and I loved how (pauses) artistic. The show of the male dancer’s body in ummm (long purr) motion – unrestrained by clothes. I adore the male body’ then laughs adding, ‘the effeminate queen in me.’ then hugs my arm to him purring almost in erotic lust, ‘we love our men don’t we, Johann dear?’ then whispers in my ear, ‘Oh my god! I can’t … I mean! How fucking charming!! I want him to fuck me so bad right now!!’ Fairy then gaspily purrs as if almost dismayed over the mere idea of it, ‘You aren’t asking for them back are you, darling?!’


‘The Russian prince’ pauses just as we reach where the path can either go left towards the Serpentine bridge

or right in the direction of the Serpentine Gallery. Things become extremely uncomfortably embarrassing as the Russian says (he is now avoiding looking at Fairy…), ‘if I had known you saw them, I would never have (long pause looking very embarrassed) held you, asking you the line out of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ the day we met about doing the Fandango.’ Looking extremely embarrassed and obviously (not even like him) not knowing how to respond, the Persian queen starts to purr, ‘I (pauses struggling with words) I’m -’ then hurries off back towards the Peter Pan statue.


I start after him and am startled as Mr. Nikolai Pavlova grasps hold my arm saying in Russian, ‘no, let her go! Alone. She’s being melodramatic. The star who needs to always get their way’ I reply back to him in his language, ‘But she’s not safe! She gets recognized now by fans. We came together. Nikolai, please believe me you are doing everything right. Dame Eleanor says it’s undeniable how you feel for Fairy. Everyone at Haze Theatre can see it! If this is about his personal photographer, Greg Hastings is my partner! I’m sure you realize Fairy is VERY charmed by you, from the moment you two met. You tell her you don’t want her to feel uncomfortable around you. She isn’t! It is you who are uncomfortable around her! Are you afraid of how she makes you feel, Nikolai?!’


He releases my arm turning away from me and I tell him,‘go to her! She wants your arms holding her again – dance with her!’ and I hear him mutter in Russian, ‘leave. I need to be alone.’ then in English, ‘tell her I’ve received many more offers from venues asking to book her. I’ll have my personal assistant email the details’ snapping open his umbrella in dismissive manner.

Upset and furious at the Russian prince who at the moment is not so charming, I hurry off to find Fairy. He is by my car pacing like a wild cat looking very upset. I tried to cheer him up joking, ‘You’ll read what happened after you left when I play up romance novelist for your adoring fans who love and worship you so, Fairy.’ His black varnished nails left hand fingers preen the top of his midnight black hair head – exotic dark eye lined eyes looking off with a forced short laugh. He then purrs, ‘What was that all about, dear?! I mean …’ I rudely interrupt him saying, ‘he is afraid of how you make him feel. It is too obvious. He is a man in love and obsessed – with you!’

He quietly quickly gaspily purrs, ‘oh here he comes!’ and goes into seductive tart mode on purposely letting the sleek satin fall off his shoulder purring, ‘I should have brought a jacket.’ Mr. Nikolai Pavlova blushes quickly glancing at the exotic prancer’s bare shoulder then his erotic heavily glossed lips. He pauses shedding his coat and holds it out to Fairy saying, ‘it’s the least I can do, kitten’ and walks off. ‘How charming!’ the exotic queen purrs slipping on the coat, the dark exotic eye lined eyes gazing off after the ‘Russian prince’.

original (4).gif

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ The time here in London is after 5:30pm. as I compose this. Fridays start the weekends. My shows are always performed on Friday and Saturdays. WHAT A WEEK, my precious fans! I can hardly wait until you hear all that's happened in Fairyland. HA!! Today, an hour ago, I received thee most ... arousing .... surprise delivered to my doorstep!!! I would post the note that accompanied an ... enormous ... bouquet of roses and bottle of champagne, but I'll save that for tomorrow because if I posted it now, it would only ruin the rest of my costume designer's romance novel post. Needless to say, my precious fans, this queen has been left speechless! I honestly don't even know how to reply back to it. Again, I won't say much more because I don't want to ruin the post, but it obviously was in reply to what I did with ... his ... coat.


So I'll leave you, my dears, with that titillating tease and this photo that he's so 'hawt' Greg Hastings, my personal photographer (as if you don't know that by now - HA!) wanted me to post because he thought it amazing and noticed all the comments all of you were leaving about it. I can't express it enough how much I love you all, my precious fans! Reading your concert experiences makes me long for the stage! Next weekend, I will grace the stage again where my Flight Of The Fairy show started out - in Brighton.

Until tomorrow. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy


From Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - I am going use what Jorge Schumann posted on the homepage as an intro. or as in ballet it's called 'overture' (so regal and would be so Fairy, btw...). Because it is so much what Mr. Schumann does best and why he was promoted to Public Relations because he does such an excellent job at public promotion of the divine lush creature on his public site and the fan club. Posted by Jorge Schumann: Details for November only (Dec. dates/venues TBA) dates/venues/cities have been announced in the fan club. Including pre-sale and an exclusive contest for one lucky fan and 2 of their friends to win front row tickets to the first of the continuation of Killer Queen’s ‘Flight of the Fairy’ shows which kicks off in Brighton (where it all began) next weekend! All this exclusively for fan club members only!


Also, what transpired after Fairy's ‘Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon’ (Queen song written by Fairy’s idol Freddie Mercury) short lived venture to Hyde Park will continue soon. The exotic prancer pays a THIRD surprise unexpected visit to Haze Theatre to return the coat his agent/mgr. Mr. Nikolai Pavlova so gallantly gave the chilled satin clad glam rock queen to wear.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Johann dear, find another book gif. That was so dramatic (and funny) when you posted the one in the other post. I mean, I am so - words escape me - over the note that came with the roses and champagne I received today! I STILL don't know how to respond. It would be rude of me not to at least thank ... him. NEVER have I ever met a man like him!! He is like the princes Nureyev portrayed in ballet! Charming. I seriously mean it, I can not wait for my precious fans to read what became of my 2nd surprise visit to Haze Theatre.


From Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - I can't wait for them to either, Fairy. I still think it's funny (as well as your fans) that we post about 'those Haze Theatre people' and not care they are reading what we post about them. LOL!!! I don't know what to say about the note, Fairy... To share with your fans - the exotic prancer phoned telling me, 'you won't believe it - someone sent me a bouquet of roses and champagne. Oh! There's a note. Hold on, dear.' Then I heard him gaspily purring, 'What .... oh ... oh what is this ... I can't! Johann you NEED to read it!' We're going to post the actual note in the post we'll be presenting you tomorrow. Along with the video that all of you have been so anxiously 'hyperventilating' over to see. Btw, Killer Queen's adoring fans, that photo the fan in Manchester (Karl Olander) took, that was what Fairy was wearing that day in Hyde Park .... Besides Greg thinking it was such an amazing photo, it perfectly fit in using it for this post. That book gif is the only good one ever. ... and so the tale continues


Doldrums Monday as I call Mondays. The day of the week everyone dreads.Unless you’re my best friend and famous Freddie Mercury (‘70s decade) incarnate Fairy Mercury. Who, Fairy’s adoring fans, he for real defines these (1970s circa) quotes of his idol Freddie Mercury:

'Boredom and dullness are the biggest diseases in the whole world. You can never say life with me is boring.... I really need danger and excitement... I love to surround myself with strange and interesting people because they make me feel more alive. Extremely straight people bore me stiff. I love freaky people.'

(Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


'Of course, I’m outrageous, camp, theatrical and dramatic, but I haven’t chosen that image. I am myself, and half the time I let the wind take me.' (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


The day after ‘Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon’ short lived stroll in the park. Doldrums Monday. I get a call from Killer Queen while I’m at Haze Theatre, sibilant purr purring, ‘I am going to pay another unexpected surprise visit to Haze Theatre today, dear. Remember how that Dame Eleanor was talking about how (pauses and purrs with extreme lust) he … (pauses again) was talking about the scent of me lingering in his office after I had gone that last visit? I’m going to make sure his coat REALLLLLY (heavy emphasis on the word and long erotic purr of the ‘L’) smells of me.

It brightened my day. The lively - well, those two quotes of his idol I posted. They are so him being identical to his idol.


I went off to find Jorge Schumann (newly promoted as the glam rock queen’s PR man) to let him know and to make sure he gets in. Jorge notifies me that Mr. Nikolai Pavlova won’t be in his office. He will be in the main stage area the entire day. We laugh as I say, ‘Oh then Fairy will have an audience and I can imagine the carrying on considering the entire theatre already has been about the ‘inevitable love affair’ of the famous Persian queen and the Russian prince.

I head to the main stage and pretend I am fixing a hem on one of the stage curtains. Mr. Pavlova is seated in the front row with his personal assistant Dame Eleanor and two others (who are standing) engrossed in discussion over something. I grin abandoning my fake task as I see Fairy gliding down one of the aisles purring, ‘Nikolai darling, I have some exciting news and would like to know your thoughts! Oh, here is you coat back, by the way.’ The two standing stare looking completely awestruck as Dame Eleanor and Mr. Pavlova get up from their seats. Everyone in the main stage area stop what they are doing watching. I try not to laugh as ‘inevitable love affair’ conversation myself and Jorge Schumann were having moments earlier runs through my mind.

Fairy making his usual dramatic theatrical show of things, flings the coat into the chair Mr. Pavlova was seated and flicks open his laptop purring, ‘I’d like for you to be the first to see the completed video my personal photographer made of my performance of ‘My Melancholy Blues’ accompanied with various live footage.’

::: Exotic prancer's adoring fans, I'll pause here to present you the video for 'My Melancholy Blues' followed by our glam rock queen's comments on it along with his personal photographer's then I will pick up from here :::

Fairy's comments on the video and song: My personal photographer Greg Hastings has completed the video of my performance of 'My Melancholy Blues'. I can hardly wait for you to see it, my darlings! It's loaded with live footage. So come out and see my Flight Of The Fairy show in November! Let me give you a little info. on the song. My beloved idol Freddie Mercury wrote the song as a reminiscent of his idol Liza Minnelli's 'Maybe This Time' off the movie Cabaret.


Greg Hastings (viVid Photo Studio) the exotic prancer's personal photographer's comments (including quote from Mr. Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre, on the video/performance)

I thought I would post a message about creating the video of Fairy's performance of 'My Melancholy Blues'. It took me nearly 3 hours to complete it. As with everything and anything Fairy, I just know you - his adoring fans - will love it. What I am posting will be copy/pasted as caption under the video when it appears on the public site and fan club. The ever so elegant Fairy doesn't know of this and I can't wait until he reads it. Remember when I said Mr. Nikolai Pavlova wanted nothing to do with me that day - Fairy's first visit to Haze Theatre (meeting his new agent/mgr.)?

Well, I recieved a phone call from Mr. Pavlova after Killer Queen's recent 'unexpected surprise' visit to Haze Theatre. Him praising me over the video. He told me he was left speechless:

'...yet Fairy is such a sinfully divine creature that leaves any gay man speechless. It was stunning the live footage and all with her under blue spotlights. You were very creative to come up with choreographing the entire video like that. Fairy's performance of the song was - well, there are no words sufficient! The audience reaction said it all.'


::: In continuation :::


The Russian slowly breathes, ‘well ummm’ glancing towards the stage and Dame Eleanor says, ‘you are not busy – not too busy for her, Nikolai!’ and he replies in Russian, ‘of course not – it’s not that.’ I can tell he’s embarrassed because everyone is watching and with Fairy – you never know what the very unpredictable campy and overly sexual queen might do ….


He then says to the exotic prancer, ‘perhaps my office?’ and his personal assistant insists as if the one being asked that, ‘No, Nikolai! Here! Can’t you see this can’t wait and how excited she is for you to see this!’ With a toss of his long midnight black hair head, Fairy presses play and (obviously on purpose) presses his body closely to the side of Mr. Pavlova, holding the laptop for him to watch the video on it. I can see Mr. Pavlova slightly blush over the feel of Fairy’s body in physical contact with his …. the smell of him … all those romantic intimate things.


‘A performance that deserves all the roses in the world and endless bravos’ the Russian prince grins then takes Fairy’s fingers of his black varnished nails left hand and raises his hand to his lips kissing the back of it. He then gazes (for once not glancing) into the glam rock queen’s dark exotic eye lined eyes, Russian accent saying, ‘I’m sure your fans will love it and watch it endlessly, kitten.’

Killer Queen purrs, 'You’re so charming, dear’ and gives Mr. Nikolai Pavlova a kiss on the cheek with his erotically heavily glossed lips leaving a glistening mark of gloss on his cheek. Nikolai’s face slightly blushes as he turns face away and clears his throat as if about to say something when Fairy excitedly purrs, ‘Darling, I have another idea I know my precious fans will just love. Let me perform a weekend here in Haze Theatre.’

Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s personal assistant excitedly says, ‘That would be spectacular! I agree they would love the idea. Especially now after you being such a silly girl entertaining your fans so much with your unannounced visits here.’ Looking embarrassed, the Persian queen ignores the personal assistant. Exotic dark eye lined eyes gazing at the Russian prince who says, ‘Yes, that could be arranged. It’s a marvelous idea.’ With a toss of his midnight black hair, Fairy purrs, ‘Wouldn’t it be just grand?! We can make a grand production out of it, dear! December. It will be magical and enchanting.’


Mr. Nikolai Pavlova looks over at Dame Eleanor saying in Russian, ‘How can someone be so perfect and (pauses) erotic as she?’ then clears his throat snatching up his coat saying to his personal assistant, ‘arrange it’ and walks off. I walk over to Fairy who is staring inquisitively at me – obviously waiting for me to translate what was said. I tell him and he wildly laughs purring, ‘I love it! He finds it so hard to talk to me. What I wouldn’t give for him to fuck me and be speaking in Russian as he does.’I squeeze hold his arm with a sight nod as it’s obvious Mr. Pavlova’s personal assistant heard what the exotic prancer just said to me and most likely will go tell Nikolai… Fairy leaves.


Moments later, I oddly receive a text from Dame Eleanor of just this gif. (above) I text back ‘??’ The reply back reads, ‘she can have ANYTHING her heart desires from him. Yes, I told him what I heard her say to you.’ I text back: ‘What did he say? What was his reaction?’ The reply back read: ‘He laughed, embarrassed. Then handed me a note he found in his coat pocket that read – ‘Nikolai, would I be able to handle what’s in your trousers?? … I know you … want … me. Xx Fairy’
In a turn of events, the glam rock queen gets a surprise at the end of the week. Friday. When someone from Haze Theatre delivers to his London home a large bouquet of roses, bottle of champagne with this note (scan of actual note below) from the Russian prince.

Post by: Johann Wagner (Haze Theatre) costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


Okay, my darlings, here I am! Let me copy/paste this I posted yesterday:

Chain of events in this queen's life dating back to last Monday, my precious fans.

Sunday - Hyde Park jaunt.

Monday - my surprise visit to Haze Theatre.

Tuesday - someone from Haze Theatre delivers bouquet/champagne with note to my home.

Wednesday - I received this email .....

The ever so elegant Fairy,

I haven’t heard from you since your unannounced visit to Haze Theatre on Monday.Here it is Wednesday. I hope you are enjoying the roses and champagne I had delivered to your home. I expected to hear from you about them. I hope the note didn’t offend you or turn you off. It shouldn’t have after, yes, I did find the note you put in my coat pocket…

Anyways, I personally wanted to let you know arrangements have been made for you to perform at Haze Theatre the weekend of 17, 18 Dec. Perhaps we can work into your concert a spot where you and I do the Fandango – during, before or after your performance of Bohemian Rhapsody.

By the way, kitten, my cheek has never been the same after that erotic kiss from your sensuous lips …

‘Yours’ was a bit … mild for someone like you … I will sign off with Udushi menya svoimi potseluyami
You can translate it from Russian … Apparently my personal assistant overheard something quite naughty you said to your costume designer having to do with my speaking in Russian.

Attached photo: care to prance dance?? Nikolai Pavlova

(below is the photo that was attached to the email)


As I posted on the homepage, I will continue this when I wake. I don't think you want to translate the Russian, dears! I mean - too much!!



Now about what I posted last night ... I mean, how do you even reply to an email like that? ... I honestly didn't expect for what that Dame Eleanor overheard me saying to my costume designer and told ... him ... to be talked about by ... him ... to me in that email! I literally felt embarrassed, my darlings!! It is why I haven't replied back. I translated what was written in Russian and it was like, oh -- my -- god!! When does it become 'official', my dears?? .... I want this to play out as I mentioned before. I mean, we STILL haven't had a lengthy conversation ..... Nor have we ever been completely alone.That is my next goal .... to get ... him ... completely alone.

With all that said - Brighton - 2 more days! Are you ready to be fucked rocked by me?!

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