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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Loyal Subjects

All The Queen's Men


From the public site footer: About Geoff Stafford fan club president and comments moderator for Killer Queen’s fan club. Geoff formerly from Kent and now resides in Brighton is a long time fan of Fairy, from the start of the exotic prancer’s career which kicked off in 2018. Geoff was the first fan Fairy met! Let me add more details to that (even though it's all in the fan club...). My best mates Jerry and Dave along with my partner Clive are childhood friends from Kent. Last year, we relocated to Brighton. It being a well known 'gay community'. Where our exotic queen Fairy got her start - performed her first ever show. So it has a symbolic meaning. I was the first ever fan Killer Queen met. I am so proud of where she is today in her fame.


Thinking back on her struggle for success. Anyways, I traveled all the way from Brighton (mates and partner in tow) to see her perform for the first time in Bristol. We were soooooo glad we did!! As always, Fairy was so amazingly her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. She danced with Pavlova and the sold out crowd of you guys who were there went absolutely wild!! I still laugh over the wild frenzy that broke out in the front row. Pavlova is like his idol Nureyev. Speaks with broken English - his Russian accent heavy and often times very hard to understand. For fans who unfortunately weren't in attendance, she ever so elegantly got up from her grand piano when 'Bohemian Rhapsody' breaks to the operatic part.


Usually that was when the stage would go dark and a backdrop would dramatically fall, then Pavlova would appear dancing ballet alone. Well, Fairy didn't leave the stage!! She glided over to Pavlova and those in the front row (myself incl.) could hear picked up on the mic. Pavlova's Russian accent telling our Persian glam rock queen 'don't panic, femmka. I won't drop you as long as you don't panic. We lose balance that way.' Then he swept her off her feet and it was so romantic!! He spun around with her doing several pirouettes then put her down onto her ballet slippers feet. He continued to dance and she didn't leave the stage. She just stood there gazingly watching him - so in love!!


(Ref. The FAIRY ... Tale Couple page)


Msg. from Jorge Schumann (PR and web designer for FM) - Geoff, your new page is already a hit. That being so, I have been asked to inform you that you MUST 'watermark'. So remove the playbill picture you posted and re-do it crediting Haze Theatre on the photo of Pavlova.


Geoff Stafford (devoted/avid FM fan, fan club pres.) - Sorry about that! Thanks for informing me, Mr. Schumann. I don't want to be in violation. Taking it down and doing as requested.


Thanks so much for already liking my new page I was given, Fairy's other adoring fans!! About the invite that so many of you have left comments on. Who will be at the wedding?! We already know Pavlova's royal lineage and eluding to 'important figures' that he knows - one being a close friend. The one who was surprise guest on the fan club 2 hours before Fairy's 3rd time around performing at Haze Theatre. The man having actually known their idols Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. He opened up a little more about it on the recent My Fairy King Queen page. I NEED to afford to attend their wedding!! It will be so surreal but I know I will be sworn to secrecy about those 'important figures' that will be in attendance.


Fairy just took the stage a 1/2 hour ago for her second night sold out Bristol show. I was told she will be on the

My Fairy King Queen page afterwards. No after party. She only has those the 1st night 😀 More to come soon.


I can't believe I was able to get on you guys!! I was so upset that I even told Mr. Schumann I was about to forget it and even asked if my section be added to the fan club. This FM quote (circa 1970s, of course...) is so Fairy through and through! I left off the last part of it, which FM says - 'that's the way to make an entrance.' Which is also so Fairy. She is like one of those who changes the entire atmosphere of the room when she enters and everyone become entranced. LOL! I copycat got that from Pavlova, btw. He actually said that about our glam rock queen. Like so many of you, her millions of adoring fans, I can't say it enough either how completely obsessed I am with the

FAIRY ... tale couple and their romantic - just that - FAIRY ... tale relationship.


I think it's time I share this with you guys. This quote of Fairy's idol (again, 1970s circa ... - spiteful trailing dots. You know, as in - fuck off freak show after 1977 ugly dog creep show).


'People think I'm a real ... its starts with a 'c', but I can't say that ... and it's not cherub! I'm very hard to deal with and, to some people, I'm a bitch, I actually enjoy being a bitch.' (Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s)


That quote is so Fairy. Need I say more?? .... The effeminate bitch queen .... All of us fans have been anxiously waiting to hear more from Killer Queen who most likely her and her entourage are STILL dealing with that annoying server issue. I was shocked I actually got on and didn't experience it. Speaking of tarting up glam and effeminate.

I about died over this like the rest of you what was recently mysteriously posted by Fairy on the fan club.


As you fans know, all Fairy posted under it was: 'I got this today. As you know, dears, my idol's nickname was 'Mercles' As signed in this autograph photo of him I own and cherish. I especially love the 'old tart' (queen) part of the autograph. A little story about the photo. Notice, ironically, he is wearing the white winged frock ... the lips, etc. The photo is the photo I draw so much of my inspirations from; in my aspirations to be my beloved queenly idol. I think I have more than succeeded. Hopefully I will be on later to tell more about the post card I was given. I mean it, darlings, I feel like I'm dreaming!!'


It naturally blew up the comments section, so many of you (myself incl.) in wild frenzy wanting to hear more from our glam rock queen about it! -- Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! (A little DYK - did you know. The Autographed photo and the below video are the ONLY times the actual real Freddie Mercury appears on any of Fairy's sites? Fan club and public site. That is how eerily identical Fairy looks to her idol!)

Just ignore the creepy Robinson Enterprises crap. So glad that creep is gone! Us fans just love 'Myaow Meeow Productions'! It's so campy and so Fairy. Being inspired by her prince and the naughty af story behind it. Can be read about on both Flick Of The Wrist and My Fairy King Queen pages.

#FAIRY...talecouple #obsessed #mirrorimages

LOL! I know I said I was going for now, but I just had to leave you guys with this. Apparently the exotic prancer is seriously working on a new music video with Pavlova, you guys! One for her performance of 'The Millionaire Waltz' - more details soon!


I love this so much! What Nureyev is saying in the quote on it is so Fairy and Pavlova (Fairy - our effeminate androgynous queen and her prince charming) I decorated it up a little (right side) hope they won't mind. 😄

I hope Fairy sees it, especially the Myaow Meeow Productions part.


Hello again, Fairy's adoring fans! I have exciting news! Mr. Jorge Schumann (as you know is Killer Queen's PR man and web designer) FINALLY worked out that annoying server issue! Even more exciting than that, he gave me the honours to announce this to you guys. Tonight, the night before Fairy's first time ever 2 sold out shows in Cardiff, she will be premiering a new music video choreographed by Russian ballet danseur Pavlova!! This is what little details I have on it that Mr. Schumann gave me (that he was going to post about). Watch for the perfectly timed and so perfect 'I've taken my bows' part. It consists of Fairy performing Queen's 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' and partial (credits) 'We Are The Champions' with loads of footage of Fairy and Pavlova! Below is a screenshot Mr. Schumann gave me to use from the video. Fairy looking perfection and exotically glam as ever. It will premiere at our glam rock queen's 'Zzz time' - you guys try to stay awake!! She's worth losing sleep for! Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! #fanaticobsession #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates


So Fairy's adoring fans, as I explained in the fan club comments section, I left my page on Killer Queen's public site inactive because I was upset and I feel embarrassed now. Especially over the fact that both her and her handsome Russian prince/ballet danseur talked about it on Sunday. What a dolt of a spectacle I was being bringing the drama! But I couldn't help it! Like I said in the video I posted in the comments, I was contacted by Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet - stage director at Haze Theatre and for our glam rock queen's tour). He emailed saying it was seen that I posted the invite I received and it was sent to me in error. Anyways, he contacted me again yesterday and I am so dead!!! Apparently both our exotic queen and her prince might post something on my page to me!!!!!! I wouldn't even be able to bring myself to reply if they do!!


I hope she is alright! All of you (my incl.) have been so worried about what was posted on the fan club, that she is suffering from extreme exhaustion and barely making it through rehearsals for her London shows this coming weekend. She only has 4 more shows. The upcoming London shows then the following weekend she returns to Bristol then lucky famous bitch is off to Vienna to marry her prince! This was posted so casually on Sunday when they were both on her public site and nothing said!

But all of us fans had plenty to say! Like what is her prince saying in her midnight black hair?! And that exotic concentrating bitch face she has on her face. He is either speaking in Russian or she's concentrating hard on trying to understand his broken English heavy Russian accent. 😄 They are so perfect and such an extremely attractive couple! #obsessed #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates


Of course, all of us fans are obsessed over Fairy's new video. BEYOND hilarious her emulating her prince's bow and there being a gif made of it. Him teasing her over it was too much! So anyways, I'm obsessing and extremely nervous over Ron Craster's kind of cryptic email telling me they might come on my page! You guys TRY not to be jealous, okay? 😄😄😄 I'm jealous at fan Keith Snyder because Killer Queen keeps using that picture thing he made of them with her replicating 'Bohemian Rhapsody pose' and him looking so princely with his arms folded across his chest. Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Knock, knock. We've come to pay the new page a visit. Is anyone home?? We probably won't get a reply, Rudy darling, after all the carrying on in the fan club comments section he was doing ... (I'm posting the gif deliberately)


Pavlova/Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: The picture of me on playbill kneeling ... when I danced in The Sleeping Beauty is displayed in lobby of Haze Theatre. I demanded to know where the boy got it. I had Ronnie old boy ask. Apparently curious fanatic went to extents phoning theatre and begged a copy of the playbill just to be - how you say? 'Show off' to your other fans because he saw it when he attended your concerts and as he wrote, it obsessed him by engagement at statue when I knelt like that to gift you engagement ring.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I absolutely love the photo of you, darling. It's so ... 'princely'. Then he gets on his new page and takes those things I posted in my fan club. I just had to laugh over the 'sworn to secrecy' bit. Oh the drama!! Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet, stage director at Haze Theatre and for FM's Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited tour)  When I contacted him on behalf of Pavlova telling him that Pavlova wanted to know where he obtained the photo off the playbill. Concerned he took a photo of it displayed in the lobby. He told me he phoned Haze Theatre and spoke to one of the attendants who had no issue over it when he told the man it was for Fairy's website. So the attendant got a copy of it and emailed it to him.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Fans are like that though. MY fans ... who cares about other shit. They're so curious and want all the 'candid' and details on me. Awww I love you all, my darlings!!! Such as them carrying on over what he wrote about that photo. Wanting to know what my delectably handsome prince was saying to me ... Btw, Ron, it isn't the only time he's done that. He's tried to contact my costume designer and photographer to obtain things and information just to be 'show off' running my fan club. So, Rudy darling, just post what you were going to because I doubt he's going to reply to us ...


Pavlova/Haze Theatre, ballet danseur: This I've decided. I pay you and your partner, I can't see you coming alone, to come to wedding in Vienna. You will be put up in hotel for 2 nights only. You are forbidden to discuss on fan club others in attendance, conversations you might hear, etc. I am NOT trying to be snob, but you will not be allowed inside! Wedding will take place on grounds - outside. Only other guests are allowed inside. People I know and trust. Don't get wrong impression or offended as though I am implying you are common thief, but I own many valuables. Nothing more valuable - priceless than my femmka - Fairy - who I love dearly.


Jorge Schumann (PR and web designer for FM) - I just had to! This comment one of your adoring fans just left, Fairy. - Ted H. in York posted this: 'I'm crying!! Geoff, steal Fairy when you're in Vienna!! Seriously though, how freaking romantic is that, what Pavlova wrote about our glam rock queen Fairy being priceless!' #FAIRYtalecouple #princelyqueenly

😲 Fairy Sighting! 😲


I feel so embarrassed! As I posted in the fan club comments, I couldn’t reply to Fairy and Pavlovacoming on my Loyal Subjects page! I feel like such a cry baby attention seeking fool now!! I can’t believe Killer Queen’s Russian prince is offering to pay for myself and Clive to attendtheir regal wedding in Vienna!! Like I posted in the fan club comments, I am in such hyperventilatinghysterics over it!!

This is crazy, you guys! I heard Fairy left in middle of rehearsals and went on foot from the London venue making her way several blocks to where Haze Theatre is located. 3 fans Tomas, Max and Gene spotted her. The following I’ve taken from the fan club comments:

• Max: No lie! Myself and my two friends Tomas and Gene spotted Fairy!! She was hurrying down thesidewalk just as we were coming out a bookshop. We followed a safe distance because we were pretty sure that was thee glam rock queen! She is really exotic and breathtaking in person!

• Gene: It was wild! We got to a crosswalk waiting for the light to change and she stopped at it.So we got a better closer look and it definitely was Fairy!!! It was funny how she tossed herlong midnight black hair sounding like a hissing cat angrily hissing, ‘oh come on!!’ Yep! Definitely was her! She then started to hit the palm of her black nails left hand on the buttonthat you can push to change the light. She had Pavlova’s cock ring on her left wrist and everything!The light changed and she took off at a slow jog across the cross walk and we continued to followat the safe distance.

• Max: What made it more insane was that we followed her about 5-6 blocks and we lost it whenwe saw where she was going. Haze Theatre!!! Too obviously to see her prince! As all of us fansknow, our famous queen doesn’t drive. It must have been that important if she was risking goingon foot and being recognized. Wonder what it was all about. Do you have any clue, Geoff?

• Geoff: I did hear that Fairy left rehearsals early behaving preoccupied. I can’t believe you guysactually spotted her like that! She is just what you said – extremely exotic and breathtaking to see in person. She exquisitely stands out. I have never met or spoken with Pavlova. I know Philip Goldsmith (asst. photog) says that he’s extremely handsome, his accent hard to understand and that he makes you extremely nervous because he’s really wealthy and the way he carries himself like a pompous aristocrat - princely. The divine lush creature’s costume designer calling Pavlova ‘dashing’ – that suits him. 💗 The dashing prince and the glam rock queen. 💗 The most attractive couple ever! #obsessed #FAIRYtalecouple

Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


Another mysterious post from our glam rock queen Fairy on the fan club, you guys!! All that was posted under it was: 'I was just now given this, my darlings...' She bought a book on etiquette. It's like, seriously bitch?! What are you trying to do, understand your prince better or what? 😄😄 This is what Pavlova was talking about (below) he posted it in the fan club. Freddie Mercury identified with Nijinsky because Nijinsky was effeminate.

For you fans asking: Farsi, the most widely spoken Persian language.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Knock, knock. Is anyone home on the not so new anymore page? We have cum come to pay a visit. Johann will be finishing his 'write up' and posting it tomorrow. We have been so busy!! Quit stealing things posted on the fan club and posting them on your new page - or is that your idea of 'promoting' my fan club? I had to laugh over you (and my other curious precious fans) having a nose about the very first item I decided to buy using my new eBay account. I have Mr. F.J. Boyd with me (as well as my delectably 'dashing' .... prince). Btw, Francis, dont expect a reply from him ....


F. J. Boyd: I had to laugh at what you were given (scan on Nureyev and FM) being cut off (teaser) what FM was saying to RN and your fans wanting to know the rest along with details. Convinced 'Mr. X.' is who gave it to you. As for eBay. I thought it was funny you asking me to find you a book on etiquette. Not to be going on about this, but when I said it helps to pay attention. The first 2 lines in mailing address reads as follows: Mr. Francis J. Boyd Private Buyer c/o FM As in private buyer in care of Fairy Mercury


Pavlova (ballet danseur/Haze Theatre) - Francis, she is content feline over new account. I personally thank you for help with it. As for you, femmka, 'they' look at and read both your website and the fan club site and 'they' will contact me to tell me things or send things (such as what you were sent) because 'they' are enthralled over your likeness to your idol (and me to my idol). Such as my close friend who I refer to as 'Mr. X'. As for 'write up', Sir Thomas told me he laughed over it and sees what I mean by having yourself put into words can be rather ... I don't know word he used.


F. J. Boyd: You're welcome, Pavlova. I'm glad your femmka is 'content'. Yes, I closed the damn account last night. Fairy contacted me telling me she's willing to take a loss on the remaining 4 items still waiting to be received. It will be on those fools conscious if they are that disgusting to want to take someone's money and not deliver. As for the fan who runs her fan club, I find the lad amusing the things he posts on his 'new page'.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Francis, you finding him amusing, he was on the fan club comments section trying to arrange 'interviews' to do on his new page about myself and Pavlova. Jorge Schumann (as you know is my PR man also web designer) told me he emailed the website asking him if he would ask me if I would grant him an interview for his page about my final 2 shows (in Bristol) before heading off to Vienna and my (this is exactly how it was written in the email) 'inner most thoughts on Vienna, marrying a multimillionaire. Myaow Meeow Productions and maybe share something very intimate.' Too obviously trying for 'candid' material. I mean, what a mess!!!

Pictured below - us laughing.


Here is something for you, Geoff ... It was sent about the etiquette book. What I circled (the msg.) is true. Because I have been ... thrust ... into a world of great wonder and it really is what I said - delightfully mysterious and exciting. An intriguing luscious mystery. I am so fucking in love with Pavlova.


We're off now. I'll leave our calling card ....

Again, you guys, I just couldn't bring myself to reply earlier!! Like you guys, I can't wait to read the rest of our exotic prancer's costume designer Johann Wagner's write up. Can exotic bitch get anymore perfect than in this close up concert photo fan Erik Reilly in Cardiff took during Fairy's concerts in Cardiff last weekend? Thanks for letting me post the photo to my page, Erik. It's almost professional.


It's like, exotic bitch, the closer to June it becomes, the more of a mess you're starting to become! She's like unraveling because she's getting married to a multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur in 4 more weeks. On her birthday - 25 June. I contacted the one attendant at Haze Theatre who was kind enough to get me a copy of the playbill I posted of her prince dancing in the ballet The Sleeping Beauty. He sent me another playbill of him I wanted to share with you guys. It's of him dancing as Nureyev portraying prince Albrecht in the ballet of ... Giselle ... #obsessed #FAIRYtalecouple

Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


So exotic bitch Killer Queen's adoring fans, our famous queen is off to Vienna with her dashing Russian prince/ballet danseur. I'm STILL laughing hard over the thread about all you guys being off to find some lesser than to be bored with because you can't handle the 'erotic perfection' of the new photo of Fairy. I posted it above alongside the EXTREMELY dashingly handsome playbill photo of Pavlova. Actually, the actual photo. I've been granted an exclusive by someone I consider very important!! I'll let him explain what I mean by 'the actual photo'.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - I'm sure long time fans know I'm Fairy's personal photographer so I'm sure I don't need to post all that. So many 'eagle eye' fans studying the famous queen in details noticed the photo was flipped. It appeared as though Fairy's nails on her right hand were in black varnish and not the trademark look of the left hand. Neither Fairy or myself noticed I accidentally flipped the photo when I sent it to her to post. So I'm having Geoff post the original shot.


Geoff Stafford (FM fan club president/avid Fairy fan): Either way the photo is perfection. How is it even possible exotic bitch just keeps being more and more perfect? Maybe you can confirm a few things, Mr. Hastings. Rumours that there will be a new video soon of Fairy performing 'Now I'm Here' and did you and/or your partner - her costume designer Johann Wagner, speak to our glam rock queen before her departure to Vienna?


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Fairy was concernedly depressed. As she posted in the last thing posted on the new page A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen, she was feeling melancholy. She left myself and Johann in care of her four cats which are her 'babies' - concerned and upset that she will be away from them an entire month. She thought of bringing them with her but 'didn't want to traumatize them'. As if it isn't obvious, she is very in love with Pavlova and he with her. Johann and I will be heading to Vienna the week of their wedding. I heard you asked my partner what you and your partner Clive should wear to the 'regal event'.... I won't lie, I'm nervous because the man (Pavlova) is extremely wealthy and some of the guests that will be attending .... As for video, it's been discussed.


Geoff Stafford (FM fan club president/avid Fairy fan): I've been a nervous wreck thinking about attending for the reasons you stated. Like, how would you dress to not feel like you too obviously aren't upper class, wealthy or however you want to put it. Things like that. Fairy being an unraveling mess buying a book on etiquette because she's obviously concerned that she's (as her prince puts it) 'Bohemian way of life'. They are so perfect together. For real 'FAIRY ... tale couple'. So extremely attractive looking and the ways they interact, etc. Do you know details about this photo? I heard our glam rock queen felt embarrassed and got a laugh over me calling it her concentrating bitch look. It seriously does look like that though!! 😄

Then there is the man of the hour I posted alongside it.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - LOL! That photo is so old! You should have gotten one of the up to date ones from off the fan club. As for the photo of Fairy and Pavlova, you would have to ask Phil Goldsmith, my asst. photog. He was the one who took the photo. I left him in charge of 'behind the scenes candid photos and video' such as that one. It is hilarious the 'concentrating bitch look' thing you said about it.

Geoff Stafford (FM fan club president/avid Fairy fan): All right. I NEED to ask your assist. because our exotic Persian queen's adoring fans are so obsessed with wanting to know. Another rumour. Is it true the FAIRY ... tale couple paid a visit to the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park before heading off to Vienna? The significance has to do with Snowdon and not the author of Peter Pan, that's become too obvious .... So I'll be finding out the identity of 'Mr. X.' I felt embarrassed when Fairy was being a bitch teasing me for the drama of 'sworn to secrecy'.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - You'll be surprised to find out who 'Mr. X' is, Geoff. As has been stated, the man is VERY close friends with Pavlova and actually knew both Rudolf Nureyev and Freddie Mercury. Story of the very wealthy Rudolf Pavlova. The man was born into wealth. Part of his lineage is the well known Anna Pavlova who anyone familiar with ballet would know of. Mr. Francis James Boyd would be someone you might like to ask to (ahem) interview ... because it's odd how he was indirectly involved in, as I'll put it, pairing the 'FAIRY ... tale couple'. It's very interesting although it sort of reminds you of the deceit of Pavlova's favorite Nureyev ballet of 'Giselle'... Apparently these people knew of 'the books' and so many other things. The 'destiny' that keeps being talked about. You want to captivate Fairy's adoring fans with your avid fandom of being the 'first ever fan' to meet the glam rock queen and 'bestowed' fan club president, I suggest you do that because I know they would be fascinated by it.


Geoff Stafford (FM fan club president/avid Fairy fan): Mr. Hastings, I can't thank you enough for agreeing to come on my page and talk with me. I could spend hours talking with you. Like asking what it's like photographing/video taping Fairy and sooooo many other things. I'm definitely going to contact Mr. Boyd, as you suggested. Killer Queen's adoring fans, as we wait to hear from our famous queen again, June is Gay Pride Month!! So I'll sign off for now with that. Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


The FAIRY ... Tale Continues Soon!

What's next in FAIRYland??

You know how Fairy has the compilation cds/albums - A Day At The Park and A Night At The Ballet which sadly seem nonexistent unless you're a fan club member ... and privy to the exclusive content. Such as Mr. Greg Hastings photo book 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury Becoming 1970s Freddie Mercury' which is a must have for any fan of our exotic Persian queen Fairy.

She will be coming out with new material! Fairy and Fairy II (instead of Queen and Queen II)

Our famous queen's adoring fans, what should her campy take on Sheer Heart Attack be titled?

... and so, you guys, while exotic bitch Killer Queen is in Vienna probably unraveling even more, this is what's in the works for my page

Fairy Back In London???


Before I get to that, as you guys already know, Mr. Francis J. Boyd's 'write up' appears rightfully so on the page

A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen. That gets humiliating when you have to apologize to the ever so elegant Killer Queen herself! I feel like an absolute idiot now. Taking things she was posting on the fan club and posting them on my page. Things she had plans on adding to that page. Anyways, all is forgiven and I was given the go ahead with my page. Apparently, two fans claim they saw our exotic Persian queen and her dashing Russian prince in Hyde Park at the Peter Pan statue earlier today (it is 3:30pm here in London as I write this). All her fans in the fan club comments are like, huh?! I'm trying to find out if that's true and what is going on with that?!


You can't get anymore perfection than this:

How the romantic FAIRY ... tale couple will be dressed to marry. The multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur dressed as he danced as his idol Nureyev portraying Prince Albrecht in the ballet Giselle and our glam rock queen dressed in replica of one of the stage costumes her idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury wore - the white satin 💗fairy💗 winged frock. I am so personally proud of Fairy. As you guys know, I was the very first fan of hers she ever met. I'll forever fondly remember it. My friends Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive attended one of her very first shows which was in Brighton. As you guys know, Brighton has a large gay community. Proud Cabaret nightclub ... We left in awe how mirror image she was to 1970s Freddie Mercury. People will hang out back waiting for performers to exit. I was so in awe I told my friends, I have to meet Fairy! She came out with her mock up Queen band and a few others. So laughably stripped down compared to the famous glam rock queen she's become! Oh well, even an exotic bitch has to be humble and get her start somewhere, right Fairy? 😄

(I can almost picture her doing her hair toss to that. LOL!)

Anyways, my friends where adoring her and telling her how amazingly identical she is to 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and more so up closer yet she was.

I asked for her autograph and she laughed, 'Omg, I'm getting the star treatment!' and graciously autographed (of course, I still have it to this day and forever will cherish it!) the monogram napkin from the nightclub I gave her to autograph. Next gig she played, we attended. She remembered us!!! Her lovely sibilant purr gaspily telling me, 'weren't you the boy who gave me the star treatment wanting my autograph, darling? I love it!!!'

Her fame gradually grew and so did Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive and myself's fandom of Fairy.

Now here we are. I am the president of her online fan club and she's mingling with wealthy important people like 'Mr. X' and Pavlova. I'm still laughing over so many of the comments you guys were leaving about that photo of her handsome Russian prince/ballet danseur she took and accidentally texted to Mr. F.J. Boyd. His 'distracting enormous fucking cock' as she often describes ... it ... as. Then she thought it so funny all of us joking about how does he even fit in shorts like those. So she campy tart asks him and it's like, exotic bitch, the same way you probably pour your slender body into your 'obscenely tight' cat suits. I'm just having to, you guys. Him and 'Her' ... comments?? ...

Rudolf Pavlova - dashingly handsome ballet danseur Russian prince with his "distracting enormous fucking cock" and "wind swept" medium sandy brown bob. And the satiny queen looking like erotic exotic bitch in her satin knickers and exposed midriff and long midnight black bob. Romantic erotic perfect FAIRY ... tale couple! 💗💗💗 Good to be back!!! Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


I guess it is true!! They are back in London. I'm trying to find out what that's all about, you guys!


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Knock, knock. We know you're 'home' because you have recently posted. We're glad to have you back because 'we' (royal we that is) find the things you post on your not so new anymore page funny. Such as your 'comeback' post. Mmm ... how many times were you going to be using (one of) my favorite words 'erotic' when talking about me and my delectably handsome prince? My precious fans find it hilarious when we 'troll' you. Yes, we're back in London. We will be going back to Vienna next week.


Pavlova (ballet danseur/Haze Theatre) - I enjoyed 'first ever fan' story. You have most certainly come a long ways since then, femmka. I should detail when 'Mr. X' and I signed up for fan club using pseudonyms to gain more information on the unruly creature so identical to 1970s FM. It's done all the time. Registering at hotel (being 'wealthy important person' to use you people's talk...) 'Hmmm... let's see who should I be today?' and coming up with foolish names. Freddie Mercury would send postcards and telegrams as 'wife' to her 'husband'. So in continuation of where we left off on A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen page, I shall do this. I am sure you will be very interested in it, kitten, considering you have been - how you say? - bothered? by it upon learning of it from Francis James Boyd.


Jorge Schumann (PR man & web designer for FM): Upcoming page will be 'Funny How Love Is' (Queen song). I'm sure the name tells all - more on the 'FAIRY ... tale couple's' upcoming romantic regal extravagant 25 June wedding on Pavlova's Vienna estate as well as more translation from 'the diary' and much more. I will be posting this on the homepage as well. Btw, Geoff, I corrected your errors.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, I wish you would reply to what he posted ... those 2 photos of us ... Here's a little camp for you, Geoff. Of course, I remembered you because you try copying looking like me, bitch!! HA!!! (Below photo of you with me). Seriously, I will share something 'Mr. X' told me. Him 'arranging' my 'long midnight black bob' while fondly remembering it, 'In the SEVENTIES (I had to spitefully put that in caps, dears...), Freddie talked about how male fans would come to their (Queen) shows trying to look like her. And she said, 'they look so beautiful'.' Apparently, some short lived freak show band called 'Angel' was one of the copy/paste wannabes. He told me there was even an article made on the weirdos and their fanatical trying to be Freddie Mercury lookalikes. What a laugh! Reminds me of that BARFnikov and his being a wannabe copy/paste groupie of Nureyev (cues wild melodramatic laughter).

I wish I could share with you, my darlings, the stories of my beloved idol obsessively going to see her lifelong crush who eventually became her prince/lover Nureyev's ballets. I'm so glad you thought it was that funny about that ugly twat(I just had to post the picture) lookalike who was so worth behaving jealous bitch remarking BARFnikov can 'fly' more than Nureyev. I have been left absolutely speechless about things I have been learning and been told about my delectably handsome Russian prince. I won't lie, dears, I feel uncomfortable and very shy being around him...


We are off now. I will leave our calling card. As always, you'll be in the fan club comments carrying on how you just couldn't bring yourself to reply ...

Pavlova (ballet danseur/Haze Theatre) - I have to share this with unruly feline's adoring fans who are now 'laughing so hard crying' over her campiness. As she was told, it mirrors that of her idol ... She sits here, the rather arousing sibilant purr of the Persian (one from India) this boy has written: 'Her fame gradually grew and so did Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive and myself's fandom of Fairy' She stops reading at 'gradually grew and so did ...' and paraphrases it with 'gradually grew and so did Jerry and Dave and my partner Clive's cocks.' Exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes looking at me for reaction. Me nearly spitting out my cherry brandy ... Then she reads aloud what she is typing being more silly girl, '... 'arranging' my 'long midnight black bob' while fondly remembering it ...' then ... erotically purrs, 'while fondling' and wildly laughs. Very arousing ... it reminded me of when I got jealous over longing for the lovely slender hands to stroke ... and ... fondle ... instead of the silk cushion I had given her I had spoke of. Seductive feline then sees she has ... aroused ... me and shyly takes off out of room with laptop wildly laughing.


From Geoff Stafford: Crying laughing and barely able to breathe over the things Killer Queen posted on my page!! 😄😅 Extremely campy and overly sexual. Now I’m embarrassed over you saying I’m trying to look like you! Exotic bitch, you’re too exquisite to be replicated! All your fans are looking up that ‘Angel’ band. They are so cheesy!

OMG seriously, exotic bitch! At this point all your ‘precious fans’ have gone off to be losers about ugly boring lesser thans because they can’t handle you being treated like exotic queen being adored by ‘Mr. X’ and being told/given the things you have been. Most of all, your ‘highly pleasing’ (delectable) Russian prince/ballet danseur and how he talks about you and how eff’n dashingly handsome he is. The very blushingly sexual things he writes in response to you – flaunting (bring even more attention to) his “enormous fucking cock”.

Now to top it off, your PR man sat all of us – your adoring fans - on fire over the latest news about the new page contents. Photo shoot of you tarting it up some more in your wedding frock! What he has written for the description to the new page is so 😲 CAN'T WAIT!!!

I am posting this on the run, you guys!! I will try to post more later. I am so blown away over the recent!! I'm NOT going to make the same mistake of taking things our glam rock queen has posted in the fan club and using it for my page. She just eff'n blew up her fanbase with it!! 'Sneak peek' into the diary - more far fetched - bizarre - talking about 'tucking'! I seriously can't wait for the new page on Fairy's public site to begin. I laughed over her posting that she now can't bring herself to talk to Pavlova because of the things she's been finding out about him. Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! Time of post: 7:50am Brighton, England I was asked by Mr. Schumann to remove part of what I posted😞 SORRY!!! I feel like I'm being a total f-up!! Anyways, you guys! I can post this. The new page on Fairy's public site might be presented either later today or def. Saturday. I am so excited!! She's alright now. They'll detail what happened on the new page. Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


OH MY FREAKING GOD!!! I just can't, you guys!! Without warning and so casually Mr. Jorge Schumann posts the new page Funny How Love Is is now available. Me and my partner Clive are crying, screaming, hyperventilating and have just now died over the photos and content!! It hasn't even been up a 1/2 hour and the fan club comments have gone crazy - over 400 comments within the first 20 mins. after it was posted!!! If anyone is a serious fan of the stunningly exotic glam rock queen Fairy and isn't a fan club member yet, contact me!! Put in subject: 'Request for fan club membership'. The fan club now have close to 4 million members! I am so lost in the comments being left to the new page photos and content. After I get over my hysterics, I'll try to post more. Heading into the comments now, you guys!


So me right now!!! Sorry, I'm off to be a loser about boring unattractive lesser thans because I can't deal with the recent truths, facts, perfection and fame of exotic bitch Persian queen Fairy and her dashing multimillionaire Russian prince - ballet danseur Pavlova. PERFECT 💗FAIRY💗 ... TALE COUPLE!!!!! Signing off my page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy!


Hello dears. I decided to re-emerge on my public site which is STILL a spectacle having issues accessing it, etc. Considering I am the star you are fans of, I thought it only appropriate that I address the recent. I have decided to post it here on this now ended page. From now on we will no longer give fans 'direct mentions'. You will all be treated equally. I have NEVER believed in favoritism. IF I decide I am that 'moved' over something one of you have posted in the fan club comments, you will be written as - example: JB in Leeds, England. The other thing I would like to address is what Mr. Francis James Boyd posted about: '...just can't deal with the bitter truth. Or people who are honest. I would rather be hated for being honest then be a damn fake.' I can not stand homophobics whatsoever or straight people. I am glad 'Mr. X.' sat things straight about my beloved idol. 

I am sure there is no doubt, coming from someone who actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie points that have been being made all along. As if they needed to be made because if anyone is capable of reading, it's there in books (such as the MANY books scans I have throughout my public site). I honestly don't want to hear anymore 'make believe' trash about either myself or my idol. I loathe people (fucking homophobics) who behave as if people can help it they are gay. Such as my idol being effeminate and prefers sex and relationships with men. I adore men just as he did. Which is me as well. I can't stand people who are old fashioned and closed minded and have no tolerance or acceptance and want to be cruel, evil and mean towards gays. I personally think it's unfair and I refuse to be that type of star - the type (like my idol) who is closeted and 'plays games' leaving fans guessing and coming to wrong conclusions. Never clarifying the truth and their reality. 'Mr. X.' thank you!!! I am at loss for words the things I have learned about Pavlova, Nureyev and my beloved idol Freddie Mercury. The crazy even more extreme likeness and for real feeling like reincarnation prancing in his ballet slippers footsteps I am to my idol I so desperately aspire to be. I never dreamed my fame would turn out as it has. In a matter of 11 days, my darlings, I will be a married queen to a dashingly handsome Russian prince with MANY important guests in attendance. Our regal extravagant wedding. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy


Jorge Schumann / PR and web designer for FM - Might I add to what your exotic famous queen has written. As any long time fans of Fairy knows, we try different things to promote your star. Somethings just don't work out whether it be you, Killer Queen's adoring fans, expressed dislike for it in a majority. Or it was causing issues with Fairy and/or entourage. Thank you for understanding.


Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: I will address now, Jorge. Fairy's adoring fans, you surprised us.

We expected ganging up and name calling over taking page away from fan. Instead, you expressed brief disappointment, understood and let it go. I suppose it could be seen as mean, strict. But fan was warned three times. That is too many times, in our opinion, to create same mistake. My decision to revoke privileges to let fan and partner attend wedding comes with this explanation. Yes, mistake was made when my valet sent out invitation and fan received one. Fan with much foolish drama makes video, crying and making Fairy upset fan calling me 'pompous bastard'. At the time, I thought to grant fan invite to wedding. I now see that is not the right decision. As Fairy said, no favoritism. We do not know fan personally and I am not trusting a stranger on, in or around my estate. I have MANY valuables. Then there is issue with trust concerning those who will be in attendance. IF and ONLY IF fan promises not to do what he did 3 times will we re-consider letting him have page back.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, I felt like a total bitch but it's just what you explained. He tries too hard to be impressive and live up to being given privileges as fan club president. Trying to do 'online fanzine' (the purpose for his page we let him create). He is very fanatical, devoted a supportive fan of me. You read his 'story', darling. He was good at being fan club president and interacting with my precious fans. Why I became such a bitch over the things he was doing was I had plans on using those things for future posts and it's why I was posting 'cryptic' things with them. Plans to elaborate later. Then he comes along taking those things out of the fan club ruining 'the element of surprise'. For those of you, my curious honies, wanting to know - no he hasn't quit being a fan because of it. Yes, he was very upset over Pavlova revoking his offer to pay him and his partner's way to Vienna to attend our wedding, but he said he understood the decision. I hope he gets over being upset and becomes active in the fan club again because I know so many of you liked interacting with him over your fandom of me and my relationship with Pavlova...


Jorge Schumann / PR and web designer for FM - It was funny. Especially when you and Pavlova would come 'trolling' on it. Your adoring fans thought it hilarious. The 3rd time he pulled what upset you, I had to tell him off. I told him to remove it then he got very upset at me.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Again, I'm not trying to be a royal bitch (or am I??...) but he was annoying people from what I hear. Phoning up Haze Theatre to get info. Trying to 'line up' interviews with people who know me, etc. and even trying to find out the pseudonyms Pavlova and Mr. X created to join my fan club site. Greg gave in about the interview bit because he was so persistent and annoying. Not to leave out, he contacted Philip Goldman about that photo of Pavlova and I. I had to laugh! This is what he says he told him - 'how would I know what the man was saying in Fairy's ear. I don't have x-ray hearing and it's not my business to know.'

Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Humor for you, femmka. Being said in Russian - Psst, Fairy. Do you see that couple over there? Yes, the ones you're looking like "concentrating bitch" expression at - they're nothing compared to us and what we have.

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ That is hilarious!! I fucking love it!!


Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: We forgive Goldman for misspelling my idol's name. It is Nureyev NOT Nuryev.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, he not only doesn't have 'x-ray hearing' but he doesn't have 'x-ray eyes' to catch errors. It's insulting for him to misspell your legendary idol's name wrong. It was his first attempt at what he was hired by Greg to do. Then he 'makes a splash' video taping me being silly girl emulating your bowing ....


Pavlova - Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: I give him raise, femmka, but he is not employed by me. I was very entertained by footage .... Arousing ....


Hello dears, Pavlova and I discussed Geoff and we have decided to let him resume being my fan club president and run his 'fanzine page'. We will be transferring the conversation Pavlova and myself were having on this page to the new page. I can't wait to get back on stage. Once I am married, we are heading back to London so I can resume my Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour. I have been thinking of working on a new video. 9 more days until the wedding! I am now starting to get very nervous!! We have been so busy so please forgive me, my darlings, if my fan club and public sites are inactive. There will be exclusive coverage of the wedding on my fan club site ONLY.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy


Geoff Stafford: Fairy, I literally worship you!! I adore you and Pavlova's relationship. FAIRY tale couple!! I feel so bad I upset you and made your prince angry. What I've decided to do are writes ups on your adoring fans reactions to things posted about you, from you, etc. If you or your entourage ever want to slip me some info. I can share with your fans, I would appreciate it. I bet your wedding is going to be so surreal. Especially how the two of you will be dressed for each other. Myself and all the rest of your adoring fans can't wait until you grace stages again performing for us. Thank you for letting me resume my page and carry on as your fan club president.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I had Greg get to you the few (1970s) Queen fanzines I own (I warn you, treat them with care and get them back to me soon) to give you an idea how I want you to 'run' being fc president and your online fanzine. Use them for a guideline. Pavlova really liked your 'first ever fan' story about me. DON'T go carrying on over this. Us discussing you, dear. He asked me if you're being paid to be fc president. I told him no. You took it upon yourself with Greg's suggestion. Then I told him what you do for work. This is what his delectable broken English Russian accent told me, 'Peasant work is it not, femmka? Have boy quit and I pay for him to do fan club.' I mean, he seriously liked your 'first ever fan' story you told about meeting me. So don't be surprised if his valet (Ron Craster - also my tour stage director and stage director for Haze Theatre - I have to give credit. HA!) contacts you about this.


Geoff Stafford: NO WAY!!! You have got to be kidding, right?! I wish I went into more details with it now!! Fairy, your fans are so very obsessed with your likeness to your idol and your relationship with your Nureyev. The most attractive gay couple EVER!! We really are happy for you. You deserve your fame and your prince and to be adored by your millions of fans who seriously are that obsessed with you and can't get enough. PLEASE grace us with a new video soon. I worship you to no end, glam rock queen!!


OMG!! I am so dead right now, you guys!!! Pavlova's valet Mr. Ron Craster phoned from Vienna! Like 20 mins. after what Killer Queen posted to me. I guess I'm for real quitting my job and now being paid to be Fairy's fan club president!!!! I loved what Mr. Craster told me: 'With Fairy's fame being a reality and the excellent job you do with the fan club, much liked by her adoring fans, your interaction and the very touching story about being the first ever fan of hers she met, Pavlova would like to offer you employment to be paid for your efforts as fan club president.' Me 😲 Whaaaaaat?!

Perfect FAIRY ... tale couple and how they will be dressed to marry each other. I am so obsessed with these two photos of them like the rest of you guys are!! How blushingly unreal was that when Fairy asked her Russianprince/ballet danseur what he thought of her new photo shoot in her wedding frock and his reply to it? (Reference: Funny How Love Is page)


Like the rest of you guys, I LOVE when they interact on our glam rock queen's fan club and/or public site.Then she acts like a tart showing him footage of herself dressed in replica of silver sequin leotard and his reply to it .....

Mr. Philip Goldman (Mr. Greg Hastings asst. photographer) contacted me! He told me that he was offered a 'crazy sum of money' because Pavlova was amused by the footage of the Persian queen Fairy emulating his princely bow backstage at the Bristol venue along with the him talking in her midnight black hair candid shot that I felt so embarrassed the exotic queen and her dashing prince were joking about me calling her expression 'concentrating bitch' look and going to the fanatical extent to contact Mr. Goldman to ask him details about the photo. 😄😅 I'm going to ask if I can keep it on here.

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy


Side note: What the mysterious 'Mr. X' emailed Pavlova that he posted to Fairy about that Nureyev once told him about Freddie. UNREAL! As sooooo many of you guys were posting about it in the fan club comments, it obsessed everyone of Pavlova (being incarnate of Nureyev) talking about Fairy's 'exotic dark liquid brown eye lines eyes' and wanting her to wear the pale blue eye shadow when they marry. It's just surreal how identical they are to their idols. If you guys see unusual activity, that would be Mr. Schumann transferring those things onto the new page

Funny How Love Is.

Jorge Schumann / PR and web designer for FM - Geoff, you are doing very good. As the ever so elegant Fairy's PR man and web designer, I have been asked by Pavlova himself to mentor you. Do links because you can't automatically assume her fans know what you're referring to.


Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy Mercury fan & fan club president): Thanks, Mr. Schumann. I am for real speechless!

I told my partner Clive and he is stunned!! Btw, it's hilarious silly girl giving me Japanese fanzines on Queen and it's like, uh, silly tart! I can't read Japanese!!! 😄😅 When is Killer Queen ever going to discuss Myaow Meeow Productions??? #fanaticobsession #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates #glamrock #queenlyprincely #GAYpride


Thank you, Mr. Schumann, for your help and advice!! Mr. Jorge Schumann with multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova (Nureyev incarnate) additional gif - exotic bitch Killer Queen (Fairy Mercury) looking erotic as ever like 1970s Freddie Mercury incarnate.

The Romantic Regal Extravagant Wedding


This will be a very busy and nerve wracking week for our glam rock queen as the countdown of her wedding to her multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur gets closer. A matter of 6 days as of this post. Laughing so hard 😄😅 over her personal photographer Greg Hastings being 'snubbed' over 'documenting' the wedding as his newly hired (as of a month ago) assistant photographer Philip Goldman was offered a crazy sum of money by Pavlova to cover the wedding. Sometime this week, I will be interviewing Philip Goldman about it. As our ever so elegant Fairy's fans know, coverage of the wedding will only be exclusively for fan club members only - in the fan club. Mr. Hastings, don't feel bad. Myself and my partner Clive was snubbed too. But it's understandable why. What any avid fan of Fairy's wouldn't give to be able to be in Vienna witnessing the FAIRY...tale couple getting married. We're sure it will be as romantic as the gifting of the engagement ring at the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park was.

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy

#fanaticobsession #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates #queenlyprincely


How perfect is this photo? Just when you thought exotic bitch Killer Queen couldn't get anymore perfect. I totally worship her!!! I am so obsessed with our glam rock queen and her dashing Russian prince/ballet danseur!!!

--- Wednesday, I will be doing my interview with Philip Goldman. He talks about the 'vibe' at Pavlova's lavish Vienna estate, Fairy being ... forbidden ... to where Pavlova's custom cockring she wears as her 'fashionably naughty bracelet', viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings being snubbed (😄😅) and Lord Snowdon ....

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy

#fanaticobsession #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates #queenlyprincely

Message From Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury): Fairy's adoring fans, if any of you have ever been married, which many of you probably have not considering Fairy's fan base is majorly made up of gay men. A lot goes into putting together a wedding. Especially if it's the type of wedding she will be involved in. Marrying a multimillionaire of extreme importance and wanting her wedding to be 'romantic, regal and extravagant'. I know these past few weeks Fairy has been pretty much inactive on her fan club and public sites. Now many of you are upset demanding to know where the star you are fans of is, etc. What we have decided is that I will be going back to my 'write ups' and you will be hearing from your ever so elegant star Fairy 2 days before her wedding (tomorrow). Myself and Killer Queen will do the 'coverage' that was mentioned above the two photos I am posting below. Things have been VERY hectic!


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ The problem with fans is they tend to be demanding and impatient. When Pavlova and I get back to London, things will become very active again. I was working on a new video, all that was going to be discussed in the Philip Goldman thing we're bringing you tomorrow, my darlings. It's selfish (as my costume designer slightly told you off) thinking I'm going to drop being in the midst of last moment wedding arrangements to exhaust myself non-stop. Even a 'in demand' star, like myself, needs a welcomed break!

The last thing I need to do is burn out. xx Fairy

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury): Fairy, you and Pavlova left for Vienna and none of your 'entourage' were there. You briefly returned to London to do the things you two came back for that week and things picked up with the 'Funny How Love Is' page. You two went back to Vienna and things became inactive again. Tomorrow things will pick up because all of us are now here in Vienna with you. I can't like it enough what you posted.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ My delectably handsome prince has asked me to post this ....

'Lights go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again.' - the lord of dance Nureyev


For you, my delectable Russian prince - ballet danseur. Me with my 'layered necklace cascading down my tits' in the Freddie Mercury 'take' on the Nijinsky leotard look.

So I am back (pictured below with my idol the exotic bitch prancer Fairy in Proud Cabaret). I'm sad because today is the end of gay pride month, talking about Proud Cabaret .... It is 5pm here in London as of my post. Mr. F. J. Boyd just arrived in London to see Fairy's sold out shows tomorrow and Saturday at Haze Theatre. Of course, I'll be there BOTH nights #fanatic It was hilarious what Mr. Boyd posted on the fan club comments. That before him and his partner of 15 yrs. Raymond left, they took the garden sheers to the cable on an old satellite dish on his office bldg. hoping it destroys that foolish 'glitch'. He thinks it's acting like some kind of transmitter and whoever did the wiring way back in 2001 probably didn't know what they were doing.

Good to have Mr. Boyd back because fans really like him.

I am so excited to see Fairy perform this weekend for the countless time I've seen her in concert. It was too hilarious what she posted in the fan club yesterday. From page Funny How Love Is: ('Mr. X.' post) The 3 of us registered with fake credentials to gain access to your fan club to learn all we could about you. I was in awe and shock disbelief how much of an eerie canny resemblance you are to Freddie even down to the smallest details.


The elegant glam rock queen Fairy revealed on the fan club, the pseudonym her handsomely dashing Russian prince ballet dancer Pavlova used: 'Hugh Dickens' and wrote: get it? Huge Dick 😄😅 Of course, all of us fans were doing a search in the comments for any posts, activity, etc. that 'Hugh Dickens' might have made/done since fall of last year. There were none. Exotic bitch prancer looking like a tart with her ballet leotard 1/2 off her and Huge Dick her multimillionaire Russian prince ballet danseur Pavlova - the FAIRY ... tale couple 💗 (photo left, made by fan).

Plus bonus photo from last year's Flight Of The Fairy 'mini tour' talking about 'Killer Queen' and the video on

Funny How Love Is page is a perfect way to close out gay pride month. I wonder if they've visited the ... Peter Pan statue ... in Hyde Park since they've returned from Vienna ...... Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy

Hi there, Fairy's adoring fans. So exotic bitch Killer Queen will be performing only one show in Brighton which is this coming Friday. Tickets went on sale earlier today and sold out in FIVE minutes!! Fairy being legend just like her

idol - making history!! So far her Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour has had 20 tour dates. The Brighton show will mark 21 and ALL 21 has sold out! How remarkable is that?!


The downside to being one of the effeminate queen's 'courtiers'. You know how companies will run some contest or sweepstakes and they'll have in fine print something like employees of the company are excluded from participating? As you fans who are members of Fairy's fan club have seen, they are offering one lucky fan the chance for an all access VIP backstage pass to her next concert (which will be in ... Manchester) 15 & 16 July. You get to sit in the VIP section and you get to go backstage after the first night concert to meet Fairy. So I can't enter. Talking about meeting people. I got the chance to meet Mr. Francis Boyd and his partner Raymond. They are really nice. As you guys know, Mr. Boyd is originally from Oxford and plans to relocate back to England at years end. That would be awesome.


Other Fairyland news, Killer Queen's talented costume designer Johann Wagner is working on a new 'write up' and will be presented soon. Like our exotic Persian queen's Russian prince/ballet danseur, who's first lang. is Russian, Johann's first lang. is German. So it takes him awhile to do his 'write ups'. You guys need to be patient, alright? As you know, Fairy's personal photographer Greg Hastings (who is married to Mr. Wagner) hired 2 months ago an assistant photographer Philip Goldman (it's funny, how a couple of us were thinking his surname was Goldsmith. Oh well, the downside of being new 😄 Sorry, Mr. GoldMAN). As Mr. Hastings explained, he hired Mr. Goldman to cover the candid shots. And speaking of glam rock queen Fairy's 'courtiers', Mr. Jorge Schumann (her PR man and web designer) has been nothing but helpful. Giving me PR type pointers on running the fan club and my online Fairy fanzine. He told me to post this. A sneak peek into Johann's upcoming 'write up'. And it is so 😲😲😲

Sneak Peek Into Upcoming 'Write Up'


Remember this from 'the diary'? -- '…. the time Rudy boasted that Freddie

‘My sperm sucking slut wouldn’t take his mouth off my dick. … He is ‘She’.

She was nipping and tucking on all sides. Nothing but nothing has the strength to separate us


Extreme candid about Fairy - that is so her being identical to her idol. She adores men and the male anatomy (that is, cock). 'Overly sexual' just like her idol was said to be. The recent 'encounter' with her well endowed Russian prince proved all this. I also found out what Pavlova thinks of the premiered red/white striped shorts with braces look.

Below, the two new photos I am totally obsessed with, you guys! Forever obsessed with the gif of exotic bitch Persian queen Fairy emulating her Russian prince/ballet danseur Pavlova's bow. Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy

Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy Mercury fan & fan club president): I like Raymond Giraud. He's like mid-60s and awesome for being an oldie. Not trying to be an ageist or anything ... He saw Queen live in 1975 and is one of MANY who can't get over how mirror image Fairy is to her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. Who is of most interest and not because they're 'rich and famous' is mysterious 'Mr. X' who actually knew Freddie (and Nureyev) and is very taken by Fairy being so like Freddie (1970s as if I need to keep adding that...) in every way.


This is funny, you guys, he wishes he was princely, Russian and could dance ballet just because he has sandy brown hair. 😄😅 I was like, yeah well I wish I was dark and exotic from India like my Persian idol.I am sooooooo obsessed with the photos I posted below the painting. They are so princely and queenly (gay slang, of course).

I seriously can't wait for Killer Queen to grace us with her new music video!

Hi Fairy's adoring fans. It is 8pm here in England and Killer Queen will be gracing the stage in Bristol in another hour. Wish I was there! I can't attend enough of her shows. She is that talented and entertaining. #addicted #obsessedfanatic As you fan club members know, it was the glam rock queen's suggestion her multimillionaire Russian prince - ballet danseur Pavlova tell of the (ahem) very sexual endeavor she got up to with him. As Fairy posted in the fan club, her dashing prince refuses to speak to her costume designer (Johann Wagner) anymore.

It was too funny what else she posted that all of you have been carrying on over. Him telling her, 'that sordid gossip read and just had to make appearance. Most likely expecting to embarrass me more I've mentioned your tits. Expecting to tell ME how to romance and touch MY femmka'

Me: 😄😅 --- Exotic bitch Fairy then posting she gets so embarrassed over it, she won't respond.

How did she put it in the past? Something you want to happen but not talk about ....


Anyways, I was told there might not be an after party tonight and the stunningly exotic Killer Queen might come on her public site to post and engage in conversation with her dashing prince. My newest photo obsession of the

FAIRY ... tale couple.

Above made by fan Keith Snyder in Ipswich

My exotic idol glam rock queen Fairy wearing yet another version of this look and looking so incarnate of her idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury

That time when the FAIRY ... tale couple went to a masquerade. I made a screencap of it 💗 along with what Fairy's PR man Jorge Schumann captioned.

I about died hyperventilating so hard when this was posted!!

#queenlyprincely #perfection #FAIRY...talecouple


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ My precious fans, we (Pavlova and I) felt it was time to address some of the things many of you have been having conversations about in the fan club comments. Yes, I do still read them believe that or not. My fame hasn't changed me all that much ... This particular fan - my fan club president and the first ever fan I met cracks us up. First he makes that video when he was accidentally sent the wedding invite, crying and carrying on calling Pavlova a pompous bastard because he had his valet contact him of the error. Now he's crying thinking my public site is gone, just because many of you aren't being able to access it due to the change that's taking effect - from to secured making it more legitimate. Isn't that just grand, dears?!


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): I want to know if boy's partner did 'painting'. It is remarkably stunning. Realistic. The exotic dark liquid brown eye lined eyes and the lips with the seductive gloss ... I have news you, Fairy's adoring fans, will be excited to hear. My fine friend who I refer to as 'Mr. X' thinks her story shouldn't go untold.

From her unique and unusual 'climb to fame' without typical ancient relied upon methods (such as laughable media) making her own 'media' and using internet and other means for publicity. Her captivating incarnate-like 'eerie canny resemblance' to 1970s Freddie Mercury's looks, talents and personality - even minute detail habits. Having known both Freddie Mercury and (my idol) Nureyev, he is very taken by Fairy. He has been very close friend of mine for many years. I have given him permission to do book when it comes to revealing certain things about myself. He wants to title it The Fairy Tale Couple ...... as he say, 'a combined autobiography on both of you.' He will co-write it with an author friend. You tell what you overheard, curious feline, yes?


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Oh I will, Rudy darling!!! Yes, my dears, I was having a bit of a nose. I was so drunk off my ...tits ... last night and fucked rocked so hard by you, my precious fans these past 2 days in Bristol, that it caught up to me and I slept until nearly 2pm!!! Anyways, I woke and all that and went to find where my delectably charming prince was. As I was about to enter 'the tea room', I heard him in there with 'Mr. X'. What I heard: --Pavlova: She will never be ready to learn of that. You saw melodramatic hysterics she went into over dairy. --Mr. X: Well, I hope you change your mind. The love you two have for each other is the same obsessive love Nureyev and Freddie had, and you know how she lives for her aspirations to be Freddie of that time.


Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet and stage director Haze Theatre) - Fairy, I was asked if you posted about what you overheard to post this to you (and for your adoring fans to read). Btw, I get a laugh off the particular fan as well. Pavlova read what he posted about him and his partner along with the photo and the remark he made was so him (snobbish aristocrat), 'more like peasants version. They don't dress fashionable as a prince and his queen*** ' ( *** 'queen' - always in ref. to the gay slang for effeminate gay male). What 'Mr. X' said (first off, all of us are in our 30s - early forties) - way before you and Pavlova's time, the 1960s. What was popular then was ballet because it fit in with the 'swinging sixties'. Rudolf Nureyev exploded on the scene in the early 60s defecting from Russia to France. He was literally bigger than that fucking shit show (would be straight....) over rated Beatles and Elvis and that is real. 'Rudy mania'. Mr. X then said in the '60s, the teenage Freddie Mercury was witnessing the gay princely dance legend Nureyev's rise to fame and developed his life long crush on him.


Late '60s early '70s, now early 20s university student, Freddie Mercury was into Hendrix and then coming to terms with being effeminate 'queen' with a sexual preference for men, developed an obsession for the movie Cabaret and the newest 'in thing' - glam rock. Cabaret would become what Freddie took much of his inspirations from. Even boldly dropping cryptic message to that freak show press stating, 'I'm more Liza Minnelli' when cruelly compared to certain fucking straight wankers. Offended they had him all wrong. Trying to cryptically let the freaks and the world know he was a 'queen'. Of course, his 'idol' dating that joke Nureyev wannabe Baryshnikov really put things in motion when it came to his life long crush on Nureyev who was STILL as popular as ever as lord of ballet in the '70s. Nureyev reigned for 2 whole decades before his fame slowly waned, due to sadly getting older. He was one of the most wealthiest people in the world. Fairy, 'Mr. X' told you about that laughable Wallace Potts jealous thing. Then the obsessively attending Nureyev's ballets thing about your idol and the showing up to the Royal Ballet in the silver sequin leotard bit.


Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): I not know where she is at moment, Ronnie old boy. Thank you for posting all that on behalf of Mr. X. Awhile back, in fan club, my femmka and I had conversation about photos (3-4 of them)

I have of Nureyev in 1970s at club with that Minnelli. I showed them to her and tell her what Mr. X (who gave me photos) tell me, these were 2 people her idol 'watched closely'. As I learn meaning of this slang 'crush' - Freddie's 'idol' (Minnelli) and his 'life long crush' (Nureyev). That day, backstage, let me find. I make screenshot of where it was written about.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, she is in the dance studio in your estate on the phone to me, in her 'melodramatic hysterics'. Scared over what she is going to find out about her prince next. She never got over the shock she went into over that diary. Btw, her fans would be in a wild frenzy over the book news. I know you refuse to talk to me anymore, so I won't expect a reply.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): Sordid gossip, I ignore spiteful obvious reason those photos you chose to add to what you post. You should be happy to know what I went to find is something you wrote ... So I make screenshots of what I refer to, as pictured below. I circle part I will be talking about.


When photographer Goldman accidentally slipped me footage of my femmka being campy queen backstage emulating my bow. I point this out (circled part) on website and tell her, 'that is first and only time I allow anyone touch my forehead after learning what I had, that you've learned through diary, femmka. Now I wish for you to touch bare forehead - caress erotic sensuous lips across my forehead. She shrieks like wild feline, melodramatic, 'No! Oh my god no!!!' I tell her, she must, I love her that much. It was lovely what she ... purred ... 'Rudy darling, let me just kiss your brow - it's always so romantic in medieval times when they would kiss the prince on his brow.' I am going down to the dance studio to - how you say? - 'check on' her.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ I asked him about his parents. That he couldn't have just materialized. Then joked, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had, Rudy darling, because you're so fucking princely and surreal. He acts so invasive. HA!! Ah! My dashing prince has arrived with his cherry brandy and a lovely glass of champagne for his queen. (note to Ron Craster - what you wrote about what he 'aristocratic snob' had to say about Geoff and his partner ... you're right, it is so like him. He's remarked several times the Loyal Subjects page embarrasses him. He asked, when it started, who's idea was it. I told him it was majorly mine, inspired by Queen fanzines and how Geoff runs my fan club. He just shrugged with that haughty dismissive expression of his).


Hi there, Fairy's adoring fans. I carried on so much over this in the fan club comments with you guys yesterday.

My breathtakingly exotic idol and her multimillionaire dashing Russian prince/ballet danseur having taken over my fanzine page. 

Fairy's public website profile will be updated with possibly an entire make over. I love her name. It's so androgynous, which fairies usually are. The extremely unique and creative way she came up with her name Fairy's Profile. Did you guys know that the fairies on Queen's logo (created by Fairy's idol Freddie Mercury) represented Freddie. Not surprising. Another of many him alluding to being effeminate 'queen'. Like you guys, I am so dead over the book news! It's touching what I was given for material for my fanzine. 'Mr. X.' refuses to let himself be revealed because he's not bound to upstage Fairy or have Fairy accused of 'riding his coat tails' of fame. Pavlova who is EXTREMELY wealthy, important and powerful was leery of that as well. Apparently 'Mr. X.' told Pavlova don't be bothered by that because you two are the modern times (1970s) Freddie and Nureyev - one can't be liked without the other.

I beyond words 💗💗 that!! Anyways, the SSL certificate is now in place. A new page will be started soon, which will include Fairy's new music video. I am so dead over this, you guys, be jealous - be very jealous over it. I was asked to help update Fairy's website profile!! Latest gifs I am recently obsessed over because they are literally making the identical mouth expressions #matching

Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.#fanaticobsession #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates #queenlyprincely


Exciting News!


Just a quick few messages to Fairy's adoring fans. Her fan club has now reached over 6 million!


• Pavlova is going to have the phrase/name 'glam rock queen' copyrighted to Fairy.

• We have started work on updating Fairy's sadly outdated and neglected profile on her public website. I am very upset her public site has become inactive again all due to tedious bs. 😞 Boring ugly negative jealous freaks who everyone can seriously do without. We're tuning out it all out and pushing on about promoting our VERY famous glam rock queen. LONG MAY SHE REIGN!


Signing off the fanzine page for now, Geoff Stafford. Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy.

😲 Fairy and Pavlova sighting in Hyde Park exclusive coming soon!! 😲

Meanwhile, you guys NEED to check out the revisions so far done to Fairy's profile!! Loving it! 💗💗


Message from Fairy Mercury:

While we wait for Geoff's 'Hyde Park exclusive' .... You're probably wondering, my darlings, why I'm posting this on his fanzine page. Because it has to do with fans and one fan in particular. First off, I want to make a point of the following that is on the footer of my public site.


I'm going to get this out of the way because it's so depressing. I miss this person dearly. Like Geoff, he was fun, positive, young and the idea devoted fan I wish to have. Aww, my delectably charming prince Pavlova is stroking - mmm, let me stroke you enormous fucking cock, Rudy dear ... caressing the back of my black nails left hand, giving me strength to post this. It's just so sad. It reminds me of the most devoted kind goodbye. Now I'm crying before

I even begin and I promised him I wouldn't - not in front of him.... Give me a moment, dears.


August marks a year my public website has been online. 2 years since I've 'owned' the URL As many of you know, the fan Jason Long bought the URL in an attempt to encourage me to go on when I wanted to give up and abandon my dreams. He then 'put his foot down' saying I deserved more than a 'low life' blog but a 'classy website' and went to another extent to get me web hosting/site builder. Several weeks later, he ended his life. He was only age 40. So August is 'bittersweet'. A gain and a loss.

Mr. Francis James Boyd and Raymond Giraud were not only very close friends with Jason Long, but they thought of him as a son. They were 'named as executors' of his will. Carrying out his 'last wishes'. He was such an 'idolizing fanatic' of me. Myself and my public site was mentioned in his will. I was so very touched by his kindness, compassion and his loyal fan devotion (I told Pavlova this), as many of you, my precious fans, remember; I paid his way to come see my first two shows of my 'mini tour' Flight Of The Fairy. So that I could meet this kind compassionate devoted fan in person. I just want to be rid of negative bullying cruel people .... I have no place in my fame/reputation, life or even my heart for mean, threatening, prejudice, etc. people. I don't support those behaviors. As was once told to me, 'unfortunately, you can't choose your fans and you will get undesirables and the best thing to do is avoid and ignore. You're the star and you're not obligated to interact with all fans.' Besides, that's unrealistic considering my fan club alone has now over 6 million members. If only they were all Geoffs, Jasons and Keiths (plus friends), Elliots (plus friends) and soooo many of the rest of you. Fun loving and positive.


Thank you for your advice 'Mr. X' and Raymond Giraud .... Onto positive things now.

**Side note from miZ Mercury's PR: so glad she quit 'eCunt' and the 'eCunt' drama is a distant thing of the past.

That site/company needs to go under...

I want to thank you, my precious fans, for your lovely comments left about the so far revisions done to my public website profile. We will be working some more on it next week. Next weekend, I have 2 shows in Leeds. Pre-sale tickets start tomorrow in the fan club. Hopefully we'll find time to start work on my new music video. We will be starting an new page soon 'Behind The Throne' - loads of candid. It will be the last remaining of the old pages we sat out to revise. The one we asked for you, my darlings, to give a title to. xx Fairy


Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy Mercury fan & fan club president): Talking about remembering Jason Long, I was so 'idolizing fanatic' of Fairy, I actually tried to get a job at the cabaret where she got her start and where I was the first fan of hers ever to meet her. Is that crazy or what? 😄😅 I might ask the guy who owns it for an interview. He's the one who was quoted in the caption thing accompanying her All Dead, All Dead video.


Have you, Fairy's adoring fan, noticed this at the top of the homepage? She shares the spotlight with her Russian prince 💗 I am sooooo obsessed with the 2 photos of them she added to what she posted. I wish I looked like her in the one of her. Her exotic long midnight black fringed bob and black eye shadow and lipstick... in her dashing prince's Haze Theatre dressing room. I can't wait for the new page to begin and for her new video!!!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the every so elegant Fairy Mercury: I really like those 2 photos of them as well, Geoff. Btw, it's kind of awkward anymore to refer to Fairy other than she/her now ... My partner (and Fairy's personal photographer) Greg Hastings is very pleased he hired Phil Goldman as his asst. photographer. You're looking for content, I'll give you this. Greg is very territorial because as was mentioned, him and Fairy started 'the dream' with inspirations to be the next Mick Rock photographing 1970s Freddie Mercury. They had that certain way they wanted Fairy to be photographed:


For someone like the powerful multimillionaire Pavlova to liken Philip's photography to Snowdon (who was namely known for 'sittings') is unreal. It's too obvious the Russian prince/ballet danseur took a liking to Phil mainly because he captured the footage of the glam rock queen being campy backstage emulating Pavlova's princely bow. Now he's obviously closely watching for Phillip's other photos and/or video. Naturally, Phil is very nervous over it.

Btw, I like the idea of you wanting to ... 'interview' ... the cabaret owner.


Fairy's (other) adoring fans, the next part of her profile will hit on putting her image together. Myself and my partner designing her '70s Freddie Mercury costumes and photographing/filming her. Also, the new page will delve into that as well. It will also include Pavlova's journey becoming 'destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'. Are you guys ready for my next 'write up'?? ... We still laugh over how she has only one ballet slipper. You guys tried so hard and failed joking about the fan Keith's spelling errors only to make some yourselves.

Geoff Stafford (AVID Fairy Mercury fan & fan club president): Mr. Wagner, thanks for the content!!! I 💗 it along with the rest of Fairy's fans. Seriously can't want now for the new page! That thing that Elliot and his mates sent is so old! It was when Haze Theatre just took on managing Fairy. Her fans think the site intro/description should be changed from 'popular' to 'famous' because famous would be more accurate and up to date. Suggestion, can I make a Fairy's entourage slider? You know, like us pictured and our individual roles we play written. Can't wait for you guys to read my exclusive about Pavlova and Fairy sighting in Hyde Park the fan Dan Wilson is providing me with. So obsessed with the FAIRY ... tale couple!


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Johann and I are literally crying from laughing so hard right now. If any fan of Killer Queen reading this and STILL isn't a fan club member, really should seriously consider. They (Fairy and Pavlova) are fond of posting little 'snippet videos' (as they call it) of themselves together. The one just now posted is too hilarious!!! Pavlova saying in this comical Nureyev manner/humour complete with theatrical mock aristocratic eye roll, 'more rainbows and hearts. It's girlish. How old is boy? Where's peasant wannabe prince? Insulting.'

Fairy 'campy tart' wildly laughing over it launches into 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' then laughingly purrs,

'watch I'll be called 'exotic bitch' by him over this, Rudy dear. Have fun trying to line up interviewing the cabaret owner. Don't forget to ask him about providing the REAL (exaggerated heavy emphasis on the word) prince with

the using a maraca as a tit footage of me.'

This concludes the premiere edition of the Fairy Mercury online fanzine Loyal Subjects.

Look for volume 2 to start soon!

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