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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

The March Of The Black Queen

'Do you mean it

Why don't you mean it

Why do I follow you and where do you go

I reign with my left hand,

I rule with my right

I'm lord of all darkness,

I'm Queen of the night

I've got the power - now do The March Of The Black Queen'

(From Queen's 'The March Of The Black Queen' - written by Freddie Mercury)

Per fans' request, we decided to create a page to be unique and something different - deciphering the cryptic of Fairy. We've more than proved how incarnate he is of his idol. Not only in looks and talents (emulating '70s FM) but his personality, etc. is identical. NO ACT! It's all natural. Freddie Mercury was also known for 'the cryptic'. Many of the lyrics he would write held 'in between the lines' messages that someone well rehearsed in 'body language' and of the gay community would easily pick up on. Even on stage many of things Freddie Mercury would do performing or say to the audience was 'cryptic'. But we're 'deciphering' Fairy here because, like his beloved idol, he tends to do A LOT of 'cryptic'.

Being a very openly gay 'effeminate queen' - he isn't being cryptic out of a closeted queen dropping hints, but much of what he does is him being his overly sexual self - erotically teasing and trying to provoke a response from you, his adoring fans, or whoever that knows it's meant for them. Before I go on, I thought I would add this in. Any 'off posts/messages' you see on either the ever so elegant Fairy's public site or private site / fan club such as the screencap I did below, with no name as to who wrote it attached is being written by Mr. Jorge Schumann the web site designer for both the exotic prancer's accounts. (It killed me to cut off Fairy's head in the photo, but it's how I had to crop it! SORRY, FANS!!!)  Note: Jorge Schumann has since become PR for Fairy.


This post will continue with me talking about his most recent post where he was actually mentioning he was being 'cryptic' in it. Him having FINALLY paid Haze Theatre a visit (shortly before leaving for his Manchester gigs) after picking them up as his management. Too campy and overly sexual and so the effeminate queen his reaction to seeing this (below nude) hanging on one of the walls is what I'll be posting next.

Him for real looking like / doing this with his lovely long midnight black hair (below gif. while you look at it,notice the stunning Cleopatra snake upper arm bracelet) then what his sibilant purr purred to me about the picture (there was myself, his personal photographer and 2 others from Haze Theatre that were present taking him a 'guided tour' and introductions - all those formalities). In the continuation will be my reply, again his campy and overly sexual reaction and then him meeting his new manager / agent for the first time, in person ..... (who the exotic queen has a 'mad crush' on...) In the meanwhile, who's excited to see Fairy's shows Fri. and Sat. in Manchester? BOTH nights sold out! Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


Where I left off and before I continue, I almost dread doing this because I can hardly imagine what his ‘new agent/mgr.’ will be thinking reading it …. because as far as I know, I don’t think he knows of Fairy’s ‘mad crush’ he has on him. I am also going to copy/paste part of the conversation his personal photographer (Greg Hastings) and his web designer (Jorge Schumann) posted at the bottom of the homepage so it’s kept before that entire section is deleted. So here it is as follows:

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio, personal photographer to Fairy Mercury - Mr. Jorge Schumann, it is midnight upon this post I'm making. I am at tonight's after party for the exotic prancer's 2nd sold out Manchester show. Knocking them dead like the Killer Queen he is, the performance he delivered to his adoring fans. Anyways, I wanted to take the time out personally to thank you for all your hard work. There are actually only 3 maybe 4 videos that I will need to edit. Never again and we mean it!! ...


Message from Jorge Schumann, web designer: You're welcome, Mr. Hastings. Anything for the exotic queen. Would you like for me to remove those particular videos? Let me know how to proceed with that. His fans thinks he seems happier now. Back to his overly sexual campy queen self. Like the too hilarious thing he posted today that I transferred to the Love Of My Life post. His adoring fans are carrying on over it in the comments section. This photo though when I was re-doing some of those posts. stunningly captivating Persian queen. So the famous Mick Rock Queen II album cover shot but side view take on it. You seriously are right up with there with Mick Rock, Greg. Fairy's fans just hold you in such high esteem.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio, personal photographer to Fairy Mercury - Thank you, Jorge, for the complement. Mick Rock is my 'idol'. Like Fairy, we favor Rock's '70s photography of Queen/Freddie Mercury. Which is what Fairy looks identical to. '73 - '77 years. As I mentioned, I think was in the Mirror Image post, if not, it was in a post made on the photo book 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury Becoming 1970s Freddie Mercury'. When I said that we (the exotic prancer and myself) try to re-create certain photos or poses with the help of his extremely talented German costume designer Johann Wagner who absolutely fucking nails replicating for Fairy, FM's 1970s stage wardrobe and even a lot of the off stage things FM would wear during that time. Fairy is very fond of black and white photography, so I do a lot of my photos of Fairy in black and white. Queen's theme was black and white.


You're German as well, Jorge. I've noticed a lot of people with Haze Theatre are. It has a 'Cabaret' vibe to it - the movie took place in Germany. I can't wait for Johann to continue the post he started and we all know Killer Queen's fans are obsessed with hearing his 'take' on his visit to Haze Theatre.It was a turning point for him and for the good ... As Johann mentioned, I was there and he was such his overly sexual campy queen self. Where Johann left off - that photo on the wall. Those 2 that were conducting the 'guided tour' I heard one of them whisper to the other, 'she's so unrealistically exotic and mirrors '70s FM to perfection.' about Fairy who was being so damn campy acting as if we were in an art museum. I'll let Johann tell it. But his reaction to being told about that nude photo was too much!

In continuing with Fairy’s visit to Haze Theatre … Looking like above gif – tossing long midnight black hair, sibilant purr starts to purr, ‘is that -?’and one of the two doing ‘the guided tour’ says, ‘your new agent, yes’ Fairy finishes what he started to purr, ‘for sale – I would like to buy it’ then wildly laughs, hugging hold my arm, gaspily purring, ‘Oh my god!’ pulling me along with him down the hall and quietly gaspily purrs to me, ‘Why didn’t you tell me … I mean – oh my god!! He’s ….’ word trailing and I say, ‘I’m sure you know who Rudolf Nureyev is – the famous gay Russian ballet dancer. Him and Nijinsky was who your idol (Freddie Mercury) took the leotard look from. He looks a lot like Nureyev and used to emulate him before taking over ownership of Haze Theatre.


His dark exotic eye lined eyes stare at me, pausing in the hall. Greg and the other two approaching. Fairy then purrs, ‘It’s um art … I mean, how am I to meet this man now after uhhh … having seen – that?!’ (referring to the nude). I just grinned and replied, ‘wait until you meet him.’ We reach the off of Mr. Nikolai Pavlova. One of the two doing the ‘guided tour’ (which is personal assistant to Mr. Pavlova) knocks and opens the door a few inches and in a loud whisper, ‘she’s here, Mr. Pavlova. Fairy Mercury and she’s even more breathtakingly Freddie Mercury in person.’ The Russian accent of Nikolai Pavlova can be heard within the office saying, ‘Have her come in – alone – no, is the photographer with her?’and the personal assistant tells him yes and that I’m (Johann Wagner) is too. The Russian accent can then be heard saying, ‘all three then.’(Gif of NP created by Dame Eleanor exclusively for this post)


The personal assistant motions for us to go in. Fairy glides into the large spacious office of NikolaiPavlova doing the melodramatic theatrical hair toss then extends his black varnished nails left hand- palm down. Comically, Mr. Nikolai Pavlova takes Fairy’s fingers – raises his hand to his lips and kisses the back of it. Then slyly grins, ‘will you do the Fandango?’ (from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’). Catching Fairy off guard – taking him in his arms as if he’s there to audition for dance.The caught off guard and obviously VERY smitten divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury purrs,‘Oh … um … I’d like a drink, darling.’ Mr. Pavlova steps back from the exotic glam rock queen – releasing him from his … embrace … saying, ‘Wine? I don’t keep champagne in my office. I know you - like your idol – fancy Cristal champagne. By the way, you look (pauses) sinfully divine.’


Too campy and so like Fairy, he elegantly ‘fans’ his hand before his face as if about to faint mouthing to me, ‘oh my god – I can’t do this!’ The divine lush creature has too obviously been taken by the charming Russian. Greg clears his throat and says, ‘so you used to emulate the ballet icon Rudolf Nureyev. You really do resemble him.’ Obviously Mr. Pavlova’s only interest is in Fairy … as he comes from the mini bar in his large spacious office – approaching the exotic Freddie Mercury incarnate dressed in all black satin (‘the black queen’…) with Cleopatra snake upper arm bracelet and erotic heavily glossed full lips. Not replying to Greg, he hands Fairy a glass of wine motioning for him to sit.When he doesn’t, Nikolai Pavlova reaches out to take hold of his and he steps back gaspily purring, ‘No I’d rather you not touch me again, dear!’ Looking slightly offended, the Russian says, ‘Oh? Have I offended you, kitten?’

Being called ‘kitten’ obviously sends Fairy swooning and he sits the glass of wine down, sibilant purr purring, ‘I need to leave. It was lovely meeting you, dear.’ This was too funny get so much my best friend – the lovely Freddie Mercury incarnate. I could tell – on purposely – he places his black nails left hand to the snake bracelet making it slip down his arm and off it – falling to the floor.On cue, the Russian Prince Charming picks it up and starts after the Persian queen.‘I’ll return it – after all, I’m her costume designer’ I grin telling him, taking the arm bracelet from him and add as I go out the door, ‘you did nothing wrong, Nik. You did every thing right.’ Just in case he ‘read’ Fairy wrong ….Greg and I find Fairy in the main hall where the life size photos are hung. I hear him purring, ‘… no matter the cost, I must have them both!’ It was too campy! The man he is saying this to I recognize as one of Haze Theatre’s head of prop design. The man looks a cross between embarrassed and awestruck over the Freddie Mercury lookalike appearance of the exotic effeminate queen.


Side note: Fairy, here is another one that was in another part of Haze Theatre you didn't venture into.

Dame Eleanor wanted me to add it to my write up so see what your reaction to it would be ....

Post by: Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury (Haze Theatre)


What happened since. Backstage - Fairy's sold out Leeds show (1st night): Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - Timestamp: 3:30pm London. Fairy's adoring fans we are just now getting back to London from Leeds. I thought I would post to the 'backup public account' as we have been referring to it as on Killer Queen's fan club/private site. Day 3 and still unable to access his public account. IF and when we are ever able to, I will be posting about Fairy's agent/mgr. Mr. Nikolai Pavlova having inevitably read 'The March Of The Black Queen' post and what I wrote about not caring if it's read and Fairy's 'mad crush' on him is made publicly known. Even if I hadn't, it was still obvious how he felt... I thought I would share with you what transpired backstage of his Friday sold out Leeds show. As he briefly mentioned on here, his agent/mgr. surprised him by attending the show. He didn't even know that until he got off stage - show's end. Mr. Nikolai Pavlova presented him with not only one but TWO bouquets of fairy roses.This is what they look like. Yes, there is such thing as 'fairy roses'.


Along with a bottle of Cristal champagne.... telling him, 'if only your adoring fans could you see you up close - your extreme likeness to Freddie Mercury and not just far off gracing a stage, kitten.' Fairy shoved the roses at me to tend to them and doing the hair toss bit, glided to where his makeup lie purring, 'are you single, dear?' Mr. Pavlova replied to the exotic prancer, 'Well yes, very. Why?' looking slightly embarrassed and glanced at me. Too obviously why - because he had read that post! Fairy's sibilant purr says picking up his eyeliner pencil, 'Mmm - darling, there is an issue with my public website. Has Mr. Schumann informed you of it?'


Too obviously trying to not only bring attention to that upsetting issue but to the post I made ... The Russian replied, 'yes, if it's not seen to by Monday's end, I have instructed him to start the transfer to (pauses) what is it?' and Fairy very erotically slowly caresses the capped eyeliner pencil across his glossed lips purring, 'Wixxxxxx' and turns away purring, 'a male dancer's body though...' trailing, tossing the eyeliner pencil down and glides off. I make sure I look at Mr. Pavlova's reaction because I know Fairy will ask me what it was. He clears his throat glancing at his personal assistant then walks off speaking in Russian something about going back to the hotel.


I seriously can't wait until we are able to access Fairy's public website again so we can continue promoting him to the public ... properly. Any fans who STILL don't have membership to his fan club/private site might like to consider joining.The info. was given out at the doors before the shows.

Once we are able to gain access to Fairy's public site (, I will be adding what I have posted to the continuous 'The March Of The Black Queen' page. The exotic prancer's adoring fans, you are right - it is a 'candid behind the scenes look' at your stunning 'this day and age 1970s Freddie Mercury' star. Thank you for choosing him.


Fairy’s adoring fans, I just can’t even! First off, I’m glad you are so humoured over the campy queen calling me a romance novelist. He will tell you that we’re such ‘best friends forever and always’ (as he puts it) because we are both ‘hopeless, helpless romanticists’ I admire and worship Fairy and him being such spitting image of his beloved idol FM in looks, personality, etc. Anyways, I know you guys will get a laugh off the recent. Being bothered over why the exotic prancer isn’t posting a public reply to what I posted about the texts I received from the personal assistant.


Conversation I overheard at Haze Theatre down the hall Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s office is. The entire conversation in Russian (and yes, I understand the lang.).


Personal asst.- Why did you think it inappropriate I texted Johann about what she (Fairy) posted on her public website about the email I sent?!


N. Pavlova – Why did you think it proper to send it? Then expect her to talk of my privates to her adoring fans. I’m glad there hasn’t been a reply posted by her.


Personal asst. - I sent it because she seemed so (pause) aroused (pause) by the photos she practically pleaded to have her first – and so far, only visit to Haze Theatre. She is in love with you and has let all her fans know. Invite her to the theatre again. Or perhaps for dinner.


N. Pavlova – Dinner?! Really! That’s a bit passe don’t you think? I can’t get it out my mind how sinfully divine she was that day in my office. Then to see her for a second time backstage after her Leeds show. Perhaps I can take her to the ballet. See if the Royal Ballet is back to performing. I think ….

I hated it how unfortunately what the Russian prince was about to say was cut off because someone obviously came down the hall wanting his personal assistant for something.

Fairy's adoring fans, expect to hear from him again soon. He is very exhausted after playing 2 weekends straight with rehearsals in between. His sold out Leeds shows then the recent sold out London shows. I can't wait until you do.

I am sure all of you are familiar with the classic ballet The Nutcracker which Rudolf Nureyev danced. What the campy Killer Queen will be telling you about has to do with that and ... dancing the Fandango .... Yes Fairy deliberately didn't reply to what I posted at the end of the Love Of My Life post/page just to see what would become of it. His personal photographer will now have time to work on the videos he needs to re-do along with creating one of one of Fairy's performance of 'My Melancholy Blues'. Greg, thank you for supplying me with your photos of the ever so elegant Fairy to add to my posts.

Post by: Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury (Haze Theatre)


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Greg or Jorge (you're the web designer) help Johann!! He's doesn't know about posting photos and he's putting them where they're too large and it looks a bit gaudy. I told him he needs to do the preview because we discovered many times the editor part sometimes doesn't publish as it's presented, which is rather strange. My precious fans, it was too hilarious all of you in the comments section having a laugh over thinking I 'ghosted' my costume designer over that text msgs. thing he posted about on the 'Love Of My Life' post. I am planning on visiting Haze Theatre again, for a 2nd time, some time this week ... Until then, love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy


Jorge Schumann, web designer - Fairy, to address your concern. It's not him it's something weird about resizing the images. The one I am going to have to resize and re-upload it because for some reason I am not able to get it to quit looking so enlarged. +++ Fairy Mercury +++ Please don't use the word ... enlarged ... around me, dear. Oh my god, talking about ... enlarged ... Btw, Johann, I have no comment about what you posted. The conversation you overheard. I have yet to be asked ... because yes the Royal Ballet is in production again. Mmm ... let's see what would I wear? My seductive obscenely tight satin .... black or white??


Johann Wagner/costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Come to Haze Theatre unexpectedly, Fairy. Ask to see me. Wear the erotic black velvet with rhinestones number and black satin trousers (the concert photos from your London show I used for my post). Once you've arrived, word of you having graced the theatre with your lovely exotic presence will circulate and, of course, get to him. I can't believe you haven't been contacted yet about something I'm sure your adoring fans will be excited to point of wild frenzy to hear. You getting even more offers to perform at other venues.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ All right I will do just that, dear. Where did you get the black and white photo you posted with your recent post?! The expression and pose is so arousing!! Now I really can't wait until I pay another visit to Haze Theatre.... Oh yes, my darlings! Isn't is grand that I am being asked by even more venues to perform at them. Details soon. xx

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