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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Loyal Subjects
Volume 3

All The Queen's Men


From the public site footer:


About Geoff Stafford fan club president and comments moderator for Killer Queen’s fan club. Geoff formerly from Kent and now resides in Brighton is a long time fan of Fairy, from the start of the exotic prancer’s career which kicked off in 2018. Geoff was the first fan Fairy met!


Let me add more details to that (even though it's all in the fan club...). My best mates Jerry and Dave along with my partner Clive are childhood friends from Kent. Last year, we relocated to Brighton. It being a well known 'gay community'. Where our exotic queen Fairy got her start - performed her first ever show. So it has a symbolic meaning. I was the first ever fan Killer Queen met. I am so proud of where she is today in her fame. Thinking back on her struggle for success.


You can read about my first 'encounter' with the glam rock queen, my idol, Fairy Mercury on the first 'edition' of my online Fairy fanzine here: Loyal Subjects

Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! Geoff Stafford, devoted avid Fairy Mercury fan, fan club president


My exotic idol's public website is back!!!! I am so happy I am literally crying! Fairy’s public site is back and along along with it exciting news!Proof fans can’t live without the FAIRY … tale couple. The exotic Killer Queen’s fan club membership catapulted to over 10 million during the going on 2 weeks absence of her public site being online during week days!! It has also been announced that John Price will be joining Fairy on her European tour as her mock up Queen band’s guitarist.


Hi there, Killer Queen's adoring fans. John Price (pictured above) from something he sent in over a year ago to the fan club, with concert photos of our exotic 'regal splendour' Fairy he took. I will be doing an exclusive interview with John on becoming the glam rock queen's mock up Queen band guitarist. Meeting Fairy in person for the first time and being in the presence of her dashing multimillionaire prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova. Exciting stuff!!

Until then. (Btw, John, it's 'divine lush creature' not 'luscious' - gotten from Fairy's idol 1970s Freddie Mercury saying he wishes to stay the 'divine lush creature' he is)

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.


::: View the first edition of Fairy Mercury online fanzine Loyal Subjects > here <


Seriously, you guys, I saved it by making a screenshot of it before it's deleted off the homepage!!!

I just so can't right now!!!


Me trying to provoke a response .... So, you guys, I made this. I used Fairy's favorite colour lilac as the font colouring. I 'hearted' her black nails left hand just to be silly. It is so romantic when her prince kisses the back of it. Who's going to be at Killer Queen's completely sold out shows in Brighton besides myself, Clive, Jerry and Dave? I can't wait!!! More exciting news, Fairy's Bristol shows have also sold out for the following weekend!!

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

For those unfortunate fans who weren’t at her sold out show in Brighton, my exotic idol Fairy embarrassed me by doing what she teased me about. She dedicated her rendition of Liza song off Liza with a Z, ‘Bye, Bye Blackbird’ to me. I felt so embarrassed!! Especially you fans who were there and your reaction over it. They cut out her dashing prince/ballet danseur Pavlova dancing ballet during the operatic parts of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ because the stage isn’t big enough for ballet. He isn’t able to ‘fly’. So they added the ‘dance number’ he mentioned into Killer Queen’s performance of the Liza song and I died!!! I am still waiting for the FAIRY... tale couple to notice and maybe reply to the thing I made of the two recent photos of them. They’re really busy with her Brighton shows, so it’s not like they’re going to treat replying like top priority or something.

Pavlova in Nureyev leather look. Fairy in 'diamond crotch' what she calls her Freddie-Liza leotard look (miZ Mercury)

Mr. Giraud told me in his searches for things to buy for Pavlova and Fairy’s Nureyev and ‘70s Freddie Mercury collections, he came across a book titled ‘Leather Men’ that has Nureyev in it. That was how much Pavlova’s idol was known for ‘leather look’ that my satiny queen idol Fairy’s prince is wearing in the ‘candid emerging from limo’ photo of him. I told Mr. Giraud he should buy the book for their collection. Talking about looks, Killer Queen was so breathtaking in her obscenely tight satin catsuits during her Brighton shows.


I hope the FAIRY ... tale couple post something soon.

Seriously, Killer Queen's adoring fans 😲 I just can't right now!!! That man they call 'Mr. X' - you know, the one who is a very good friend with her dashing prince/ballet danseur, who knew her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and Nureyev and is so taken by how identical Fairy is to her idol. He contacted me through the fan club!!

This is what he wrote: A little something for your entertaining fanzine. Camp with a capital C. Nureyev was VERY fond of campy effeminate 'queens' (slang for effeminate feminine gay male), which his 'destiny' was Freddie who was so campy queen. I just wanted to say I really love the hearts and rainbows thing you made of Fairy in her fur and Pavlova in his leather. The two never cease to amaze me how truly reincarnation they are of their idols who I knew well back in the 1970s.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Bitch, just stop!! Since we weren't able to reply yesterday and weren't bound to on my fan club site, apparently you can't read the message on the home page where it lists 'not allowed' and attention seekers is on the list. HA!! You managed to get 'Mr. X' to contact you. Then you get Raymond Giraud in on it about trying to get material on me and Pavlova for your fanzine. Where is your John Price ... exclusive ...? I have to admit, I like how you made the one rainbow run through my name. What little do you know, my personal photographer (Greg Hastings) caught your reaction to me dedicating that song to you and we're going to embarrass you by uploading it to the fanclub.


Pavlova (ballet danseur/Haze Theatre): Femmka, although our laughing and suppressed laughter gifs are already on this, I re-post them (below) because they are us at moment. Boy so upset because we aren't giving him

attention .... for rainbows and hearts. I still find 'fanzine' embarrassing. Nothing personal, enticing forbidden creature, since it was your idea to have boy create and as you say, 'run it'. Attention seekers thing you wrote, too campy and so you, femmka. I shall have a word with my fine friend 'Mr. X' and tell him to quit encouraging boy's hearts and rainbows by paying him complements on it.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, I'm laughing at the last bit you wrote about 'Mr. X'. I can imagine he's read it since he faithfully looks at my fan club and public sites ... and is laughing over what you wrote. Watch he (Geoff) will do what I find embarrassingly hilarious. Carrying on over us making an appearance on his fanzine page in the fan club comments then when enough time passes and he sees we're no longer going to be posting anymore, he'll bashfully come on here. I can't wait until Greg uploads to the fan club the video footage of his reaction to me dedicating that song to him. My precious fans, the page Bows And Curtain Calls will continue soon. xx


Pavlova (ballet danseur/Haze Theatre): Wait until you see what I've asked Jorge to post on homepage, femmka.

I know you will laugh your lovely enticing wild feline laugh over it. Give him few moments to post and go look.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I fucking love it, Rudy darling! Mmm .... I know something I would lust ... love much more right now from you. Your enormous fucking cock thrust deep inside me ....


From Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY fan and fan club president - I wonder if the freak show non-fans of my exotic idol 1970s Freddie Mercury lookalike/incarnate FAIRY are having fun being boring stuck with their boring shit show of whatever the hell 'famous' ugly dogs so boring and uninteresting compared to Fairy and Pavlova. Who cares! Yaaaawn!  If anyone is a seriously interested fan of them, and don't have fan club membership, you really should sign up. The fan club is VERY active and so wild! Especially this week. Me over the last thing my exotic idol posted to her dashing prince on here - 😄😅😄😅 Seriously, exotic bitch, what does your strike through you wrote have anything to do with what your prince had your PR man post on the homepage (screenshot below).

You're such a messy naughty tart going completely off topic!!


My partner Clive is going to enter the contest. I'm ignoring campy exotic queen and her dashing prince/ballet danseur still teasing me now in the fan club saying they've never seen so many rainbows and hearts as they have on that new photo thing I made. I went overboard on purpose to get back at them! 😄😅 Killer Queen's adoring fans, the photo of her with her tits on full display (taken at rehearsals for her cabaret show in Brighton she did this past weekend), I don't blame you guys for still carrying on over it. I wish I looked like her in that photo. She is so f 'n exotic and perfection in it. My new obsession along with her prince in his 'ballet bad boy' Nureyev leather look. From Bows And Curtain Calls page. #queenlyprincely #FAIRY...talecouple #fanaticobsession

You guys are not going to believe this!! I’m totally exhausted from always ‘dying’!! First off, I am going to have to delay my interview with John Price and he doesn’t mind I’m putting him on the back burner for this. He was so nervous premiering during my exotic idol’s sold out Bristol shows because the venue is of large capacity. As you guys saw he posted in the fan club comments thanking those of you in attendance for your warm welcome and, too funny, for not noticing the few mistakes he made. He told me he could barely hear Fairy’s soft sibilant purr over you guys’ wild frenzy a few times when she would encourage him, ‘you’re doing fine, dear.’ He told me backstage,she would reassure him he’ll do just fine and eventually relax once he ‘gets the feel for it and the audience’ He also told me she kept hugging her prince’s arm to her tits. They were constantly in bodily contact and so in love and he kept saying things in her ear.

I kind of started to feel jealous (remember we were all teasing him in the fc comments about being jealous?) when he was telling me ‘you should see her putting her makeup on. She’s really elegant and makes this grand thing out

of it. Especially the lip gloss. Obviously because she knows her prince is backstage watching. She does her own makeup but once in awhile she’ll let her costume designer do her eyeliner and eye shadow, if she chooses to wear her (Queen II album cover / Hyde Park) black eye shadow or the pale blue eye shadow.’ She behaves so transfixed

in love watching her prince do warm ups for his ballet bit during Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes, his dick is that ‘enormous’ and really pronounced in his leotards to see him up close and in person. ‘Distracting’ as Fairy so overly sexually puts it.'


Below gif (left) Fairy with her black eye shadow. Gif (right) Pavlova dancing ballet ...

So this is what you’re not going to believe. I got yet another message through the fan club from the guy they refer to as ‘Mr. X.’ I died when I read it!! This is what it says: You fascinate me, Geoff. You are the epitome of avid devoted fan. I would like to grant you the exclusive you’re seeking. Run this as your ‘teaser’. Since I knew (and very well) both Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the ‘70s, the only and best way to describe Freddie would be theatrical campy queen (queen: slang for effeminate gay male) who was trying to be like his idol Liza Minnelli off Cabaret.

Fairy IS Freddie Mercury. I knew Lord Snowdon/Countess Margaret, Kenny Everett, Halston and met Liza … knew many ballet people (Sir Frederick Ashton to Sir Joseph Lockwood, Royal Ballet chairman and Queen’s EMI record label) MANY others affiliated with Nureyev and Freddie at that time. Of course, Pavlova knows I’ll be discreet – such as any famous figure learns to be to keep any sense of normalcy and privacy in their life. Protecting themselves from the prying speculating wolves … I’ll say no more on that hated topic. RSVP

I did RSVP (please reply) to the man and I can not wait for you guys to read the things he shared with me!! It’s like being granted an exclusive by Pavlova or even Fairy!!! As you guys know, the man is VERY close friends with Pavlova.

I still just can’t about what Killer Queen’s multimillionaire dashing prince posted about her over the weekend!! Remember when I totally embarrassed myself admitting I wish I could write erotic things about them? I’m not even going to try to because I would be laughed at because they make you feel so virginal. That’s what I told my partner Clive. We worship them to the ends of the world!!! #FAIRY...talecouple #fanaticobsession

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.


My exotic idol Fairy's adoring fans, this is what 'Mr. X' sent me. I was so 😲 as I read it. I told him I idolize Fairy and (like all her fans) want to learn everything and anything I can about her and her prince. So here it is:

Satin Queen and Leather Lord

Aftermath of Johann Wagner/Greg Hastings home (Ref. page Bows And Curtain Calls what he is talking about)I was in the limo waiting for Pavlova to get Fairy. When they got in, it was funny how Pavlova noticed how in disarray his ‘femmka’ looked. Silly girl had one side of her long midnight black bob ratted up. Pavlova in his thick Russian accent said, ‘what’s this? Early Halloween? Where’s brush? Brush hair.’ Fairy obviously had been drinking …

Like Freddie did, Fairy carries a duffel bag which she keeps all her intimate personals. You know, such as makeup, satin knickers, hair brush, hand mirror and yes, naughty things such as lubricant.

The exotic creature (so identical to 1970s Freddie) opened her duffel bag to get out her hair brush and what are the odds what happens to fall out? Lip gloss!! An extreme embarrassed look crossed her lovely face as she glanced over at Pavlova, obviously hoping he didn’t see/notice. He had … I understand Russian. In his Russian, he said to me, ‘Pour me brandy, (name omitted)' (‘Mr. X’s’ name which I can’t reveal, because I don’t know who he is and if it was revealed to me, I probably still wouldn’t be able to 😄)


I jokingly told Pavlova, ‘I’m in my 70s, you’re 38. I’m not your valet, Rudy.’ Then I obliged him because of his importance. Fairy was barefooted. I could see her slender bare foot slowly move the lip gloss in attempt to hide it. Obviously Pavlova noticed it as well and a fleeting embarrassed look crossed his face as he said to me in his thick Russian accent, ‘be a gentleman, (name omitted). and pick – that – up for her.’ snatching the glass of brandy from me and sat looking over out the limo door window. His way of not wanting to embarrass the exotic creature over that topic any more than she already has been.

💗🌈 The FAIRY ... Tale Couple 💗🌈

What he posted to Mr. Jorge Schumann, the ‘wet pizdat’ thing, it would be him being so Nureyev. As Pavlova mentioned on the Unruly Queen page, ‘pizdat’ is Russian for cunt. Nureyev constantly used ‘pizdat’ – ‘plug the dick in the pizdat’ he would say – referring to a gay male’s mouth giving a blow job, as fucking a cunt (pizdat) which is obviously why Pavlova posted what he did to Mr. Schumann. Wet ‘lips’ … (Ref. Bows and Curtain Calls page). Both Nureyev and Freddie were very sexual (As Pavlova and Fairy clearly are). Freddie constantly referring to himself as a ‘tart’ (British slang for slut). So ‘queen’ (slang for effeminate gay male). Freddie was very obsessed with the movie Cabaret. His habit of ‘dear’ and ‘darling’ he got from Liza’s character Sally Bowles, a call girl, the roles Liza was known for playing. For being someone who actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury very well in the 1970s,

I could tell so many stories of how truly the reincarnation Pavlova and Fairy are to them in far too many ways. I would be literally here for hours, days and weeks though. Cherished fond memories. I’m completely captivated by Pavlova and Fairy’s extreme likeness to them.

**Note: the song 'Big Spender' is a campy cabaretish song.

'I don't pop my cork' part is in reference to 'pop my tuck' (gay male tucking privates between legs to give illusion of not having any). The song is 'call girl' wooing wealthy 'client'.

'Mr. X' also told me that the song Killer Queen was (as this scan mentions) written by Freddie about Liza's Sally Bowles call girl character on Cabaret who he took A LOT of his inspiration from - trying to be her.

(Ref. page Mirror Image with excerpts from faxes Nureyev sent to an author about his intimate relationship with Freddie. It’s one of Fairy’s favorite pages on her public site)

Thank you so much for sharing these things with me. Especially what happened in the limo. after exotic bitch my exotic idol and her dashing prince left Johann and Greg's house.

Above: Fairy doing her 'miZ Mercury' (Freddie-Liza) thing at Brighton cabaret where she got her start. And surreal gif of the 'delectable' (highly pleasing) as Fairy is fond of calling him, Russian ballet danseur Pavlova. Her prince. 💗

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

I hope my exotic idol and her dashing prince 'intrude' my fanzine page because I am seriously curious what they would have to say.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Bitch, quit being such a disaster!! What is this? Your idea of 'erotic'? Quit trying to be me! My precious fans, I can't wait until Pavlova posts what I asked him to. I mean, I'm crying laughing so hard over it. But first, I need to post this because it's too funny. 


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: I tell my femmka, boy needs to sign off for good. We can no longer stomach anymore hearts and rainbows! She wildy laughs and tells me to post. I ask my fine friend who I will continue to refer to as 'Mr. X' 'why?!' I guess it's because he was amused by boy's reaction (in fan club comments) to what I posted to Schumann about Fairy ... then apparently boy was wishing he knew what happened after we left peasants costume designer and photographer house. I tell him, you better be discreet!


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ What he posted about John Price ... my delectable prince asked me (me just having to take the piss out on 'Mr. X' who is on the phone with him right now) - he asked me in his 'thick cock Russian accent' (as 'Mr. X' phrased it), 'what eez thees back burner talk? Explain, baby'. I mean I just fucking can't!!! I forced myself not to 'act out' over ... it ... (omg, what did you just call me?!) and just told him, 'it's some stupid talk, you know, like someone being put backstage, on delay, not first and foremost - things like that, dear.' Awww, I still think it's touching, my darlings, why 'Mr. X' won't let himself be revealed. He just now repeated it to Rudy Pavlova. We're the stars and he's not going to upstage. 'This old dog had his days. I'm not a jealous spotlight hog too fucking ego driven to share the stage. My hey days have long since come and gone. Besides, you two are far more attractive, exciting and interesting (as your idols were) compared (dreaded fucking word) to anything out there. Past or present. I see why Fairy's fans are very obsessed with you two.'


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Killer Queen, you don't know the 1/2 of it. He kept messaging me through the fc comments asking if it was all right he use certain gifs and photos for his post. I told him, you don't need to ask my permission, Geoff! They're watermarked and sole property of He keeps trying to 'win an exclusive' with Johann. You do still read the comments the fans leave, don't you? Their reactions to what he posted about John and especially his 'Mr. X' exclusive ......


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Where is Goldman? I might like for him to do more photography for me ... Why you not give him ... exclusive ... credit for photos he takes? Wedding photography he did for our Vienna wedding and 'emulation photography' he tells me you call it, photographer. Below photos. Well then, 'Mr. X' tells me boy was being sordid gossip ... trying to have him tell 'intimate' things about myself and my femmka and he had to keep diverting subject. Good thing our laughing gifs are on here, right baby Fairy?

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ In reply to you, Greg, of course you know I still read them! That is something that will NEVER change no matter how famous I get. Because without my precious fans, I have nothing! I love them all and value their support and fandom. Rudy darling, you are too much!!! As 'Mr. X' keeps saying, you have Nureyev's humour. It complements my campy humour ...

Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet and stage director at Haze Theatre): Glam rock queen's adoring fans, you long for 'candid' on 'the FAIRY...Tale Couple'. Whether it be photos, video or text ('write ups') I'm giving you that now.

The princely Pavlova ever so composed, just made a fool out of himself!! I can't believe it! A first and in front of his exotic queen at that! He read what Fairy posted and was taking a sip of his cherry brandy as he did and he couldn't refrain from laughing over the very campy thing she posted long enough to swallow the brandy and he spit it out all over his laptop and himself. He got up muttering in Russian, as I went to assist him, 'no, leave me, Ron.'

did a pirouette quickly leaving the room. Fairy sat there staring after him, the cutely purred at me, 'I shouldn't go after him, right?' I replied, 'definitely not.' told her to read this I am now sharing with you, her adoring very appreciated fans.

Hello, Fairy’s ‘Loyal Subjects’. John Price (guitarist for Killer Queen’s ‘mock up’ Queen band) here. Geoff Stafford has been asked to resume his position as fan club president and he will be teaming with me to run the our glam rock queen’s online fanzine along with viVid Photo Studio’s assistant photographer Mr. Philip Goldman. We are putting together a ‘Fairy’s Courtiers’ section that will have all of her entourage and what roles they play in her fame along with mini bios of each one.
Mr. Francis Boyd, thank you for this:


With the close of the very successful romantic spectacular Haze Theatre presents Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova’s choreographed version of the classic ballet ‘Giselle’ with glam rock queen Fairy Mercury’s theatrical debut, attention now turns to Killer Queen’s very first European tour.


Major coverage of the exotic prancer and her dashing prince’s ballet debut as a couple – the FAIRY … tale couple was presented in Fairy’s very active members only fan club site which consists of 7 million fans throughout UK, Europe and Asia.Stunning videos and photos by viVid Photo Studio assistant photographer Philip Goldman and running commentary by Fairy’s talented costume designer Mr. Johann Wagner. To Fairy’s adoring fans – a huge THANK YOU for your comments/reactions and support!

Many important people of great wealth were in attendance. Much was riding on the success of the ballet which all 3 nights sold out a month in advance. We would like to start out by welcoming back auction broker Mr. Francis James Boyd. Who as the glam rock queen™ herself briefly announced to you, her adoring fans he has been offered the positive of her online personal assistant.

Below Photos: Candid of the FAIRY ... tale couple by Goldman - taken at after party of Killer Queen's

Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour.

Mirror Images: Pavlova-Nureyev and Fairy-Freddie

Europe! Are You Ready?!?! .....


From Jorge Schumann, PR to FM:  This is too funny. Mr. F.J. Boyd contacted me. So I am posting on his behalf. He took the easy way out about what John Price asked him to submit to the fanzine page, re-telling his story. Him and his partner Raymond Giraud from Normandy France have been together for 16 years. They have recently purchased a home in Oxford and now have two homes. One here in England and somewhere else not worth mentioning ... He is an auction broker, that basically entails an agent who buys and sells on behalf of clients. He has represented many very wealthy and powerful people, bidding/buying on their behalf in the prestigious auction houses Sothebys (which both Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev were fond of), Christies, and occasionally Bonhams. But the most wealthy and powerful he has ever dealt with was the Pavlova Estate. He will join John Price and Geoff Stafford soon to discuss his experience at the ballet along with viVid Photo Studio assistant photographer Philip Goldman (still waiting for you to reply, Pavlova, about the sweaty tits photos of your femmka...) So here is the man from Oxford England's story in (too funny, Mr. Boyd!) 8 screenshots.

(Ref. pages: A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen and Funny How Love Is)

**Note: we have omitted the screenshots to preserve space, etc. You can reference the above pages to read Mr. Francis Boyd's story of how he came to know and took part in uniting 'the FAIRY ... tale couple'.

It's quite compelling.

Fans, please note: Pavlova, Fairy and Francis Boyd's replies were moved to page: By Royal Appointment


John Price, guitartist for Killer Queen (aka Fairy Mercury): You guys still laughing so hard over the Sea Monkeys bit. Then the FAIRY ... tale couple got on the fan club site continuing it. It was hilarious! Fairy being her campy queen self over her prince calling her 'baby'. Him posting: 'those Space Monkeys will give me nightmares tonight, baby.' Then the divine lush creature posting in reply: 'Omg! What did you just call me?! I mean ... Rudy darling, they're called SEA Monkeys not SPACE Monkeys.' Hysterical!! 😅 Anyways, we are having Fairy's PR man Jorge Schumann transfer the conversation between the glam rock queen™, her dashing prince and Mr. Boyd to the new page which will be entitled Royal Conquest and will detail more of Fairy's first ever European tour and Xmas plans and more.


Btw, Mr. Boyd was funny emailing, 'I am not going to keep re-telling my story for you lads.' Epic af him doing the screenshots from when he was on the public website in the past. Pavlova and Fairy are exhausted after the successful ballet over the weekend and things have wrapped up about the exclusive coverage on the fan club site, so as Pavlova posted, we will now turn our attention to the public site. Geoff Stafford and myself are currently working on a section Fairy's Courtiers which will have all of us entourage and a mini bio about each one.


Jorge Schumann, PR for FM: John, what is with Phil Goldman and his spelling errors? First he insultingly misspelled Pavlova's idol Nureyev's name on his 'debut candid' he did of him and his femmka. But he quickly dismissed it after that conversation he had with Phil. Remember it? Fans REALLY carried on over it (the candid shot that is). When Geoff was making an issue out of .... better yet, talking about the hilarious thing Mr. Boyd did - screenshots. Let me see if I can't locate what I'm talking of and do a screenshot of it. I found them. Sorry it took me awhile.


For reference purposes, the screenshots were taken from pages: Loyal Subjects and Funny How Love Is.

As I started to say, Phil misspelled danseur (the male in ballet) on the silhoutte photo and Pavlova caught it, once again, insulted. (note: hilarious how both fan Geoff Stafford and even Greg Hastings - you all know who he is by now, were calling Phil - Philip Goldsmith because he had just been newly hired by Greg and they had to be corrected that his surname is Goldman not Goldsmith) The first screenshot I threw in, Geoff Stafford having done a screenshot of a fan club comments conversation that was being held at that time. Btw, any non-stage photography is done by Phil Goldman. Greg Hastings hired Phil to cover offstage/candid shots while Greg covers stage shots.


Footage Pavlova is referring to made into a gif. Fairy backstage being campy queen emulating

Pavlova's 'princely bow'


Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy/Pavlova fan, FM fan club president): Greetings, Fairy's Loyal Subjects. I've been sitting here fixated the past couple of hours on the fan club comments being left. My exotic idol Fairy sending her European fans into a wild frenzy over her unexpected casual revealing a few (finally!!) details of her first ever European tour. Too hilarious her going against her dashing prince's refusal to let her being campy queen wanting those Sea Monkeys 😄😅 (Ref. page: By Royal Appointment) I wonder which will come first - Mr. Boyd finding her silly note in his jacket pocket or him seeing her posting about it on her public site. I just hope he can find things for Fairy to add to her collection on her beloved idol 1970s Freddie Mercury (and Nureyev). I'm sure he will because he's good at what he does.


John Price has gone into hiding and it's hilarious! I can hardly wait to read what the stunning Killer Queen and her handsome prince are going to be posting about last night - in addition to what she posted.

Below gifs: Pavlova on Haze Theatre stage rehearsing ballet and Fairy the breathtaking effeminate queen in her obscenely tight white satin FM replicated cat suit from off her My Melancholy Blues video/performance #lastXmas

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Greg - our this day and age Mick Rock ...  poor dear, you get the wrong end of the stick over your assist. photog when it comes to my delectably handsome prince and that's all because of my 'sordid gossip' best friend / costume designer who you are married to. Philip Goldman is apparently the next Snowdon. Pavlova embarrassed John (Price) when they came for dinner. He asked Philip, 'why you bring boy for dinner? Is this your idea of partner?' making it out of romance. Then I guess I got a bit over the top when I said what I did about

my ... tits ... I mean, I could not even begin to see Philip and John - you know, as lovers!! (yes, Greg, picture me in melodramatic theatrical laughter right now over the ridiculous idea!) I had to tell the delightfully handsome Rudy that John's with some boy named Rick. Anyways, when John does the courtiers page, please be sure he adds the story of us meeting on the Tube (London subway).


Now for you, Geoff. Keep your thoughts to yourself as you were warned. I am sorry to have to tell you this, but some of what you recently posted will be removed. We are now completely restricting any negativity from off my public website. You used to be so positive and very on topic when I first asked you about the fanzine idea, I must admit,

I am very disappointed in you although I do appreciate your loyal fandom from the very start of my career - pursuit

of fame. John is in charge of the fanzine now for reasons outlined in that meeting.

DON'T go crowding him out!!

Me for you ... don't worry about the bloody ring!! (don't reply)

Plus, a little camp for you ... when your Amazon order arrives.

As you know, my darlings, I own 4 black cats

(read my profile) Today is one of my little honies' birthday.

Can you guess which one??

In addition, the environment I like to create as an entertainer/rock star - with my aspiration to be my beloved idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury, are these quotes below:


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Killer Queen, I'll do the hilarious lazy man's way 'the Francis Boyd screenshot' of when I told of us meeting on the Tube. Overjoyed your fans' reaction to when I told it. Wasn't it on the fanzine page? I'm pretty sure of it. Most likely, vol. 2. I'll find it all the same. As for your 'Russian prince'. Johann and I get a kick out of how we're such peasants and his dislike for Johann (like over your ... tits). The man clearly very wealthy, only lifestyle he's ever known on top of him being very Russian too obviously doesn't understand. Can't say it enough how very glad you found your Nureyev to complete you being so 1970s Freddie. I laughed so hard, btw, over what you wrote that he said to Phil. He failed to tell me that bit when he told me about what happened.


Greetings 'Loyal Subjects' (Killer Queen's fans are known as), John Price here. It took all I had to re-emerge. I still feel so embarrassed over the divine lush creature's teasing. I know this was posted about before, but I'll just re-post it - 'divine lush creature' was gotten from this thing on Fairy's idol Freddie Mercury. Where he wrote his dreams were 'to remain the divine lush creature I am'. Also describing in that same thing his hair as 'midnight black'. Fairy really is so Freddie. A dull ordinary person who just say, 'my hair colour is black' Unique stands out 'queens'. Anyways, while you're waiting for me to post more soon, the very first Loyal Subjects online Fairy fanzine is definitely worth a revisit. Exciting fun stuff, especially the things the mysterious 'Mr. X' gave Fairy of her idol. Btw, the answer to what she posted on here - which one of her cat's birthday it was on the 7th, is her cat Ming.


The below photo of Fairy is so W😲W!! Exudes 'sexual', that's for sure. Needless to say, so '70s Freddie looking. She's almost always half naked like that, you guys. That was what she was wearing for dinner when Philip Goldman (VPStudio asst. photog) and I went to the unreal Pavlova estate in Cambridge for dinner the other day (written about on By Royal Appointment). More on that soon.

Pictures below - for the naive idiots ... and the one on right, is a penis shaped cock ring. Fairy is wearing Pavlova's cock ring on her black nails left hand wrist in that photo (as she calls it her 'fashionably naughty bracelet'). Long time fans who follow along ... know all about the deal with that. Can you imagine having a cock ring custom made for you? Like, how do you even do that?? ... Pavlova had his custom made, it is crazy in the amount of something like

£ 5000! I remember when Pavlova was talking with Killer Queen about one of the many books he has on his idol Nureyev talking about Nureyev wore a cock ring.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I post this myself. Of course, we won't mention my femmka's ... tits ... in that photo you post. The lips are always so very sensuous. Exotic beauty, yes? Her and I will post soon.

So you know, boy, she was laughing over your now second attempt at sexual and what's with my cock? Perhaps you are jealous?? ... What was it you were quoted having said?


you should see her putting her makeup on. She’s really elegant and makes this grand thing out of it. Especially the lip gloss. Obviously because she knows her prince is backstage watching. She does her own makeup but once in awhile she’ll let her costume designer do her eyeliner and eye shadow, if she chooses to wear her (Queen II album cover/Hyde Park) black eye shadow or the pale blue eye shadow. ’She behaves so transfixed in love watching her prince do warm ups for his ballet bit during Bohemian Rhapsody. Yes, his dick is that ‘enormous’ and really pronounced in his leotards to see him up close and in person. ‘Distracting’ as Fairy so overly sexually puts it.'


Needless to say, boy, you've sat yourself up for more teasing from her. Be forewarned.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Of course, Pavlova, those new gifs of you that Fairy has made from the 'reaction video' she filmed of you, you wouldn't be looking like your usual haughty expression self when you talk to/look at your femmka ... Her adoring fans would be carrying on in the fan club comments over it. My opinion I can't refrain from giving to John. Too obvious Pavlova making a point to point out Fairy's lips in that photo alluding to blow job while on the subject of cocks... Who wouldn't be jealous, John (if you are... btw, Killer Queen told me her prince was drunk on his cherry brandy when he posted what he did. Both her and I were surprised because it wasn't like him trying to interact with someone like you .... Sibilant purring Persian queen telling me he too obviously came on and posted what he did to you because he was amused by her reaction to what you wrote and the things she was saying about it). Anyways, who wouldn't be jealous. Handsome, powerful, important young well endowed multimillionaire married to the famous exotic glam rock queen™


Another John Price quote/post ......


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ My precious fans, I laughed so hard!!! I ... purred ... so, Rudy darling, how does one go about having a custom made cock ring? I wonder if he's curious for himself or a ... friend. I mean, it's obvious his attempt at trying to talk of us on a 'sexual level'. Rudy darling, you post what you told me. It was hilarious!!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): I tell my femmka, how one goes about obtaining custom cock ring. You have tailor measure cock at 'base of shaft' ... then you have trusty jeweler fashion a cock ring out of the finest metal fit for a lord. Then you realize how pointless the effort of it all was when your femmka refuses to give it back to you to wear for the purpose it was intended, as she desires to wear it as she calls it 'fashionably naughty bracelet'. Then like the unruly exotic .... divine lush creature ... she is, provokes responses as picture below. The person she said it to has never forgotten it. I add other photo for good measure....

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Too funny. Definitely something worth not ever letting him live down. Watch he'll contact one of us saying he doesn't want to run the Loyal Subjects fanzine anymore. LOL! As long as you don't quit your 'stellar guitar playing' for Fairy's mock up Queen band, John. 😅 Below gif I created from footage during Fairy's 'Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited' tour. Close up shot of her playing piano, elegant slender black nails left hand wearing Pavlova's ... of excuse me, I mean her 'fashionably naughty bracelet' (aka Pavlova's custom cock ring). Btw, off topic - we are planning to purchase the new Icecream app which now has a personalized watermark feature you can watermark your own videos, so we can watermark gifs and video easier. We claim all rights to videos, photos, gifs and even content on Fairy Mercury's public site and fan club.

John Price, guitarist for Killer Queen ... I'm envious not jealous ... and who wouldn't be is right, Johann. The romantic FAIRY ... tale couple. Greetings once again, Loyal Subjects. Can you believe it that Xmas is only a few short days away? Doing a little ... revisited ... for the even quickly approaching years end, remember this stunning performance of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury doing 'White Christmas' in 'My Melancholy Blues' fashion. Killer Queen 'killing it' with her Freddie Mercury vocals/emulation and stage presence. It was a promo for her was, suppose to be, Xmas show for first time appearance at Pavlova's Haze Theatre, but ended up ruined ... and never went off. The promo video starts out with a live performance from her Flight Of The Fairy mini tour of

'Seven Seas Of Rhye' and then her performing the Xmas classic 'White Christmas' complete with concert footage

of the divine lush creature.

As long time fans remember, Fairy (with the help of her photographer Greg Hastings) put together the video and Fairy presented it to Pavlova when their relationship was still very new (ref. page Will You Do The Fandango? the promo video appeared on). So much has happened since then in Fairy's personal life and her fame. She hasn't raised above, she's soared above all obstacles. Couldn't be more proud of our glam rock queen™

Btw, Loyal Subjects (Fairy's adoring fans), all of you have been carrying on in the fc comments about the 'reaction' video the exotic Persian queen filmed of her dashing Russian prince and gifs she's made from it. I liked the point her costume designer made on the fan club yesterday. That you can tell by the way Pavlova is looking at Fairy filming him and the ways he's behaving that he is what keeps being said about the multimillionaire ballet danseur 'a man obsessed and in love' with the glam rock queen™


Philip Goldman (viVid Photo Studio asst. photographer) will be joining me soon since all of you have been wondering. Below two gifs Killer Queen has made from the 'reaction video' along with stunning gifs of her made from concert footage of her Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited' tour.

Below, featured photo given to me by viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings. Killer Queen's personal photographer. We have decided not to do the Fairy's Courtier's of Fairyland page, Fairy's adoring fans. I found what Mr. Hastings was talking with Fairy about - when they met. It appears on the page ... Unruly Queen which is always a captivating read with loads of photos and several videos of the FAIRY...tale couple. Cheers! John Price, guitarist for FM

Hello dears. I just wanted to pop in and make a quick post before going off to bed. It is 3:30am. I told John ... earlier that I would personally announce this. Geoff Stafford will join him in running the fanzine page. I wanted to make mention of this. As all of you long time fans know, I have 4 black cats. Do you remember when I obtained Minkus during the summer? Well, this will be his first Xmas with me. Aww. I told my delectable prince that I would like for us to spend Xmas in my London home. So I can almost imagine how that will turn out. I have it all planned - a romantic bohemian type setting ...

Anyways, I will never forget it when I found Minkus. Remember when Pavlova posted about it? I was being a naked tart outdoors... You can re-read (or if new fan, read) about it on the page The FAIRY ... Tale Couple. I love the page! It's the section below the silly white cat meme on of you made. I love you all!! Thank you for your fandom, my darlings!! xx Fairy Him with his valet ( and Haze Theatre's stage director at Haze Theatre) and 1/2 naked tart me ...

Mmmmerry Purrrry Xmas, my darlings! xx

Greetings, loyal subjects. Seems like forever since the fanzine was posted to. Too hilarious Killer Queen's ... tits stealing the show once again. First her sweaty tits concert shots upstaged the premiere of vol. 3 of the Loyal Subjects fanzine. Now her newest photo - reminiscent of another emulation photo of her in satin winged frock look she married her prince, Russian ballet danseur Pavlova in. Pictured below alongside the new photo which has you fans carrying on so much over in the fc comments. Totally defines 'erotic'. Also, yet another gif Fairy made from the 'reaction video'. Cheers! John Price

Exciting News!! Loyal Subjects, get ready to be excited! The divine lush creature Fairy Mercury’s PR man Jorge Schumann has revealed a preview of the last for revision ‘Flight of the Fairy’ page along with more details about

the glam rock queen’s revamped homepage. Plus! Is it already time for edition 4 of Loyal Subjects (Fairy Mercury online fanzine)?


Greetings once again, Loyal Subjects. Things are two days ahead of schedule! The divine lush creature who is Fairy Mercury's new homepage will be revealed on the 4th. Realness hit me last night while I laid in bed tossing and turning. I only played guitar for the glam rock queen/'70s Freddie incarnate that one time. Her 2nd to last show of her hugely successful Flight of the Fairy … Revisited tour. Now I’m preparing to head off with her and her courtiers to Europe on a major tour of countries I have never been before! Her multimillionaire prince, Russian ballet danseur Pavlova has been to Germany, of course France, Greece, etc. Not to mention one of his homes being in Vienna. Fairy has never been anywhere (outside of UK) except India (where she is originally from) and Vienna upon marrying her prince.


Fairy’s European fans, 2 ½ months and you’ll be graced with her ever so elegant presence. So excited!! I went from fan to guitar player for her mock up Queen band. How did that even happen?! Cheers! John Price

This concludes the 3nd edition of the Fairy Mercury online fanzine Loyal Subjects.
Look for volume 4 to start soon!

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