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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Behind The Throne


Hello dears, as fan club members know ... my public site has sat inactive the past two days because more issues.

My PR man (and website designer) believes he has it sorted and for real this time. I am in Leeds rehearsing for my weekend shows. We will be starting the new page soon (preview at bottom of pages list here on the homepage)

I will be having the above photo montage and what I'm posting added to the page once it gets started. We are still working on the rest of my profile. I just have to share this with you, my darlings. What became of Geoff Stafford trying ... to contact the owner of that cabaret. The man phoned Pavlova ... I'll have him tell it. Afterwards, my personal photographer's asst. photographer Phillip Goldman will come on .... xx Fairy


('Mr. X' who's 'been there and done that', I seriously can't thank you enough for the advice you and my delectably handsome prince Pavlova give me in my ongoing pursuit for fame. It works!!! You have shared with me such valuable things about Nureyev and my beloved idol Freddie with me. I just stand in awe that you knew them.

I still feel as though I am dreaming ever having met Pavlova and meeting you through him).

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - Unruly exotic creature, I will - how you say? 'throw in' what happened at Hyde Park. I think I start with that first, femmka. Fan recognizes us. I have my valet and a body guard with us.

We are at statue of our jealous friend (Peter Pan) in park. I tell my femmka about Countess Margaret (wife of Lord Snowdon) was president of the Royal Ballet and they were very close friends of my idol Nureyev who was Lord Snowdon's favorite subject to photograph.Things told to me. I then ask exotic feline why she not talk of

fairies ... at foot of statue? With toss of lovely long midnight black hair, she hugs my arm to her ... tits ... Persian sibilant purr purring, 'they're jealous too, Rudy darling.' I laugh and glance over seeing male rudely openly starting at us several feet away and motion to body guard.


Male raises phone trying to take photo of us and body guard stops him and tells him be on your way. Male tells body guard he recognizes us, is a big fan of Fairy and just wants photo. Body guard tells fan, 'you don't have their permission, move on' I get call from cabaret owner who is good friend of mine. He tells me boy phoned asking for interview on my femmka performing at his cabaret for a 'Fairy's beginnings' article he plans to write. Yes, cabaret owner (of course) faithfully looks at her fan club and public site and has read 'fanzine page'.


He's phoned to ask me if he should grant boy interview (I suppose I'll earn another 'pompous snobbish bastard' title) I told him to refuse ....As for Goldman ... my femmka - the unruly glam rock queen - posted he will come on.

I save him the time and tell for him because I am sure she will just love to hear this from me. I tell Goldman I wish for him to take photo of me to gift to her. One posing as my idol Nureyev. I show him one of favourite photos of him

I would like to 're-create'. I still wait for her to reply. She is being her usual shy campy queen self - playing games - teasing ... instead of telling what she thinks. I even did 'wispy bob' (as she's fond of calling it ...) look and all.

I tell her I want to hear from HER! I don't want her having sordid gossip best friend/costume designer telling

on her behalf.

Philip Goldman, assistant photographer viVid Photo Studio: Fairy's adoring fans, I was so nervous to be in his presence. I was told by Greg Hastings (you were right, Greg!!) to not be surprised if Pavlova were to contact me asking me to do something like this. I was asked to come to Haze Theatre to do it. When I presented the photo to Fairy, her eye line dark exotic eyes gazed at it as she softly purred, 'what's this? It's unbelievably ....' her words trailing as if at loss for words. I told her that Pavlova summoned me to Haze Theatre and wanted me to take the photo of him emulating one of his fave photos of Nureyev as you did with Freddie in the fairy winged frock photos.That he wants your opinion. It was done just for you. She licked her ... erotically glossed full lips and turned away from me, preening the top of her long midnight black hair head, softly purring, 'okay - umm' and glided off.

I called out after the exotic queen, 'uh, Fairy, your opinion?!' She just kept going. So we'll see what transpires ...

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, I can't wait for you to join me in Leeds tomorrow. I miss you dearly!!! You wont believe what I found!! I just had to buy it. I bet our jealous friend will REALLY be jealous over it. It's a ... fairy ... playing a flute. It looks like me, complete with Cleopatra snake arm bracelet and winged frock. I hope you're not asleep yet and see this. I am so overwhelmed by the photo thing you did just for me, dear.

Give me time and I'll reply soon. 💋


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - It is after 2:30am, kitten. My heart hardly beats without you here with me. Campy queen who never ceases to amuse. I laughed and yes, our jealous friend would be very jealous indeed. I can hardly wait for you to get it as well, baby - my Freddie - my Madam Giselle ...

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I knew you'd get a laugh off it. I can't sleep because I miss you so fucking much. I take it you're still awake at this ungodly hour because you miss me. Maybe bothered that I'm not replying about the photo of you ....

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - DON'T be shy of me, femmka. I had Tuesday tea with Sir Thomas and he noticed how distracted I was. We start new page now, yes? Transfer all this to new page. I found more flaws.Jorge hasn't been updating links on pages. He is good at PR but not so good at keeping your website updated.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ What's distracting is your enormous fucking cock ... HA! That would be wild us starting the new page now. As my precious fans like to put it - 'risking sleep'. As for Jorge, it upsets me he doesn't keep things like the links list on the pages updated. Maybe he's been given too many responsibilities, Rudy darling. Work on the rest of my profile with me. Just us, dear, and maybe Greg. No Johann .... Because I would like it finished soon.

It embarrasses me how outdated and poor representation of me it is.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I agree with poor representation. It's amateur and a bit immature, like unprofessional clown who used to be your management. I will work on rest with you, femmka. I want the 'he' in reference to you removed. It doesn't match you being effeminate queen. Parts after 'Mirror Image' section needs

to go, all but book scans of your idol in attempt to get points across your extreme likeness.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, can we look into having a drop down menu for links instead of that unmodern side column link list? Ask Jorge about html coding for one. I agree with your remarks about my profile.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - My exotic creature, I have found and added drop down menu. What you think? It is at very top of page. The 3 lines icon next to shopping cart icon. I will see you there in Leeds around 2pm, femmka.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Hello dears. It is 5pm here for you honies in Europe. My delectably charming oh-so dashing prince joined me here in Leeds a few hours ago. I took a little time out through rehearsals earlier to read some of the comments many of you have been leaving on the fan club comments section. I told him when he arrived that I still don't believe he's real. I mean that photo he had taken of himself for me - I want you inside me fucking me hard, Rudy! He's for real like a prince out of the ballets he dances as his idol Nureyev in. I mean, he so effortlessly 'installed' the drop down menu. NEVER have I been so in love with anyone as I am him! I see why my beloved idol had such a crush on Nureyev.


Probably very late this evening or 2-3 in the morning (that was fun, Rudy darling) we will be transferring all this to the new page and get it finally started. My public site active, once again.In the meanwhile, continue to enjoy the page Effeminate Epicene Queen. I hated to end that page, but it was becoming too long, my darlings. When they become too long, this annoying 'website builder' tends to freeze up. Thank you for your fandom.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy

'Do you mean it

Why don't you mean it

Why do I follow you and where do you go

I reign with my left hand, I rule with my right I'm lord of all darkness,

I'm Queen of the night I've got the power - now do The March Of The Black Queen'

(From Queen's 'The March Of The Black Queen' - written by Freddie Mercury)

The FAIRY ... Tale Couple 💗

Hello dears. Can you believe that it is already 9pm?! Where did the day and even the entire weekend go?! I've been absent off my fan club and public sites all day because I needed a bit of a break and we have been busy ... We threw this video together on a whim. I hope all of you enjoy it. I've been a bit depressed because my Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour comes to an end 26-27 August. My last performance and I don't care if it's lame, predictable or what have you, will end where it began - at the magnificent Haze Theatre.


About the video. Yes, it is me performing/emulating 'to perfection' with backing tracks 'Nevermore' and ... I just had to ... 'Jealousy' ... Snippets. 'Nevermore' with the lyrics (by my idol) 'why did you deceive me' brings to mind the ballet of Giselle, is what Pavlova had to say about it.The second is 'MiZ Mercury' (my cabaret name...) - Liza-ish - cabaret sounding. My vocals: 'Freddie with a touch of Liza' as the cabaret owner puts it. We started the video very theatrically, with the Haze Theatre curtain.

My darlings, I just can't about the recent ... I mean, he is so fucking 'princely' and is so bothered that I just won't comment on that photo of him ... Johann, I just can't about 'kitten' and especially 'baby'!!!! I will post about it soon what happened. Enjoy the video and don't go into 'hyperventilating frenzies' too much over the new merchandise/store idea, dears.. Sooner or later, it had to come about. I'll also discuss Myaow Meeow Productions... Until then, love and kisses to you all, darlings. xx Fairy


Ron Craster (valet to Pavlova, stage director for Haze Theatre and Fairy's recent tour): Fairy's adoring fans, she has asked me to write about what happened. As always, I hope Pavlova doesn't put an end to me doing so .... He had me purchase a frame for the photo. You know how couples will have their 'side of the bed' they choose to sleep on? He had me sit the framed photo on bedside table (in his Cambridge mansion) in the master bedroom on the side of the bed he has chosen to be her side of the bed. So I'll tell what she wants me to shortly. After the frenzy over the video dies down a bit .... Loving the thread in the fan club comments about Fairy being 'catty exotic bitch' with the 'Jealousy' song, btw.


Killer Queen's fans, sorry it took me so long to continue. There's been issues. Now it's sorted.

These two photos, framed, sit on the bedside table. Pavlova brought Fairy into the bedroom telling her, ‘I have surprise for you, femmka.’ With a sweep of his arm he told her, ‘this will be your side of bed, baby.’ At ‘baby’, the glam rock queen gaspily purrs, ‘what?! Oh my god, I can’t!’ and starts to take off to the adjoining bathroom. Pavlova rushes after her and blocks the bathroom doorway saying, ‘do not be shy of me, exotic creature. You not like photo I had Goldman take just for you, no?’ another sweep of his arm towards the bed, his broken English Russian accent then says, ‘look at photos. Perfect couple, are we not, femmka?’ Fairy presses her black nails left hand onto the ballet danseur’s chest, her eye lined dark exotic liquid brown eyes gazing at him then erotically purrs, ‘when he showed me the photo and told me about it, I wanted your enormous fucking cock inside me fucking me so hard, that is how aroused it made me. I mean, you are a fucking prince, Rudy darling!’


It’s too funny, Killer Queen’s adoring fans, he is for real ‘playing games’ with her as he admitted. This is what he did/said. He took her black nails left hand off his chest and delivered his princely kiss to the back of it and glanced at her erotic glossed lips then said, ‘do you want me in you now, baby?’ ‘What?!’ she gasps and tried to take off out of the bedroom. He chased after the exotic feline, telling me to leave that I wouldn’t be needed for awhile ….

So unfortunately, my narrative ends there. Fairy and Pavlova will be on soon.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I won't comment on Ronnie old boy's 'write up'... Fairy and myself will be making more videos of her performing. We are sorry recent one was so - how you say, Ron? 'thrown together'. As Fairy mentioned, we did it 'on a whim'. I was disappointed with it because it could have had more footage of her in it. I am personally pleased you, her adoring fans, enjoyed it. There is nothing of her you don't - as such loyally devoted fans. I have her tell being silly girl campy queen what happened yesterday because I am sure all of you will be entertained by it. I still laugh thinking about it, femmka.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You are REALLY going to laugh over this, dears! I went into the library in my delectable (highly pleasing) prince's Cambridge estate to find a book to read. I love anything ancient Egypt. I mean, this book I found to read was too hilarious the things written in it! The ancient Egyptian god Seth (or Set) and these are some of the things written in that book: 'by the thunderous peals of Seth's farts, what was that?!' and 'by the sweaty testicles of Seth' I showed Pavlova it and I teased him, 'is this the type of books you read, Rudy darling?' He laughed so hard and feigned he had no idea how that book got in the library and tried to claim it must belong to Sir Thomas. That bring me to 'Tuesday tea' with the ... rather interesting Sir Thomas ....


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I tell her I am sure I remember reading those things if I had read book. She is so very enchantingly lovely. She laughs so hard she had to re-apply eye make up. Then she laughs harder being campy tart throwing eye liner finding it useless because she just continues to 'cry it off' when I tell her, well then, kitten, by the looks of book, it has been well read. We must find out how mysterious silly book got in library. Us ....

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ It was too hilarious!! I was like, 'Rudy darling, is this the type of things you read?!' and showed him those two parts. When we had tea today with Sir Thomas, I was being a bit 'unruly' and started to tell him about the book. Pavlova was mouthing 'no!' and shaking his head because it was obviously not proper discussion over tea. I mean, that whole 'elite etiquette' bit ... He told me he refuses to 'tame' me, so I just went on with the conversation. The man sat down his tea, gasping, 'oh goodness!' then scolding, 'Pavlova, you would have your wife read such indecency as that?!' The man wasn't amused and we were laughing. Well, I was. Pavlova was trying to 'keep up airs', but I could tell he wanted so hard to laugh. Mmm ... talking about 'so hard' ....


Glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's adoring fans, do you remember this from Xmas?

It was to be her very first ever performance at the grand Haze Theatre.

As Killer Queen has mentioned on both sites (fan club and public) her spring/summer 2022

Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited tour sadly comes to a close, full circle, at the magnificent Haze Theatre.

The VIP was taken up a month in advance. I will let your star herself tell the rest of upcoming events.

- J. Schumann, PR to FM


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Hello dears. I don't know where to begin. Some of this is going to be serious and sad and I'm sorry for that. I HATE being serious and negativity. Since this is the anniversary of 'ultimate fan' Jason Long's death, my thoughts have been heavily weighed on the sorrow of that. Remembering how avid, devoted, compassionate and caring of a fan he was of me. Determined for my success and supported me to extents (public site and URL stories all long time fans of me are familiar with). Giving me kind encouragement when I wanted to give up on my dreams. When I offered for him to come see my very first Flight Of The Fairy mini tour show in 2021, so I could have the chance to meet the kind caring devoted fan.


I have no shows this weekend. The following weekend 19-20 August, I will be 'returning to my cabaret beginnings' in Brighton. Speaking of Brighton, my fan club president Geoff Stafford will be starting up his fanzine page

Loyal Subjects again soon. That's all for now. Pavlova and myself will be one again soon.

Details on my European tour and Myaow Meeow Productions comes to light ..... xx Fairy


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - This is and has always been about star Fairy Mercury and her adoring fans who do appreciate her, join her fan club, buy tickets to her concerts, merchandise (more will be coming soon as her fame progresses) and are very loyal, devoted with a serious mature interest in her. I personally would like to thank you, Fairy Mercury's adoring fans, for your interest and fandom.


It is my Zzz time, my darlings. Just a quick nighty night post to you all. Aren't these just wonderful? They were created by Haze Theatre's talented art director Alonso Lafar. A logo and a header of ballet silhouettos silhouettes.

I just had to share them will you. Brighton, are you ready to be rocked by your glam rock queen this coming weekend?! Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Fairy


Jorge Schumann, PR to FM - Pavlova, where Fairy went wrong was being famous and trying to directly engage. Whereas it should always have been the 'authorized buyer' she should have done any correspondence. Who cares. Lessons learned. Besides it was kind of ridiculous for someone famous like her to do that. Almost as ridiculous as if you, Pavlova, were to do your own business interactions instead of leaving it up to Ron Craster or others you have (attorneys, financiers, etc.). It's why famous people have a 'personal assistant' - as you prefer, 'valet'.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I honestly don't care. I agree with you, Jorge, it was ludicrous for me to carry on like a fucking nobody putting myself out there. Now everyone (including my adoring fans, naturally) are saying they favour me as Freddie Mercury. No one likes that ugly dog 'mustachio retardio' 1980s to death shit. That's that and we're not discussing it anymore. Mr. X (remind you he actually knew both Freddie Mercury and Nureyev) made this remark, people need to be fans of YOU, Fairy, being very similar to 1970s Freddie in looks, personality, talents etc. and just accept things. We deal in facts not ... make believe ....


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur --- No words can even begin to describe the love I have for you, Fairy.

I mean this, I would end life as theatrical as ballet of Romeo and Juliet it would be, if I lost you. YOU are my life and meaning. I do not like Francis Boyd and never have. But he gets job done expected of him. This is ONLY about us, kitten, and no one else. YOU are the star with millions of adoring fans and jealous haters opinions mean NOTHING!


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I feel the same for you, Rudy darling. My personal life was meaningless until I met you. Even my fame was lacking because I didn't have a man to share it with. My loyal devoted precious fans never forsake me and get me.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur --- You have found out that we were destined to be together, femmka.

I only wish our idols were together in only likable time of them 1970s. My like for Nureyev is only mid-60s to '70s. Who cares though. Because we are who we are and we are together and everything your adoring fans say about it. The old saying, 'history repeats itself' - we are better, improved version of our idols, yes? This is point your adoring fans have been trying to make about you alone. You are so very exquisite, erotic and sensuously provocative to me, kitten. The most exotic beautiful creature I have ever seen and will ever see. How you say? All I've ever wanted and longed for and more.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, according to 'Mr. X', they were 'sort of together' in the '70s when my idol adopted the ballet leotards look and obsessively attending your idol's ballets and the other stories he so graciously shared with me. What I still think is so bizarre is that Freddie idolized Liza and her dating that Nureyev copycat wannabe Baryshnikov. Defines 'what are the odds?'


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur --- That is. Sir Joseph Lockwood who headed Queen's EMI record label was chairman of Royal Ballet. According to 'Mr. X', Freddie shared his 'crush' on Nureyev with Lockwood who later arranged silly girl showing up in silver sequin leotard to learn ballet at Royal Ballet incident he shared with you (and myself, long before we met...) What I think is funny, femmka, is one book you obtained talking about that Baryshnikov fool admitting - how was it?


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I can't remember, dear. Groupie type cult following of Nureyev and admitted to being a copy/paste act wannabe of him. Defecting from Russia, etc.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur --- That is funny! I knew all along that fool was copycat!! We keep this part of conversation, yes? Have Jorge transfer to new page because it's relevant and funny.


My precious fans, it will be a very hectic week for me. Rehearsals at the grand Haze Theatre for my weekend show, which I would like for it it be very memorable. There will be coverage of it all week from 'insiders' (my photographers and costume designer) exclusively for fan club members only.

The Behind the Throne page will continue soon.

Love and glossy kisses to you all, darlings. xx Fairy

All right, honies, I've been teased long enough over the 'mystery' of Myaow Meeow Productions.

Those long time fans of mine already know the story of how I came up with it. Pavlova told me I needed a 'label' and all the naughty rest. You know, like EMI being Queen's record label? If you buy products, etc. on me, it will be sold as 'Myaow Meeow Productions' We will be launching the merchandise store upon my European tour. It will be full of exquisite unique items you can purchase on me. My personal photographer's book 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury; Becoming 1970s Freddie Mercury' which is currently only available to fan club members, along with my 2 live compilation cds (A Night At The Ballet and A Day At The Park) will be added to the store. I wanted to reveal this during my Haze Theatre concerts but I think I will reveal it now that I mentioned my live compilation cds.

Yes, I am currently working on more. Fairy, Fairy II (you know, like Queen and Queen II) and one for Sheer Heart Attack (Queen's 3rd album). We will be running a contest for you, my darlings, to come up with a very creative name I should call it, as with the rest - similar to the album. Example: Sheer _____ fill in the rest.


As fan club members already know, but I personally wanted to touch on it. I wanted to do something very candid and personal about the man I love. My life has been a living .... fairy .... tale since I met him end of summer last year. He has improved my life and my fame immensely. It will be an ... exclusive ... I have chosen to title: Destined To Be The Lord Of Dance My PR man laid out the details of what it will entail. xx Fairy

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