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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Funny How Love Is

Funny How Love Is the end of lies when the truth begins

If you gotta make love do it everywhere

(from Queen's 'Funny How Love Is' written by Freddie Mercury)


Fairy looking spitting image of her idol! This is just first in a series of the photo shoot

that will be presented to you, her adoring fans, throughout this page.

We ask that you try to control yourselves in the fan club comments

over the things that will be revealed on this page.


Following posted by Ron Craster

(Stage director Haze Theatre and Fairy's 'Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited' tour, Pavlova's valet)


I am going to start this out by re-posting the diary entry from the A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen page:


Here is the translation the best I could do from Russian to English. As the ever so elegant Fairy posted, fans, there really are no other words to describe it other than 'far fetched'. This particular diary (there were several) is full of entries such as this one about 'destiny' and Pavlova is to fulfill 'destiny' of becoming 'the lord of dance Nureyev' and entries about Nureyev and Freddie Mercury's relationship.


~~ Entry translated from Russian to English below:

Anna Pavlova claimed to be an expert on gay men. Besides Tamara Karsavina, she was also known for being Nijinsky’s dance partner. This being said about Nureyev and Nijinsky by Tamara Karsavina: ‘Rudolf was far more masculine than Nijinsky. Nijinsky’s body was more girlish and gentle.’ Freddie was slender and effeminate as was Nijinsky. Rudolf (Nureyev) was very much in love with Freddie (Mercury) since the 1970s. Nobody understood them because their conversations were in Farsi-language. Nureyev hated women and dealt with them strictly on professional grounds. He was only fond of campy effeminate gay males such as Freddie Mercury.


Nureyev stopped the feminization of male danseurs in British ballet. Having been quoted saying, ‘I restored the rightful place for men.’ when asked about making ballet a more male dominant profession, ‘I consider men to have a better organized brain and better able to separate themselves from nature and their own nature. Men respond better to music. They are better leaders in all the visual arts and in architecture. Men are better at everything. They also have the highest level of sensibility and sensitivity.’ He was drawn to the campiness of cabaret … explaining more how Freddie Mercury who was campy, theatrical and fond of cabaret, vaudeville – much of his 1970s Queen songs were this – would be suitable ‘perfect lover’ as Nureyev often referred to the effeminate queen as. He was the dominant in the relationship and all his lovers the submissive (Freddie being his “fairy tale of fairy tales. A fairy tale from antique Persia. Freddie is my destiny and will be my last love” the lord of ballet Nureyev’s exact words).


Important Reminder!!

Both ‘Mr. X’ and Dame Eleanor knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury.

Nothing is made up! As far fetched and hard to comprehend it is to believe.

Before I begin, the above that was given to Fairy obviously proves that she is right in what she said about the song 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' I have added the video of the divine lush creature performing the song, that was choreographed by Pavlova along with what she said about the song. About the song 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' - this is what the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury had to say: 'there are claims my idol wrote the song after the creep boyfriend he had at the start of Queen teased him about his fondness of writing letters. My beloved idol wrote the song the same year the movie Valentino came out starring his 'crush' Rudolf Nureyev as Valentino.

I believe the song was written about Nureyev. Dancing as the prince in ballet then learning he was to play

the part of the silent screen actor Valentino. The song is done in my idol's trademark - a ragtime cabaretish vaudeville tempo.'




More translated from Russian to English from ‘the diary’. There were parts that were ineligible. Not even Pavlova could make out what it said when I showed him. So I will be doing trailing dot sat those sections. Brace yourself, Killer Queen’s adoring fans. Because if you thought things from ‘the books’ were bizarre craziness about being incarnates, this will leave you shocked!!NONE of this is made up! Besides, where the hell would we be getting it from?It is VERY true as hard as it is to comprehend.

Amazingly, Pavlova is allowing it. It put Fairy literally in state of shock. Let me recall what happened. ‘Mr. X’ was visiting Pavlova’s Cambridge estate and shared with Fairy that Freddie Mercury just wasn't into cunts and the only reason he stayed FRIENDS with that Mary Austin was because they were both shy and shy cunts are reserved - so he knew the ugly cunt wouldn't be expecting sex from Freddie. That diary talking about 'He (Freddie) was jealous like a female is jealous of a female.' Freddie and that Mary Austin were like two girls being best friends. 'Freddie's camp behavior and effeminacy was a guise as with calling the band Queen. Trying to allude to the fact that Freddie was a 'queen'.'


I was busy at a desk in the room translating the diary. I could barely speak as I read one of the entries.I excused myself for interrupting their conversation of ‘Mr. X.’ adoring Fairy’s extreme likeness to her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. I held the diary out to Pavlova and all I could speechlessly manage to bring myself to say was the single word, ‘this’ pointing to the entry. I watched as he took the diary from me reading the entry. He sighed, took a sip of his cherry brandy, then nonchalantly said, ‘she will never be ready to learn this. Read it, aloud, now.’


I glanced at the exotic breathtaking glam rock queen who was staring nervously from Pavlova to me then purred to her ‘Russian prince’, ‘what is it, Rudy darling?’I watched as he stared off refusing to meet her gaze muttering in Russian, ‘read it now’ He continued to stare off the entire time obviously too afraid to see her reaction. Not to be theatrical, but I felt detached as I read it. Surreal. I can’t even describe it. Shock disbelief, I guess!

This is what was written:

Pavlova, you must find your Freddie – your destiny. Only then will you be complete. You are destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev. It is your lineage and in your bloodline. You and another will rise up, reincarnated in their image.

I have groomed you in Nureyev’s image – as I told you many times, you are his predecessor – the heir of royalty and nobility. Your name must be changed from Nikolai to Rudolf upon my death.

Nikolai Pavlova was born the year the lord of dance Rudolf Nureyev was to star in the movie Exposed. I brought the baby to him (Nureyev) telling him he will be under my tutelage and will be his predecessor – from Pavlova lineage. He held the baby, kissed his forehead and said in Russian, ‘you will dance as me. Find your destiny – your Freddie – your Madam Giselle.’ Inscribed in a dust jacket by Fonteyn – ‘For Rudolf, I hope you will like this. So often when we were selecting Pavlova’s word we thought they could easily be your words. You are the only two who love dancing above all.’ He admired Nijinsky and Pavlova.


Pictured below I scanned from a clipping of sorts that was 'bookmarking' the pages of this diary entry.

At the moment, Fairy got up from where she was sitting, gaspily purring, ‘What?! Omg, what?! You -’words trailing as she turned away hands over her face. Pavlova got up and went to her and started to say, ‘Don’t. Please. You must understand, femmka, that -’ and quickly caught hold her wrist as she spun around and went to slap him. ‘Mr. X’ rushed over saying, ‘bring her some of Pavlova’s Russian vodka. She needs something strong!’ then to Fairy, ‘don’t be a melodramatic bitch. Freddie was like that, you know.’ She obviously went into shock. She backed away from them, her exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes staring wildly, slowly shaking her midnight black hair head, gaspily purring, ‘no, you’re not real – none of this is real! I need to go home now. Please let me go home.’ It was too obvious she for real was in shock. Pavlova heavily sighed and said to me in Russian, ‘take her. Don’t let her be alone. Take her to photographer’s house.’ So I escorted Killer Queen out to the limo. All the way to where her photographer and costume designer live, she sat silent, staring blankly, obviously for real in shock.


I explained to Johann Wagner and Greg Hastings what had happened then left. When I returned to Pavlova’s Cambridge estate, he had the diary. When he saw me enter the room and I told him I delivered Fairy safely to Johann and Greg, he held out the diary and told me, ‘post this on her site – I don’t care which one – for her to see. Along with this’ pointing out an entry in the diary and handing me something he had written on a piece of paper. I will post the diary entry first. What was legible from it:

I am coming closer to the thought that Rudolf Nureyev was born at the wrong place and in the wrong century …. the time Rudy boasted that Freddie ‘My sperm sucking slut wouldn’t take his mouth off my dick. … He is ‘She’.

She was nipping and tucking on all sides. Nothing but nothing has the strength to separate us’ …. Nijinsky was often described as androgynous, effeminate and patherine (female panther) Freddie stated, ‘I fancy myself as a black panther’ – effeminate feline. Freddie wanted to be Nureyev’s Nijinsky. Freddie’s vaudeville cabaret ‘tart’ (slut) encores from stripping out of kimonos scantily clad in very short shorts to crawling out of Santa’s sack (like a ‘tart’ popping out of a cake) dressed in shimmering silver sequin leotard. Nureyev’s treasure. Nureyev’s ballerina. Nureyev’s Giselle.


Below Is The Section That Failed To Publish


Killer Queen managed to post this message on the fan club to her adoring fans:My darlings, I am literally in a state of shock! I can’t believe what I just found out about Pavlova!I am so nervous to be around him anymore and can’t even bring myself to speak to him now!
Pavlova obviously thought he had lost Fairy. She was literally in a state of shock and wouldn’t return any of his phone calls or reply to any of his texts after she had left his Cambridge estate.This is what Pavlova wrote on the piece of paper he wanted me to also post:

Apparently wedding is off and not because femmka won’t wear pale blue eye shadow. She – my own femmka. My own fiancee – My Freddie trembles in fear now. Nervous wreck.Over what she has learned of me. I tell her, ‘femmka, was it not what you wished for – to be your idol Freddie Mercury?’ She shrieks like kitten feline – ‘you’re not real!’ Not to be … theatrical … but has she lapsed into madness as did Nijinsky? I tell her I will die as Romeo did for his Juliet. As Prince Albrecht longed for after death of his Giselle.

‘Mr. X’ Sets The Record Straight


We seriously don’t want to hear anymore about the topic of cunts. We don’t care for them.

Very gay music star Fairy Mercury, her ‘entourage’, and gay dominated fan base.

Mr. X. wishes to share these things with her. He wanted to add to what he had told Fairy about her idol: Freddie was very easy company of women, very matey. As I had said, that Mary Austin was a girl friend in the sense of two girls being best of friends. Confiding in her like two best girl friends do. Because he was effeminate – grand lavish effeminate gestures (just like you) with an extravagant high pitched cackle. The story DJ Kenny Everett’s fag hag wife tells in an interview that Kenny idolized Freddie, fanatically so. They were girlish (effeminate). They would go to clubs and fight over men like a couple of jealous girls. Freddie changed his name from Bulsara to Mercury – the messenger of the gods. And identified with Hermes (Hermaphrodite – androgynous – person of both genders) who basically is Mercury (another name for - literature such as dictionaries cross reference Mercury with Hermes). Extreme I can not stress this enough, obsessive crush on Nureyev. Nureyev worshiped Eros (god of love) and his lovers / Cupids.

Nureyev was VERY fond of campy effeminate gay males – Freddie Mercury was his soul mate. He lusted younger (effeminate) males. Freddie was 8 yrs. younger than him. As he said, ‘we suited each other in everything’ quote you got out of one of those books of him talking of his relationship with Freddie. He used that Fonteyn and any female as a ‘fag hag’ to fool the public into believing he was straight, like any closeted famous man will do. Sadly, people aren’t easily fooled. Especially the gay community. Because they were too obviously gay by so many things they would do, say, etc.

Dame Eleanor knew Nureyev. She often associated with Freddie. I won’t lie, I feel a bit jealous over those diaries. But I know you have been very impressed and moved by the things I have shared with you and given you.

I remember when Dame Eleanor announced she had found Pavlova’s Freddie. The 3 of us registered with fake credentials to gain access to your fan club to learn all we could about you. I was in awe and shock disbelief how much of an eerie canny resemblance you are to Freddie even down to the smallest details. I hope you have recovered from your shock. Pavlova would go to the ends of the world for you and even the depths of Hell.

That was how Nureyev felt for Freddie as well.


Mr. Francis J. Boyd Gets A Mention For Uniting The FAIRY … Tale Couple

Another entry from the diary translated to read:


Pavlova’s Freddie has been found!! She is so very exotic and breathtaking!! The expression on Pavlova’s face when he saw her, it was the same look of intense love and longing Nureyev would look upon Freddie with. Thanks to, of all people, auction broker Mr. Francis James Boyd. I sat my laptop before Pavlova on his desk, announcing – I have found her! Your Freddie. Your destiny!


On my laptop was her website. She was promoting herself as ‘this day and age 1970s decade Freddie Mercury’. Pavlova slowly sat down his glass of cherry brandy, his lips parted, staring at the photos of her on the web page. With intense love, lust, longing and desire. Then quietly, in his Russian, I heard him say, ‘this can’t be real. But it is.

Is it not? Please let it be real.’ He spent HOURS looking through her website, reading and watching the videos on it. A man in love and obsessed. Like a man with a desirous insatiable thirst that can not be quenched. I am so pleased! Elated! I cry happy tears!

From Jorge Schumann (PR and web designer for FM) - We might re-do two of the photo captions and re-upload them. Errors have been pointed out. The one should have read 'obscenely tight' the word tight having been left off and the word perfection in the other was misspelled as 'perfestion'. Mr. Hastings clearly did these errors because Fairy was at him and his partner (Fairy's best friend and costume designer) Johann Wagner's home, in shock. We were working around the clock, literally, trying to get the page up. We had a few set backs on top of concern for Fairy having gone into shock over learning Pavlova, as a baby, was held by ballet legend Nureyev who eerily spoke these words as if giving him a blessing: ‘you will dance as me. Find your destiny – your Freddie – your Madam Giselle.’ Yes, the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury - your star - adoring fans, you read it right. Now you understand the 'importance' of Pavlova alone. Not to mention those he is associated with (which will not be revealed) and his lineage. Because if you guys only knew who 'Mr. X' and even that Dame Eleanor are .... them having both actually known both Nureyev and Freddie should be enough to realize the magnitude....


Your exotic star might be on later to discuss the diary entries, etc. and recall what was going on in her mind after learning these things about Pavlova, her idol Freddie Mercury and Nureyev.


Fans, we are going to have to re-do this entire page now!! Apparently this damn pisses us off beyond words web hosting joke isn't publishing some of the things that was posted!!! I will let you know when it is re-done. You will want to re-read all of it with how it was SUPPOSED TO BE presented to you. Somehow Mr. Craster talking about what happened after he returned to Pavlova's Cambridge estate from bringing Fairy to Johann and Greg's home didn't publish however the hell that happened and I KNOW I included it because I double checked it before publishing the page.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Jorge, deep breaths and count to 10. We are so fatigue and totally exhausted! I didn't even get to bed until 5am!! No wonder the mistakes. It's a simple fix, really Jorge. This is what we'll do. Instead of re-doing the whole thing (that would be ridiculous), let's add in what didn't publish with header letting the fans know the part that didn't publish. I'll re-do the embarrassing mistakes made on those 2 photo captions. Fairy's adoring fans, give us a 1/2 hour and check back for the revised version of how the page was meant to be presented. As your lovely exotic star says, 'mistakes makes it more original.'


Did you guys time me? I said give us a 1/2 hour and I delivered. LOL! Errors fixed and we included the section that didn't publish. You can find it under header that reads: Below Is The Section That Failed To Publish


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I don't even know where to begin. I can't keep up with the comments being left. Greg, I am glad you got it sorted out about the missing section although it was posted in the fan club. The last my precious fans heard from me and ... his ... princely message he wanted his valet to post for me to see because I was being such a melodramatic tart, dears! I couldn't bring myself to answer his calls or reply to his text msgs. This is no lie. I ended up having to be sedated! And I thought it strange the ... nonchalant ... ways he would react when I was carrying on over the things in those books! He knew all along and much more! More to him than meets the eye!! I am so fucking in love and I for real feel as though I am dreaming!!!! I know it is very lame saying that! When I was with him, in person, again (today) it was so difficult for me!! I brought myself to ask him - I said this, 'and I thought 'Mr. X' was far fetched. I mean, you and I were what? 10-11 yrs. old when he died in 1993. Were you ever with him any time after -' I couldn't even finish!!! All he cared about was saying in that fucking delectable broken English Russian accent of his like some fucking prince, 'If I lose you, femmka, I am prepared to die. My life without you is meaningless - empty. I keep no secrets. I am sorry it is far beyond your imagination. It is all very real.'


Johann Wagner / costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy, as I told you yesterday when you spent the entire day apart. It made sense now why he put an end to reading those diaries to you. He knew the contents. Remember how he kept saying you wouldn't be ready to learn many things about him? ALL of those entries Ron Craster has shared with your adoring fans are just that - unreal and very surreal about your idol and his idol and their relationship. Just when you thought meeting 'Mr. X' and the things he has been saying about you being so identical to 1970s Freddie and the things he's been sharing with you and giving you was unreal enough - it just get more unrealistic! I have always known Pavlova was VERY important - very wealthy. Of course, anyone familiar with ballet knows the legendary greats of Russia - Diaghilev, Nijinsky, Pavlova, the greatest legend of all ballet Nureyev. That Dame Eleanor was who she was. We won't discuss that... But I underestimated!!


F. J. Boyd: If I may. As I told you, Fairy, what I did about running auctions for that Dame Eleanor. I won't retell it. 'Small world' and it's mind boggling. The deceased fan of yours (Jason Long) telling me about you and the irony of finding Pavlova his Freddie. I will never forget it. Btw, the photos are stunning you did on Fairy, Mr. Hastings. I remember Jason showing me your website and all else I wrote for your fans to read. How it was put to me in a later conversation, 'Pavlova, a famous man (obviously 'Mr. X') and myself had our financiers pay with their info. creating fake credentials for us to join her fan club so we can garner more information about her.' They had been looking at your website and fan club for quite some time before they made their move. Their first major move was contacting your costume designer Mr. Wagner for a position in Haze Theatre's costume dept. to 'learn more from her best friend about her.' As auction broker, you hear bits and pieces of gossip. The shared diary entries are quite revealing. I thank Pavlova for allowing it to be shared with the lovely queen's adoring fans. The reactions from them - astounding.

Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: I make screenshot for you, femmka ... What old bird wrote in one diary entry my idol Nureyev saying about your idol, his Freddie, is so you .... 'My sperm sucking slut wouldn’t take his mouth off my dick. …' They both were very sexual and romanticists. Apparently, your idol 'worshiped sex'. 'Mr. X' says au revoir from South of France to superstar queen. They made it there. Fans are interesting beings, are they not, my tantalizing exotic creature? You should have never embarrassed boy trying to look like you. Now he - how you say? 'carries on' over his partner has 'sandy brown hair' as I. Boy was right, you can't be 'replicated'. Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most exotic bitch beauty of them all? Why, Fairy Mercury the seductively enticing exotic creature. How I long to kiss, suck, lick, and bite the nipples on your tits ... Well then, Ronnie old boy 'brought down the house' as they say in theatre, with his 'write up'. Of course, sordid gossip costume designer has to make appearance. Old bird died at age 73 or was it 83? few months ago (seems like ages). She knew them all .... I can picture you rolling your dark exotic eye lined (perhaps with pale blue eye shadow...) eyes not impressed. What are you doing at this moment, kitten? Come talk. Entertain your adoring fans with me.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I miss you, Rudy darling!! Maybe have Ron come get me and bring me to you. Mmm you're drunk on your Russian vodka, aren't you? What you posted sounds like how you get when you are. Foolish bitch and that cat gif (rolls eye lined eyes). Mmmm I LOVE the screenshot you made, dear. I can hardly imagine what else is in those diaries!! I had to laugh over 'Mr. X' being jealous. Old fucking bird trying to show him up in death. HA!!!! (picture me in wild melodramatic laughter). My curious honies are so full of questions and curiosity. I know it's 'not appropriate - proper' or whatever that I'm not asking you this in person, but I think I'm ready to know the answer to what I tried to ask you about earlier today.


Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: There is nothing to tell, really femmka. Old bird knew them all. Tamara, etc., blah, blah, etc. blah. It's long story. I was to be 'groomed and conditioned - destined' to be lord of dance Nureyev. She was to be mentor and I under her tutelage. I will not discuss my being taught to dance ballet as him. I don't wish for you to - how should I say? Lapse into another episode of hysterics. It is as she wrote in diary. To answer what you tried to ask, no I never saw Nureyev afterwards. I was baby. I have no recollection of moment. But I assure you, as 'Mr. X' is very real, things in diary are very real, femmka. I tell this from diary. It reminds me of you and is camp of your idol. Freddie shows up to Royal Ballet dressed in silver sequin leotard. I told you what I think of your idol's 'take' on leotard. It is so effeminate .... Diary talks of he/she shows up dressed as such obviously being 'tart' to 'flirt'. In hopes of meeting Nureyev (this is shortly before they met). He/she was known for being particular about his/her hair - 'you don't know who you might meet' he/she'd say over excessive preening. During Queen Xmas concert, Freddie emerged from Santa bag in that silver sequin leotard (as old bird wrote in one entry I had Ronnie old boy post for you to read) looking like glittery glam rock garland present. As old bird wrote about it - 'Nureyev’s treasure. Nureyev’s ballerina. Nureyev’s Giselle.'


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ HA!! I love it!! It does sound like my campiness. Being a campy tart of a mess thinking you're seriously going to dance ballet dressed like that! I love you, Rudy darling. I can't wait until we go back to Vienna and get married.


Ron Craster (Stage director Haze Theatre and Fairy's 'Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited' tour, Pavlova's valet): Fairy, it's going on 2AM. Pavlova is sending me to bring you to his Cambridge estate. So you can have time to get ready ... glammed up or whatever you need to do ... I should be there in 45 mins. Your fans can't get enough of the new page. We went hard and got above and beyond the reactions from them we expected.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You haven't said much about what you think of the new photoshoot of me wearingthe frock I'll be marrying you in, dear .... The photos of you you allowed to be used on the new page are sounbelievably delectable (highly pleasing). Tell me of them, Rudy darling. The one in particular of you lookingso dashingly handsome in your tailored suit at that party.

Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Such an exotic seductive creature - again, arousing ... the epitome of effeminacy. Those are just some of my thoughts. As for photo. Man in photo who's identity was not concealed is from your India ... Rest, of no importance. The quote of my idol: 'I pay my price to be a superstar, to be superiorly wealthy and to be superiorly lonely,' That was me until I found you, femmka.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Awww, that's so charming! I could say I was like that as well until you found me. I am so fucking in love with you!!

Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Mr. X shared with me something Nureyev said to him about Freddie.I am looking at my emails - how you say? 'Catching up' and came across one from him. 'Male eyes with makeup on them excite me.' - How I feel about you being identical to your idol, kitten. Eye liner and that pale blue eye shadow ... 'Wally Wanker' - you find this funny, femmka? That is what that Wallace Potts (unattractive name, no?) was called. You know, clown your idol was so jealous at being lookalike with my idol. What a melodramatic bitch, like you, yes?

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Hilarious!!!! It reminded me of that guy at the Cardiff or was it Bristol venue? 'What the bloody hell is this? Willy Wanker and the cheese factory?' To rephrase it - Wally Wanker and the cheese factory. Yes, it is melodramatic, dear. Just like being silly girl showing up at the Royal Ballet in silver sequin leotard like a flirty tart thinking you're seriously going to dance ballet dressed like that. VERY ancient old probably 2-3 yrs ago and most likely filmed in Brighton ... footage of me in the look.


Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: My how ... blinding. Lovely. I can't resist - did you crawl out of Santa's sack?...It would be enough to give Jolly Old Saint ... Dick .... quite the hard on .... I suppose you go off shy now and not reply, femmka ..... No words can begin to describe the love I feel for you.

Jorge Schumann / PR and web designer for FM - Pavlova, I hate to ... ahem ... interrupt, but since you don't read the fan club comments Fairy's adoring fans leave. This is hilarious and I just had to share it. One of them wrote about that 'Wally Wanker' with your idol Nureyev photo Fairy had posted 'seriously, is that a catsuit that ugly dog is wearing in that photo?! The hair, jewelry and belt was copycat bad enough!' They are STILL laughing and posting comments about the photo. Like that Geoff posted when Fairy posted it: Seriously, so ... that ... merited her idol to be a jealous bitch attacking 'her' lifelong crush, LEGEND of dance Nureyev saying ugly dog Baryshnikov could 'fly' better than the legend. Uh ... right ... oookay ... Campy humour and so Fairy posting after she posted that photo 'and then there's me' catty bitchy post accompanied by photo of her in frock holding her tits was classic!

Jealous bitch emulating jealous bitch idol.

Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Jorge, I refuse to be jealous at any man who can not deny the photo of her is VERY arousing .... I fell so very deeply in love all over again when I saw it. Catsuit comment is funny.

Jorge Schumann / PR and web designer for FM - Pavlova, Fairy is on her fan club carrying on with the 'omg, what?!I just can't' bit she does whenever you make her shy over something you've posted to and/or about her. She wants me to transfer your entire conversation you just had with her to the new page. Especially the email you got from 'Mr. X.' telling you what Nureyev said about Freddie's eyes w/makeup.


Hello dears. It is 7am (Thursday) here in Vienna as I post this. I am full of surprises and I bet you never would have expected this. I will be gracing you with a music video later today. As well as my costume designer will bring a

'semi write up' - don't have me explain. HA!! I mean, it was hilarious his partner (my personal photographer) being 'snubbed' over filming/photographing the wedding for his assistant photographer by Pavlova.

Anyways, expect things to become active starting today. See all of you later on, honies. xx Fairy


Following 'write up' by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


There is too much to cover about this hectic week in Fairyland. I don’t even know how to approach this ‘write up’ due to that. So I have decided to do a semi-write up touching on things I am being allowed to reveal. When my partner Greg Hastings (the ever so elegant Fairy’s personal photographer) and I arrived at Pavlova’s estate in Vienna, we immediately saw Fairy’s speechless amazement and her saying ‘he lives like a prince.’ We were greeted by Greg’s assistant photographer Philip Goldman. I will let Philip insert (Fairy none of your naughtiness over my usage of ‘insert’, alright. LOL!) in his own words what he told us.


Below – reference the photo, a gif of footage and the choreographed video. Fairy performing Queen songs

‘The Millionaire Waltz’, ‘It’s Late’ and partial ‘Somebody To Love’


Philip Goldman, assist. photographer viVid Photo Studio – This is what I had told Greg and Johann. You are not going to believe this. You’ve been snubbed from photographing and filming the wedding, Greg! When I arrived, I was immediately escorted to the presence of Pavlova who I was told he wanted to speak with me personally.


Fairy was with him looking stunning as ever. She was hugging his arm to her … tits … dressed in a silk Japanese kimono. He was in one of his tailored suits. Oddly, I was asked by the man (it wasn’t Ron Craster stage director and Pavlova’s valet) who escorted me into the room, if I spoke or at least understood Russian. I replied I didn’t. The man said something to Pavlova in Russian then went to another area of the room. Pavlova said this to me, ‘I asked for footage to choreograph video for my femmka. I come across footage you recorded of her being silly girl backstage emulating my bow. Then you take candid of me romancing the exotic creature. Would you like to know what I was saying in her ear in photo you immortalized the moment?’

I replied that I didn’t because I was sure it was intimate and it wouldn’t be proper or any of my business. Almost as though I was being tested, he slyly grinned obviously approving of my reply. I glanced at Fairy who’s exotic dark eye lined eyes were lowered to the (ahem) cock ring on her left wrist. Keeping in time with how you guys want it

phrased – fondling … it with a look of desirous lust on her face. Her dressed in the kimono gave me the impression they had sex shortly before my encounter with them …


When Pavlova spoke again, this is what he said to me, ‘well then, I would like for you to be in charge of filming and photographing our wedding.’ then made a gesture and the man came back over and escorted me out of the room and into another room where he discussed with me how much I would be offered, I ‘must’ (heavy emphasis) accept the offer. I was floored!! It was unreal how much I was offered. I won’t disclose the amount. I was then shown around with strict instructions what I was not allowed to photograph/film – areas, etc.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: After Philip told Greg and I all this, we entered the foyer of the Russian prince’s palace. Looking like the satin queen as always, Fairy came gliding into the foyer to greet us, her exotic sibilant purr excited purring, ‘Johann darling! You’ve made it!!’ Greg jokingly remarked, ‘Um, so glad you’re only greeting Johann. What are you going to do, snub me as well?’ I bust out laughing and told Fairy we encountered Philip Goldman on our way in and he told us about the unreal offer he was given to cover the wedding. The exotic prancer, started her habitual preening the top of her midnight black hair, exotic sibilant purr purring, ‘I tried to persuade him against it. I told him Greg has been with me even before my fame. That we had our Mick Rock filming Freddie dreams we were going to make become a reality, dear, but he was adamant (pauses and lustily purrs) mmmm, I did love what he said though. That Greg impressed with his photo shoot he did on me in the fairy winged frock looking, as he put it, arousingly erotic. It excited me so much, that I gave his distracting enormous fucking cock the naughtiest of all blow jobs.’

Wildly laughs and hugged my arm to her gliding off with me, doing her grand effeminately elegant gestures as her Persian sibilant purr excitedly told me of this and that on a tour of a few of the downstairs rooms. This was too hilarious, Fairy being her campy queen self. One room we entered had this:


She wildly laughed, ‘Omg! That jealous stone bitch from Hyde Park has followed me to Vienna!!’I was literally crying laughing so hard over it. I jokingly said, ‘Where’s it’s frock?’ and Fairy went over to it laughingly purring, ‘that jealous tart is wearing knickers! Come look! Now that seriously does it, dear!’ I was now not only crying harder, but my sides were aching from laughing so hard. At that moment Pavlova entered the room. Stern snobbish tone saying in Russian eyeing me, ‘Oh, I see you’ve made it. What is the exotic creature amusing you with?’ Killer Queen’s dark

eye lined eyes look at me with ‘what is he saying?’ expression. I tell her, ‘he wants to know what’s so amusing.’
Fairy tosses her midnight black hair back over her shoulder (I always have to use this gif when mentioning her

doing that – LOL!)

I watch as her exotic dark liquid brown eyes glance at the statue and ½ (she’s not predictable!) expected her to continue her campy queen banter about it, instead, she glides over to him sibilant Persian purr purring, ‘I was giving Johann a tour, Rudy darling.’ hugging his arm to her … tits.Pavlova glances at her arm then stares off at the statue with a haughty expression. Then turns away with the glam rock queen on his arm saying, ‘come, kitten, we still have many things to do. Sir Thomas will be arriving soon.’ Fairy purrs, ‘Johann, come along!’ with one of her effeminate grand gestures – what Greg and I like to know as the ‘limp flick of the wrist' – a slow elegant hand gesture she will do with her black nails left hand she got from her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury, obviously done to bring attention to the black nails on that hand.


I watch as Pavlova takes hold her black nails left hand, delivering his princely kiss to the back of it. ‘No!’ Fairy quickly gasps, drenched erotically in gloss full sensuous lips pouted as Pavlova removes his cock ring she wears as her ‘fashionably naughty bracelet’ telling her, ‘You mustn’t wear at wedding. It wouldn’t be appropriate, kitten. I give back (pause) or I let you take back the moment we’re alone afterwards.’ Fairy erotically purrs, ‘mmmm you just wait to see how I am going to go about taking it back then, Rudy darling’ slowly caressing her black nail left hand index finger over her Russian prince’s lips. His eyes lustfully gaze at her erotically drenched in gloss lips and quietly says in Russian, ‘you enticing creature who arouses me so, how do I ever deserve you?’ So Fairy btw, she quietly purrs, ‘what, darling?’ (obviously deliberately) placing her black nails left hand to her … tits, exotic dark eye lined eyes lowering to the front of Pavlova’s trousers to see if he’s … aroused …

He clears his throat and does a pirouette and walks off muttering under his breath he needs a drink. I walk over and tell Fairy what prince charming said in Russian to her. She gazes off in the direction he went off in quietly dreamily purring, ‘I am so fucking in love with him, Johann.’

Anyone who personally knows Fairy, knows she is not predictable. These quotes of her idol are so Fairy:

'Boredom and dullness are the biggest diseases in the whole world. You can never say life with me is boring.... I really need danger and excitement... I love to surround myself with strange and interesting

people because they make me feel more alive. Extremely straight people bore me stiff. I love freaky people.'

(Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


I always get depressed and upset when a tour stops. Suddenly you’re back home and you have to will yourself back into the pace. You have to make your own cup of tea again, and I’m used to being pampered and cosseted.’ (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)

**cosseted defined: cared for and protected in an overindulgent way


As mentioned, the first weekend of July, the glam rock queen’s Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited tour will resume. So the unpredictable queen who loves her adoring fans so, wanted to surprise all of you by gracing you with the following video. A live performance she did of Queen’s ‘The Prophet's Song’ during her last show (in Bristol) before going off to Vienna to get married. We hope you enjoy the video and if you haven’t seen her perform, we hope the live footage moves you to want to see the very talented eerily 1970s Freddie Mercury lookalike/incarnate’s tour. It was once again choreographed by Pavlova. One part will absolutely send chills through you that he brilliantly did. The footage of himself as Fairy is singing: ‘Heed me not, let all your treasure make you. Fear for your life, Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you, should death await you ’ – The footage is very theatrical. Pavlova had this to say about the particular lyrics of the song, that it reminds him of the ballet of Giselle….

I personally loved the footage of Fairy and the how Pavlova choreographed the video to end. The sibilant purr of the effeminate Persian queen. Of course, Fairy’s vocals are perfection, nailing Freddie’s vocals to perfection without effort. Hopefully on Sunday, Fairy will find time, after her wedding, to post something about the ‘write up’.

Forever thank you for being fans of Fairy. Enjoy!!

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury


** Side Note: you might have to really turn up the volume. We don't know why it recorded so quietly. It was taken off the soundboard, as I posted, from Fairy's last Bristol show before heading to Vienna. If we had the time, Greg would try to re-do it increasing the volume.


Hello dears. I had to pry myself away from all the excitement that has been going on in the fan club yesterday and continuing onto today. It is after 8pm here in Vienna now. I guess I'll wake up my poor neglected public site by copy/pasting the first thing posted on the fan club this morning. Next weekend, July 1st and 2nd, I will be playing my ‘2nd phase’ of my tour. Haze Theatre and it has already sold out. Tickets went on sale today (Sunday) and

BOTH nights crazily sold out in 8 minutes which is record breaking for a venue that size of capacity.


As of yesterday (my Vienna wedding), fan club membership crazy-like escalated to over 5 million! I honestly don't know what to say. For anyone who has ever been in my place, the only word you can think of to describe it is surreal. Because, of course, you want to succeed but to what extent?

This quote of my beloved idol has always been so me, my darlings.

Tomorrow my hubby Pavlova and I will be leaving Vienna back to England. There is so much more I can say about our wedding, so I'll be going back and forth in the fan club to do that and continue posting on here. Right. So about what my costume designer posted the day before. First off, I am glad all of you enjoyed the surprise video. That statue ... when I was showing Johann around, and we went off into the room it's in and I saw it. I told Johann to take a picture and to include it in his 'write up'. I told Johann this. That several hours later, I lured the delectably handsome Pavlova into that room pretending I wanted to talk with him in private.


At that time, I had found that photo that all of you were so amused by what I wrote on it. I had my campy tart conversation with him about what I wrote on it while I deliberately stood by the table with that statue on it. After he so charmingly replied as he did to my silly girl teasing that he was now drinking in squalor, I purred, 'oh, what's this? It's like the Peter Pan statue in Hyde park, Rudy darling! With the flute and everything. Well, almost everything. Apparently the stone bitch lost it's frock.'

I'm going into the fan club to post something to the ongoing 'coverage' of my Vienna wedding, then I'll be back in a few moments to continue what I was posting. His reaction to what I campy said said. He laughed this brief laugh doing his habitual, 'well then' fell silent then his delectably broken English Russian accent was like, 'Is there something you wish to say to me, femmka? You know what they say about curiosity and kittens or - cats. It really isn't the camp about photo you found. That was very funny.' then fell silent staring at that statue. I glided up to him and caressed my fingertip seductively at the corner of his lips purring, 'Rudy darling, what is it about that statue? There is obviously a significance from the day you picked it out for us to meet at when we first met.'

Above: 'Well then...' Gif right: Fairy doing 'limp flick of the wrist' gesture her costume designer mentioned in his 'write up'

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: HILARIOUS!!! Fairy, you're too funny still keeping in time with what we are so fond of doing. Talking about 'those Haze Theatre people' as if we don't care that they're reading. It never got old. I wonder if he'll reply ... I want to take this moment on behalf of myself and my partner Greg Hastings (Fairy's personal photographer) to congratulate Philip Goldman on the wonderful job he did 'covering' the Persian glam rock queen Fairy Mercury and her dashingly handsome Russian prince ballet dansuer Rudolf Pavlova's 'romantic, regal, extravagant wedding'. I just have to add this, with much advice/tips from Greg, of course ...


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Poor Greg. He's still sulking over being 'snubbed'. HA!! Johann, Pavlova and I found time very early this morning to watch the 'video coverage' he did and we were pleased. He got many captivating angles and made it look just that 'romantic, regal and extravagant'. No unflattering shots. I loved how he captured in up close shots, the emotions.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: It's too funny. It really is. Fairy, not to interrupt what you were hilariously entertaining your adoring fans with on here, but would you mind if Greg and I had Phillip briefly come on here (or the fan club) to tell of his experience filming and photographing your wedding? Because the things he has been telling Greg and I is something your fans would like to hear.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Of course not. If he does it on here on the public site, he is not allowed to use any of the photos or footage because that is exclusively ONLY for fan club members.

Philip Goldman (asst. photographer/viVid Photo Studio): I'm sorry this took so long for me to post. As I had explained in the fan club, the server crashed 3 times then the photo files were very slow loading. Are you guys aware they fixed the spacing between the side by side photos? You're able to 'slide' them together now. Getting on with it, I was made to sign agreements and as I mentioned in what Killer Queen's costume designer wrote, I was given strict instructions what and what not to photograph and film along with off limit areas. Day of wedding. Guests arriving. My jaw literally dropped not even realizing the magnitude! Suddenly someone announced, 'Welcome Sir (so and so) and Dowager (so and so) of xxxxx Russia!' I was rudely elbowed by the man (not Pavlova's valet) I mentioned who obviously was assigned to be 'in charge of' me. The man muttering, 'mind the agreement you are bound to!' I was wondering if Fairy even knew/aware of some of the guests who were attending the wedding! Then Snowdon was announced ... the man snatched my arm escorting me away from the area.


I overheard Pavlova giving Fairy last minute 'lessons' in etiquette. I heard him say to her, 'I refuse to tame you, my forbidden unruly creature, only this time. Forget it all afterwards, yes?' caressing the back of her black nails left hand. I was surprised she wasn't instructed to remove the black varnish of her nails. She was so breathtakingly elegant, as you her adoring fans, can see by the video footage (in fan club). A light wind catching the satin fairy winged frock blowing it - surreal - as if the 'wings' were fluttering as she ... pranced ... towards her awaiting dashing prince. How they were dressed from the public site photo files, since I am not being allowed to post photos or footage from the actual wedding on the public site.

I don't know if any of you, the exotic queen's adoring fans, ever read the book titled 'Long May She Reign'. The book is hilarious. The entire court is poisoned and dies and only a few are left. Way way down the lineage next in line for the throne as queen is this girl who has outcast ... peasant ... demeanor. She has to be learned court etiquette and things like that as she's forced to assume role as 'queen' (literal queen, not gay slang...). Fairy reminded me of that. Campy queen (gay slang) ridiculously trying to be 'proper' and probably had absolutely no clue about, well like I said - the magnitude. I believe in her motherland India, they choose you a husband. It reminded me of some peasant being told the Maharaja himself has chosen you to be his wife. Well, like the ballet of ... Giselle .... Prince Albrecht visits the peasant village and falls for the peasant girl. He returns with his consort/valet in guise of a peasant to woo Giselle. Then royalty passes through the peasant village and Giselle discovers she has been deceived, learning Prince Albrecht's true identity.


I have to admit, Fairy pulled it off so elegantly and brilliantly. I can't wait for her to read this and hopefully reply. I overheard this partial conversation - 'she's a rockstar who looks mirror image of Freddie Mercury.' Other person curious snobbish tone, 'Oh??? I should like to see this rockstar Pavlova will marry up close, in person.' Other person same snobbish tone, 'Did you not when he gifted her the engagement ring at the statue in Hyde Park?' Other person, 'Yes. I meant as in meeting this (pause) exotic creature.' The rest I wasn't able to listen in on (waits to be accused of sordid gossip like Johann Wagner. LOL!).


As I mentioned in the fan club, I wasn't allowed to cover the reception. Fairy performed/sang at the wedding reception, Freddie written Queen song 'You Take My Breath Away' perched at a grand piano in the Vienna estate. Pavlova danced ballet for Fairy with the guests watching on. I'd like to hear the rest of what she was entertaining her adoring fans with. It was so .... campy.

The FAIRY ... Tale Couple

‘Look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m the only one

You’ve captured my love

Stolen my heart – changed my life.

’from Queen’s ‘You Take My Breath Away’ (written by Freddie Mercury)


'Mr. X' saying, 'queen' - gay slang - alluding more to the fact of Freddie being effeminate queen. Not to mention, notice his 'idol' would be a female, not only that, but one married to a gay man. Only an 'effeminate' gay male would have a female as an 'idol'. 'Mr. X' had to laugh over the etiquette bit about Fairy because it brought to mind the line of 'Killer Queen' - 'well versed in etiquette' As the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury embarks on the second 1/2 of her spring/summer Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisted tour starting tomorrow at the 2 nights sold out grand Haze Theatre, and June coming to an end. We wanted to look back at Fairy's first ever tour. Her 2021 Fight Of The Fairy 'mini tour' she did last year. One of the songs on the set list was 'Killer Queen' and here it is performed live by Fairy from June 2021 on her Flight Of The Fairy mini tour.

Partial interview/promo clip and Fairy's live performance of 'Killer Queen'

from 2021 Flight Of The Fairy mini tour

Hello dears. It is nearly 6:30pm as I write this. In two 1/2 more hours I will be performing my 2nd night sold out show at the magnificent Haze Theatre. I have only been awake for 4-5 hours. Wild after party after last night's sold out show and I am running VERRRY late!! As my PR man posted in the fan club, the public site was experiencing sever server issues. It's back up now.


There will be changes made once again. Things are going to become extremely focused on promoting me and since my hubby Pavlova is also an entertainer and we're so incarnate of Nureyev and Freddie, I share the spotlight with him. I will try (no promises, darlings!) to come on after I wind down from tonight's show with photos taken by my photographers (I have two now, dears! Isn't that grand) and even a few taken by yours truly (omg! How old fashioned is that talk?! HA!). Along with a little something I wrote up. My costume designer will (as mentioned before) start resuming his 'write ups' that was so enjoyed by many of you. Keeping in time with the 'revisited' theme, here is a little 'revisted' - such as these honies when they wrote in about it.

Positive and fun. I love you so dearly, my precious fans! I could not ask for better!! Anyways, to 'tie you over' until later, my darlings, here is a little something for you. The start of what I've written to share with you:

I woke up and realized I’ve been married for a week now, my darlings! Isn’t that just grand? Thank all of you who came to Haze Theatre to see my concert last night. Can you believe it? Tomorrow’s show there will mark 6 times

I’ve performed at Haze Theatre and all six sold out.I will never forget my first show there. I was so nervous!

Many ‘important people’ were there to see me perform for the very first time at Haze Theatre.

Caption: Msg. to 'Mr. X'. more 'preening' top of my midnight black hair - 'eerily mirroring' one of many of my idol (1970s Freddie Mercury) habits you noticed ...

Caption: When your delectable prince arrives in style. Seriously, doing ballet in the foyer of his Vienna palace estate on our wedding day.

Fairy's adoring fans, just to let you know, her concert at Haze Theatre ended about 20 minutes ago. Thank you to those who came - both nights. As she posted earlier, give her time to unwind and she will be on. We started to care too much about stupidity and lost sight. We quit caring and now things are back to normal. So expect her public site to become active again like the fan club always is.

Jorge Schumann, PR and web designer for FM (current time of post: 11:23pm, London)


All right, my darlings, first off thank all of you for attending my Haze Theatre shows last night and tonight. You rocked this tart me hard! I love you all!! Tickets go on sale tomorrow for my next stop - Brighton ... Now to continue what I was writing. HA! Don't ask how I can crazy-like go from performing to a sold out crowd to just effortlessly pick up where I left off as though that never happened.

But, my dears, you just don't know what is going on around me .... Okay, so anyways, where I left off. I'll copy/paste part of it. I will never forget my first show there. I was so nervous! Many ‘important people’ were there to see me perform for the very first time at Haze Theatre. That was when I met ‘Mr. X’ who is very close friends with my delectable ‘Russian prince’/ballet danseur and who knew his idol Nureyev and my idol Freddie Mercury. When this took place ….

I just have to share this with you, dears. It is too funny. Taking the wealthy from their domain of wealth – Pavlova’s princely palace in Cambridge (or Vienna). After rehearsals at Haze Theatre on Thursday, I asked him if he would stay at my London home instead of us going to his Cambridge estate – adding, without his valet (who is also stage director at Haze Theatre and for my Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited tour). I told him to send his valet off, or better yet, give him the night off. He was hesitant then reluctantly agreed to it.We got to my home (via the valet who dropped us off then left). As you know, dears, I have my 4 cats – Moxie, Ming, Mikado and Minkus.

They were purring and rubbing against his legs greeting him. Getting hair all over his expensive tailored suit.

Remember how I wont let him live down what I know as the Manchester incident?

Quick run down – (can be read in full on page Flick Of The Wrist) Below are screencaps that were made of the section I am mainly talking about, my darlings.

It was when I very first incorporated him into my concert doing his ballet bit during Bohemian Rhapsody.

When he showed up to the Manchester hotel I was staying in drunk and said the myaow meeow thing.

Well, me still not letting him live it down, I said this, ‘I should get 2 more cats and name them Myaow and Meeow. But the one should be from Russia.’ An embarrassed look crossed his face and his eyes took in the foyer as if expecting someone – a valet – to come and escort us to ‘a suitable room’. I hugged his arm to my … tits …

Making sure I have his faves – Russian vodka and cherry brandy in my house, I glided along with him into one of the downstairs rooms … purring … ‘Would you like brandy, Rudy darling?’ When he didn’t reply, I saw he was seated brushing at the cat hair on his expensive tailored suit … he then started to say something in Russian then in his broken English, ‘I not have this, femmka!’ with a flustered gesture then got up saying, ‘No! I not have it! You get valet!! Servant. I won’t have you waiting on me!’


Caption: He was wearing a £2000 14k gold wristwatch and was wondering what time it was. HA!!!


I glided over to him and hugged his arm to my … tits … (I can hardly imagine what his thoughts are about braces/suspenders ‘running’ down my … tits … in the new ‘premiered’ look…) Purring … ‘Have what, Rudy darling? What is it you said, you wouldn’t tame me. This is my home, my environment and -’ I quit there, embarrassed, as he lips parted staring at his arm hugged to my … tits … as if he didn’t care about that topic (servants) anymore … OMG! I just can’t even what he did, my dears!He took hold the layered necklace ‘cascading down’ (as my costume designer so creatively puts it) my … tits … saying in a cold snobbish tone, something in Russian and looked at me as if expecting me to reply. I … purred … ‘speak English, Rudy darling. You know I don’t understand your Russian.’ seductively caressing my finger at the corner of his lips. He then spat, ‘cheap costume jewelry! I buy real gold to replace, femmka. We arrange tomorrow, yes?’ letting go the necklace and placed his hand to my cheek caressing it, gazing at my glossed lips … I realized something. Since we’ve been together, there has been only a few times he has kissed my lips … too obvious the gloss … My costume designer observed it many times, his shyness over it … It’s about the only thing that makes him like that, dears.


He turned away from me and I heard him mutter under his breath, ‘you are such very sinfully arousing creature.’ then turned back to me saying, ‘we go to bed now. No drinks.’ I deliberately brushed my hand across the … erection … in prince huge dick his trousers and glided to the grand piano I have in that room, perched at it and played, singing the lines from ‘You Take My Breath Away’ – ‘I could give up all my life, for just one kiss. I would surely die if you dismissed me from your love’ This startled me, my darlings! He came over and took hold my jaw, tilting my head back gazing intently – eyes searching my face saying, ‘that song – those lines are much like ballet of Giselle, no? Giselle was (pauses) dismissed from prince Albrecht’s love – deceived by him and died. Why you sing this part of Freddie written song?’ In the most erotic voice I could summon (HA!) I purred, ‘don’t you know, Rudy darling? I think you do’ I mean, I just can’t, dears!! He started to take his enormous fucking cock out and I stopped him!! Purring, ‘I don’t want that! I don’t want my lips on your fucking cock – I want you to kiss my lips, Rudy!’ I just seriously can’t imagine why. He turned away. I heard him heavily sigh – the sigh of a man full of desirous lust and … aroused … he then walked off!!! I got up and followed after him – into the foyer. He was on his phone to his valet telling him to come get him!!!


I turned into a right bitch, my dears!!! I angrily grabbed his arm and wiped my fucking glossed lips on the sleeve of his expensive tailored suit then hissed like an evil feline, ‘There! The fucking gloss is off! Is that why you won’t kiss my lips?! TALK TO ME!!’ I then realized that was the first time I was like that towards him! He stepped back from me with this short laugh then said, ‘my are we being very unruly prima creature.’ then started to reach out to caress my cheek and behaved as if he thought better of it in case I went full evil feline by attacking and so very fucking charming and princely said, ‘why would I want to ruin such perfectly (pause) painted exotic face.

The perfectly eye lined exotic dark eyes and -’ pauses brushing at the gloss on the sleeve of his cat hair, lip glossed ruined tailored suit.


This is what I so erotically purred, ‘it can be re-applied, Rudy darling. It’s meant to be kissed off. Your fucking so aroused bruising kiss, so full of desirous craving lust, the few times you’ve -’ he interrupted me so charmingly and princely saying, ‘tasted of them’ and turned away opening the door and went out.

About 5 minutes later, I got a text from him that said: ‘you did good not to follow me out, kitten. My forbidden unruly creature. Everyday I learn more and more of your Bohemian way of life – your ways that are so foreign

to me … You have managed to make a very expensive tailored suit out of peasant garb. Cat hair, those erotic full

sensuous lips and now cum…'

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