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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Mirror Image

The following was transferred from the homepage to this page per the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's request. From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: I decided to pull these certain things scanned from books (on 1970s decade FM) the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury is talking about. What 'she' mentioned about the Mirror Image page revisions we plan to do would be thee perfect page to do it on. Putting in one place all the things 'she' posted from the book on Freddie Mercury and Nureyev's relationship.The 'fairy...tale couple' being so eerie reincarnation of Nureyev and '70s Freddie Mercury.

What is written under this was written by a former entourage member of Fairy. As fans know, 'Bulsara' was Freddie Mercury's real last name before he changed it to Mercury. Fairy's real name is Persian (India) Bahiri Raj Masoudi

(I'm probably not spelling the last name right - LOL! Close enough). I corrected it. It means 'happy and prosperous; a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person' - Fairy was destined to be famous!!


As with the other revised pages, this breaks now to the 'revisited' section then after it will be the discussions of things out of 'the book' then following that, the present.

**Note from Jorge Schumann (PR to FM) - in explaining the 'Revisited' sections on several pages on Fairy's site.They were old pages, before she met Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova, that she wanted saved but redone and edited. They were of a time when her career was just starting and she was 'testing the waters' going on a 'mini tour' of cities in and around the London. What she named 'Flight of the Fairy'. Her fame soared upon meeting her Nureyev (Pavlova). She embarked on the highly successful 'Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited' tour, in which she toured 22 tour dates in major cities throughout England.


Pay Attention!

Only fools look but don’t read.... What shall I name this post because I'm keeping it on here. New contest for you, my darlings. After the crazy confusion and the post my wardrobe designer and photographer was trying to complete ending up ruined - we are making changes, my precious fans. Oh yes, my darlings. We not only read your comments but we also take into consideration suggestions, requests, etc. Because as an entertainer, I am focused on pleasing my fans. From now on, all photos will be watermarked

‘Fairy photographed by VPStudio’ to specify photos and video on my account are of myself.


Because that is awkward as so many of you, my precious fans, have become insulted and irate over; idiot non-fans wandering onto my site and thinking the photos/videos on it are of Freddie Mercury. It’s flattering that I have succeeded at being so convincingly my beloved idol who I do so dearly aspire to be, but I refuse to be insulted by people mistakenly thinking photos are him and not of me! Either like / be a fan of ME (including the photos/videos of ME) or piss off!!

I’ll never forget the incident I was told about years ago while mingling among others in the club circuit. This man who was a celeb. lookalike/impersonator who some freak took a photo of him trying to pass it off as a photo of the actual person he is a lookalike/impersonator of. The man ended up having to confront the asshole and threatened legal action. Although it is flattering to look so identical to an idol you emulate for a living and are so convincingly them doesn’t make you them, which includes it doesn’t give assholes the right to do shit like that! As I said, either like / be a fan of ME (including the photos/videos of ME) or piss off!! It’s an official website of FAIRY Mercury and what’s stated in the damn profile and elsewhere on the site

Enough on that. The new comments topic on the private account that you created, my darlings, I am getting quite the laugh off of. Well, it was created/started by long time fan Geoff Stafford. Actually, it would make a rather interesting post. I always wanted to do a post about fans experiences at my shows... I randomly pulled a few of the very many photos that were being posted in it.


Even Johann got in on the fun, I see.... Poor Johann. Your debut on laughingstock public account was destroyed and you never stood a chance. At least you’re not treated like shit in the private account by my civilized true serious focused and devoted real fans. My safe haven refuge where there are no unwanted intruders.


Too funny, Richard darling. You cheered up this queen immensely with this. Most likely it was if it was taken early spring of this year (2020).

... and speaking of the fan Richard Denning. As long time fans of Fairy know, Richard Denning The lucky fan who won the autographed by Fairy set list, personal letter from Fairy and the first ever copy of his live compilations album. Richard Denning had emailed the photo studio email about having received the items.

Unfortunately, which we respect, he wouldn't grant permission allowing me to post his email but did give permission for me to talk about it's contents. It was funny how it started out. Him saying he was emailing from heaven in spirit form after having died upon receiving the items which 'smelled seductively of Japanese cherry blossoms'. That it took him forever before he was able to bring himself to read the personalized letter to him from Fairy. The letter Fairy talked about how the set list came about. He was drinking with his lighting and sound techs and his costume designer. He could find anything to write with so he took up his eyeliner pencil to write out the set list. It was for his spring shows which he sadly was only able to perform 3 of before the pandemic occurred. A true memento. In his campy Freddie Mercury incarnate style, he wrote at the end he was going to sign in his black nail varnish and drew two xx's in his black nail varnish.

From Greg Hastings | personal photographer for Fairy Mercury: Johann Wagner and I work closely together to capture and create Fairy’s image as ‘this day and age Freddie Mercury’. It actually doesn’t take much when your subject already eerily looks identical to his rock idol he emulates to perfection, and possesses the same personality traits.What I find challenging is doing photo shoots because Fairy is very campy and sexual. While going through photos for the author writing the book on Fairy, I kept thinking and laughing to myself ‘the story behind this one!’ I could easily amuse you, his adoring fans, with a book of my own - filled with photos of him and the stories behind each one. Maybe one day when he becomes even more famous, I might seriously do just that.

(The book did come to pass - entitled: 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury; Becoming Freddie Mercury' which can be purchased exclusively through the every so elegant Fairy Mercury's fan club / private site).

Above: The divine lush creature Fairy in eyeliner and glossed erotic lips looking identical to his idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury

More From Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I’ve been photographing Fairy on and offstage for 3 years now. We have fun trying to re-create certain photos of Freddie Mercury. Having him dress and pose exactly the same. On or offstage shots. I hope he will be able to grace stages once again in the near future so you, his adoring fans, can see him perform as his idol he so flawlessly emulates.

Johann Wagner/ the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's wardrobe designer: As Greg mentioned, him and I work closely together as a team. My job as wardrobe designer is much more involved. My company specializes in theatre. Making and providing props, theatrical makeup, costumes, things of that sort. What is fascinating about Fairy is that he aspires to be his idol so much he even wants me to replicate much of the off stage wardrobe Freddie Mercury wore as well.


I’ll never forget the moment he spoke of in the screenshot (above) I made of what he posted. I remember he was sitting at a vanity in my work room and he had given me a photo of his idol wearing the black satin catsuit that he wanted to me replicate for him. For some strange reason, it wasn’t until that moment did I realize how eerily he looks identical to the real Freddie Mercury of that time! I remember having him look in the mirror as I held the photo alongside his beautiful midnight black hair head and told him to look at how much he mirrors his idol. He humbly thought it was flattering I thought so because it’s his passion and greatest aspirations is to be his idol. He is touched beyond words his adoring fans are so in awe by it. No makeup, very little cosmetic surgery - he is eerily identical to Freddie. The most complicated and very challenging for me was trying to re-create the silver sequins leotard. It was maddening but I eventually managed.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Johann mentioning in what he posted how Fairy is so identical to Freddie Mercury. What is crazy about that is that it’s not just in looks. He even talks like him, can flawlessly mimic his singing and even naturally has his personality. Actors would have to try to act out the role of a famous figure by studying whoever. Fairy is just naturally Freddie Mercury without having to ‘act’ the part. Which is why we call him the ‘incarnate’ of his idol because it’s just crazy how he naturally is him almost as if he was reincarnated.

As one of you, his adoring fans, made the point to say:'I'll be reading about Freddie Mercury and stop; finding myself thinking, this might as well be an article or book on Fairy! It's spooky af how identical they are. Like one in the same person. The thing with Fairy is that it's not made up. He effortlessly is Freddie without trying - or acting a bloody part!'' (fan Jay Pullman)


Capturing Fairy wearing the 1970s Freddie Mercury trademark black nail polish on left hand nails only look

Hello dears. I will reply to this soon (the above...). Yes, I've noticed all of you in the comments section on my private site / fan club being so bothered as to why I'm not. Remind you, I am VERY busy with rehearsals and such. I would like to thank those of you who saw my show tonight for making it the 12th sold out show. Endless love and kisses!! It is 4:30 am here in London and I am very drunk and just now getting home from a very wild after party. Until later - sweet dreams, darlings. Fairy

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Fairy's adoring fans, I just wanted to quickly post this message to you.

You guys really are the best fans ever! You inspire the exotic prancer and your humor really is too much (like what he posted about last night - the last thing he posted on here). I am bringing you this exclusive. This weekend marks the anniversary of the death of the London DJ Michael B. who died in a car crash a year ago.

As long time fans of Fairy knows, this man was kind enough to reach out and directly give Fairy backing by plugging his shows he was doing at the time (before the pandemic happened) and gave him his very first radio interview (briefly outlined in Fairy's profile). The kind DJ - the conversation about 'I'm the queen and it's killing me not to have you' Freddie Mercury explained 'Killer Queen' was about - pertaining to a London radio plugger and more.

The DJ who wrote this ...

Timestamp: 2:10pm London, England. Fairy has only been awake for an hour and has a show tonight at 8pm. He is that devoted to you,his adoring fans. So we're going to start this out by paying memory to Michael Barrington the outside of London DJ who as mentioned, sadly died in a car crash last year 25 Sept. (2020)

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Why don't you start out telling your fans (who already knowbut newer ones who don't a brief history about the DJ and how that all came about.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I want to say this before we begin. To my precious fans, yes I too am glad to see my public site active again. Thank you for enjoying both my private site and my private site / fan club. I love you all. Awww, I know (sad faces) all of you were disappointed I didn't come on before my Zzzz time. I was so bloody tired from rehearsals! Here it is after 2. I woke at 1. I can imagine what tonight's show is going to bring with that famous (HA!!) photographer taking photos of me performing. We'll get to that soon ...

So anyways, my dears, my former agent/mgr. had met the DJ in a club. We had decided I was to make my own media if I were to stake my claim to fame. The guy was an avid Queen (1970s only) fan and apparently he had seen one of my shows and was very taken by me - the performance and my likeness to my idol. He told my former agent/mgr. that he even took up following along with my (at that time was that Blogger I was using for online promotion). Well, my former agent/mgr. asked the guy if he could talk with the radio station and have my upcoming (at the time - which was last year) spring shows plugged. I had just come back from holiday in Japan. The man having been following my "website" (I wouldn't call that stupid Blogger acct. that) was saddened by the shit ways I was being treated. Him and his DJ mate Ron A. saw a potential and there was no denying 'the obsession'. So he managed to get the plug. THEN he went even further, my darlings!! Being kind enough to get me on his radio spot for 2 interviews.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Below is part of a transcript from the first radio interview. The entire interview and snippets from other times Fairy appeared on both Michael and Ron's radio spots can be heard on the private site / fan club. I believe we have some in the video section on the public site as well. Unfortunately, you were only able to play 3 shows then the pandemic hit. I remember when you contracted the virus and Michael was even kind enough to visit you when you were in hospital for 2 weeks.


Content that was posted has been omitted per Fairy's request.

Except the final post made by his personal photographer as follows:


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Thee perfect way to close out this post and aptly befitting of the name of it 'Mirror Image'. Fairy Mercury being 'mirror image' of his idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury in looks, talents - the ability to emulate him to perfection and even his personality. To his adoring fans, forever and always thank you for choosing him. Keep the title suggestions coming for the upcoming new post that was teased in the You Brought Me Fame And Fortune post. As the divine lush creature mentioned, hopefully by mid-week we will be able to give more details about possible October gigs he is being offered.

Long reign Killer Queen! Fairy Mercury - 'This day and age Freddie Mercury'

Thus ends the 'revisited' section. Now onto the present.


Btw, the lack of Pavlova who seriously completes the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury really is noticeable. It's like something major is missing in Fairy's fame and life. We're so glad our 'this day and age '70s Freddie Mercury' found 'her' Nureyev. The 'fairy ... tale couple'. As Pavlova's idol Nureyev said about Fairy's idol Freddie Mercury in that book, 'we were born for each other we ... were together inseparable' - that is so Pavlova and Fairy.

The present will start where the Flick Of The Wrist page left off. But only after the rest of what the divine lush creature wanted transferred off the homepage. So here it is, Fairy's adoring fans, as follows.

From 'the book' (on Nureyev and Freddie Mercury's intimate relationship):

First thing are parts of conversations of Fairy and Pavlova having about 'the book' which can be found

on several of the most recent pages on the website.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: What we need to do is find where Fairy actually posted those things out of that book, Jorge, and make screencaps (like you've done) about those things being talked about the eerie resemblance. Because that was really fucking creepy how all of it was being done/said, etc. by Fairy and Pavlova

way before Fairy got that book. It reminded me of the quote from fan Jay Pullman (in ... Brighton) that is on Fairy's profile.I did a screencap of it.


From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: I like that idea, Greg, let's do that. Too funny comment one of exotic prancer's adoring fans just posted. That 'you could almost accuse Nureyev, Freddie Mercury and that book of copying Pavlova and Fairy because that's how what are the odds creepy it all is.'As I remember Fairy talking about 'crying and trembling' because she couldn't believe the things she was reading in that book and it all was just that - 'what are the odds' being identical to her and Pavlova way before she got the book. Perfect example of 'incarnate' and 'reincarnation'. The mythical Phoenix rises from the ashes (BOTH of them). Talking about Killer Queen's profile, have you guys ever thought of updating it? Adding current up to date things to it? You really should since we're revising everything to current. I got this off it: Many of his adoring fans believe he is ‘this day and age Freddie Mercury’ - reincarnated. On the logo Freddie Mercury designed for Queen is a Phoenix. The story of the Phoenix is that when the bird was about to die, it would build a funeral pyre and set itself on fire to be reborn... Reincarnated.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I like the ideas you two are discussing. Especially what Greg suggested about finding where the parts of 'the book' were being discussed and screencap all of it because it would be rather dull to just copy/paste the parts from the book. It would defeat the purpose of the eerie likeness we have to them.Jorge, please transfer all of it from what you posted - the book scans down, onto the Mirror Image page. I'd like to keep your discussion with Greg. Pavlova should be leaving Haze Theatre in a half hour ... I am experiencing that annoying server lost connection issue in the worse way!!! Tomorrow, my precious Brighton fans, are you ready to be rocked by me?! Both Pavlova and I would like to start out the revised page by replying to what the fan in Manchester (Murray Louis)emailed along with the gifs he made. So look forward to that. Also I might finish the 2 days old now Tues. tea I was TRYING to post about before I was made in a bad mood ....

Of course, highlights from my Brighton shows will be on the newly revised page when it comes to light. I've been told more 'important people' will be in attendance. Pavlova knows the man who owns the venue I will be performing at (the maraca tit footage...). Btw, Jorge, it was brought to my attention that you can 'assign roles' in the settings since you were moaning about them questioning you about not being 'dead fan Jason Long'. Go look at it under 'account settings'.

From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: Laughing so hard right now. Thank you, Killer Queen, for pointing that out and rubbing it in. You might want to laugh at this. I miserably 'invited' myself to be 'Admin user' for the account.

Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - Jorge, this made me laugh, what you posted, although I must admitI really do like the name meanings. I still can't wait until we marry and she wears the hijab and pale blue eye shadow.You should update her profile adding what you wrote: As fans know, 'Bulsara' was Freddie Mercury's real last name before he changed it to Mercury. Fairy's real name is Persian (India) Bahiri Raj Masoudi (I'm probably not spelling the last name right - LOL! Close enough). I corrected it. It means 'happy and prosperous; a brilliant, lucid, and renowned person' - Fairy was destined to be famous!!
To the divine lush creature, needless to say, I missed you endlessly today. I hope you've had a lovely day so far away in Brighton. Will see you, in the flesh, tomorrow. Yours .... Rudy

From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: Hello, Pavlova, I take it your day was empty without her... Glad you liked what I wrote. Just doing my promo job. I think it should be added to Fairy's profile along with you being mentioned on the profile as well. You play such a major role in her life; professionally and personally.The profile is outdated and lacking. I guess her entourage #1 - too obviously only specialize in what they do.Photography, costume, stage set up, etc. so they don't have the 'know how' about promoting properly and things like that. She's original, you can say that much. Not by idiotic 'scripted standards' of 'celebrity'. # 2 - I think why the profile is how it is, is that they strongly rely on the content of the pages for 'the current' and neglect to make sure the profile is kept up-to-date.


COMING NEXT - Highlights from glam rock queen Fairy's Brighton concert, another book with even more

on the Nureyev/Freddie intimate relationship. The exotic prancer and ballet danseur engage in conversation

with Mr. F.J. Boyd (as mentioned on the homepage) and the 'fairy ... tale couple' discuss Murray Louis' gifs

(at the end of Flick Of The Wrist page).

542 .jpg

My precious fans, is this mad or what? It is 7:30 pm here and I am due on stage in a 1/2 hour. I decided to quickly post to the public site. I've already gotten the annoying server issue message (heavy sigh, rolls eye lined eyes).

Poor Jorge - he must be exhausted. I appreciate everything you did with this page!

Anyways, another madness, my dears, I am going to try to be on after my concert - sometime after 11pm.

Hopefully will see you then! xx Fairy


From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: You're welcome, Killer Queen. Just doing what Pavlova pays me to do - PR and web design for you. Talking about mad, I thought it mad when he gave me a raise just because he liked what I wrote about your real name. The man is 'filthy rich'. Good luck with your concert.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: The crowd is loud and in a wild frenzy waiting for their glam rock queen to grace the stage. Jorge, I hate to ask you to do even more transferring - but transfer what the Manchester fan wrote/emailed along w/gifs he made to this page to make it easy for Fairy and Pavlova to discuss. Thx! I'm heading out to the front to start photographing/video taping. Btw, you did a wonderful job with the screenshots from the pages discussing 'the book'.


From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: As requested, from the fan in Manchester's email taken from page Flick Of The Wrist - as follows.


I don’t even know where to begin. I was reading so many fans sharing their experiences of having witnessed

the fairy … (always has to be written with trailing dots because of our glam rock queen’s name – LOL!) tale engagement ring exchange at the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park. I guess I’ll start there.

I witnessed it as well. When our stunningly beautiful exotic prancer’s man ‘the Russian Prince’ – Nureyev lookalike/impersonator Pavlova mentioned his ‘high society of elites’ and ‘important people’ would be watching from a distance through opera glasses, it gave me an idea. They basically are fancy binoculars of the rich. LOL!

So I brought binoculars being the fanatic and wanting to see them up close. As the rest of the fans who were there keep saying, it just wasn’t long enough. It was breathtaking, magical and so out of a fairy … tale.

I was disappointed, but not surprising, that cameras (incl. phones) were not permitted in Haze Theatre. For those who unfortunately didn’t attend any of those 2 nights shows, I feel bad for you! Because anyone who is a devoted fanatical fan of Fairy needed to be there and would have died to see her perform at the theatre her man the Russian prince owns. The theatre is spectacularly stunning. What she has worked out for the part of her concert where she performs Bohemian Rhapsody is that she will do just as her costume designer explained in the one write up. Fairy performs up to the operatic part (like Queen would do performing it live) then the stage momentarily goes dark and a backdrop like used in theatrical performances goes down before all the stage equipment hiding her grand piano, etc. behind it and her Russian prince Pavlova comes out – ‘I see a little silhouetto of a man’ as fans knows is the iconic line that starts off the operatic part. It really is so theatrical and wordless. I wish I could dance ballet and dance like Pavlova who truly is Nureyev incarnate! Both our glam rock queen and her prince have their idols down to perfection and it’s just that – leaves you struggling for words and awestruck.

I urge any fan in England to do whatever you can to get tickets and travel because Fairy’s shows are well worth going to lengths to see! The 3 gifs I’ve included with my ‘write up’ are from video I took from her 2nd night sold out Manchester show. The one shows her being silhouetted at her piano – that’s the part I’m talking about. Where the iconic opening line of the operatic parts starts then the stage goes completely dark, the backdrop and Pavlova comes out. The third gif is her looking like satiny seductor in her white satin talking to her adoring fans.

Avid devoted fan for life, Murray Louis in Manchester


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Hello dears. It is after 12:30 midnight. I finished my concert at 11pm and we had a hell of a time getting away!! I fucking love Pavlova beyond words and can't say it enough. He was hilarious taking hold my arm and quietly muttering in my midnight black hair, 'femmka, it's time we put on our matching - as you say - knackered looks.' then slips his arm around my waist saying to the loads of people backstage clamouring for our attention (fake yawn), 'I'm so tired. You must be exhausted, kitten. We must be off.' and whisks me off to the backstage exit that leads out to a private lot behind the venue. I'm calling out for Francis Boyd to follow. Pavlova calling out, 'come, old man! Step lively!' Francis laughing trying to catch up, 'what ballet are we living out, Pavlova?' Anyways, we are now in his limo headed to his Cambridge mansion which is HOURS away! I've come prepared, my darlings, with loads of photos to share with you. Given to me by Ron Craster (Pavlova's personal asst.) and by my personal photographer who literally forced himself to do digital because he would have to develop the film and the wait. So here are two of the photos before we continue with this.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - We start with the boring. Get out of way. Then onto the fun. You go, Francis, tell your bully bit then quickly get off it. Her adoring fans can't be bothered by it.


Francis J. Boyd: I feel awkward doing this but Fairy invited me to. Do I need an intro.? I'll do a brief run down. I'm sure the amazingly famous and talented Fairy Mercury has explained me enough times you to, her fans. I was born and grew up the vast majority of my life here in England (Oxford). I'll leave out the long boring story of how I ended up now residing in a leaves nothing to be desired country. I plan to relocate back to England at years end. I am age 68 and I travel a lot. Mainly to England as 'acting private buyer' for many very wealthy clients to buy or auction off items. Namely the famed auction houses such as Sothebys (which both Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev were very fond of), Christies, Bonhams, etc. I came to know Pavlova 15 years ago through Dame Eleanor. I have attended several ballets Pavlova performed in dancing as Nureyev.


I met the ever so elegant exotic queen Fairy Mercury through the sadly deceased Chinese fan Jason Long. I got Jason interested in auctions. Onto what I wanted to say. eBay ... (trailing dots because I'll keep my criticism to myself about that in comparison to the great auction houses) has on it where you can make your feedback private. If the stupidity keeps up, that's what I plan to do with Fairy's account. Hit the kill switch - so to speak. That site is the epitome of 'it takes all kinds'. When Fairy first signed up for an account with that site, here is an example of the stupid mentality of people who use that site. I'll use the effeminate because it's what fans, entourage and Pavlova prefers when talking about Fairy. She had placed a bid on a Queen tour programme. Jason Long had the feedback (at that time) sat to private. Clownish idiotic of self importance person cancelled the bid citing 'feedback is sat private so I don't trust buyer'. I spoke with Fairy recently and as immature as it could be, but we are tempted not to ever leave feedback for anyone she buys items on Freddie Mercury from. Those people - fans of that ..... for lack of words so I'll just trail - excuse my language - are assholes (both sexes). As Fairy remarked to me, 'I'm glad they're not my fans.' That's all I wanted to say. Gladly resume the positive.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - I don't wish to be snobbish, but oh the 'under privileged' and their horrific lack of mannerism and respect. I laugh. Now about the fan and the gifs. I helped Fairy choreograph that part of her concert. From her being silhouetted at her piano as she herself sings the intro. into the operatic: ‘I see a little silhouetto of a man’. The lights grow ... theatrically ... dim then complete darkness as the backdrop falls. On cue, I come out to dance on 'will you do the Fandango?' It's all symbolic. I deliberately used that line from the song as my very first words to her when we met.

Francis, I wish she had never overheard what we were discussing. My heart ceased to beat because those exotic dark liquid brown eyes cried and in my presence. It kills me to repeat it now, but her fans must know. I was telling Francis Boyd that Nureyev was buried in a glass mosaic casket and at his graveside the music from the ballet of Giselle was played. I heard her lovely soft sibilant purr tearfully say, 'that is so sad, Rudy darling' and saw she was crying! I then tell her, 'femmka, you must know this. In my very early 20s, still in Moscow, I am so much like you. We are destined to be together. Going to lengths to be our two idols we worship and resemble. Nureyev had scar on his lip due to a dog had bit him at young age. I took a broken vodka bottle and tried to cut my lip so it would scar. I understand the extremes of idol worship.' I hate one of the things she has learned from 'the new book' as she is calling it. It makes me hate that Baryshnikov even more.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ As I told you, dear, I knew you would hate that fool more. So anyways, my darlings, I obtained a new book that was absolutely crazy mentioning 'the faxes' from 'the book'. This is some of the things from the new book. It talking about that ugly weird creep Andy Warthog I mean Warhol taking photos of Nureyev and the pervert taking a 'tight close up of Nureyev's was known as 'the most famous crotch in theatre' and Nureyev went into his well known fiery Russian Tatar rage and tore up all the photos that creep took of him. Then that book talking about (this is how eerie canny) Nureyev fancied 'effeminate campy gay types' (which makes sense considering my idol was that). The book saying (about the 70s) - 'it was a twilight world, and gays lived an uncertain life risking denunciation at any moment. If the famous man, such as Freddie Mercury was, particularly effeminate or camp, he could lose his fame.'


Then it talked about how polls showed that Nureyev was more famous than Liz Taylor and Prick Jagger (of that time). Then the part Pavlova is talking about and I fucking loathed it!! My idol (in the '70s) as I mentioned, would obsessively attend Nureyev's ballets with EMI's (Queen's record label) Sir Joseph Lockwood who was also chairman of the Royal Ballet. His 'lifelong crush' he had on Nureyev. Well, apparently something happened and my idol being a right bitch trying to say that ugly wanker Baryshnikov could 'fly' more than Nureyev. Being jealous bitch finding out his crush was interested in some ugly twat. This was hilarious, my dears! Pavlova laughed so hard over it. Remember when I played Manchester on my Flight of the Fairy shows and got sick incident. When he came to pick me up and admitted he hated Baryshnikov because that fool was a copycat of his idol Nureyev? That book talking about that creep was a copycat. The creep talking about having a 'cult following' of the legendary lord of dance and trying to follow in his footsteps even down to being influenced to defect from Russia like Nureyev did.

That asshole Heaven (gay) night club here in London. That joke of a page that used to be on my website but I've rid of it. When I used to go there because I learned, in the '70s, my beloved idol frequented the place. The 'new book' talking about Nureyev being there and came up behind Freddie 'putting his arm around his waist from behind - pressing his crotch against Freddie's buttocks and started dancing with him' Btw, the above photo (right) I was told (by Ron Craster) was taken from the box seats in Haze Theatre 'owned by someone very important'.


Francis J. Boyd: Fairy, those photos of you are absolutely breathtaking. Your photographer does an amazing job at not only photography but capturing stunning shots of you. I'm old and 'existed' during the days when Freddie and Nureyev were VERY famous. Height of their careers one might say. As you know and you're envious at me over it. I saw Queen in concert twice in the 1970s. Nureyev was good friends with Liz Taylor. I often believed she was a 'fag hag' to the closeted gay men of that time.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Thank you for the complement, Francis. I'm sure Greg is reading and thanks you as well. He admits that they are very good for digital. It is now 2:30 am. I am STILL very wound up from tonight's show, my precious fans! Brighton, you rocked and fucked me so hard (mmm... I know someone's enormous fucking cock that

I wish was fucking me hard right now ....). Aww, talking of photos. I nearly forgot I needed to post this one. It's from a special fan. xx Thank you for your fandom and support in coming to see my show tonight. I'll post another photo of Pavlova beside it.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - Why was I left the only one talking of the gifs/email from the Manchester fan, femmka? Where are you? Don't wander off! I have sent Prescott (my cook) and Ronnie old boy to go look for you. Don't let 'curiosity kill the kitten cat'. Francis, your attempts at conversation on here with her amuses me. I feel utterly ridiculous doing this with you sitting right here. Would you like to join us for a visit to ... Hyde Park ... tomorrow? I might invite Sir Thomas and his insolent wife over for dinner. She finds them amusing. No, correction - 'wildly hysterical'. If only you were here Tuesday, Francis, and what the unruly exotic creature did while they were here for tea.


Francis J. Boyd: Do entertain me with it, Pavlova. You're right, it is ridiculous sitting in the same room where we could be holding verbal conversation. For her fans. Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - My English is horrible - written or verbal so forgive, old friend. I never seen a man blush so deep as Sir Thomas did that day.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Me sliding in and I hope you don't mind. It would only be polite and appropriate I thank you personally for the complement on my photography of Fairy, Mr. Boyd. Have you ever watched the movie One Hour Photo with the late great Robin Williams? The part where he's frowning on the idea of 'the family' his photo developer character stalks contemplating on going digital VS film development. To me, digital is amateur.


Francis J. Boyd: Mr. Hastings, I say this not to flatter you. You are such a consummate photographer you can even make the amatuer digital photography seem professional. Yes, I've seen the movie. Williams' acting was brilliant on it. Thank you for acknowledging my complement. Do go on, Pavlova. He was rude to interrupt. Speaking of rude, I was rude not to reply to you. I would be honored to accompany you and Fairy to Hyde Park and join you for dinner tomorrow.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - That is the company she keeps and employs. I've somewhat grown accustom to it because she is prima - unruly in her Bohemian way of life. I do hope they find where she has gotten off to or I go look for her myself. She comes into room I take tea in with them. Dressed as such.

Satin knickers and those sensuous full lips smothered in lip gloss to where it's practically dripping off them. Complete camp doing an obvious parody of aristocrat high strung snobbery. Wrist flicks... purring, 'Rudy, darling, have you seen my fur? I seemed to have misplaced it.' The gentleman Sir Thomas who does old fashioned standing at the presence of a lady, gets up and his face is deep red! Of course, the old bird is drama hysterics over it. She posted on here to her adoring fans how I handled it. Untamed and so very erotically forbidden ....


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, everyone's gone off to bed now. I think you should put away the brandy and go to bed as well. They both noticed the erection in your trousers. I'm sure you're not going to mention that and I know you know they did .... We'll go pay a visit to our jealous friend tomorrow and I thought I wasn't no longer to be in the company or presence of that wildly hysterical old couple, dear. I find them very hilarious! That old bird will probably have 'table manners' and I don't. How should I dress, my precious fans? .... I love you all!!! Two more photos and sweet dreams until tomorrow. Fans in Leeds, you're next! Get ready to be rocked by me! xx


Hello dears. I hope you are having a wonderfully exciting Sunday filled with loads and loads of naughtiness.

Mmm... mine has been so far. It is 6:30pm. That wildly hysterical old couple have arrived for drinks. Dinner is served at 7pm. Hyde Park this afternoon (around 2pm), I felt like the delectably handsome Russian prince and I looked like the being tired pix I shared with you. We were so hung over and exhausted from my show last night in Brighton. I MUST tell you about when we got back from Hyde Park. I nearly phoned Johann to come get me! HA!!! Quickly though, my darlings, because I need to re-join them. It is long overdue that I grace all of you with another video.

So I will try to work on that between rehearsals.


Anyways, we got back from Hyde Park. Apparently, he had this arranged for when we got back. For his personal assistant to have a bath prepared with rose petals in it. It was rather lovely - romantic. The bath is one of those large sunken into the floor baths. I was 'given instructions' that I was to leave my necklace on. He obviously is so fucking taken by it .... This was when I wanted to phone Johann. There was a glass of brandy for him and a glass of champagne for me. He asked if he could 'lather' my tits. Again, something you want to happen but you just can't talk about .... I felt so embarrassed!!! I turned with my back to him ... purring ... for him to wash my back behaving as though I didn't hear. I heard him mutter something in Russian into the back of my midnight black hair head then in English, 'don't deny me, kitten' Oh no! It's five to seven now, darlings! I can hear him calling me asking where I am. When that wildly hysterical old couple came, I heard him saying to them, 'yes, my fiancee is joining us for dinner and your wife is not obligated to converse with her.'


I'm back, my darlings. We just finished dinner. It is now after 8pm. Dinner was miserable. Francis Boyd is the old couple's age. They're 74 and he's 68. I'm 38 and Pavlova is 40. Huge ages differences. Dinner was spent with conversation only between Francis and the old couple and very boring. Pavlova kept gazing over at me. He really is funny. At one point, I rested my left black nails hand wrist on the table and he reached over caressing my wrist which was absent of my fashionably naughty bracelet. He had me give it back after our bath. Mmm... that was because I wanted him to fuck me, dears, with it on ... I have to go again. I'm sorry. I am experiencing that annoying server issue! The new thing we're now experiencing. Unable to upload photos and a message saying something like site can't be publish due to server error. I guess I could continue on the fan club even if it would be ridiculous breaking it up since it belongs on this page. We'll be starting revisions of another page soon because we don't want this one to become too long. I want to quickly thank all of you, my precious fans, for your fandom. I can never thank you enough. Love 💗 and kisses 💋 to you all, darlings. Fairy


From Jorge Schumann/PR, web designer for FM: Killer Queen, are you still at Pavlova's home? He's on the phone with me and furious. I told him I'm not wondering if that damn server error and lost server connection issue we keep experiencing is due to high volume of website 'traffic'. You have close to 2 million fans along with who knows how many other people are looking at your public website. I told him, of course, that's a good thing but it can also cause a site to crash. It's ridiculous to have to CONSTANTLY clear your cache in attempt to correct issues that shouldn't be a constant annoyance. The issue could range from anything like what I said about website 'traffic', to firewall or internet connection interruptions. I wonder if it has anything to do with that stupid 'glitch'. I hope this publishes ... (said in bitter sarcasm).


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Jorge, it was ridiculous that other day when Greg sat there for a half hour and counting for what he posted at the end of the one page to publish. No (pouts) I am no longer at his home. His personal assistant is driving me to my London home as I post this. You're out of suggestions as to what we can do about this issue. Now it seems to be running smoothly. It just comes and goes.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - I already miss you, femmka. My life is empty without your beauty. Dull and gray. Your exotic scent still lingers and your gloss is still on my lips from your departing kiss. You left without your 'fashionably naughty bracelet' ... I see you've been on here today. It is not only the necklace I am as you say, 'taken by' - it is the very alluring erotic way it draws attention to your tits .... Oh well, if it embarrasses you that much, kitten ... Oh if only your adoring fans knew what it is like to make love and to have sex with you, sinfully divine creature.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Oh pray tell, my delectably handsome prince. HA!! Mmmm how I fucking love and am so charmed by your princely-ness. I've found myself many times wondering what you thought afterwards.... We do ... it ... then you behave as if it never happened. I was barely able to handle your enormous fucking cock today when you fucked me with it... I miss you terribly, Rudy darling. I hated to leave!!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, helping you in trying to understand Fairy, don't quit about your trailing dots in what you wrote about 'if it embarrasses you that much'. Please pay attention to what she keeps writing - 'Again, something you want to happen but you just can't talk

about .... ' As I told you, she is very shy of you and you are unlike any man she is used to or has ever been with.

She is VERY in love with you. The more she is with you, the more in love with you she becomes as if that is even possible. The more she reads and learns about her idol FM relationship with your idol RN the more she is in love.

By all means, I am not trying to tell you what to do with your fiery Russian temper you have that I have experienced from you too many times, but I want to give you a bit of advice. Just touch her there, if that's what you desire .... like the bath. Don't ask or she will never let you .... Just like what you do - by kissing her .... tits ....


Ron Craster (Haze Theatre stage director & personal asst. to Pavlova) - Johann, he just does not like you! You should have seen and heard him after he read what you wrote! Yelling in Russian that you are so much like Dame Eleanor - sordid gossip, prying, and taking things out of context. I'm quickly warning you. Don't be surprised if he comes on here to confront you or even phones you. He stormed out of the room we were in. Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I'll be ready if he does, Ron. He's spoiled rich and it's the only life he's ever known. I didn't appreciate his remark about the 'company' Fairy keeps and he's grown accustom to it when Francis Boyd so snobbishly called Greg being rude for coming on here interrupting 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' in his telling about Fairy crashing the Tues. tea he was having with the aristocratic snobs. 'Regal and high strung' is how Nureyev used to be described and Pavlova behaves identical to that.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - I give you job at MY theatre in costume department and this the appreciation you show?! I don't ask permission to touch her! I have caressed her there and kissed her there. You speak Russian but you don't understand me! I do and say things for her reaction. Don't you dare question me or come on here trying to embarrass me!


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, don't you think it's embarrassing getting in arguments over my ... tits? Please don't argue with my best friend. I'll be by Haze Theatre to get my fashionably naughty bracelet, dear. So you better be ready and I hope the lock on your office door is in good working condition ...... Is your office sound proof?? ....


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, you did not give me my job

in Haze Theatre's costume dept., Dame Eleanor did. You and her would get in such terrible rows. She's left you everything and that's not surprising. Making you even more wealthy. You were like a son to her. Not to break confidence about some of the people you know (incl. her), you're complete now that you found your Freddie Mercury to go with you being 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'. I remember how happy Dame Eleanor was upon 'discovering' there was such a person so 'incarnate' of Freddie Mercury. 'Destiny will now be fulfilled' she said. I have never told Fairy any of this. The day you had Haze Theatre put into motion of taking over managing Fairy and made your move to finally meet. Dame Eleanor took me aside telling me not to tell Fairy - that 'destiny needs to play out'. I remember Fairy joking to me why didn't I tell 'her' what you were really about. A ballet danseur - Nureyev lookalike/impersonator. 'She' thought 'her' new manager/agent was going to be some stuffy old geezer. Instead - he was a Russian prince ... I'm just sorry Dame Eleanor didn't live long enough to witness the very fairy ... tale engagement at the Peter Pan statue idea Fairy wanted you to do to gift 'her' the engagement ring.

Let it soothe you, Pavlova, because it is right - 'she' is the only thing that can ...

My precious fans, it is only 12:30 midnight - far too early for this queen to be off to bed. My Zzz time is between 3-4am. I have been sitting here being amused by the comments many of you have been leaving on the fan club comment section about my costume designer 'bringing the tell-all drama'. HA!! That annoying server issue ended that argument. What happened 'offline'. Pavlova contacted Francis Boyd and made him 'apologize to the photographer'. Johann and Greg are getting married the weekend of Easter. Awww. I laughed so hard over how Johann behaves when he gets angry. He told me, 'I'm not sending Pavlova an invite to our wedding. He won't attend the wedding of paupers.' I told Johann to calm down and that's mean! I phoned Pavlova to ask him if he was going to reply to what Johann posted. If he was trying to but couldn't because of the server issue. I can't believe what I was told by his personal asst. who is always the one who answers the phone. I just can't, my darlings!!! I'll have him come on here and tell it (your cue).


Ron Craster (Haze Theatre stage director & personal asst. to Pavlova) - I told the divine lush creature this when she phoned and asked if Pavlova was going to reply to what Johann wrote. Pavlova read what Johann wrote, smirked and told me to build a fire in the fireplace then he told me to go ask the cook if he had washed the wine glass Fairy drank from at dinner and if not, for me to bring it to him. The cook had not. So I brought the glass to him. He sat gazing at the traces of her lip gloss on the glass. The cook entered the room asking him if he would like his nightly brandy. His eyes moved off the glass staring off into the fireplace saying in Russian, 'you can not get me what I want. She consumes my thoughts and emotions. A forbidden obsession.' heavy sigh then still in Russian, 'that costume designer destroyed the moment I have longed for. To tell her my thoughts on the sex we have.' The cook cracks me up. He'll just stand there and listen literally looking like what I posted the other day. This suppressed embarrassment of trying to keep this stoic professional demeanor.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy, Johann is daring me to do this ... (test reactions...) Killer Queen's adoring fans, I was looking through poor quality shots - ones that didn't turn out so good and came across this one. Fairy dressed in black velvet wrap top with rhinestones look. Barely covering 'her' ... tits. It has an awesome matte look to it.


The ' Fairy ... Tale Couple'

'Her' erotic glossed lips are blowing you a kiss, Pavlova .... how we positioned the photos on the page.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Ron, what is he doing now?


Ron Craster (Haze Theatre stage director & personal asst. to Pavlova) - He obviously read me being on here and what I wrote that you wanted me to share with your adoring fans. He gave me a dirty look. Amazingly no lecture. He is now just sitting there staring off into the fireplace still with the wine glass. He hasn't looked and seen what Greg posted yet. He's seen it now. He sighed, threw a glaring glance at me then called for the cook to bring him brandy. Then he said - not to me, not to him - almost as if speaking his thoughts aloud, again in Russian: 'My erotic forbidden creature. So perfect. How I long to touch you and taste you and to feel your effeminate delicate touch all over my muscular body. Clawing and pawing - moaning and panting like the untamed feline when my cock is thrust so deep inside you, my Persian unruly glam rock queen.' He then smirked saying in English, 'I should write that.' snatching the glass of brandy from the cook. I'm almost afraid to find out how he's going to react when he sees I wrote it ....


He just got a phone call. I asked him if he'd like to take it. It's from 'Mr. X' (as I'll just call the person, you know who...). He did take the call. This is what he's said so far and it's too obvious you're who's being discussed.

'No, she's in London. Between her concerts and Haze Theatre, I haven't had the time or right moment. (pause listening) You've been looking at her sites. The public one, yes (pause listening) I've been waiting for her to discuss. I tell her, femmka, we need to start planning our wedding. Silly girl laughs saying she will wear a hijab and we marry in India - nothing more. I show her how I will dress to marry her. I gift her ring and in way she desired of me, she'd rather wear my (trailing - listening then laughs) Oh yes that! Her reply is how she is. Very sexual. Many things I don't understand but I find it arousing.' LOL!! I was just told off!! He looked at something that was obviously being talked about and spat at me, 'You, go to bed! No more!! Stay off there! Go!'


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ That's funny!! Hello, Rudy darling. Why not come back on and talk with me ...... It's 3am.

I'll be off to bed soon ...

I am so fucking in love with you and the things you say about us, like your cock being 'thrust so deep inside' me!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, pro ballet danseur) - Then you go to bed, femmka. If we engage in conversation now, it will be for hours and you need sleep. You have been living on only a few hours of sleep and it concerns me. I finish phone call and go to bed too. I look forward to your presence at Haze Theatre tomorrow when you claim your treasure.... how you say? Prize possession.

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