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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Effeminate Epicene Queen

Effeminate defined: male having traits traditionally considered feminine.

Epicene defined: having characteristics of both sexes.

Queen defined: slang for an effeminate gay male.

From Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Before I start my 'write up', I am going to copy/paste what Fairy wrote at the bottom of the Funny How Love Is page to make it convenient for you, her adoring fans, to reference. So here it is:

I just have to share this with you, dears. It is too funny. Taking the wealthy from their domain of wealth – Pavlova’s princely palace in Cambridge (or Vienna). After rehearsals at Haze Theatre on Thursday, I asked him if he would stay at my London home instead of us going to his Cambridge estate – adding, without his valet (who is also stage director at Haze Theatre and for my Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited tour). I told him to send his valet off, or better yet, give him the night off. He was hesitant then reluctantly agreed to it.We got to my home (via the valet who dropped us off then left). As you know, dears, I have my 4 cats – Moxie, Ming, Mikado and Minkus. They were purring and rubbing against his legs greeting him. Getting hair all over his expensive tailored suit.

Remember how I wont let him live down what I know as the Manchester incident? Quick run down – (can be read in full on page Flick Of The Wrist) Below are screencaps that were made of the section I am mainly talking about, my darlings.

It was when I very first incorporated him into my concert doing his ballet bit during Bohemian Rhapsody. When he showed up to the Manchester hotel I was staying in drunk and said the myaow meeow thing. Well, me still not letting him live it down, I said this, ‘I should get 2 more cats and name them Myaow and Meeow. But the one should be from Russia.’ An embarrassed look crossed his face and his eyes took in the foyer as if expecting someone – a valet – to come and escort us to ‘a suitable room’. I hugged his arm to my … tits …


Making sure I have his faves – Russian vodka and cherry brandy in my house, I glided along with him into one of the downstairs rooms … purring … ‘Would you like brandy, Rudy darling?’ When he didn’t reply, I saw he was seated brushing at the cat hair on his expensive tailored suit … he then started to say something in Russian then in his broken English, ‘I not have this, femmka!’ with a flustered gesture then got up saying, ‘No! I not have it! You get valet!! Servant. I won’t have you waiting on me!’

Caption: He was wearing a £2000 14k gold wristwatch and was wondering what time it was. HA!!!


I glided over to him and hugged his arm to my … tits … (I can hardly imagine what his thoughts are about braces/suspenders ‘running’ down my … tits … in the new ‘premiered’ look…) Purring … ‘Have what, Rudy darling? What is it you said, you wouldn’t tame me. This is my home, my environment and -’ I quit there, embarrassed, as he lips parted staring at his arm hugged to my … tits … as if he didn’t care about that topic (servants) anymore … OMG! I just can’t even what he did, my dears! He took hold the layered necklace ‘cascading down’ (as my costume designer so creatively puts it) my … tits … saying in a cold snobbish tone, something in Russian and looked at me as if expecting me to reply. I … purred … ‘speak English, Rudy darling. You know I don’t understand your Russian.’ seductively caressing my finger at the corner of his lips. He then spat, ‘cheap costume jewelry! I buy real gold to replace, femmka. We arrange tomorrow, yes?’ letting go the necklace and placed his hand to my cheek caressing it, gazing at my glossed lips …


I realized something. Since we’ve been together, there has been only a few times he has kissed my lips … too obvious the gloss … My costume designer observed it many times, his shyness over it … It’s about the only thing that makes him like that, dears.

He turned away from me and I heard him mutter under his breath, ‘you are such very sinfully arousing creature.’ then turned back to me saying, ‘we go to bed now. No drinks.’ I deliberately brushed my hand across the … erection … in prince huge dick his trousers and glided to the grand piano I have in that room, perched at it and played, singing the lines from ‘You Take My Breath Away’ – ‘I could give up all my life, for just one kiss. I would surely die if you dismissed me from your love’


This startled me, my darlings! He came over and took hold my jaw, tilting my head back gazing intently – eyes searching my face saying, ‘that song – those lines are much like ballet of Giselle, no? Giselle was (pauses) dismissed from prince Albrecht’s love – deceived by him and died. Why you sing this part of Freddie written song?’ In the most erotic voice I could summon (HA!) I purred, ‘don’t you know, Rudy darling? I think you do’ I mean, I just can’t, dears!! He started to take his enormous fucking cock out and I stopped him!! Purring, ‘I don’t want that! I don’t want my lips on your fucking cock – I want you to kiss my lips, Rudy!’ I just seriously can’t imagine why. He turned away. I heard him heavily sigh – the sigh of a man full of desirous lust and … aroused … he then walked off!!! I got up and followed after him – into the foyer. He was on his phone to his valet telling him to come get him!!!

I turned into a right bitch, my dears!!! I angrily grabbed his arm and wiped my fucking glossed lips on the sleeve of his expensive tailored suit then hissed like an evil feline, ‘There! The fucking gloss is off! Is that why you won’t kiss my lips?! TALK TO ME!!’ I then realized that was the first time I was like that towards him! He stepped back from me with this short laugh then said, ‘my are we being very unruly prima creature.’ then started to reach out to caress my cheek and behaved as if he thought better of it in case I went full evil feline by attacking and so very fucking charming and princely said, ‘why would I want to ruin such perfectly (pause) painted exotic face.

The perfectly eye lined exotic dark eyes and -’ pauses brushing at the gloss on the sleeve of his cat hair, lip glossed ruined tailored suit.


This is what I so erotically purred, ‘it can be re-applied, Rudy darling. It’s meant to be kissed off. Your fucking so aroused bruising kiss, so full of desirous craving lust, the few times you’ve -’ he interrupted me so charmingly and princely saying, ‘tasted of them’ and turned away opening the door and went out.

About 5 minutes later, I got a text from him that said: ‘you did good not to follow me out, kitten. My forbidden unruly creature. Everyday I learn more and more of your Bohemian way of life – your ways that are so foreign

to me … You have managed to make a very expensive tailored suit out of peasant garb. Cat hair, those erotic full sensuous lips and now cum…'

'Do you mean it

Why don't you mean it

Why do I follow you and where do you go

I reign with my left hand, I rule with my right

I'm lord of all darkness, I'm Queen of the night

I've got the power - now do The March Of The Black Queen'

(From Queen's 'The March Of The Black Queen' - written by Freddie Mercury)

1_128f (1).jpg

Remember this from 'the diary'? -- '…. the time Rudy boasted that Freddie ‘My sperm sucking slut wouldn’t take his mouth off my dick. … He is ‘She’. She was nipping and tucking on all sides. Nothing but nothing has the strength to separate us’ …. Extreme candid about Fairy - that is so her being identical to her idol. She adores men and the male anatomy (that is, cock). 'Overly sexual' just like her idol was said to be. The recent 'encounter' with her well endowed Russian prince proved all this. I also find out what Pavlova thinks of the premiered red/white striped shorts with braces look.


Timeline of events. The above that Fairy wrote about, as she said, happened on Thursday after rehearsals at Haze Theatre. This happened Saturday the day after the Friday night sold out concert and Killer Queen having slept until almost 2pm due to the after party held after the concert. Somehow Fairy ended up at myself and Greg’s house instead of having gone with Pavlova. All of us were very drunk and have vague recollection. The glam rock queen worried about why she was separated from her Russian prince, went into melodramatic panic insisting I take her to Pavlova’s Cambridge estate. She did her silly tart overly dressing bit to tease, as she remembered Pavlova presenting her with a real gold layered necklace to replace her ‘cheap costume jewelry’ mock up of the one her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury was very known for wearing.

Exotic queen Fairy with tits fully exposed in black velvet rhinestone open front wrap top

and obscenely tight black satin trousers

When we arrived at the prince’s palace, Fairy wildly laughed sibilant purr purring, ‘I guess we just go in. I live here now. Will I ever get used to any of this?! I mean, it’s a dream. It’s too surreal!’ and opened the door gliding into the enormous foyer. She then called out, ‘Rudy darling!’ I pressed my lips in suppressed laughter as my lovely best friend – the glam rock superstar of a queen put on an air of snobbish elite with a toss of her long midnight black hair as she ever so elegantly glided through the large foyer sibilant purr telling me, ‘in proper etiquette, you’re not suppose to call out across the room and such. You’re suppose to approach the person you wish to speak to.’ and wildly laughs then purrs, ‘that was one of the things Rudy told me when he was trying to prepare me for our wedding.’


We came across a beautifully carved door and I paused outside it curiously saying, ‘what’s in here?’and opened it. Startled as steam drifted out of it and then the Russian prince in all his complete naked glory appeared (believe me, I quickly turned away …) angrily in Russian, ‘get out! Why you here?! You sordid gossip! You’re not allowed here! Go!’ Fairy, the overly sexual tart, just stood there staring at Pavlova’s completely exposed well endowed-ness, drenched in gloss lips parted, then purred in this silly girl dreamy tone of voice, ‘what’s he saying, Johann?’ as if not even noticing the angry tone! Then pouted when Pavlova briefly disappears and returns with a towel wrapped around his waist.


Broken English Russian accent angrily saying to Fairy, ‘why you bring sordid gossip here, femmka?! You know I no like! Have him leave!’ then looks at how she’s dressed and (very embarrassing, it’s too obvious it ISN’T the necklace he’s so interested in …) in slight disappointed tone (obviously over her being ‘overly dressed’) says, ‘where’s necklace?!’ Then he starts to accuse me, in Russian, this was my idea she came to him overly dressed.

Killer Queen steps behind me pawing at my back purring, ‘what is he saying, Johann?!’ I turn to her quietly saying, ‘it’s embarrassing. He is obviously upset because you’re not scantily clad with your tits exposed. The necklace he bought you cascading down them.’ Fairy quietly purrs, ‘watch what I’m going to do.’ Then her Persian sibilant purr purrs, ‘actually sitting in the sauna is a lovely idea’ and strips off her top then her obscenely tight satin trousers down to her satin knickers. I watch Pavlova as he stands, lips parted and no way was I going to look below his waist at the towel … his favorite word ‘aroused’ is most likely what the towel is being treated to …

The glam rock queen steps past her Russian prince/ballet danseur caressing her black nails left hand across his bare chest, seductively, ‘coming, Rudy darling?’ then wildly laughs, overly sexual campy queen purring, ‘are you (pauses) cum-mmming?’ exotic dark eye lined liquid brown eyes lowered to the towel, then disappears inside the steamy sauna. I tell Pavlova I’ll show myself out and walk off. As I try to remember the path through the palace Fairy and I wandered, thinking everything in here must cost a fortune. The décor, the furnishings, etc.. I enter a room that doesn’t look familiar and sense I’m lost in the prince’s palace.That is when I am startled by an elderly man’s voice, sternly with aristocratic air to it saying, ‘is there anything of interest? You’re the costume designer, are you not?’ I turn and see it’s ‘Sir Thomas’. I instantly become embarrassed remembering the very uncomfortable and slightly awkward ‘tucking’ bit before Fairy went off to Vienna to marry Pavlova.

The man gestures for me to sit. I hesitantly do so wondering if I shouldn’t just say I was showing myself out and lost my way. The man walks to a table and picks up a bronze statue of a male ballet danseur … in arabesque pose, looking at it saying in the same stern aristocratic tone, ‘he is a man very (heavy emphasis on the word) in love and obsessed with (pauses) her. Fairy. It’s quite unique and creative – the name. Mythical like Hermes - Hermaphrodite, (pauses) Mercury. I read in (pauses again) her profile how she came up with the name. The effeminate gay slang queen, the fairies Freddie depicted on Queen’s band logo, several songs Freddie wrote mentioning fairies. Yes, it’s quite creative.’ still studying the statue, the man continues to say,‘I suppose you’re curious to know what Pavlova thinks of the new look you’ve created for the exotic creature. Those shorts.’ I reply, ‘I’m sure Fairy would. Pavlova’s opinions don’t concern me.’ wishing I hadn’t spoke as the man gives me this very snobbish look and sits the statue down slightly hard on the table sternly saying, ‘Pavlova is of utmost importance! His opinions should be a concern to everyone!’ (heavy emphasis on the word).

At that moment, the Russian prince himself with his exotic Persian queen (dressed in silk Japanese kimono) enters the room.

To Be Continued ...


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - I am sure Sir Thomas is sipping his sherry and laughing waiting for continuation. I too am laughing. Sordid gossip! I am not surprised you write about sauna. Then you put into words things you assume. The photo in dressing room - (MY private dressing room) at Haze Theatre of Fairy - all her fans - how you say? 'carry on over', is stunning. But what photo of her isn't? I tell her adoring fans this, she is no longer on that lowly 'eBay'. I never approved of it and never will. She has willingly given it up. Irrelevant. Fairy and I will be on soon. Femmka, I still laugh over what you wrote and how you worded it all. Did not expect you to share text with your adoring fans.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: (me just having to) Since you snubbed me, Pavlova .... the photo was taken by Philip Goldman .... I have him covering all the candid shots of Fairy.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - Then why feel 'snubbed'? A wedding, is it not, 'candid'? You behave as though I reject your photography altogether. I enjoy it. You perfectly capture her on stage looking very much like her idol. This Philip Goldman I found entertaining when I come across footage he filmed of my femmka being silly girl backstage emulating my bow. She looks like exotic creature in footage.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Greg, Fairy's fans noticed it too, it is weird how that Mercury filter tends to make photos have an odd grainy look. Like an old photo. Pavlova, what am I assuming? You KNOW damn well that is true that your only interest - fascination with the layered necklace is what you've said that it's 'alluring' how it 'draws attention to' her tits. Since ballet deals a lot with method acting, your facial expressions are very readable. You looked clearly disappointed when you asked about the necklace in what I wrote. Upset and arguing with me, accusing me it was my idea Fairy came overly dressed. Denying you of seeing her tits exposed ....


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - Sordid gossip fool! At it again. Trying to embarrass me before her adoring fans. 'Getting in arguments' about her tits as she embarrassed me saying all because of you! Now you are doing it again! I ignore you! I not associate with likes of you in first place!


The following was transferred from now deleted conversation:


Ron Craster, personal assistant (valet) to Pavlova & stage director Haze Theatre / Fairy Mercury's

Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour -

We live in a day and age where homosexuality is more acceptable for one thing, compared to the 1970s. So many of Fairy's fans were so glad Haze Theatre took on managing her. That you alone, Pavlova, brought to the forefront that section scanned from Fairy's favorite book 'Queen The Early Years' about the she/her thing. You for one, prefers to do that when speaking of Fairy. It emphasizes the effeminate, which is too obvious why asshole 'close friend and confidante' referred to Fairy's idol as she/her. 'Mr. X' can attest to that fact ...

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): I like what you say, Ronnie old boy. It go perfectly with new page! I have Jorge keep and put on new page. We continue new page in spite of annoying glitchy hosting, yes? I refuse to let my star, my femmka be denied promotion! I tell her, no tears. She cries and it angers me to want to use my fortune to destroy these fools, but to defame - speak badly and let public know the type of business they offer is public humiliation enough. Ron, you contact photographer Goldman. I wish to speak with him about this photo of my exotic femmka on new page, perhaps over weekend. Not now. We are busy with her show for tomorrow. Jorge, transfer what Ron posted on new page.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ So, Rudy darling, what did you want to discuss with Philip Goldman about the photo of me? Unfortunately, Johann won't be finishing his 'write up' all due to that damn Nitwit Shitlutions. Because it would be 'outdated' considering what he was writing about happened almost a week ago now. Yes, my darlings, I am wearing lipstick (no gloss...) in the photo (if you were to see it in colour). Also, Rudy darling, my precious fans liked what Ron Craster posted you wanted saved and transferred to this page. I do as well.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): I like his photography. It's much like Lord Snowdon's ... I can not like enough that he filmed you being campy queen backstage emulating my bow, femmka. We work on new music video soon, yes?

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy, since you mentioned to your adoring fans that I, unfortunately, wont be finishing my 'write up' and why, Jorge is just now being able to get around to adding the new video (The Prophet's Song) to the video page. I'm just happy we're being able to access your public site now. Pavlova, I know you, "I not associate with likes of you in first place!" (god forbid if anyone misquotes 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' Pavlova!!) but I'll post this to you anyways ... You're upset because Philip Goldman wrote on the lovely photo of Fairy 'one of many backstage dressing rooms' instead of stating it was your own personal dressing room she was in - using.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Johann, tell him how you had to take measurement of my tits chest to create the Japanese silk blazer look (overly dressed...) for me my idol wore on Queen's first tour of Japan .... Wait! Omg! Isn't that my new fashionably naughty bracelet (aka Rudy's newest custom cock ring...). I wanted to put us looking at each other, Rudy darling, but I would have had to flip one of the photos. Yes, you know I ALWAYS love making new music videos especially when you choreograph them, dear. You did a brilliant job on the one for 'The Prophet's Song'.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): I no reply to fool who wants to torment and get in arguments over your tits, femmka. Yes, I was insulted photographer Goldman failed to mention it was MY dressing room the photo was taken in. It is not to be blend in with others! What '70s Queen song we make video of you doing next, kitten? Let fans decide, no? I have to laugh over hair. Unruly - like you - what you look like when you wake in morning. You try to deny me of my love for watching you sleep, femmka. Never deny me - of anything.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Like my overly dressed tits .... No, darling. I want to be unpredictable like we did with the video for 'The Prophet's Song'. Talking about sleeping, this is how Rudy looks when he wakes in the morning, dears. So much for being 'dashing prince' (picture me in fits of hysterical laughter)

Jorge Schumann/PR & web design for FM: Fairy, sorry for the interruption, one of your fans made this and asked if I would post it. So I'm taking it upon myself to do so. Btw, Killer Queen's adoring fans, her upcoming (15-16 July) Manchester shows have sold out. #FlightoftheFairy...RevisitedREIGNS

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Aww, I like that. Hoping I don't sound like an arrogant bitch, but I also like the new hashtag you created, dears. Thank you, Manchester!! Love and kisses to you all, darlings!! Rudy, it just dawned on me that Manchester venue .... the one where you were resting in squalor backstage. I mean, that was too hilarious!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): That was funny you being campy queen over it, femmka. I tell you I dance in many grand venues - theatres. Vienna, Paris, Leningrad, London, Milan, etc. Although you are star, venues, the dressing room, are not to be 'lived in'. When you behave like prima creature - regal effeminate expecting grandeur, being silly girl over 'squalor' and I tell you, I have been in dressing rooms no larger than small closet. Sparsely furnished - peasant like. Speaking of venues and theatres. 'The Prophet's Song' video you were pleased with choreograph, I tell you when I presented it to you, I put in some footage not from when I dance ballet during your performance of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but footage from past ballet I have done. Perhaps we make your concerts more theatrical, femmka, since your idol was such fan of theatre and ballet.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You're talking about the part you slipped in on: 'Heed me not, let all your treasure make you. Fear for your life, Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you, should death await you' It was so very dramatic, dear! Actually, that would perfectly fit with Bohemian Rhapsody's lyrics as well. The figurative 'death'.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Femmka, if only you let me teach you even minor ballet moves. We could stage a 'mini' Giselle during the operatic break. I wish not to dance alone. Those were dancers from my theatre carrying me off in dramatic ballet death scene.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I am so fucking in love with you!! I want you to teach me the 'grand pas de deux' of the Sugar Plum ... Fairy in the Nutcracker.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Nureyev's grand pas de deux in The Nutcracker was one of his most legendary, kitten. My favorite ballets of his were Giselle, The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty. It's hard to be partial.

The FAIRY ... Tale Couple

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, let me ask you something many people (myself incl.) have been wondering for some time now. Have you ever performed ballet at Covent Garden? You know, the Royal Ballet... considering some of the people who know - have known ... Btw, my precious fans, this is hilarious (I bet you'll get a laugh off it, Johann ....) I opened his laptop and this photo is what he has on the desktop background... Me in the 'black queen' satin catsuit and would be looking like 1/2 naked tart with 'cascading down tits' necklace. I had to laugh!!! My hair looking an absolute mess - it's 'natural' ... ahem ... "unruly" ... look.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Don't you know by now curiosity killed the kitten cat, femmka? Oh, I forget you are 'wife' now so that makes you entitled ... I recently changed it from below photo ... I wont reply. Not on here. Sir Thomas is Snowdon. Lord Snowdon who was married to Countess of Snowdon (did unveiling of Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park). Was known for his famous past time; photography. His favourite subject being Nureyev. Person of interest to you would be my fine friend 'Mr. X.' because he knew your idol Freddie Mercury and very well, femmka.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ As you can see, Rudy darling, those photos having the hash tag they do, were of my 'mini tour' Flight Of The Fairy. Very shortly after we met... You have got to be kidding me, right?! In other words what you are trying to say is you actually know real royalty! That 'Sir Thomas'. Talking of 'Mr. X' and photographing, I still think it's hilarious that Mick Rock quit photographing Queen after their legendary '76 Hyde Park concert. I still don't blame him ... So many people seemed to disassociate themselves ... That's my obsession, dear - Queen II, Hyde Park and '74 Rainbow Theatre. The 'looks' of my beloved idol I've been compared to looking identical to. Which your 'fine friend Mr. X' so graciously agrees as well.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): 'They' charter yacht and are in south of France again, femmka. My turn to ask you curious question now. I not try to embarrass. You and that sordid gossip you call 'best friend' always behave as though certain people (myself included) will not read things you entertain your adoring fans with on sites. Why are you so curious about Snowdon and Peter Pan statue?


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You can't be serious!! I already have a hard time believing you alone are real!!! First off, well - put yourself in my place, if you even can. Me seeking fame as 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate. Being bizarrely identical in every way - looks, personality - able to 'emulate to perfection', etc. my idol who I aspire to be and live for being. As everyone who is an avid fan ... knows, he had the lifelong crush on Rudolf Nureyev and eventually they became lovers. Then suddenly you come waltzing into my life like a fucking surreal dream to complete my aspirations. Then I learn that you and several others have known of me and had been 'watching' me before you finally decided to make your move - make yourself known to me. Nureyev incarnate. You are STILL such a fucking mystery to me!!! The more I learn about you - I mean, it's unreal!! You too obviously were born into great wealth, so you take so much for granite. First off, 'Mr. X' and you behave like it's no big deal knowing him! Then all the other things - like those diaries and their contents. It's almost as if I were to say, 'oh, I know Queen Elizabeth' and behaving as if you're just talking about your nobody next door neighbor!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I'll do it because I know she will never be able to bring herself to, Pavlova. You've revealed you are from Anna Pavlova's lineage. You're Snowdon lineage as well aren't you? If that is true, that is very freaking UNREAL!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Что ты пытаешься сделать? Уничтожить то, что есть у нее и у меня? Она все для меня. Моя жизнь. Я умру, если потеряю ее!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Ne igrayte s ney v igry! Eto ne balet. Zhizelʹ obmanuta printsem Alʹbrekhtom, kotorym ty tak oderzhim i tak lyubishʹ!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Вот почему я не буду раскрывать некоторые вещи, потому что она впадает в истерику. Мелодраматичный айдол был известен. Она падает в обморок от истерики. Это слишком сложно для нее принять. Принять.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: She has phoned me, Pavlova! She has used online translation tool. Yes, she is in hysterics now. Have Ron take her to her London home. She can't be with you when she is like that!

Philip Goldman, asst. photographer viVid Photo Studio: Ummm okay. I'm glad I wasn't asked to come on and talk with the young man now. I definitely do not deserve a high complement of him saying my photography reminds him of Lord  Snowdon's and especially after what I just read! Footage before being 'tarted up' in black eye shadow and lip stick (gif) The photo I've pictured below it has me very curious .... I know Killer Queen was curious for details and he was being his usual mysterious evasive self.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Philip, Johann just phoned me. He is in Cambridge at Pavlova's 'palace'. He jokingly told me he should get on here and do 'an exclusive'. He was met by security at the gates and refused entrance. He was told, 'you are not taking Pavlova's queen from him!' So Johann phoned Ron Craster who told them they needed to let Johann in because Johann is the only person who will be able to console Fairy being in hysterics. One of them remarked, 'Oh right! As if the prince himself can't!' and reluctantly let Johann in. Btw, Philip, that is wild him likening your photography to Snowdon. To me, it's not as wild as someone who actually knew Freddie Mercury being so taken by Fairy saying that she is 'the modern day' Freddie Mercury.

That 'Mr. X' guy is so fascinated and obsessed how Fairy can be so identical to Freddie Mercury even right down to habits her idol had (like preening top of hair/head that even asshole journalists would make a point to write about because it was so noticeable about Freddie).


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: This is crazy! I'm finding time to quickly post what's going on, Greg, since I joked to you about 'exclusives'. She did faint and he's ordered she be laid among 'silk only' cushions because Persians are fond of silk. He is sitting there petting her exotic long midnight black hair and now caressing the back of her black nails left hand telling her how he was taken from Moscow as a baby. The diary is very true. That he was 'groomed' to be Nureyev. Literally 'learned' everything to 'become' him. How he spoke, habits, his likes and dislikes, dancing ballet in exact techniques Nureyev danced, etc. by 'very strict' people who knew the lord of dance well. 'Destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'.


Telling her he knows what it is like to idolize a legend so much you long to become them. As she is about her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. Him telling her in his Russian (I had to translate it to her - she is obviously in shock, as before, and I am unsure how much she is even taking in, if anything), 'Nureyev once said he was born a peasant who danced as princes. That is where I differ, femmka. I am a prince who learned - was groomed to dance as a legendary prince - the lord of dance. You are right, I know no other life. Your Bohemian way of life, I am unaccustomed to. I told you shortly after we met, Nureyev was fond of forbidden - the unruly - prima. Out of his class. He was very fond of campy effeminate queens. You've read the quotes - things from those books you obtained. It's all true along with diary and things (Mr. X) has shared with you. You are my destiny. I will die without you, Fairy.' He actually started to cry and that I was very surprised over. What he did was deliver his princely kiss to the back of her black nails left hand then he buried his face into her long midnight black hair to conceal his tears.


Hello dears. I am now in Manchester doing rehearsals for my concert this weekend. Today is Tuesday ... I'm sure what happened will be being discussed over 'Tuesday tea' and I'm glad I'm not going to be there ... I guess some tart went into melodramatic hysterics and shock. HA!!! Johann, you really are too funny. I woke up with this enormous fucking cock pressed against my ass and I quietly slipped out of bed and slinked off and left for Manchester. It is now 4pm here. I arrived 2 hours ago (when Tuesday tea takes place...). I might have Ron Craster (it's been awhile and it used to be funny) come on and post about what happened after I left today. He contacted me about it. I will be working on a new video when I return from Manchester. Love and kisses to you all, darlings 💋 Fairy


Ron Craster, valet for Pavlova, stage director (I'm not going to write out my credentials. It's too long. LOL!)

Are you sure you want to know, Fairy? The prince is being forlorn. First off, he asked me to massage his feet. I asked him if he was going to be dancing. He heavily sighed looking at his phone saying in his Russian, 'Not a word, Ron! I hear not a word from my femmka. She posts to her adoring fans about rejecting sex from me.' He then went down to the floor dedicated to an entire dance studio and danced. That ... Sir Thomas ... came for tea. I went down to get Pavlova. He was dancing ballet to you performing the song 'You Take My Breath Away' .....

I told him Sir Thomas was here for tea. VERY unlike him, Killer Queen, he went upstairs to 'the tea room' - sweaty, in his ballet leotard and that ... Sir Thomas ... in dismay said, 'is this how you will be joining me for tea, Rudolf?! It is not acceptable and unlike you!'


He launched into what happened. Asked if that Sir Thomas read your public website recently. He dislikes your 'insolent sordid gossip' costume designer (and best friend) even more now.

Having the nerve to write that he cried .... That Sir Thomas saying this to him, 'you're a romanticist, you are allowed tears.' It's ridiculous to even begin to tally up how many phones the fiery temper of the Russian has gone through. Another joined the tally as he threw his phone spatting, 'Why I not hear from her?!' That nonchalant (remember you think it so hilarious, Fairy?) Sir Thomas saying, 'it is only appropriate you go to her. Wash up. Have your valet pack what you need and be off. We will forget tea. You have more pressing matters of importance.'

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Above gif - me reading what you wrote, Ron. He was awake?! How embarrassing!!! I was not rejecting him!! I thought he was asleep!! I just thought he was asleep laying so closely behind me I could feel his enormous fucking cock pressed against my ass. I was in my kimono. I don't wish to be vulgar, but I mean, my darlings, could you seriously imagine having a cock that enormous and that's only how it looks not ... aroused ... Remember the book on Nureyev he told me about? That Nureyev wore a cock ring and the gay guy who turned down having sex with him because he literally couldn't handle a cock that enormous? ...

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Killer Queen's adoring fans, as she's shared with you, she doesn't drive. I came to pick her up shortly after 1pm. It's too funny how disliked I am. The security at the gates was like, 'oh, it's you again. If you've come uninvited, you are not allowed in!' I told the guy I came to get Fairy. He remarked, 'Pavlova's queen is only to be transported by limo. She is a famous rock star.' I smirked, 'I know, I design her onstage and some of her offstage wardrobe.' and the guy curiously, 'oh?' then without another word, opened the gates. Pavlova has arrived in Manchester. It's embarrassing. He's obviously had too much of his cherry brandy... The exotic glam rock queen being her usual overly sexual campy effeminate queen self camping it up about the backstage 'squalor' environment of the venue, entertaining her drunk prince ...

I will continue soon.


FAIRY ... Tale Couple - Soul Mates Incarnates


Before I continue, left me define 'incarnate' : A person showing a trait or typical character to a marked degree. The embodiment of a deity (legend) or spirit in earthly form. Why my best friend who I am costume designer for the glam rock queen is the 'incarnate' of her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and we find it unjustified and even insulting to refer to her as 'look a like', 'impersonator' and labels as such. Even Pavlova, incarnate of idol Rudolf Nureyev, it would be very insulting to label him as such!

These two quote are eerie how similar they are - 'alter egos' - soul mates with the same everything in common.


I always get depressed and upset when a tour stops. Suddenly you’re back home and you have to will yourself back into the pace. You have to make your own cup of tea again, and I’m used to being pampered and cosseted.’ (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


'Lights go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again.'

(the lord of dance Nureyev)

When the drunk on his cherry brandy dashing handsome prince arrived at the Manchester venue, his exotic glam rock queen (and entourage, myself included) were just wrapping up getting ready to leave to the day. Pavlova came waltzing in, followed by his valet, and headed directly towards Fairy. He glanced at how she was dressed – all white satin, and took hold the layered chain necklace glancing at her partially exposed … tits … his broken English Russian accent saying, ‘why I not hear from you, femmka? You leave without a word. I die if I lose you.’ Fairy tosses her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder about to say something when (embarrassingly…), Pavlova glances … shyly … at her drenched in gloss ‘exotic full sensuous lips’ (as he calls them) and pulls her to him, in his arms and bruisingly kisses them. She moans pawing at his chest then grasps a handful of his sandy brown ‘wispy bob’ (as she calls it) in her black nails left hand. This is obviously the Russian prince trying to be ‘peasant’ … because a public display of affection is not allowed among his ‘high elite’ lifestyle.

Exotic, effeminate, erotic, elegant Persian glam rock queen. Defining all 4 e's in silk jacket and long midnight black bob.

Right - tousled sweaty sandy brown bob Russian danseur.

I hear the exotic divine lush creature Fairy Mercury quietly gaspily purr in very erotic tone, ‘Rudy’ and watch as her black nails left hand releases the strands of Pavlova’s sandy brown bob and moves to the (I’m sure) … aroused … crotch of his trousers. He steps back from the effeminate Persian taking her hand, delivering his princely kiss to the back of it – denying her of the blow job she’s obviously seeking … and says, ‘I become peasant. Bohemian way of life, to keep you, femmka!’ I shake my head thinking ‘how theatrical and so Pavlova’ Fairy’s sibilant purr purrs, ‘then you would lose me, Rudy darling, because you wouldn’t be you.’ glances at her gloss all over her Russian prince’s lips (amazingly he hasn’t wiped it off – probably because it’s his idea of ‘peasant’ – or he’s being too shy to …).

Obviously embarrassed by it and him having kissed her lips (after what she noticed about that …), the ever so elegant exotic prancer turns away from him with a toss of her long midnight black hair laughing. She then moves to his side hugging his arm to her … tits … sibilant purr laughingly purring, ‘it’s become even more squalor than the last time, hasn’t it, dear?’ Pavlova laughs glancing over at his valet who subtly presses a handkerchief into his

hand … broken English Russian accent saying, ‘Ah! I see my mattress, as you so campy queen say ‘resting in squalor’ is still here.’ I found this embarrassing – he turns his sandy brown bob head with a quick wipe of his lips, obviously so his exotic queen wont see and become offended he’s wiped her glossy kiss from his lips …

Ron Craster (his valet and Haze Theatre stage director – also stage director for the glam rock queen’s Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited tour) laughs and says, ‘most likely it’s being used to cushion landings’


Speaking of ... 'revisited ... let's revisit the 'squalor' of last time the glam rock queen performed at the Manchester venue. Below: gifs made by the exotic effeminate queen Fairy Mercury herself. The campy as she called it 'resting in squalor' and then warming up for ballet spot. Below them is, of course, the divine lush creature Fairy Mercury herself from the Manchester concert. In black velvet wrap top accented with rhinestones,

Exotic prancer Fairy Mercury in obscenely white satin trousers with white satin wrap top.

Left hand poised in one of the limp 'flick of the wrist' poses to draw attn. to black nails.


Fairy covers to perfection a Freddie Mercury written Queen song believed to be inspired by the ballet Giselle!!

This comes after ‘Mr. X’ had spoken with another person who knew Freddie Mercury. The performance of the song will be made into a video choreographed by Russian ballet danseur Pavlova.

Also, Killer Queen’s costume designer’s ‘write up’ continues.

Hello dears. Can you believe it that it's already 6pm?! In 3 more hours I will be rocking Manchester for a second night. But I suppose that's how life is if you have a wildly naughty after party and sleep until 1-2 in the afternoon. Manchester, you were wonderful and you fucked rocked me probably harder than I did you.

Mmm talking about being fucked hard ... So anyways, there are a few quick things I'd like to share with you, my precious fans before I head off for final rehearsals and prepare for tonight's show. Then hopefully I will be back on afterwards. As was shared with you, I don't throw after parties the 2nd night.


First off, the bit on the home page. Jorge Schumann, as you (not new) fans know, is my PR man and web designer. My delectably handsome prince's 'fiery Tartar' (Russian) temper went ablaze. HA! 'There's important and I do mean VERY important people who are looking at my femmka's sites. You neglect the public one. Joking back and forth with that sordid gossip about up time. What is that?!' Then he told Jorge off about what Jorge posted on the home page. Let me copy/paste it, dears. Because once it become deleted and this stays, it wouldn't make sense what I am talking about.


Following copy/pasted from homepage:


To Fairy Mercury's adoring fans. Killer Queen will be taking the stage in Manchester in less than a 1/2 hour.(time of post 8:30pm London) Be ready to be rocked by the glam rock queen! She has many surprises in store for tonight's sold out concert.There will be major updates to the home page soon.Pavlova told me off. I am to get busy updating Fairy's profile or 'its curtains for you, my friend '

Me: But, Pavlova, we go waaaay back!

Pavlova: Way back?! I've only walked this earth 38 years. How far is 'way back?' and what that have to do with,

do what you are hired for!

The elegant Killer Queen was standing there laughing hysterically and offered to help me update her profile.

Fairy: I'll help with the profile, after all I am the star and it's a profile on me, dear.

All of this took place backstage about an hour before I was to grace the stage. I will let my costume designer pick up from here. xx Fairy


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova started pointing out to Jorge 'This goes, this goes. Been on too long. The profile is outdated and horrendous!' I tried so hard not to laugh as I watched as Pavlova fell silent, his finger caressing over this on the homepage I have copy-pasted below and this is what he said, 'this stays. You keep on here, Jorge.'

Are you ready to be rocked by the ever so elegant, erotic, exotic glam rock queen?!

Gif - video footage of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury performing her first two ever sold out shows at Haze Theatre. (note to Pavlova: where she throws her long midnight black hair head back and her full glossed lips and tits are thrust out is too erotic, don't you think?? ....)


Again, as I explained way back on the page The March Of The Black Queen, anything like this that isn't specifying who it's written by is posted by Jorge Schumann doing his PR. Fairy, being her usual overly sexual campy queen self, looking embarrassed by it, picks up a hand mirror and applies more gloss to her lips. Erotically, very slowly gliding the applicator to the center of her bottom lip so the gloss literally forms a 'drip'. Pavlova, having fallen silent again, gazes at the exotic Persian queen obviously ... aroused ... by it. Jorge explaining an idea he has, notices the Russian prince/ballet danseur is rudely no longer paying attention - having become oblivious to all surroundings - all but his erotic 'queen' - Jorge clears his throat and says, 'so then what do you think, Pavlova?'


Pavlova, not even replying to what Jorge was saying says, 'add Goldman to credits at bottom. In profile, list her accomplishments and achievements for starters. Her history making tour she is currently on. Our wedding perhaps, no?' Fairy pulls me aside before heading out on stage purring, 'tonight, I am going to take the head of his enormous fucking cock after it cums and caress it on my lips so his cum is dripping from them to see what does' then glides off disappearing into the dimly lit stage wing.

(Msg. to Jorge: me being cheeky - photo left - 'or its curtains for you, my friend')

'For you, Rudy darling' 1970s decade Freddie Mercury incarnate Fairy Mercury takes her campy backstage emulating her Russian

prince - ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova to

the stage and her adoring fans are left in

a wild frenzy.

We'll continue later. Killer Queen is due to grace the stage for her second night sold out Manchester show in an hour. When we return, the glam rock queen in her overly sexual self tells what became of her naughty 'cum' plan she shared with her costume designer, new video details and so much more!


From Geoff Stafford - avid Fairy Mercury fan/fan club president: Killer Queen's adoring fans, you won't believe what happened backstage after her concert in Manchester tonight. I was so nervous because as I mentioned in the fan club comments earlier this morning, I was contacted by Jorge Schumann telling me I needed to come to Manchester. That a special courier was going to arrive at my flat with payment that will pay my way, including a backstage pass. I tried to ask him details but he told me that he was under direction of Pavlova and that's all he could provide. I asked if I could do an exclusive on what happened. It was crazy! No lie. I am still shaking!

As I mentioned several times, I have never had the privilege to meet him. Be very jealous that I have our exotic glam rock queen and I mean, she is so stunning in person. Even more Freddie of the 1970s. I was turned down the exclusive but was told I could participate in telling what happened.


Btw, this photo of Fairy is so perfection. The photo I'm posting next to it she took herself of Pavlova outside his Cambridge estate.


Philip Goldman (asst. photographer - viVid Photo Studio) - Hoping we can get through this, Geoff, because this bloody site is REALLY being annoying with slow load photos. Unless we act like utter fools with all text and no photos and, of course, that would be ridiculous and disappointing to Fairy's adoring fans. Where to begin? Apparently the young man has taken an extreme interest in me and I'm speechless.

He obviously has an extreme interest in the photo and gif (pictured below) that I took (hired by Mr. Greg Hastings to cover the candid angle of the famous exotic effeminate queen). Of course the one (my first candid attempt) him 'romancing' as he put it, his 'femmka'.

I timed it. It took literally an entire hour for me to get these to load in order to add them. SMFH. Anyways, his hatred of Fairy's costume designer is obviously very real. It started out with him telling Mr. Schumann off yesterday. Then tonight while Killer Queen was on stage, he paced and paced angrily speaking in Russian. Only people who know the lang. is Schumann (who is German like Johann Wagner), Johann and Pavlova's valet Ron Craster. In English, he then angrily said, 'I not do this! Have Sir Thomas come immediately!' to his valet. Fairy started down the wing and I could hear her sibilant purr breathlessly purring, 'where's Rudy? It's not like him to miss his cue.' Johann telling her, 'he's not going to dance. Go finish the song ('Bohemian Rhapsody' as any fan who has seen her tour, during the operatic break, Pavlova comes out to dance ballet. Then Fairy takes the stage again to do the rock part 'so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye ....' ) I could hear her now distressed sounding Persian purr gaspily purring, 'why?! Where's my husband?!' Johann saying, 'he's alright. No time to explain. Your adoring fans are waiting for their lovely star.'


Pavlova, Sir Thomas, etc. are obviously VERY wealthy and powerful people. VERY accustom to getting their way and things going accordingly to their wishes and made convenient, etc. for them. Catered to. People jump at their command, etc. It takes nearly 3 hours to get to Manchester from London. That Sir Thomas chartered a private plane and flew there at Pavlova's request! Well, when he arrived, Fairy's show just ended 15 minutes after. Giving Pavlova enough time to discuss why he summoned Sir Thomas. When Fairy came off stage, that Sir Thomas took over. He forbade her to go near Pavlova. She started to cry over being denied her prince and obviously very confused as to what was going on. Pavlova literally sat there, looking like below gif. Silent. Stern. Eyes fixed on Sir Thomas and refusing to look at his exotic effeminate crying queen.


Sir Thomas, in this very stern tone said, 'what are you people playing at?' When no one dare answer. Having no idea exactly what the man meant. He then said, 'she (with gesture towards Fairy) cries in Pavlova's presence. It would not be acceptable if it weren't for, as he prefers, her bohemian way of life. And you (glares at Johann) would not have a job if it weren't for her and your talents. You insist to humiliate him after (heavy emphasis) you so foolishly dare try to tell him how to touch and love his femmka!' Johann in defense of himself replied, 'he is Russian and doesn't understand and took it out of context and he will not see it any other way than what he thought!' The man, Sir Thomas, didn't want to hear it. He just rolled his eyes dismissively and launched into 'the embarrassing state things have gotten in' about her websites when 'someone of great importance' was recommended to look at them and it needs to change.


That was when Pavlova broke his silence. It was touching. Upon hearing - she literally kept her hands over her face crying the entire time - Pavlova speak, you could hear her sob behind her hands, 'I want my husband!' I'll let Geoff pick up here.


From Geoff Stafford - avid Fairy Mercury fan/fan club president: You guys ever been like this? That you're so nervous and shaking so much you literally feel like your legs are going to go out from under you? I felt like that! Pavlova was like, 'where's boy in charge of fan club?' I was standing back against a wall and hesitantly pulled myself from it. He glanced at me long enough to acknowledge my presence then wouldn't look at me as if I wasn't worthy. I mean, he's for real this multimillionaire!!! I was told - more like ordered - to resume my Loyal Subjects online fanzine 'or go back to peasant work' He obviously was trying to block out Fairy sitting there crying. That Sir Thomas guy obviously noticed and I could hear him mutter to Pavlova, 'leave her. Tend to her later.' and he quietly said something in Russian. I glanced at Johann Wagner who sighed saying, 'my heart breaks' - obviously translating

what he said.


Philip Goldman (asst. photographer - viVid Photo Studio) - Geoff, believe me, I felt like knees buckling when Pavlova said this after briefly addressing you. With this proud air, 'this is Goldman I tell you of, Sir Thomas.' with a swept of his arm/hand in my direction. That Sir Thomas sternly eyed me, with a curious, 'oh?' Pavlova then went to Fairy and pulled her up from where she was seated and pet her long midnight black hair quietly saying, 'never do this in front of me, baby' Fairy turned away gaspily purring, 'what?! Omg! What did you just call me?! I just can't!!' Pavlova's face turned deep red embarrassed by it, cleared his throat and then said, 'you really need to quit behaving as though I won't read things you entertain your adoring fans with on your sites, femmka.' Obviously referring to 'when we return, the glam rock queen in her overly sexual self tells what became of her naughty 'cum' plan she shared with her costume designer' that the severly scolded Jorge Schumann did a teaser about. Pavlova most likely is waiting to read what the exotic creature is going to write about their, as I'll put it, 'very naughty sexual escapade' she indulged him in last night after the very wild after party ...


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Geoff dear, being multimillionaire isn't impressive without his lineage ... and the people he knows. I seriously have no comment who was sent to look at my public site and was given access to the fan club... It is my Zzz time, my darlings. So tomorrow I will entertain you with the naughtiness I got up to Friday night.

His enormous fucking cock over abundance of princely jewels will never be the same. HA!!

Remember what was written in that diary, dears? (Ref. top 1/2 of Funny How Love Is). I had it talked about to me in great details and no I am not acting like what I've accused him of. No big deal knowing certain people. 'Mr. X' who actually knew my idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury and Nureyev. Clip from movie ... Exposed ... of Nureyev that Mr. X had emailed me over being humoured by Pavlova and his teasing 'wedding is off' if I didn't wear the pale blue eye shadow and (below) that .... Jorge ... had made and posted. All this and new video will be talked about tomorrow. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy

From Geoff Stafford - avid Fairy Mercury fan/fan club president: When your stunningly exotic superstar idol directly posts something to you and you can't bring yourself to reply.


Hello dears. I fought good and hard to wait through the annoying 'loading editor' message THEN the annoying 'server lost connection message' that constantly pops up as you're typing. Just to post to my poor neglected public site. I just love my precious fans endlessly ... something I will never get use to is being claimed as an 'idol' to some of you. Of course, achieving fame by being a 'superstar' ... Anyways, you have to be a serious fan of Queen to know who David Evans is. He was general mgr. for John Reid Enterprises which managed Queen in the '70s. He wrote the book The Real Life Freddie Mercury and was very close friends of my idol and best friends with that creep he was with in the '70s (David Minns). That asshole Minns apparently worked in theatre doing costume design. They were 'glamming and tarting up' Freddie who was 'over the top for glam' and trying to catch the attention of my idol's life long crush on Nureyev. 'Mr. X' also telling me this, my idol talking about his thin legs and how he was 'such a little thing' was how my idol referred to himself as. 'Thing' - like 'it' - used to describe someone androgynous.


Remember, my darlings, when I posted that so many people seemed to disassociate themselves after the '76 Hyde Park concert (like Mick Rock). Mr. X told me that even that David Evans talks about how drugs changes a person and for the worse - turning them into a dislikable person. Trying to be (including looks...) something you're not in desperate attempt to 'fit in' with the bad influence shit you've taken up hanging with. So it was nice to know that I'm not the only one (along with my entourage and soooooooo many of you, my precious fans) aren't the only ones who hate 'ugly dog' doesn't look like the same person creep 1979 - 1991 shit. Onto POSITIVE what's liked and what I'm incarnate of ... he talked to me about tarting it up showing up to the Royal Ballet in the silver sequin leotard that Pavlova told me about ('Mr X' had told him about it before we met...) in hopes Nureyev would be there. Constantly referring to my idol as 'very outrageously flamboyant, campy and effeminate. Lovely soft spoken exotic lisp, just like yours. You sound so much like Freddie. He had a wild laugh and tendency to scream flamboyantly like a girl' Too funny story he told about 'masculine Terry' and the 'campy' Freddie.


I wish I could tell you these stories in details, dears, this generous man 'Mr. X' - Pavlova's close friend who knew both Pavlova's idol Nureyev and my idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury indulges me in. The man has become very taken by me and I feel so honoured, considering who he is ... that I wish I could reveal. Especially the stories he's told me of my idol obsessively attending Nureyev's ballets.

Myself and Pavlova looking 'splitting image' of our idols. Mmm my wind swept Russian prince, I love you!

Another thing he told me, that David Minns (who died in the early 2000s, I think he said around 2001) talking about how very flamboyant Freddie was. Constantly hand gestures which Mr. X found 'eerie' when he read my costume designer writing about me doing that to bring attn. to black nails left hand. There was this cabaret Freddie frequented a lot in the '70s named Country Cousins with that creep Minns. And a time one of the performers recognized Freddie from off the Bohemian Rhapsody video and invited him up onto a table to sing God Save The Queen with them because Freddie not only being in the band Queen but being a 'queen' (effeminate).

'Mr. X' telling me he can't get over how identical I am to my idol in every way and how I look identical to Freddie

during Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack and the Bohemian Rhapsody video


I have to go now, my darlings. But later this evening.

I just got word my Bristol shows sold out! I faint.


Up next-

The Sacred Forehead


In the meanwhile, revisit the two MUST READ pages on my public site:

Mirror Image | Funny How Love Is

Above: Although most of the time, Pavlova wears himself in favored look of his idol Nureyev - leather or a tailored suit with turtle neck and Vienna cap - cap removed, his sandy brown hair fashioned in a medium bob with fringe (bangs), concealing his forehead - that was once kissed by the legendary Russian ballet danseur Nureyev when Pavlova was a baby of only a few months old. He forbids anyone to touch his forehead. Recently he has allowed on one - his Giselle - his Freddie, the glam rock queen / 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate Fairy Mercury.


Following by Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet, stage director at Haze Theatre and currently for the divine lush creature who is Fairy Mercury's making history spring summer 2022 Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour)


The Sacred Forehead


Below, from Dame Eleanor diary who I am not allowed to reveal who she was. The strict woman who practically raised and tutored Pavlova and also knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury (the latter, to a brief extent):


Pavlova, you must find your Freddie – your destiny. Only then will you be complete. You are destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev. It is your lineage and in your bloodline. You and another will rise up, reincarnated in their image. I have groomed you in Nureyev’s image – as I told you many times, you are his predecessor – the heir of royalty and nobility. Your name must be changed from Nikolai to Rudolf upon my death. Nikolai Pavlova was born the year the lord of dance Rudolf Nureyev was to star in the movie Exposed. I brought the baby to him (Nureyev) telling him he will be under my tutelage and will be his predecessor – from Pavlova lineage. He held the baby, kissed his forehead and said in Russian, ‘you will dance as me. Find your destiny – your Freddie – your Madam Giselle.


(please reference the very interesting diary entries on the page Funny How Love Is and as Killer Queen suggested to you, her adoring fans ... revisit ... that page along with Mirror Image)


The complex and complicated life of the mysterious Russian prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova explained briefly because much I am not allowed to reveal. St. Petersburg in Russia where ballet royalty Anna Pavlova was born. From that lineage came then Nikolai Pavlova (now Rudolf Pavlova). When he was age 10, he was taken from there to Moscow then Leningrad to learn ballet - the age the legend of ballet Rudolf Nureyev began ballet lessons. 'When destiny was to begin to unfold.'


He was literally taught every 'trait' Nureyev had. From habits, speech, mannerism ('royal etiquette') to ballet technique of Nureyev. Lucky for Pavlova, he is eerily similar to Nureyev (as Fairy is to her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury), he naturally (not taught) in many ways. One majorly being, having an extreme attraction for 'campy effeminate queen' type gays. The 'forbidden' - out of his league, class, nobility, elite lifestyle and extreme wealthy upbringing. The prince Albrecht and the forbidden peasant Giselle.

Up Next: What became of this - Fairy pulls me aside before heading out on stage purring, 'tonight, I am going to take the head of his enormous fucking cock after it cums and caress it on my lips so his cum is dripping from them to see what does' then glides off disappearing into the dimly lit stage wing.


As well as details on Killer Queen's upcoming new music video.


Following excerpts transferred from soon to be deleted conversation Pavlova wanted kept:


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - (partial) She rolled her exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes with heavy sigh escaping erotic sensuous full lips purring, (rest omitted)


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Mmm you ... aroused ... me, dear with your description of me. Let me tell you this, my precious fans. We were seated on a bench outside by this lovely fountain here in Bristol. He was looking like delectable wind swept prince. There was a lovely breeze. A strand of my midnight black hair clung to my glossed lips ... I went to move it and he stopped me telling me, 'no femmka, leave it.' A bit of camp for you, dears. Imagine how awkward trying to talk with hair clinging to your lips!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - Jorge move the last (positive and on topic) of what you posted, femmka, to the new page ... We discuss that, your 'game playing' to test me .... and new video we're working on your adoring fans have been excited over. Jorge, my schedule at theatre is open early afternoon Monday.

We meet then about profile.


Following written by Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur


Fairy has played her tantalizing little games from the 1st time we met. Tantalize defined: to tease by presenting something desirable but keeping it out of reach. From the first time we met, in my office, when he attempted to leave behind the snake arm bracelet, like Cinderella leaving glass slipper so prince will return it to her.

Countless tantalizing games. Most recent, kissing lips… Her sordid gossip costume designer tells her of this, from 'write up' about it on this page (you can read full account at top of page)


Pavlova laughs glancing over at his valet who subtly presses a handkerchief into his hand … broken English Russian accent saying, ‘Ah! I see my mattress, as you so campy queen say ‘resting in squalor’ is still here.’ I found this embarrassing – he turns his sandy brown bob head with a quick wipe of his lips, obviously so his exotic queen wont see and become offended he’s wiped her glossy kiss from his lips …


She makes her sexual campy games of it. We have sex … I wait for her to do what she expect me not to have read on her public website. The following from same 'write up'


Fairy pulls me aside before heading out on stage purring, 'tonight, I am going to take the head of his enormous fucking cock after it cums and caress it on my lips so his cum is dripping from them to see what does' then glides off disappearing into the dimly lit stage wing.


Expecting this now, I am prepared ...

My eyes are closed enjoying sensuously erotic blow job which is very arousing when she gives. I feel black nails left hand fingers dig into my leg and I open my eyes. I am laying ½ sitting up among many cushions on bed. There the erotic creature is, between my legs, my cum drenching her erotic full sensuous lips. Alluring exotic eye lined dark liquid brown eyes gazing at me. I fold arms and say, ‘Is this part of Bohemian way of life, femmka? You don’t expect me to kiss sensuous lips with my cum all over them like that. It’s undesirable.’

Very ... arousing ... the eye lined exotic dark liquid brown eyes and the erotic sensuous .. glossed ... full lips

I try to take my cock from her black nails left hand’s grasp. She holds firm. She deliberately places strand of her long midnight black hair so it clings to her drenched in my cum erotic sensuous full lips. I laugh laying back and gaze up at ceiling, refusing to look at her. I hear erotic soft purr, ‘do you think I’m ugly right now, Rudy darling?’ I reply, ‘never. You could never be ugly. Undesirable does not mean ugly. Why would I want to taste myself, my cum? I am in love with you and desire to taste you -’ I deliberately add ‘baby’ to that …. I hear the gaspily purr, ‘What?! Oh my god! What did you just call me?!’ she does over it. Baby and kitten … I’ve learned – riles – the exotic creature.


I try not to laugh as I bring myself to look at the alluring Fairy and see my cum is now gone from the erotic full sensuous lips …. Desirous once again…. My cock abandoned, draped across my thigh. I pull sheet across it as very arousing exotic creature is seated back on heels of her feet, holding my foot pressed to … ‘tuck’ … caressing my foot purring, ‘you make dancing ballet look so easy, Rudy darling.’ I speak Russian, unable to find words in English. Sibilant purrs in erotic tone, ‘speak English, dear. What did you say?’ as she moves my foot slowly from … ‘tuck ‘ ... to her … tits … pressed against ‘layered necklace’. ‘My perfect destiny’ I bring myself to say in English. She purrs, ‘your Freddie – your Madame Giselle’ releasing my foot, gets off bed and slinks off.


Tomorrow, fans in Bristol, get ready to be rocked by the unruly glam rock queen Fairy Mercury.

August marks 2 years has been online. Soon we start work on Fairy's new music video.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, I can't believe you chose to write about it instead. But most of all, I am surprised!! Fairy is corrupting you, because wouldn't you classify it as 'sordid gossip'? I take it you posted it while Fairy was asleep. I can hardly imagine what she will have to say about it!! Of course, her adoring fans have been carrying on over it in the fan club comments ...


Hello dears. I am backstage at the venue in Bristol. I will be gracing the stage in 45 minutes. 9pm. I hear all of you out there, who have cum come, and I love you all!!! Pavlova is in his litter box resin box. As he had explained in a past post, dancers in ballet use it so their sippers won't slip while dancing. I was being a campy tart and got in it with him. I'll tell what became of it after my concert. I have upsetting news, my darlings. I will talk of that as well. xx Fairy

Gif left: Russian ballet danseur Pavlova and resin box

Gif right: The satin Persian queen Fairy Mercury

Here I am. It's after 1:30 in the morning. How many of you are even still awake? I hope all you honies who attended my concert tonight had a safe trip home or to wherever afterwards - in the Bristol - Cardiff area. As always, thank you for choosing me and buying my tickets and what not. Right now, I am in Pavlova's (or should I say our - I still can't get used to what's his is mine and what's mine is his now) private limo having a lovely glass of champagne headed to his Cambrige palace estate.


Boring things first, my precious fans. He's been laughing at me saying I'm being melodramatic over this. Come August, my public website might be gone!! The domain name registration and the hosting comes up for renewal and my PR man/web designer can't get these fools to do something as simple as switching the 'primary' payment method!! He (Pavlova) is a man of extreme wealth and power. He contacted my PR man/web designer asking him what the hell is the problem. I mean, I feel sorry for the company. Nothing works on their site. The constant 'server lost connection' issue and all the other trash all of you, my darlings, have read us struggling with! Anyways, he gets off the phone to him and sat there laughing - that delectable broken English Russian accent of his saying, 'femmka, you are melodramatic as always. He at this very moment can renew all of what you worry over.' So we're going to get an SSL Certificate for my public site because people can't be coming to it seeing it's not a 'secure' site. I'm so glad that's resolved!!! We will be doing all that tomorrow.

Left: My glossed lips and eye lined eyes ....

Above: The delectable Russian prince/ballet danseur closing dressing room door. He told me in the old days of theatre, it was called the 'tiring-room'. Weird.

Now about the resin box. He was standing in it and I stepped in it behaving like a campy tart. He got behind me and slipped his arms around me, holding me back against him. I could feel that distracting fucking enormous cock pressed against my ass and heard him saying in the back of my midnight black hair head, 'dance with me, be my ballerina, I don't want to dance alone, baby.' I fucking took off!!! He makes fun of me for 'playing games' and it's too obvious he's decided to play some of his own!! After my show last night, I received a text msg. from 'Mr. X' saying he really 'enjoyed' Pavlova's 'write up' - 'it was so Rudolf and Freddie. As you know, Freddie was in habit of 'dear' and 'darling'. I'm sure Pavlova, when he was 'groomed' to be 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev', was told that Nureyev's 'term of endearment' was 'baby'...' I didn't reply to the text!! I'll post longer tomorrow.

I am so knackered and drunk. Love and kisses to you all, darlings 💗 💋 Fairy

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