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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Don't Stop Me Now

Living The Rockstar Dream: The Freddie Mercury Impersonator Experience

For many years, Freddie Mercury was one of the greatest icons of rock music, with a voice that could captivate audiences of all ages. After his untimely death in 1991, fans around the world began to discover their own inner rockstar by impersonating him. Being a Freddie Mercury impersonator has since become a popular way for fans to show their admiration for the legend.

If you are considering living out your rockstar dream by becoming a Freddie Mercury impersonator, then you need to know what it takes to not only sound like him but to also look and perform like him. It is important to remember that Freddie Mercury was not just a singer; he was a musical genius and a true showman. Therefore, to impersonate him, you need to have an abundance of talent and confidence.

Freddie Mercury was known for his flamboyant style, and as a Freddie Mercury impersonator, you will need to adopt that same flair. This involves taking a closer look at his clothing, hairstyle, and make-up, as well as his signature moves. Spend time researching Freddie's live performances and study his stage presence to get an idea of how to recreate his iconic look.

As a Freddie Mercury impersonator, you will need to master his signature moves, such as his microphone twirls and his infamous pose where he holds out his arms and tilts his head back. Practice in front of a mirror to get your movements just right.

In addition to looking and moving like Freddie, you will also need to be able to sing like him. This means you will need to work on your voice to be able to hit all the notes and project your voice, just as Freddie did. Get a vocal coach if you can, and practice singing his songs over and over again until you perfect them.

Once you have your look and sound down, it's time to perform. As a Freddie Mercury impersonator, you will need to learn how to work the crowd and command the stage. Your performance should be dynamic, engaging and full of energy, just like Freddie's was. When you get on stage, give it your all and dazzle the audience with your flair and personality.

In conclusion, being a Freddie Mercury impersonator is not for the faint-hearted. It takes a lot of hard work, talent, and charisma to pull it off successfully. However, for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, the reward is the ultimate experience of living out your rockstar dream and paying tribute to one of the biggest legends of all time.


By one referred to as 'Mr. X' - who knew both Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the 1970s

Freddie Lives On: How a Freddie Mercury Impersonator Keeps the Memory of The Icon Alive

For fans of the late Freddie Mercury and the iconic band Queen, the opportunity to witness a Freddie Mercury impersonator in action is an unforgettable experience. These talented performers not only capture the look of the legendary frontman, but also embody his larger-than-life stage presence and unparalleled vocal range.

Performing as a Freddie Mercury impersonator is no easy feat, as it requires the ability to not only mimic his vocals and mannerisms, but also to bring a unique energy and personality to each performance. These performers must be able to connect with audiences on a personal level and communicate the passion and excitement that made Mercury one of the greatest performers in rock history.

At the heart of the Freddie Mercury impersonator experience is the opportunity to feel like a rockstar for a night. These performers often adorn themselves in the signature costumes and elaborate makeup that made Mercury stand out on stage, allowing them to transport fans back to the glory days of Queen’s arena rock tours.

For many fans, seeing a Freddie Mercury impersonator in concert is an emotional experience that brings back memories of a time when rock and roll ruled the world. They are able to relive the excitement and energy of seeing Queen perform live, while also experiencing a fresh perspective on the band’s timeless music.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Freddie Mercury impersonator experience is the way in which these performers bring their own unique twists to classic songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We Will Rock You”. While they stay true to the spirit of the original recordings, they also inject their own personalities into the performances, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that blends the best of the past with the excitement of the present.


Freddie Mercury impersonators are also able to connect with new generations of music fans who may not have experienced Queen in their prime. By blending the classic songs of Queen with their own style and flair, they are able to introduce younger audiences to the timeless magic of the band and keep the legend of Freddie Mercury alive for years to come.In many ways, the Freddie Mercury impersonator experience is a celebration of the legacy of one of rock’s greatest performers. These talented artists pay tribute to Mercury’s unique style and personality, while also inspiring new generations of fans to embrace the power and passion of rock and roll.


If you are a fan of Queen and the music of Freddie Mercury, seeing a Freddie Mercury impersonator in concert is an experience you will never forget. It is a chance to relive the glory days of arena rock, while also discovering new and exciting ways to connect with the music that has inspired so many. So why not step into the shoes of a rockstar for a night and witness the magic of a Freddie Mercury impersonator for yourself?

In addition, having known both Freddie Mercury and ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev in the 1970s, I stand in awe and have been left speechless over Fairy and Pavlova's identical likeness to their legendary idols. Keeping their memories alive.

Continuation From Command Performance Page


I don't know how this managed to end up deleted off here, darlings, so I am putting it back on. I never got to tell what became of it ...

(Below italicized saved and transferred from deleted post)
I might keep and transfer it to the recent page we were doing (Command Performance). Him having to make a point to his valet that I chose to sleep naked and he was off to bed to join me. As long time fans of mine know, being such a tart ... I guess I found it necessary to share with you that I either sleep in one of my silk Japanese kimonos, or my satin knickers or nude ... He came to bed ... I was laying on my side still very upset. I decided to pretend to be asleep bit I love to do ... I mean, it's funny, dears! The things you'll hear people say or do ... when they think you're asleep. He pressed his enormous fucking cock against my bare ass and I felt him petting my long midnight black hair breathing into the back of my head, 'are you awake, baby?' How the hell do you even pretend to be asleep .........

I just got out of bed and took off into the bathroom!! I mean, I just seriously can't!!!

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

First off, I have played 7 dates on my spring/summer tour so far. Amazingly all 7 have sold out. I love you all, my precious fans!! I can not express that enough! Your devotion, support and fandom is astounding!! Since things became ruined (really needs to quit being an annoying habit ...) Even my fan club president/editor of my online fanzine (Geoff Stafford) has been so upset that he's abandoned the online fanzine all because of the snooping creeps. But we're completely done with all that and for good now. It's tedious and the change comes with us.

I might release a different version of my new video just for my sadly neglected public site. So, dears, look forward to that very soon. Perhaps on the eve of my Bristol shows. Wouldn't that be just grand?

So anyways, what became of it ... I fled into the bathroom being such a ... shy ... melodramatic 'queen' over ... it ... Pouting, I waited for the salacious (mmm how I do love the meaning of that word - the new word I have chosen to describe the delectable Pavlova. While I'm on that, my darlings, many of you sadly noticed we quit going on about the maddeningly unreal likeness the two of us have to our idols. This is one. Me calling Pavlova 'delectable' and I was told by the one we refer to as 'Mr. X' - the man who knew Freddie and Nureyev in the 1970s - that Nureyev referred to himself as delectable. How what are the odds crazy is that?!) Well, anyways, pouting, I waited for the salacious princely Pavlova to come to the bathroom door to retrieve his 'queen'. When he didn't, I became a bit upset!

So I slinked off out of the bathroom back to bed (now dressed in one of my silk kimonos... Me, pictured left, on stage in kimono).

He was laying there his back facing the side of the bed I was laying on. So I laid down cuddling against him back

and nuzzled my face into the back of his light brown medium bob quietly ... purring ...'are you upset, Rudy darling?'

I heard him sigh, then his broken English Russian accent replied, 'upset. Why upset? Why you think I'm upset?'

I ... purred ... 'that I got up, well, you know' I mean, I was just too embarrassed to come out and say it!! It was soooooooo embarrassing what he replied to me! He laughed then said, 'What? That I wanted my cock inside you and (smirk) I find it funny, femmka, how you react to (pause) I was told 'baby' was Nureyev's choice - how you say?'

I (forcing myself not to get up again ...) purred, 'pet name or term of endearment is what people call it' He replied, 'ah, yes! Terms of endearment. Your idol Freddie Mercury, as you know, was fond of dear and darling. Let's not discuss this.' heavy sigh, then I heard him mutter something under his breath in Russian. I tugged a strand of his light brown medium bob bitchily purring, 'tell me in English, Rudy darling, what you just said under your breath!'


Again, I forced myself not to get up ... he replied, 'I understand it makes you shy.' Then he rolled over facing me. Talking of ... shy ... remember, my darlings, how my costume designer/best friend noted that only a very few things makes Pavlova shy and one being when I wear gloss on my lips .... A strand of my long midnight black hair was erotically ... clinging to my glossed lips. He glanced at them then (sooooo embarrassing!) rolled over back facing me again! So this tart wasn't going to let him ... I cuddled to the back of him again and in the most erotic tone, I seductively purred, 'I know they arouse you, Rudy darling, and don't you want your enormous fucking cock in them right now sucking it?' I hear him clear his throat. He then got out of bed and went out onto the balcony. I quietly laughed remembering the ongoing bit I do with is valet. Asking, 'I'm not suppose to go after him, right?' and his valet will reply with a grin, 'correct'

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I am going to attempt to try to reply to this ... (at urging of Sir Thomas...) imagine having ... lip gloss with erotic name 'I'll Be Ready' and she also has one with, of all things, name 'Fairy' ....

As my fine friend 'Mr. X' (we all know about him by now, I'm sure we don't have to keep mentioning in boastful fashion that he knew Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev in the 1970s) mentioned on Loyal Subjects fanzine (vol. 3),

I make screenshot of it from page:


Well, unruly creature purred for me to get bag. When I picked the unzipped thing up, many items fell from it.

So I took the ... pleasure ... to examine several. Two being these 'lip gloss' she so erotically drenches her sensuous full lips with ... So there are details of your lovely exotic 'glam rock queen' star, fans. Mr. X had once showed
Fairy article he has in scrapbook where disgusting breed 'reporter' asked Freddie Mercury what brand of makeup

s/he wore. Maybelline was reply and for the black nail varnish (trademark left hand nails only) was Biba and Miners. Another thing 'Mr. X' shared was that Freddie Mercury was known for dressing 'matchingly' to any man s/he was sexually involved in. It was why s/he took up the effeminate take on ballet leotards look because Freddie Mercury was very in love with Nureyev (life long crush).
Freddie's idol Liza Minnelli was dating that prick Baryshnikov (fool Nureyev wannabe. I still laugh over Fairy reading that fool admitting he was a copycat 'groupie' of Nureyev) which really 'sparked things' (as it was phrased) with Freddie having a 'crush' on legendary ballet danseur Nureyev. 'Pursuing the very gay Nureyev in attempt of being even more like his/her idol Liza dating a ballet danseur.' As I was told, Nureyev was very close friends with Liza who had a fondness for gay men. Fairy had asked 'Mr. X' if her beloved idol Freddie Mercury was aware of that and 'Mr. X' told her that Freddie was ....  What I have posted here and what Fairy had posted above what I write will be
be transferred to new page, starting it out and we go from there.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: 'Destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' Pavlova, you gave her the 'erotic ballet dance footage' you had Phil Goldman film of you just for Fairy, didn't you? Because she is being her shy silly girl self and she is obviously delaying finishing her video all because

of it. You might want to talk to her.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - Although I have no words for you ever, costume designer ... I'm surprised you ask me and she hasn't told you. Considering you are best friend and I am sure my femmka confides in you everything. I not care to hear nothing from you or anyone, only from her! I am sure you would not hesitate to be your sordid gossip self if I were to indulge to ask things she tells you about sex we have. But don't you dare reply.

How is it you keep describing my expression? Haughty. My heart beats for her.

Of course, I expected and knew she would react as you have written. She's shyly avoiding me ...

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury:  I'm literally laughing over your reply to me, lord Pavlova!! Haughty. With your smug aristocratic air you always have about you. Gif below with such expression. I love the gif of Fairy I posted alongside it. The lips ....

Amazingly she hasn't spoken with me about receiving the video. I can tell she had ... Also I heard (sordid gossip...) Phil Goldman briefly mention it to Greg. Just from the description you've given of it, I can imagine she'll start up her thinking you're not real and going into melodramatic hysterics in believing that. 

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - You are commoner - peasant and the conversation you try to have with me reflects that! You always trying to provoke me over her tits and lips. Why?! I never forgive you! You try to embarrass me in front of all her adoring fans. Then you try to defend yourself that I am Russian and wealthy lifestyle and I not understand. I - how you say? - 'have it all wrong'. Even Sir Thomas, and before you make remarks naturally he would side with me, agrees that it came across as you trying to tell ME how to make love to my femmka!

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Geoff Stafford who is so fond of emojis. I went to his fanzine page just to get this one off it, Pavlova! Me > 😅 Why don't we get into arguments in Russian now so Fairy can use a translation tool and read what YOU'RE saying in Russian, like that one time and she got upset. I'm not going to argue with you, because it's a losing battle!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Johann, leave him alone!! He is never going to listen to reason about that incident! Let's NOT relive that incident documented on page Mirror Image. Philip Goldman gave me the video late last night, Johann, and I just can't ... You are right - not real ... You know how cats (quite morbid) will kill and bring what they've killed to their owner for a gift? It is rather very romantic the having photos taken just to gift to me and now that video footage I was given to add to my video ...

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: HILARIOUS and too campy, Fairy! You with this let's NOT relive that incident, yet you post the link to the page it was on!! I'm surprised your 'Russian prince' wouldn't  be reading that and thinking you're being spiteful and rubbing it in.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ What are you doing and thinking while you read all this, Rudy darling?? ... Mmm - I still love the very first photo he had taken of himself to gift to me (pictured below) emulating his fave photo/post of his idol Nureyev. Then not to mention the times I myself had photographed him posing just for me in the ther photos I've added below, with selected photos of myself added alongside them .....

Over abundance of 'jewels' stuffed bulging-ly in those tight shorts....

Hello dears. I hope all of you are having a lovely weekend so far. You won't believe what became of me posting those (above) photos last night! I just have to share it with you. Before I do, laughable 'article' claiming my beloved idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and Nureyev's paths never crossed. It's a good example of non-fans who know nothing. 'Mr. X' had to laugh at it. Reality being, Freddie and Nureyev met in 1977. They were in an intimate relationship. So much for losers who aren't familiar (rolls eye lined eyes).

Anyways, I was at my London home. Pavlova at his Cambridge home. When we were posting on my public site yesterday. He phoned about 15 minutes after I posted what I did, along with photos. This is what he told me: 'well then, femmka, as with those alluring half naked looks of yours, you do know people will wear tight fitting clothes to flaunt and draw attention to certain (pause) assets. Such as that necklace cascading down your tits, for example.' 

I laughed! I was soooooo embarrassed and how do you even reply to something like that, darlings?! When I didn't reply, all but ... shyly ... laugh, he continued telling me, 'I must learn and understand more of your bohemian way of life. Perhaps I come and sleep in your bed at your London home. Cats and all, yes?' Apparently he took what I had posted (including photos) as an invite and ... aroused ... him ...

Below Photos:

Me in my Freddie-Liza (miZ Mercury) look rocking the stage - lips and tits on full display .... in panache effeminate diamond crotch leotard look.

Photo I stole from Pavlova estate many photo albums. On the back was written: 'Pavlova rehearsing with dance instructor. Haze Theatre'.


You know, my darlings, there is nothing like being married to this ... salaciously delectable (highly pleasing) man for nearly a year now. Well, will be a year come June (next month). And much of him remains a mystery. Such as the 'Sacred Forehead' section I did on the page Effeminate Epicene Queen. I honestly believe he is related to his idol Rudolf Nureyev and it's why he looks identical to him. As for me, I am just lucky I look so identical to my beloved idol I aspire to be, in every way. Anyways, dears, he came to my London home. Out of his elements. As always, behaving uncomfortable and too obviously bothered by wanting my thoughts about the video footage. It was embarrassing! We laid down - facing each other. He reached out petting my long midnight black hair saying, 'well then, kitten, how is your video coming along?' I mean, too obviously trying to get me to say something about the video footage he had Philip Goldman film of him dancing to have added to the video I'm putting together - just for you, my precious honies, who I appreciate so very much! Your devoted fandom is everything to me!

Thanks a lot to Johann (my best friend and costume designer) and him finding it necessary to post what he did, suggesting Pavlova have a talk with me! This was obviously him trying to do just that! Embarrassingly, he started to say, 'femmka, do not be shy of me' when one of my cats jumped on the bed. He sat up gasping, 'no cats! Get cat off bed!! Or I leave!' This is how I replied, dears, I ... purred ... 'Rudy darling, you said you wanted to learn more of - as you put it, my 'bohemian way of life'. My cats are allowed on the bed.' I could not believe it! He got up and left!!!

I was very upset!! Then I got a text from him asking if I remember when I fainted over learning the things written in that Dame Eleanor's diary and his valet (Ron Craster) wrote about it on the page Bohemian Queen?

Attached was a screenshot of what he was referring to (I've posted it below...)

Next text came which read: 'you claim you can not handle the size of my cock, baby, you handle it perfectly to my pleasure. Oh the advantages of being so very well endowed and having such a very sexual, exotic unruly creature to satisfy my sexual passions. Those sexually revealing little outfits you dress in really are arousing. Please don't be upset I left. Dream of me. Yours, Rudy '

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - ... and did you dream of me, femmka? It is 9pm here in England and forgive me that I never thought to ask all day long until now. Yes, 'glam rock queen's' adoring fans, the unruly 'divine lush creature' is still at her thievery. She is most fond of taking photos. But I no longer consider it stealing because  what is mine is hers. But it is the way she goes about ... how shall I say? Obtaining things. Slinking about in her curiosity killed the kitten cat manner. Perhaps you gift me video in return, femmka? I will never get over the time Goldman slipped me (below gif made of it) backstage footage of you being campy silly girl imitating my 'princely bow'. Footage from last year's Bristol concert, at that. Considering next weekend you will be performing Bristol venue for a third time. What else have you done that I am unaware of? ....

My precious fans, if any of you are even awake at this hour! It is 2:30 am here in London. For my European honies, it would be 3:30 am. I waited for Rudy to go off to bed to present all of you my video. I am so afraid of what his thoughts on it will be. I single-handedly put it together. I mean, he choreographs ballets and I'm a rock star! I am not a videographer and I refused to let my personal photographer (Greg Hastings) help me! I just needed to do this, just for you, my darlings! It is very lengthy with loads of footage of myself and Pavlova. The first two songs are me performing, live in Germany, Queen's (all these song were written by my beloved idol Freddie Mercury)

'In The Lap Of The Gods' and 'In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited'. As you know, I took my second very successful tour from last year's name from the song titling it Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited.


The other two is me performing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and 'Somebody To Love'. 'Somebody To Love' is the section

I placed the video footage Pavlova had Philip Goldman (viVid Photo Studio asst. photographer) film to include in my video ... So give me a few moments to get situated. Once I post it on here, I am going offline and to bed ...

I probably won't sleep wondering what all of you will be posting about it in the fan club comments.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy, Johann and I are so proud of you!!! We actually teared up. Comments are already flooding in from your adoring fans. There was only one flaw Johann and I spotted. You accidentally didn't remove the playback controls on the frame of Pavlova in his leather walking outside. Footage of him you yourself filmed? Can tell by his conduct ... (like the 'reaction' video you filmed of him). If you want, we could redo those frames removing the controls. Let me know. The footage of you that you chose to put in it is as stunningly breathtaking as your vocals emulating your idol on those songs. #speechless #unreal

Geoff Stafford (avid Fairy and Pavlova fan, fan club president, editor of Fairy Mercury online fanzine Loyal Subjects):

Mr. Hastings, I fanatically lost sleep just to see it! I knew my exotic idol was going to present it to her adoring fans by the cryptic message she posted earlier today in the fan club. OMG! It was soooooooo worth waiting to see! I am so dead and just can't right now - for real!!! Absolutely stunning and I am at total loss for words!! I'm crying - literally!

I'm in complete hysterics in the fan club comments, you guys!! Even that John Price nails guitar ... Fairy with her stunning Freddie-Liza vocals on 'In The Lap Of The Gods'. I wish I could sing like her. I loved the theatrical perfection of how she ended the entire video! Perfect FAIRY ... tale couple the footage throughout! I bet Mr. Hastings is right that my exotic idol filmed her multimillionaire princely ballet danseur in that footage he mentioned. John Price is claiming it was filmed by Fairy as Pavlova got off the private plane in Germany!  John, we should start Loyal Subject 6 so we can discuss this! Can't wait until Pavlova wakes and sees Fairy's video!! She's like a nervous mess right now over it, I bet!!

Pavlova's Reaction To Fairy's First Ever Self Produced Video

by Ron Craster valet for Pavlova, stage director at Haze Theatre and Fairy Mercury's concerts

As any long time fan of the glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury knows, she is fond of sleeping until noon - 1pm.

As she had posted before gracing you, her adoring fans, with her very first ever self produced music video, she waited until the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova went off to bed around midnight. She then put the finishing touches on the video. Exhausted, at 2:30 am she felt it was ready to be presented and posted it,

as mentioned in the message she posted along with it. She stayed awake for another hour as many fans in Europe and UK, actually still awake at that hour, went into a wild frenzy and the fan club comments was soon consumed with comments. Killer Queen, unable to read anymore, her exotic dark eye lined liquid brown eyes heavy with sleep, exhaustion overcame her and she slinked off to bed cuddling to her sound asleep prince.

Fairy really does suffer for her art.

8am. Pavlova awakes and has his usual breakfast prepared by his cook Prescott. He then goes off into the study asking in Russian if Sir Thomas will be coming to visit this morning. I tell him I have not heard and give him his laptop and tell him that he might like to look at his femmka's public website straight away. 'Oh?' he curiously replies,

blue-grey eyes eyeing me, then says, ‘well then, what has the unruly creature been up to now, Ronnie old boy?’ and opens his laptop. He then clears his throat and breathes, ‘phone Sir Thomas’ I ask him, ‘in regards to? If he will be paying a visit this morning?’ He doesn’t reply. Instead he makes a gesture I know all too well when he wishes for me to bring him a glass of cherry brandy. Giving him the glass of brandy, he takes it and stares off towards a set of six French doors in the room which lead out to the back garden of the Cambridge estate. He sighs turning his attention back on the laptop and presses play to watch the exotic glam rock queen’s first ever self produced music video.

Gifs made from off Fairy Mercury's first ever self produced music video.

Satin queen and lord of leather.

Pavlova specifically pointed out the footage of Fairy from the video saying,

'that lovely little ass in sinfully tight satin trousers. So very desirously forbidden'

Several times, he quietly breathes, ‘my desirous forbidden creature’ more to himself then to me, then aloud,

‘ah! She has perfectly timed the frames with certain parts of lyrics!’ Continuing to watch the video intently, he then says, ‘dramatic, theatrical and very artistic! I must wake her and tell her I have watched her video, Ronnie old boy!

Come in case I speak Russian and you need to translate for her.’

I follow him up the grand stair case then to the master bedroom suite and uncomfortably follow him in to the intimate quarters. I glance towards the bed long enough to see the partially covered with a sheet, sleeping completely naked, exotic Persian queen. I keep my eyes down cast. As if in a ballet dancing as the prince as his idol Nureyev, Pavlova heads theatrically to the bed and gathers Fairy sitting up in his arms saying, ‘wake, my sleeping beauty! I have watched your video and it was such art!’ Fairy moans, sleepily purring, ‘Let me sleep, Rudy darling,

I am so tired!’ then almost campy, comes fully awake gasping, ‘no! Oh my god! You watched the video?!’ Pavlova takes her black nails left hand delivering his princely kiss to the back of it and says, ‘I show you what I think. There are no words. I show (heavy emphasis on the word ‘show’) you what I think, femmka!’ Then gestures for me to leave…

 ~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ If you only knew what happened after you left, Ron ... I might post about it later when I give details about the private Haze Theatre concert I will be performing ... In the meanwhile, Bristol, are you ready to be rocked this weekend?! I've been in Bristol rehearsing since Tuesday.


In continuation, dears, it takes 15-20 minutes sometimes even longer before the bloody 'site editor' to load! Oh well, I guess we live with it. At least we're able to ... What happened after Ron Craster left the bedroom. I mean, after reading what he wrote about Rudy's reaction to the video, it almost makes what happened comical.  Especially what he wrote here: Continuing to watch the video intently, he then says,‘dramatic, theatrical and very artistic! I must wake her and tell her I have watched her video, Ronnie old boy! Come in case I speak Russian and you need to translate for her.’

Because the moment he gestured to his valet to leave, he speaks Russian to me! I had to laugh when I read that part of what his valet wrote. It was like, so much for translating, huh, Ron?

Talking of reactions ...

Anyways ... now it makes sense when I told him, 'speak English, Rudy darling' and he looked towards the door.

He was surprised I put the footage of him having gotten off the private plane on my video. Still having not talked to him about the footage he gave me to add to it, he had his laptop with him. He found  the footage of me on it made out of a gif pictured in Ron Craster's write up, and caressing his fingertip over my ass in the obscenely tight satin trousers in the footage said, 'I want my cock in that.' I gasped, 'WHAT?!' and he firmly grasped hold my shoulders saying, 'don't be shy of me, femmka! Now why you put footage I give you on part here' Finds the part in the video, me singing the lyrics in 'Somebody To Love' - 'got no feel, I got no rhythm, I just keep losing my beat' ... I mean, it was almost funny if he wasn't being so serious about it! He paused it and then said, 'you think my dancing was off? Why you put footage there in that part?' I purred ... 'the expression on your face at the end' He sat caressing my

bare ... shoulder saying, 'all of it, from start to finish, was such artistic beauty. I make love to you now to show you.'

I'll end there, darlings ... I'm sure you don't need details of the sex we have ... mmm or do you? ... Would you like to know? HA!!

Now about my private concert to be held the evening of 25 May ... at Haze Theatre. I am inviting 10 of you, my precious fans, no matter where you reside - Europe or UK - to attend the private concert!! We are having a contest and if you live outside of London, all expenses paid!! That means travel, hotel, etc. How grand is that?! Details will be posted in my fan club site on how to enter the contest. I only ask that the winners try to behave because there will be many very important people in attendance.

Below transferred from homepage per the 'FAIRY...tale couple' and 'Mr. X's' request because it was 'that funny'

[Section deleted per Fairy & Pavlova's request]

 My first actual post without being quoted or mentioned. Rudy, your humour is so Nureyev's. Fairy's 'wild laugh'

is even identical to Freddie's. I like the idea of turning Loyal Subjects fanzine into a blog. It suits the entire 'fanzine' vibe Fairy wants created with it.  Cheers, 'Mr. X'

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - What a pleasant surprise, my fine friend. We need you to help promote

likeness to idols, yes? Perhaps start new blog style Loyal Subjects fanzine off with you expressing thoughts

on my femmka's new video. Think offer over. Your co-written book was a huge success with her fans, as you know.

She performs to sold out Bristol tonight in another hour, you come? We have after party and talk.


Hello dears. As those fans who have fan club membership know (if you still don't have membership and you're a devoted fan, I encourage you to join!) the winners for my private intimate concert to be held at Haze Theatre

25 May ... (mmm I just love birthday boys) were announced yesterday. Giving you who won a week and 1/2 to prepare. For us to make necessary arrangements for the all expenses paid offer to those from Europe or outside of London. I just have to post myself and Pavlova's laughing gifs right now before I continue, my darlings.

We, who I mean by that is myself, Rudy and my main entourage, met at Haze Theatre yesterday to discuss a few things. Apparently everyone is now after my PR man's NOT so coveted position. My personal photographer and his asst. photographer thinks the photos aren't given enough attention and many stories they can tell you, my precious fans, about photographing them. I told them, then why not just jump in and start posting. Jorge only does promotion. Mainly on the homepage. Then they got into this heated row. Remember Pavlova is very wealthy and comes with it, strict etiquette. He kept trying to speak and they wouldn't let him get a word in edge wise (as that old saying has it). He was so fucking sexy how he kept looking at me like in the one reaction video I had made. This particular frame that I had made a gif out of.

I was quietly laughing over it and then I mouthed ... to him, 'let's leave'. He glanced at my ... erotically ... drenched in glossed lips ... He then got up and slowly made his way to where I was. We then slowly made our way to the door and left. I hugged his arm to my tits me and ... purred, 'I wonder if they would even notice we're gone.' He looked down over at his arm hugged to ... me and said, 'well, I most certainly would' I tired so hard not to laugh, dears! As I was thinking, 'yeah, as in if my tits were overly dressed so he was denied of lusting them' Remember when we first met, my precious fans, and my costume designer (and best friend) would entertain you with 'write ups' about me being a right tart making 'surprise visits' to Haze Theatre to flirt with Rudy? How the people who work there would behave over seeing us two together? They still act like it. We entered the main stage area and many of the staff were in there putting together an upcoming production. They kept 'stealing glances' at us and trying to focus on their work. Behaving very nervous over our presence.

They really got nervous behaving when we sat in the back row after Pavlova gestured for me to sit. He took my black nails left hand caressing the back of it saying to me in his broken English Russian accent, 'as you know, next month is wedding anniversary. I think long enough that you are ready to know more.' Someone on the stage loudly gasped out, 'be careful with that!!'  I then notice everyone in the main stage area nervously glance at us as one of the background props nearly toppled over. I just sat there staring at the back of the seat in front of me as he then said,

'I try to say all this in English, femmka. When things like that would happen (referring to the prop that nearly toppled over) Nureyev thought it was doing of the KBG. He was very paranoid after defecting from Russia. I too must be careful (long pause, sigh, then) We celebrate wedding anniversay in Vienna, yes?' getting up, holding the fingers of my black nails left hand in his hand. 'Of course, Rudy darling', I ... purred ... getting up. He then said something in Russian. I was about to tell him to to speak English when he said what he obviously had said, 'I tell you more then.'

Now about that new blog. I mean, what a total disaster so far! Rudy darling, post what you said to me about it!

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I tell my femmka, boy disables comments most likely thinking Fairy and

I won't intrude. Then he finds it necesary to create drama publicly posting issues with background. Then he proceeds to contact Schumann, being upset blog won't allow side by side alignment of photos and gifs. Schumann tells him, 'be creative then. We're not turning back.'

Now we wait for that other one who talks so much about cocks ... to post on there about my femmka filming me getting off private plane. I talk in length with my fine friend I refer to as 'Mr. X' - one who knew Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the '70s, about my femmka's video. We start new page and he will post his thoughts there.

Note: Fans, since this posting, the blog idea has been scrapped.

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