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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Bohemian Queen


Hello dears. I honestly don't think you're ready for my new video or the reality of this...

Aww, it's precious how the soon to be 'newly weds' are so nervous that there is only 2 more days before they marry. They will be married this coming Saturday. I just couldn't about this, my darlings. Pavlova canceled his Tuesday tea with that wildly hysterical old couple to help put the finishing touches on my new video. This is what he said to me, 'we work on OUR wedding - we must send invites now - there will be many coming to see us marry as when I gifted you the engagement ring, femmka. Come from all over. France, Vienna, Russia.' .... As for those of you asking if I've read anymore of the new 'the book', no I haven't! I can't bring myself to after what happened ....


My 'authorized buyer' Francis Boyd wanted to post something yesterday but he was told he had to wait because we are starting this new page. He had to switch to a more secure phone because apparently he was 'leaking'. HA!! (picture me in wild hysterical theatrical laughter, my dears).


Anyways, speaking of autographs .... just a reminder, the contest to win the below signed photo of myself, my personal photographer (who took the photo, of course) Greg Hastings and the delectably handsome ballet danseur Pavlova will end this weekend. I don't know how we're even going to go about choosing a winner because we've had nearly my entire fanbase (fan club members that is) which consists now of 2.6 million enter to win.

I LO💗E you all!!

I am going to have my personal photographer upload the video and present it to you. Then later this evening I will be back on with Pavlova ... and maybe Francis Boyd and hopefully my costume designer ... (it really is too funny...) and my photographer. Greg, tell them what happened when we were working on the video.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Give me least 15-20 minutes to get the video uploaded. I have to go through that whole tedious process LoserTube has you do when you upload videos. Then I'll add the video to this page and then I'll do what Fairy has asked me to. It was hilarious. Taking for freaking ever ... So I'll just go ahead and tell what Killer Queen wants me to. When we were finishing up the video yesterday, I started to talk about myself and Johann's wedding. Pavlova angrily, 'We do this! We not discuss! No business with pleasure!' I asked him if he would attend the wedding with Fairy if I were to ask him to. This is what he very snobbishly replied, 'I receive no formal invite and even if I did, I would not attend. That costume designer...' his words trailing and I said this to him, 'He has a name it's Johann Wagner and -' I was interrupted there with him spatting, 'I don't care if it's Johann Sebastian Bach!' then he said something in Russian and stormed off. Apparently Mr. F. J. Boyd has quite the 'tell-all' he wanted to come on here with pertaining to Haze Theatre taking on Fairy that has to do with the whole 'destiny' bit and involves Johann.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - I contact Boyd and I tell him to tell me what he wants to post! He breaks no confidence. He has great respect. So I tell him, go on, post. Let her know. Here is video. After video I ask him to post. Then, femmka, you will reply.

Francis J. Boyd - I'll watch the video after I post, Pavlova. I'm sure the video will be 'worth saving for last'. Give me time to write it out. I'll try to not make it long and will leave out details. The exotic glam rock queen's adoring fans, as you know, I had mentioned that I got the sadly deceased fan Jason Long interested in auctions. I also mentioned that I run auctions for many 'important people' buying and selling with the famed auction houses such as Sothebys, Christies, etc. It was how I had met Dame Eleanor fifteen years ago. Back then she would talk about 'the Russian boy who is destined to be Nureyev' and had taken me to see my first experience watching Pavlova dance as 'the lord of dance Nureyev'. I remember Dame Eleanor telling me many times about 'destiny needs to be full filled' and she was obsessively in search of a Freddie Mercury to 'complete' Pavlova's 'ascent' .... Again, I'm leaving out certain things not to break confidence.


I remember when I met Jason Long, through my partner Raymond, and got him interested in auctions, he told me about 'this music star who I idolize and worship that looks identical to Freddie Mercury out of the 1970s' as he put it to me. I literally felt the blood drain from my entire being! Jason showed me Fairy's website and filled me in on details. Of course, I had to tell Dame Eleanor! I gave her the link to Fairy's website (then foolish amateur 'blog'). She contacted me back within almost minutes telling me, 'this is the one! She is the one who is to complete Pavlova!' I hope the costume designer doesn't get upset over this. I asked Jason questions and 'reported back' to Dame Eleanor. The nobody low life scum that was managing Fairy who I'm sure the powerful Pavlova and (omitting Dame Eleanor lineage) could easily persuade and 'buy out'. Dame Eleanor contacted Johann Wagner to offer him a position in Haze Theatre's costume department - deliberately - to 'set in motion destiny to be full filled'. I think I'll end there. Pavlova, I hope you haven't become Prince Albrecht deceiving Giselle with you having me tell this. I almost dread Fairy's reply/reaction.


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I don't know about Fairy replying, but, of course, I'll have to reply. 'I don't care if it's Johann Sebastian Bach!' is funny - so Nureyev humor and so Pavlova.... Let me add my little 'tell-all'. All of what you wrote, Mr. Boyd, happened shortly before Jason Long was so kind to purchase the Network Solutions hosting account so that Fairy could have a website and not a fucking unclassy 'low life' blog. I remember how it all played out. Shortly after the website was up and running is when Haze Theatre made their move. I remember Dame Eleanor taking me aside telling me how very talented I was in replicating the stage wardrobe Freddie Mercury wore in the '70s for Fairy and the striking resemblance Fairy had to the effeminate queen rock legend. She then asked me to meet with her and ... Pavlova ... to discuss the possibility of Haze Theatre taking on Fairy and that it would 'very much assure her extreme success'. I was not to tell Fairy of her new 'manager' (Pavlova).


I do remember being contacted by Dame Eleanor personally asking if I would be interested in costume design 'in the prestigious Haze Theatre's costume department and of course, you will still design for the exotic creature with the striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury' (exact words). I couldn't refuse the offer, so I accepted. That creep 'low life scum' as you're calling the loser, Mr. Boyd, former manager of Fairy accepted to let Haze Theatre take over management of Killer Queen. Then that was when it was arranged what I had documented on The March Of The Black Queen page - the introduction of Pavlova, Haze Theatre and the inevitably bringing together the 'FAIRY ... tale couple'. The rest is history. I am so very happy for Fairy. They are what Nureyev said about himself and Freddie Mercury in 'the book'.

You speak princely like the prince you are ... She really loved what you told her that she posted on the Satin Queen page about the ballet of Giselle: 'it is a ballet of love found and love lost. The prince truly loved Giselle and mourns her at her graveside. Much like the ballet of Romeo and his Juliet. Romeo dies believing his Juliet has died.She awakens and finds her Romeo has died and ends her life. This is true love. One who would rather die then to live on without the one who they live for. Nureyev and Freddie were like these two ballets.'


Fairy would follow you to the ends of the world and back. That is how in love with you she is. As was written in 'the book' - 'this fairy tale of fairy tales' about your idols. That is so you two being the incarnates of them.

Also from that 'the book':

For never was a story of more woe

Than this of Nureyev and Freddie

As a story of Juliet and her Romeo


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ It's the disadvantage of not being a member of my fan club ... My precious fans who are members of my fan club, as I had posted on the fan club, my new video crashed the public site! We have been spending the past several hours trying to gain access again. I do believe it is what my web designer/PR man said - large amount of people viewing my site. So I have spent the past several hours reading the comments all of you have been leaving about my new video and other things that were posted.

As for replying to what my 'authorized buyer' Francis Boyd posted, I really have no comment. I don't know why he sounded like I've been deceived. It was more less my costume designer being lured in. But as he told me when the server crashed shortly after he managed to post what he did and I had phoned him, that there really was no 'deceit' in what Dame Eleanor did - hiring him for Haze Theatre's costume dept. because yes, she obviously did it to gain more information from him (being my best friend) and also he is very talented at theatre costume design.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - I am finally able to come on too, kitten. I started to reply to that sordid gossip costume designer then was unable to because of server issue. The man who we had your photographer edit out of photo you signed autograph for, I told you who he is. He was man who sat to my left in VIP section your first concert at Haze Theatre. There is no deceit or secrets, femmka. Only 'mysteries' you need to unravel and have revealed to you. I keep nothing from you. All in due time you will learn of my lineage and the very important people that I know. When the costume designer was being so dramatic on your public site on the one page saying it is the only life I've even known. Yes, that is true. I am so very intrigued by your Bohemian way of life, kitten. Your unruly - prima ways which are so very forbidden to - how you say? for lack of better phrase - someone like me.


I have Ronnie old boy come for you tomorrow and I tell you more if you think you are ready. As for that sordid gossip of a costume designer, I laugh over reading bed time story of Dame Eleanor's diaries. I admit, I like idea, femmka. A glass of champagne for you - cherry brandy for me, and I read to you from diaries. It pleases me you are so very in love with me, femmka. I don't need to be told that you are, I can tell you are...


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pavlova, I find your dislike for me amusing! And don't worry, the 2 paupers' wedding by no means is going to 'upstage' the 'FAIRY ... tale couple' and their so romantic at the Peter Pan statue engagement ring with all your 'high society' coming to witness through their opera glasses, to how you will dress and want for her to dress when you marry, etc. etc. Thank you for letting Fairy share with her adoring fans that photo by having Greg crop off 'Mr. X' having the playbill of her Haze Theatre concert signed by her. I still think it was funny that backstage incident with that one 'important person' written about on this stunning concert photo Greg shot of Fairy.

The expression on the person's face over her reply. The reply would be your 'unruly-prima', Pavolva. Nureyev didn't like rock music and only listened to classical music that is danced to in ballet. He made an exception about Freddie Mercury even boasting, 'I'm now dating a rock star' to one asshole rock magazine. The 'rock star' being Freddie Mercury who would have been Nureyev's 'Madam Giselle' (thing he said about Freddie in 'the book' that Fairy told you about) - the unattainable 'out of his league' - as you put it, Pavlova, 'forbidden - unruly - prima' - just like Fairy being identical to his idol down to crazy small details.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - Why you keep trying to converse with me?! You come on her public site that day trying to tell ME what to do! Trying to insult me and make fool out of me over her tits! Now she makes jokes over embarrassing getting in arguments over her tits! I don't ask permission to touch her anywhere! Just because you are best friend does not make you - I don't know word! You are courtier. I don't associate with such and you were told this when hired to work at Haze Theatre! Then you and your sordid gossip borders on breaking confidence that the likes of courtiers know nothing about! As for book and what you are saying, Nureyev had his hidden pleasures - forbidden .... She obtains book and finds out much. She is MY Giselle/Freddie...


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Rudy darling, please leave Johann alone! As for what you said about reading the diaries to me. Mmmm, I would like that! What I really would like is to suck your enormous fucking cock right now - my glossed lips caressing all over it - teasingly before taking it in my mouth. I take it your not going to discuss the video with me for my precious fans. I really have no comment what you wrote in reply to Johann. Ever since what you - sort of - admitted to me the other day, I have thought back on so many things you've said or did that left me curious - almost as if you were eluding to certain things - implicitly. Such as your nonchalant behavior over me sharing with my precious fans and even yourself things out of 'the book' and what little I've read from the new 'the book'.

You scare me ...


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy, he won't know what you mean by 'you scare me' so I'm going to interpret. What she means by that, Pavlova, is how she feels for you overwhelms her. She has never felt such love for a man as she does you. Then your extreme wealth, lineage and the 'high society of elites' that you know/associate with. Along with you eluding to the fact that you actually know people who knew Nureyev and Freddie.

Ron Craster (Stage director for Haze Theatre & FM, personal asst. to Pavlova): I'm posting the above once again because we're speechless that one of 'them' (the 'important people') that Pavlova knows phoned Haze Theatre about it saying they were amused by it. I was the one who took the phone call being I am Pavlova's personal assistant (also stage director at Haze Theatre and now for the lovely talented exotic 'divine lush creature' who is Fairy Mercury). The person then asked me to leave message they would like to speak to Pavlova pertaining to Fairy ... I can't imagine what that was about. We are STILL experiencing issues with the glam rock queen's public site. So much for Jorge Schumann's temp. fix. It's now back at unable to post photos. It took me a good 45 minutes struggling with that annoying 'lost server connection' message just to get the above out of the already uploaded photo files.


Anyways, I don't wish to alarm you, Fairy's adoring fans, but I decided to post about this. Her and Pavlova were sitting in what Pavlova calls 'the tea room' in his Cambridge mansion. I'm sure I don't have to say, he was reading one of Dame Eleanor's diaries to the exotic prancer. I heard her sibilant purr gasp, 'this isn't real. I need to wake up. You're not real!!' then shriek (it startled me!) like a wild cat, 'this isn't real!!' Next thing I heard Pavlova calling out in Russian, 'Ron, do something!!' I rushed into the room and he was kneeling alongside her. She was laying on the floor. Still in Russian, Pavlova frantic saying to me, 'she's fainted! It's too much for her!' Then I could see him gazing at her lovely exotic face - tears were on her cheeks and around her closed eye lined eyes. I then heard him quietly say (still in Russian), 'oh, my heart bleeds. Bring me something to dry her tears' then in English, 'we must get her off dirty floor!' and picks Fairy up carrying her satin clad body to a chaise in the room. He laid her on it saying to her in Russian, 'I will give you everything even my life, femmka.'


Romantic FAIRY .... Tale Couple


What happened next was embarrassing, your exotic star quietly moaned 'coming to' and the black nails left hand reached out pawing at - I'll just call it - 'the well endowed-ness' in his trousers. An extreme embarrassed look crossed Pavlova's face and he knelt down alongside the chaise taking her hand, kissed the back of it, then placed it to his chest saying, 'no, kitten, feel my heart not that, although - that throbs - it is not my heart.' Fairy literally blushed and I saw what her costume designer meant when he keeps telling Pavlova that Fairy is very shy of him. Gaspily purring, 'oh my god, what?!' and went to move a strand of her long exotic midnight black hair that was erotically clinging to her glossed lips and he stopped her quietly saying (in Russian), 'no don't - leave it, femmka, it's very arousing' - Imagine the embarrassment of having to translate that to English for her .... I had to.


To be continued and hopefully photos can be added. This damn issue seems oddly not so back during the last

night - early morning (Fairy's 'Zzz time') hours here in England. Most likely because of less 'website traffic'.


Jorge Schumann/PR and web designer for FM: Recent bitch about server issues, Ron. It auto logs you out of the account after a certain period of time. Which I believe causes a break in the connection. I wish the damn site allowed you the 'stay signed in' option. I believe it is one reason we lose server connection. I just now contacted Greg Hastings, he told me that we should go through with one of the cloud options when it comes to photos hoping to hell these people don't add photos from the cloud account to the photo files or it would be pointless. Because he just now changed the footer/credit background image using one of their stock photos and it was added to the photo files. I guess we just put up with the issue. As Killer Queen posted on her fan club, I guess it better than not being able to post at all. I wish the issue would quit because all in all, it really is a nice 'web builder'. Btw, have you looked at the fan club comments? Her adoring fans are carrying on over what you shared with them about 'the FAIRY ... tale couple'.

Hello dears, it is 6pm (in London) as I post this. I'm doing this deliberately. Above - the picture of loneliness.

Below - is so everything and more to me!!! I might elaborate on the photo after I post what I am going to.

As you know, my precious fans, today is the day my costume designer and personal photographer officially married. As of 5 hours ago to be exact. I pathetically went alone ... I asked Ron Craster what Pavlova did today considering I wouldn't be with him at all because I would be at the wedding. He told me that Pavlova went to the 'dance studio' he has in his Cambridge mansion and put on my performance (below video) of Queen's 'The Millionaire Waltz' (written by my idol, of course) and danced ballet to it. I laughed over the irony and wonder if he realized him choosing that song to dance ballet to would actually be unintended humour. First off, the song my idol wrote reminiscent of the Austrian composer Johann .... Strauss. Then some of the lyrics not to mention 'millionaire' ... I want to talk about what my costumer designer (and best friend) Johann Wagner posted the other day on here before that bloody server issue got worse.


Nureyev didn't like rock music and only listened to classical music that is danced to in ballet. He made an exception about Freddie Mercury even boasting, 'I'm now dating a rock star' to one asshole rock magazine. The 'rock star' being Freddie Mercury who would have been Nureyev's 'Madam Giselle' (thing he said about Freddie in 'the book' that Fairy told you about) - the unattainable 'out of his league' - as you put it, Pavlova, 'forbidden - unruly - prima' - just like Fairy being identical to his idol down to crazy small details.


My darlings, you're so keen on detail with your fandom of me... If you noticed, Pavlova didn't reply to Johann. Instead he just attacked him about why does he keep trying to converse with him about me, then at the end he posted this: As for book and what you are saying, Nureyev had his hidden pleasures - forbidden .... She obtains book and finds out much. She is MY Giselle/Freddie...

My idol loved classical music - Chopin and Paganini and, of course, his love for ballet ...

(life long crush on Nureyev ...) Pavlova read to me something in one of Dame Eleanor's diaries something that was so similar to what my costume designer wrote. Unfortunately, I am unable to disclose any details. The whole not breaking confidence bit. What can I say? I guess I'm marrying into extreme wealth and have no comment about some of the people ... and I thought the person who I was signing the autograph for in the photo was too much! I nearly had to beg him, dears, and literally suck his enormous fucking cock to get him to let me post that photo of us. He told me under one condition, that the 'important person' is edited out of the photo. So I had my photographer (who took the photo) turn it black and white and do the 'Mercury filter' on it then crop the person out of the photo. Apparently that person, and if you only knew who they are, my darlings, is VERY close friend of his. He behaves as if it's no big deal.


When your necklace falls seductively just right over your tit...

Rudy darling, if you're on and (of course) reading what I'm writing, I hope you don't get angry I share this with my precious fans. I made a screenshot of this from off one of my favorite pages on my public site.

The page: Mirror Image ... Give me time to write what I am going to.


He (Nureyev) was drawn to 'effeminate girlish type gays' who admired his muscular dancer body and particularly sought out ones who allowed him to assume the dominate role in the relationship. I just got a text from Pavlova. He told me not to post anything he's read to me out of the diaries. If only you know, my darlings!! I mean, I was literally crying because it was so overwhelmingly unreal! Ron Craster posted about me having fainted. I was hitting out at him (Pavlova) telling him I wanted to wake up now and that he isn't even real or none of it is real!! And I had thought 'the book' and 'the new book' was bizarre the eerie uncanny resemblance. Because as I posted, those things we were doing and/or saying BEFORE I got 'the book' and even 'the new book'.


That person who was edited out of the photo I was signing an autograph for kept telling me how awestruck they were by my 'striking resemblance' to Freddie Mercury, 'you even move like her' (yes, using the feminine...). It made me uncomfortable how the person kept watching almost rudely staring at me! Like in this reflective way. As if remembering. You know, one of those old scenerios of meeting someone who was a 'long time friend' of the family and they're saying to some child, 'you look just like your mum, you even have some of her habits' and then sitting there watching the child as if reminiscing about mum. That was how the man behaved towards me.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - My exotic queen who seems to not accept that you are truly famous now and won't accept you are no longer the ballet of The Sleeping Beauty but that your prince has kissed you and awoken you. It's all very real including I, your Russian prince. And none other so deserving than you, femmka. I hope you will be ready to learn more of 'what you are marrying into' including 'full filling destiny' that Dame Eleanor of no surname writes of in her diaries. The photo you posted and did 'strikethrough' with what you write, the necklace really is so very erotically alluring, kitten ... I share this with your adoring fans from out of diary. The exotic creature purring her contentment 'mmm' over it and so captivated being the overly sexual creature she is (just as her idol was...). Dame Eleanor writing of 'on knees pleasing him - moaning, his muscular body writhing. They knew they had an audience and didn't seem to care.' I tell the unruly 'glam rock queen' that we used to jokingly call Dame Eleanor Agatha Christie because she behaved like that costume designer. She was a gossipy old bird and reminded one of mystery-romance novelist.


As for Francis James Boyd ... Nureyev and Freddie both were what Japanese know as 'crazy shopping'. They were addicted to Sothebys and Christies. Mainly buying antiques and paintings. Oh yes, femmka, I suppose I should ask how was the wedding .... I forget to add. Ronnie old boy mentioned I got phone call. You will be humoured by what they say. They tell me I should accompany fiancée to wedding because I might be able to - how they say? 'glean more about bohemian way of life'. I, like Nureyev, was - as you say - 'drawn to' forbidden out of his 'league'. He knew exotic lovely effeminate creature (Freddie Mercury) has this, as you say - 'crush' on him wearing, ballet leotards and obsessively attending his ballets with Sir Lockwood. I can't resist ... I suppose they are now off to some local if not very near 'honeymoon' - unlike exotic lands such as India that we will be off to. Vienna, France ...

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Omg! Why are you so mean?! You even posting those gifs looking like 'oookay' suppressed laughter. I thought their wedding was romantic. Did you pay our jealous friend in Hyde Park a visit, Rudy dear? Or did you stay locked up in your dance studio brooding all day. Mmmm, tell me you missed me dearly and you're so very fucking horny longing for me in every way.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - I am not going to have Ronnie old boy drive me to London just to 'visit' that stone statue. I'd rather look up your frock ... I more than missed you, kitten. I dance to you performing song and became very aroused by your exotic purring vocals on it. So feminine and the crescendo your idol so loved that you emulate so perfectly. I had to go off and ... 'relieve' ... myself. Then as I do, I obsess over my cock ring on your lovely slender wrist. Then I think, I should get vodka and drown my forlorn state. Without my femmka, life is meaningless.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Mmm, so you're drunk ... I want to plan our wedding now, Rudy darling. I day dreamed all the time I was at their wedding. Me in the white pleated fairy ... winged frock - with pale blue eye shadow and you looking ever so much the delectably handsome Russian prince from the ballet of Giselle. Should we write our own vows? I want it to be very regal and romantic. I think I'm ready for you to read more out of the diaries, dear. It is only 10pm. I want to be with you so fucking bad right now. Could you send your personal assistant to come for me and have him bring me to you?


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - Of course, there is nothing I wont do for you, femmka. If you can, how you say? 'put up with' my intoxicated state. I was reading what you wrote about that photo. Never use 'beg'. Only peasants beg. Lovely creature of the melodramatic (just as your idol was known for) exaggerating 'literally suck his enormous fucking cock to get him to let me post that photo of us.' Oh, how very incredibly enticing the thoughts of those erotic lips of yours .... but you did not have to do that to post photo, femmka, as you have your adoring fans believe. That's what I desire at this moment. Your exotic scent and that - those glossed sensuous full lips on my cock. Jorge, bravo! Not once - annoying server issue.


Jorge Schumann (PR and web designer for FM): Pavlova, it's most likely due to holiday. Not much 'website traffic'. Also, the weekends - oddly the issue isn't that bad. Which I find odd considering her fans are extremely active on the fan club during the weekends due to increased activity (her concerts, etc.). Probably fucking 'the office people' nosy non-fans freaks during the week days. Sorry for bringing that ignored irrelevant negative bs up. You two have been adding pix and gifs to your posts so I take it you're not experiencing that uncalled for 45 minute wait Ron Craster mentioned that he ridiculously encountered trying to get the photo files to load just to find and post that one photo.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Jorge, when I came on, I expected it and was surprised when the photos loaded at a fairly decent rate and I was able to add photos. There was a slight delay in them appearing but that was it. Creeps better fuck off and quit crashing the server.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - I have sent Ron for you, kitten. I can not wait to see how you come looking just for me this evening... Preferably that alluring necklace ....


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Happy Easter, dears! Forever thank you for your fandom and choosing me. I just seriously can't the gif I posted alongside mine (left) that one of you posted in the fan club comments! I'm crying!!!


Above gif: posted by fan Oliver Duncan in Andover in the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's fan club comments is the winner of the stunning concert photo of Fairy autographed by the exotic prancer herself along with her personal photographer Greg Hastings (who of course shot the photo) and the handsome Russian prince charming ballet danseur Pavlova.

Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - I take time out from Easter with Fairy to post this to her adoring fans. Forgive my English is not well - written or spoken. It is touching so many of her fans spend Easter worried about their lovely star. As you see, I have had her PR man/web designer Jorge Schumann delete negativity. No more! I say this. My networth is 100s of millions. I will not tolerate 'stalking' jealous under privileged with a deluded sense of self importance, seeking attention, on a foolish BORING auction site THINK they're going to conduct themselves in 'cryptic bullying' manner towards Fairy.


I speak with man who I had photographer edit out of photo of her and I, which seems to be the jealous stalker issue. He say fools like these are jealous at the wealthy and famous. They just want to have a sense of self importance - jealous for attention. Much like when a famous figure dies and suddenly crazies 'come out of woodwork' pretending some involvement. He agree with what she had posted that those nobodies obviously are jealous at her being 'better than' and extreme likeness to effeminate queen 1970s Freddie Mercury. What is their jealous issue? Incapable of acceptance. He was not going to upstage her because she is a star - famous and has replaced Freddie Mercury in 'modern times'. Jealous because she's not 'the ugly clown act' from 1978 on that isn't attractive nor liked by her, her entourage or even her over 2.6 million fanbase (that is fan club members only count. Most likely her fans exceed this amount). Or is it they're jealous at her success and fame and that she is now 'mingling with' wealthy famous because she is famous. Jealous because PEOPLE (more than one) who actually knew both Nureyev and Freddie are praising her. 'Pass the torch' a phrase many you, her adoring fans, are fond of using.... Jealous because 'names aren't being dropped' for the nosys' entertainment. They behave as if they can never be impressed with her and her extreme likeness to her idol - 1970s decade Freddie Mercury.


The man tell me, it is not out of shame he doesn't want to be named nor does any others I know. It is because she - FAIRY MERCURY - is the star! He "became the fan, in the audience watching in awestruck amazement." along with the others present at her Haze Theatre shows. Then still "assuming role as fan" he asked the 'glam rock queen' for her autograph. Graciously. Treating her respectfully as star that she is. [section now irrelevant and omitted]


Let the fools be jealous. They can just have 'the has been clowns' they cling to (including 'after 1978 ugly dog creep' unattractive and boring in comparison to 1970s FM and especially Fairy being 'mirror image' of that him/her). Hopefully she will come on later. It is 7:30 pm as I write this. We finished Easter dinner at 7pm. I assured that her Easter was pleasant and no anymore ruined by crazy stalking irrelevant jealous unimportant NOBODIES who aren't fans but fans of stupidity and has beens. She wishes to talk about our wedding plans and her upcoming concert dates; as her tour resumes now Easter will be over.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Me being spiteful having to add the photo here ... Btw, those stalker clowns don't care there's many more where that came from on 'her' fan club ..... Like the Hyde Park Peter Pan statue engagement ring photos AND videos ... Pavlova, you said so yourself when Fairy wanted to put that photo on her public site, that you knew once it was posted it would cause jealousy. You were right and we're laughing! Stay mad and jealous, assholes!!! LEARN TO DEAL WITH THE REALITY.... They sit there nosing/stalking like jealous attention seeking creeps so jealous at Fairy being famous and getting the attention that a famous star gets. Jealous because they're fucking cunts (the majority of them) that can't stand 'effeminate queen' and gay men aren't into cunts. Jealous because they're not famous, attractive and interesting getting the attention 'she' gets. GO TO HELL, JEALOUS FREAKS!! ESPECIALLY THE CUNTS!!! ACCEPT AND DEAL WITH IT!

[section now irrelevant and omitted]

Of course, CUNTS ... stay jealous at effeminate queen being VERY attractive and interesting in EVERY WAY while you're just so fucking boring, ugly and 'basic'. Jealous because you're not 'center of attention' famous, attractive, interesting, etc. as EFFEMINATE QUEEN GLAM ROCK SUPERSTAR FAIRY MERCURY and you're not talked about and treated like SHE is. STAY JEALOUS!!!

We'll have the effeminate Killer Queen HERSELF ... announce the winner of the autographed photo that the 'no one is paying attention to' jealous UGLY DOG stalking freaks that just can't hang are soooo jealous at along with glam rock queen Fairy with HER handsome Russian prince Pavlova photo.... Poor UGLY left out NOBODIES...

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Thank you for all that, Greg, my loyal courtier photographer who's been with me from the start. Those clowns are jealous because they don't take creative erotic photos like you do of me. Jealous because everything about me/my fame/personality is unique and stands out including my courtiers entourage such as you and my costume designer Johann Wagner and his stunning replication he does of the 1970s stage costumes for me (and even much of the offstage looks as well). Both of you play a major role in 'creating my image' as incarnate of 1970s Freddie Mercury who I aspire to be and MANY of my fans believe who I am. The not make believe as hard as it is to comprehend - crazy reincarnation likeness Pavlova and I have to our idols - Nureyev and '70s decade Freddie Mercury even adds more to the stands out, one of a kind uniqueness.


The winner of the photo of me autographed by myself, my talented personal photographer Mr. Greg Hastings of viVid Photo Studio and the delectably handsome Russian ballet danseur Pavlova is fan Oliver Duncan in Andover because I am STILL crying over that Easter bunny gif he posted in the fan club comments section! (starts to apply more eyeliner - throws eyeliner pencil thinking - 'oh, what's the use!' then starts crying harder over that gif!) I can't quit looking at it and that scares me!!!

I am back, my darlings. I hope all of you are having a lovely Easter Sunday and doing everything and any thing to avoid the Easter bunny!!! HA!! I mean, after that gif, I have nightmares!!! It is after 10pm and my delectably handsome Russian prince and I are out for a walk on the sprawling property of his Cambridge mansion. It's lovely and I should take a photo but I don't have my phone on me. I'm writing this on my laptop that I did bring with me on our walk. We are in the rose garden seated on a bench. It's so peaceful and serene. We have decided that we are going to have a beautiful regal summer wedding in June the weekend of the 25th. The 21st is the first day of summer. I am so excited!! So we only have 2 months to plan all this.


As those of you who are fan club members know through the fan club news section, I will return to the magnificent Haze Theatre this coming weekend (Fri. & Sat.) for two more shows. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Special prices for fan club members. Haze Theatre's main stage.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I want to personally congratulate the fan Oliver Duncan. Fairy chose you to win the photo because 'she' was very amused by that gif. Johann and I laughed so hard we were crying as well. The entire thing is hilarious. The poll starts out in favour of the Easter bunny, then the slide show of wtf crazy photos then the poll changes to that hilarious 'Lordy Jesus - Help!' being what everyone is now voting. Fairy's adoring fans, you are so everything. Positive, fun and everything the divine lush creature wishes to be fans of 'her'. If any of you are in England (no matter where - even hours away from London) go to extents to obtain tickets and see Fairy perform at Haze Theatre. Especially those who haven't yet seen Fairy perform live. Johann and I are so proud of you, Killer Queen!! Keep 'killing it'.


'I can't be left out of any major event that's going on. I'm always trying to be the belle of the ball, Im afraid. You have to have to have confidence in this business. It's useless saying you don't need it. If you start saying to yourself, 'maybe I'm not good enough, maybe I'd better settle for second place,' it's no good. If you like the icing on top, you've got to have confidence.' - Freddie Mercury, 1974


'Queen wanted the world - and they wanted it no later than teatime on Friday.' - Mick Rock

Featured concert photos of Fairy Mercury looking identical to 'her' idol 1970s decade Freddie Mercury

from 'her' Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited spring/summer tour - 2022.

Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur - Fairy's millions of adoring fans who are the only people who should be looking at her public website ... I take time out of my Tuesday tea to post her Haze Theatre tickets that went on sale yesterday have completely sold out for both nights. Ticket broker notified me they sold in 10 minutes (her first two shows were in 15). This is remarkable considering the capacity of theatre. We might be on the public site later this evening. Message to Fairy - remember when you posted this, femmka? I made screenshot.


I obviously looked like that for tea. That 'wildly hysterical old couple' made mention. Sir Thomas saying, 'you look tired, lad, aren't you getting enough sleep?' The old bird and her miserable snobbishness that you find so funny, 'I hope that creature or rather your fiancée isn't keeping you up at those ungodly hours it keeps.' Sir Thomas then saying, 'now, Martha, don't be rude. She, not it. Do we need to have to keep going over this?' I like his choice of words what he say to me next, kitten .... 'Pavlova, is your exotic fiancée prowling about somewhere in your home? Why not have her join us for tea? I know you said -' I interrupt to tell him, 'she is at theatre rehearsing for her return concert there. Shall I give up your seats? Both nights sold out yesterday.'


Old bird rudely puts her tea cup on saucer with clatter. I give - as you say - 'dirty look' - Sir Thomas scolds, 'Martha! Be gentle! You don't want to break Pavlova's fine china!' I do this very theatrically and just for you, femmka. I get up remarking, 'as if I can't afford it.' and throw my tea into the fireplace (remember the one night... we were drunk ...? Grand tradition. Toast, drink down vodka, then throw glass into fireplace). So I throw tea into fireplace. Old bird loud gasps nearly spilling tea on self and Sir Thomas gets up scolding, 'Martha! Now you've angered him!' I try hard not to laugh. Oh if only you were here, femmka. I am envious at my very own theatre for having you in it's presence and you are not here in mine.


Your exotic scent, exotic effeminate looks (those lips and that ... necklace ...) and the seductively lovely sibilant purr of the Persian. Then there's those eye lined dark exotic liquid brown eyes. Should I describe every inch of you?


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Pauper stops sewing when alerted to update was made to the glam rock queen's public site. Sees it's the ... 'lord of dance' incarnate ... Slacks off in costume department to reply even though I was told off about why do I keep trying to converse with the Russian prince about his effeminate queen (my best friend...). Pavlova, that old bird and her 'it' talk should be taken as a complement. Androgynous...


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Johann, he's being serious about don't talk to him. Please do it. It's not funny. Don't provoke him like some defiant sod. You know he demands respect, all things considered about him... Rudy darling, what you posted to me is hilarious! It is a little after 4:30 as I post this. I've ended rehearsals for the day. Mmm talking about describing ... I spent most of the time when I wasn't holding my mic or at the piano, fondling ... my fashionably naughty bracelet on my black nails left hand wrist .... your cock ring .... Then I thought of your strong danseur legs hugging one of my slender legs between them as we lay there entwined in each others embrace, you 'tasting' my glossed lips, my delectably (highly pleasing) handsome Russian prince.


Here's a ... necklace ... photo of me for you, Rudy darling, with you looking so fucking delectably handsome alongside it. I positioned it on the page so it looks like you're gazing over at me. Your handsome princely sandy brown bob hidden under your leather cap, dressed in your leather and me scantily clad in my satin .... cat .... suit. My black nails left hand wishing it was your enormous fucking cock it was holding instead of my mic. and on it's wrist .....

Ron Craster (stage director for Haze Theatre & FM, personal asst. to Pavlova) - The 'divine lush creature' that is Fairy Mercury, once again, hoping I'm not told off by him as if he won't be seeing/reading this. His reaction to what you posted. He blushed then muttered in Russian, 'now I'm going to have to change' (obviously eluding to having cum...). He started to post a reply but then deleted what he started to write and got up and left the room. I am now being called for. If I can, I'll post if he confides in me about what you posted ....


Pavlova rehearsing ballet of Giselle as prince Albrecht (left). Right - how the glam rock queen will be dressed to marry her Russian prince/ballet danseur. Fairy, your adoring fans want to know if you're going to lose the satin trousers hidden under the fairy .... winged satin frock to make your rival Peter Pan even more jealous. Jorge Schumann, PR and web designer to FM


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ We really should stick with posting to my public website in the evening or around my Zzz time because that server issue is too annoying this time of day unless it's the weekend ... Ron, has said anything to you about what I posted?? .... Jorge, as for what my precious fans want to know ... My beloved idol wore the satin outfit or cat suit under the frock for the opening song on set list 'Now I'm Here' then got out of it after the song. I love how the back of it was designed. Greg, if you're on, do you have a shot of me from the back in it that I can post for my precious fans. I love it, my darlings, when Pavlova will say this when we visit that Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park, 'I'm done looking up Peter Pan's frock, femmka.' It is how he let's me know he wants us to leave now. I'll entwine my arm in his and we walk off. Yes, I might wear the frock without the trousers ... I can't wait until I tell you more about our wedding plans, dears.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Give me a few minutes to look through my 100s of thousand photos of you to find a shot, Fairy, just for your fans. Alright, I found four. They're not all that clear. It's designed like a laced up corset.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur: Very lovely. With the pale blue eye shadow or wedding is off, femmka.

I put an end to Ronnie old boy attempting to share intimates with you. Don't be shy of me!! If you wish to know such things all you need to do is ask. The lovely satin frock is quite, how you say? - 'covered up' in the front ... but I suppose appropriate for wedding occasion. I refer to as 'the necklace' although the necklace is as I had said. Alluring and draws attention to your tits .... This seems to embarrass you. You say, ' I mean, it's one of those things that you just want to happen but not talk about it.' Your exact words. Server connection issue no good and nerve wracking! I agree we only do public in evening or weekend!

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ It's just that hearing from others is like what that man said to you when he phoned that you wrote about 'gleaning insight'. I am so very obsessively in love with you as my idol was with Nureyev, dear. I hate that we haven't been with one another all day!! I take it you liked what I wrote with those 2 photos I posted .... Maybe we can cum come on here around my Zzz time - try to stay awake, Rudy darling. HA!! I laugh every time you say for me to wear the pale blue eye shadow or the wedding is off. xx Fairy




It is 3am, Rudy darling. Are you on and still awake?


Ron Craster (stage director for Haze Theatre & FM, personal asst. to Pavlova) - Fairy, he is. Let me go tell him you're on. Too bad he put an end to me playing 'tell-all'.....


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur: As you know, femmka, I will be at theatre tomorrow. Reading through what you last post, I more than like what you wrote about two photos. I'm sure you know that because of what Ronnie boy posted not only to you, but he seems to forget your millions of adoring fans read and I am sure you read they have been - as you say - 'carrying on over it'. Silly girl with your deliberate 'strikethroughs' .... We should pay our jealous friend a visit some time tomorrow.


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Of course, you're probably not getting the annoying server connection problem are you, dear? I'm not. I believe what Jorge has been saying is why that annoying problem happens. It's a good thing that I'm so famous that my site gets loads of 'traffic' yet it's annoying when it crashes the server when we're in the middle of entertaining my precious fans. Yes, let's visit our jealous friend tomorrow, hoping my London based fans don't come haunting around. As long as we keep the time a secret ....

Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur: Yes lets. Very top secret. No, I'm not getting annoying server problem. So we talk about wedding plans or did you want to discuss .....

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Both .... Ahem ... so, my darlings, wedding plans have changed. We are no longer going to get married in India. It is now a toss up between France or Vienna. Pavlova has a home in Vienna and an apartment in France. As with my first ever Haze Theatre shows, there were 'important people' who came 'from all over the world' (Vienna and France and of course, here in England) to see me perform. I do plan in the near future to visit my motherland India. Perhaps I can talk Rudy to have us honeymoon there...


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur: As I tell you, kitten, we must make it neutral. I would like for us to honeymoon in India. That can be arranged since wedding guests don't honeymoon with married couple. It is up to you, femmka, to talk about ....


The glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's adoring fans, this ends this page. Coming next will be a new page

'The FAIRY ... Tale Couple' - long overdue, don't you think? Look for it on the list of other pages on the homepage.

It will start with coverage of this weekend's second round of the exotic prancer's sold out shows at the magnificent Haze Theatre along with more details of the FAIRY ... tale couple's wedding in June. Also detailed highlights/look back at her 1st ever shows at Haze Theatre which kicked off the divine lush creature's spring/summer

Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour.

London, are you ready to be rocked by the ever so elegant, erotic, exotic glam rock queen?!


Gif - video footage of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury performing her first two ever sold out shows at Haze Theatre.

(note to Pavlova: where she throws her long midnight black hair head back and her full glossed lips and tits are thrust out is too erotic, don't you think?? ....)

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