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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Exotic Prancer


The ever so elegant Fairy Mercury continues to prance in the ballet slippers of his idol 1970's decade Freddie Mercury in his surreal journey through life and fame.

'I did this very exotic leap, fell into the dancers' arms...'

Freddie Mercury on learning ballet with the Royal Ballet.

All because of the stupidity that we seriously hope that once and for all shut up the jealous copy/paste make believe insulting and offending haters of Fairy.Destroying his happiness and creativity. It’s not being done for them and the non-fans of Fairy creeps NEED to listen about fucking off and better get real. Enough has been said. It’s time to move on and leave those never changing cruel freaks far behind. Irrelevant to Fairy’s fame. They’re not going to get anymore of their negative attention. Those creeps (asshole freak show clownish ‘the media’ and their ugly bores ‘celebrities’) better not have the nerve to ‘crawl up out of the sewer’ coming back for more about stalking, copy/paste, make believe and offending/insulting living in fucked up fantasy world shit. It’s boring and too damn negative to dwell anymore on.

It seems like ages ago since the divine lush creature Fairy Mercury’s public website has been posted to. At least you, his adoring fans, haven’t been denied your very famous glam rock queen who has graced you several times throughout the long boring week with his presence on the fan club / private site. Giving you your money’s worth. Exclusive content such as the long anticipated seeing the exotic prancer dance with his crush agent former ballet danseur/Nureyev impersonator Mr. Nikolai Pavlova in the sneak peek rehearsal teaser video. Exclusively ONLY in the fan club. A glimpse into what is to come in February for when the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury resumes his much anticipated ‘second return’ to the stage as his Flight Of The Fairy shows/tour continues.


What seems even more forever ago and it was only a week, was his most recent surprise visit to Haze Theatre (hope the stalking non-fans jealous haters enjoyed their looooong boring week and realized what that elderly man/fan said - that without the star around here (Fairy Mercury) things are so boring and those jealous freaks better start realizing it and accepting who’s the entertaining, attractive, interesting and most famous star there is - Fairy Mercury). Anyways, in attempt to revive the public promotion of the FAMOUS glam rock queen, I’ll recount the surprise visit. Glammed up very provocatively in his obscenely tight satin attire, exotic dark liquid brown eyes eye line and full sensuous lips heavily glossed, the Persian queen arrived at Haze Theatre. Perfectly timed as the ‘Russian prince’ wasn’t in his office at the moment.


The ever so elegant Fairy glided into Pavlova’s large spacious office making himself comfy behind the elaborately huge cherry wood desk. With a toss of his lovely long midnight black hair, the divine lush creature started to go through desk drawers. I laughed because it was so like him - curious as a …. cat … and staking bitchy possessive claim of his ‘new man’. My partner, who is the exotic prancer’s personal photographer (as all of your fans know by now….) Greg Hastings and I laughed so hard the night before when the overly sexual divine lush creature told us over tea, ‘it’s not really official until we have sex - you know, the old fashioned consummating the relationship bit,’ with a wild laugh. If that wasn’t enough, he adds, ‘I mean, I don’t even know if I can handle a cock that well endowed!’ then purrs, ‘mmm … if only he let me give him a blow job that time I offered - I would have known if I could handle his cock or not. Greg looking very uncomfortably embarrassed, laughed, ‘I’m not even going to ask exactly what you mean by that, Fairy!’

Back to the office - curiously pawing through the desk drawers, humming what I immediately recognize as Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’, Fairy finds something of interest when the head of prop production Ron enters after a quick knock on the door and looks surprised and embarrassed to find the exotic glam rock queen instead of Pavlova seated at the desk. With a quick glance at me, he back out after a half bow saying ‘Sorry, I didn’t know a lady was present.’ Fairy looks embarrassed over being referred to in the ‘effeminate’. Pauses to tell Fairy’s adoring fans of the part of the book Queen In Cornwall where someone tells about from the back, Freddie Mercury was often mistaken for a woman. People would literally come up behind him saying, ‘excuse me, ma’am.’


Ron backing out like he did, reminded me of the very awesome thing servants/courtiers would do (DeMille’s ‘Cleopatra’ and ‘Sign Of The Cross’ has this in it). They were to back out of a room in presence of royalty because they weren’t allowed to turn their backs to royalty.


Outside the office, we can hear the head of prop production saying, 'you uh- have a visitor who I’m sure you will be most pleased to see, Nikolai. Your lovely star.’ Then Pavlova can be heard saying in Russian (I translate it for Fairy), ‘have you ever seen such erotic beauty as her? The lovely creature is the desire of every gay man, don’t you agree?’ ‘Very and you the envy of the every gay man who desires her.’ Ron replies.Fairy and I quietly laugh. It really is embarrassing eavesdropping into people talking about you as he will agree.

The charmingly handsome light brown haired ‘Russian prince’ saunters into the office. The ever so elegant Fairy quickly gets up gliding from around the desk with the photo (pictured below) he nicked from one of the desk drawers, sibilant purr lilting (I use this word to describe how Fairy often speaks, the word was often used to describe his idol Freddie Mercury’s singing), ‘there you are, dear! Now, with that nasty dull old virus being determined to put a damper on things, such as my being able to perform on stages for my precious fans. I’ve come up with a new idea to get around it,’ hugging the handsome Pavlova’s arm to him with a toss of his midnight black hair.


I watch as the ‘Russian prince’ (obviously Fairy takes note of it too…) shyly glances at the erotically heavily glossed lips then heads to the mini bar in the spacious office with the divine lush creature on his arm - Russian accent breathing, ‘and what is that, kitten?’ The ever so elegant Persian purrs, ‘Haze Theatre can be my own personal stage - venue. Oh, I know it sounds a bit selfish perhaps a bit inconsiderate to have those not in or near London to have to travel to -’ his words are cut off there. Not only Fairy but myself am startled as Pavlova does something neither of us expected (he’s obviously trying to get over ‘the forbidden’…) as he silences the lilting purr by pressing a finger onto the exotic prancer’s glossed lips which too obviously makes him very ‘charmingly shy’ (as Fairy puts it) Russian accent breathing, ‘it’s not any of what you are saying, femmka. If they are that devoted, invested as fans, they will go lengths to support you whether it be to see you perform, pay to join your fan club or purchase the photo book, 2 compilation albums you have. You need more merchandise, kitten.’


The exotic prancer’s liquid brown eye lined eyes glance at me with suppressed laughter as Pavlova blushes, taking his finger off the sensuously heavily glossed lips as if realizing what he’s done. Fairy erotically purrs, ‘lick it off your finger, darling’ and Pavlova clears his throat, quickly snatching up a napkin off the mini bar muttering something in Russian as he takes off to the desk.The dark exotic eye lined eyes eye me as the glossed lips mouth, ‘what did he say?’ I shake my head because I couldn’t make it out. I wish I was able to! Fairy slowly motions his black nails left hand across the front of his obscenely tight satin trousers. A gesture I know all too well, being not only his costume designer but also his ‘best friend forever and always’ (as he puts it). To let me know he’s noticed an erection in Pavlova’s trousers - aroused by the divine lush creature.


What happens next is hilarious! The ‘Russian prince’ begins to say something about arranging a meeting to discuss merchandise and looks offended as Fairy glides off out of the office, attention on the photo he nicked. I go after him and see he’s reading what’s written on the back of the photo: ’practicing ballet - alone’. I try not to laugh as the ’Russian prince’ saunters out of his office, clears his throat and says, ’I suppose being rude is part of being a glam rock queen.’ Then falls silent seeing the photo. Both Fairy and I laughing as Pavlova remarks with a sly handsome grin, ‘I suppose that (light brown hair head with a nod towards the photo) is going to end up on one of your two websites, femmka. You can tell your adoring fans I’m no longer (pauses) alone as I’m sure you’ve read on the back.’ then adds, ‘you are serious about pursuing a relationship with me still, are you not, kitten?’

To be continued including the very campy AND sexual ‘dance rehearsal’ behind the exclusive to fan club members only teaser video promoting Fairy Mercury’s upcoming spring shows/tour.


After the divine lush creature who is Fairy Mercury leaves, I receive a phone call from him. This is so like him since you, his adoring fans, want the ‘candid’ of your glam rock star. Sibilant purr lilting over the phone, ‘I’m going to text him something. I want you to be where you can see him when he gets it and tell me what his reaction is. What he does.’I tell him that he could do it now because Pavlova is in the main stage area which is where I am. This (I was later shown so I could write this) is what it was the exotic prancer texted: ‘I want your enormous cock in my wet …. lips so fucking bad right now’

Pavlova was very busy and it took awhile before he turned his attention to his phone.He obviously attended to retrieving missed calls/voice mail messages he received first.Then I could tell he was reading the texts he had received. It became too obvious when he came to Fairy’s text. I saw him blush, look around as if expecting the ‘sinfully divine creature’ to there - having returned to him … then I watched as he obviously started to reply then stopped as if what he started to reply wasn’t sufficient enough of a reply to give to the erotic glam rock queen. He was … aroused … I reported that back to Fairy. Yes, he had an erection in his trousers. He never got a reply back and the persistent ever so elegant effeminate queen was adamant.

The start of Fairy’s rehearsals at Haze Theatre for his upcoming spring Flight Of The Fairy concert tour including the campy and very sexual dance rehearsal up next.

Post by: Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury (Haze Theatre)

Photos courtesy: viVid Photo Studio and Haze Theatre


(Note to fans: make sure you catch the cryptic 'prelude' being in lilac ... plum color ...)


What took place: I Jorge Schumann the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's PR man and website designer posted the following:


Killer Queen's adoring fans, are you ready to be stunned?! You'll like this one! I was summoned to Mr. Nikolai Pavlova's office and he just told me (Jorge Schumann) he himself is going to recount having the effeminate queen at Haze Theatre - the very sexual and campy rehearsal/dance moment. Move over, Johann!!


The exotic prancer's costume designer's reply to it:


From Johann Wagner/costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Laughing so hard right now! So I have a novelist rival in my Persian queen candid 'write ups' do I?! Oh no!! The 'Russian prince' jumped off the page! How could my make believe fantasy world be coming to life?! Seriously, I can almost imagine Fairy now because he wants so bad to know the 'inner thoughts/emotions' Pavlova has for him. So I'm sure to read the man putting the queen into words will be, as our overly sexual creature loves to put it - 'arousing' for .... her .....

It never gets old is right, the exotic prancer's adoring fans, about talking about 'those Haze Theatre people' and not caring. Fairy, I texted you. Did you get it? The 'barrage of texts' have started. Dame Eleanor's first text - 'he loves her that much, Johann!'


To Johann from Jorge - Pavlova is for real in his office preparing to do what I posted. Has Fairy seen it? Your reply was funny and I can imagine Killer Queen will be anxious to read what Pavlova will write up about it. The 'Lilac ... fairy' (writing it like the exotic prancer would) in the ballet of 'The Sleeping Beauty' bit was funny. 'She' wanted Pavlova to show 'her' the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from Nutcracker and Lilac Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty. It was too hilarious, Fairy's adoring fans, Pavlova told 'her' ... 'I wouldn't know them! I thought we were doing the pas de deux, kitten. Those are prima ballerina solos.' Prelude to one of the things he will most likely be writing about your glam rock queen, fans.



Pavlova asked me to transfer the following here.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Ahem ... apparently ... he ... that delectable Russian, seriously locked himself in his office yesterday to do what my PR man/website designer posted about. I've been told what is being written might materialize either tomorrow or Saturday. I can hardly imagine, my darlings .... I didn't go to Haze Theatre yesterday or today for rehearsals. I haven't seen or spoken to ... him ... since Tuesday. I am trying to avoid him now that this has come about. It is what my costume designer posted - and I am sooooo fucking nervous, dears! How will he put me into words? Where do I stand in his deepest thoughts and emotions? This mysterious 'Russian prince' - 'the former ballet danseur'. Mmmmm .... talking of 'deepest' ... thrust your well endowed cock .... deep .... inside me!

So, anyways, my precious fans - I was going to grace you with a video/music but that will come later. My costume designer took this - an extreme close up of me rehearsing the other day. Forever thank you for your fandom - for choosing me. xx Fairy


From Jorge Schumann - Killer Queen, I'll be more than happy to delete all those things now. It must be the lighting because why the bloody hell does your hair look boring fucking brunette in that photo instead of your lovely dramatic midnight black of the Persian queen descent? Talking of hair, that fucking ugly ass lame blonde hair color. I see why you hate it .... Your exotic midnight black and the 'Russian prince's' light brown hair is the most attractive colors and styles. How you two wear yourselves. Btw, have you ever noticed in ... fairy .... tales, the prince is always depicted with light brown hair???

As for Pavlova, I can't wait until you (and your adoring fans) read it.He's getting videos and photos around to add to it. Somehow he's obtained backstage footage of you behaving like 'silly girl' emulating your idol and he's including footage of himself emulating Nureyev. Talking of avoiding, you might want to make yourself scarce when it comes to light. I can see you now, looking at your fan club's comment section to see what your adoring fans' reaction to it will be.

As you know, his second language is English. He had me help him write it and you seriously just don't want to read it. He is expressing A LOT of emotions towards you in it .... He is exactly what his personal assistant Dame Eleanor keeps saying - 'a man obsessed and in love'. Pavlova locking himself away in his office pictured below. LOL!!!


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ My darlings, you always want 'the candid' on me. I will now give you one. There are always 'firsts'. This will be the first ever in my 38 years of life that I ever had a man who is a love interest do what this delectably handsome man will be doing. Putting me into words from his own perspective. I've had entourage, friends (my costume designer and best friend forever and always and his partner - my personal photographer Greg Hastings) and yes, even you my precious fans do it. But never a man who I am so very taken by and in love with. I seriously am nervous because I will know where I stand with him. I can't believe he's been moved to do it.He must be that in love with me. Awww. I was very surprised by it. A bit shy/embarrassed which is one reason I didn't post anything in response yesterday when my PR man/web designer and costume designer were on here with their joking banter about it. Until then. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. I forgot to add (god, I am so fucking nervous!!!) he did something the last time I saw him, was with him.Which was when I was rehearsing at Haze Theatre on Tuesday and I can't imagine .... I just can't! I bet he will mention it in what he writes..... I was so taken by surprise. I feel as though I dreamed it now.

From Jorge Schumann - Exotic prancer, let me tell you something you might already know. Anyone familiar with ballet knows Nureyev choreographed all the ballets he danced. Pavlova wrote it up like a choreographed ballet in his own 'princely' style and personality and yes, he did write about what you're talking about ....

Pavlova’s ‘write up’ happened after the dance rehearsal teaser video (posted exclusively ONLY in the fan club for fan club members) to promote the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury’s upcoming spring concert tour.

A note to the exotic prancer’s adoring fans, and just a reminder, Pavlova prefers to use the effeminate/feminine to speak of Fairy, as Freddie Mercury was by close personal friends/associates of him. As if you guys need reminders.

I suppose the purpose of this is the fans wanting a candid side to the famous star Fairy Mercury. Along with candid they wish for details. So I will try to supply this.I am Russian. My second language is English. I’ve asked Mr. Jorge Schumann to help me write this.


She, Fairy Mercury, has an extreme eroticism to her. Her appearance, the ways she moves, her overly sexual (as her idol Freddie Mercury was said to be) and often campy personality. Put on earth for 2 main reasons – to perform – musically as an entertainer which she speechlessly does so perfectly – embodying her idol (1970s decade Freddie Mercury) on and offstage in looks, behavior and perfect emulation. The second being sexual.

I was in my office and unannounced, in her unruly ‘glam rock queen’ manner, the ‘divine lush creature’ throws open the door, and elegantly glides in announcing in the lovely ‘sibilant purr’ of the Persian, she is here for rehearsals and apparently today is the day she has chosen we are to do ‘the dance number’ I promised her we were to do during ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.


I arise from my desk and go to her, taking her lovely slender hand. Of course, the left one with black nails. I remember before meeting the exotic creature, I was told it must be that hand. I thought to myself how enchanting and so Freddie Mercury. She wrote of how she perfumes the back of her hand. Yes, I pause to smell the exotic scent before delivering the kiss. I can hear her erotically softly purr, ‘mmmm’ letting me know she is aroused by it. In etiquette, as I raise my head, I be sure my eyes meet her very lovely exotic ‘liquid brown’ (as Freddie Mercury describe his eyes) eyes which are eye lined. Then there’s … those lips … So very arousing – erotically drenched in gloss longing to have the gloss kissed off them. I long for her – she’s so forbidden, so I turn away bringing myself to reply in the best way I can find possible. I will pause here to add the following.


I find it amusing yet embarrassing to read about myself on the ever so elegant ‘Killer Queen’s’ website. It’s like a shy creature letting you know through letters – too shy to verbally communicate the feelings. Such as my calling her ‘kitten’ ….. As with a star, you keep in mind what really captures your audience/fans reaction. What riles them.


Yes, I am in love with the exotic creature – I long for her and MUST have her – make her mine. So I keep in mind what obviously … arouses … her. ‘Well then, kitten -’ was as far as I was able to get when the unruly ‘glam rock queen’ interrupts – exotic purr telling me she wants me to show her the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Nutcracker ballet) and the Lilac Fairy (The Sleeping Beauty ballet). The obvious being, the name/word … ‘fairy’ … I have to tell her those are solo dances of the prima ballerina. How should I know them. I thought we were doing pas de deux (dance of two). I hesitate to post this video because I can hardly imagine her reaction to it. I am doing it deliberately because of talking of ‘fairy’ and ‘the kiss’….

As Mr. Jorge Schumann posted about, so I will just copy what he wrote:

The 'Lilac ... fairy' (writing it like the exotic prancer would) in the ballet of 'The Sleeping Beauty' bit was funny. 'She' wanted Pavlova to show 'her' the dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from Nutcracker and Lilac Fairy from The Sleeping Beauty. It was too hilarious, Fairy's adoring fans, Pavlova told ... her ... 'I wouldn't know them! I thought we were doing the pas de deux, kitten. Those are prima ballerina solos.'

Upon ‘kitten’ – I received the ‘wild laugh’, back turns to me and a face full of the erotic smelling lovely long midnight black, of the exotic Persian, hair tossed back into my face. Then laughingly purred, ‘oh my god! I fucking love it!!’ as she glides off out of my office. I am to follow in pursuit. To play her ‘erotic game’ she obviously has been playing with me since the day we met. I decide not to follow to see what the unruly glam rock queen does. Her beautiful dark exotic appearance is in the doorway of my office, those erotically drenched with gloss sensuous full lips pouted. I decide today is the day I will bring myself to taste them … ‘shall we, femmka?’ I say offering her my arm to entwine hers in and off we go to the main stage.

As the costume designer often mentioned, my large staff of over 100 are the curious type. They become our audience with their constant glances and trying to focus on their duties. I tell her that I will teach her the pirouette and did she know that even Nureyev had to perfect such a move. To have her as the audience instead of her being the star is quite interesting. Lovely in fact. She gives her full undivided attention – listening – those exotic dark eyes gazing attentively. Something about those eyes one takes immediate notice of. She obviously adores the male body. You can see them (and this can make one very nervous) gazing as if (overly sexual) fantasizing … The attentive silence the exotic creature has lapsed into makes me nervous. I step behind, placing my hands just above the satin clad hips. I hear the erotic aroused purr ‘mmm’ then the ass in the obscenely tight satin presses back against me – against my privates.

Reference below video I made. No, I suppose no one can ... 'blow ... 'em like that' .....

‘Not ready’ haunts me … as the Persian queen glides off away from me purring, ‘dance for me – ballet – like Nureyev, darling. I just want to watch’ I give into her wishes and do as she desires. As I dance, I again notice the adoration of the male body. I end like that photo on this page. Taking her lovely slender black nails left hand and kiss the back of it. ‘My prince’ she purrs – the exotic dark ‘liquid brown’ eyes gazing into my eyes. I decide this is the moment and reply (in Russian), ‘and you - my queen’ Before she has the chance to ask me to speak English, I embrace her – drawing her to me and kiss the glossed sensuous full lips.


Of course, the unruly glam rock queen is taken off guard by it. I hear an erotic moan – fingers grasping the front of my shirt – then a face full of the long midnight black hair as she turns her face away from mine and a gasped, ‘Ah! Oh my god!!’ then hurries off across the stage, vanishing into the left wing. I grin as the old theatre phrase ‘exit stage left’ runs through my mind.

My Russian temper becomes slightly aroused as I see the 20+ production crew, etc. in the ‘house’ and around the stage staring as if they just watched a scene from the ballet Romeo and Juliet, or the ballet …. Giselle ….. and refraining from applauding. Making my way to the grand piano deciding not to ‘go after’ the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury, I stare at the set list laying on it. My eyes light on the song ‘You Take My Breath Away’. The song is extremely beautiful. The love song Freddie Mercury wrote for the man he was with in the 1970s – the height of

his / Queen’s fame. From opening line ‘look into my eyes and you’ll see I’m the only one’ to the end line ‘… till I find you to tell you when I’ve found you – I love you’


Below is the exotic prancer Fairy Mercury perfectly emulating his idol Freddie Mercury in a live performance of the song.

'You Take My Breath Away' live - intimate and flawlessly elegant!

2nd night of sold out Flight Of The Fairy show


I have not seen nor spoken to her since (3 days ago). I expected it to be written about on one or both of her sites. It hasn’t. (It’s disgusting when negativity takes precedence and takes the spotlight off your lovely star. That will cease!) So I am left to wonder what has been in her mind these past few days about it. It got around Haze Theatre and gossipy old bird Dame Eleanor confronted me about it offering to ask the costume designer of it. The ‘divine lush creature’ has most likely told him considering they are very close friends. I told Dame Eleanor no. It is between Fairy and I. If she chooses to pretend as though it never happened next we are in each other’s presence, so be it.


As of this writing, written two days ago, today the 'divine lush creature' finally has made contact with me. Tomorrow we will discuss the video (below) we put together along with the help of viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings (Fairy Mercury's personal photographer). We hope you enjoy the video. I have requested for Jorge Schumann to copy what he posted on the homepage here as an intro. into our discussion we will be having.


From Jorge Schumann (PR/website designer for Fairy Mercury): What I posted about the video from off the homepage as follows -

Are you ready for this?! Don't faint or go into your 'hyperventilating hysterics' now. Fairy is going to grace you with a performance of Queen's 'All Dead, All Dead'. I heard a little bit of it and it's speechless!!! Defines elegance!

It is him doing his Freddie-Liza vocals on it playing piano.

'How long can you stay to haunt my memories ...

All Dead, All Dead - at the rainbow's end ...'

The lyrics reminds Fairy of many of the melodramatic ballets Nureyev danced. Tragic love found, love lost.


Killer Queen's personal photographer is finishing up the video he's putting with it. It will include live footage from The Flight Of The Fairy tour; looking stunningly identical to his beloved idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. Included in it, footage of Pavlova dancing as Nureyev.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy, within seconds the fan club comment section exploded with already over 100 comments. Too many to post on here. I hope you're reading them. They are so 'in love with ' the idea of you and Pavlova. 'Perfect couple - meant to be - beyond perfection - obsessed '. Laughing so hard over 'Johann who?!' They're 'so dead ' over how Pavlova wrote about you on top of how he treats you and talks about you. 'Video overload ' and they're watching all of it over and over and 'in tears and just can't even ' over 'All Dead, All Dead' - 'no words are even sufficient enough to describe the footage on it and the performance '


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ For once I am embarrassed! I can't even respond to what he has written and that includes the 2 videos!!! My darlings, thank you so much for your reactions to the video/performance of 'All Dead, All Dead '. Isn't he so fucking delectable (highly pleasing) in every way?! Um... ahem, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to respond. But I really just can't bring myself to right now.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Laughing so hard and I bet you'll really like this fan comment that was left, if you haven't seen it already, Killer Queen.

'Omg! I am in eternal state of nirvana!! That entire thing was so romantic, funny and provocative! His Russian accent is so handsome like Fairy's Persian (India)/British is so lovely and so Freddie sounding. The 'tits' video is too much and hilarious!!! He def. is 'prince charming' and then some and our glam rock queen is PERFECTION! and 'erotic' The two most attractive people in the whole wide world!!! I am in tears over the video of 'All Dead, All Dead'. How is any of it even real?! ' (Ross T. in Leicester)


:::: Following Day Conversation Below ::::


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Unbelievable! You, Fairy's adoring fans are too much!! Greg ran into several issues when trying to put together the video for 'All Dead, All Dead ' with Fairy and Pavlova. Then it became so late by the time Jorge Schumann was able to put together Pavlova's post and add the video. We woke to the fan club's comments section unrealistically exploded with thousands of comments. Fairy wants to dedicate the song to his idol Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. ♰ R. I. P. ♰ thee most captivating legends of music and dance of all time.


Greg, where the hell did Pavlova get the 'using a maraca for a tit' footage he put in that being known as 'the tits video'? I doubt you gave it to him since you don't even know the man personally and hardly ever see him to speak with him.


From Jorge Schumann (PR/website designer for Fairy Mercury): Johann, me being cryptic, let's just say he has sources .... Mr. Hastings, you outdid yourself with your creation of the video for 'All Dead, All Dead'. I personally love the perfectly timed dramatic ending when Fairy turns away and the credits flash on. Johann, about what you posted. The fans reactions to everything and especially the video of the song is wordless. The idea of Fairy and Pavlova obviously really REALLY excites them. As they still keep saying, Pavlova is the best thing that's ever happened to the exotic prancer career wise and personally. Pavlova has Nureyev's sense of humor. It was displayed in what he wrote about Fairy. The charming romantic prince. I can't imagine what Fairy thought of it since he couldn't bring himself to reply. Has he spoken to you at all about it?

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fans, I'm sorry for not replying to Mr. Schumann's post. Greg and I have been very busy because the basement in our house flooded!! I have found time to finally post a reply to him. It's cute, Jorge, yes Fairy has spoken to me about it. 'So fucking in love!' and ... she ... keeps obsessively reading what he wrote. Something's are just too funny for words, exotic prancer's adoring fans. He isn't coming on here because he is waiting for Pavlova to post first and I bet Pavlova is doing that about Fairy - waiting for ... her ... to post first.


Then I got a text from ... guess who? and this is what it said: 'Pavlova has shown a public display of affection for her at the theatre (and now on her website/her millions of adoring fans) that is how in love and obsessed with her he is. I told Pavlova that means one thing, they must officiallyfically become a couple. He asked me 'Chto ofitsial'no?' and I told him when you are exclusively for her and her for you.' I haven't replied to it yet.

I can't wait until the two of them come on to talk about putting together the breathtaking 'All Dead, All Dead' video. Greg isn't going to take credit it for it because he was basically instructed by both Fairy and Pavlova and put it to video. Pavlova knows all about choreographing through being a ballet danseur so he instructed what was to be placed where in the video. Including the dramatic it's left all of you rendered speechless end Jorge spoke of.


Going back to what little Fairy has told me about what Pavlova wrote recounting that day at Haze Theatre and him surprising Fairy with a kiss on the lips, he told me when he took off he literally nearly fainted when he got backstage. One of the staff asked if he was alright and offered him water. Last night, he didn't sleep at all because he was 'so in love' over what he has read. What the Russian prince (his crush) wrote and it wasn't anything he ever imagined and he is unlike any man he's ever been with. Anyways, I'll end there and hope Pavlova decides to post first....


I JUST CAN'T!!! Fairy, I hope you read this (I've also texted you to look!) I just now got ANOTHER text over what I just now posted! Dame Eleanor telling me off saying 'Pavlova wants to hear from HER not you and what she has told you. Yes, he is waiting on the exotic queen - HIS queen to respond and DIRECTLY to him.'

Here's a little camp for you, my darlings. Being campy tart caught in too obvious lie. Doesn't drive and posts: I am caught in backed up heavy traffic and my cell phone died. I got out of my car and asked to use someone's phone to post this (is never heard from again). Being serious now .... I don't even know where to begin about the 100s of thousands of supportive, lovely and even funny comments all of you are bombarding the fan club comments section with! I'm surprised all of you haven't crashed it. HA! Aww, I am so touched that so many of you are saying you've watched the 'All Dead, All Dead' video countless times - constant repeat - and can't watch it enough. Melancholy and melodramatic wasn't it? I was especially touched by one of you calling it 'hauntingly emotional'.


Ahem .... it is what my costume designer posted - mainly choreographed by one Mr. Nikolai Pavlova. I had told him you, my precious fans, need more music from me since the 'My Melancholy Blues' performance/video way back ages ago round Xmas. Now my Flight Of The Fairy shows stalled until spring, they need something from me! So the .... oh my god, I mean - isn't he soooooo fucking delectable, my dears?! Well, anyways, he told me to record something and he would help me choreograph a video for it. Please tell me where the bloody hell you got the 'using a maraca for a tit' campy bit I was doing footage from! I'm embarrassed you have such thing!


I am so touched that all of you are 'so obsessed' with the results and your reactions to it. He was telling my personal photographer, 'this part here and this here' and it was him who told Greg, 'time it just right. When the turn she does is made, instantly use that flash effect like a spotlight.' He literally danced that footage he had added in to the recording I sent him.


What I laughed the hardest over, dears, was the long 'thread' of jokingly saying 'goodbye, I don't deserve this.' HA! Awww. I'm sorry you'd rather be fans of some 'lesser than'.... because I'm too 'perfection' along with my ... ahem ... man who I suppose is 'officially' my man in a strange sort of way. To me, someone isn't yours until you have sex with them ..... So anyways, my darlings .... I'm sorry - I just still can't reply to what he wrote, Johann! I'm trying to and deleting every fucking thing I've attempted to!


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy, I thought the thread was funny too about them jokingly saying goodbye because they don't deserve the perfection of you and your man. That you two are 'such thee most talented perfect attractive couple that's ever existed'. Thanks for telling them about the video because I am not going to take credit for it because Pavlova basically was the creativity behind putting it together for you to be presented to your fans. One fan comment. Not only this person is a fan but they operate one of the venues Killer Queen has performed at, fans. The comment the man left which reads: 'The vocals and piano are eerily Freddie Mercury with a touch of Liza. Haunting and emotional. If there was such thing as surpassing perfection, Fairy has achieved that. The queen outdid himself with that performance and the way the video was choreographed completed it to perfection. The imagery was stunning! Pavlova makes me envious to admiration how he delivered to perfection the ballet moves such as the balance and pirouettes. If any man is deserving of the lovely superstar Fairy Mercury, undoubtedly it is Pavlova.'


From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Mr. Hastings, I spoke with the venue operator earlier today after having seen the comment he left that you have written of. It was more less a review than a comment and I much appreciated it. This I told him. I must say, I am personally overwhelmed by the reaction yet on the other hand not surprised. The fans have gotten more than what they want of their talented beautifully amazing star. The man asked me if I have any realization of how phenomenal of a star MiZ Mercury is. I told him yes. She captivates, creates a fan obsession for her and she epitomizes 'icon', 'superstar' and 'legend' - words her idol Freddie Mercury was. So then, MiZ Mercury .... I will take it I am still 'doing everything right' as your costume designer would keep reassuring me .... Nureyev would describe himself as 'a lyrical romantic danseur who amuses and pleases.' I dance ballet as the prince and in life embody the princely charm. The ways you watched me dance that day ... aroused me and I became as a man possessed. So I hope I wasn't as you say - 'out of line' to kiss you as I did.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Continuation of being a right campy tart. Omg! I'm having internet issues (yet why am I being able to post this) I can't reply! Pavlova dear, someone brought you to life out of ... fairy .... tales. I guess it's my turn now to be scared over how you make me feel. I've been the foolish silly in love romanticist reading over and over what you wrote. I have fallen even more helplessly hopelessly in love with you! I dreamt it, didn't I?! I mean, you were dancing and the next thing I was in your arms and your lips on mine. You were so sweaty and hot feeling against my body from dancing for me. Please don't reply. I just can't deal with this right now, dear!

I am so fucking in love with you!!!!


From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Very well, femmka. If you are in theatre tomorrow to rehearse, I will stay away from main stage until you are ready. As for the end of the video, fans, I tell her and Mr. Hastings, it must end 'bringing down the curtain'. Dramatic. Leaving the audience wanting more. Timing is everything such as in dance. She's fond of 'tease' (like the tart ...) that works effectively in choreography. You take the 'footage' off at the timed moment when the audience is expecting more. Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: It's funny when someone comes back on to add to something they posted and you wonder if it's been seen by who's meant to see it ..... (hint: strike through....)


Dame Eleanor, Haze Theatre: She has done that because she wants to hear him tell her he is in love with her too. Pavlova, you WILL NOT do what you told her! Don't be so nonchalant! If she comes for rehearsals, you are to gift her with the largest bouquet of roses you can find and profess your love for her verbally!

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