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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Loyal Subjects
Volume 2

All The Queen's Men


From the public site footer:


About Geoff Stafford fan club president and comments moderator for Killer Queen’s fan club. Geoff formerly from Kent and now resides in Brighton is a long time fan of Fairy, from the start of the exotic prancer’s career which kicked off in 2018. Geoff was the first fan Fairy met!


Let me add more details to that (even though it's all in the fan club...). My best mates Jerry and Dave along with my partner Clive are childhood friends from Kent. Last year, we relocated to Brighton. It being a well known 'gay community'. Where our exotic queen Fairy got her start - performed her first ever show. So it has a symbolic meaning. I was the first ever fan Killer Queen met. I am so proud of where she is today in her fame. Thinking back on her struggle for success.


You can read about my first 'encounter' with the glam rock queen, my idol, Fairy Mercury on the first 'edition' of my online Fairy fanzine here: Loyal Subjects

Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! Geoff Stafford, devoted avid Fairy Mercury fan, fan club president


Hi there Fairy's now over 7 million fan club members - that's not including fans who don't have membership. Seriously consider becoming a fan club member if you're an interested fan of Killer Queen. It is very active and sooooooo many exclusive content you won't see on this public site. The photos and video footage viVid Photo Studio's asst. photographer Philip Goldman did of Fairy and her Russian prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova's 'romantic regal extravagant' wedding in Vienna are so beyond words, that they are STILL being talked about! My recent obsession are these two photos of them. Fairy showing off the back of the pleated satin fairy winged frock she married her prince in and oh my freaking god, the photo of Pavlova he had taken just for her, looking every inch the dashing prince in tailored suit - Totally perfect FAIRY ... tale couple!

Remember when Killer Queen played Haze Theatre for the very first time and it was the first and only 'rock act' to grace it's main stage? Before it's only been ballet or 'play stage productions'. Recent rumour that I have been desperately trying to find out more about. Pavlova plans to choreograph the ballet of Giselle and Fairy will be dancing as Giselle!!! Of course, Pavlova will be dancing as his idol portraying Prince Albrecht. I hope it's true!!!

I just have to tease about this. Fairy (left) with her wild unruly hair being Giselle having gone mad after learning she's been deceived by the dashingly charming Prince Albrecht. 😄😅

Seriously though, exotic bitch, you and your prince are soooo perfect!

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): Since it 'never gets old' to my femmka's adoring fans, us invading boy's 'fanzine page'. Where does boys get rumours? Speaking with Haze Theatre lobby attendant? The one he begged playbills of me from. Fairy laughs boy is so determined to get 'exclusive' on something about her. Yes, glam rock queen's millions of adoring fans, I have been working on my own choreography of the ballet of Giselle. It's part of my destiny... She has surprise for you, boy, her adoring fans will be pleased with. You tell now, kitten.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Knock, knock - is anybody home?? Rudy darling, it's hilarious how he's so timid and will be in the fan club comments carrying on in 'hyperventilating hysterics' his 'queenly idol' (me) and her dashing prince (you, of course) posted something on his 'fanzine page' or something directly to him on it. Geoff dear, we have decided to let you do your ... 'exclusive' you wanted to name 'Fairy's Cabaret Beginnings' for my upcoming shows in Brighton next weekend. (Rudy darling .... Us: waits for reply and won't get one - only the carrying on in the fan club comments that will probably come once enough time has passed that he knows we're not going to post anymore on here. It really is too hilarious)


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): We want to see more hearts and rainbows ... Oh yes, femmka! We mustn't forget to tell them how my fine friend I refer to as 'Mr. X' and his book on us is coming along. He has started it. Femmka, you tell of campy queen silliness you entertained me with earlier.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Have you noticed, Rudy darling, that ever since Jorge got the SSL certificate for my public site, half those issues we were having have quit? I'm glad. So, dears, he was having his brandy and I was looking at the entertaining supportive, often hilarious, comments so many of you have been posting in the fan club comments when I noticed something. 'Hugh Dickens' deleted his ... inactive ... comments account. My delectably charming Russian prince was sitting there lost in thought, savoring his glass of brandy - staring off at one of the paintings in the room. I purred, 'Well, Rudy darling, it appears that huge dick Hugh Dickens decided to deactivate his inactive fan club comments profile. He could have at least said hello.' Very seriously, he was like, 'who?' I laughed, 'what do you mean, who? You know, that foolish pseudonym you created to join my fan club bit.'


I just fucking can't, my darlings!! This is what he did and I felt so embarrassed!!! He got up from where he was sitting and came over to me and took my black nails left hand, kissed the back of it then kissed my ... tits ... then said, 'hello, baby'. I flung my hand and his glass of brandy went all over his tailored suit. I went to take off and he caught me, and .... bruisingly kissed the gloss off my lips breathing on them, 'dishevel me, unruly feline creature', holding my black nails left hand to his brandy soaked suit. I think I'll stop there. I can't, Rudy darling. We're going off now ... We'll leave our 'calling card' ...

Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy Mercury fan & fan club president): So you guys, here I am NOT letting exotic bitch think she's going to get away with trying to embarrass me about about 'timid' conduct. I mean, who wouldn't be?! She's my idol!! She's so famous and exotically beautiful and her prince is so dashingly handsome, extremely wealthy and important. I mean, I am like the rest of you guys, can't quit looking at and so obsessed by the photos of her in the satin pleated fairy winged frock and the photo of Pavlova he had Phil Goldman take of himself exclusively just for his exotic Persian queen. So the rumours must be true. Killer Queen's princely ballet danseur sort of confirmed them. I wish I could get an exclusive on him teaching her ballet!! I bet it would so be romantic and even sexually erotic (knowing her ...) The rest of what you were trying to share with your adoring fans, please. It's not like you, exotic bitch, shying away from flaunting your 'sexual activities' with your Russian prince to your adoring fans.


The moment that cabaret opens tomorrow, I'm phoning to arrange with the owner/booking agent my exclusive I was given the go ahead to do, you guys!!! I'll definitely be asking details about campy tart using a maraca for a tit footage the guy filmed and sent to her prince.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Seriously, bitch, what a disaster!! I mean, what is with you and this 'exclusive' bit? I sucked his well endowed enormous fucking cock and then ... Something just came up! Sorry have to run!!

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): Just for you, femmka, and I will picture you in my mind - your lovely wild feline laughter, my forbidden creature, you most likely will be doing once you read. Oh and I was hoping for more hearts and rainbows.


Hi there, glam rock queen Fairy Mercury fans. This is me finally getting back with you guys about phoning the cabaret last night when they opened. Tomorrow is when my coverage happens!! I am soooo excited! 😲😲😲 I felt embarrassed because the guy was like, 'I was told to expect a call from you.'


The new fan club comments thread that was created. I bet Killer Queen posting that stunning lilac spotlights photo of herself on the Behind The Throne page was exotic bitch dropping hints that the rumours are true, that she will be dancing the part of Giselle. She does that a lot, cryptic stuff and I hope you guys are smart enough to catch all of it whenever she does. Anyways, I told my partner Clive - just think, my queenly idol is probably here in Brighton right now rehearsing all week for her shows Fri. and Sat. Tickets crazy-like went in FIVE minutes!!! What I am also really looking forward to is her Haze Theatre show next weekend. I bet it will be spectacular and she will probably go out to put on an extremely stunning show (mostly in part, because Haze Theatre is owned by her dashing prince - multimillionaire ballet danseur).


The looks of my idol Fairy that I'm especially in awe of, besides the fairy winged frock, is the satin 'Black Queen' catsuit. Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

This was sent by 'Mr. X' through the webmaster email c/o (in care of) me and asked to post the photos of FAIRY with it. 'It would make a good lead in to your cabaret write up on Fairy' is what he wrote. This is about FAIRY and her 'spin' on her idol ('70s FM) added in with her own creativity and personality and that's what we're fans of is FAIRY... (and Pavlova). Also agreed, EFFEMINATE QUEEN FAIRY is way more attractive than f 'n cunts wearing makeup, fem type clothes, jewelry, long hair, etc. #GAYPRIDE (note where photos were taken ...)


Below is the discussion I had with the cabaret owner. I'm not good as 'writes ups' like Fairy's costume designer or the theatrical creative ballet danseur Pavlova are. So I just basically recorded what he had to say and made a transcript of it which is as follows.


I’ll begin saying what you probably already know, Geoff, since you and your friend attended several of Fairy’s shows at my cabaret. She was billed as ‘miZ Mercury’. Derived from ‘Liza with a Z’, and was a cross between 1970s Freddie Mercury and Liza Minnelli. As she puts it, ‘my cabaret name’. I helped her invent it, so I hope she gives me some credit for it. Wink, wink.

As you know, she is very stunning. Her dramatic dark exotic looks. The long midnight black hair, the black nails only on the left hand trademark look of ‘70s Freddie, the makeup, obscenely tight satin clothes she’s fond of – of course, the identical likeness to ‘70s Freddie Mercury in looks, etc. I remember when she came in asking for a booking at the cabaret. She didn’t even have to tell me what her ‘act’ was, it was too obvious she was ‘70s Freddie Mercury with a touch of Liza.I remember we chatted at length about the song ‘Killer Queen’. The song is popular with the queer community. It’s campy and so Freddie – the effeminate queen and … her … campiness.

Fairy told me during that conversation if anyone who is an avid fan of Freddie and know a lot about him and are familiar with him knows he took his habitual ‘dear’ and ‘darling’ talk from the movie Cabaret’s Sally Bowles character (played by Liza Minnelli). Also Freddie was known for writing and saying ‘pouncing and pooving’ – in the movie, Sally Bowles is talking about ‘pouncing’. The character is basically a slut, prostitute – what have you, which Freddie explains the song ‘Killer Queen’ is about a ‘high class call girl’. Freddie would call himself a ‘tart’ (British slang for slut) because it was one of MANY instances of him trying to be Liza’s Sally Bowles, in the movie Cabaret, that he was literally obsessed by. Constantly listening to the Cabaret soundtrack over and over.

‘Big Spender’ is a campy cabaret-ish song. ‘Pop my cork’ is an ‘in between the lines’ reference to popping your ‘tuck’ (Tucked privates becoming ‘untucked’ from an erection).If you follow Freddie Mercury’s life, it was as if he was trying to live out the movie Cabaret. If you watch the movie and follow along with the lyrics to ‘Killer Queen’, it is too obvious Cabaret was the inspiration behind the song. Even right down to the champagne and fur coat in the movie Freddie was trying to be. The music video of ‘Killer Queen’, Freddie is wearing a fur coat. The effeminate queen.

I have been friends with the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur, with Anna Pavlova and Lord Snowdon lineage, for many years. I wonder if he ever told Fairy this. He secretively attended one of her shows at my cabaret when he learned of her. You know, like what he did by joining her fan club with a pseudonym to remain anonymous. It was when I gave him the using a maraca for a tit footage I had filmed of her. I slipped him a usb flash drive with it on it telling him, ‘you have such an interest in the exotic creature, I know you’ll be interested in seeing this.’ Like his idol Nureyev, Pavlova has his ‘forbidden desires’ and Fairy most definitely are them.


Pavlova’s close friend who he refers to anonymously as ‘Mr. X.’ who knew Freddie and Rudolf Nureyev, pointed out Freddie’s idol worship wanting to be Liza down to the details of the Capital Radio DJ Kenny Everett had Freddie on his radio spot interviewing Freddie for Queen’s A Day At The Races album and Freddie was talking about that damn press going on about his black nails and made a remark about it doing that I don’t know what you would call it sound the character Emcee (Joel Grey) and Sally Bowles is making on the song ‘Money, Money’. Freddie making that sound after remarking, ‘so there!’ Listen to the song or watch the movie and you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s a sound people will make with their tongue.

But this isn’t about Freddie Mercury, it’s about Fairy and her extreme likeness to him but with her own unique touch, creativity – take on her idol she aspires to be. So many of her adoring fans, yourself included, keep saying Fairy is a bit more attractive and interesting than the actual Freddie Mercury. I have to agree. She’s a modern day take – spice – with her own unique blend. Campy queen and overly sexual. As many of her fans, again yourself included, has said – no offense and not to be insulting, but we’re fans of Fairy being ‘this day and age modern take on ‘70s Freddie Mercury’ than we are of Freddie Mercury himself. She’s a unique individual who adds her own panache to her incarnate likeness to her idol, if that makes sense. She stands out.

I am not just saying this, Geoff, but she has drawn the largest crowds my cabaret has seen and especially now that she’s become so famous. I can’t be more proud of her and her success. Needless to say, I will continue to book her without hesitation. I remember telling Fairy that the movie Cabaret was about Sally Bowles and her cabaret friends basically making a parody out of wanting to make it big but knowing they’re stuck as a ‘local gig’ in the Kit Kat Club. And that I hope she doesn’t end up ‘stuck’ playing local gigs and confined to my cabaret. Now she’s very famous and married to an important multimillionaire and I couldn’t be more happy for her.

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

Highly Recommended Reading: FAIRY Mercury's Profile


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Geoff, for what it's worth, everyone liked your ... 'transcript' of what the cabaret owner had to tell you. We think you are having issues with your online Fairy fanzine page because it is becoming too long and overloaded. Blogs are meant for 'ongoing' material. Like a book with pages and chapters. Your idol herself, the glam rock queen, wants to set you up with transfer of your Loyal Subjects fanzine on the blog option of the 'site editor/builder'. Isn't that exciting news? Don't be discouraged. Jorge Schumann will take on the task to transfer all of your page onto there. See you at the divine lush creature Fairy's show tonight.


You can't get anymore perfection than this:

From Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY fan and fan club president my reply to Johann Wagner: This is my reply to the message you posted on my Loyal Subjects FAIRY fanzine page, Mr. Wagner.I can't wait!!! Exotic bitch The Persian queen was concerned about my issues and I'm speechless!!All the below I will be adding to my new fanzine/blog when Mr. Schumann gets it up and running for me.


Fairy's adoring fans who weren't at her show tonight in Brighton, you missed out on sooooo much!! She confirmed the Giselle thing - dancing the part of Giselle in her Russian prince ballet danseur's choreograph of the ballet he is working on. She even went as far as revealing she will be wearing the Harlequin Nijinsky (Freddie Mercury) leotard look to dance the part '... because Harlequins are sort of peasant Bohemian aren't they, dears?' is what she purred told her adoring fans tonight!

I want to maybe start learning to do 'write ups', like Johann does, on my stunning glam rock queen idol and her dashing prince. Romantic sounding and writing about Fairy in erotic tones to match the photography Johann's partner, photographer Greg Hastings does.

For her encore, instead of 'Big Spender', Fairy did her own rendition of the song 'Cabaret' while emulating her idol '70s Freddie Mercury stripping out of Japanese kimono, revealing her satin knickers underneath. Us fans went into a wild frenzy over it! Then her dashing prince/ballet danseur Pavlova came out and gifted her this breathtaking bouquet of roses. So romantic!!Her costume designer took pity on me and sent me the following 'candid' to post/share with you, Fairy's adoring fans. I feel so embarrassed!!! This is what he sent:


Last night, backstage after Fairy's Brighton show, Pavlova and Fairy took time out to read what you posted on your fanzine, Geoff. Jorge notified them that he managed to help you get it posted. When they read it, Pavlova laughed - his usual arrogant aristocratic pompous self jokingly remarking, 'Oh, so boy has combined rainbow and heart. How you British say? Clever.' Fairy tossed her long midnight hair back purring, 'I'm from India, Rudy darling.' and Pavlova did his 'well then -' she carries on over, glancing at her ... tits ... Geoff, I will NEVER stop taunting him about that tits incident that the so powerful and important Pavlova forever holds against me. He was so insulted and embarrassed his Giselle - his Freddie .... broke it up making that campy comment, 'Rudy darling, don't you think it's embarrassing getting in arguments over my tits?'

Why I call her 'exotic bitch' - this is her with her 'exotic bitch' look. viVid Photo Studio's asst. photog Phil Goldman put a rainbow heart on that and he isn't being teased and taunted .... I had Mr. Schumann add to my Vol. 2 of my online Fairy fanzine copy/paste what Killer Queen and her dashing prince/ballet danseur was writing on that blog, since it's going to be deleted and moved on from. Because I wanted to reply to it. Here it is:


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Johann, my reply to it and I thought it was very embarrassing. He was obviously embarrassed by my delectably handsome prince's cut down. Quit trying to be something you're not, bitch!

Another thing, as hard as you try to be me, you never will be!!


Now explaining it because we have become convinced it's because the page has gotten too long, overloaded and now is being stubborn about loading and slowing down that bloody drop and drag features. The Japanese Queen fanzines I have (I'd like to  obtain more...) are issued as 'volumes'. Volume 1, and so forth. As he explained on his fanzine page, my darlings, of course me being the star ... it was my creative idea for him to create the fanzine page inspired by those fanzines I own. So what we are going to have him do is create Volume 2, etc. of his fanzine page. Every time one gets too long, Volume 3 and so on will be started. We will start this tomorrow. Taking the last bit he had so much troubles posting and adding them to 'Volume 2' along with ... ahem ... what he wanted to add that he posted after my show last night ... 


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - I tease Jorge, is that your son, Jorge? Because he behaves like father more than mentor I gave him task of while back. Remember that, kitten? We take away boy's page 3 different times because he was copying things from fan club and other things he was doing upsetting you. Desperate to show off to fans. So now boy wants to be writer of sordid gossip tales.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, what you wrote . . Us ....

Again, I feel so embarrassed, you guys!! She NEVER gets used to being idolized and apparently her prince is embarrassed by my fanzine page and the things I post (pix) and write about them - the FAIRY ... tale couple.

Btw, Fairy is so perfection. She was right, my page was getting too long. The new Vol. 2 page is working like a charm. No issues whatsoever.


So many of you guys have been asking if the glam rock Persian queen is still wearing her dashingly handsome Russian prince's custom cock ring as a 'fashionably naughty bracelet'. Of course she does. Close up gif and still photo of her playing piano wearing it on her black nails left hand. Her lovely slender hands. I love hearing about her dashingly handsome prince (as Fairy's costume designer phrases it) 'delivers his princely kiss' to the back of her black nails left hand. It's too romantic!! #queenlyprincely #FAIRY...talecouple #fanaticobsession

OMG, you guys!! I am hyperventilating and just can't!!! 😲😲😲 The ... exclusive ... that was just now announced in Killer Queen's fan club!!! I asked permission to write about on the fanzine!

'Just in time for more history making. The glam rock queen Fairy Mercury farewell to her all dates complete sold out Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited spring/summer tour ends at the grand Haze Theatre. Tickets for both nights sold out in 10 minutes! 27-28 August. 'Standing room only' as the old theatre saying has it. Astounding for a large capacity theatre/venue! The exotic prancer will be doing an exclusive 'Destined To Be The Next Lord Of Dance' where she will candidly talk with the multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova. The discussion will cover, Pavlova's lineage, 'the diaries', his being 'groomed' to become the image of Nureyev, their 'romantic, regal, extravagant' wedding at Pavlova's lavish Vienna estate and choreographing his own version of the ballet Giselle. Where the divine lush creature Fairy Mercury will dance the part of Giselle and Pavlova (of course) will dance as Prince Albrecht. Fairy's European tour details and FINALLY ... (just had to tease about it) Myaow Meeow Productions.'


All that I copy/pasted from her PR man's 'intro.' from off the fan club with permission. I am FOREVER obsessed with how they dressed to marry one another at their 'romantic, regal, extravagant' wedding. 💗 Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

Hi there, Fairy's fans. So much has been happening and I really don't know where to begin. Frenzy over the new page content and wildest frenzy over the 1st night of Killer Queen's sold out Haze Theatre show which ended a 1/2 hour ago as of my posting this (9:30pm London). It was breathtaking and unlike her other concerts. VERY theatrical and splendid!! I am in awe and literally at loss for words! Dream like is what it was!! Can't wait for the new page to continue, you guys. Things are back on topic and in a major way!!!

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

From Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY fan and fan club president - You guys who were there at tonight's concert carrying on over her mentioning the new page (Unruly Queen), being campy queen saying, '... it's going to become very unruly, darlings, I guarantee it.' and observant fans closest to the stage noticed her look out at her dashing prince seated in the VIP. We're sooooooo obsessed by the FAIRY ... tale couple. They're like so romantic and unique.


I'm STILL getting over the EXTREMELY sexual thing they intruded my fanzine page with (the original Vol. 1) when Killer Queen was entertaining us, her adoring fans, over her doing 'flick of the wrist'... and knocked his brandy out of his hand and it went all over his expensive tailored princely suit and he told her to 'dishevel' him. I wish she would have finished telling it. I bet it was so extremely naughty what 'exotic creature' probably did to her dashing prince. Like the exotic bitch time she smeared her glossed lips on his suit, remember when she flaunted that incident to us? #unrulyqueen #princelyqueenly #obsessedfanatic

This photo of my idol glam rock queen Fairy with her glossed lips and

eyeliner looking extremely erotic is my latest photo obsession, you guys.

Along with this photo of her dashing prince rehearsing ballet. I worship them! #FAIRY...talecouple Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY fan and fan club president

Fairy's adoring fans, I got word that her costume designer Mr. Johann Wagner will be doing a in depth write up about designing Fairy's 'obscenely tight' satin catsuits, the fairy winged frock, etc. for the glam rock queen, along with her dashing prince's fashion/looks. You can read a preview of it on the page Unruly Queen.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Knock, knock is anyone home? Mentioning words like 'erotic' or 'obscenely tight' doesn't make you doing this you wrote: I want to maybe start learning to do 'write ups', like Johann does, on my stunning glam rock queen idol and her dashing prince. Romantic sounding and writing about Fairy in erotic tones to match the photography Johann's partner, photographer Greg Hastings does.

Quit trying to be me, bitch! As hard as you try, you won't ever!


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Femmka, only 'exclusive' content boy manages is 'got word' and 'word' most likely comes from Jorge who I like to tease, 'is boy your son, Jorge?' He's helping boy to pursue career in public relations. I suppose I could post gifs of us laughing, baby femmka, but they're already on here.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, my precious fans get such a laugh when we do this. Such as what I noticed. He will bashfully wait until sufficient enough time passes that he knows we're done 'intruding' then he will carry on in 'hyperventilating hysterics' in the fan club comments section over us having posted to his 'fanzine page'. And what was all that about my 'fashionably naughty bracelet'?! I mean, seriously! My delectable prince's cock ring never leaves my wrist only when .... Mmm talking about cocks .... We'll leave our 'calling card' ....

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You have got to be kidding me!!! The first thing you bought off eBid!!! Rudy Pavlova is laughing so hard over it!!! 'More rainbows'. First it was you in the fan club being desperate claiming Liza knows about me and 'she's alright with Fairy being a cross between her and 1970s Freddie' now this!! I mean, seriously! Here is a photo of me in my replica 'crush velvet' jacket and white satin. My fashionably naughty bracelet

(aka Rudy's Pavlova's custom cock ring. Yes, I got it back, dears!....) on the left wrist of my black nails left hand, along with replicated snake bracelet my idol was known for along with the 'layered' necklace and rings. And I just had to include a photo of him laughing - at you, Geoff, and your rainbows and hearts! I suppose you're going to do as always, go into 'hyperventilating hysterics' in the fan club comments over me posting on your fanzine page and what I've posted. We'll wait for more laughs, won't we, Rudy darling? ... We (not royal we) to know what you mean

'Exotic bitch is such a mess whenever she goes to Vienna with her Russian prince' bit you KEEP posting!!

Exotic bitch Fairy, you are so perfect!! There never is a bad photo of you! I idolize you and and want to be you. My partner Clive idolizes your Russian prince. I can hardly wait to see your new music video and everything else you have to grace us, your adoring fans, with. We can never get enough!! #FAIRY...tale couple #fanaticobsession

Your FOREVER ETERNALLY avid fan, Geoff


Hi there, Killer Queen's adoring fans. We just can't say enough about her new video!!! The fan club comments section is in a wild frenzy with comments over it and what she posted to accompany it. If you haven't seen her new video featuring her prince Russian ballet danseur Pavlova - of 'You Take My Breath Away' and 'You And I', you can watch it on the page Unruly Queen. 💗🌈

Anyways, at Mr. Jorge Schumann's suggestion, I made a screenshot instead of bothering with copy/paste.


8 million + fans and counting with just fan club membership alone to her online fan club!! Fairy's fans, I failed to mention when I posted the above analytics, noticed where most of the activity is? UK and Europe. Where it should be .... Why she's embarking on a European tour soon. To give you fans of hers in Europe the chance to see her perform live. I don't know about you guys, but I have worn myself out in the fan club comments being in hyperventilating hysterics over my queenly idol's new video. I just can't cope with the perfection of the vocals, piano, the footage and how unreal the FAIRY... tale couple are. My partner Clive and myself literally have lost count how many times we've watched it. From start to finish every bit of it is so 😲💗😲💗.

My entire world revolves around the FAIRY...tale couple - for real!!!

I hope the issue with Killer Queen's public site gets resolved soon.

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.


Knock, knock. Is anyone home?? If you haven't noticed, my public website is back online ... You can quit being so upset in the fan club comments and getting my other precious fans upset. We're laughing over you carrying on over thinking you were ripped off on the first thing you purchased on eBid. You wanted to play up courtier to this queen so bad, when are you going to start looking for things? Raymond is feeling much better and has resumed. He found me Fairy Dreams incense from Hem in India. I love Japan. I want to give a special thanks to Ben at Tokyo Music Japan. Omg, my darlings, I have been spending so much time in the fan club and really should think about getting my public site active again. It depresses me how we let it go from being very active to days on end it sits ignored for my very active fan club. But as I've said, you are getting your money's worth, dears.  Fairy xx


I might have this bit transferred to the new page we will be starting very soon. We will be transferring my new video and what little I managed to write onto the new page and go from there. Anyways, who's ready to see this half naked tart dancing the part of peasant bitch Giselle? I told Pavlova I was going to look very Boho for the part. He still teases about the panache take on the male leotard. It's so effeminate and nothing at all like the ballet danseur style of leotard. Then he is so fascinated by my layered necklace .... Btw, Geoff, he was laughing when I told him about you being upset thinking you were ripped off on eBid. This is what he said - 'crying over cheap plastic rainbow case. I see last ever post he makes to fanzine page has heart and hearts - where's rainbows?'

Below: watermarked photo of Liza with Nureyev. Along side that: me looking like Freddie-Liza

From Geoff: When your breathtaking idol graces you with her exotic effeminate queenly presence on your fanzine page😲😲 Exotic bitch, you're way more beautiful than Liza and just as lovely as '70s decade Freddie. All your fans (myself included) thinks your dashing Russian prince is more attractive than the real Nureyev. I can't imagine what Fairy Dreams incense from India smells like!!! I'm glad Raymond Giraud is feeling better. I was sad and worried about him being hospitalized with pneumonia. He's really finding you A LOT of '70s Queen stuff on that MusicStack. I hear you're happy with his findings he's been sending to you for your approval.


I'm just not going to reply to the ongoing teasing about rainbows and hearts .... You guys, I so CAN NOT wait for the new page! Like what exotic bitch shared (above) about her dancing the part of the peasant Giselle. I bet she's being unruly and prima (as always) - untamed exotic creature with her prince trying to teach her to dance ballet for that role. How romantic!


~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Seriously, bitch, are you even wearing makeup? Quit trying to be me!! I mean, why did you buy that rainbow makeup case? Of course, I'll have to agree with you and all my precious honies who think my delectable prince is more attractive than Nureyev. Talking of that, I can hardly wait to share the photo of him I took of him myself. Awww, thank you for your complements. I want to be my beloved idol 1970s Freddie Mercury soooooo badly. I never tire of hearing from all of you, dears, how much I resemble Freddie in way too many ways (not only in looks). Love and ... glossy ... kisses to you all, darlings.


'Mr. X' and his guidance told me Freddie loved to take photos. I told him I almost knew that because I have several pictures of him with a camera taking photos or looking at photos he had taken. So I told Pavlova how I love trying to re-create poses and photos of my idol for Greg (Hastings, my personal photographer - viVid Photo Studio) to take. That I wanted to take a photo of Pavlova in one of his Nureyev looks. So I'll be back to post it. I'm going to upload the photo to my computer and post it next to mine in a few moments.

From Geoff: I just can't even over my exotic idol posting replies to me!!!!! I am shaking so hard right now, you guys!!! Me over what she posted about me wearing make up 😄😅. NO! I mean, I totally idolize our glam rock queen, but I don't think makeup would suit me. It's like a make up and toiletries case. You know, for toothpaste and such? You probably saw the awesome name of it. Somewhere Rainbow.


Those photos! 😲😲 Can the FAIRY... tale couple get anymore f 'n perfect?!?! I am in such hyperventilating hysterics right now over exotic tart Killer Queen flaunting photos she took of her prince posing just for her and posting it next to photo of her with glossed drenched lips and lovely exotic eye lined eyes. Lord of dance and leather and queen of glam rock and satin!! 💗🌈


Fairy's fans, I am desperately trying to confirm what so many of you have been talking about in the fan club comments. That Fairy and Pavlova were in Hyde Park with Pavlova's bodyguards and valet and were among the public who watched the mournful hearse procession of Queen Elizabeth's casket. I just read the messages they posted on the homepage. The divine lush creature mentions in her post 'watching'. They must have left to her London home to watch where public wasn't able to. The 'burial', you know, the services and when Queen Elizabeth's casket was lowered into the vault. I cried reading Fairy fainted and why. Queen Elizabeth II is irreplaceable! She will reign even in death! Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.


Follow Up: I am confirming it is true that they were in Hyde Park and watched the hearse procession. They left and went to Fairy's London home to watch the inside bit. The services. On LoserTube being aired live. That was when Fairy did what her prince posted on the homepage. This is such a very sad day for England. 😞


Ron Craster/valet to Pavlova and stage director at Haze Theatre: I was asked to report this by Pavlova to you, Fairy's adoring fans. She is resting. It was concerning. The breath is quickly robbed from the body causing it to pass out - or faint. She was trying not to cry in Pavlova's presence. She was hugging a silk cushion to her and and kept making soft whimpering sounds and sighs. When the part of the services came when they remove the scepter, the orb then finally crown marking the end of the Queen's reign, that was when Fairy screamed, 'No! Stop them!!'

I heard her inhale a sharp breath then her body went limp - slumped over against Pavlova who was seated beside her on the sofa. Many of you are posting in the fan club comments those items should have went with the longest reigning monarch to her slumber. I agree. Yes, Geoff, Queen Elizabeth II will reign even in death.

Long Live The Queen!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): I tell Jorge Schumann, Fairy's PR man, I will personally address this to her adoring fans. She has been absent on her fan club and public site for almost 2 days now. I don't want boy coming on here upset after reading this. I post it here because it has to do with profound effect it has had on my femmka. Apparently she adored England's Queen. She thought I knew Elizabeth because of Lord Snowdon and Countess Margaret. There are things I can not and am not willing to reveal about myself ... I tell my femmka, I did not know Elizabeth. She must be known as Elizabeth now for she has been relinquished title of Queen.


For once, I wasn't being so 'princely' in saying that to her. She turned wild feline. She refuses to accept England now has 'a fucking King' as she so unruly - how you say? 'put it'. She calls that ... King Charles ... 'ugly dog' mistress, wife, whatever it is 'weasel that looks like Cruella DeVille'. I tell her if she wishes to leave England, we can reside in Vienna. Then she became more upset when she realized her idol Freddie Mercury's birthday is 5 Sept. and Elizabeth died in Sept. She is being kept under heavy sedation. I hope she overcomes her grief because I miss the lovely exotic campy queen as I am sure you, her adoring fans, do. I more so because she is my life.


I have had to stop production on ballet of Giselle until Fairy is better. The things she posted (on this page) day before Elizabeth's funeral was so very campy. So with a little humour, I'll post this. Boy, do let us know when you get the ... rainbow ... case. We're so very concerned about you.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, Johann told me 'your prince posted an update about you to your adoring fans' so I had him show me what you posted. I love you more than tongue can tell. The photo you have of your idol Nureyev with QUEEN Elizabeth, I thought was you! But it was taken in 1988 and you would have been only 6 or 7 years old then. I had your valet put it out of view. I am starting to come to terms. Raymond told me he recieved the fairy lights and incense today and they're all lovely and will be shipping them onto me. I hope he finds more things

I can add to my collection - OUR collections of '70s decade Freddie and Nureyev, dear. I love collecting on them. Nostalgia. As I told that one fan, I agree about only liking the past and hating the future and things of the future.

You and I ... keep the memory of our legendary gay idols alive, Rudy darling. My older (as in age) fans stand in awe of it.


So my precious fans, give me a bit more time. As for what you wrote at the end, Rudy, he won't buy anything else on eBid until he gets it ... it's what he wrote in the fan club comments (since you don't read them....) the day he was being so upset thinking he was ripped off. Love and kisses to you all, darlings! FOREVER thank you for your fandom.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Please be alright, baby femmka. I worry so. You are my life and it grieves me to see you as you have been over death of Elizabeth. England is lost - empty and will accept none other, I assure you. The fan you speak of, when he made remark in comments you show me 'what happened to the days when Liza, Nureyev and Freddie was news. The glorious 1970s? The future is bleak and holds no interest. The only interest is in Fairy and Pavlova keeping greatness alive. All else is boring, tedious and every negative word imaginable.' I praise the fan for stating all that. I am thankful you have your fanbase who appreciate and enjoy what you have to offer as an entertainer, femmka. All else pales in comparison. I am elated to hear you are starting to come to terms. You must go on for the sake of your fans. Sadly and unfortunately, death becomes us all. It is a dreaded part of life we must all accept. Even a monarch must fall into it's foreboding embrace.


**Giving credit where credit is due, the fan 'the FAIRY ... tale couple' are speaking of is 64 yr. old fan Robert Bailey in London.

Hi there, Fairy's adoring fans. Are you guys all right? I'm not!!!

Everything posted on the new page Bows And Curtain Calls is so 😲😲😲😲. From the photos, gifs and things written!! Once again, I exhausted myself in the fan club comments in hyperventilating hysterics over all of it. I can't wait to see her dance with her multimillionaire prince!! Btw, I did get that rainbow case thing a few days ago. I think it was Thursday. So I guess eBid can be trusted and I am going to start helping Raymond Giraud search for things for my exotic idol Fairy's collections. Mr. Giraud still hasn't fully recovered. So you guys, with the change of seasons, our health changes. Take care of yourselves. #queenlyprincely #FAIRY...talecouple #fanaticobsession

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.


This concludes the 2nd edition of the Fairy Mercury online fanzine Loyal Subjects.

Look for volume 3 to start soon!

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