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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Regal And Majestic

'The concept of Queen is to be regal and majestic. Glamour is a part of us, and we want to be dandy.' - Freddie Mercury (circa, 1970s). This quote of Fairy's idol defines Fairy who loves to tart herself up in silk, satin, velvet (like her '70s idol). 'The more obscenely tight, the more erotic, darlings!' is what Fairy's sibilant purr exclaims. Photo (left) Fairy in the

'Black Queen' satin catsuit look of her idol.

Following written by Ron Craster (Pavlova's valet, Haze Theatre stage director and

stage director for Fairy's 'Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited' tour)


This is too hilarious and I just had to share it with you, Fairy’s adoring fans!Pavlova was sitting having his brandy after he had told Fairy, ‘what is mine is yours, femmka.Not just me – but all this. Prowl around if you wish.’ So the divine lush creature slinks off to who knows where. Next thing, the cook Prescott enters the room Pavlova is in, nervously clears is throat and says, ‘may I have a word?’ Pavlova coldly stares at the cook then in Russian spats, ‘what is it? Can it not be taken up with my personal assistant who is standing there!’ making a gesture towards me. The cook then nervously says, ‘your umm – guest – is in the kitchen.’ Pavlova still in Russia coldly replies, ‘I was not aware we have a guest. Has someone come uninvited? How have they been permitted to come in?!’ angrily sitting aside his brandy and gets up. Looking extremely embarrassed, the cook says, ‘your fiancee I meant.’

Pavlova spats, ‘Bring gardener – we have talk!’ with angry gesture towards the set of 4 French doors in the room which lead outside. Stopping to quickly explain, the gardener isn’t allowed inside and lives in the guest house. The cook leaves and shortly returns with the gardener outside the French doors. Pavlova opens one of the doors and tells them, ‘My fiancée is Bohemian way of life. Something you are not accustom to – compared to how I live and expect things. If she is out in garden without clothes or in kitchen, you are to leave her and focus on your duties.’ At that moment, Fairy comes gliding into the room with a bowl of salad and proceeds to sit in lotus position on the sofa. You are to always eat at the dining table unless you are having tea …. Pavlova doesn’t know what ‘snacking’ is. You don’t ‘eat between meals’.


Pavlova stares – mouth gaped open, then starts to spat something at the cook in Russian. I grasp hold his arm quietly telling him, ‘you said you wouldn’t tame her. She is unlike you, as you know, Pavlova. She doesn’t have cooks, gardeners or even a valet (personal assistant).’He stared at me then said to me, ‘I will learn these things – her Bohemian way of life and try to understand.’ gazing off at Fairy. A man in love and obsessed. Fairy is perfect in Pavlova’s eyes – although he clearly doesn’t understand the ‘unruly’ glam rock Persian queen. Killer queen’s eye lined dark liquid brown eyes curiously eyes, us then sibilant purr purrs, ‘can I have a glass of wine, Rudy darling?’ I mutter to the cook that I’ll get it and head to the bar in the room saying, ‘Red or white?’ She looks off, black nails left hand fingers preening the top of her midnight black hair purring, ‘red’. Pavlova coldly mutters to the cook, ‘she is done. Take it away.’ and goes over to Fairy taking hold the black nails left hand, kisses the back of it then says,’come, kitten, we go for walk. Take wine with you.’

So off the go outside. I follow along in case Pavlova wants me for something since I haven’t been instructed not to. The thing with him is that no one or anything exists when he’s with Fairy. This was funny. Pavlova said something in Russian gazing at Fairy who’s eye lined dark exotic liquid brown eyes desperately searched for me to translate. I hesitate to approach especially after I see the Russian ballet danseur step closer to the Persian glam rock queen and takes the glass of wine from her. Fairy gasps startled as Pavlova tosses the glass of wine and it shatters on the stone. He then says in English, hand to her cheek, thumb caressing the corner of her glossed lips, theatrical – ‘princely’, ‘do not let a glass of wine deserve your erotic sensuous lips more than -’ he pauses a slight embarrassed look on his face as the effeminate queen’s eye lined eyes lower to the front of his trousers. Obviously thinking – expecting the rest of what Pavlova was about to say was something on the lines of ‘more than my cock’. He caresses his finger under her chin and tilts her midnight black hair head back and kisses on her neck quietly breathing on it, more than my lips.’

She cries out startled as the then spins her around – back to him and hugs his arm around her mid section and mutters into the back of her long midnight black hair head, ‘you smell so exotic and it is so arousing. Hitting – it was wrong choice of word, no? Not so romantic.’

A puzzled look crosses Killer Queen’s face, black nails left hand caressing Pavlova’s arm across her mid section, then sibilant purr purrs ‘Hitting? I don’t understand what you’re talking about, Rudy darling.’ Then an embarrassed look crosses her face as he takes hold the ‘layered necklace’ quietly saying, ‘exotic and alluring, femmka’ then lets go the necklace caressing the back of his hand across Fairy’s … tits. ‘What word should I have used instead, my erotic forbidden creature?’ he then breathes into the back of her long midnight black hair head.

Embarrassingly, my phone’s ringtone goes off obviously startling the both of them. Pavlova spats, ‘why you here?! Leave us! If it’s for me, tell them no. I wish not to be bothered when I am with her!’ with a dismissive gesture. I head towards the French doors answering my phone. Who it is is ‘someone important’ as I’ll put it and they sound as though it’s urgent they speak with Pavlova. I glance toward the ‘Fairy … tale couple’ – the Persian glam rock queen’s glossed lips caressing over Pavlova’s lips sibilant purr quietly erotically purring on them, ‘Mmm – let me suck your cock, darling, then cum on (pause and slight shy embarrassed tone) my tits.’ I approach and clear my throat embarrassed to interrupt and tell Pavlova who wants to speak to him. His Russian temper is provoked and he spats, ‘Ruin a perfectly romantic erotic moment! I don’t -’ words trail as he snatches my phone from me angrily saying something Russian, then into the phone, ‘you have called at wrong time’

Fairy caresses her fingertip across Pavlova’s back then glides off singing (from ‘The Millionaire Waltz’), ‘we spent all our days holding hands together - do you remember, my love. How we danced and played - in the rain we laid - Could stay there, forever and ever’

Speaking of that song, here is Fairy's latest video. Choreographed by Pavlova. Fairy performing 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions' on the credits. The glam rock queen's adoring fans, please take note of the perfect timing of some of it that Pavlova did with the choreograph. As always, read the captions and credits because there's a bit of camp and a special message from Fairy. Unfortunately, due to it was sprung on Jorge at the last moment about creating a new page, Fairy won't be on until tomorrow to discuss the video, etc .... A big surprise and the public site will become active now that Jorge sorted out that annoying server issue.

Regards, Ron Craster


Hello dears, I hope you are enjoying your Friday. In 2 1/2 more hours I will be gracing the stage in Cardiff for my first time performance there. I decided to quickly share this. Now the server issue has been sorted, my public site will become more active. I haven't the time at the moment to spend a lot of time. I always find it so ... enormously ... hilarious when all of you jokingly turn on me saying you're off to find some lesser than to be fans of. I don't know where to begin about the crazy amount of comments so many of you are leaving about the video. You can't handle 'the perfection' of the 'FAIRY ... tale couple' and are in 'wild frenzies' and 'hyperventilating'. I suppose I should get around to commenting on what the .... ahem ... new contributor posted.

I have a big announcement I will be making at my Cardiff show tonight, and since all of you won't be there, I will also post about on the fan club and my public site. xx Fairy


This beautiful gif fan Mitchell Corben in Cardiff made from footage of Fairy's concert last night in Cardiff. Thank you for letting us feature it. Most of all, thanks for being an avid fan of Fairy.

Fairy's adoring fans, as you know tonight will be her second sold out show in Cardiff. Pre-sale tickets for next weekend's London shows has already sold out. It is just now turning 5pm here. The ever so elegant Persian queen will be gracing the stage in 4 more hours. Then she will be on her public site an hour or two afterwards.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Hello dears. It is once again, 2 1/2 hours before I take the stage for my second night at Cardiff. Cardiff fans, you have been wonderful!!! It's lovely to be able to cum come on my public site now and not be greeted by that horrible 'server connection lost' message. I guess I never thought this out, my darlings! So my precious fans who were at last night's Cardiff show beat me to one thing I had planned. I announced last night during my concert that Hyde Park is definitely in the works! (shrieks like a wild cat) But not until next year due to the fact that I am getting married next month and will be in Vienna the entire month. More on that later (after my concert when I have more time). I just love it how much all of you are enjoying the new video.

I can't wait until my delectably handsome Russian prince Pavlova and I cum come on later so we can discuss it.

Especially his reaction to this ....

When he was given it for footage to add to his choreographing it (it took him 5 hours to put it together!!). I am so fucking in love with him, my darlings!!! It scares me because NEVER have I ever been 'in love' and as 'in love' as I am with him! I want to quickly talk about what Ron Craster posted. Pavlova confronted me and it was so embarrassing!! In that sexy broken English Russian accent of his (that fucking excites this queen in so many erotic ways ...) telling me, 'Femmka, I have learned 'snacking'. If cook is not preparing enough for you to eat, I have him make more. You mustn't be like a peasant, scrounging for things to eat.' He obviously didn't understand his valet's explanation of 'snacking'. I wish we weren't interrupted by that phone call, my darlings, because he has such a thing for my .... tits .... and I seriously wanted him to cum on them .....

(Your thoughts when you read this, Rudy darling ... I can imagine it arouses your enormous fucking cock ...)


I will be on after tonight's concert to post more, dears. Give me a few hours and a few lovely glasses of champagne and my glossed lips giving my prince's enormous fucking cock a blow job to unwind first. So much to talk about. Before I go! I nearly forgot!! I have so elated to have my personal photographer and costume designer back from their honeymoon. Many of you were wondering who then is doing video and photos of my Bristol and Cardiff shows. Greg Hastings (my photographer) hired an assistant a month ago because I've gotten that big, dears!!

I'll leave you with these gifs.


(Rudy darling, my 'full sensuous erotic' glossed lips in this gif on your enormous fucking cock, tonight, back of your limo - after my concert ... Then the gif of you I made with your adoring habit - like my 'preening' habit - face you're making hanging up your ballet tunic).


Fairy's Melancholy Moment


The glam rock superstar Fairy Mercury has taken the stage. The first song on her ever changing set list is the song Queen was known for opening their 1970s concerts with. ‘Now I’m Here’ The last lines of the song ‘ Now I’m Here – Think I’ll stay around around around’ The divine lush creature’s vocals – emulating her idol (1970s Freddie Mercury) to perfection cracks.

Fairy doing the habitual 'preening' top of hair that her idol Freddie Mercury was known for doing. So much so, that two different clown act 'the media' made mention of it in two different articles written on Freddie.

With an elegant wave of her black nails left hand – gesturing for her band to quit playing, her exotic sibilant purr tells her adoring fans in the sold out Cardiff venue, ‘I know this isn’t Brighton, dears, but I had a melancholy reflective moment just now. I performed my very first show in Brighton on my very long road to success and (pauses over the irony of using the song’s name) now I’m here. Playing larger crowds, larger venues and living a wonderful (pauses with a ‘Ha!’ - black nails left hand preening the top of her midnight black hair and continues on purring) fairy tale life of fame and love. Thank you for making me your star, darlings!’ Then sings the last bit of the song, ‘Now I’m Here – Think I’ll stay around around around’ Emotional and beautiful!


Up next, shortly after Killer Queen’s final night Cardiff concert, more for the glam rock queen herself (of course!) and the charmingly handsome Russian ballet danseur Pavlova recalls being given the backstage footage (gif below) to help him choreograph the exotic prancer's new video and what Pavlova very hilariously did and said about it. The wildness that goes on backstage at Fairy’s shows! It will have you fans in tears. Laughing so hard, that is.

Following written by Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury)

Fairy's adoring fans, her and Pavlova just left in his limo. wasting no time to leave. Her concert ended 15 minutes ago. Current time: 11:15pm. Fairy’s PR man Jorge Schumann was wrong telling you, her adoring fans, that Pavlova was going to come on and tell about the footage made into a gif from off her recent music video. I was asked to. Give me time to get situated. I am doing this on the way back into London.

While you guys are waiting, these two of Fairy's fave quotes from her idol ....


Apparently, Pavlova had asked for recent footage from her 2 Bristol shows because he wanted to choreograph it promoting her concert tour and include himself dancing ballet to her performance of ‘The Millionaire Waltz’. My partner Greg Hastings (the divine lush creature Fairy’s personal photographer) assistant (Philip Goldman) was left in charge of photographing and video taping her Bristol and Cardiff concerts. During the Bristol concert, backstage, he captured the exotic glam rock queen rocking her regal red plush velvet jacket (I had made for her replicating the one her idol was often photographed wearing in the ‘70s) being campy queen emulating her dashing Russian prince – ballet danseur Pavlova’s princely bow.


When Philip gave Pavlova footage, he didn’t realize that was among it! Philip saying, ‘he (Pavlova) makes me nervous. It’s not everyday you meet a multi millionaire and royalty. The man exudes wealthy aristocrat. Noble prince of great importance. So when I was approached by his valet about footage, I gave Mr. Craster everything I video taped and didn’t realize the exotic queen camping it up backstage emulating Pavlova’s bow was among the footage I gave the valet.’

What became of it is as follows. Pavlova let it be known he saw the footage among the video footage Philip gave Ron Craster to give to him. Backstage (2nd night Bristol show), he enters announcing, ‘wedding is off!’ Everyone back stage quits what they’re doing and their eyes dart onto Fairy. It was adorable how Fairy’s exotic dark liquid brown eyes stared at her prince then moved onto her makeup kit on a nearby table – obviously thinking of Pavlova’s ongoing tease about she must wear the pale blue eye shadow or the wedding is off. A puzzled look then crosses her face as if she doesn’t get why he said it this time. He approaches the effeminate queen (method acting…), ‘you dare mock the lord of dance! Someone lock this insolent silly girl in tower! No, better yet – dungeon! I don’t want her to become like that Rapunzel bird using her hair to climb down from tower!’

Everyone breaks out laughing. Fairy wildly laughs with a toss of her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder. Pavlova gazes at her then steps to her side, opening his laptop and shows her the backstage footage of her being campy tart emulating his princely bow; Russian accent teasing, ‘is this what you do, femmka, when you are not in my presence?’ Then I hear him whisper, in Russian, into the side of her midnight black hair, ‘the urge to dominate you overtakes me, femmka.’ Fairy’s sibilant purr quietly purrs, ‘English, Rudy darling’ and he repeats what he said in English. The exotic queen obviously aroused by it, purrs, ‘mmm, take me! Right here! In front of everyone!’ then she slips her arms around him and I can hear her quietly purr into his light brown bob, ‘let me show them I can handle your enormous fucking cock.’ The Russian ballet danseur’s eyes lower to the floor and I hear him quietly say, ‘improper and so very arousing, my forbidden seductive exotic creature. I am tempted – so very enticed to give in, but no.’

I know you fans will really go into your wild frenzy over this.It was so romantic. He stepped back from her and pressed his forehead against hers. Their midnight black and light brown fringes (bangs) pressed together

(matching ….). I wish I took a photo of it because it really was so very romantic looking. He then quietly said in Russian, ‘Vienna will be so very jealous. Even more so than Peter Pan.’ and kissed her cheek then walked off.

Of course, the glam rock queen’s dark eye lined eyes immediately sought me out to translate.‘Did you hear what he said, Johann?!’ the exotic Persian’s sibilant purr asks me. I tell her, ‘I was standing close enough to hear.’ and translated to English what he had said. Her eye lined eyes lower to his cock ring she silly tart wears as a ‘fashionably naughty bracelet’ on her black nails left hand wrist - …. fondling …. it. Too obvious the overly sexual queen thinking of her prince’s ‘enormous cock’ .... Which I'm sure that's what she's doing right now in the back of the limo. off to Cambridge. What the overly sexual glam rock queen posted above and below the two gifs she posted before she went off to get ready for her concert. Strike throughs and all. Let me copy/paste it below as a possible 'lead in' for when she comes on again ....


Taken from Fairy's earlier post: I will be on after tonight's concert to post more, dears. Give me a few hours and a few lovely glasses of champagne and my glossed lips giving my prince's enormous fucking cock a blow job to unwind first. So much to talk about.

(Rudy darling, my 'full sensuous erotic' glossed lips in this gif on your enormous fucking cock, tonight, back of your limo - after my concert ... Then the gif of you I made with your adoring habit - like my 'preening' habit - face you're making hanging up your ballet tunic).


From Jorge Schumann (PR man & web design for FM): LOL!! I'm not going to argue with you, Johann. I didn't get anything wrong. I was told Pavlova was to comment on it himself, in presence of Fairy's fans. So we'll see.


Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur - Jorge, I'm laughing as I write this to you. At least that argumentative gossip isn't getting in arguments about Fairy's tits ... Will NEVER live down, costume designer! .... You don't dare try to make fool out of me and tell me what to do! You were wrong assuming that time ... I have my valet get concert footage and I go through it for 'highlights' - grabbing attention moments. Where 'glam rock queen' looks most enticing, erotic and glam ..... I come across backstage footage thinking, 'Ah! What's this?' Exotic creature being silly girl emulating my bow. I had to add it into video. I have valet contact assistant photographer for more information on filming it, then I have valet add 'caption' describing what silly girl is doing in footage. I could not resist to tease next I saw her - which was yesterday - her 1st night Cardiff show. As you can see, her adoring fans, even more silly girl camp - bottom of homepage, she adds new 'production' name under cat gif.


From Jorge Schumann (PR man & web design for FM): You're too funny, Pavlova! (humour of your idol Nureyev...). To top it off, getting in arguments with you about your queen's tits on her public website before all her adoring fans. Do you read the comments her fans leave?? They were really carrying on over the perfect timing you did with that footage on 'I've taken my bows' line of 'We Are The Champions'. Nureyev choreographed all the ballets he danced, as you know, Pavlova. You take after him. #destiny #FAIRYtalecouple #incarnates


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Talking about ... tits ... I had him cum on mine after I sucked his enormous fucking cock after my concert tonight ... He is so fucking drunk on his cherry brandy and it is so fucking delectable!

So, my darlings, as with Bristol, I will most definitely rock Cardiff again when I return from Vienna at the end of June. I was a bit disappointed about Hyde Park. Apparently, you have to plan/book way in advance for that sort of thing. Then it was so touching, to make up for the 'partial disappointment' as it was put to me - 'but Hyde Park will be in the works for next year', I was given things I will cherish forever!! I will be on tomorrow. I have to go off now. I can't explain why, dears. I am so glad my PR man/web designer took care of that annoying server issue. Photos still are slow to load when adding them, but I'd rather put up with that than that crazy upsetting server issue. So now my public site can be active again as with the always very active fan club. Any fans who were at my Cardiff shows and aren't member's yet, please consider joining. Sweet dreams, Fairy


Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur - Don't be shy of me, femmka ... I will let you talk of intimacies between us because, it's expected. Unruly, prima .... She is upset (rather childish) because I won't talk of gifs she made of us and strikethroughs. It is why she does it because she's shy. Although I am dominate, I will not lead because I only know my 'upbringing' and it is unlike her Bohemian way of life, unruly, uninhibited, decadent.


Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury): Ahem... like I said that one time, Fairy, remember when I was ... forbidden ... to write about the after party for your very first performance at Haze Theatre? Then I told you that I bet if YOU wrote about it, it wouldn't be 'sordid gossip' ....

Hello dears. I hope you're having a lovely day full of all sorts of naughtiness. Above photo - I told my personal photographer to quit putting the watermarking across my tits .... Anyways, I didn't even wake up until 4 hours ago!! A little after 1pm. I usually sleep until noon anyways. But I was rocked and fucked so hard the last 2 nights by all of you who came to see my Cardiff shows, it all caught up to me! HA!! I woke slightly disorientated as to where I was (hung over, silly tart!) and felt this delectably muscular warm body laying behind me. Feeling my hair being pet (oh, purr!!!) and this enormous fucking bulge pressed against my ass .... I was completely naked (how I usually sleep).

Don't you just hate it, darlings, when you can't quit thinking of something? What I am talking about is another one of those something that happens but you don't talk about it things ... Let me do a screenshot of what I am talking about. It happened during that showing up drunk in Manchester incident that I brought up on the My Fairy King Queen page (the 'in Russia cats say myaow and in England they say meeow because they hear different' bit).

Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about from the page (Flick Of The Wrist):

I will finish later, my darlings. Apparently we're off to Hyde Park ... I am back, dears. I nearly forgot to come back on and here it is almost my Zzz time. Another hour or so it will be. Seriously, awww - I wouldn't forget about you, you're my wonderful precious fans who... 'brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it - I thank you all '. We all know what song that is from. I tend to be a bit melodramatic but, my darlings, why all the drama in the fan club comments?! Yes, I nearly fainted while in Hyde Park at the Peter Pan statue. Apparently there's someone about that stone bitch statue has an ill effect on me. HA!!! Mmm.... although I know it's my delectably handsome prince that makes me feel faint. Geoff, if it makes you feel better, he is very sorry. I am going to have him come on here and apologize in the presence of all of my millions of fans so you will stop your drama. He is not being a pompous bastard and you must understand!


Before he does, I think it's too hilarious the tension between Pavlova and my costume designer. Again, I confronted him telling him, 'Johann is my best friend, Rudy darling. He has a name, you know. It's Johann not 'costume designer'.' This is what he said, 'I don't care if it's Johann Strauss -' I interrupted laughingly saying, 'Darling, there's Johann Sebastian Bach and Johann Strauss. Isn't that odd there are so many classical composers with the name Johann? You know, my costume designer was named after Strauss - the Austrian composer.' He stared at me with this intense stare, most likely over me rudely interrupting, then continued his fiery cut down, 'Ah, Vienna - what an insult that .... insolent fool is named after Strauss! Am I suppose to like him because of this? No! Where did they go for honeymoon? Down the road on foot like peasants? And we - we will be in Vienna. If you are lower class, you have no name! You are occupation!' I then said this to him, 'so that explains why your cook is 'cook'.' I just had to tell my costume designer what he said, especially that part: 'Where did they go for honeymoon? Down the road on foot like peasants?' Johann laughed and told me to tell him, 'yeah, Greg and I went on foot down the local pub and barely was able to pay for the run down living in squalor flat they let above the pub.'

Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur - I suppose I will be more 'pompous bastard' if I were to say I am only doing this for Fairy. It is something I do not do. I apologize to fan although it wasn't my fault. My valet was given a list of 'potential guests' on her behalf that would attend wedding. The error obvious being, he is in charge of fan club and is on list of addresses of those 'affiliated with' her. Boy goes to extent making video and crying on it posting it in comments. Yes, drama ... You, as they say, 'jump to conclusions'. You have hurt her feelings calling me a 'pompous bastard'. This is what I offer, IF you can be trusted, I will pay for you to come to Vienna - to wedding. I will have you put up in hotel. She says you are very loyal fan and it is one of several reasons you run fan club. I will have my valet contact you to discuss further.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ You handled that like the true prince you are, Rudy darling. I love you so fucking much! Of course he can be trusted or why else would I have him in charge of running my fan club. Awww. I'll never forget it. I had my start in Brighton. It's why Brighton holds a special place in my tit heart. I remember ending my show and leaving out the back and he approached me, his precious friends timidly lingering behind. He was the first of any of my fans I ever met and he's been such a loyal avid fan since. He is so fanatically obsessed (like so many the rest of you) with my 'FAIRY...tale couple' romance/relationship with my Nureyev. I wish I could only share with you, my darlings, things I have been told about Nureyev and Freddie. Such as the obsessively going to see Nureyev's ballets in the 1970s stories, etc. but unfortunately, I can't. No words are sufficient to describe how surreal it is for myself to be told by someone who actually knew my idol and Nureyev how identical I am to Freddie, right down to habits. Pavlova is so much the incarnate of Nureyev. It's far fetched and unrealistic - hard to fathom, but so very real.


Pavlova / Haze Theatre, ballet danseur - I say this because I already had in past post. Freddie Mercury wore the Harlequin leotard look of Nijinsky. Below scan from auction catalogue when it sadly was auctioned off.

The androgynous Nijinsky

Fools (speculating media) cruelly thought he/she was trying to be like Nureyev who was VERY famous in the '60s and '70s, but he/she wasn't. Nureyev IS NOT 'effeminate' - Nijinsky was. Nijinsky is who Freddie Mercury stated many times that is who he/she took the inspiration from. Androgynous - effeminate as they both were. Freddie Mercury was in love with Nureyev. Life long 'crush'. As you know, Fairy obtained books detailing relationship. It's all I am allowed to say and will say. I post photo of FAIRY in Harlequin leotard because this is about her being identical to her idol and must not be mistaken. Book (of many) I have on my idol Nureyev stating: 'Nureyev was masculine, whereas Nijinsky was effeminate'. Freddie Mercury was attracted to masculine to suit his/her effeminate.

I do agree with conversation held on fan club the other day. This is more about Fairy and I being 'incarnates', 'mirror images', etc. of them with our own 'panache'/touch/style - 'this day and age' them and not so much about them. Safe to say this too considering Fairy assumed it. You can see the in love obsession for Nureyev in Freddie's lyrics. Such as song 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' (when Nureyev was in Valentino movie) along with other lyrics. Then quotes you will read that point to the in love obsession.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Since I literally idolize (1970s) Freddie Mercury as in wanting to be him. I have studied him in great details. His lyrics are strange how they are written 'backwards' and what I mean by this is an example I gave to my precious fans before we met (I cringe over 'before we met' - I fucking LOVE my life now with you in it, Rudy darling! You complete me). I used 'Flick of the Wrist' as an example, 'blow him a kiss and you're mad' - that is him talking about himself blowing ugly prick asshole boyfriend a kiss. Then 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy'. That is obviously the same - 'I'll be your Valentino just for you' - reading into it 'I' isn't referring to him. It's written as in someone translating a story from an outsiders point of view. 'I'll (Nureyev) will be your (Freddie) Valentino just for you (Freddie).' He was obviously the 'she' in the lyrics. Killer Queen (queen - effeminate - gay slang). I could go on deciphering the cryptic that only gay people would get. I fucking LOATHE naive about gays straight people.

Not to leave out 'I've taken my bows and my curtain calls' - the line is so ballet because only in ballet are 'curtain calls' done. 'Bed of roses' most likely gotten from the bouquet of roses gifted to the danseur and ballerina at the

curtain call.


I've stated how I look the most (as if you can't see by the photos and videos of me throughout my fan club and public sites) that I mainly resemble my idol from Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack. I've not only been told that, but that I also look alot like him during the Hyde Park concert. I loved the look. The nails, the black eye shadow and it was when he 'premiered' the leotards. I can't wait until I live out my dreams of replicating Hyde Park.

This is me (below gif) with that exact look, dears.

And then there is my delectable prince and that distracting enormous fucking cock of his ....

I never finished what I wanted to come back on later to say about when I woke up today ....

Oh well. Sweet dreams. xx Fairy

London, are you ready to be rocked by the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury tomorrow and Saturday?! She is so ready to rock you!! She will be on (the public site) later today or tomorrow before her Friday concert. Again any serious fans who still don't have membership to the very active fan club, you are urged to sign up! Exclusive photos, videos, interviews, etc. that you won't find on the public site.

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