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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen


'I see a little silhouetto of a man

Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the Fandango'

(from Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody')

Need we remind - 'queen' slang for a campy effeminate gay male.

This page is a very revealing and candid look at the divine lush creature Fairy Mercury.

'Freddie has returned to us through you.'


:::: The following composed by Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury ::::


Things became very strange in Fairyland. As you, Killer Queen's adoring fans know, the Russian ballet danseur and owner of the grand Haze Theatre has Tuesday tea with an elderly couple 'Sir Thomas and Martha'. The campy effeminate queen referred to them as 'that wildly hysterical old couple'. Well, to my surprise, I was invited to tea along with Fairy (of course). I was stunned! For one thing, Pavlova too obviously can not stand me. I have never been to his Cambridge mansion.


When we arrived, the exotic prancer has no idea what it was about either, we were invited in by the cook and escorted to 'the tea room'. Sir Thomas and Pavlova's close friend who is one of the prominent 'important people' was there (surprise appearance through recording on fan club, to mentioned several times, VIP section at Haze Theatre attending Fairy's concerts there, to having sent her the below, gifting her things of her idol, etc.)

Gifs left: the habitual 'preening' habit that both Fairy and her idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury would do.

'That person who was edited out of the photo I was signing an autograph for kept telling me how awestruck they were by my 'striking resemblance' to Freddie Mercury, 'you even move like her' (yes, using the feminine...). It made me uncomfortable how the person kept watching almost rudely staring at me! Like in this reflective way. As if remembering. You know, one of those old scenarios of meeting someone who was a 'long time friend' of the family and they're saying to some child, 'you look just like your mum, you even have some of her habits' and then sitting there watching the child as if reminiscing about mum. That was how the man behaved towards me.'

Fairy talking of famous figure who ballet danseur Pavlova knows who knew both Rudolf Nureyev and Freddie Mercury.

Reference: photo below and page 'Bohemian Queen'

I am literally ignored which is fine by me because I was able to observe better. The only time I existed was when

'Mr. X' (I will continue to call the 'important person') complemented me on how well I 'put together' Fairy's look - replicating Freddie Mercury's 1970s decade stage costumes and much of the offstage wardrobe for her. The man then said to Fairy, 'Freddie has returned to us through you.' For the remainder of tea, the man sat quiet doing what Fairy had said in the quote beside the gifs I posted above. That Sir Thomas snidely glanced at me then told us (more less Fairy, apparently I wasn't worthy to be looked upon) that Pavlova would not be joining us for tea. Killer Queen's exotically dark eye lined eyes looked around the room like a wild cat lured into a trap and purred, 'Why?! Is something wrong?!' She came tarted up for her Russian prince. Drenched in gloss 'erotic sensuous' (as Pavlova describes them) lips pouted as Mr. X replied, 'No, nothing. Please sit.'

Odd considering, after all, this is his Cambridge mansion. I had the feeling Pavlova was nearby watching/listening ... Seated and tea served, that Sir Thomas was freaky how he would talk about Pavlova as if he was Rudolf Nureyev. 'Destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev' .... 'Nureyev was fond of campy effeminate gays. He would seek out those out of his class, such as Freddie Mercury, because he lusted the forbidden.' the man says stirring his tea. Fairy glances at me then raises her tea cup to her drenched in gloss lips (I'm sure Pavlova would be so .... aroused, Fairy....). Sir Thomas then clears his throat and says, 'anyways, Nureyev had beautiful elaborate wall maps of Vienna - most of his ballets were performed in Vienna. He had homes in the Dakota where Lennon lived, a palace near the Louvre in France then his Mediterranean island of Li Galli. This Cambridge mansion (with a wave of his hand) is nothing (word stressed) in comparison to Pavlova's mansion in Vienna.' Fairy places the tea cup back on the saucer sibilant purr purring, 'He's shown me photos - it's speechless.'


Up Next: The glam rock queen learns more about the mysterious Russian ballet danseur and is floored over what she learns! The proper, modest, snobbish Sir Thomas to our embarrassment, talks about 'tucking'. What Pavlova was trying to tell Fairy in the fan club a few weeks ago (yes, Pavlova was drunk). I bet Pavlova asked the man to ...

Part 2


‘You do realize you will be marrying into extreme wealth. Considering the young man’s impressive lineage. He was born into extreme wealth and knows no other (pauses) well, lifestyle besides that. He has candidly shared concerns about this and you being of a completely different class. He is destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev and that includes being with you, the one so much like Freddie Mercury. Forbidden, completely out of his class.

He doesn’t understand you. He is a man obsessed and very much in love with you. As you are very similar to

Freddie Mercury and not only in looks, Pavlova is exactly the same – very similar to Nureyev and not only in looks.’ Sir Thomas then says.

Our attention is then drawn to the volume 1 & 2 Christie's catalogs when Nureyev’s items were auctioned off after his death laying on the centre table. Sir Thomas sits aside his tea and gets up picking up one them and opens it saying, ‘Nureyev’s homes were decorated with naked men. Paintings and statues such as these.’ and opens pages that obviously have been bookmarked holding the book out for Fairy to look at the items on each page (I later obtained the catalogs from Fairy to photograph for my ‘write up’).


Silently, the man opens each page when the Persian glam rock queen has looked long enough at each page shown her. The man then speaks again saying, ‘here are one of many of the wall maps Nureyev had of Vienna.’ The exotic prancer gazes at the page purring, ‘he lived like a prince and so does Pavlova.’ The man closes the catalog and places it back onto the table and takes his seat entwining his fingers staring intently at Fairy saying, ‘have you noticed the similarity of many of those paintings I showed you?’ Killer Queen slowly pushes her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder and starts her preening the top of her head with her black nails on left hand only.

Even in black and white, the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury looks glam in her happi jacket (a short half kimono styled jacket).


I could tell she was thinking of the conversation Pavlova drunkenly was trying to have with her on her fan club about Nureyev’s homes being decorated throughout with these things and … tucking … As you, her adoring fans that have fan club membership know, she became shy and embarrassed and got him off the subject.

As with her … tits … she has told me he keeps alluding to the topic and trying to get her to discuss it with him. Almost like the time she spoke of when they started their relationship. Him showing her in the book

‘The Public and Private Lives of Rudolf Nureyev’ when it talks of how he wore a cock ring and Pavlova told her that he wears one (like his idol did) that he had custom made … and wanted to know if she was alright with that. As if he’s trying to tell her his … desires … which are rather kinky and wanting to know if she is alright with them. I was obviously right about this and my suspicions that Pavlova most likely asked Sir Thomas to have this conversation with Fairy because what happens next.


Not giving her the chance to answer, but I don’t think she wanted to …

Sir Thomas clears his throat as one does when feeling uncomfortable talking about subject matter and says, now taking quick glances at the exotic creature, ‘they’re all back shots, naturally. A homoerotic look about them – the poses and such and effeminate males with their privates hidden or tucked. Androgynous – sexless. As with Pavlova (pauses) Nureyev’s well endowed privates were flaunted and very much on display with a general idea the size. The dominant male in the relationship and desired an effeminate partner.’ An embarrassed look crosses Fairy’s face, eye lined eyes glancing over at me, clears her throat and purrs, ‘may I have some more tea?’ glancing towards the cook standing attentively off by a serving cart several feet away.


I tired so hard not to laugh as Sir Thomas started to continue on saying, ‘he confided in me -’ and Fairy curiously purred, ‘oh?’ exotic dark liquid brown eyes staring at the man who says, ‘if you don’t wish for me to continue -’ The divine lush creature purrs, ‘no really, do go on. I honestly can not believe you are trying (heavy emphasis on the word) to have this conversation with me. Did he sit you up to it?’ and Sir Thomas says, ‘the young man can speak for himself. He has concerns – well, about hurting you.’ a slight blush crosses the elderly man’s face. Fairy gets up bitchily purring, ‘that I can barely handle his well endowed enormous fucking cock. You know what, I think this conversation is over.’

I get up following after the glam rock queen who pauses half way across the large spacious ‘tea room’ when Sir Thomas says, ‘he will give you anything (heavy emphasis on word) you desire. He will literally go to the ends of the world for you and be like the ballet of Romeo and Juliet. He will die for his Juliet. You are his Giselle as Freddie was Nureyev’s Giselle.’

Mr. X decides to break his reminiscent silence saying how ‘truly remarkable it really is the extreme likeness they have to Nureyev and Freddie. I’ve told you stories of them, Fairy. I’ve shown you things. Given you some of them. For hours I can tell you stories of them and your extreme likeness.’ Fairy turns to face them purring, ‘I feel like I’m dreaming. The more I prance in my idol Freddie Mercury’s ballet footsteps, the more bizarre my life seems to get. I feel like Cinderella and being afraid that the carriage is going to turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight and it will all be but a fantastical dream taken away from me. Never (heavy emphasis on word) in my entire life have I ever felt for anyone as I do for Pavlova or have felt the ways he makes me feel. It’s surreal. I can’t even put it into words. I’m 38 and I was constantly told how identical to 1970s Freddie Mercury I look. I idolize that him so much, I took up emulating him for a living. Yet it’s not really that, is it? Apparently, I am him – the phoenix having risen. Incarnate. Reincarnation of him.’


The exotic prancer’s sibilant purr continues to tell them, ‘ I remember when I was in my 20s to present, learning all about my idol and it became even more unreal how I not only resembled him in looks and was able to sing like him, but I learned that even our personalities and so many other things were identical. So for you (Mr. X) to tell me Freddie lives through me and all the other things you’ve said, it’s unreal. Then I meet Pavlova who is so identical to Nureyev. What really did it for me was when I obtained that book about their relationship and bizarrely the things written in it was practically echoing the things Pavlova and I were doing and saying as if we were being guided by some crazy spiritual force – living their relationship over in modern times or something! I don’t care if he doesn’t understand me. He says he doesn’t want to tame me – as he puts it. I don’t understand him either. It makes things delightfully mysterious and exciting. An intriguing luscious mystery.’

Photo left: satin knickers, low buttoned satin top, erotic bare midriff and her untamed, unruly natural Persian midnight black hair


Gif right: The sandy brown haired Russian prince - ballet danseur practicing method acting. Ballet is a lot like the silent films. You know, like Valentino times ... No wonder Nureyev played Valentino in the movie made on the silent screen star.

I later learned why I was asked there was so that Fairy would feel more at ease over Sir Thomas’ attempt at intimate conversation with her. I was right that the Russian prince was both listening and watching. In one corner of the ‘tea room’ there are spiral stairs that lead up to another floor of the mansion which overlooks the ‘tea room’ below. He was up there … That next. Including Fairy cries in front of him (something strictly forbidden…) and she refuses to leave his presence and the princely way he handles it. Btw, fans who were at Killer Queen’s second night London concert in the fan club comments carrying on wondering what was so funny that she could barely get through the first song (‘Now I’m Here’). It was hilarious. When she was making her way through the wing to the stage, one of venue workers was remarking, ‘oh what the hell is this, Willie Wanker and the cheese factory?!’ to another venue worker over some strange upcoming event being held at the venue.

Also up next: ‘It’s hard to stay tucked in satin knickers, Rudy darling. At least my obscenely tight satin trousers and cat suits help keep me in place.’ the Persian glam rock queen erotically purrs telling her dashing Russian prince and his response.


Per Killer Queen's request, above is the screenshot I made of Pavlova's post in conversation.


Also I am going to include what he posted about the recent post due to its relevancy - below: (Pavlova comment) - Jorge, do screenshot of what silly girl wants and add to new page. When will the sordid gossip continue his rather (ahem) interesting 'write up'? ... I'm sure Sir Thomas is having a laugh over his usual glass of sherry reading it.


Msg. From Johann Wagner (you know who I am by now, Fairy's adoring fans) - I will be continuing my 'write up' soon. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mr. Francis J. Boyd. Apparently Pavlova has once again asked if the man would be interested in being on Fairy's public site for promo purposes. As you guys know, I not not only costume designer for the ever so elegant famous queen Fairy Mercury, but am also her best friend. Her this coming weekend 2nd round Bristol shows (both Fri. & Sat. nights) sold out in 8 minutes!!! The following Friday, Fairy will be off to Vienna. Thank you for liking my recent 'write up' so far on your exotic star. Most of all, thank you for being fans of Fairy. I guess I'm suppose to mention the 'new contributor' updated his page .... Loyal Subjects

Above - the FAIRY...tale couple doing what they do best.


Fairy's adoring fans, I am sorry it's taken me so long to get around to posting the rest of my 'write up'. As Killer Queen herself stated, we have been EXTREMELY busy and that's no excuse. Besides, practically all week, for fans with membership to her fan club site, she has kept all (now over 3 million) fans captivated with her very campy series of videos and photos of her 'semi tour' of Pavlova's Cambridge estate. Exclusive content only available to fan club members. As you know, she performed her return to Bristol sold out concert last night and tonight will be the second concert. On Monday, the divine lush creature and her Russian prince, ballet danseur Pavlova will be taking a private plane off to his estate in Vienna. Fairy is packed and her nerves have been very on edge. Anyways, the following is the rest of my 'write up'.

Pavlova made his appearance. He came down the spiral stairs and the Persian glam rock queen glided to the foot of them and placed her hands over her face crying. Ron Craster (Pavlova’s valet) followed the Russian ballet danseur down the stairs. ‘Why the tears, kitten? Please not in my presence.’ Pavlova says with a heavy sign. Fairy steps to him, slipping her arms around him, burying her face into his shoulder crying harder. I hear Pavlova quietly breathe in Russian, ‘my heart bleeds’ then looks towards Sir Thomas and Mr. X continuing to speak in Russian, ‘what has brought this on?’ Sir Thomas clears his throat and says, ‘you saw and heard (glancing up to the floor that overlooks the ‘tea room’) we haven’t done or said anything inappropriate.’


The Russian prince pets the glam rock queen’s long midnight black hair, quietly saying, ‘oh, femmka, you will ruin your makeup’ and makes a gesture with his hand. Sir Thomas produces a handkerchief from his pocket and goes over giving it to him. Fairy clings to Pavlova like a wild cat as he tries to pull her away from him. He coldly eyes me sternly saying in Russian, ‘Do something! Why is she crying?!’

As I start to reach out to the exotic divine lush creature, she steps back from Pavlova pressing her black nails left hand onto his chest tearfully purring, ‘I hated my life until you came into it, dear. All but my fame and my precious fans.’ The effeminate Persian queen’s Russian prince places his hand over her black nails left hand pressed to his chest and reaches out his other hand wiping her tears with the handkerchief saying, ‘There now, femmka. Look, you’ve ruined your eyeliner. I’m here. Life before me doesn’t exist. Another week we will be in Vienna. Then we marry.’ He then takes her hand off his chest, delivers his princely kiss to the back of it and then kisses her tits …. She turns away, tossing her long midnight black hair laughing an embarrassed laugh over it and gaspily purrs, ‘Omg! I probably look like a dreadful mess!’ and presses her glossed ‘erotic sensuous’ full lips staring at me as Pavlova reaches out slipping his arm across her midriff quietly saying, ‘never, kitten.’ pressing his well endowed privates against Fairy’s butt. The overly sexual effeminate queen obviously becomes aroused by it and purrs, ‘Mmmm, Rudy darling, take me!’ Pavlova clears his throat and says to Sir Thomas and Mr. X, ‘please leave and thank you for coming.’ then to his valet, ‘Ron, show them out then bring me glass of brandy.’ stepping back from the disappointed looking Persian who purrs, ‘you sat that man up to have that rather awkward conversation with me didn’t you?’ The Russian ballet danseur heavily sighs and says, ‘would you like something to drink, femmka?’


Killer Queen turns to face her Russian prince, obviously doing this on purpose, she takes his hand and holds it to her tits …. eye liner smudged dark liquid brown eyes gazing at him, sibilant purr purring, 'Why? I mean, you tried to talk to me about it when you showed up drunk in Manchester. Then you were obviously drunk having that conversation on my fan club site bringing up how Nureyev’s homes were all decorated with statues and paintings of nude men, the majority of them tucked or their asses. Now you too obviously had that man -’ her words are cut off as Pavlova presses his fingers onto her drenched in gloss ‘erotic sensuous’ full lips and glances at her hand being held to her tits … He gasps, startled, as she cuffs his fingers/hand away from her lips, purring, ‘I have no issue with it. It’s hard to stay tucked in satin knickers, Rudy darling. At least my obscenely tight satin trousers and cat suits help keep me in place.’


Her eyes flutter, startled, as he turns away, snatches the glass of brandy from his valet and heads across the large spacious ‘tea room’, Russian accent saying in slight embarrassed tone, ‘conversation over. No more discussion. Forget it, femmka. Fix makeup.’ Fairy presses her lips, slowly shaking her midnight black hair head looking at me as Pavlova lustfully looks at the traces of her lip gloss on his fingers from when he pressed them to her lips silencing her. She glides over to him deliberately brushing her hand across the well endowed outline in his trousers, purring, ‘I’m going to leave now, Rudy darling. Would you like a blow job before I go, dear?’ Pavlova looks off saying, ‘are you upset, femmka?’ Fairy purrs, ‘no, just embarrassed’ Her Russian prince then says, ‘How you say? Something you want to happen but not discuss. We not discuss. No more.’


The exotic glam rock queen gives her dashing Russian prince a kiss near the corner of his lips. Teasing tart denying him a full on kiss on the lips. As we walk off, I hear Pavlova say in Russian, ‘I think it’s very erotic.’ I translate what he said to her adding, ‘too obviously talking about the idea of an effeminate queen who ‘tucks’. Kinky.’When we get in my car, Fairy wildly laughs, ‘I mean, that old geezer trying to talk to me about tucking. That was so awkward.’ Her smudged with eye liner exotic dark liquid brown eyes lower to her cell phone as it alerts her to a new text. It’s from Pavlova: ‘I already miss you, kitten. I already feel the emptiness. Longing for you as your exotic scent lingers. Forbidden. Incredibly enticing.’

Then a second text comes that reads – ‘Oh but I am filled with jealousy. Traces of your eyeliner on another man’s handkerchief he so gallantly offered up for me, your prince, to wipe your tears.’ Fairy tosses her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder purring, ‘he’s not real. I mean, he literally is like a prince out of a (slight pause) fairy …. (short laugh) tale.’She replies back to the texts, ‘now I REALLY want your sinfully enormous fucking cock in my mouth then taking me up the ass like a bitch, darling. Barely able to handle it … I hope that makes you cum…’

Text back simply reads; ‘Oh, it did’


Hopefully, tonight after her 2nd sold out Bristol concert, your ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy will be on the public site (for a change). - Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury

[Section edited out discussing old hosting company issues]

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: I trust you are seeing to issue, Jorge.... Do not speak of me as though I am blind and won't read ... Then you expect me not to respond. Discuss the star who the fans come on the site to read about and see. They don't care about drama of site issues. Sordid gossip costume designer, you outdid yourself in once again provoking my .... temper. You dare make mockery putting words in my mouth over as Ronnie old boy has told me is called 'speech bubble'. To you, Fairy .... now all your adoring fans are looking at photos of you and embarrassingly talking about you're so androgynous - 'not a sign of 'privates' compared to her prince who's well endowed privates are so noticeable and flaunted'. DARE TO REPLY!

Meanwhile, I make gif for her adoring fans with her latest sillly girl camp she did backstage last night.


This is what is called a resin box. Ballet dancers use it to prevent slipping on stage. Silly girl was calling it my litter box. Should I bet offended? It was more hilarious than offending.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Picture me in fits of melodramatic theatrical ... laughter, my darlings!! I can't believe you sharing that with my precious fans, Rudy dear!!! I'll go even further to elaborate. This is what we do for those of you who have seen any of my Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour, the bit when I perform 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Several of you, my precious fans, have talked about it. When it gets to the opera part, I am silhouetted (gif of me silhouetted on part below that one of you made from videotaping my show in Manchester).

Then the stage goes completely dark as a backdrop falls concealing my piano and the other items (instruments, equip., etc.) on the stage and Pavlova comes out to dance ballet. Anyways, I glided off backstage and passed him and said to him, 'did you get in your litter box, Rudy darling?' He does this pirouette to turn around asking, 'did I what?' No time to explain, he keeps going out onto the stage. At the after party .... I brought it up. I mean the look on his face! He looked like I insulted the world of ballet then he busted out laughing deciding he found it 'hilariously campy' and couldn't find himself to be offended by it.


Btw, this is what he's talking about, my dears. Just one of MANY things so many of you are making and posting in that thread. Don't you think it's rather embarrassing to be looking at our ... crotches? (picture me in wild hysterical laughter). Rudy darling, you should NEVER have been so public about it ....

Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury - 'Litter box' is too campy and so you, Fairy. I'll reply to you, Pavlova. You THINK I'm trying to embarrass you before her adoring fans and I am not. Your Russian too obviously doesn't understand and misinterprets. You must remember it was YOU who brought it up when you were too obviously drunk going on her fan club site TRYING to discuss with her the many paintings Nureyev had throughout his homes of effeminate looking males 'tucked'. How he, like yourself, desires 'effeminate campy males' as one of those books phrased it (queens). As for what you will never let me live down 'getting in arguments over her tits' ... I was only trying to be helpful considering Fairy is my best friend and anyone who should know her well would be me.


Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: I laugh! It is you who doesn't understand! You try to tell me how to touch and love what is mine! Then you do it in the presence of her adoring fans as if you are trying to embarrass me! You write your sordid gossip (such as the recent) in guise that it is 'bringing candid' on her to her fans. Now they are studying pictures and video!!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury - Fairy, remember how you will be the only one that can calm his temper .... please do it! I am not going to argue with the powerful Pavlova.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, remember that thing I read in the one book about my beloved idol behaving like a jealous bitch remarking that copy/paste Baryshnikov could 'fly' better than Nureyev because he/she was being a jealous bitch learning he was dating some twat? Let me scan and post the photo of your idol with the ugly twat who is such a copy/paste Freddie Mercury wannabe and it's hilarious. Being effeminately on Nureyev's arm. I mean, laughably copy/paste wannabe right down to the hair and glam looks. It might take me awhile so please be patient.


You know this, but my precious fans probably don't (unless they happen to know about Nureyev), that ugly twat laughably was this 'maker of pornographic gay films'. What a joke! Then here is me, Rudy darling, my personal photographer just now sent it for me to post. 2 more hours I will be gracing the stage for you, my precious fans, attending my 2nd night Bristol show. But I will try to be on a few hours afterwards.


About the photo: I used the exact set up. White background. Shot in black and white.

The 'white queen'.

Johann Wagner (my partner and Fairy's costume designer) even placed Fairy's long midnight black hair exactly how Freddie Mercury's laid.

Very proud of the end results.

Defines 'androgynous'


-- Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio

(personal photographer of Fairy Mercury)

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: Such a sinfully exotic creature. The expression is very sexually enticing - seductive. I am sure her adoring fans will have much to comment on it, photographer. To Fairy - I have to laugh, femmka, over that photo. My idol looking not so 'dashing' in horrid distasteful 'jeans'. As you say 'unfashionable'. Very unlike him. Him obviously trying to be peasant to lowly clown. 'Vagabond lover' as he would call his hidden pleasures ... It is a laugh, is it not, kitten? Even right down to fingers adorn with jewels as your idol wore herself. I still agree with your adoring fans, your 'modern times take' on your idol FM is a bit more interesting.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury - Fairy, I'm laughing so hard right now. Your ... ahem ... 'new contributor' aka fan club president, in the fan club comments just now posted this: 'I'm crying over what our glam rock queen just posted on her public site, you guys! Seriously, so ... that ... merited her idol to be a jealous bitch attacking 'her' lifelong crush, LEGEND of dance Nureyev saying ugly dog Baryshnikov could 'fly' better than the legend. Uh ... right ... oookay ... 😅 ' Imagine being jealous at that. Yet I suppose I would be too. Someone pathetic copy/paste wannabe of yourself being with the man you have a crush on. Btw, they are REALLY carrying on over the new photo of you....


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Johann, where did you get that photo you did the speech bubble with and what ever possessed you to do the speech bubble with it? He is furious over it .... (omg, that distracting enormous cock though....) it is from him dancing in Giselle .... He texted me ....


Johann Wagner, costume designer for Fairy Mercury - He can fire me from Haze Theatre's costume dept. but he knows he can't fire me as your costume designer ... He has his own personal tailor who designs the princely ballet costumes as well as his wardrobe. There is an elaborate display in Haze Theatre's costume dept. of him in the ballet costumes the tailor has designed. That photo is among them. That's where I got it. He favours Greg because of Lord Snowdon's interest in photography and Nureyev was Snowdon's fave subject to photograph and also very close friends. So what has he been texting you? I suppose the photo of you holding your tits (dressed in what you'll be wearing to marry your prince...) either has him very aroused (his fave word ...) or enraged over remembering you joking about 'getting in arguments over my tits' that he won't let me live down.

My precious fans who I can't appreciate enough, it is now my Zzz time. I traveled back to my home in London from Bristol instead of staying over. Bristol, you were as wonderful as my first ever two times I rocked you! I became a bit melancholy towards the end of tonight's concert because it hit me that I won't be performing for an entire month now. As all of you know, I live for the stage - for my aspirations to be my idol ('70s FM) - performing for you, my darlings. I will try to be on my public site and fan club site as much as possible. Anyways, my concert ended hours ago. 11pm and here it is now after 3am. On my way back to London, I sat reading the comments so many of you had posted today. About my concert last night and tonight and about what has been posted today. I am so glad many of you were amused by some of it .... Thank you for your reactions towards the frock photo.... I will leave that there and talk about what happened backstage when we went off here earlier to prepare for my concert .... I am so very exhausted but I just had to make an effort to post something. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. xx Fairy




Apparently Pavlova has taken an issue with my fan club president having that Loyal Subjects page. I sort of have as well ... I won't elaborate as to why. So I have asked him to quit doing it. Please don't be upset and angry over it, my darlings. As for what Francis Boyd was going to 're-tell', amazingly Pavlova will allow him to do so. So I have asked him to write it up and we will add it to the new page. Give me time to adapt to Vienna. I just got here and so far it is unreal! He lives like a fucking prince!! And I thought his Cambridge home was that - this is unreal!!! As for the new photo of me ... I never considered the reaction it would get ... the things so many of you have been posting in the fan club comments about it. Then the things my delectably dashing prince has had to say about it... As you know, it is how I will be dressed to marry him. I mean, I just can't at the moment to share with you the things he's had to say about it .... Sweet dreams. xx Fairy

Gay Pride Month


My precious fans, considering this is 'Gay Pride Month' what better time for me to discuss this. (omitted) has defended not only myself but my idol against 'make believe' naive about gay people freak shows .... Expect this to be thee last time I address these sort of assholes. All but the photos above of myself and Pavlova which will be something discussed over the weekend ... Speaking of the photos, I glad all of you were in such awe of them. The one of me 'looking even more identical to '70s FM'. Pavlova as 'this day and age Nureyev' and also so taken by how much he is identical to the 'lord of dance'.


Assholes NEED to leave me alone and that is all I have to say. If you are not a fan of me being 'this day and age 1970s Freddie Mercury' once and for all - seriously fuck off!! 'Effeminate queen (gays) are the only 'feminine' liked = ME! The 'effeminate' and/or 'queen' (a feminine gay male). Quickly explaining it to naive about gays assholes - basically everything I'm about - presented as on my public website (I won't incl. the fan club because stalkers have no access to that...). You know, ALL of the book scans that are throughout my site on Freddie Mercury (incl. my profile). The 'effeminate' looks such as dressing in catsuits, satin, velvet, long hair, makeup, jewelry, campy, etc. Below I have randomly chosen a few of my personal faves because like the rest, they are so me as well (being incarnate of my idol).


Many more on the page Mirror Image along with all the things pertaining to my idol Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev's relationship. One of my favourite pages on my public site.

I won't go into so many cruel stories, you my precious fans have shared about how fucked up and heart breakingly cruel homophobia is and I mean by BOTH sexes!

I KNOW this won't cost me my fame ... I can not stand cunts! Pavlova can't either. Pavlova is so much like his idol Nureyev who was misogynistic. I was told .... a word Nureyev constantly used was 'cunt' and he was known for deliberately dropping fucking ballerinas because he was very misogynistic. He became legendary in ballet for changing 'the rules' by making it a male dominated profession.Nureyev (which Pavlova being so identical to his idol is the same) was attracted to 'campy effeminate queen' type gay males (Freddie Mercury). 'The only feminine' he fancies. I say this not to be disgustingly egocentric (such a joke because I am so far from that, my dears!) but I have to agree, effeminate queens - that is myself and my idol 1970s Freddie Mercury - are far more attractive and interesting being feminine than fucking actual dull boring cunts.


Considering this is 'Gay Pride Month', I think this world needs to quit being old fashioned, don't you?? .... I think people need to have an understanding of things and learning acceptance. Because that is cruel to 'make believe' about people! It's not only homophobic but it's a show of hatred. But what is homophobia but hatred .... That is all I am going to say because it's too hurtful!!My precious fans, I love you all and I can not thank you enough for being fans of me.Love and kisses to you all, darlings - Fairy Mercury

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: Very well put, all of it, femmka. Now we must get back on focus for all fans sake. The unruly creature has been ... well ... rather interesting upon our 4 days (so far) here in Vienna. To Sir Thomas, I rather missed our Tuesday tea and appreciated you phoned Vienna on Tuesday. 'Mr. X' still doesn't cease to enthrall the lovely exotic creature. He embarrassed himself accidentally calling her Freddie. Message to 'Mr. X' - the phoenix has risen from the ashes - reborn ... To her adoring fans, I tell her about frock photo, erotic enticing facial expression to holding her tits has to be thee most arousing thing I have ever seen. Now, femmka, when you marry me dressed like that, how am I to get that photo of you out of my mind? Our memorable regal wedding.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, thank you for writing this in what you wrote: Now we must get back on focus for all fans sake.  My darlings, I seriously can't wait until you hear about the recent... Btw, Francis, I hope your allergies are better. You should try finding something that doesn't make you so bloody drowsy. HA!!


F.J. Boyd - In reply to you, exotic famous queen, I am much better and I started the 'write up'. I will present it to Pavlova for his approval. I have so far been discreet in trying not to break confidence. Your gay pride month write up was good and I'm glad that's settled.


Fairy Mercury's Adoring Fans!!!

Here is a sneak peek into auction broker Mr. Francis James Boyd's 'write up' he was asked to do: If Fairy only was aware of (at that time) the people – very important, very wealthy people who were ‘aware of’ her and looking at her website and even signed up for membership to her fan club under pseudonyms (Pavlova and ‘Mr. X’ being two I’m aware of. 'Mr. X' as has been revealed, actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury).


And btw, fans, pictured below what the FAIRY ... tale couple will be dressed when they marry at Pavlova's Vienna estate later this month. That ballet danseur dressed as Prince Albrecht from the ballet of Giselle and the glam rock queen dressed in replica of the white satin fairy winged pleated frock her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury wore. Fairy's bouquet (yes, she will have one ...) will be made up of Fairy roses (also pictured below) from Pavlova's garden. They will be violet one of Fairy's fave colors (other being black). Very regal and very romantic, indeed.

Yes, this is such thing as 'fairy roses'. Pictured below.

The following composed by Mr. Francis James Boyd:


Fairy's adoring fans, I was told to make use of the photo files on the public site. So I tried to be creative. Such as added photo of Pavlova in back of limo when I wrote about being 'obsessively in search of...' I hope you enjoy my 'write up'. I wanted it to be longer but my allergies have made me in such a daze, I couldn't focus to concentrate. I plan to say much more in future attempts at 'promoting' your exotic talented 'glam rock queen'.


Do I need an intro.? I'll do a brief run down. I'm sure the amazingly famous and talented Fairy Mercury has explained me enough times you to, her fans. I was born and grew up the vast majority of my life here in England (Oxford). I'll leave out the long boring story of how I ended up now residing in a leaves nothing to be desired country. I plan to relocate back to England at years end. I am age 68 and I travel a lot. Mainly to England as 'acting private buyer' for many very wealthy clients to buy or auction off items. Namely the famed auction houses such as Sothebys (which both Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev were very fond of), Christies, Bonhams, etc. I came to know Pavlova 15 years ago through Dame Eleanor. I have attended several ballets Pavlova performed in dancing as Nureyev. I met the ever so elegant exotic queen Fairy Mercury through the sadly deceased Chinese fan Jason Long. I got Jason interested in auctions.


I will now pause here to explain this for a final time, I was asked a year ago to be ‘authorized buyer’ for the ‘glam rock queen’ Fairy Mercury on that eBay. I find things, submit bids and/or purchase. Have them sent to my residence because they aren’t to be sent to her home in London due to privacy purposes. Once the item(s) are received by me, I contact Fairy about the time it took, condition the item is in, etc. Considering it is her account NOT MINE, she is the one who leaves feedback. I either collect the items and ship them bulk to her London address or since I travel to England about 2-3 times a month on business (my other auction clients and things like that), I will bring the items to her.


Now that I explained all that for a final time, I will pick up with what I started out saying.The exotic glam rock queen's adoring fans, as you know, I had mentioned that I got the sadly deceased fan Jason Long interested in auctions. I also mentioned that I run auctions for many 'important people' buying and selling with the famed auction houses such as Sothebys, Christies, etc. It was how I had met Dame Eleanor fifteen years ago. Back then she would talk about 'the Russian boy who is destined to be Nureyev' and had taken me to see my first experience watching Pavlova dance as 'the lord of dance Nureyev'. I remember Dame Eleanor telling me many times about 'destiny needs to be full filled' and she was obsessively in search of a Freddie Mercury to 'complete' Pavlova's 'ascent' ....

Again, I'm leaving out certain things not to break confidence. I remember when I met Jason Long, through my partner Raymond, and got him interested in auctions, he told me about “this music star who I idolize and worship that looks identical to Freddie Mercury out of the 1970s” as he put it to me. I literally felt the blood drain from my entire being! Jason showed me Fairy's website(s) and filled me in on details. Of course, I had to tell Dame Eleanor! I gave her the link to Fairy's website. She contacted me back within almost minutes telling me, 'this is the one! She is the one who is to complete Pavlova!' I hope the costume designer doesn't get upset over this. I asked Jason questions and 'reported back' to Dame Eleanor. The nobody low life scum that was managing Fairy who I'm sure the powerful Pavlova and (omitting Dame Eleanor lineage) could easily persuade and 'buy out'.

Dame Eleanor contacted Johann Wagner to offer him a position in Haze Theatre's costume department - deliberately - to 'set in motion destiny to be full filled'. Asking the costume designer about Fairy (who is also the ‘glam rock queen’s’ best friend).


If Fairy only was aware of (at that time) the people – very important, very wealthy people who were ‘aware of’ her and looking at her website and even signed up for membership to her fan club under pseudonyms (Pavlova and ‘Mr. X’ being two I’m aware of. 'Mr. X' as has been revealed, actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury). In awe of her ‘incarnate’ likeness and wanting to learn as much as possible about Fairy before things were ‘sat into motion’ about ‘uniting’ the two together. Eventually, through the fan Jason Long, I was introduced to the exotic queen so identical to 1970s Freddie Mercury and got to know her. Jason Long fell ill with his cancer and I took over being ‘authorized buyer’ and arranged to start bringing items Fairy was purchasing to her in London on my trips there. To see Fairy and Pavlova in person – they are so very staggeringly attractive. Even more identical to their idols Nureyev and (1970s) Freddie Mercury. You literally feel as though you are in these actual sadly deceased legends presence.

I remember a time being at Dame Eleanor’s home waiting to speak with her about a recent auction she was interested in having me bid on her behalf on. While I was waiting, I overheard in a nearby room her saying, ‘she is perfect, you need to make your move, Pavlova. When, to you, will be the perfect moment you speak of? Destiny must be fulfilled and you must be complete.’ I heard the Russian reply in Russian which I do know some, ‘I must have her. It has become an obsession to me.’


Pavlova’s favorite ballets Nureyev danced are the ballets of Giselle and The Sleeping Beauty. Giselle synopsis has it that Prince Albrecht is attracted to a peasant Giselle. He goes to the peasant village with his courtier (valet, if you will) in the guise of a peasant to deceitfully woo Giselle. Once she discovers his deceit, she takes her life. As Pavlova says about the ballet – it is about the tragedy of love found love lost. Pavlova’s idol Nureyev was just a he has said in several posts – attracted to the unattainable, the ‘forbidden’, out of his class. Such as the ballet of Giselle goes …. The relationship of Nureyev and Freddie Mercury would be living proof of that. It’s incomprehensible how identical Fairy and Pavlova are to their idols and it’s not an act. They eerily are too obviously ‘prancing in their footsteps’. Captivating and surreal.


Rudolf Nureyev? He is your personal destiny.’ once said to Freddie Mercury in the 1970s as Mr. X. recalled.

More of how very bizarre, ‘incarnate’, what have of Fairy and Pavlova to them.

Although you, Fairy’s adoring fans, don’t know details, I advise for you not to take Pavlova for granite. Unless names such as Lord Snowdon, Anna Pavlova, Nijinsky and such have no meaning and that would be a complete insult!! Then not to mention, some of these people (such as ‘Mr. X.’) actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury. I’m going to end this with something theatrical that I know both Pavlova and Fairy will most likely enjoy.

‘The FAIRY … tale couple’ as you, Fairy’s adoring fans, are fond of calling them would make a magical, captivating modern take on the ballet of Giselle but without the tragedy.

Pavlova and Fairy - Prince Albrecht and his Giselle

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: We find time now to respond to what Francis Boyd has written. As you, unruly exotic creature's adoring fans, might remember when foolish costume designer was being how you say? 'Smart ass'. Telling me I could interpret diary from Russian and read as bed time story to Fairy. That was last diary was mentioned. I decided against having contents of it revealed. After speaking with the alluring 'glam rock queen' today, and reading Francis' 'write up', I spoke with several people for opinions and have decided to share this with you, her adoring fans.


Anna Pavlova died in 1931. I was born in 1983 and gained to inherit much 'coming of age'. I was 'groomed' to be 'destined' to be the lord of dance Nureyev. One thing I was constantly told by many was ''the unwritten rules of homosexual behavior, especially in our aristocratic circle where complete silence is adopted.' You are encouraged to 'date' among your own 'class' and all else is forbidden. Ballet is very 'proper' and 'caters' to aristocratic lifestyle. Why Nureyev had 'hidden pleasures'. One being gay and other desiring 'out of his class' - 'vagabond lovers' as he would refer to as. What I prefer Bohemian way of life because it is same thing. 'Peasant' .... I have to admit, Francis, you were creative in theatrical sense comparing the relationship to the ballet of Giselle .... Freddie Mercury was Nureyev's Giselle and Fairy is mine.


She asked nearly begged me to write this from diary. As I say, I spoke with several people for opinions and decided to grant unruly prima feline's wishes. It was so important to her I do ... I have no comment on the things she was offering to do in return ... Enticing and I can not resist the desirous exotic queen ... My English is not good. So I have Ronnie old boy - my valet - translate it.

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: We find time now to respond to what Francis Boyd has written. As you, unruly exotic creature's adoring fans, might remember when foolish costume designer was being how you say? 'Smart ass'. Telling me I could interpret diary from Russian and read as bed time story to Fairy. That was last diary was mentioned. I decided against having contents of it revealed. After speaking with the alluring 'glam rock queen' today, and reading Francis' 'write up', I spoke with several people for opinions and have decided to share this with you, her adoring fans.


Anna Pavlova died in 1931. I was born in 1983 and gained to inherit much 'coming of age'. I was 'groomed' to be 'destined' to be the lord of dance Nureyev. One thing I was constantly told by many was ''the unwritten rules of homosexual behavior, especially in our aristocratic circle where complete silence is adopted.' You are encouraged to 'date' among your own 'class' and all else is forbidden. Ballet is very 'proper' and 'caters' to aristocratic lifestyle. Why Nureyev had 'hidden pleasures'. One being gay and other desiring 'out of his class' - 'vagabond lovers' as he would refer to as. What I prefer Bohemian way of life because it is same thing. 'Peasant' .... I have to admit, Francis, you were creative in theatrical sense comparing the relationship to the ballet of Giselle .... Freddie Mercury was Nureyev's Giselle and Fairy is mine.


She asked nearly begged me to write this from diary. As I say, I spoke with several people for opinions and decided to grant unruly prima feline's wishes. It was so important to her I do ... I have no comment on the things she was offering to do in return ... Enticing and I can not resist the desirous exotic queen ... My English is not good. So I have Ronnie old boy - my valet - translate it.

Mr. F. J. Boyd -- I want to make a few points before we press forward with the things I had discussed with me about promoting your lovely star Fairy. I will try to make this short and to the point.


A point I want to make, just because females are being mentioned (make sure you know the definition of that word I have chosen to use - mentioned) does not mean they matter or are liked. They are just what Dame Eleanor wrote in the diary entry about Pavlova's idol Nureyev: 'Nureyev hated women and dealt with them strictly on professional grounds.' Because they exist, you can't get around that fact, so you just 'put up with' them and look at it this way, that as a gay man, you are not obligated ... As Pavlova remarked on Fairy's fan club, 'you don't choose who you're related to - your lineage.' Yes, Dame Eleanor knew Rudolf Nureyev and she 'associated with Freddie Mercury'

'Mr. X' is more impressive, in my opinion. Of more of a 'higher standing' for one thing. Pavlova was under Dame Eleanor's tutelage ... and that is all I am allowed to say.


These are two VERY fascinating people - Fairy and Pavlova. Their eerie extreme likeness to their legendary idols Nureyev and Freddie Mercury who they idolize so much that they took up emulating them for a profession. What's amazing is that it goes beyond that. That 'destiny' has brought them together. None of it is made up as far fetched as it all seems. As if you fans doubt because you too obviously don't and are very taken - obsessed - captivated. They're unique and stand out just as their legendary idols did. I thought I would share this with you because it was too campy and so much your lovely exotic star. It seems Fairy is have a bit too much fun in Vienna. She was obviously drunk and accidentally texted me instead of who she had intended to. Most likely she will come on either here or the fan club to entertain you, her adoring fans, with it. The text read: 'Seriously! Is it even possible for any man to have a cock this enormous?!' and had a photo of Pavlova as attachment.


Hello dears, I have decided to post to the public site for a change after all the wildness that went on in the fan club. Poor neglected public site. I logged onto it and it's the same stupidity of the drop and drag 'features' take forever to respond and trying to post photos is so forget it!!! I was looking at the homepage and had to laugh. I saw this gif of me spilling champagne on my tits in the Nijinsky leotard look my idol wore.

All of you foolishly thinking I'm wearing a wig because my hair is medium length and I had to explain about my costume designer pins it up to create that look. No, I prefer my 'real' hair - that I look more like my idol - that all of you adore - the Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack and Hyde Park looks (gif of me on right with real hair 'adopting' the Hyde Park look - of black eye shadow and white leotard).

Anyways, we might use that, two of the remaining still need to be revised posts, for the next new page. Unfortunately, we don't know what to do about the 3 covering my first ever tour 'Flight Of The Fairy', continues and soars ones. I think I will talk with the delectably dashing Pavlova and ask his opinion on it. Most likely, we'll keep them and omit the irrelevant thing of the past idiots who are on it off there. Because much of it should be kept because it's a memorable part of my fame/career. When I launched my first ever 'mini tour'.


As for Francis Boyd. I am so very happy that so many of you enjoy him as the new (and last) addition to promoting me. He was right, I was drunk and meant to text my costume designer that photo of Pavlova he posted about. I'll share about it soon. I haven't the time now. I have been so very busy with wedding plans and 'sightseeing', etc. here in Vienna. I'm glad Francis made the point he did about 'mentioning'. Because we (Pavlova and myself) will be going ahead about sharing with you, my darlings, more from that dead old bird's diaries. I'll post it for one more time - the quote of my beloved idol is so me as well ....

You know what, dears, I will make time because my fans matter so much to me. Later on, I will post more about it. ... and speaking hair ... his medium bob wind swept - my dashing, delectable prince and I mean, those shorts .... I took it and sent it to my costume designer putting the other picture with it. I made it black and white to match the other one. The text was as Francis wrote: Seriously! Is it even possible for any man to have a cock this enormous?! Francis texted back, 'are you drunk, exotic Persian queen? I believe this was meant for one of your friends.' It's a good thing he embarrassed me letting me know I texted it to the wrong person because the rest of what I texted .... mmm .... wouldn't all of you just love to know! It was XXX-tremely naughty! Being barely able to handle it and all sorts of tartish naughtiness. I wake up in the mornings with him and it is so fucking romantic!!! Him speaking to me in Russian as he ... fucks ... me with that enormous fucking cock and the things he's said when he tells me it in English. It's too much!! I will post more later ..... xx Fairy


Unruly creature posts these things and expects me to reply. Then gets her adoring fans carrying on over 'how does he even fit in shorts like those?' Then this encourage silly girl to become even more silly asking me how I manage to fit in shorts. I tell her, how you fit in 'obscenely tight cat suits, femmka?' - Touché ... We are sorry things have gotten unusually quiet on her fan club and public sites since having gone off to Vienna. No reason really except for what Fairy has said, we've been very busy. Now we have been here for over a week now, things will gradually become more active. As always, thank you for your fandom and support of the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury. Regards, Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur).

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