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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Will You Do The Fandango?

My other fans need me and I know it would be your wish for me to not dwell but to step into my ballet slippers, eye lined my eyes, preen my midnight black hair and slip into my satin and go on with the show.

Coming tomorrow:

Manchester - 100 miles northwest of London.

3 hour drive by motorway - the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury is scheduled to perform 2 nights sold out shows when day 3 of rehearsals the worse case scenario becomes reality.


Fairy, I have deleted it. It's been up long enough, kitten. Phase it out now and for good. Dull, boring and miserably negative. Never changes. Thank you, Dame Eleanor, you know what for... Regards, Mr. N. Pavlova - Haze Theatre

Swoons ... Are you ready for tomorrow, Nikolai dear?? .... and btw, thank you. xx Sweet dreams, Fairy

My precious fans, I hope you won't become upset I do this. Bore you with serious trash. Aww, I know - sad faces. Because you were looking forward to the start of this post/page. But I am very sick with the flu. I sat there last night in my London home upset thinking how I should be gracing the stage performing for my precious Manchester fans and those who were in the comments section with your plans on traveling from outskirts of Manchester to see my show. Hopefully I will feel better and things will get back to normal. [omitted per Fairy's request]


From one of my precious fans in Manchester (Darren C.) - I hope the ever so elegant exotic prancer sees this comment I'm leaving since he reads all the comments his fans post. [omitted - phased out...] On topic, get well soon, exotic prancer, and return to Manchester!!! I bought tickets to both Friday and Sat. night's shows.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Awww don't go 'hyperventilating' that I took it upon myself to feature your comment, dear. HA! I proved to you that I do read the comments all my precious fans post (wink, wink). I made sure I chose one from a fan in Manchester because I'm terribly distraught that I had to cancel my shows and as my PR man posted, it was the first time ever. My throat gave out on me, my darlings! How can the song bird sing if ... her ... throat isn't working to full potential? Poor dear Johann can't play up romance novelist over me being melodramatic queen phoning Haze Theatre with my tragic plight. I mean, sooooo fucking charming like the 'Russian prince' he is how one Mr. Nikolai Pavlova (my agent) handled it. Hints at my costume designer to take the cue to get things back on topic and ward off the dull evil ... Dame Eleanor, get making your gifs you're so fond of making of ... him ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. 💜 🌈 Fairy

Me feeling 'blah' but still being glam af.


Trying it again ....

Manchester - 100 miles northwest of London.

3 hour drive by motorway - the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury is scheduled to perform 2 nights sold out shows when day 3 of rehearsals the worse case scenario becomes reality.


The more the week of rehearsals goes on, the worse Fairy starts to feel. Wednesday, he realizes he is not going to get better. His throat is now giving out on him. I (Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury) offer to phone Haze Theatre on how to proceed about the exotic prancer needing to cancel his weekend shows.Fairy tells me that he will be the one to make the call. Even sick, he remains campy. He is put through to Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s personal assistant’s ext. He puts the call on speakerphone. Dame Eleanor answers almost immediately. Obviously being told who has phoned … The Persian glam rock queen purrs, ‘I need to speak with (pauses – exotic dark eyes lacking any eyeliner – glances at me as if searching for how he should address the Russian prince. Then continues to purr) Mr. Pavlova – it’s rather urgent.’ We hear Dame Eleanor curiously say, ‘oh?’ obviously expecting Fairy to say more. Realizing he isn’t going to says,’ very well. I’ll put you right through to his office.’ Obviously wrong, because we can hear Mr. Pavlova’s Russian accent say, ‘who is it? I’m headed down to the main stage – there’s been an issue.’ Dame Eleanor’s voice replies, ‘It’s Fairy – she says it’s urgent. It might be - um – personal. Take it in your office.’ Obviously that was ignored as his voice comes on almost straight away saying, ‘yes, kitten, what is urgent?’

Both of us, Greg Hastings (as everyone knows by now – Fairy’s personal photographer) and a few of the stage crew looking like suppressed laughter over listening in on speakerphone to all this, Fairy purrs, ‘Darling, I’m very ill. It hurts to sing – my throat is sore. I will need to cancel my shows here in Manchester. I feel so awful about this because I don’t want to let my fans down!’ Very hilariously, Mr. Nikolai Pavlova's Russian accent replies jokingly, ‘Well even a prima ballerina – I mean um – glam rock queen – wrong scene. I thought we were doing Giselle. You know, kitten, that to me is the best ballet Nureyev danced, in my opinion. Since you’re so curious about The Nutcracker. Well anyways, you’re entitled to be sick as perfect your fans think you are. Shall I come get you then? I’ll speak with the booking agent.’ Killer Queen preening the top of his midnight black hair head, dark exotic eyes staring at me purrs, ‘would you, dear? I mean, you would drive 3 long hours just to come get me?’ Greg literally snickering has to take off out of earshot as you can hear Dame Eleanor say to the ‘Russian prince’, ‘say yes, Nikolai! She wants to be alone with you. You’ve read how she keeps on about has yet to engage in a lengthy conversation with you! The drive from Manchester to London will provide that!’


The drive from Manchester to London coming next.


Me trolling the greatest romance novelist of all time my costume designer's post. It is 2:30am here in London. I fell asleep for a solid 4 hours, my darlings! I woke and came online to read more of your precious comments you have been leaving in the comments section of the fan club. That is what alerted me to my costume designer had started the post/page. I can't wait until he gets to the drive to London. I learned that one Mr. Pavlova can not stand that Mikhail Barysnikov. Rudolf Nureyev's competition - Nureyev wannabe. You know the ugly known for being a ladies man straight prick ballet dancer who Liza Minnelli dated in the 1970s. Anyways, I read in a bio on Liza that she was known for 'gravitating towards effeminate men'. She was married to a gay man. My beloved idol Freddie Mercury idolized Liza and took a lot of inspiration from her. Anyways, I promised Mr. Nikolai Pavlova I would find, scan and post these from a 1977 interview I have on my idol.

Plus a photo bonus for you, Nikolai darling. I hope you ... enjoy ... it. The photo. Kiss, kiss. Fairy


Fairy's adoring fans, in keeping this coordinated, I think I am going to post what Mr. Nikolai Pavlova told him during the drive from Manchester to London about Barysnikov VS Nureyev. Btw, I can't wait until you guys read what happened on the drive. I will get to it soon. So now I'll skip to the conversation. He complemented Fairy again on 'My Melancholy Blues' then he told Fairy, 'speaking of Liza and Freddie taking such inspiration from her and the movie Cabaret, you know she dated Barysnikov in the '70s. I can not stand him. He was a copycat following in the great Rudolf Nureyev's shadow. In the '60s, Nureyev defected from Russia. I believe in the '70s Barysnikov copied Nureyev by doing the same. It was funny how he didn't even get the publicity the original and first Russian ballet dancer to do it - Nureyev got. Then Nureyev was much publicized dancing in Studio 54 with Liz Taylor. Barysnikov copied that; being publicized dancing with Liza Minnelli in Studio 54. Barysnikov was a boring straight ladies man whereas Nureyev was gay.'


Fairy laughed so hard over it. But you, the exotic prancer's adoring fans, really need to hear about the entire drive. Needless to say, I accompanied them. Greg Hastings (viVid Studio/personal photog to the ever so elegant FM incarnate) drove his car (the 3 of us went to Manchester in) back alone.


(Fans, please get the campy wit of Fairy wanting me to add this above gif provided by Dame Eleanor to this section. In case you don't - the 'Russian prince' "arriving" ... it's him rehearsing ballet) Mr. Nikolai Pavlova arrives at the hotel we’re staying and we head off on the 3 hour drive to London. I’d like to mention, the above conversation was held on our way through and out the hotel to his car. I offer for the ever so elegant Fairy to ride in the back so he can lay down to sleep. I almost knew he would refuse and slides his satin clad body onto the passenger seat.

The ‘Russian prince’ says, ‘the booking agent will phone my office so we can reschedule the shows, kitten.’ Fairy glances back at me in the backseat then purrs, turning his attention to his phone obviously looking for something on it, ‘Do you remember our jaunt through Hyde Park, dear? When we were discussing you ummm emulating those nude poses of Nureyev. You know, those photos I asked for that were hanging in Haze Theatre?’ a slight grin playing around his sensuous full heavily glossed lips adding, ‘we discussed it was art.’ I can see the Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s expression through the rear view mirror – a look of embarrassment over the Persian queen bringing that up. (Familiarize yourself with A Rhapsodic Fairy ... Tale, if you aren't already)

Fairy places his right hand holding his phone over onto Mr. Pavlova’s thigh. His black varnished nails left hand’s index finger erotically making caressing gestures over the … bulge … in this photo (pictured above) as his sibilant purr purrs, ‘So, my darling, about the note I left in your coat pocket (pauses) I really was hoping for a reply.’ I continue to watch the Russian prince’s profile and in the rear view mirror. I can see him blush as he glances down at the phone, Fairy’s black varnished nail index finger doing the erotic caressing over the well endowed privates hugged in leotards. He then reaches out to the temp. controls panel saying in Russian; tone very embarrassed, ‘are you warm enough?’ I’m about to translate to Fairy when I see him reach over caressing his black nail index finger erotically over the corner of Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s mouth purring, ‘speak English, dear’ The Russian clears his throat saying, ‘I asked if you were warm enough, kitten. Please don’t distract me while I’m driving.’ Tone very embarrassed.


Fairy sighs leaving his phone laying on Mr. Pavlova’s thigh and purrs, ‘were you being serious about (pauses) us (long pause) doing the Fandango – you know, when I perform at Haze Theatre or were you joking?’ The Russian glances over at him breathing, ‘yes, I was being serious’ clears his throat and says, ‘and to answer your question, I’m not you – so I don’t know what you can (pauses) handle.’ The exotic prancer wildly laughs obviously caught off guard not expecting a reply to his very naughty, very erotic, ‘do you think I can handle what’s in your trousers?’ question he asked in the note he had put in Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s coat pocket. Fairy snatches his phone off the Russian prince’s thigh and lays his midnight black hair head over onto his shoulder. I can hear him sleepily dreamily purring, ‘I want you to dance with me, darling, just like in ballet. It’s so romantic.’ I can see Nikolai eye me through the rear view mirror.

Awakening the sleeping beauty ....


The rest continued soon including Fairy's possible take.

Hello dears, I am feeling much better today and as was announced on the fan club yesterday, hold onto your tickets, my precious fans in/around Manchester! I will be performing this coming weekend instead! Isn’t that grand?! Now to comment on the best selling romance novelist of all time my costume designer’s write up.Poor ‘he’s so hawt’ Greg – my talented personal photographer – having to travel back to London alone.‘Kocked’ – really, darlings?! Don’t be such a mess!! I mean, you need to never live that down. HA! Well, anyways, prince charming arrived at the hotel. I kept telling Johann that I couldn’t let him see me this way. A total mess, my dears!! My hair – everything reflected the ill state I was in. So Johann helped me – after all he is my costume designer – to some what tart myself up to look at least half way presentable for the charming “Russian prince”.

I laughed so hard in spite of it hurt to. My throat was absolutely raw, dears!!! Well, let me back up. He took my hand and kissed the back of it telling me, ‘we’ll get you better in no time, kitten’ I mean I fucking melt over the ‘kitten’ bit! I just can’t!! Anyways, as we made our way through the hotel, he entertains us with that hilarious parody of a fanatical fan being upset over their idol being copied story. As much as I do love my best friend forever and always and talented costume designer one Johann Wagner, he leaves out things in his … ahem … bringing you, my precious fans, ‘candid’ fairy tales on me - your star. When he finished, we are at his car at this moment, he launches into something out of a dramatic ballet of Nureyev. Literally getting down on one knee, taking my hand caressing the back of it, gazing … up at me saying in a comical pathetic parody, ‘miZ Mercury, whatever you do, don’t leave me for Baryshnikov! I just couldn’t bare it! I would have to become Romeo and down a vial of poison!’ Both Johann and myself were crying laughing so hard over it!

Where my costume designer left off. I ended up falling asleep. I’ll let him continue with what happened. My darlings, what are the odds? My life is like a surreal … fairy … tale! A crazy deja vu. As if I were literally reincarnated as my beloved idol Freddie Mercury (who died 24 Nov. - tomorrow, to be exact, commemorates another anniversary of his death ♰ ). What makes it bizarre is that none of it is a put on. Something staged, deliberate, made up, on purpose! It’s all for real. Such as the most recent bizarre of my new agent having emulated Nureyev and that the gay Russian ballet dancer was one of the people my idol was ‘involved in’. There are quotes of him talking of going to see both (ahem – pauses to laugh) Baryshnikov and Nureyev perform. My idol was an avid fan of the ballet. He took the ballet inspiration from Nijinsky. Hoping you are familiar with Nijinsky. A quick run down. He was effeminate – gay. He was known for being ‘sexless’ – androgynous. He is one of the most legendary ballet dancers of all time before Nureyev came about. The story of Nijinsky is very interesting, dears, you might want to educate yourself on it. The controversial L’apres-midi d’un faune’ ballet which was bizarrely only 12 minutes long and ended with Nijinsky laying on the stage simulating sex. My idol took the Harlequin leotard look from Nijinsky. One book talks of ‘whereas Nijinsky was effeminate, Nureyev was masculine.’


So as I started to say, it’s yet another chapter in the seemingly unrealistic … fairy … tale of me and my likeness to my beloved idol because I didn’t deliberately go out to seek some man who emulated Nureyev to become my agent.

I didn’t even know that about him until when I was in Haze Theatre that day I met him! I’ll end with this. ♰ R.I.P. ♰ my beloved idol. Thank you for living on through me. It’s what I literally live for is to be you. 💜 🌈 Fairy


Per the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's request, I have been asked to post Mr. Nikolai Pavolva's remembrance to Fairy's idol Freddie Mercury on this page after what he had posted in remembrance on the anniversary of his death.


Message from Mr. N. Pavlova, Haze Theatre

It is 24 Nov. 10am here in London as I write this. The time Haze Theatre usually opens our doors. Today the doors remain closed and the stage lights off save one. A blue spotlight focused on the middle of the stage and there lies a single rose.We have closed our doors in remembrance of 'the greatest singer of all time' - the legendary Freddie Mercury who passed away on this date. I would like to take the time to thank the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's dedicated adoring fans for their fandom of him. Not only that, but for embracing him as 'this day and age Freddie Mercury'. The word so many of you are fond of using 'awestruck' when struggling to describe your feelings of the eerie likeness Fairy has to his idol Freddie Mercury.


The appropriate words escape me. I believe there are none sufficient enough to put this "divine lush creature"(the phrase Freddie Mercury once describe his own self as) into words. A moment I will never forget is the moment Fairy graced me with his presence in my office the first day we met, in person. It was like the real Freddie Mercury, as he was in the 1970s decade, materialized before me.

I was, as you fans say, 'awestruck'. Please take time, if you haven't already, to read the touching message Fairy left yesterday in homage to his beloved idol Freddie Mercury The entire world should stand in awe and amazement at Fairy Mercury's extreme likeness to the iconic rock music legend Freddie Mercury. It's haunting, these words of the DJ that closes out Fairy's profile.

Bohemian Rhapsody performance and interview snippet


I will start my interview out with the stunning beyond words very talented Fairy Mercury by discussing this snippet of a performance of the legendary 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and the past radio interview clip that follows it. The interview will be unscripted. So like everything the very unpredictable campy and very sexual (like his beloved idol he aspires to be was), I'll try to be well prepared.


In closing, I personally would like to thank you once again for chosing to be fans of this very talented, unique amazing individual that is Fairy Mercury. Freddie Mercury most certainly does live on through him. Once our doors re-open, we will begin promotion for his December shows at Haze Theatre. In the words of the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley:'Peace, peace, he is not dead - he does not sleep - he has awaken from the dream of life'5 Sept. 1946 - 24 Nov. 1991 - R.I.P., Freddie
Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre


The continuation....

Awakening The Sleeping Beauty


Fairy snatches his phone off the Russian prince’s thigh and lays his midnight black hair head over onto his shoulder. I can hear him sleepily dreamily purring, ‘I want you to dance with me, darling, just like in ballet. It’s so romantic.’ I can see Nikolai eye me through the rear view mirror.


After a solid ½ hour of driving in silence and several glances at me through the rear view mirror by the sandy haired Russian prince. It being too obvious the Persian glam rock queen has fallen asleep with his midnight black hair head still laying over onto Mr. Pavlova’s shoulder. Another look at me through the rear view mirror, he finally speaks saying in Russian, ‘is she seriously interested in pursuing a relationship with me, Johann, or is she being a fanciful silly girl with a (pauses) as you say crush?’ I reply back in his language, ‘she is not like that, Nikolai. She is seriously interested in you.’ then laugh because ‘interested in’ is such an understatement. A puzzled look crosses his face as he asks in Russian, ‘why do you laugh?’ I reply, ‘interested isn’t even the appropriate word. She is only 38. She has searched ½ that for the man she desires most and you are that without a doubt.’


He laughs shaking his sandy brown hair head glancing down over at the midnight black hair head laying on his shoulder and says, ‘perhaps I should wake the sleeping beauty with a kiss.’ I tell him, ‘Fairy would more than love that if you did.’ We drive on in silence for another half hour nearing the exotic prancer’s London home. When we arrive, I watch as Mr. Nikolai Pavlova caresses Fairy’s cheek quietly saying, ‘wake up, kitten, go in have a lovely cup of tea and off to bed and get better.’ I see him glance at Fairy’s heavily glossed sensuous full lips, slightly blush and (to my disappointment) he pushes open the driver’s door and gets out hurrying to the passenger door opening it for the ever so elegant Fairy, with a sweeping gesture of his arm as if emulating one of the prince’s Nureyev danced as in ballet. ‘How fucking charming!’ the exotic Killer Queen purrs under his breath over it glancing at me over the back of the car seat. I whisper to him that I can’t wait until we get in so I can tell him what happened when he had fallen asleep.

Like the melodramatic queen he is, Fairy’s satin clad body slinks out of the car and he purrs, ‘just go, darling. I can’t bear to have you see me like this a moment longer. Thank you for coming all that way just to bring me home. You’re so charming.’ then brushes his satin clad body against Mr. Pavlova slowly moving past him and I hear him quietly purr, ‘mmm – I intend on finding out if I can handle (pauses) it, dear.’ Inside the exotic prancer’s London home, I tell him about Mr. Pavlova asking me if he is seriously interested in pursing a relationship with him or if he is just having a silly girl crush. Then I told Fairy that he said he should wake sleeping beauty with a kiss and how I think he was seriously going to but became shy. The divine lush creature (in spite of being very sick) wildly laughed, ‘Oh I fucking love it! I really do want to play this out as long as possible, dear! The prince must claim his queen. I think he is obviously deciding what his next move needs to be.’


Fairy’s adoring fans, we will be embarking on promoting the much anticipated shows of the glam rock queen’s on 18 & 19 of Dec. at Haze Theatre. The weekend before Christmas. But before then, Fairy returns to Manchester after canceling last weekends shows. Bring your loudest cheers and applause. Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury.


Alright, my darlings, I am here after midnight having wrapped up my 2nd night Manchester show over an hour ago. I've FINALLY gotten alone after escaping the madness of so many people wanting my attention and then I had to ask my personal photographer - you know, that 'he's so hawt' Greg Hastings to give me a few photos from tonight's show that I can use with my post. So here is the first and it's so Christmas-sy, don't you think, dears? Me under green spotlight?


You might have to wait awhile longer, my precious fans. Or go off to bed and just check this tomorrow. I can't believe this has happened! I am going to have to wait for Greg to contact me. I lost the promo video!!!! Please bear with me. I am a bit drunk and was so fucking rocked by all of you with your amazing reception you gave me. While I wait for him to return my call, let me tell you what happened backstage before tonight's show. I had a surprise visit from my agent Mr. Nikolai Pavlova and his personal assistant Dame Eleanor.


Apparently my asking Mr. F. J. Boyd to join me on my public site Thursday caused quite a stir. HA!! I mean, I haven't laughed so hard since the (it really was funny) parody ... he ... did of a fanatic being upset your idol is being copied when I was so ill and was ... gallantly ... driven back to my London home from Manchester. I am gifted a single rose. No bouquet. He ... is about to take my black varnished nails left hand's fingers (it must be that one, my darlings! ...) obviously to kiss it (mmm... his breath on my hand before he kisses it - it is soooooo fucking arousing) Anyways, before he is able to, this Dame Eleanor pulls me aside demanding we MUST talk! I had to tell this woman that I was due on stage in moments. Apparently it was urgent and couldn't possibly wait. I was, as they say, 'given the third degree' about why am I "trying to get information out of Francis Boyd when you should just come directly to Pavlova! Why are you being like this?! Is it because you are upset over thinking the size of his penis -" I stopped the humiliation there, dears! I was trying to keep a serious face - when I heard ... penis .... I had to turn away and I just glided off saying I was due on stage. ( * 'he' is in reference to Mr. Nikolai Pavlova)

Well, when my show ended and I came off stage, Johann - remember him? My best friend forever and always and costume designer - the world's greatest romance novelist of all time. He shoves a glass of champagne in my hand laughing, 'you'll need this and the entire bottle, Fairy. You have got to see this!' handing me his phone. A barrage of texts from this Dame Eleanor and I am going to copy all of them on here for you to read, my dears, because if you need a laugh - here it is!!

  • Johann, I understand the entire 'rock star' thing. They aren't proper like ballet. But she gets too much! Unlady like, as Mr. Boyd scolded her. She couldn't properly thank Pavlova over the phone for the get well roses. Instead, he has to read her telling her adoring fans about receiving them on her website. She behaves like a 'glam rock queen' alright! If it were ballet - she would be a prima ballerina! Prima defined: undisciplined - uncooperative person.

  • Yes, I suppose it's entertaining to her fans the silly 'romance novel' bit trying to bring them the candid side of her, but it is silly for any of you to behave as if Pavlova isn't going to read it!

  • Show her these photos and you tell her that he will give her ANYTHING she wants-desires!

  • He is obsessed - in love with her, Johann! He is afraid of how she makes him feel. He doesn't understand her.

  • She was breathtakingly her idol Freddie Mercury up there on stage tonight 'wow-ing' her adoring fans.

These are the photos that Johann was suppose to be showing me that was in the text messages. I refuse to quit because all of you are so amused by thinking it's funny how we talk of 'the Haze Theatre people' as if they're not going to be reading. Apparently, they left right after my gig ended, my darlings. Have you ever watched Great Expectations? When Pip and Estella are sent off to London to become proper gentleman and lady? Perhaps I should learn some proper etiquette. Picture me in fits of melodramatic theatrical laughter .... and speaking of ... theatrical. I have a special treat for you. The promo for my Haze Theatre shows! Isn't that just grand?!

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - Fairy, he's a 'refined gentleman'. Princely ... If you ever watch things on Nureyev, he has that personality. He didn't know what 'crush' meant and I had to explain it to him. I left that out of my 'write up' of the drive from Manchester to London. The comments your fans are already leaving though .... you have the most wonderful fan base ever, Fairy.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ What you said about Nureyev, dear. I'm still laughing over the expression on his face when that Dame Eleanor interrupted him about to kiss my hand. He looked like, 'how dare you deny me a kiss of MY queen?!' Oh how I wish I was yours! You are sooooo fucking charming! Make me yours! I want you to take me sooooo fucking bad with your ... well endowed ... cock! So anyways, my precious fans, I am going to have my personal photographer upload the video and I hope you enjoy it. I can hardly wait to read your comments on it. Sweet dreams xx Fairy

Message from Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre: I sat here thinking of how to reply. The video is beautiful as I remember you up on the stage from last night, kitten. Looking sinfully divine in the tight white satin cat suit. Fairy's, adoring fans, he started the promotion during last night's show in Manchester. Pity those who weren't there. The rendition of 'White Christmas' done in 'My Melancholy Blues' style. I am excited to have this amazingly talented star who emulates his idol Freddie Mercury to such perfection grace the main stage of Haze Theatre. Back to you, miZ Mercury, you've said it yourself, it is embarrassing having yourself put into words and your costume designer's candid accounts of you for your fans does just that. Not only of you but myself as well. What I meant by not breaking confidence was not about me but Dame Eleanor. Her and Mr. Francis James Boyd were lovers. As you know, he is gay thus ending the relationship. They remain very good friends. If you are on and would like to come on here and entertain your adoring fans in conversation with me, I will be online for another hour. Kind regards, Nikolai


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I slept until 2pm!! I was that exhausted from the last 2 nights shows. It is now 5:30pm.

I suppose you are no longer online, Nikolai. I receivedeved text msgs. and even phone calls from several people asking if I saw you posted and if I was going to reply. Of course, my precious fans took to the comments section on the fan club carrying on wondering the same. Please don't ask Johann to stop the 'candid accounts' as you put it. My fans really enjoy it. He is employed by two people - your Haze Theatre and myself as my costume designer. Then you have Jorge Schumann who you appointed my web designer and PR. I asked Francis about you, dear, because I am a curious kitten cat over him telling me he knows you. He's only told me he's seen you perform as Nureyev and that I really do need to see you dance. I told him I don't want to see you dance, I want to dance with you!!! I watch Nureyev dance and he is such the prince that he dances as. Graceful and strong. Enchanting. The relationship I adore is that between a gay effeminate (queen) and a strong masculine gay man. Thank you for lavishing me with the complements on the video - last night's show. As for backstage before my show - what was that all about?! Then those texts to Johann. I laughed so hard, darling.

I might pay you another visit at Haze Theatre sometime this week ...... xx Fairy

(what exactly did she mean by this in the one text?? 'He doesn't understand her.')


Message from Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Ever so elegant Fairy, I adore your camp humor. I suppose it can never be said enough how amazingly you are so very much like Freddie Mercury you aspire to be. You've more than succeeded. She is so adamant ... never mind, I won't finish. Everyone at Haze Theatre was so taken by your exotic beauty and eerie resemblance to Freddie Mercury, including Dame Eleanor. When she learned you had this 'crush' on me and your reaction to the ... nude ... photos and how I received you when we met, she is determined ...

'You Take My Breath Away' live - intimate and flawlessly elegant!

2nd night of sold out Flight Of The Fairy show

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