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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Unruly Queen

As I said, my darlings, on the Behind The Throne page, I felt a need to do this. A candid ‘write up’ on the remarkable man I am so very much in love with. I took him out of his element of princely like wealth, his Cambridge estate, and we settled in my London home. My 4 cats prowling around, getting their hair all over his very expensive tailored suit as he ‘savored’ (his choice of words) his favourite cherry brandy. I settled for a lovely glass of wine. His blue gray eyes (the exact same colour as his idol who he looks identical to, Rudolph Nureyev) gaze kept being distracted by my layered necklace that he often commented how it draws attention to my … tits ... I guess it’s as distracting to him and his enormous fucking cock is distracting to me …. Whenever his eyes met my ‘exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes’ they were filled with a sexual longing – desire obvious for me over the things he was revealing to me.

I told him to just talk. Whatever he wanted to indulge me with about his being ‘groomed’ as ‘destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev’. So much different from me being told so many times how identical I am to ‘70s Freddie Mercury. Especially the Queen II albums (inside and out – the black queen cover and white queen inside) or ‘76 Hyde Park. All of which I favour and aspire to be – obsessively so. Pursuing a ‘career’ in music as ‘incarnate 1970s Freddie Mercury’ because that’s how much I want to be my beloved idol. Pavlova’s story is different from that. He was ‘chosen’. This is what he shared with me, dears. Yes, he kept reverting to Russian and I had to remind him to speak English.

Emulating Idols

‘I was born of Anna Pavlova and Lord Snowdon descent.* Because Pavlova was ballet and Snowdon was not, I was to take on Pavlova as surname. Destined to be ‘lord of dance Nureyev’ and born into great wealth. Born in Saint Petersburg in Russia, same birth place as Anna Pavlova. Before Nureyev, there was Pavlova and Nijinsky as legends in ballet. I was told they (he told me not to ask who ‘they’ were) considered Nijinsky but Nijinsky was effeminate and Nureyev is not. For security and privacy purposes, much I will not reveal, femmka.

(*This is not true. Later, the ballet danseur reveals he was told to lie for protection purposes. In fact, he was born of Nureyev lineage).

I was brought up, as you say, raised – strict, by people who knew Nureyev well. From his mannerism, every detail and habits. Scolded, ‘you react like this, you reply as such!’ because that was how he would. As anyone knows, femmka, a person can not be made to feel emotions. They come naturally. Fortunately, I – like Nureyev – am very attracted to effeminate male (queen). I was shown photo with caption to it in book (he had shown me the book and the photo, my darlings. I scanned it for this ‘write up’) and told of it – his homes, he had six in three continents, without staff. Valet only. All decorated with nude male statues and paintings. Effeminate in looks, privates tucked,

if front view, because as caption reads, he preferred the back. ‘Dominant man in relationship fucking his effeminate queen up the ass like a bitch’ how it was told to me.


These strict important people were fixated I find my ‘madam Giselle, my Freddie (Mercury)’ who was my ‘destiny’ – completing me. I was taught not to dance ballet but exactly how Nureyev danced ballet.Trademarks, method acting expressions, techniques things like that.Early age, 20s, I was ‘ready enough’ as was said for ‘elite socialism’ among very important figures. Two of them being Sir Thomas and one I call ‘Mr. X’ who it was important I befriend him because he knew both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury (from 1970s). He was to help – how you say? - familiarize me with my destiny – my ‘madam Giselle, my Freddie’. Telling me details all there was to know. Freddie’s obsession with attending Nureyev’s ballets, conversations, many stories such as showing up to Royal Ballet in silver sequin leotard being silly girl thinking she was going to dance like that ‘so her being Liza and campy queen’ as ‘Mr. X’ said. Always referred to those very close to as effeminate ‘she/her’ and I must do same once I met my ‘destiny’ (my madam Giselle, my Freddie).

‘Her and ballet is what you will live for, nothing else. They will be like human necessity of food and water.

Can’t live without. She will be forbidden. Nureyev had his forbidden pleasures. Royalty desiring the forbidden.

Out of their noble, elite, aristocratic class. The vagabond (Bohemian), the peasant. Taking pleasure In the complete total contrast of the unfamiliar to wealthy upbringing and way of life. Prima, unruly and very forbidden.

Out of his element.’


He (Nureyev) would end sentences with ‘so’ trailing. At loss for English, poorly spoken, it was ‘well then’ trailing. Unlike Nureyev, who was a peasant that became extremely wealthy and legend, I was born into wealth and is only life I know. You and your Bohemian way of life is foreign to me – out of my element. As you, my femmka, shared with me studying film and photos to emulate to perfection your idol 1970s Freddie Mercury, I was made to do that with film and photos of Nureyev.

About the videos: Multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur's first ever attempt at choreographing 'out of his element' for a rock music star - the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury. Killer Queen 'killing it' emulating to perfection her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury's vocals on 'All Dead, All Dead' with a touch of Liza thrown in and looking mirror image of her idol. Pavlova dances as his idol Rudolf Nureyev to perfection. The 'FAIRY ... tale couple' at their finest. 2nd video, is featured on the homepage of Fairy's public site.

I was told word he constantly used was pizdat, Russian for cunt. He was very misogynistic, as myself. The only feminine he was attracted to were effeminate queen – feminine gay males. He was known for deliberately dropping ballerinas during practice and would only associate with them on professional level. I told you stories told to me by those who knew Nureyev and Freddie Mercury. Queen record label (EMI) Sir Joseph Lockwood who was also chairman of Royal Ballet bring them together – your favoured ‘76 Hyde Park. The jealous at Wallace Potts story – ‘Jealousy’ song believed to be written because of it. Your costume designer introduced me to slang ‘crush’ – your idol had crush on Nureyev early on. ‘She’ thought ‘she’ would, as you say, ‘catch his attention’ if ‘she’ wore leotard look (in effeminate panache way) after learning ‘her’ idol Liza was dating copycat wannabe of Nureyev – Baryshnikov. Sir Lockwood arranged things … ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’ song was written about Nureyev playing role of silent screen star Valentino in ‘77. There is no coincidence Freddie named albums after Marx Brothers movies (A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races). Marx Brothers was Nureyev’s ‘favorite humor’.

My very close friend, important and famous friend I refer anonymously to as ‘Mr. X.’ - who knew our idols in the ‘70s will now co-write book on us, revealing much and our extreme, unique unrivaled likeness to our idols, femmka.

Your favored 1974 winged frock, Queen II to ‘76 Hyde Park looks of your idol which you eerily do look mirror image of. I favor my idol from mid ‘60s to ‘70s, which I look mirror image to. Question we both have been asked many

times – if we have ever undergone reconstructive surgery to look more identical to idols we already had strong resemblance to.


You haven’t, femmka, I had – some. Given scarred lip look Nureyev had from dog bite as child. These ‘legends’ we are not born to already know of. We get older and learn of the mark they made in history. As I was being ‘groomed’ to be ‘the lord of dance Nureyev’, learning about him, I thought, yes, I would like to be like him. When I was told of and shown Freddie Mercury (1970s era) I thought – very exotic, arousing, yes I would be very in love with that. The looks, talents, campy effeminate queen personality, all of it. It was what Nureyev was very attracted to, so am I. You are my ‘destiny’, Fairy, and my first real love and my last love. I will love no other.’

He grinned this sly delectably charming grin at me and added, ‘we really need to get you your own customized pale blue eye shadow named My Melancholy Blues, femmka.’ I tell him, 'We've been married for 2 months now, Rudy darling.' now that he brought that up, the pale blue eye shadow he wanted me to wear when we married.

To Be Continued

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Funny How Love Is (revealing diary entries on Pavlova's 'destiny' and Fairy being made known to him) Just announced!!!! Fairy and Pavlova will be revealing very soon a new music video.

Fairy performing Queen's 'You and I' - very befitting of the topic. The FAIRY ... Tale Couple.


Message from glam rock queen Fairy Mercury: I can't even thank you enough, my dears, for last night and I expect tonight will be even more speechless.There is so much to say and I am too busy to say it all. I LO💗E you all!! I am glad all of you are liking the new page Unruly Queen, so far. New video cum coming soon!!

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. xx Fairy


Melancholy Blues

Coming up next. German born costume designer Mr. Johann Wagner talks in depth about creating the glam rock queen Fairy's 1970s Freddie Mercury look. Working at Haze Theatre costume department. He goes one on one with multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova reflecting back on November of last year (So much has changed since then!) when Fairy had her then newly acquired 'manager' Pavlova review this video. Fairy performing

'My Melancholy Blues' live during her first ever 'mini tour' Flight Of The Fairy. Their rivalry and Pavlova's very expensive fashion. 'She's (Fairy) all about satin and obscenely tight. Tart. Like her idol '70s Freddie. He (Pavlova) tailored, princely and leather, like his idol Nureyev.' Johann says. Just this suit alone (below gif), all are custom designed, tailored for him - costed - whaaaat?!?! 😲😲 Not to mention the 'princely' ballet outfit her wore to marry his glam rock fairy winged frock 'queen' in.

Also, Fairy, Pavlova and Johann will discuss Fairy playing the roll of the peasant Giselle to Pavlova's Prince Albrecht in the Russian ballet danseur's choreographed version of the ballet Giselle.

A little did you know about Mr. Johann Wagner. He was named after the famous Austrian composer Johann Strauss. Johann aspired to be the next famous 1970s gay fashion designer Halston (well known for designing for Liza Minnelli). Legendary ballet danseur Nureyev posed in Halston for the photo shoot of 1970s gay magazine After Dark. He immediately fell out with Halston revealing, 'Halston wanted to sew sequins on my crotch and I told him, fuck off, I'm not like that!' Obviously meaning he's not effeminate. The incident obsessively brings to mind Fairy's idol and the 'diamond crotch' leotard look...Johann Wagner and Fairy once performed at the Brighton cabaret, where the exotic prancer got her start, as the movie Cabaret's 'Emcee' and Sally Bowles (needless to say who played up which...).

Fairy performing 'My Melancholy Blue' live. Video was filmed/created November of last year (2021) Dressed in 'obscenely tight' - 'white queen' - satin catsuit. The exotic prancer Fairy Mercury's comments on the video: My personal photographer Greg Hastings has completed the video of my performance of 'My Melancholy Blues'. I can hardly wait for you to see it, my darlings! It's loaded with live footage. Let me give you a little info. on the song. My beloved idol Freddie Mercury wrote the song as a reminiscent of his idol Liza Minnelli's 'Maybe This Time' off the movie Cabaret.

Fairy's adoring fans. The following 2 quotes is so them (Pavlova and Fairy) right now .... They live for the stage/performing.

'Lights go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again' lord of dance Nureyev

I always get depressed and upset when a tour stops. Suddenly you’re back home and you have to will yourself back into the pace. You have to make your own cup of tea again, and I’m used to being pampered and cosseted.’ (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Johann, leave it up to naive about fashion assholes who don't know the definition of those two words. Kind of like awkward weirdos thinking Pavlova is being called 'dashing' for 'speed'. #awkward #fail

Let's give applause to my PR man Jorge Schumann and his unique PR efforts.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): Fairy's adoring fans with fan club membership know we are in Vienna.

At my Vienna estate. She has now close to 8 million fans with membership to fan club. NOTHING will harm her fame at this point. If public site goes, life will be empty .... I will not have unwanted non-fans intruders destroying things for her!

There are very important people that I personally know who look at both my femmka's public site and fan club. I WILL NOT allow her (or even myself) be made to seem like a spectacle in front of these people! With that, no more mention of foolish annoying 'glitch' and 'stalkers'. IRRELEVANT! People need to mind their own business, as we do ours, and stay out of Fairy's public site if they are not fans of her. We are tired of repeating that message. Msg, to Raymond: once you get organized and start 'actively searching' for things, CONSTANTLY clear your cache and history even on 'private browser'.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Thank you for that, Rudy darling. Including the message to Raymond. My precious fans, I am sorry for the delay in presenting you with the new video. As they say, about sex ... 'half the pleasure lies in the anticipation' Mmm I hope all of you are experiencing that waiting on the new video to surface. Rudy darling, should we go intrude on that disaster's 'page'?? ...


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I'll tell you this, Fairy, since Mr. he's so important. Wait. How was it put to me that day by 'Sir Thomas'? The first and last time I was allowed in the Russian prince's Cambridge palace? As a matter of fact, it was in the last 'write up' I did (ref. Effeminate Epicene Queen)

I made the remark that I'm not interested in Pavlova's opinion and that Sir Thomas replied: '‘Pavlova is of utmost importance! His opinions should be a concern to everyone!’ Anyways, Mr. he's so important Pavlova refuses to let me speak to him, I will post this to you to read. I read that in the 1960s (so way before our time) Lord Snowdon and Rudolf Nureyev were constantly being 'voted' as the best dressed men.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur): ... and I'm sure Sir Thomas is sipping his customary sherry and

laughing .... I am sure we can hardly wait for your latest sordid gossip. Yes, kitten, we go intrude.


Following 'write up' by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


::: How It All Began :::

Many of the glam rock Persian queen’s adoring fans have asked how her dream of fame as incarnate of her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury began. She briefly tells of how her and (my partner) Greg Hastings (viVid Photo Studio) sat out aspiring to be the next Mick Rock photographing 1970s Freddie Mercury. But how did the two actually meet? Greg told me that they were on the Tube (subway system in London, for those not from or familiar with England) and he spotted Fairy and her stands out unique exquisite exotic looks.


This is what he said, ‘I was trying not to be rude, but I kept looking at this ‘exotic creature’ as the Russian ballet danseur Pavlova is fond of calling Fairy, and trying to figure out why she looked so familiar. As we got off at the same stop, I caught up with the ‘exotic creature’ realizing why she looked so familiar. She was identical to Freddie Mercury from off the Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack albums. I approached and said, ‘Hello, I know we don’t know each other, but I am a photographer. Has anyone ever told you how you are thee splitting image of Freddie Mercury of the 1970s?’ Fairy laughed with that toss of her long midnight black hair bit she does and her Persian sibilant purr replied, ‘yes, darling, I get it all the time. Freddie is my idol. I’m an inspiring music star. My aspirations are to be the next 1970s Freddie Mercury. You’re a photographer? How grand! Like Mick Rock? Could you photograph me? I mean, every star needs a photographer, right?’

I laughed saying, ‘you even have the trademark black varnish on left hand nails and everything. It really is remarkable how identical you are to ‘70s Freddie. Mick Rock happens to be one of my major influences. I’d be honoured to photograph you – we can be the next Mick Rock photographing ‘70s Freddie Mercury.’ Then Greg went on to tell me that he realized he never asked this ‘exotic creature’ what her name is. He recalls when he did, Fairy did her toss of the long midnight black hair and purred, ‘Fairy – Fairy Mercury, dear. You know, like Fairy Feller’s Master Stroke, My Fairy King and the fairies on Queen’s emblem which represented Freddie.’ she then added followed by her wild flamboyant laugh, ‘and it’s so queen – you know, slang for effeminate gay.’ and winked at Greg then glided off. They had an instant working rapport and the rest is history.

I met Fairy a short time later, at the Brighton cabaret where she got her start. That was wild and so like the Killer Queen as well. Memorable. She approached me purring in her exotic Persian sibilant purr, ‘you resemble Emcee, you know, the character on Cabaret played by Joel Grey. Let’s do a campy rendition of ‘Money, Money’. I laughed telling her I don’t sing and how ironic the movie takes place in Germany where I am originally from. I am a wardrobe designer. I remember her lovely exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes lit up at the mention of ‘wardrobe’ – like her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury who was so ‘dandy’ and such a ‘fashion horse’, she is VERY ‘glam’. She excitedly purred, could you replicate some costumes for me. You’re familiar with Freddie Mercury of Queen – his 1970s looks.’ I remember replying to the campy queen, ‘I’ve seen you perform as Freddie and you are convincingly the queen himself. Reincarnation. The phoenix reborn. You’re very exotic and have such a lovely slender frame. Yes, I’d love to. Let’s get together and bring me books, photos, preferably video so I can study the details – movements of the stage wardrobe Freddie wore.’ She was elated. As with Greg, we had an immediate rapport and we became instant best of friends. Inseparable bond.

The present. Enter the multimillionaire dashing Russian prince – ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova. His ‘story’ has been briefly gone over by the man himself at the top half of this page. I asked him a while back who designs his very expensive wardrobe. From the replicated Nureyev ballet costumes (princely tunics and leotards) to his dashing tailored suits. All custom made exclusively for him as I custom make the lovely satiny, silk, velvet catsuits, frock, etc. for the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury. Speaking to me in his Russian, he refused to tell me. He did tell me that the princely leotard outfit he wore to marry Fairy, the tunic alone was well over £ 8,000 and the replicated snake skin suit he wore to present her with the engagement ring at the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park, was well over £ 10,000.

When he noted the astonished look on my face, he smirked and remarked in Russian (translated in English), ‘the predictable expression of a peasant.’ and waved me off. Dismissing me from his presence. I decided to embarrass him. We were in my domain – the costume department at Haze Theatre. I said to him, ‘am I to leave or are you to leave, Pavlova?’ As if realizing his surroundings, and looking slightly embarrassed over my challenge of his dismissal, he brushed at the lapel of his expensive tailored suit with a slightly embarrassed yet haughty expression then walked off.

In ‘real time’ – Fairy and Pavlova are going to ‘revisit’ …. Fairy’s campy tart ‘surprise visits to Haze Theatre’ to see her (then) ‘crush’ Pavlova and flirt with him. Remember how you fans were so entertained by it? Presenting Pavlova with the ‘My Melancholy Blues’ video. Candid details about their ‘romantic, regal, extravagant’ wedding in Vienna never been revealed (intimate moments). After revisiting these past events, they will look ahead at Killer Queen's upcoming first ever European tour. Fairy dancing the part of the peasant Giselle opposite Pavlova's noble Prince Albrecht in his choreographed version of the ballet of 'Giselle' and other surprises.


Hello dears. I hope you are having an exciting weekend full of naughtiness and are enjoying my costume designer's (and best friend) 'write up'. We will continue soon. Talking about 'revisiting' - reflecting back, my darlings. Something I will never forget was visting Haze Theatre for the first time. Remember that? It was well documented on the pages 'The March Of The Black Queen', 'Love Of My Life' and several earlier ones on the pages list. When I was being taken for the grand tour of Haze Theatre and led down the hall that leads to Pavlova's office. Hanging in the hall was this ... enormous ... 36x24 (inches) in size framed photo of Pavlova emulating this nude pose of Nureyev. Me being a right tart begging to buy it. I mean, seriously?! When I was told that was my new manager and I couldn't believe it! I was convinced it was going to be some stuffy old geezer.

I can't wait until him and I have our look back, 'revisiting' this time last year, when our relationship began, how it flourished and where we're at now. Until then. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Here are a couple of photos for you. The muscles in his shoulder/arm ... There is nothing more ... arousing ... than a male ballet danseur's body.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - All we care about is my femmka's fame, minding our own business, her fans who do have a serious interest in her and being positive. So I post this. To Fairy, remember this, kitten? How I kept telling you 'it's art'? about the ... enlarged .... nude of me emulating that well known photo of Nureyev. The ballet danseur's body in motion was the purpose of it. I tell of this. I couldn't wait to see her - meet her, in person. After 'discovering' her existence - viewing her fan club and public sites. I remember her elegantly gliding into my office at Haze Theatre. 'Tarted up' in 'obscenely tight' white satin. I was forewarned she is a shy creature and very sexual. I planned to make my first words to her be about her passion - her aspirations to be her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. So I approach the moment she enters, asking line from 'Bohemian Rhapsody' - 'will you do the fandango?' She sings - I dance.

I can hardly wait until the 'revisited' (reflecting back) gets - how you say? - 'underway'. I am sure she will be campy silly girl. In our personal life, she already is, the things she's planning to post about. But I have news for 'glam rock queen's adoring fans. My fine friend who I refer to as 'Mr. X' (the one who knew Freddie Mercury in the '70s and Nureyev) has gone into contract to co-manage. His book he is writing about Fairy and myself will be among the merchandise we will be adding to store section. We will be back in England soon. At moment, she is asleep naked (and 'tucked'...) by indoor pool in my Vienna estate. I gently removed my custom cock ring from her wrist. I can hardly imagine reaction when she wakes to find it gone. She is in naughty habit of ... fondling ... it - constantly.

Oh the forbidden thoughts it entices in me ... I will never forget when she made this (below) - the unruly exotic creature being so prima. That old bird Dame Eleanor ... Well, my femmka and I will discuss this too.

Read in meantime: Funny How Love Is

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, to use your princely talk, I know you 'have no words for' me, so I don't expect a reply. I remember that day Fairy stole that photo and she so campy and so like her being so amused by that backstage incident when Dame Eleanor overheard Fairy carrying on to me about being concerned she wouldn't be able to handle a cock the size of yours ... What does it look like naked - not outlined in leotards or your tailored trousers, etc. is what she was on about. Then that Dame Eleanor so bothered by what she gossipy nosy old bird overheard, confronted you saying what Fairy so campy wrote in the speech bubble on the photo she nicked from your office. Circling the hands indicating pinky and the hilarious '???' of wondering wtf - my penis isn't the size of a pinky finger - with the ahem .... bulge in leotard shorts along side it.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Pavlova, have you and/or Fairy ever considered or even asked 'Mr. X'. to take part on Fairy's public site for promo purposes? The man is a wealth of information and we appreciate his high praises of Fairy being so identical - incarnate of '70s Freddie. I know you don't read the comments left in the fan club comments section by Killer Queen's adoring fans. That one fan still cracks me up. The fan in Ipswich - Keith Snyder. It literally never gets old his 'matching' bit. His new one - 'sweaty light brown medium 'wispy' bob and exotic midnight black long bob. #matching' Btw, Keith, those two photos of Fairy are two of my personal favourite live shots of her. Capturing her looking like 'The March Of The Black Queen' in the 'black queen' satin cat suit surreal among 'fog machine' smoke.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - You are right, sordid gossip, I have no words for you. As for partner, Those photos of my femmka are dramatically stunning. 'Mr. X' is very 'taken' by her and her extreme likeness to her idol, in every way. Her looks, talents to personality and even habits. Candid photo of her Goldman took in my private dressing room at Haze Theatre is personal favourite. Your 'replicated' Mick Rock shots of Fairy posing in 'fairy winged frock' are exotically alluring, photographer. 'Mr. X' is at loss of words how much she looks like Freddie Mercury during '76 Hyde Park (with 'Liza look') in dramatic black eye shadow (gif). Photo of myself? Would have to be one I had Goldman take of me emulating personal fave photo of my idol Nureyev pose. All pictured below.


Hello dears. I decided to pull myself away from my fan club site and post to my public site. My PR man found out what has been wrong with Geoff (my fan club president) and why he mysteriously suddenly quit posting to his fanzine page on me. He will be teaming up with Raymond Giraud. Geoff will be joining eBid and I don't know why people behave as if I am upset over the fucking buying things bit because my thoughts are on my princely husband and my life with him and the future of my fame. So if anyone has anything 1970s Freddie Mercury or Nureyev they wish to sell, that's where Raymond and Geoff will be buying on my behalf.


We have been working on the new video, Pavlova has been teaching me 'basic ballet' for his 'Giselle' choreograph and myself and my entourage are preparing for my upcoming European tour. I have been a bit depressed since my tour ended and I might extend it. I love touring about beloved England performing for you, my precious fans. I also have many fans all around Europe and I need to expand - spread my fairy wings. Give them the opportunity to see me perform live.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - Everyone needs to move on from it, femmka. Change. Yes, I suppose it's nice they're so concerned and care so much about you, but that's almost foolish that you've moved on and they're still stuck on it. It was nice Raymond has found the 'TRIBUTE (A Gala Night of Ballet to Celebrate the Life of Rudolf Nureyev)' book for you. As I tell you, kitten, it was presented to countess Margaret (Snowdon's wife and president of the Royal Ballet). I am sure Raymond and even boy will find you many things for your collections on our idols, now it's extended beyond that lowly clown act site.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I agree, Rudy darling. I'm glad it's settled and now we can get on with promoting again instead of only doing things on my fan club site. Although my precious honies are getting their money's worth with their fan club membership.


Remember this, Rudy darling? (above screenshot) That is so us right now. My precious fans, we are back in England. I'll admit, I dreaded to come back. Things are so somber. England mourns her Queen and will never be the same. Her generation is what England stood for. Not those clowns who stand to inherit. I will say no more.... Queen Elizabeth had such a radiant smile. I'll miss her very inspiring Xmas messages. I always looked forward to them. Please don't judge us for this, dears. Timing couldn't be more horrid. We hesitate to even present it to you. My new music video of me performing 'You Take My Breath Away' and 'You And I'. It is filled with loads of footage of myself and Pavlova. We premiered a little of his choreographed version of the ballet of 'Giselle'. Prince Albrecht mourning at Giselle's graveside. PLEASE, my precious fans, think it not inappropriate. We are artists and our lives go on, in spite of the fact our beloved Queen of England's has sadly ended. We credited fan John Price at the end and I teased that I might just hire him as my mock up Queen band's guitarist. He thinks I'm joking and I'm not really.

So here it is, honies. I hope you enjoy it. As always, leave your opinions in the fan club comments section. I just have to share this with you. Pavlova bringing up 'dancing ballet to that tart's rock music' remark that one old bitch kept saying. So offended. He told me he would not dance to 'You And I' because 'You Take Breath Away' is more ballet and can be danced ballet to. 'We use footage for rest!' his Russian accent told me then he sauntered off muttering something in Russian. His valet translated it for me, 'I'm off to take shower.' I glided off after him and slipped into the bathroom. When he was undressed, I revealed my presence and - I mean, I just can't, dears!!! This is what he said (back still to me), 'I know you're there, baby, I can smell your exotic scent.'


I went to take off because - I mean, I just can't!!! ... He caught me around my midriff and pulled me back against his delectably (highly pleasing) ballet danseur body and I could feel his distracting enormous fucking cock pressed against my ass in my 'obscenely tight' satin trousers. I turned to face him and took his cock in my black nails left hand and purred in the most erotic tone I could manage, 'Rudy darling, let me show you something.' I mean, his reply!!! He said, 'well then .... if you hold my cock like that, you can lead me anywhere.' I quickly slid the custom cock ring (MY fashionably naughty bracelet) off his cock and took off! I could hear him calling out after me something in Russian. Luckily his valet was nearby and heard. I saw the embarrassed look on his face and he was like, 'I suppose you want me to translate what he just said' With a ... flick of the wrist ... I purred, 'naturally' and he told me what he had called out after me, 'you rough unruly exotic creature! For having such delicate slender hands, you are the least bit gentle with my manhood.' FUCKING PRINCE!!!!!!

Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy fan and fan club president): Mr. Schumann, no one is even caring because the

FAIRY ...tale couple are so PURRfection on the new video!! Exotic bitch Killer Queen for real sounding 'cross between Liza and '70s Freddie' on 'You Take My Breathe Away' - erotic breathless effeminate vocals and her sounding so Freddie and effeminate on 'You And I'. But if we need to be boring about site issues, what you wrote to her dashing prince is a laugh because you're right, it wouldn't have anything to do with spacing issues. It would be an issue with their 'editor/website builder'. Yet I don't know, because it's weird how the end results - published - what her fans see, looking totally different from what we see in the website editor. Like why is it publishing everything so weirdly? Spacing thing is strange. Us fans hate when our star, the glam rock queen, is upset. Tell her that her adoring fans don't care about imperfection - we just want to hear from her and her prince. 


Jorge Schumann, PR for FM: Thank you for your input, Geoff. I am sure Fairy will read what you and the rest of her adoring fans have been posting about the new video and even the encouragement and support they are giving over this annoying ongoing public site issue. I suggest you post what you wrote on your fanzine page, Geoff, because all this will be deleted once, hopefully, it gets sorted.


Note: Following had been edited. Who cares about trashing up Fairy's site with web hosting issues!

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ For my precious fans who might be awake at ungodly 4am (here in England) or an hour or so ahead or behind wherever you are in Europe (it's an hour ahead in Vienna...), I have been unable to sleep the past 2 hours and finally slinked out of bed. Pavlova is asleep. He is FURIOUS!!! He had his valet (Ron Craster) look into the 'renewal center' section of my public website settings. The SSL certificate expires the 18th. The site renews in 3 more days. Auto renew was turned off. He had his valet turn it back on and he phoned Jorge again telling him to leave it alone. So I guess we'll see if the problem we are having changes once we are issued a new SSL certificate which will be valid for 2 years. I hope it resolves the problem. If not, we will be forced to relocate to Wix and my entire website will have to be redone and what a nightmare that will be!! It is so established with many pages and content and it would taken many hours and weeks!!! I brought myself to read many of the comments you have been leaving, my darlings. Thank you for them. I love you all!! xx Fairy If I am in a better mood tomorrow, I will resume where things left off. 


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - It is 5pm. My femmka - your 'glam rock queen' - star - who sleeps until 1pm (I am trying to break 'The Sleeping Beauty' of that habit - will return to in moment). Her long midnight black hair clings to her tears stained face and it breaks my heart. I tell her, look at comments being left on video and what little you did manage to entertain with. Your fans adore you. She rejects. I tell her she must be that distraught if she rejects her fans adoration. Will you reject me, the man who lives for you, femmka? The unruly exotic creature never rejects ... sex ... Well then, I see issue with public site STILL exists. Photographer suggested we unpublish then re-publish.  So we wait. ------- Back to 'The Sleeping Beauty'. As passe as it is, I assume role of Prince Florimund and 'deliver princely kiss' to her ... erotic sensuous full lips ... to wake her earlier to - how you say? break her of habit. 


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Of course they wouldn't have lip gloss on them, since I've been sleeping .... Rudy darling,

I wish we could do Greg's idea about unpublishing and re-publishing the site, to see if it would resolve the issue. I liked his logic behind it. Like uninstall and re-installing software that isn't working properly. 


 Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Pavlova, as Ron said and it makes sense, I wouldn't trust doing it now in case we wind up 'breaking' things and making the situation worse. Fairy, I am upset as well that this has ruined what you had planned for your fans for the weekend. They are in wild frenzy over the video and what you did post along with it. I'm laughing over 'is that Fairy in the background watching her prince dance?!' The part of your legs walking in Nijinsky/Freddie harlequin leotards, 'omg! That's her as Giselle!!' cracked me up!! Way too many of the comments I could point out.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I FUCKING LOVE YOU, GREG!!!! My precious fans, Greg's idea about unpublishing and re-publishing my public site worked!! I am soooooooo happy - content - purring like a kitten feline. I am running to go tell my delectably dashing prince the wonderful news!!

Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - My femmka wanted me to post to her adoring concerned fans what I replied to her. So I post reply. She running into room I am in and clutches my hand to her tits ... gaspily purring, 'isn't it just grand, Rudy darling?! Greg did the unpublished plan and it worked!!! Can't you let Jorge come back now?' This is what I tell her. So Jorge's goose won't be cooked and fools too busy trying to sell you things instead of resolving issues with their fool site won't be facing guillotine. She wildy laughs over it. So I shall personally phone Jorge and have him resume his PR duties, starting with removing unsightly attempts at spacing. There are parts of conversation we had over it I would like to leave ..... her adoring fans seemed so amused by (so I was told...) when I tell of 'The Sleeping Beauty' and her 'strikethrough' pouting reply. Why ruin such forbidden eroticism? Yet, I suppose it is meant to be kissed off ... As for photographer, I must think of just reward. Next time we experience issues, we push the reset button, yes?


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - What can I say? It gets pretty bad when you're left to your own fucking troubleshooting. I agree with Jorge's remark, that those people don't seem to know what they're doing. Reminds me of a bunch of fucking specializes in sales but sucks at tech issues. The words of Queen's 'You're My Best Friend' - 'I've been with you such a long time' Fairy, I've been with you from the very beginning and will NEVER forsake you. I refuse to let you be hindered from 'the dream'. Johann and I will do anything in our power for your success and happiness. Pavlova, I don't need any 'just reward'. Fairy's happiness is 'reward' enough.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur) - Photographer, I admit a tinge of jealousy. You so gallantly and without effort resolved issue as though you are her prince. Whereas it is I - Pavlova - who should solve ALL her worries.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Don't make me laugh! I AM NOT a prince. You're her prince, Pavlova.

You complete her. Myself and Johann ... can't be more happy our 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate found her Nureyev.  I highly doubt you, Mr. multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur with impressive lineage is capable of jealousy. Wouldn't that, to you, be classified as undignified 'peasant' emotions?... You and Fairy are so perfect together in every way. Unbelievably very attractive and talented.


Jorge Schumann, PR to FM: I am back, Killer Queen's fans. I was told to keep all of this. Pavlova acts as though it's some choreographed ballet and wants the 'dialogue' kept because 'it makes good publicity' although he is still furious that it destroyed the attention of Fairy's new music video and what she posted along with it. I assured him, it did not detour his femmka's adoring fans from the wild frenzy of thousands of comments they were leaving over the video and what little she managed to post along with it. That seemed to simmer his fiery Tartar Russian temper. Now we are to start a new page or go back and complete the Behind The Throne page and I am to transfer the video and what Fairy posted along with it to the page so things can pick up from there. So they can discuss the video, the sexual bit Fairy shared with you, her fans, and she made gifs ...The man is so in love with her and I seriously believe he would do anything for her.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ My darlings, I am so elated my public website is back in proper working order once again! I just have to share this with you! I can't help it my mind thinks like a naughty tart. That Sir Thomas is here (Pavlova's Cambridge estate). He was discussing with the man what had happened and started to make a remark, 'He (Jorge) has the mindset of peasant! Whereas I have enormous -' at that word, my eye lined eyes went to the front of his trousers. He obviously noticed and - omg! - he didn't finish and his face turned deep red! That Sir Thomas was oddly curious how he replied. He finished the sentence saying, 'enormous wealth. Pavlova, you know how to react.' obviously referring to the having been 'groomed' bit .... I glided out of the room and I heard him say something in Russian. The valet was outside the room and I asked him what he had just said. He translated it, 'I am a man obsessed and very in love. She makes me lose my senses.' .... I'll be on again soon. I am so pleased over your reactions to the new video. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. xx Fairy

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