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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans


This page is a take-off of the exciting page Pouncing And Pooving. If you haven't viewed the page, please do so! Repertoire will also begin the promo of Fairy Mercury's spring/summer Phoenix Reborn tour which is now underway!!


Hello dears. I loved this particular page (Pouncing And Pooving), but ... Greg ... is right, it is getting a bit too long.

So what I have decided to do, is transfer the last bit we posted yesterday, up to what Greg posted, onto a new page.

I even have the most grandest name for it! You'll just love it! Repertoire. Isn't it regal? The word defined: the stock of plays, operas, songs, etc. that a company singer, etc. is familiar with and ready to perform. All the musical or theatrical works of a particular category available for performance.

Ahh!! I am so excited! Tomorrow I start rehearsals for my Haze Theatre concerts this coming weekend. Officially starting my Phoenix Reborn spring//summer tour!! Spring begins Tuesday. Bye dull, dark and dreary winter!! 

Recent photos of Rudy and me, dears. Let me know what you think (just ignore the distracting enormous fucking cock in the one... How he dressed when we married ... Nureyev's famous prince tunic look from the ballet The Nutcracker). Then some tart trying to be a Geisha with black nails left hand on display. I added my own creative touch to them just to be different. I'll post more soon and possibly reply to what Rudy posted ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy 


From 'Mr. X' - Since Fairy no longer has a PR manager, her entourage will take turns playing the part, I offered to do so as well. I am proud to announce, as you 'loyal subjects' know, tickets for the glam rock queen's Haze Theatre concert

(22 - 23 March) went on sale yesterday. Both dates have sold out!! 

'met a man from China, went down to Geisha minah' - from song 'Killer Queen' ... 

As with you fans, I too am in awe over the two newest photos you were lavished with of the 'FAIRY...tale couple'.

As for Fairy's new music video. I am at loss for words. So I'll try to (as I did with Fairy herself when she asked me my thoughts), well, I'll just tell what I told her. I cried. She was so Freddie. The footage they selected from the hours of concert her photographer has filmed of her performances. The vocals. ALL of it.

The lord of dance Pavlova takes after Nureyev ... I wanted to hear more of their making of the video, as all of you did. Romantically, it was just the two of them who put it together. I think meddling fools need to quit snooping and upsetting the 'divine lush creature' and jealously ruining the things she is doing to entertain her adoring fans.

They will be on soon. They have been very busy.


Hello dears. I am so excited! Because next week I start rehearsals for my Haze Theatre concert at week's end!! It has been far too long since I've graced a stage and performed live before you!! I am starting to feel like a wilted flower.

So any way, this is to Rudy ... I looked up in a dictionary geisha defined: 'a Japanese trained in dancing, singing, the art of conversation to serve as a hired companion to a man.' So, Rudy darling, you really weren't being too naive when you thought they were tarts. That definition sort of sounds as if they are ....

As you know, my precious fans, 'Killer Queen', my idol wrote inspired by Liza's Cabaret film character. As Freddie described the song: 'about a high class call-girl'. 

Who wants to see a documentary on me hosted by 'Mr. X' with footage like this in it? We even have a title for it.

'Fairy Mercury - Freddie Mercury Reborn'. That just might be a future possibility!  I'll be doing more of my colourized photos for you soon, dear. Until next time, stay naughty!  💋 Fairy

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Welcome to weekend fans who call yourselves 'loyal subjects'. I share this with you about unruly exotic creature who is your 'star'. I see 'stay naughty' she signs off to you with at 2am before she slinks off to bed. I decided to be just that myself, naughty, and reply to geisha thing she posted on here to me. I tell her (when she, dressed in only satin knickers) slips under covers, 'I read what you write about geishas, femmka, what do they wear under kimonos?' She wildly laughs, 'oh my god, Rudy darling! You are so fucking naughty!! Well, what I (sibilant purr with long purr heavy emphasis on word 'I') wear is nothing or my knickers' caressing lovely slender black nails left hand down my bare chest. Of course, I become very aroused by all this. I not tell rest ... She would, I won't. 

I am told her 'concept art of colourized photos' of us she did was quite the hit with her adoring fans. So she will be doing more. I ask Goldman to take photos and give to her. I don't know about 'diva' photographer. He gets worse from what I hear. If things didn't end up ruined over us discussing Fairy's new video (which got much attention and I am pleased) she would have told about 'diva'. We are done with jealous prying fools jealously trying to ruin eventful things my femmka is doing on her public site. Such as with her new video. But we go on now. No more hindrance. 

As for documentary thing that has all of you 'carrying on' over, I'll let her tell more about that when she comes on. 

I sent her away to her London home this morning. It is 3pm (in Britain) as I compose this. I am forlorn without her here with me major part of day. But she will return to me this evening. 

I forget to add about photos she 'colourized'. The one of her in kimono is alluring, is it not? I had the one of myself taken to gift to her. I try to do this on regular basis. Have Goldman take photo of me, just for my femmka, to gift to her.

I decided to dress in ballet/tunic I wore when we married. 25 June will mark two years. Her birthday. It is on Tuesday this year. So weekend before, we must plan something special for her Phoenix Reborn tour. 

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ You're on, Rudy darling! I miss you so!!! I can not wait until your valet comes for me and returns me to my prince! It's funny about you sharing with my precious fans what you did. Mmm why do you hesitate to tell them the naughty bits, dear? .... Right, my precious fans, you liked my concept art of colourized photos so well, I call it 'dreamy'. That's what it is supposed to represent. Such as enormous cock 'princely Pavlova' looking like he's in a dream 

fog or mist of violet. The one of that tart me in ... kimono ... was taken by 'that diva' - my personal photographer.

I mean, I don't know why he's turned into such a creep, acting like such a diva ever since that photo editing software incident. He asked me why did I do that to the photo of me. I told him I wanted to be different and explained my whole concept art bit. Then I added, 'you're so protective, Greg' and he got this embarrassed look on his face and stormed out as if trying (and failing miserably, might I add) to make some grand exit. 

Me and Rudy being like .... 

The bit about my new video. I have to pause a moment, dears. I am so very elated, chuffed, that you adore it so much!

Rudy and I had so much fun working on it ... Any way, when I mentioned I wanted to do a video with me performing

'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)', Greg was like, 'have fun with that, Fae! Windows Movie Maker no longer exists and that computer I had that and the photo editor on needs repair.' I told him we are going to get a more modernized video editor with MANY options. Anyone familiar with movie maker, that is so basic and limited. I am truly embarrassed the majority of my videos were created using it!! He got mopey and went off on something about being familiar with movie maker. Rudy was present, and he told him, 'you not take thees attitude with my femmka! I am now doing ALL choreograph of her veedeos. You are dismissed from that duty and you steek with photos.' He obviously did not like being told off by Rudy one bit and again, stormed off as if trying to make some grand (diva) exit. 

(picture me in fits of wild hysterical laughter, dears!)

I made it a point to ask him after Rudy and I presented the video to you, my precious fans, what he personally thought of the video. Face to face. He just heavily sighed, shaking his head and said, 'what can I say, the man is perfect. He completes you and you are perfect, Fae. I'm literally awestruck and speechless.'

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - She ask diva photographer if he wants her to show him new video editor. Telling him, it's basically a lot of drop and drag of audio and video segments. He declined, telling her to have fun with it. I not tell you this, Fairy, I met with him personally. I am surprised you weren't told by him or his sordid gossip peasant costume designer partner. I tell him, when Fairy started out, all she had was you and costume designer and undesirable fool posing as manager/agent. You are professional photographer, but you obviously have no skill in video. Ballet is choreograph art form. Elegant beauty and grace - which defines her, yes? Take look at your attempts, and I wish not to be harsh, but you start out with video with music put to photos. It's boring. It does her talents no justice, insulting and amateur.

He did swallow pride and agreed. I then tell him, she has become, how I say? 'bigger' - in need of more 'crew' - entourage. She now has what she needs to succeed properly. It is no longer you, costume designer and her. You must accept change and not think you are to take on more than photography. Film her concerts, but let me put together video for her with what is filmed. So now that has been settled. I expect embarrassing 'diva' attitude to quit now, femmka.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, put your name in coloured font like I do, so that it stands out that it's what you posted. Amazingly, no, Hans has never told me about you meeting with Greg. I'm surprised... Aww, I loved how you put it to him and that he agreed with you. I mean, take a look at this video. It's one of the first attempts and it is just what you said, boring and awful!! Any video on the videos page from 'All Dead, All Dead' up, was when we had Greg quit his attempts at videography. 

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I do as you say, baby. Video you chose is perfect example what I am saying. Amazing effeminate vocals put to photos. Yes, photos of you on video are ... erotically ... alluring, and I am not saying it's boring, by no means, femmka. But who wants to sit through a video full of photos, where it can be brought to life by moving imagery. Your adoring fans want to see you performing, moving - outside of still life photos.  

Her fans laughing (in comments) over her saying 'grand diva exit' - she is very campy queen, is she not? I laughed too.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ See, Rudy darling, that is more creative and stands out having you color font your name. Gif of me in miZ Mercury/Nijinsky look making grand QUEENLY exit. Gif I put along side it, I mean, I fucking melt!! He is so sexy!!

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Gif of me she used, was made using 'Icecream' app. That was something else diva photographer brought up. He wanted to get that app's video editor because it was much like movie maker.

We make another new video now, Fairy, yes? It is now almost 6pm. We have dinner at 7. My cook Prescott has prepared lovely Indian dish with Russian dessert for her arrival. My valet has been sent for her. So we go off now.  до скорого

From 'Mr. X' - I am laughing so hard! Yes, Fairy is so campy queen and so Freddie!! I edited some of Pavlova's posts

(I hope he won't be upset by it) his English is being exceptionally poor today. I am obsessed with Fairy's new video for 'Teo Torriatte', just as you, her adoring fans are. Exquisite!! Killer Queen being campy when I asked her, why not do a documentary on yourself? You're so unique and captivating in your climb to 'stardom' and then adding your multimillionaire Nureyev lineage 'destined to be lord of dance' Russian ballet prince into the mix - your life. Your adoring fans would just love to see something like that done on you. She laughed and purred, 'only if you host it and add in the bit about 'putting men on the map' - oh my god, that was funny. Meeen - being said with such lust for them.'

I adore Fairy. She really is so Freddie through and through. Have a bit of Russian caviar on me ;-) with an elegant sip of Cristal champagne (Freddie's fave also Fairy's) topped off with cherry brandy ... Cheers!

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I hate to say this, but we'll have to start a new page soon. This one is getting too long. 'Mr. X', I am obsessed with the video as well. Magnificent work of art. It's stunning, to say the least. Fairy's vocals on the song is so moving and Freddie to perfection. I loved what Pavlova (most likely...) did with the crossfades and overlays, etc. Even the credits at the end were stunning. I've watched it endlessly. I envy the man's creativity. I guess it comes with having a background in theatre and ballet. Fairy is campy and she loves to entertain. I get such a laugh over her silly 'diva' bit about me. A little stretch of her campy queen imagination, really. 


Thus, the page Repertoire was created and will be added onto shortly. Including latest 'colourized concept art' photos.


Hello, my precious fans. I will be posting more of my colourized concept art photos very soon. I can hardly wait for you to see the latest!

It is now mid-week, and I have been so very busy with rehearsal for my 22-23 March concert dates at the grand

Haze Theatre. Marking the start of my Phoenix Reborn tour. I will try to post more whenever I can.

I am so excited to be back touring. Seeing your faces in the audience enjoying my performances ...

Thank you so much for being such ... loyal ... supportive fans. Without you ...

Glam rock queen Fairy Mercury performing live

(Featuring Russian ballet danseur Pavlova)

'We Are The Champions' - Vienna, Austria

'Big Spender' (2 different performances) Brighton cabaret, England

'White Queen (As It Began)' - Paris, France

All from her Fairy Soars 2023 tour.

'I've taken my bows - and my curtain calls - you brought me fame and fortune

and everything that goes with it - I thank you all ' - from Queen's magnificent 'We Are The Champions'

From 'Mr. X' -  Fans, we're all looking forward to Fairy's new Phoenix Reborn tour and what she has in store. Haze Theatre troupe will be joining her on tour. Did you know, the Royal Ballet asked Freddie about joining Queen on tour? But he declined because that was when he turned into an undesirable creep. The verse of 'We Are the Champions' the glam rock queen quoted in what she wrote, Freddie wrote about her crush Nureyev. His famed curtain calls at the end of his ballets. The customary gifting of a bouquet of roses ('it's been no bed of roses').  I know because I knew both Freddie and Nureyev (and very well) in the 1970s. Fairy is Freddie of that time, in my mind's eye. Who's excited to see the latest photos she plans to grace you with, loyal subjects? They are truly such a beautiful couple.

I'll share a final word. The book 'Queen: All The Songs'. In it, there is a section on Zandra Rhodes who designed many of Freddie's stage wardrobe. The most famous was the satin pleated fairy winged frock. Photos below of Fairy dressed in replica of the frock.

I was going to scan it (I might) any fan who has the book, it's on page 60. One of the headings in the section is titled

'A Wedding Dress For Freddie' and is about the frock. I showed Fairy it. Remember how she's so incarnate of Freddie and it's not done deliberately? I told her, I sat there shaking my head and in shock, because what are the odds?! This is proof that you are the reincarnation of Freddie!!! She gaspily purred, 'you have got to be kidding me!!!' and started visibly shaking and crying.

Eerie isn't it? What were the odds that she decided that was what she was going to wear to marry her Russian prince Rudolf Pavlova? I mean it, you guys, it's unreal!!! It truly is! Fairy is not an act!! Freddie is living on through her!

I wish I could take the moment now to talk about Pavlova and how he so much takes after Nureyev, but I'm not allowed to divulge information on that. His lineage.

::: Sent in by fan Mr. Charles Stanton - I am still in shock over the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova offering me to attend our elegant glam rock queen's Haze Theatre shows. BOTH nights! You guys are going to be jealous over this! I'll have his VIP seat!!! How unreal is that?! Then I'll be meeting the FAIRY... tale couple backstage, and I am so nervous over that moment!!

Btw, (yaaawn!) I wasn't joking about my 'Trust Pilot' remark that caught the lovely exotic 'queen's' attention. Those snoopy wankers better sod off because they always behave as if Fairy and her people are joking, teasing and flirting with their weirdo asses and carrying on as if her site is being done for their snoopy entertainment. Too obvious they're jealous at gay men and the FAIRY...tale couple's relationship, love for one another, talk of each other and their talents and how unreal attractive they both are.

[section omitted}

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant FM) - 'Mr. X', Fairy told me about you showing her what you shared with her adoring fans out of that book. I about died!! This is what she told me. Sibilant purr gasping,

'Oh Hans! You won't believe this! I was led by my beloved idol to wear the fairy winged frock to marry Rudy!!!' She had her copy of the book and showed me what you had shown her out of it. I was so speechless, all I could reply was, 'UNREAL!!!' Greg, what you wrote to Mr. Boyd, what burns me up is those hateful one twats taking away that

Freddie collaborating with her crush Nureyev article and she was getting attention by REAL people over it. Anything to be mean and act like the copy/paste mockery jealous asses, trying to take away any success and attention she might achieve. To hell with hateful mean people like that!! Then they laughably THINK they were going to be using her site for 'backlinks' attention. NOPE! SORRY!! We unlinked it all and kept the screenshot!

She can be a bitch too, cunts!!

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Johann, I really have no comment about the recent on how Fairy is so incarnate of Freddie Mercury. You're right about 'unreal'. As far as that article, it's always the cunts ... I'm so glad we're gay men because the fucking shits would be so offending. Talking about emails to the site's email, I used to get tired of deleting 'hi, I'm (insert ugly dog cunt name) Cunty' attention seeking emails those damn hateful cunts would spammy send. Doesn't surprise me the jealous at effeminate 'queen' type gays cunts would pull that bitch ass stunt about that article. Go get laid by your ugly dog straight wimpy pricks and stay away from us gays!!

Hello dears. In spite of all the ... bitching ... being done (can't wait until it gets all deleted) I am slinking in the day before the first date of my spring/summer Phoenix Reborn tour. Above gifs of me in the frock ...

Those attending any of my tour will be in for pleasant surprises! I'll speak more on it over the weekend. Including the Haze Theatre troupe joining me on tour and why I asked them to.... (it really is so fucking sexy and funny... hint: certain parts of my new video towards the end...). Then the latest concept art photos coming this weekend.

To Francis, I got the maneki neko (Japanese waving cat) routed to my London home. Oh my god! I LOVE it!!

He came waving, and it's rather insane because there's no battery in him! Maybe it's the solar power. A little camp humour before I go off, my precious fans. I'll have to keep my one kitty Ming away from it or else he'll sit there doing what I trained him. Love and kisses to you all, darlings.


It is a little after 6pm here in London. Who's ready for some positivity, fun, romance and rock 'n roll tonight?! I will be gracing the stage in 2 more hours for the first date of my Phoenix Reborn tour! Ahhhh!! I am sooo excited!! More this weekend, including how it turned out. xx Fairy


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I can not believe it is already nearing 5pm! Time flies when you are very busy as we have been! Then it doesn't help when you have lovely star who gets alluringly drunk during after party and sleeps until noon.

She will perform second night show hungover. My femmka and I will be on perhaps after show this evening. No after party. That is her custom. She only has after party on first night of every concert she performs. 

I dread what she will have to say in finishing what she began about my Haze Theatre troupe joining her on tour. Being silly girl over me with monk in footage on her new video. Both Fairy and I are delighted you, her adoring fans, so are very obsessed by new video. More to come. 

So now, I am off. I tell her I will post her new 'concept art' photos for her. Then we discuss later. 


From 'Mr. X' - Fairy's adoring fans, so far 4 nights of her Phoenix Reborn tour has sold out. It's already not only got off to a fantastic start, but it wowed those in attendance last night. I've been sitting here since morning, off and on looking at the fan club comments. Those fans who were in attendance and the things they had to say about it. 

I teared up because she stuns as 'this day and age 1970s decade Freddie Mercury'. Of course, I was in attendance. 

She was being her campy queen self backstage, joking with me that I should be her new PR. I joked back, 'I'll get tips from my PR and gladly would do the honours.' She then joked (it's become ongoing) 'as long as you throw in the bit about putting men on the map. Meeen said with such lust for them.' 

What you see on Killer Queen's new video (Teo Torriatte) that is what you can expect from this tour. Theatre/ballet mixed with rock 'n roll. Honouring the legends (1970s) Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. She'll tell about what Pavlova mentioned; incorporating his Haze Theatre troupe into her concerts. Spectacular!

When the 'FAIRY...tale couple' grace you with their presence next time on here, the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur - Nureyev lineage - 'destined to be the lord of dance' - Rudolf Pavlova will tell his thoughts about what I told/showed Fairy about the fairy winged frock.  Before I go, I see you guys are blowing up the fan club comments over the new photos. They are as amazing as the other two. The one of Pavlova (so princely), Fairy took of him. I hope she tells about it. The (it really is too campy and so Fairy) 'glam rock geisha' one, looking so lusciously effeminate, was (of course) taken by Mr. Greg Hastings in his Mick Rock style. I absolutely love what Fairy did with the Japanese dragon - gay pride rainbow colours.

This is so me right now, my precious fans (above video). I could seriously perform for you all night!! Many thanks to all of you who bought tickets to see my first two nights concerts at Haze Theatre! It was so very emotional for me.

I promise I will be on tomorrow with Rudy. It is going on midnight. My concert ended an hour ago, and I am seriously knackered! 
Before I go off, though. I laughed so hard over a comment I read in the fan club comments. From fan here in London, Roger Edelman: 'Fairy's "colourized concept art photos" needs to be in the Louvre!!' Um, Roger, the Louvre (the last

I knew) only has paintings. Thanks for the laugh and, most of all, your fandom. 


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Always something. We couldn't post because we are having issues again. We ended up having to go back to using Firefox browser because touchy site editor wasn't responding on Chrome. I joke with my femmka that her adoring fans won't be seeing coloured photos of us any time soon, with her new 'colourized concept art photos'. Then I tell her, oh well, at least they have colourized video. She wildly laughs. So below is yet more of her creation.


The enticingly unruly creature had approached me about what _____ (real name, because we most certainly do not call him 'Mr. X' offline) showed her in book. 'A Wedding Dress For Freddie' about fairy winged frock. I tell her, it is astonishing and you are truly reincarnation of your beloved idol, because you do these things and only AFTERWARDS do you find these things out about Freddie. Even our relationship mirrors that of Nureyev and Freddie's.

I tell of incorporating my Haze Theatre troupe. She ... shyly ... carries on over footage I chose to add to her new video (toward end of video when she gets to part singing - 'when I'm gone, they'd say we're all fools and we don't understand'). I tell her this is the method acting done in ballet. She pushes exotic long midnight black hair back, purring, 'who's the monk guy? I mean, it's funny - well -' She doesn't finish, and I sit wishing she would because I knew what she was shyly wanting to really talk about was me in the footage.

Footage of her on that section of video, where her long midnight black hair is blown back, arouses me ....

We wanted it dramatic on that part, considering it's when the song (like 'Bohemian Rhapsody' has) goes from ballad to a section of rock 'n roll.

Disappointed the shy creature can not bring herself to speak of me in footage, I tell her, to be more creative with your concerts, we should have my Haze Theatre troupe, such as monk, do theatre part of ballet with me during operatic part of your 'Bohemian Rhapsody' performance. She excitedly purrs, 'Oh! I would absolutely love that, Rudy darling!!'

So now that is what we've done, and she has also added performance of 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)' to her set list of '70s Queen songs she performs.

Next weekend, she performs at Brighton cabaret. She pouts ... erotic ... glossed full sensuous lips as I remind her I don't do cabaret and neither does my Haze Theatre troupe. It's camp and her 'miZ Mercury' act. After, we leave for my Vienna estate. In April (8 & 9), she will perform in Vienna. These tickets go on sale first week of April. I let her post now when she's ready.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Again, reading someone putting you into words .... especially a certain someone ...

Right, dears. The photo of Rudy. I personally took, in fave Nureyev pose. He is so fucking sexy!! We were backstage, and I asked him to pose for me because I wanted to photograph him. That is what he did. Perfect fucking prince!

You know, what he posted on here the other day, what you see on my new video is what you can expect at my concerts.

So, my precious fans, come see my Phoenix Reborn concert! It runs until August. We've listed where I will be performing on the homepage and details will be announced soon for each one. I had such a wonderful time these past two nights. I didn't want it to end!

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant FM): Ever since ages ago when he attacked me about getting in arguments over your tits incident, and he will never let it go. The haughty Russian and his Tatar temper who doesn't understand 'commoners/peasants' in his aristocratic upbringing ... I find it funny, Fairy, to see lord Pavlova kneeling in 'that footage' ... You are so erotically stunning throughout, capturing Freddie's stage presence to perfection, and I love the effeminate falsetto (of Freddie) you also capture singing in on the song.

What Pavlova wrote about you telling/showing him what 'Mr. X' showed you out of that book, it really is wildly eerie. Because asses could accuse you of being an 'act'. You know, deliberately 'emulating' to impersonate Freddie, and you don't! You naturally are Freddie. Such as what you pointed out, and it's happened to you since the beginning! You'll do or say something, then later on you will see or read something on (1970s) Freddie having said or done whatever it was.

That would definitely define 'reincarnation/incarnate', Fairy. That most recent about the winged frock really was unreal.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ As you and Greg made a point to tell my fans at the (shaky) start of my career 5 years ago, that we hate 'emulate' and 'impersonate' because that's really not what I do. MANY people (my precious fans included) believe I am Freddie (of that time). Hans, seriously, how fucking sexy is it really?! I mean, I just can't! I'll never forget when him and I were putting together that video. Greg had given us concert footage of me to include. I included a lot of the footage of him (in red t-shirt) I had filmed while he was talking with me. Well, he came with his own footage to add,

and I mean, I just can't!! I feel so embarrassed what he wrote to my precious fans. Because yes, I was trying to be romantic and talk to him about it - how it makes me feel (so fucking turned on) but I just couldn't!

My precious fans, I am glad you like my 'colourized concept art photos' - I've been reading your comments about them.

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant FM): Fairy, you'll probably tell me off for trying to provoke his Tatar temper, I wonder what ballet that was from. Probably the prince turned begging peasant confessing his ... forbidden ... sins. Your 'colourized concept art photos' really are beautiful. The Louvre comment the one fan left about them was very funny. This damn thing is really acting up on me!! If you lose us, Killer Queen's adoring fans, know why. #annoying

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hans! You're being a right wanker what you wrote!! I'm laughing though!!! Confessing about straying from his aristocrat elements about his 'forbidden erotic creature' Or correction 'Bohemian way of life' - aka his

peasant 'Madame Giselle'. It's acting up on me too! When I do ... copy/paste, it crazy-like shrinks the screen!

Shrieks like frustrated wild cat!!!

Oh my god!! You have got to be kidding me!!!! He's done it AGAIN!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!! One of my precious fans pointed out 'concert' instead of 'concept' error on the photo I took of Rudy! Greg, I'll slap you hard when I see you again! You are no longer going to do captions on photos!! I am going to re-do the embarrassment and

re-upload the photo. Awww, thank you, honies, for thinking the newest photo of me and Rudy is 'romantic'.

HA!! Johann was on the phone to me just now, dears, and slapped him for me. I am crying from laughing so hard right now! He told Greg, 'what are you doing, be sabotaging diva now trying to embarrass Fairy with more spelling errors on the photos?!' Now hold on, dears, while I get this embarrassment sorted! That gets really bad when I have to do things my bloody self around here!! Rudy's laughing ...

Life is a cabaret ...


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Three days later we FINALLY (when it's history) are able to continue. Fairy's adoring fans, with fan club membership, were informed of issues we have been having. Preventing us from posting on public site.

I tell my femmka, that peasant photographer makes excuses for diva behaviour. Blaming her for, how he say?

'Fairy is campy and she loves to entertain. I get such a laugh over her silly 'diva' bit about me. A little stretch of her campy queen imagination, really.'  -- I tell my femmka, notice photo he does this on, would be photo you have taken of me, not any photo he has taken. Goldman does his own thing and never makes these embarrassing errors. ​

Well, I wish I hadn't put that idea in her lovely midnight black head, because now 'diva' is being accused of being jealous at photography Fairy does of me. Yes, the ... forbidden ... creature (I continue to have no words for you, peasant costume designer) is such campy queen. 

Many of adoring fans calling her 'colourized concept art photos' this 'pop art'. So I re-tell funny incident told me by 

'Mr. X'. Time eccentric creep Andy Warthog (and his gaudy pop art) was photographing Nureyev. The pervert tried to take a close up shot of his well-endowed cock ('most famous cock in theatre') and Nureyev became furious over it and tore up all the photos that eccentric weirdo took, who got very upset over it and tried salvaging some. 

Moving on, Fairy is busy rehearsing for her weekend cabaret shows.

Every time I think of that cabaret, what comes to mind is owner (who I know well - gif of me with him at cabaret) when he gave me footage of Fairy using maraca as a ... tit ... (ref. page: Phoenix Reborn).

What you can expect from her 'obscene cabaret' show.

Not For Use

Not For Use

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, the film Cabaret's catchphrase, or whatever it's called, was 'life is a Cabaret' also 'divine decadence'. I'll never forget slinking into that cabaret for the first time in my pursuit of fame. I thought, I'll start small (like 'they' all do) and what better way but cabaret. My beloved idol being known for being overly sexual and camp. Of course, him idolizing Liza. That is my beginnings. 

As far as that diva goes, I joked to Rudy, so much for you thinking the diva bit was over with about him, dear!! I mean, REALLY?! Look how many embarrassing spelling errors he's made and all the re-doing! You'd think the watermarking bit would have embarrassed him enough. Getting Myaow Meeow backwards! 

Will post more soon, my precious fans. Yes, I am well aware this weekend is Easter. More on that as well. Fairy xx


Fridays I Go Painting In The Louvre

(from Freddie Mercury written Queen song 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon')


From 'Mr. X' - (btw, Pavlova, I got a laugh over what you posted about you guys don't call me 'Mr. X' offline).

So, fan Mr. Roger Edelman, are you ready to be made embarrassed by attention? The ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy Mercury will be performing in Paris, France at the end of April. The booking agent got a laugh over Fairy commenting on your hilarious comment about her 'colourized concept art photos' should be in the Louvre. No lie!

Apparently, the photos are quite the rave.

Coming this weekend (along with Killer Queen's Brighton shows Friday and Saturday)

Have any of you, Loyal Subjects, been put in the embarrassing, and quite awkward, moment of having sex, and it ends up (quite rudely, I must say! - said in mock aristocrat tone...) interrupted? Fairy wishes to share such recent naughtiness that happened to her and the fiery Tatar noble heir Rudolf Pavlova. Be forewarned, it is VERY sexually explicit!

I really do feel for Mr. Greg Hastings ....

(me adding the below photos deliberately ....)


Reflective Final Thoughts


Being in Fairy and Rudolf Pavlova's presence always puts me in a reflective mood on the 1970s when I knew Freddie Mercury and Nureyev. Rock music was so damn macho. Freddie dominated that scene by doing what is written highlighted in sage green (below) and it made me so proud of him. Because s/he showed all those straight butchy wankers up! An effeminate 'queen' becoming legend and not only that, but hailed as best male vocalist of all time.

I love when gay men succeed in this world.

Then Rudolf Nureyev was the flip side. Where ballet was seen as female dominated in such an old-fashioned sense.

Well, let me let the words from the diary of a deceased Dame Eleanor speak to that account, in the screen shot I did below from page Funny How Love Is.


A little DYK (did you know). Dame Eleanor was governess to multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova.

She was 'appointed' to see to it that he fulfilled destiny of becoming the lord of dance. Continuing the legacy of ballet legend Nureyev. Although very strict (Pavlova refers to her as 'the wicked governess') she was held in very high esteem. The Royal Ballet's president was the Countess Margaret (Queen Elizabeth II sister) who was one of the first of the royal family to marry a commoner 'Lord Snowdon'. Dame Eleanor knew them all, among many of the knighted

'Sirs' of the Royal Ballet. Sir Frederick Ashton, Director of the Royal Ballet (many of these I knew as well...), Sir Joseph Lockwood chairman of the Royal Ballet (also head of EMI, Queen's record label - he played a MAJOR part in uniting Freddie with 'her' crush Nureyev). Too many to name!

In memory of you, Dame Eleanor. You fulfilled your appointed duties in finding Pavlova his Freddie.  --- 'Mr. X'

**In addition, another DYK. The diaries were written in Russian so that Pavlova could understand them better, when he inherited them and were to read them after Dame Eleanor's death.

Hello, dears. Who's ready to be rocked tomorrow and Saturday? 'Mr. X', thank you for all that. You should have added the video about putting meeen on the map (men being said with such lust for them. HA!) Right. So, my darlings, who wants to hear some naughtiness and being totally mad playing croquet with plastic Easter eggs on the lawn of the Pavlova (Cambridge) estate? All that coming this weekend to my public site!! And so much more!

('Mr. X', I got a bit jealous at your quick wit to quote the line from 'Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon'. It's not like my obsessed fanaticism of my beloved idol to not think of it). Sweet dreams, Fairy xx


[section omitted]

Here is a final 'and furthermore' then all this will be deleted and Fairy will resume along with Pavlova and those entourage members I named off who are on here SOLELY for Fairy's purpose. Discussing photographing, costume design, etc. that they loyally do in support of the star. My name (for those Fairy fans who don't already know)

is Hal Hamochi. Yes, I am Japanese ... I started my cabaret in the 1970s, smitten by Liza in the film Cabaret.

I've already told my story about meeting the captivating 1970s Freddie Mercury 'incarnate' Fairy. I was so taken by Fairy. Unforgettable, campy flamboyant 'queen'. I met Rudolf Pavlova who eerily takes after Nureyev after one of his ballet performances. I was invited by (still alive then) Dame Eleanor who I happened to meet at a very elite social gathering.

Long story short. In the 'small world' - I was privileged to become quite close friends with the young Russian ballet danseur. Multimillionaire - of Nureyev lineage. I'll never forget the 'small world' incident when Pavlova told me he had 'discovered' (as he phrased it) Fairy. I laughed, 'the queen is my top billing!!' Next time I seen him, which was only 3 days later, I slipped him a USB which I had put on it the footage I had taken of Fairy being campy queen using a maraca as a tit. I could see Pavlova was clearly ... aroused ... by it with his, as Fairy likes to put it, 'distracting' - as I'll put it,

well-endowed anatomy.

Fairy really is such a lovely creature. She phoned me from Vienna asking me if her Rudy put me up to making the statement I posted. I told her he had contacted me, very concerned for his 'femmka'. That I promised I would step in and handle it. It was cute. She asked me, 'why do Russians have so many 'v's' in their names?' I laughed and told her

(off top of my head) 'because they're quite vivacious'. She was silent for a moment and I said, 'do you need the meaning? Someone who is lively in temper and conduct.' She wildly laughed, 'omg! That's Rudy!!!'

I spoke with May Long and she is willing to be 'authorized buyer' of merchandise ONLY for Fairy. She will be buying for Fairy and herself as well and that is NOT to be snooped into!! She misunderstood what was being offered her.

I explained to her, you have no marketing experience and things like that. You were not being asked to become a staff member. That is solely Haze Theatre, me working along with Haze Theatre now, as Fairy's management under her quite adorable Myaow Meeow Productions. She felt bad because Francis Boyd has a very strong loyalty and attachment to Fairy and Pavlova. We will be using the Jason Long PayPal account. Once belonging to her brother and kept in memory of him to support Fairy's pursuit of fame/online endeavours.


[section omitted]

It's been dealt with and we move on. That is not the focal point! 'Behind the scenes' people never are, and it's ridiculous to treat them otherwise. So now that boring business aspect has been explained, as if you fans care to hear about it. Fairy told me she's working on a few new 'concept art photos'. Btw, I was present during the very campy

'using plastic Easter eggs to play croquet'. Her and Pavlova are so very in love. It really showed during that silliness.

As for the other, she told myself and this 'Mr. X' about it. As that 'Mr. X' had posted (before things went horrible awry!)

It is very sexually explicit and I am sure (knowing how her and Pavlova are) it will be told in that manner to you fans.

That is what you can expect this weekend on the glam rock queen's public site.


[section omitted]

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Fairy, then they all go away and silent because they know they're guilty in what they're stalking into that is being said by us about them. Why they never feel humiliated and that being enough to motivate them to go away is beyond me. Hal, Спасибо ....

Keep being jealous and we keep laughing. Start clamouring for my femmka's attention, for once.

Best, perfect, exciting romantic and inseparable love there is, is between a gay male and an effeminate 'queen'

I can't wait until we delete all this mess, ruining this page, and get on with things again. As it was.

We keep some of it, yes? Positive points about my femmka (and I). Hal, I laugh over 'vivacious' reply you give her.

I tell her, 'some day, Fairy, we go to Russia and I take you to visit the Vasilevs and the Sergeyevs, and the Kolpakovas and Makarovas and the Ivanovas. All the Vs.' She laughs herself to tears. Then I watch as erotic creature calms from wild laughing fit and re-applies eyeliner to those enticing exotic liquid brown eyes.

From 'Mr. X' - THAT was hilarious, Pavlova!! The humour of Nureyev ... I can't wait until things pick up where it left off. Should have never come about in the first place.

Hal Hamochi (FM mgr.) -- Rudolf, I love what you wrote: Best, perfect, exciting romantic and inseparable love there is, is between a gay male and an effeminate 'queen' and you posting the photo of you and Fairy after it. I knew you'd get a laugh reading what I told your femmka, the vivacious thing.



Philip Goldman (viVid Photo Studio asst. photographer) - The above will be edited soon. As Pavlova requested, keeping only the positive relevant bits. I arrived in Vienna yesterday along with others of Fairy's crew/entourage.

As you know, next weekend, Fairy performs here in Vienna.

Loyal Subjects, I was given the honours to present you with the latest photo.

The glam rock Killer Queen has a few more of her 'colourized concept art' photos she will be presenting to you over the weekend. One she took of her prince and one he took of her. That's always romantic, eh?

Meanwhile, enjoy this one. She has her black nails left hand poised on her black satin trousers ready to claw some jealous bitches. LOL! That's what the divine lush creature told me to post. Lovely exotic effeminate creature.

Then you have Pavlova in one of his tailored suits and such a ... haughty ... grin, looking very infatuated and in love

with his 'femmka'. Glass of cherry brandy in hand. This was shot at the Pavlova estate here in Vienna.


Hello dears. I am laughing so hard right now. For one thing, you silly honies, you do realize April Fools' Day was 5 days ago, don't you? Apparently, I lost my entire fan base because you couldn't deal with the perfection of the latest photo of me and the delectable Pavlova. My entourage and I really find the fan club comments section very amusing. 

I feel very slow posting the next bit, since Easter has long since gone and over with. That Sir Thomas had some grand idea of playing croquet at Rudy's Cambridge estate for Easter. I ... purred ... to Rudy, 'how stuffy'. So both him and I devised a plan to sort of ruin it by (my campy idea) using plastic Easter eggs in place of the croquet balls.

I was surprised Rudy went along with it instead of choosing to be on his best behaviour around 'the elite'.

He told me, 'we're the entertainers, so we entertain.' He is so fucking sexy, dears!!  We made a grand show of it.

Almost like one of his ballets ... He carried the wicker basket I had the plastic Easter eggs and dumped them on the lawn. Everyone was standing there, mouths gaped open, looking as though they were so astonished and didn't know what to think. That Sir Thomas, sternly, 'Rudolf, what is this?!'

Royal etiquette broken, being rude not replying ... Rudy handed me a croquet mallet and him and I commenced in playing this mad, wild, hilarious plastic Easter egg game of croquet. He was so sexy being humorous doing pirouettes and things like that. 'They' watched, so very entertained by us and the silliness. So, anyway, I'll be dull and leave out details. I took this photo of the croquet champion. HA!!


The other photo Rudy took of me. The other bit. This was before we left for Vienna. The Brighton cabaret. Last Friday

show I did there. Rudy and I were in the dressing room and I was giving him a blow job ... that fool diva Greg comes barging in (tsk tsk - Ron Craster forgot to make sure the door was locked...) carrying on over the last thing that was written about him on my public site. Something about we need to sort things out. I had a mouth full of cum and was grabbing at anything. Silly tart me, ends up spitting it in this VERY expensive tailored blazer Rudy had on ...

I wasn't going to swallow it because ... well ... the romantic moment was ruined. Ahem ... any way, Rudy (fucking sexy!!!) completely naked, is yelling in Russian. His valet (Ron Craster) tried to hand him something to put on, he snatched it and threw it and continued angrily speaking in Russian. All the time, Greg (literally red faced) just standing there as if too embarrassed to leave. Still very naked ... Rudy angrily says to Greg, 'you eenterupt! Well, out weeth eet!! Why you barge een?! What is so eemportant?! My valet forgets to see to eet door ees locked, so een come peasant eenterupting moment between myself and my femmka! What you want?! Eet better be eemportant!!'

I'm like sitting there on the floor (in front of a sofa in the dressing room) slowly slipping on my kimono. Ron Craster really made it easy for Greg ... he went over and muttered, 'leave. I'll deal with this.' So Greg made his exit and it was embarrassing! Rudy saying to his valet, 'I suppose more diva behaviour! Now he eenterupts intimate moment!

What next?!' I mean, the expression on his face when he picked up his blazer and saw the cum on it ... Like in the gif of him below, dears. Then he held it out to his valet saying, 'I can't wear thees, throw eet out!'

I threw in the tart looking ass shot gif of me for good measure. HA!

Not For Use


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - What you write, Fairy, about incident, brought above from book on Nureyev and Freddie's relationship to mind, yes? .... Fool photographer (NOT Goldman) wants to deny he is diva. Apparently, what he wanted was he was not going to be embarrassed by ongoing 'diva' Fairy and I do. That he isn't "jealous" per se over photos she herself takes of me. That he thinks she's a 'brilliant' photographer. Diva is now accusing me (so I hear) of influencing my femmka over calling him 'diva' (which was her own campy idea) and putting ideas in her head. I laugh!

I tell of croquet, femmka. To amuse your adoring fans. She is campy 'queen'. She did not know how to play game.

I tell her you put the dick in the tight ass .... She wildly laughs. Lovely eye lined eyes watching in dazzled amazement as

I strike one of plastic Easter eggs very near 'goal'.

My precious fans, so much for that! Rudy couldn't finish what he was posting because the text boxes keep jumping to the top of the page. This really is annoying!! Why is it every time we come on here, this bloody thing decides to act up?! We had to re-start it. Now it seems to be acting right, but unfortunately, dears, we need to go off at the moment.

We will come back on in a few hours. So us right now ....

Mmm, while I was looking for those, I came across these (below). Me and my midriff being some erotic satiny tart and how does he even manage to fit such an enormous fucking cock in such tight short?! Talking of talking photos, the fond memories I have of having taken that photo of Rudy .....