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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Heir To The Throne

Come hear the music play

Come to the cabaret, old chum

Life is a cabaret

Life Is A Cabaret

(from Liza Minnelli song 'Cabaret')


Hello dears. Now things have been sorted about my public site, I have decided to go from the activity on my fan club site to getting my public site a bit updated. I have exciting news!! I will be doing a special New Year's gig at the Brighton cabaret on the 31st. So any of you in and around the Brighton area (or those being so touchingly devoted enough to travel) wishes to spend New Year's Eve partying at the Brighton cabaret with me, I would truly love it.

More soon and a new page coming very soon! This one is getting a bit too long.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

From Rudolf Pavlova (ballet danseur)

I share this with my femmka’s adoring fans because it is funny.
She obtained silly book titled Dial Meow For Murder. Catchphrase of book: ‘We are sorry that person is no longer alive’ She cuddles on sofa beside me to read, purring, ‘this book is so adorable!’ Toss of her long midnight black hair in my face. This I always find very arousing. I sip my brandy, jealous at the her attention is on book and not me.
She quietly laughs. I ask, ‘what is funny, femmka?’ She purrs, ‘it’s so cute, Rudy darling! The cat in the book is named Sir Peridot Tinkleston. It’s um (clears throat) a black Persian and behaves well - (pauses) unruly.’ The pause obviously deliberate…So I say, ‘no wonder you like book. Unruly creature like yourself.’ grinning, I add, ‘or perhaps with a name as that he is snobbish aristocrat, yes?’ She wildly laughs. I glance an envious glance at layered necklace ‘cascading’ down her … tits … She laughs again (shyly noticing …) and purrs,‘they keep trying to catch him and he keeps clawing them. Oh my god! It reminds me of how Myaow reacts towards you, darling.’ Holding up her black nails left hand in ‘claw’ pose.

Wasn't it 'clever' (as you British say) of me to find photo of my femmka with black nails left hand as such?

Ah, and taken Haze Theatre at that ...

I take her hand, caress then kiss back of it saying, ‘well then, maybe he will not be tames, as I refuse to tame you,

my unruly creature.’ She turns shy, the lovely exotic eye lined eyes looking at my hand caressing the back of her

black nails left hand then purrs, ‘you wiped your kiss off.’
‘So I did’ I breathe, then raise her lovely slender hand to my lips, gaze at her at I give it a lingering kiss.

Very romantically, the alluring creature lilts, ‘I could give up all my life for just
one kiss – I would surely die if you dismissed me from your love – You Take My Breath Away’
(from song ‘You Take My Breath Away’) then, very erotically, she softly purrs, ‘kiss me, Rudy darling.’
caressing fingertip at corner of my lips. The sensuous full lips drenched in … lip gloss … brings
about an extreme shyness in me. It has from moment we met. She knows this and likes to tease and
play erotic games over it. She smirks and lays her midnight black hair head onto my … lap … purring, ‘oh Rudy darling, I love you madly. Romantic perfect prince who falters when it comes to kissing my lips.’ She sits up, the slender black nails left hand perched on my … cock … and grasps hold my ‘princely bob’ (as you, her adoring fans are fond of calling my hair) and purrs into my ear, ‘mmm, I buy enticing scents just for you to taste and you won’t even taste of my lips.
I end up wasting it all on sucking your enormous fucking cock.’

I hate I have no reply … romantic … ‘princely’ enough. Only crude thoughts that would be deserving of a slap in the face such as … ‘lubricant’ crude jokes. (I dread her response once she reads what I had written here….)
So I say in Russian, forgetting she does not speak or understand the language, ‘perhaps I should be jealous at my cock then.’ The … lips … now at the corner of my lips, in seductive whispery purr, ‘English, Rudy darling’ So I repeat in English. Gaspy purr, ‘What?! Oh my god! Are you seriously going to sit here and discuss your cock with me?!

I mean, really?!’ she then gets up and leaves the room. One of the moments I decide I will pursue … I follow after

the ‘divine lush creature’saying. ‘do you not care what your blow jobs do to me, baby?’ (forgetting how shy calling her this makes her…) ‘Whaaaat?! I just can’t -’ gaspily purred then she hurriedly slinks off into the sauna. I laugh.

My valet comes into view. I tell him, ‘bring one of my femmka’s kimonos. She is in the sauna. Knock. Tell her you have kimono and that I have gone stairs down to my dance studio to work on my pirouettes.’ Before I go, I knock on door of sauna and say through it in Russian, ‘Fairy, remember, dance is like sex and both I do very well.’ knowing the curious feline will as my valet to translate what I had said.

For you, her adoring fans, wanting to know. Yes, she still wears my cock ring as her 'fashionably naughty bracelet'

Up Next ...

Will Fairy respond to her 'prince' (the multimillionaire ballet danseur Pavlova) putting her into words over intimate sexual moment?

Killer Queen Returns To Cornwall

Another very busy week for the ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy Mercury as she rehearses for her return performances in Cornwall. 15 –16 Dec. Both nights have sold out. Endless thanks to her supportive devoted fans!

While on the concert front, with a great demand, tickets have sold out in advance for Fairy's Xmas concert at Pavlova owned Haze Theatre on 22 & 23 Dec.

[please note, the first 1/2 of what Fairy wrote has been omitted]

As you know, dears, I am in Cornwall rehearsing all week for my Fri. & Sat. concerts I have at week's end.

We will pick up with (ahem...) me replying to what Rudy found it so necessary to share with you.

Love and kiss to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I add to what my femmka writes. We have no issue with people looking at Fairy's public site. Of course, we want people to! She needs the exposure. I am here to help promote her. I have my own, how you say? 'notoriety' - status - what have you, with my lineage. As with the one we refer to as 'Mr. X', I refuse to upstage Fairy on account of it. 'Oh, he's multimillionaire and Nureyev lineage' This is about Fairy and her astonishing likeness to her beloved idol 1970s Freddie Mercury she is mirror image of in many ways (not only looks). What we don't want are people who aren't fans, people who don't have a serious interest in Fairy prying into her site or that damn data breach issue. We are not trying to be bullies! People MUST try to put themselves in her place and understand how it would feel. I loathe that 'data breach' issue and the crazy cruel spectacle of a nonsense it's caused. Myself and important people surrounding me, are very concerned with reputation. The harm this foolish issue might cause my femmka and her want of fame. Causing people to see her as a joke and not taking her and her talents seriously.

As she wrote, tomorrow, we delete this message, and we continue on where this page left off ...

Francis James Boyd (auction broker/authorized buyer for FM) - [first 1/2 omitted]

Pavlova, I personally will be glad when you guys continue on. Perhaps we can discuss this video. Your femmka's astounding likeness to 1970s Freddie in vocals and appearance (incl. stage presence) and the princely way you command the stage taking after ballet legend Nureyev. The video ending with Fairy emulating your princely bow.

I still laugh over the story behind it all (on page aptly named: Regal and Majestic)

'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions'

Best described by Ron Craster (Russian ballet danseur Pavlova's valet, also stage director for Haze Theatre

and Fairy's 'Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited' tour) - Choreographed by Pavlova.

Fairy performing 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions' on the credits.

The glam rock queen's adoring fans, please take note of the perfect timing of some of it that Pavlova did

with the choreograph. As always, read the captions and credits because there's a bit of camp and

a special message from Fairy.


Page the video appears on: Regal And Majestic


Bitchy remark - apparently my site is so boring people only go as far as the homepage ....

Hello dears. I am not trying to drag this out and find excuses, but A LOT goes into this. Rehearsals and all that.

It is now after 8pm here in England and I am just now FINALLY finding time to post. Rudy and I are so knackered.

Remember this? .....

Pavlova estate/Not For Use

From a few months into our relationship. I mean, even knackered, he is such a fucking perfect prince! I look like a tired bitch without my makeup on ... Speaking of makeup ... Well, when I'm not so knackered, I'll get around to replying to what that naughty prince found so necessary to share with you, my dears.

Also, we'll engage Mr. Francis J. Boyd (my authorized buyer) in conversation about that video he wanted to discuss.

If you're that bored, I used the custom search (at top of my site) to search for the page this appeared on. You can read it, revisit it (for you long time fans) what have you on the page Flick Of The Wrist. Mmm, there is quite a lot of naughtiness that was going on on that page. HA! Actually, the one line of the song 'Flick Of The Wrist' would be a brilliant lead-in to me replying to the naughty intimacy 'the lord of dance' found so necessary to share.

'Blow him a kiss and you're mad' (from Freddie Mercury written Queen song 'Flick Of The Wrist')

Until then. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Pavlova - lord of dance and leather. Fairy - satin glam rock Killer Queen.

Cornwall, are you ready for some glam rock 'n roll this weekend?! This site will come to life this weekend!

Here's a little treat for you, Loyal Subjects, from the 'FAIRY...Tale Couple'

Right, my darlings. It is 5pm as I post this here in England, for you Europeans honies who are an hour ahead.

Cornwall, thank you for last night!! You were wild! In 4 more hours, I perform my 2nd night show for you.

I come with little goodies to share with you, my precious fans, since you like the little treat that was bestowed on you the other day (above video). I hope you enjoy them immensely. First one is a gif I made of video (entire video can be viewed on my fan club site) of Rudy Pavlova that night he was being such a naughty prince over some tart with lip gloss ... You know, when he went down to his dance studio bit.

This is me getting him back. He doesn't like to be caught off guard and sneaked up on. I secretively filmed him.

Now let's just wait for his reaction to that when he sees it! HA!!

The photo of me alongside it was taken from my Cornwall show last night. Ah!!! (shrieks like excited wild feline...)

The others speak for themselves. As always, if I am not too knackered after tonight's show, I might come on my public site to post more. Get this thing rock 'n rolling!! xx Fairy

(please note, the word anonymous is misspelled on the caption of the one. That demanding diva personal photographer of mine needs to start using spellcheck. Picture me in wild hysterical laughter, dears. Or was it my

PR man Jorge? It better not have been him, or else he sucks at public relations AND grammar. HA!)


Timestamp 8:04pm (England).

Jorge Schumann (Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions)

In defence of myself, Greg is who did the caption and misspelled anonymous.

As the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury prepares to take the stage for her 2nd night Cornwall concert, last night was just that - wild. Killer Queen had fans in a wild frenzy at one stage of the show when she brought the camp humour. The campy queen joked that one of the concert goers in the VIP section was from Australia and purred,

'I have often wondered this about Australia. Do koala bears ever try to mask as teddy bears and try to sneak in and get in bed with you?' What will she bring tonight to her second sold out Cornwall concert?


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Jorge, you redo caption and make sure it is done properly. Fairy's adoring fans, it was wonderful past two nights you gave her in Cornwall. She will most definitely return in near future, yes?

Apparently, silly girl is being too shy to respond to what I wrote. As for curious feline 'secretively filming' me practising my ballet, I laugh. What she expect? For me to fall? No, I am 'perfect prince', remember, baby? ....

She now prepares for her special Xmas shows performed at my Haze Theatre 22-23 Dec. We can not believe it is already upon us! This month has gone fast. 

Jorge Schumann (Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions)

I agree this month has gone fast. I've redone the caption and am uploading it now.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Jorge, thank you for doing that. He embarrasses me! You won't believe the latest with him!

He has another software that became incompatible. He went to use it; plugging in the USB and got a message saying it's only compatible with 98SE. I mean, Greg! Can't you get a bit up to date here?!

Mmm, my precious fans, thank you for a memorable past two nights! I love you all!! As for what you wrote ...

Rudy darling, I can't believe it's nearly Xmas! I am exhausted!! I go from a week-long rehearsals for my Cornwall gig to now rehearsing for my special Xmas shows I'll be doing at the magnificent Haze Theatre. THEN! on to Brighton.

I am so pleased you enjoyed the little treats (video and photos). There will be much more soon.

And Rudy, you are a perfect prince. I mean, you saw him, my precious fans (with fan club membership...) I uploaded the entire video I made the gif from. When I come slinking out to reveal my secretively filming him and he just nonchalantly breathes (sexy out of breath from dancing - mmm... you should hear when he's like that after fucking me...) 'well then, what a pleasant surprise. Did you enjoy the sauna?'

Last bit was him being a right smart ass!! Cheeky!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Yes, Jorge. Thank you for fixing embarrassing caption mistakes. Leave it up to peasant photographer. Too busy being demanding diva, yet he can't live up to perfectionist. Fairy, my exotic ... very erotic ... femmka, I did have to laugh though. I tell Ronnie old boy, 'she is in there with clothes on.' It reminded me of camp comedy of who was it? Cary Grant? He tries to leave office and opens door to closet instead. So much for grand not so elegant exit, right femmka? So shy and so high-strung ... (just like her beloved idol was). So I tell Ronnie old boy to bring her kimono. Alluring creature. Exceptionally so in new photo Goldman has taken of her, yes? You, her adoring fans, have adored it endlessly in fan club comments section, from what I have been told.

From 'Mr. X' - Pavlova with your humour of Nureyev, what you wrote is very funny. Reminiscent of Nureyev ...

Fairy never ceases to amaze me how identical she is to Freddie (personality, looks and stage presence - the entire package). I am in awe over the 'emulation video' and recent photos that were presented to her 'loyal subjects'

I have a bit of humour for you, Fairy, about Greg and his outdated software issues. I know you guys are doing 1970s decade, but he doesn't have to be so bloody ancient.

~~Fairy Mercury ~~ My dear mentor! You have joined in. Thank you for your kind words. Why is Rudy trying to embarrass me in front of my precious fans and the 'important people' (having to do with him; looking at my site)?!

He treats Phil Goldman as if he is noble upbringing and he is as plebe as plebe gets! From Manchester. Cockney!

'Mr. X', remember when Freddie dressed in Liza glittery sequin (silver sequin leotard) and crawled out of Santa's

sack during one of Queen's gigs? I'm going to replicate that during my Haze Theatre gig and Rudy is going to be

my Santa.

From 'Mr. X' - Laughing. Your ... loyal ... devoted fans going into hysterics in the fan club comments. One comment posted: 'Our glam rock queen doing her own PR for her upcoming sold out in advance Haze Theatre shows and everyone is stunned! She'll bring a memorable Xmas! So glad I got tickets!!'

As the old theatre talk has it, 'I'll be there front row and centre'. I can't want to attend. Have your ballet prince pirouette his way out onto the stage carrying the Santa bag with you in it, Fairy.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I like idea you have posed, my fine friend. This we do for opening to her concert. It will be very theatrical. My femmka is excited over us doing this idea of yours. Thank you for it.

From 'Mr. X' - I'm honoured that both of you like it. My pleasure. I can't wait to see it play out. I am sure it will be very theatrical and magical.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ I can hardly wait, my dears!! It will be absolutely spectacular! We have to be off now.

Aww, I know, sad faces. It is nearly 7pm here and dinner is served promptly at 7pm at the Pavlova estate.

We will be back on very soon.

A Look Back At Haze Theatre Xmas 2021

Jorge Schumann (Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions)

In resuming my PR, year's end is always a time we reflect back. Although this is 2023, I decided to pick out not only

Fairy's first ever Xmas performance at the grand Haze Theatre, but it was the first Xmas the 'FAIRY...Tale Couple' shared together. Below is a promo video which was created then to promote her Haze Theatre Xmas shows.

It features live concert footage of Fairy and two live performances of her, performing for you, her 'Loyal Subjects'.

'Seven Seas Of Rhye' and 'White Christmas'. 'White Christmas' she is doing her Freddie/Liza vocals on.

Glam Rock Queen Fairy Mercury's Fan Club Reaches 14 Million Fan Club Members!!

A Very Merry Christmas!!


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - We are doing unruly creature's 'mid-week check in'. We started rehearsals at

Haze Theatre on Monday. I now wish I never did Santa thing. She is now being campy queen - silly girl  - calling me

Santa danseur. I advise, do not encourage her by thinking it's 'cute'.  Then I tell her we will not be able to do

'Mr. X's' splendid idea because she would be dead weight in sack and it would be impossible for me to pirouette. Even in pas de deux (dance of two) you have the cooperation of the ballerina.

For the grand opening to her Xmas concert, this is how we change. I do combination of pirouette and arabesque,

off and on pausing to pull sled which will have Santa sack containing her lovely ... glistening silver sequin leotard clad body in it. On cue, she will know when music reaches certain part, that I have reached centre stage. This is when she will crawl out of sack as I dance my way exiting stage left. Gif she made out of her 'secret filming' of me in the dance studio of my Cambridge estate, that is me doing combination of pirouette and arabesque.

Hello dears. What Santa danseur Rudy Pavlova shared is the only spoiler you're getting. Oh how I wish all (ahh!!! I can't believe it) 14 million (now!) fan club members can be packed into Haze Theatre to see my special Xmas concert!  He is so fucking sexy when he's in his own element. I told him, 'Rudy darling, I'm a rock star! This isn't one of your productions!' Because he was talking all this theatre talk about how we only have today and tomorrow to put this production together. I started to get very nervous, my darlings! Because I realized that my concert is in 2 more days!! I pouted .... when he told me what 'Mr. X' suggested couldn't be done. I begged because I thought it would be so romantic. It was hilarious!! His poor valet!! Who was in his role as Haze Theatre stage director. Rudy called him over and was like, 'you get een sack and I show her. I can not be weighed down as I do pirouettes.' Everyone (including myself) were laughing so hard. Ron Craster looking like 'are you serious?!' expression and Rudy, with nod of his ... light brown princely bob ... says, 'I am serious! Get een!' So Ron gets into the sack. I had it specially made, dears. A lovely red velvet.

He picks up Ron in the sack and says to me, 'see, baby? Too heavy! If I try to do pirouette, eet would be clumsy. Not graceful as ballet ees danced.' I mean, I took off!! Him calling me ... that ... in front of my entourage (mock up Queen band included) and the whole Haze Theatre troupe and stage crew that was present. What made it even more embarrassing is that someone thought I left because I was upset because it couldn't be done!

When I came back, I was told by Ron Craster what was decided was I was to be brought out in the Santa sack on this beautiful (you have just got to see it, dears!) ornate sled.

From 'Mr. X' - I'll admit, after I suggested it, I wondered if it would be possible. 'Santa danseur' is ... cute.

Sorry, Pavlova! I know you said not to encourage the shy lovely creature. Really is so Freddie ... You should bill yourself as 'Santa danseur'. Oh! Sorry, again! Forgot, it's a rock concert, not one of your ballet productions.

Actually, the new plans you now have for the opening, sounds enchantingly theatrical. I can almost picture Fairy emerging from the Santa sack like this photo (right) of her.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I am familiar with commoner slang 'cheeky', you British have, my fine friend 'Mr. X'.

Rude or 'having the nerve', yes? Your reply was just that - 'cheeky' and I thought it was funny. Yes, the unruly creature is so very shy of me, at times I wish she wasn't ... When it comes to sex, she is not ... but that would not be appropriate for me to elaborate on. I can not wait for you, 'important people' (as she prefers to call them) and her adoring fans to see her special Xmas concert. The 'grand finale' will be as grand as the opening. Of course, there is the concert itself.

Philip Goldman, viVid Photo Studio asst. photographer: First off, congratulations, Killer Queen, with your fan club site's membership reaching 14 million. 'Loyal Subjects', I just had to share this. What the exotic prancer posted the other day about me. Her prince (the multimillionaire ballet danseur) approached me today and told me, 'never mind my femmka. She is embarrassed over peasant photographer being diva.' So Fairy, it beats me why ... Most likely what Mr. Boyd had told you, the way I present myself in Pavlova's presence.

Here's another 'treat' for you, loyal subjects. Very busy week for Fairy. Fans with tickets, are you getting excited to see her special Xmas concert Friday and Saturday?  Cheers!


Command Performance

Fairy's adoring fans 'loyal subjects', the moment has arrived! If only those of you far and wide could be in attendance. For those fortunate ones who will be. Be prepared for an enchanting, magical evening of many surprises! On behalf of Haze Theatre, Myaow Meeow Productions, Fairy Mercury, Rudolf Pavlova and entourage.

To my precious fans. It is exactly 2:30am Xmas day as I compose this. I wanted to post a personal message.

Fan club members know, all the coverage of my Haze Theatre shows on Friday and Sat. was on my fan club site.

I will not let my Xmas be ruined! ... I am still overwhelmed by the reception. All of those of you who bought tickets and attended. Your reactions and fan club comments left. I couldn't ask for a better fanbase.

Xmas should be a pleasant time and my special Haze Theatre concerts were just that. 

  I begin rehearsals for my Brighton New Year's gig (which takes place, of course, 31 Dec. - New Year's Eve).

Thank you for caring and for being very involved in your fandom.

For paying attention, for getting it and all else all of you do. I hope all of you get your heart's desire this Xmas.

If you get anything exceptionally naughty, do post about it in the fan club comments. HA!

I'm anxious to see what I get from a certain someone ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Fairy Wants Pavlova To Know She Isn't 'Cheesy' For Xmas

I trust all of you 'loyal subjects' are having a pleasant Xmas. It is 4pm here in London, England as I post this.

3 more hours the glam rock queen and her princely multimillionaire ballet danseur will have Xmas dinner.

I was asked to post this. I laughed so hard when I was notified to. The most campy thing ever!

'When you're not going to let Scroogey bitches ruin your Xmas ...'

In 'her' Liza/Freddie/Nijinsky 'miZ Mercury' look, Fairy wants everyone to know, she is the 'queen' bitch around here and don't you forget it!

You can lust but

don't touch!

I'm off limits

Not For Use

... and very campy, Fairy wants Pavlova to know she isn't 'cheesy' for Xmas.

Loyal Subjects, you'll laugh yourselves to tears over it. Killer Queen herself will come on before day's end and tell you about it. One of the MANY gifts she was lavished with from Pavlova. Spoiler: it's naughty ...

Jorge Schumann (Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions)

Haze Theatre stage director and valet to multimillionaire ballet danseur Pavlova in blue with Pavlova in knit cap Nureyev look.

Left: The exotic prancer Fairy Mercury and those lips ... with erotic 'off shoulder' look


Imagine trying to explain the slang ‘cheesy’ to a Russian and not only that, but one who happens to be a multimillionaire. Unaccustomed to slangs. The multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur’s valet Ron Craster (who is also stage director at Haze Theatre and Fairy Mercury’s live concerts) tried.

The glam rock Persian queen tried and came close, purring that the meaning of ‘gaudy’ might be a way to define the slang. Gaudy? Lame? Lacking in taste?

Some time this evening, the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury will be on to pick up from here.


Hello dears. Awww Xmas has come to an end. Well, it might as well in 2 more hours.
It is 10pm. I hope all of you had a lovely Xmas full of naughtiness. I was lavished with so many ridiculous amounts

of gifts by a certain someone, and that’s not including all the things I was gifted by my entourage and others.

I just had to share this with you, my precious fans!

I contacted my PR agent (Jorge Schumann) hoping I wasn’t interrupting his Xmas plans to do an intro. into it on my public site. Remember not that long ago when I posted on my public site saying I choose to use gaudy because

I can’t stand that weird ‘cheesy’ slang and I doubted Rudy had even heard of it let alone know what it meant?

Well, apparently when he read when I posted that, he curiously asked Ron (Craster) what ‘cheesy’ means.

I wasn’t aware of this until today. Any way, after exhausting myself going through all the ridiculous gifts the princely Pavlova bestowed upon me – his ‘queen’, he had told me he had one more. He left and swept in dressed in a cape, and I thought he was going to dance ballet for me.

The well-known Nureyev prince ‘prop’ that goes with the tunic look – the cape.

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use

I soon learned he had it on to conceal. I mean, I just can’t, my dears!! He waltzed up to me where I was seated and stood before me, his sexy … thick … Russian accent saying, ‘we have cheesy Xmas, femmka’ I laughed and purred, ‘what?!’ I wasn’t even sure I heard him right – the cheesy bit.

Then he said, ‘I ask Ronnie old boy meaning of cheesy because I need to understand your Bohemian way of life.’

I laughed so hard! I … purred, ‘Rudy darling, I am not ‘cheesy’! I don’t use that stupid talk! I may not be rehearsed in your royal etiquette, but my talk is rather elegant and I do not use stupid slangs as cheesy!!’

It was so fucking adorable, dears! He looked like a slightly scolded boy then he said, ‘then we make parody of cheesy, yes? Is thees cheesy? I have gift for you, you open’ and sweeps away the cape revealing he is dressed in one of his leotards and a bow is stuck on his well-endowed enormous fucking cock.

Now I am wildly laughing in fits of hysterics at this moment … purring, ‘Oh yes, Rudy darling!! It is thee perfect parody of cheesy!’ Then he said, ‘you open cheesy gift, yes?’ After composing myself to quit laughing so hard,

I tugged down his leotard and he had this ribbon tied around his enormous fucking cock!! I thought at that moment, ‘mmmm forget cheesy!!’ I actually thought it was so fucking romantic and sexy!!! To top it off, he had this gift tag

attached and on it read ‘I’m candy cane’s rival!’ I laughed so hard I couldn’t breathe!!! Then I REALLY couldn’t breathe when he pulled me to him and kissed my … glossed … lips breathing on them, ‘I have received the most merriest Christmas – your laugh. You’re the love of my life, Fairy’

The rest is too naughty to describe. Merry Xmas and a naughty New Year!

Brighton, be ready for me, because here I come, old chum!! xx Fairy

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use

Featured fan comment from the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's fan club site comments section:

(Robert Andrews in Kent, England) The campy Killer Queen just added the best touch to my Xmas!! She just sent her fan base into a wild frenzy of hysterics telling about the naughty Xmas gift her ballet prince gifted her! Even the way she 'decorated' the photo of them was beyond campy!! Haze Theatre now the Brighton cabaret. I had tickets to both and I can't get enough of Fairy's performances! Off to Brighton to see our glam rock queen ring in the New Year. Sad note, 06 Jan. 1993 we lost the legendary lord of dance Nureyev :( Does Fairy and Pavlova have anything planned to commemorate his death?

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Unlike me, but I will answer what fan has asked in 'featured comment'. I first say, yes, my femmka is very campy and I am glad her adoring fans are amused. We had splendid Xmas. We are now in Brighton.

I tell Jorge (Schumann), now Xmas is over, you will be removing Xmas from Fairy's homepage, yes? She got very upset over idea of this.

Now to answer question. That is a very dark day for my people. This was someone I hardly knew ...

I was age 9 when Nureyev died. Days later, I attended burial, in France, where he defected from Russia to.

There are things I wish I could reveal, but can't. There are no plans. Fairy is very exhausted. Every weekend of December was spent performing. Every weekday, rehearsing. She went from Cornwall, to London now to Brighton.

After her New Year's Eve performance, she takes break away. Then prepares for her spring/summer Phoenix Reborn tour.


'Laughter ringing in the darkness

People drinking for days gone by'

(from Queen's 'You And I')

Fairy Mercury's final performance for the year brings the glam rock Persian queen back to her beginnings at the Brighton cabaret. Although the Russian ballet danseur Pavlova doesn't do cabaret, he will be in the VIP section with the owner along with the one referred to as 'Mr. X' and others.

Gif below left: a fan highlight of the year. One of many of Fairy's performances at the Brighton cabaret on her

2023 Fairy Soars tour, a fan 'secretively filmed' Rudolf Pavlova in the VIP section.

Gif below right: the divine lush creature in her Liza/Freddie/Nijinsky look erotically spilling champagne on her ... tit

in onstage campy moment.

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova will then join Fairy onstage for the countdown to the New Year.

Fairy's performance of the Queen song 'You And I' was recorded (not live) at her London home with help of her mock-up Queen guitarist John Price. John came up with the unique idea to make it sound like a record skipping.

'You And I' and 'You Take My Breath Away'

My new music video of me performing 'You Take My Breath Away' and 'You And I'. It is filled with loads of footage of myself and Pavlova. We premiered a little of his choreographed version of the ballet of 'Giselle'. Prince Albrecht mourning at Giselle's graveside.  We credited fan John Price at the end, and I teased that I might just hire him as my mock-up Queen band's guitarist. He thinks I'm joking, and I'm not really.


Page the video appears on: Bows And Curtain Calls

Notes from Public Relations for Fairy Mercury: the above description was taken from the Videos page of the site.

As you fans know, since, John Price was hired for Fairy's mock-up Queen band guitarist and has been for 2 years now.
I personally chose this video which contains the effeminate glam rock Killer Queen's performance of the song on it because the lyrics of song reminds me of New Years. Not written by Fairy's beloved idol Freddie Mercury, but by the band's bassist. Again, need I remind, EVERYTHING on this site is actually Fairy and Pavlova. NOT Freddie or Nureyev. They really do eerily resemble them in looks, talents and personalities that much! #mirrorimages

Up Next! Loyal Subjects, you'll 'wet' yourselves laughing, as the ever so elegant Fairy nearly did. As we bring you

Androgynous Creature. 'How does one spell onery?' (important person I am forbidden to reveal identity) asked.

Pavlova takes a sip of his cherry brandy and says, 'I believe it's h-o-r-n-y' and winks at Fairy who gasps, quietly laughingly purring, 'oh my god, Rudy!' placing a hand over her ... glossed ... lips to conceal her laughter.

The hilarity that ensued, up next.

Androgynous Creature

(by Ron Craster, stage director for Fairy Mercury’s live shows, Haze Theatre and Pavlova’s valet)

Fairy is almost always half naked’, viVid Photo Studio’s Greg Hastings has often said about the ‘glam rock queen’.

In ‘her’ erotic half naked Freddie Mercury ‘tart’ looks of catsuits, satins and effeminate take on the male ballet danseur leotard look.

(below screenshot taken has appeared on several pages of this site and was written by one referred to as 'Mr. X')

Leaving out details, Pavlova estate was visited by a ‘very important person’ and this person, seated behind a desk in the drawing room, was in middle of composing a letter. He paused in writing and his eyes were drawn to a framed photo of the exotic effeminate Persian 'queen' on the desk. Picking it up, he said, ‘very androgynous, indeed. Will I have the opportunity to meet this androgynous creature of yours before I leave, Rudolf?’ Almost as if on cue, perfect timing, Fairy glides into the room and the Russian ballet danseur laughingly says, ‘you’re in luck, here she is now.’

After introductions, the man being dazzled over how even more androgynous Fairy is in person and the extreme likeness to Freddie Mercury (1970s decade), the man seats himself at the desk again, taking up the ink pen saying, ‘now where was I? Oh yes. How does one spell onery?’

Pavlova seated on the sofa with Fairy, takes a sip of his cherry brandy I had just brought him and says, ‘I believe it’s h-o-r-n-y’ and winks at Fairy who gasps, quietly laughingly purring, 'oh my god, Rudy!' placing a hand over her ... glossed ... lips to conceal her laughter.

The man reading out loud what he is writing, ‘... he has been quite h-o-r-n-y as of late.’ Then say, ‘are you sure, Rudolf? It doesn’t look quite right.’ Unable to help it, Fairy gets up and hurries from the room, wildly laughing.

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova struggling to keep a serious face and composure but fails as the man notices, ‘you seemed humoured by something. You have that mischievous, naughty boy look Nureyev would often get when he was up to no good. Is it something you might have whispered to your uh… Fairy that caused her to take flight out of here laughing?’

Pavlova gets up, saying, ‘I am sorry for her lack of etiquette. That she didn’t excuse herself before leaving. I’m sure you understand.’ His eyes narrow as the man quickly says, ‘she’s a commoner, we’ll overlook it.’

Something you just don’t do, is call Fairy a commoner (and/or peasant)! Pavlova's Tatar rage is now provoked. He lashes out in Russian (translated to English), ‘my femmka is Bohemian way of life! I thought I had made that clear with all of you! I will NOT tame her!!’ The man looking uncomfortable replies, ‘I can see I have misspoken. Forgive me.’

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova makes a dismissive gesture and his attention is quickly turned on to the only one who can quench his Tatar fiery (as Freddie Mercury was said to be the only one who could with Nureyev’s...) Fairy as she slinks into the room with suppressed look of laughter playing around her sensuous full … glossed … lips. Her dark eye lined eyes glance towards the man, purring, ‘have you finished the letter you were writing?’ and glances at Pavlova who presses his lips, his blue/grey eyes looking off towards the French doors leading out to the garden. The man replies, ‘yes, I am sure it will persuade them to change their minds on the matter.’ Preening the top of her midnight black hair, Fairy laughingly purrs, ‘I mean, I just can’t!!’

Pavlova smirks and says to me, ‘tell him it’s wrong and correct it.’ then goes over to Fairy and slips his arm around her waist escorting her out the room after saying, ‘you’ll have to excuse us (name omitted), my valet will show you out.’


Later that day, I was asked by both of them (the ‘FAIRY...tale couple’) the man’s reaction when I told him and corrected on the spelling. The man laughed, finding it quite amusing and called Pavlova ‘sly and mischievous’ and said he had the feeling he was trying to amuse Fairy with something only between the two of them, but didn’t realize it had involved him.

The cryptic up next ... Plus more candid!

Fairy's erotic furry midriff and satin knickers and dressing Pavlova's ... erm ... 'well endowed-ness'

Are their looks and fashion too X-rated?

As we see the return of the glam rock queen's costume designer Johann Wagner's 'write-ups' who will be accompanied by Ron Craster.

Fairy Mercury's First Ever Self Produced Video!!

The video consists of Fairy performing:

In The Lap Of The Gods (live, Dresden Germany)

In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited (live, Berlin Germany)

Bohemian Rhapsody

Somebody To Love

You can read the making of the video on the page Don't Stop Me Now

Sneak Peek: The divine lush creature glam rock star Fairy Mercury's costume designer Johann Wagner, who does such a stunning job replicating Freddie Mercury's 1970s on and even offstage looks for Fairy, recalls, 'I remember reading in a book Fairy has on Nijinsky where in his days, the male ballet leotard look was classified as 'obscene' 

because of the way it distractingly draws attention to the male's privates, so clearly outlined.'

(note from Jorge Schumann (Public Relations for Fairy Mercury, Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions.

The upcoming feature will be sexually implicit and will contain sexually implicit photography of Fairy and Pavlova.

I suppose I need to post this advisory - what is referred to as NSFW)


On a campy note, and if you don't believe me, my precious fans, I'll make a screenshot of it (actually, I think I will) which one of you were on Bing doing a search for Myaow?! I laughed when I saw that and told Rudy, 'you won't believe this, Rudy darling, Myaow is a searched for superstar!' and showed him. He thought it was so hilarious!


Not For Use

Aww, in all seriousness though, dears, I love Myaow and all my kitties. He spent his first Xmas with them and me.

As for Johann's fashion write-up ... I want all of you to behave, all right? Because ... it's ... mine and mine alone.

But all of you usually do. I really couldn't ask for a better fanbase. That is where we're picking up with soon.

It's not quite ready to be presented yet. I remember what I wanted to add, dears. My mind is a bit ... hazy ... today.

A bit hung over from last night .... Remember when I first met Rudy Pavlova and I was being such a right tart wanting the ... enormous ... 'movie poster size' framed photos of him emulating the famous Avedon 'ballet in motion' Nureyev nude photo shoot? (below - this is MY Rudy emulating it). That moment in Hyde Park (still wish my dreamas of performing there could come true...) where he kept convincing me it was 'just art' because he was a bit embarrassed. I mean (rolls eye lined eyes...) I was being such a right tart, I was begging that Dame Eleanor I'd pay to obtain them. Looking back on it, it's embarrassing, because I had no idea the magnitude. Who/what some of these people REALLY were. My 'tuck' is popped ....

Greetings, Loyal Subjects. Johann Wagner's 'write-up' has been cancelled. The 'FAIRY...tale couple' are at Pavlova's estate in Vienna, on a much needed holiday. New photos of the glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury and

Russian ballet danseur Pavlova coming soon. Plus! Possible new Fairy performance video. In the meanwhile, enjoy these two chosen featured photos of them and featured video.

You can read the story behind the photos on the very captivating page Androgynous Hermaphrodite

The featured video - Fairy live with you, her adoring fans - taken from soundboard.

Full live (pulled from soundboard): 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' and a snippet of (also pulled from soundboard) 'The March Of The Black Queen' featuring Russian ballet danseur Pavlova along with, of course, live footage of glam rock queen Fairy Mercury looking ever so much identical to his idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. About the song 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' - this is what the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury had to say: 'there are claims my idol wrote the song after the creep boyfriend he had at the start of Queen teased him about his fondness of writing letters. My beloved idol wrote the song the same year the film Valentino came out starring his 'crush' Rudolf Nureyev as Valentino. I believe the song was written about Nureyev. Dancing as the prince in ballet then learning he was to play the part of the silent screen actor Valentino.

The song is done in my idol's trademark - a ragtime cabaretish vaudeville tempo.'


Page the video appears on: Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited


Hello dears. I am sorry for the silence on both my fan club site and public site. Rudy and I really needed a break away. I mean, the entire month of Dec. I spent the weeks rehearsing and every weekend I had my concerts.

I was completely exhausted!! I've recovered now. As you know, we are in Vienna for the entire month.

Any way, we rid of the final of the annoyances STILL creeping up. So expect things to pick up soon.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury): Loyal Subjects, week days are boring, aren't they? For the obvious reason ... Although my 'write-up' was cancelled because Fairy became very upset over the stupidity towards her prince, I am going to post a photo viVid Photo Studio asst. photographer Philip Goldman shot of the dashing multimillionaire Pavlova that was going to be included in the write-up. Why I am is because it was meant as a surprise for the divine lush creature Fairy. Another one of his, he wanted it taken just for Fairy moments.

Below is the photo. Below it, I've included a couple head to toe shots of Fairy from off the site so you can see her effeminate beauty in comparison to his muscular built.


Fairy still wants to know which one(s) of you 'silly honies' were doing a search on Bing for her 'Russian kitty' Myaow.

Her and Pavlova will be on to post, hopefully, soon.


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - We try this again, yes? It is midnight here in Vienna. I thought I'd post to my femmka's adoring fans. Poor Jorge, he proves the eccentricity of the theatre. 'They' always behave as if he bites and never reply. The only biter is the exotic creature, behaving like these quotes of her beloved idol.

My heart beats for her. It will cease to beat if I were to lose her. Fairy is the love of my life. She is shyly avoiding responding to photo and I expected this much ... So I tell 'cute' story of her. This happened before we left for Vienna.

Having to do with cats. I rarely visit her London home. I do not feel comfortable there because she is Bohemian way of life and much I have yet to understand. I visit her home. The one cat Ming. She will do this silly raising her ... black nails left hand in 'claw gesture', her lovely sibilant purr, purring (at the time I did not understand - it sounded foreign and it was - it's Japanese) I ask my valet what is a 'maneki nako'? He tells me 'the Japanese beckoning cat'.

You know this -

She has cat trained when she ... purrs 'maneki nako' doing the 'claw gesture', the cat will raise it's paw up and down several times. I tell her, 'well, that's quite talented' while secretively picking cat hair off my tailored clothes ... She catches me and pouts ... glossed ... lips and purrs, 'you're not comfortable here - it's out of your element, Rudy darling. I'm sorry.' Then this apparent 'superstar' ... Myaow makes appearance. I ask cat in Russian if it misses Russia. Cat runs off. This is funny!! I tell her cat is so terrified by me, obviously hearing Russian accent and thinks I have come to take cat away from her back to Russia. She has Moxie and Ming. Mikado and Minkus.  Now she wants another cat she will name Meeow to go with Myaow.

Fairy cartoonized (is there such word?)

Welcome back, sordid gossip costume designer.

My haughty expression ...

The haughty lord Pavlova, I believe the word you were meaning to use is caricature. It's funny and Fairy's fans found it funny. Why do the majority of Russian names have the letter 'v' in them? Fairy wants to know ... 

To Fairy from Johann - your 'loyal subjects' anxiously await your presence. Rise above it all, resilient 'queen'.

'Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential … these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.'

Confucius (Chinese philosopher and teacher)

Exotic, Erotic, Elegant AND Effeminate

Featured fan club comment comes from Russell Riggins in Manchester who took above photo of Fairy in concert.


Fairy oozes of androgynous eroticism. Her overly sexual personality, the half naked ways she dresses and her soft sibilant purr is erotic. Johann Wagner does such a brilliant job at replicating the erotic PLUNGING … front (to Fairy’s sexy furry midriff) satin catsuits. Liza style. To Freddie Mercury’s effeminate take on ballet leotard – revealing low cut. And all the other looks, including Johann perfectly replicating the pleated fairy winged frock look Fairy so enchantingly wore to marry her prince in. I only wish Fairy was the entertainer this entire world was listening to, watching and talking about. I can hardly wait until her Phoenix Reborn tour starts in April! - Avid fan, Russ R.

The Look


I am going to personally reply to the featured fan comment. First and foremost, thank you for your fandom. Yes, my costume designer (and best friend) is very talented. I value him so much. There is a lot that goes into what I do, dears. As for you wishing I was the entertainer this world was talking about, listening to and watching, I used to wish for that for myself, but I have become content where I am with my music career and my pursuit to be 'this day and age' ('70s decade) Freddie Mercury. Apparently, Incline Magazine has sent visitors to my site.

Arpi Studio seems to have an interest. They've linked to my site 22 times. If that makes you happy, my darlings.

My public site needs more 'visitors' - people who will interact/look through it and have an interest. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it's died off and it's one of several reasons for the boring days on end of inactivity. Why entertain ourselves? It seems as though all the action is on my fan club site where all of you, my much appreciated fans, actual fans are. Not people with no real interest ... snooping about my public site.

My public site most certainly IS NOT a freak show for curiosity seekers to come around causing foolish spectacle of problems. We've tried and tested different things to gain 'returning visitors' and, most of all, fans. It's a waste of time and money because we see no 'returning visitors' (this does not include fan club members). We're lucky if we get

45 a week. Which seems to be the average. So why bother? So I hope this explains what so many of you have been in the fan club comments discussing and wondering about.  We're considering 'linking' my site to Pinterest for exposure. As Rudy once stated, if there is no interest in you, then you have nothing to motivate you. That is so true.

Perhaps my reign, that 'obsession' I created, has come to an end. Please never quit being fans of me. Never give up on me. That would destroy me deeply. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


[omitted upon request]


John Price (guitarist for FM's mock-up Queen band) --- In reply to you what you wrote, that is not only very lame but cruel the old 'it's who you know' treatment. You know, like the old treating Fairy like some shitted on ... commoner ... who will amount to nothing. Always shoved backstage while big shots take the stage. You know, like Pavlova and his Nureyev, etc. lineage and that 'Mr. X'.  Asses acting like they're more impressed by them. Yet Fairy is the singer of the songs, player of the piano, the star of the videos, photos, who the site is about. Who FANS buy tickets to go see perform in concert. Why? Just because those two are 'rich and famous' shit - know famous people, etc. HOW LAME!!!

Why? Because they're (as you put it) 'dick'. The stalker spectacles even acted ridiculous about Francis Boyd obvious for that reason. Asses jealous and hateful towards androgynous effeminate gay-types ('queens'). What a load of bs!

I like Russ Riggins fc comment too and was glad it was featured. Fairy is the only person who talks about dick because that's what she's attracted to. The majority of her (largely made up of gay) fanbase are like you, gay guys into 'effeminate' ('queen'). You know, like Pavlova (and Nureyev) is ...

What you put in yellow font from what Russ Riggins wrote, yeah would be nice ...  But Fairy is content, as she said. She has a fan club that consists of (now) 14 million members. That says a lot. You don't have to be some ass that's on everyone's tongues to be popular, important and famous. 1/2 those freaks are what you said. Copy/pastes, boring, looks/sounds the same, overrated freak shows. Sucky boring personalities. Straight people are boring.

Fairy upstaged it all and the BORING ass clowns just didn't like it. Too bad!!