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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Pouncing And Pooving


Glam Rock Queen Fairy Mercury's Intro. Into This Page

I almost forgot to add, dears! We will be starting a new page soon. It will be titled 'Pouncing and Pooving'

Poove defined - a term used for an upper class or "posh" homosexual male in etiquette and fashion

Freddie Mercury would often say s/he was 'pooving and pouncing'. 'Mr. X' told me the pouncing was, of course, gotten from Liza's Cabaret character where she's talking about 'pouncing' in the one scene. I'm excited about the new page. Many surprises in store for you, my precious fans. Including, I decided to comment on Rudy Pavlova's

... delectable ... (I just had to, Rudy darling) quite sexually explicit latest photo he had taken just for me (pictured below) since all that ended up ruined for this page (referring to page Heir To The Throne).

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

Message from Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Before we begin page, I personally want to address this. We are doing a way with so much of PR man (Jorge Schumann) commentary on my femmka's site. Fairy's costume designer and the photographers will add their own personal 'commentaries' on photographing, filming, designing and simply knowing us. Of course, 'Mr. X' ... Fans, expect to hear much more from Fairy and myself. Which you should. Because you are fans of Fairy (and me as added bonus in support of her). 

I want to re-feature below video. Fairy's perfectly captures the effeminate falsetto her beloved idol Freddie Mercury sang in. We can not wait to start performing once again. The lovely creature has felt the restless boredom from you, her adoring fans. She might book a few shows at Haze Theatre and the Brighton cabaret end of Feb., early March. A sort of prelude to her Phoenix Reborn spring/summer tour, which launches in April.

She has been exceptionally naughty, silly unruly creature since being presented latest photo I had taken of myself to gift her. I await what she has to share with fans about receiving it.


'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions'

Best described by Ron Craster (Russian ballet danseur Pavlova's valet, also stage director for Haze Theatre

and Fairy's 'Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited' tour) - Choreographed by Pavlova.

Fairy performing 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions' on the credits.

The glam rock queen's adoring fans, please take note of the perfect timing of some of it that Pavlova did

with the choreograph. As always, read the captions and credits because there's a bit of camp and

a special message from Fairy.


Page the video appears on: Regal And Majestic

Pay Attention And Save Yourself From Awkward Embarrassment


Something that really annoys me, dears, are people who don't pay attention. You know, when a person doesn't pay attention, they are liable to make a complete ass of themselves. Embarrass themselves. I mean, we've had people foolishly think I am Rudolf Pavlova and he's transformed into looking like me being so Freddie. It's insulting, not to mention, awkwardly embarrassing. If this is confusing, let me clarify. Long time fans of mine will know, shortly after I had met him, I had incorporated him into my live shows. Dancing his ballet bit during the operatic part in 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. I used to have 'featuring Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova' at the heading under the 'this day and age' description and fools who don't pay attention were thinking I was Pavlova transforming myself into an impersonator of 1970s Freddie Mercury. What a laugh! Especially since how we're built, that alone, is quite different. He's Russian and I am Persian/India raised in England (like my beloved idol was). I don't think my site is that confusing, is it, dears?

Anyway, with that said, we gave attention to one of those 'backlinks' people with this:

Why this isn't correct, is that they met in 1977. I gave this attention and suddenly those people we had used their 'backlink' service started up that attention seeking constantly emailing. You know, I have no issue giving attention (if it's beneficial to what we're doing here - my site, etc.) but what I don't like is the greedy self-centred 'all take and no give' bit. You know, treating me like a to be shunned freak just because I'm gay and effeminate-type gay. It's RUDE!What John wrote, that is foolish for anyone to think they are going to engage me myself in conversation and most definitely they would NOT be engaging the multimillionaire Pavlova in conversation. They (people we're doing business with) behave as though they're so disappointed I'm not a nobody doing my own 'business dealings', but that I have a public relations man, marketing dept. and authorized buyer/financier who does those things on my behalf - just as Pavlova has.

Through those 'backlinks', something I don't like, is that if you use a keyphrase such as 'Freddie Mercury lookalike' or FM impersonator, you are made to post an article that makes you (me, in this case) seem like an exulting nobody of your ugly dog competition. You know, like so and so asshole never heard of you freak 'well known FM impersonator' (would be that ugly dog after the '70s shit...). So, my darlings, I had my PR man find a professional journalist (off iCopify (hello, Liverpool...) to write something about ME to be posted as 'backlink' articles. My PR man, like a fool, didn't carefully read it and went ahead and approved it without asking for revisions. So on the new page Pouncing And Pooving, I am going to post the article and go over how it should have been revised. I thought it funny, how the writer (Nirvana Ramhorry) was referring to me in the effeminate (she/her). It was very well written and I liked it a lot, when my PR man presented it to me. Excluding the few minor tweaks I would have liked Jorge to have asked for revisions on. Inaccuracies and a few parts I would have omitted. Otherwise, it was perfect, a work of art and I can't wait until I show it to you, my precious fans and use it for 'backlink articles'.

Pooving And Pouncing

I almost forgot to add, dears! We will be starting a new page soon. It will be titled 'Pouncing and Pooving'

Poove defined - a term used for an upper class or "posh" homosexual male in etiquette and fashion

Freddie Mercury would often say s/he was 'pooving and pouncing'. 'Mr. X' told me the pouncing was, of course, gotten from Liza's Cabaret character where she's talking about 'pouncing' in the one scene. I'm excited about the new page. Many surprises in store for you, my precious fans. Including, I decided to comment on Rudy Pavlova's

... delectable ... (I just had to, Rudy darling) quite sexually explicit latest photo he had taken just for me (pictured below) since all that ended up ruined for this page (referring to page Heir To The Throne).

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


So très charmant, my dear

(from Freddie Mercury written Queen song 'Seaside Rendezvous' one of many of his vaudeville camp Liza inspired songs)

Up next, the romantic way the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova went about gifting the ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy the above photo and her comments on it.


Now about the … delectably … sexy photo. As you know, my precious fans, I have my home in London. Then there are Rudy Pavlova’s homes in Cambridge and Vienna. The one in Cambridge, on the bedside table (the side of the bed I usually sleep), sits two framed photos of us. The one of him that he first had taken of himself to gift to me. Then the one of myself he had framed because he was obsessed with it. Me in the fairy winged frock look which I wore to marry Rudy in. Emulated poses.

Well, I woke up and was quite startled when I saw the one of him was gone! In it’s place was the recent. Of course (being such a right tart – HA!) my eyes were drawn to his distracting enormous cock too obviously naked under the leotard. No ‘jock strap’ the danseurs wear under their leotards to hold … it … in place.

He came into the bedroom. I didn’t hear him, I could smell him. His scents being that of leather and very expensive cologne. I quickly closed my eyes pretending to be still asleep.

Knowing him, he was obsessing over what I would have to say about the photo.

Then he was at the side of the bed. I heard him quietly say something in Russian. Then I felt him caress a strand of my long midnight black hair from my cheek. I felt so embarrassed, dears!!! I then heard him quietly say (in English), ‘the sleeping beauty still sleeps. Or are you just pretending as you are so fond of, femmka.’ I decided to do just that, pretend some more. You know, as if I hadn’t seen the photo yet. I sat up … purring … ‘I just woke up and was trying to sleep a little longer. Could you bring me my kimono, Rudy darling?’ Remembering I went to bed completely naked…

It was embarrassing! I could see his gorgeous blue/grey eyes glance at the bedside table, obviously wondering if I saw the photo or not. Probably knowing if I were to get out of bed, I wouldn’t notice it.

So he sat on the edge of the bed and took my black nails left hand and sat caressing the back of it saying, ‘what ees deeferent, femmka? Ees there any deeference, here, in bedroom?’ I mean, it was so desperate!! I laughed feeling even more embarrassed. How was I supposed to even react towards that photo?! Your eyes are automatically drawn to his enormous fucking cock in it, and it’s like, what are you supposed to say?! Oh wow! That’s such a ….. nice … nice would be an utterly stupid and inaccurate word to use ……. struggling with a word ……. homoerotic photo – your muscular build and well …. as always, you never take bad photos. You’re so princely and …. I suppose that’s it. THAT, my dears, as camp as it sounds, was exactly what was running through my … shy … mind as to what am I suppose to say about the photo?! I mean, I wasn’t going to be a right tart mentioning the distracting … well you know … naughty bits. (I dread when he reads all this, I really do!!!)

... To Be Continued - PLUS! viVid Photo Studio's asst. photographer Philip Goldman recalls photographing the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur for the 'homoerotic' photo to be presented to the glam rock queen.

Pavlova replies to what the divine lush ceature wrote?? ...

ALSO! A professional journalist composes an article on Fairy: 'She struts, poses, and exudes eroticism in a subtle,

not an overwhelming, way, leaving audiences mesmerized by the sheer magnetism of her performance'

But disappointingly gets it all wrong thinking the glam rock queen emulates Freddie and Nureyev. We will present the article then both Fairy and Pavlova will critique the article.

It really does help to READ and pay attention ... we don't think things are unclear about Fairy's site.

Johann Wagner (costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury)

Loyal Subjects, we are going to start out with the article. Then move onto Phil Goldman's comments on having photographed the lordly Pavlova in that sexually explicit photo he wanted taken to gift to Fairy. I can't wait until you guys read what Phil had to say about it. It's funny, in a romantic sense, the glam rock queen's dashing prince teasing her by playing the old 'half the pleasure lies in the anticipation' people say about ... sex. She been so bothered over him not responding in person or on here.

For something different, what we've decided to do with that article, we will be adding gifs of Pavlova and Fairy to it to spice it up because it would be foolish to have just a long bit of words. Added within it will be their comments. We are going to take it upon ourselves to use it with our own revisions. The inaccuracies they criticized removed.

So here it is, as follows.

Fairy Mercury

"What's the point in being glam if no one can see you glimmer?" That's the impression you get when seeing Fairy Mercury for the first time; a captivating enigma, a shimmering mirage that dances on the line between tribute and artistic metamorphosis. With her flamboyant costumes, electrifying stage presence, and uncanny resemblance to the legendary Freddie Mercury, Fairy Mercury has carved a unique space in the entertainment world, captivating audiences with his potent blend of homage and artistic expression.


A Fusion of Souls

Unlike traditional impersonators who meticulously mimic their subject, Fairy Mercury transcends mere imitation. She delves deeper, channelling the essence of Freddie Mercury, the flamboyant rock icon, and Rudolf Nureyev, the legendary ballet dancer, resulting in a captivating fusion.


Pavlova: This is where this article starts to go wrong. Fairy is not ‘channelling’ Nureyev. Then below, this person writes Fairy is a ‘trained dancer’. That is very inaccurate. The only ‘trained dancer’ around here is me. I was born in St. Petersburg, where ballet great Anna Pavlova was born. I became a ‘trained’ ballet danseur, taught by many who knew Nureyev. I being from Nureyev and Nijinsky lineage. I danced in St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Moscow. Austria, Italy, France and England (where the beloved Royal Ballet resides). I found the few inaccuracies offending.

‘Fairy Mercury doesn’t just mimic THEIR mannerisms’. Fairy IS NOT trying to be both Nureyev and Freddie Mercury. She is no where even near to Nureyev in mannerism or looks. Research your subject thoroughly before composing!


Fairy: I absolutely love it and got a laugh over the writer wrote me up in the effeminate. She/her.

Although that is reserved for close confidants. Like with Freddie, s/he was known as she/her by those very close to him. The effeminate ‘queen’. And went by Melina and Mercles (‘drag’ names). The one we refer to as ‘Mr. X’ who knew both Freddie and Nureyev in the ‘70s confirms this, although fans of Queen/Freddie would know all this because it’s never been a secret. It was back then (closeted ‘queen’). It has long since been revealed in many books on Freddie.

Fairy Mercury doesn't just mimic their mannerisms; she embodies their spirits, weaving their artistry and charisma into her tapestry of performance. A trained dancer herself, she understands the language of movement and expression.


Fairy draws upon her dance training to infuse the stage with a dancer's grace and fluidity, mirroring Nureyev's elegance and power. This, combined with her uncanny vocal resemblance to Freddie Mercury, creates an electrifying synergy that transcends mere impersonation.


Fairy's costumes represent this duality, merging the extravagance of rock fashion with the finesse of ballet attire, crafting a visual spectacle that captivates and intrigues.


Crafting the Experience

Fairy Mercury's performances are meticulously designed to create a multisensory experience. The stage becomes a canvas where music, dance, and visual art converge, enhanced by innovative lighting and projection technology.


Audio-visuals pay homage to the iconic imagery associated with Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. At the same time, the music, a mix of Queen's hits and classical compositions, is reimagined to complement the balletic choreography, creating a bridge between two seemingly disparate worlds.


Fairy Mercury Dazzles Audiences with Theatrical Flair

Fairy Mercury's stage shows are a feast for the senses. She meticulously recreates the iconic costumes and flamboyant aesthetic of Freddie Mercury, from the white tank top and leather pants to the extravagant feathered jackets. Her stage presence is captivating, filled with Freddie's signature energy and theatrical flair. She struts, poses, and exudes eroticism in a subtle, not an overwhelming, way, leaving audiences mesmerized by the sheer magnetism of her performance.


Pavlova: Above is where another VERY insulting inaccuracy lies. Fairy DOES NOT wear feathers or leather pants. Where the hell was this person getting these lies from?! MUST GO!! Resounding BOOOOO!


Fairy: I absolutely loved - 'She struts, poses, and exudes eroticism in a subtle, not an overwhelming, way, leaving audiences mesmerized by the sheer magnetism of her performance'.

It defines me. Boo is right, Rudy darling, about the WTF fashion bit. Where the hell does this person see me dressing in such gaudiness?! I am 1970s decade Freddie Mercury – wearing my satin, velvet and catsuits and the effeminate take on male ballet leotard.

Fairy Mercury's showmanship extends beyond mere visual spectacle. Though not an exact replica of Freddie's, her voice possesses a similar power and range. She delivers Queen's anthems with passion and conviction, her voice soaring effortlessly through the iconic melodies.


He doesn't simply sing the songs; he breathes life into them, re-interpreting them with his artistic touch, creating a unique listening experience for fans.


On stage, Fairy becomes a living embodiment of the legends he channels, transporting audiences to a world where Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev walk the earth once more. This creates a unique immersive experience, allowing fans to connect with their idols on a deeper level.


Celebrating Individuality and Artistic Expression

Fairy Mercury's performances go beyond the entertainment factor. They carry a more profound message, celebrating individuality and artistic expression. His journey inspires aspiring artists, demonstrating the power of dedication, talent, and a touch of theatrical magic.


She has carved a unique space in the entertainment world, bridging the gap between generations and celebrating the enduring legacies of Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev. As Fairy continues her artistic journey, one thing is certain, Fairy Mercury's magic will continue to enchant and inspire audiences for years.

Up Next! viVid Photo Studio's assistant photographer Phil Goldman's comments on having photographed the lordly Pavlova in that sexually explicit photo he wanted taken to gift to Fairy. I can't wait until you guys read what Phil had to say about it. It's funny, in a romantic sense, the glam rock queen's dashing prince teasing her by playing the old 'half the pleasure lies in the anticipation' people say about ... sex. She been so bothered over him not immediately responding in person or on here.

Philip Goldman (asst. photog, VPStudio) - Johann, not trying to be a cheeky smart ass or anything about that article. Recommended read: Fairy Mercury's Profile .... Besides their criticism, which is very agreed upon, the article was well written. The thing with it is, as Mr. Schumann explained, he gave Freddie Mercury Nureyev as the 'keywords' for the article. The writer obviously did their best to fit Nureyev into it all things considered. Cheers!

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: The fans have been posting a lot of comments about the article. I agree with them that one of the best parts is how it starts out by quoting Fairy. Of course, the eroticism part. Good luck with your 'write-up', Phil ...

Pavlova's Point

(by Philip Goldman, asst. photographer VPStudio)

I'll start out by saying this. To be completely alone with either one of the 'FAIRY...Tale Couple' (Fairy Mercury and Rudolf Pavlova) is a nerve wracking, uncomfortable experience. I was contacted by Pavlova's valet telling me that the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur wanted me to photograph him. Another 'intimate' photo he wishes to gift to Fairy. You don't arrange things when it comes to someone like him. You are told dates, times and place you can choose from that will be convenient for him. It was arranged I was to come to his Cambridge estate.

I arrived and was escorted to one of the many MANY rooms in the lavish estate. I'm not lying just to amuse you fans (loyal subjects). I was wondering if I would catch a glimpse of the exotic glam rock queen prowling and slinking about and perhaps take the opportunity to get a candid shot of her while I was there.

(above, the long leather Pavlova revealed once belonged to ballet legend Nureyev...)

I'll stop here for a moment to say, long time fans of Fairy will know how she keeps being so bothered by how Pavlova behaves towards me. For newer fans, I'm not trying to be arrogant in saying this, but I'm not going to make this long by taking time out to explain the story behind all that. If you want to be caught up to speed about it, I suggest you use the custom site search we have at the top and do a search for me or however you wish to phrase to find the many mentions of it. With that said, because my write-up might only make sense to long time fans who have followed along and are familiar with her, Pavlova and even her entourage. You'll be a bit lost on it otherwise.

Pavlova who is never completely alone (to my knowledge) entered the room - alone. I expected his valet to come in soon. Oddly, he was dressed in above dressing gown. 'How familiar are you with ballet?' his thick Russian accent asked me. I replied, 'quite. Well, well enough to at least know some terms. Such as what pirouette is.' With a flourished gestured, he then briskly breathed, 'well then, you must know what pointe is. You are familiar with the famous Lord Snowdon photo he took of Nureyev's en pointe, yes?' At mention of Snowdon, I automatically became obsessed with Fairy ... and I started to become embarrassed and very uncomfortable at this ... point (no pun intended). We were still completely alone, I had noticed! Snowdon photo - a photo of Nureyev's barefoot poised

'en pointe'. When the danseur stands on toe(s).

At that moment, he shed the dressing gown and the ... revealing ... leotard was how he was dressed. As the overly sexual divine lush creature Fairy Mercury said, a certain part became very distracting, and I'm not a 'tart that lusts enormous fucking cock' (as she puts it). I'm an ass man myself, like Pavlova. LOL!!! Talking about asses, that little ass in the obscenely tight shorts and slender legs. Right. Where was I?

I cleared my throat. I immediately learned to do that is considered rude. 'Must you be rude?!' the ... haughty ... (for you, Mr. Wagner) prince coldly said. I didn't even know why he was calling me rude! Luckily, at that moment, his valet entered. I was so relieved!! He overheard and pulled me aside, explaining it's rude to clear one's throat. I quickly said, 'I need a drink'. Pavlova, another flourished gesture, then said, 'well then! Get Goldman a drink. I will have vodka.'

I then commenced with the ... ahem ... photo session. If you even call it that. It was a one-off shot. He posed, as he had in mind, and I took the shot. We don't do 'amateur digital', as Greg (Hastings) puts it. We develop actual photographs. After I had developed it and presented it to him a day later, he ... haughtily ... said, 'I'm sure my femmka will very much like, yes?' I replied, 'I believe 'like' is an understatement as to how she will feel towards it.'

The young man laughed, thick Russian accent saying, 'how they say? Eets for me to find out.'

Gif - the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova in dressing room with valet.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - What Goldman wrote (I see what you mean, Fairy, about reading how people put you into words can be embarrassing. His 'write-up' of me was that). It is a perfect prelude to my reply to what my femmka had to say about photo ... The utterly dull word 'like' ... I shall finish later. I am busy at moment.

There were issues with site when I tried to come back and finish. There are still issues, but I won't bore fans with them. They are being seen to. This is what I will be replying to that the unruly creature had posted about photo:

How was I supposed to even react towards that photo?! Your eyes are automatically drawn to his enormous fucking cock in it, and it’s like, what are you supposed to say?! Oh wow! That’s such a ….. nice … nice would be an utterly stupid and inaccurate word to use ……. struggling with a word ……. homoerotic photo – your muscular build and well …. as always, you never take bad photos. You’re so princely and …. I suppose that’s it. THAT, my dears, as camp as it sounds, was exactly what was running through my … shy … mind as to what am I suppose to say about the photo?! I mean, I wasn’t going to be a right tart mentioning the distracting … well you know … naughty bits. (I dread when he reads all this, I really do!!!)

Where to start? She is almost always half naked as if you fans can't see by photos and video of her. Like her beloved idol Freddie Mercury who was very shy, yet overly sexual and most definitely not modest. Such as photo of her below. Tits 'on full display' - as costume designer often describes.

I find funny, this is what she does. She holds sheet to naked tits, lovely soft spoken purr asking me to bring her kimono. I knew she had seen photo. She did not say her thoughts (she wrote of). Instead, when I ask if she noticed difference. This is how she replied, 'I mean, Rudy darling, I can't wake up to that, can I?' With ... flick of the wrist ... towards photo. I knew 'that' meant my cock visible through leotard.... I ask her, 'you not like photo? Perhaps I put other back now.' Then I tell her it will not stay. I sat it there for her to see. I then proceeded to put other back. She st there pouting those erotic sensuous full lips, lovely dark liquid brown eyes nervously watching as I left the room with the photo. 1/2 hour later, when she slinked into the room I was in, I could tell she wanted to ask after the photo but was too ... shy ... to bring herself to. I put it in the dance studio, baby ....


Message From Rudolf Pavlova

[edited/1st half omitted]

'Don't break Fairy's heart by deserting your fandom all on account of some nonsense that has nothing to do with her herself. What do they have to do with her performances as an entertainer - her being reincarnation of 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. What you are fans of her.

I say this though, we are not giving out any more attention to 'outsiders' as Fairy knows it as. 

We're just going to go about our business now about the public site.

'Promoting' Fairy's talents to you, her adoring fans, with myself and 'Mr. X' in support. Even he can't stand that 'crazy fan', by the way. No, Fairy did not reveal his identity to that freak. Why would she?! We don't know them, don't like them, and they are not privileged! 'Mr. X' and I try to keep our 'choice words' to ourselves...

So there is the truth, laid bare. Like it or not. The last thing Fairy wants is to lose her fans. I hope this has cleared things up and has resolved your anger.

I leave you with these quotes

'One must invest one's lifeblood in every step' - Russian ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev

Enduring Legacy

(Featured fan club comment posted by fan Kit Whitmore)

This comment literally reduced Fairy to tears.

It's like listening to the same old day in day out boring, grates on your nerves, newscaster or radio DJ. You want to hear something fresh and new. Give something/someone else a chance for a change. I think people need to drop it about that boring negative 'crazy fan'. Move off it and give others a look at. I enjoyed hearing from Philip Goldman.

ANY of Fairy's entourage, because they shed light on candid stuff about her and her Russian prince/ballet danseur.

Old people die off so that younger people can have a chance. 'The torch is passed' and legacies live on through them. I am sure the one they call 'Mr. X' would agree.... It's why it's important those one asses recognize Fairy and pass the torch, so that Freddie's legacy can live on through Fairy as 'this day and age' ('70s decade) Freddie Mercury.

I hate that there seems to be no interest in Fairy and Pavlova beyond the fanbase. Because activity has drastically dropped off all due to what our glam rock queen's prince stated: 'if there is no interest, you have nothing to motivate you then you become discouraged and lose interest.' Please don't fade from us, your adoring fans, Fairy!! Our interest matters most!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Isn't love grand? ... (cryptic message). I am going to reply personally (no hyperventilating now) to this fan comment. First off, thank you for it and for your fandom, dear. It's not there is no interest - I have 14 million very active fans with fan club membership. There is no 'outside interest'. It's dropped off and I don't even care.

I am content with what I have and where I am at with my music career. What the issue forever is, is that damn 'data breach' problem. The 'non-fans stalkers'. They stalk behind that and don't come to actually look at my site. It's hurtful and very cruel. It makes us afraid to do anything and we are sick of those asses thinking my site is being done for their stalking enjoyment. It takes the fun out of my public site. Then the jealous haters behave so annoyed by us for reasons that isn't even our fault! We didn't ask for that damn 'data breach' issue to happen to us. (Btw, I will be deleting this reply because it's negative. I loathe and don't do negative!!). But, you know what, my darlings?

FUCK IT!! We're just going to block it out and ignore it. What we should have done all along.

Yes, I was reduced to tears when I read this fan comment. It spoke volumes. I wish I was treated like that. One everyone's tongues. Everyone talking about me, watching/listening to my performances, reading about me, clamouring for my attention. The whole superstar treatment. I still wish and dream of fame. To be 'everyone knows who Freddie Mercury is' type person. It will never be, my dears. I've been 'in circulation' for 6 years now. That's long enough time and fame has eluded me. When I met Rudy Pavlova (who completed me being 1970s Freddie to his Nureyev) and his lineage and what he's about, then meeting the one we call 'Mr. X' through him, I thought maybe people would stand up and FINALLY take notice of me. No. Nothing but lackluster silence. Something I do very strongly believe is that people are VERY jealous at me and Rudy.


Pouncing And Pooving To Stardom?

'Mr. X' responds to Fairy's message to the adoring fan and will be engaging 'her' in a candid exclusive.

If you are a new fan or first time visitor just now having heard of Fairy Mercury and aren't an actual fan

of Fairy Mercury who is very familiar with 'her', let me do a quick fill-in.

One who is often referred to as 'Mr. X'. You can read about him on Fairy's Courtiers or use the custom site search for the times he's appeared on the site. He is a ... famous ... celebrity and knew Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the 1970s. Will there be a collaboration on the horizon??

Also Coming Soon - a new video!!


Following by 'Mr. X'

I am going to start this out by saying thank you to Fairy’s adoring fans for speaking out for a final time against that ‘crazy fan’. Fairy believes that fan ran people off and they were the cause of so many negative things pertaining to her. Freddie Mercury had ‘crazy fans’. That was the exact phrase s/he would refer to it as. I won’t speak about my fame, but I am going to speak of another fame. That of ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev. He defected from Russia in the 1960s to France. He was bigger than the Beatles. They had ‘Beatlemania’, then there was ‘Rudy mania’. He had groupies who would follow him all over. His manager spoke of one very annoying fan who kept claiming they were Nureyev’s cousin and insisting it was important she spoke to him. The manager (at that time) of the Royal Ballet joked to Nureyev, ‘you have the ugliest relations I’ve ever seen.’ That isn’t uncommon to be ‘famous’ and have ‘crazy fans’. People who develop a crazy fixation, obsession and even create crazy fantasies (such as that nutter claiming they were Nureyev’s cousin). He even went as far as mentioning it in an interview he did (after Nureyev’s death) I went to lengths to obtain it.

An entertainer wants fans to be obsessed with them, but in a sane way. Such as can’t get enough (as in listening to, watching, looking at, etc.), hanging onto their every word, wanting to look like/be like, etc. them. Fairy desires that. She is VERY flattered when you, her adoring fans, treat her in such ways. Her, Pavlova, her entourage and even myself can not stand that ‘crazy fan’. Fairy would literally scream, ‘make it stop!!!’ at Pavlova and several times seeking my advice on how to handle it. Each and every time that nutter would ‘surface’ with more of those embarrassing ‘recordings’. As with you fans, no one listened to the craziness. That crazy literally believed they were Fairy’s protector.

As with any stalker fan type, you try so many ridiculous things to rid of the crazy.

Laughed at fool. Her Public Relations manager Jorge Schumann, as many of you fans know, is the one who gets

(and if need be replies to) the email that’s sent to the site’s email.

He observed so much craziness. Cruel and immature. I won’t get into it because it’s hurtful and it would take too long. Pavlova remarked, ‘obvious those asses must have a crush on that ugly old freak.’ Over one particular asses who would ‘come to life’ every time crazy fan was going at their hours on end mental babbling. Which led Fairy to make the remark, ‘they can just have that ugly dog. We’ll leave. Because there’s no way we’re going to stick around to be treated like nobodies talking about that embarrassing freak.’

I mean, what a laugh! As so many of you fans remarked, ‘ugly and boring. Could you imagine treating that freak like they were better and more interesting than Fairy and Pavlova. Weirdo complete nobody.’ We’re not trying to be insensitive and mean!

That is where it all started with why Fairy’s public website became inactive and why the extreme lack thereof how it used to be. The camp humour, videos galore, photos galore, the endless chatter her and her entourage would engage in. Because if everyone’s interest was so on that NOBODY and Fairy and Pavlova (being actual entertainers) weren’t interesting enough to hold people’s attention, why bother and waste any more time with the site?

That was their attitude. You know, the old – ‘well, I know when I’m not wanted, Bye!’

Then it escalated. What she kept being bitch making catty cryptic remarks about, ‘cunts lusting after my prince.’ Same fucking annoying asses … Then suddenly when the crazy freak said they are dying, the annoying asses vanished. Suddenly all of their crazy constant emailing the site’s email address quit. Why? Are they upset their ugly dog nobody crush was taken away from them? Dying.

How clownish. Just stay away and DON’T come around Fairy’s site if you’re not looking at it for FAIRY!! Who it’s about.


As so many of you fans lashed out, ‘didn’t know Fairy’s site was about that booed ass that no one seriously likes! We’re fans of Fairy and Pavlova – entertainers – NOT some weirdo nobody whose fandom of Fairy isn’t even impressive. All that weirdo wanted to do is try to jealously replace Jason Long, and it’s such a laugh.’ Fairy and her entourage felt embarrassed being fakes pretending to like that crazy fan’s fandom of her. Putting on airs. Because as an entertainer, you can’t come across as an ungrateful bitch. It would be about as weird as if you were to click the chat option on a website and the customer service person who replied were to write, ‘what the bloody hell do you want?!’ You have to be courteous, friendly, cordial and polite. Professional. It’s up to the enterainer’s security to play the bad person role of dealing with crazy fans.


I do agree with what Fairy replied to the fan Kit Whitmore. When she stated she believes so many people out there are jealous at her and Pavlova. You know, when people are jealous, they favour someone that’s ugly, boring, etc. because the person wouldn’t pose threats. As they say, the major reason a person is jealous is out of insecurities. Jealous because you have something they lack. Whether it be attractive looks, personality, talents, popularity, relationship, etc.

Fairy is glad that is FINALLY over and for good now. But at a cost? Has interest in the glam rock queen faded due to it? Has the negativity this crazy fan spewed shed a bad light on the glimmering star? It shouldn’t have!

Because it is/was no reflection on the person Fairy is.


She hopes now to regain how it used to be. The time span of when she met her prince, when they married and her ‘Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited’ tour. The ‘positive focused’ period. When that crazy fan didn’t insert their unwanted ugliness into the picture and wrecked negative havoc. What I post here will be the last that crazy fan is spoken of.


As for what the fan Mr. Kit Whitmore wrote in his comment. Yes, I do agree. Because the old die off and youth needs to be given a chance. Their turn to ‘shine’. I most definitely agree that those (I’m choosing my words carefully here…) so-called ‘Queen’ people need to acknowledge and embrace Fairy. I’m sorry if anyone out there (ahem) favours that so-called ‘Freddie Mercury’ (‘78-1991). Because Freddie of 1973-1977 (what Fairy idolizes and looks identical to) is Freddie Mercury. The untainted real Freddie. More attractive, more interesting, etc. Actually, what Fairy is about (personality, etc.) that is Freddie Mercury. Effeminate campy ‘queen’. The book scans featured on the homepage and Fairy’s profile and pretty much throughout her website, accurately define Freddie. I’ve shared what I have when I was asked by Pavlova to contribute and affirm facts to how Fairy is reincarnation of 1970s decade Freddie.


Sadly, Fairy feels very discouraged these past few weeks and she decided not to go through with the chat I was going to engage her in. It’s been since Xmas when that damn ‘cunts lusting after’ her prince incident happened, she hasn’t been able to bounce back. There's your explanation, fans, for the lack thereof.

I hope she does once she graces stages again, performing as her beloved idol before you, her adoring fans.

So I wrote this instead, touching on some of the points we were going to discuss. The glam rock queen is presently working on a new music video to grace you with.

Below is a teaser-preview video for the glam rock queen's upcoming new music video. Fairy performing Queen's breathtaking Japanese song 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)'. The video will once again feature Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova along with Fairy.

I want to take the time to thank viVid Photo Studio for supplying me with these beautiful photos of

'the FAIRY...tale couple' to add to what I have written. Hopefully, 'loyal subjects', you will hear from Fairy soon.

Exclusive Sneak Peek!

Teaser-preview video for the glam rock queen's upcoming new music video. Fairy performing Queen's breathtaking Japanese song 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)'. The video will once again feature Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova along with Fairy.


Notes from Jorge Schumann (PR to FM): Loyal Subjects, you have both Fairy and Pavlova laughing!! Pavlova, as you know, doesn't read the fan club comments, Fairy still faithfully does. She's been reading a few to him. I wish they'd come on and post about it. One of you commenting, 'oh come on, Greg (Hastings) another error?! Stick to photography and get someone else to watermark our ever so elegant queen's photos and video. Has anyone else caught it?! He got the productions name backwards! Instead of Myaow Meeow he wrote Meeow Myaow!'

Giving credit now. The second 1/2 of the first video in 'Mr. X's post is talking about Nureyev and him restoring the male danseur's rightful place in ballet. Then the fanatical effect Nureyev had on the audience.

Is that Mr. X talking about it? Some of you already guessed who the celebrity is.

He was given the video clip of Mr. Michael Wood (former Royal Ballet manager) courtesy Pavlova estate.

The 2nd video we're glad you found hilarious. Killer Queen's costume designer made it and it was the campy queen herself's idea to put the 'wtf photo' in it. A clip from a Liza Minnelli film. The photo is a screenshot from a Japanese film Fairy has titled 'Long Dream'.

Most of all, you guys never cease to amaze. Your reactions to the photos and the teaser video. Of course, those are what's getting the most reaction/comments. The 'FAIRY ... Tale Couple' will be on hopefully tomorrow.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello dears. Just a quick post, then hopefully more very soon. I laughed so hard!! What my PR man posted about. One of you precious honies making fun of Greg and his errors. I read that comment to Rudy and, I mean, it was hilarious what he said. 'Well then, I suppose searched for superstar Myaow eesn't going to be pleased he's no longer top billing.' I still want to know which of you were being silly searching for him on Bing.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings.

[First 1/2 of what Fairy posted has been omitted, per her request]

I am glad all of you, my precious fans, are real people with a real interest in me. That is all that matters. My dear active fan base of real people.

You get involved, comment on my videos, photos and the things written on both my public site and fan club site.

I think it is now time to get on with things - as it used to be. The camp, g-a-y sex and most of all,

the ROCK 'N ROLL! I want to thank my dear mentor 'Mr. X' for addressing what has been bothering me and why

I suddenly ceased a lot of my online presence - denying you of me.

I don't do negative. I'm about being a campy 'queen' (humour), romance and all things fun and positive. All of you know that by now. I will be deleting what I have written in a day or two and then I'm getting on with things.

New video soon, darlings!!

I'll keep this next bit. Entertaining you, my precious fans, who I appreciate so dearly. You get it, you get me and that matters so much to me! My dear fanbase that majorly consists of gay men. I love the gay community, which I am part of. I got a wild kick out of the comments thread of all of you 'lusting after' my tits being on full display in the new concert photos of me in my 'little black velvet wrap top'. So here's another for you. xx

I'll leave you with a bit of camp now, darlings. This really happened. I was out for a walk and passed by this home and there were 3 people standing outside talking. I heard this guy say, 'I want a big deck put in over there'

I started walking faster because I almost bust out laughing.  My overly sexual mind just couldn't help but go there!

He wanted a big ... dick ... put where?!


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I add to what my femmka writes. Many of you, her adoring fans, know my 'story'. I was told and even shown mentioned in one biography of Nureyev, that he hated cunts. If you came to any of his homes with one, he would order you to leave. He saw them as competition for the 'effeminate queens' he could have.

I told of all that on page Unruly Queen. PLEASE READ!!! Also read: Mirror Image because it has all information from books on his intimate relationship with Freddie. Then you might also like to read: A Little Silhouetto Of A Queen

I personally would like to thank (again) my fine friend 'Mr. X' for speaking out about what has been bothering Fairy.

It has received the reaction we hoped for, yet almost knew would come. Much support for Fairy.

I am not going to have homophobic fools come prying in myself and Fairy's lives and be insulting, pretending we're straight!!! Or even doing it with Freddie and Nureyev. Leave us alone!! I am not going to put up with prejudice fools hating certain nationalities. I do strongly believe what Fairy said is and has ALWAYS been the problem - jealousy at her and I, our relationship, our talents, what we're about and that we're gay. No one invited them into our business and our lives. Leave us alone as we leave you alone, fools!! Go be about whatever you're 'into'. Straight people dull shit and so-called 'famous' clowns of this day and age. We want nothing to do with it or you!

Jorge Schumann (PR to FM) - Pavlova, the asses can be stuck with their dying 'Barfso the butt clown'. That asshole BORING cunt-try only likes their own. I'm glad 'Mr. X' got it off Fairy's tits ... I mean chest, too about why her silence.

Like with her adoring fans, I too am sick of the meddling non-fans jackasses. Btw, Killer Queen, 'tried and tested', this is what is NOT gimmick about that boring shit and it's sort of important we do it to get you/your public site the exposure it needs. This from Haze Theatre marketing director David Somes. Wiki links ... and backlinks (preferably niche related). I checked what is called the Domain Authority (quickly defined for fans who aren't familiar, and I'm sorry for boring you with it) The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines.

I checked Fairy's site's DA and here is the screenshot below. The higher, the better. It is very high at 51 (max is 100).

Very detailed. It shows how Fairy has had her online presence now for 3 years and 114 days.


From 'Mr. X' - Mr. Schumann, thank Mr. David Somes for the info. on Fairy's site. I'm pleased it's doing so well. If only the interest in her would increase. Pavlova, don't fail to mention that the only cunts both Nureyev and Freddie associated with (if any) were dykes (mannish lesbos). Btw, Fairy, I am laughing so hard (as I am sure your adoring fans must be) over what you wrote about going for a walk. So campy and so Freddie humour! I'm surprised Pavlova didn't have anything to reply to it... 

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I reply. It was very funny and very her being the campy queen she is. What made it even more funny is gif she post along with it. This is how she is. Obsessed with 'dick'. Mine.

Those diaries. So much I could share from them ... She found this 'so very romantic'. I did as well. Written about Nureyev's 'fiery Tatar temper'. He got into fight with some fool ('queen') who upset Freddie and gave the fool a black eye then went over to Freddie and whispered, 'always you'. Princely, yes?

My ... haughty ... expression. What gay man in their right mind dare resist those sensuous lips and ... tits ...

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ 'Mr. X', those diaries, it's funny. He calls the 'the wicked governess diaries'. You know like that cheesy babyish Cinderella and the wicked step cunts story. I love the ballet of The Sleeping Beauty myself ;)

What he wrote from out of one, that Dame Eleanor recalling some twat trying to flirt with Freddie's man (Nureyev) and jealous bitch wasn't having it. So apparently Rudy Nureyev attacked the twat. Then like a noble prince, he went over to Freddie and I just swooned, my dears!! It was so romantic. He whispered 'always you' in Freddie's ear.

Mmm - if you only knew the things that get whispered into my ear ....

Jorge Schumann (PR to FM) - I'm sorry for the boring and rather slow interruption. Something I forgot to add, did you know it makes a huge impact on search engine results (mainly Google) for the custom search on Fairy's site to be used? Most likely because it's seen as very relevant because what is being search for is content on her site. Their 'search console' even acknowledges her site has it's own custom search engine.


From 'Mr. X' - Loyal Subjects, Pavlova and Fairy are sorry things ended so abruptly yesterday. As posted on the fan club site (good thing for backups!), we experienced issues posting and couldn't continue. I was in the middle of trying to post this. Remember it? Fairy's tits video. Pavlova compiled of her to tease her shortly after they had met.

The owner of the Brighton cabaret slipped the ballet danseur the using a maraca as a tit footage. Pavlova's fave is Fairy perched at her piano patting her tits. They'll be on later today. They have a busy day with guests.

The other I just now added alongside it ... cryptic ... The footage (and the glam rock queen's vocals) of Fairy and Pavlova are absolutely stunning. Their likeness to Freddie and Nureyev, speechless!

Who's excited to see the new  video for 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)'?

Hello dears. I don't know how good I'm going to be to you today. I'm sorry I didn't come on yesterday.

Rudy and I attended a production at Haze Theatre with guests we had. By the time we left, it was very late and we were quite knackered. The 'always you' thing, I thought it was so very sexy and romantic, like a silly tart, I asked Rudy if he would whisper it in my ear some time. I mean, I just can't!! The man is so fucking perfect prince-like!! his only response to me asking him to do it was a short laugh. I thought he was just thinking I was being a silly romantic and he wouldn't. Well, as you know, he owns Haze Theatre. We were seated in the VIP section. He has his own reserved seats in that section. We arrived, were seated. Throughout, he held my black nails left hand, off and on caressing the back of it and once in a while raising it to his lips to kiss the back of it. At one moment when the orchestra's music was playing low, he whispered it in my ear!! I about fainted!! I mean, I wanted to be a right ass and get up and

take off!! Or better yet, take down my trousers/knickers right there and let him ... well, you know ...

It was so fucking sexy!!

Do any of you know of a good video editor? My photographer inquired about one, and rude asses (what's with it) just never reply. Here's some lovely little 'revisits' for you, darlings. Gif (left) when I was secretively filming Rudy practising his ballet. My black nails left hand seducing ... dick ....

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - She never writes of her reaction. Yet, why should she? It would be egotistical and awkward. I first say this, then I tell how she was. The song 'Jealousy' is more of Fairy's idol (Freddie Mercury, as if

I have to add who) with Liza Minnelli inspired song. It was funny, how she shows me in book she's been reading, 'singing in rockstar falsetto'. The vocals are so very effeminate ... like her idol.


The exotic creature keeps, how you say? 'Carrying on' over 'always you' wicked governess wrote of about Nureyev and Freddie in diary incident. She purrs (quite lustfully), 'Rudy darling, isn't it so very sexy and romantic?! Can't you tell me that some time? You know, whisper it in my ear.' I slyly grin wanting to reply, 'in Russian' but I just laugh instead. We attend production and I decided I do it then. I lean over and whisper it in her lovely long midnight black hair. She pulls her hand out of mine and sat there shyly smoothing it on her satin pant leg. Dark eye lined eyes downcast. I sighed and everyone glanced over at me. Something I shouldn't have done ... I had to gesture there was nothing wrong. I have no comment, really, what she wrote. I was wondering what she was thinking ...

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling!! I found a video editor!! Thanks to my precious honies posting in reply on the fan club comments! Cyberlink (a company I am very familiar with). It's beautiful!! You should see it and the features are amazing!! Where are you? Come find me in drawing room. I have to tell Greg! Thank you, my darlings, for letting me know about this editor! It even has where you can make the video look like an old retro video. Something my photographer has been looking for as for effects.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Too bad we didn't have this all along. The videos we did for you could have been spectacular, femmka. Why tell that embarrassing diva. He was stuck on 'movie maker', which is very basic. I said it not to be offending, but he is good at photography. Video - not so good. Besides, I choreograph and bring to life your video since making of 'All Dead, All Dead' video and your adoring fans sit up and take notice. Perhaps we re-create teaser video, or make another teaser for song to give fans sample of this new video editor, yes?

Then he makes embarrassing mistake giving 'Meeow' top billing over Myaow. I say this to her and she wildly laughs herself to tears. We might have to go off. We're experiencing issues again.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ So, my precious fans, here is the new and improved version of my teaser video Rudy and I created with that new video editor. We added sun lens glare to it, a transition on the footage of me at the end and an outro. Post your thoughts in the fan club comments. It has their watermark on it because we haven't bought the full version. Of course, we needed to try it out first, dears!  Full video coming soon!! Fairy xx

My precious fans, FINALLY I was able to get on my public site!! Isn't that grand? I am so glad I have my fan club site so that all of you can stay informed, in case things like that happen with my public site. Rudy and I have been working on my new video. We are hoping to present you with it over the weekend. More soon!

All the best, Fairy xx

Exclusive As Exclusive Gets

The ever so elegant glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's adoring fans, we know you're very excited to see the full version of her newest video. From what little I was able to see of it, it is breathtaking! Lord Haughty - I mean, Pavlova being just that, his usual haughty self. Cocky and being the perfect prince towards Fairy. They are trying to familiarize themselves with the new video editor, and it's hilarious. Btw, we're done with that too dwelled upon 'boring crap' you guys were all complaining about. Last remarks, remember that article about Freddie meeting Nureyev and Fairy called those fools out about 'Mr. X' saying they meet in 1977 not '79. Those cruel asses removed the article, probably because they were snooping, and I guess the rip-off asses don't do permanent backlinks if you don't (money greedy) pay for their joke 'trial services' after the trail ends. They take away the backlinks that don't even index in the first place. So now one of us are going to have to go back to those two pages and unlink because we don't want any broken links and giving clowns credit.

Enough of that boring negativity! Either late this evening (UK time, we know those fans in Europe are ahead of us an hour) or tomorrow, you will be graced with Fairy's latest video!! Fairy and Pavlova will discuss the making of the video. -- Until then, Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury

Hello, dears. Are you ready?! Oh my god! I am nervous! The only time I ever get this nervous is before a show or ... well never mind the naughty bits for now ... Things got so wild! Theatrical and a bit melodramatic! We had so much fun putting together my new video with the video editor many of you suggested when I asked about getting one.

We didn't go overboard with it. I mean, Rudy was so fucking delectable and hilarious! He hated the 'stickers'.

He was like, 'thees ees girlish. Amateur. We not use!' I thought they were cute.

He saw me pouting my ... drenched in gloss ... lips and he took my black nails left hand and kissed the back of it, those blue/grey eyes of his gazing at me, speaking in Russian. He obviously realized he spoke in Russian, probably from the confused look on my face. I was about to tell him, 'in English, Rudy darling.' But then he said, in English,

'all right, which you like, baby?' I mean, I just can't, and I NEVER will be able to!!! I snatched up the glass of wine

I had been sipping. He obviously realized he called me ... that ... and how I always react towards it ...

His broken English Russian accent is so sexy to me, dears! He then said, 'well, then. Which of these childeesh steekers you like, femmka? We add ones that have more mature tone, yes?' So, my darlings, you'll see a few. The heart at the beginning was one. You'll see amazing overlays and other things we managed. I'll let him post his take on it now.

Fairy xx

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - The lovely part where she clenches gloved hand, I choreographed it to go along with her effeminate vocals singing '...though I hold the flower that touches you'. The song is beautiful. It reminds me of ballet. Disappointingly and surprisingly not written by her beloved idol Freddie Mercury (who adored Japan) but the guitarist. Footage of myself from one of my (less tragic) ballet productions, I add to part 'they'd say we're all fools, and we don't understand'. She was so very lovely becoming ... shy ... purring, 'where did you get that, Rudy darling?!'

Obvious footage of me made her very shy of me ... The footage of her throughout, is breathtakingly effeminate and androgynous creature. The love of my life. Fairy being from India (as her idol) speaks Hindi and Japanese fluently.

She effortlessly sang both English and Japanese lyrics with perfect Freddie Mercury emulated vocals.

So I take honours, Fairy's adoring fans, to present to you, the complete video for 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)'. It is the longest video of hers to date. The other being her self produced video. She is very nervous to read your comments on it, her adoring fans. I tell her, they will adore it, as they do everything you.

Featured fan comment, because the campy queen just loves humour ...

From fan Andrew Wilson Clarke in Cardiff (England) - In case anyone is wondering, I'm no longer alive. I just died over our exotic glam rock Persian queen's new video!! Purr-fecT-ion!!! Man, how princely is Pavlova? I wish I were him. The 'FAIRY...tale couple' telling about their making of the video was enthralling (Fairy so campy) that I was nervous to even press play. My heart skipped beats then stop completely! That was when I realized I was no longer among the living! Seriously now, those two aren't real. They are complete figments of our imaginations. So far, I have watched the video 6 times and counting.

Francis James Boyd (auction broker/authorized buyer for Fairy Mercury) : I am more than wowed over Fairy's new video. It's lame to say that her and Pavlova outdid themselves again, but I'm saying it. I hope she has fun sitting there for hours reading the insane amount of comments being left in the fan club comments. I personally got a laugh off 1/2 her fans are going off to like 'the boring lesser thans' because they aren't deserving of such perfection. 

It's touching she has such an active and very involved supportive fan base. They are such the loveliest gay couple.

Pavlova completes Fairy in more ways than one and her him. The video and vocals are a thing of beauty. In my opinion, she deserves worldwide recognition.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - I want to thank Mr. Boyd for the comment he posted on here about Fairy's new video. Loyal Subjects, we're making more changes to Killer Queen's public site. As many of you know, the promo that is done throughout the site, mainly on the homepage, is done by her Public Relations manager.

My partner Johann Wagner (Fairy's costume designer), myself and my assist. photographer Phil Goldman will be taking that over. Giving the site a candid more personalized first-hand accounts for you fans.

Fairy strives to be unique, to stand out, and this will provide that even more for her.

Today, I added her new video to the site's Videos page.

You guys' fandom is overwhelming!! You never heard from her on her public site or even her fan club site after Pavlova did his honours in presenting Fairy's new video to you, because she humbly sat there the remainder of late Saturday (the day it was presented to you) cuddled alongside Pavlova reading your thousands of comments from a 14 million strong fan club members fan club. Then it continued throughout Sunday. She couldn't ask for a better fan base. Very involved and very supportive.

I thought it funny, that many of you noticed they hadn't watermarked the video. That was done deliberately, according to Fairy, when I asked her about it. Hopefully, she'll get over being speechlessly overwhelmed by you fans' reactions to her new video and post again soon. I was left speechless by it. It is just what Mr. Francis James Boyd

wrote 'the video and vocals are a thing of beauty'.


My precious fans, we are having MORE issues with the site's editor. We'll probably have to swallow our pride and FORCE ourselves to contact the hosting creeps, which means more snooping ...

We use Firefox and I am beginning to wonder if maybe that browser could be what's causing 'data breach' issues.

I want to let you know I am all right now. I am ready to press on. I am being sincere. I am not pretending to be just to appease your sadness.  I just want jealous haters who aren't genuine fans of me to stay out of my site!! I thought it funny something one of you posted in the fan club comments. 'Apparently, the stalking confused asses are thinking Fairy's site is 'Trust Pilot'. For those not familiar, it's a review site for stupid ecommerce / online shops'

I mean, I laughed so hard when I read that. Thank you for cheering this queen up, dear fan, but most of all, thank you for your fandom of me! Fairy xx

I'll post more. Don't you just love when some elderly man behaves like 'your old geezer'? Francis Boyd (we all know who he is by now) is adorable how he behaves as such towards me. 

Him and his partner who passed away last year (Raymond Giraud) think/thought of me as their 'daughter' they never had (omg! I fucking love it! Picture me in hysterical laughter, dears). Him treating me as if I'm some daft child, sat me up with Google Chrome to see if that changes anything and advised all my entourage to do the same. For some odd reason (as with Philip Goldman who is as 'peasant' as 'commoner' gets) Rudy Pavlova treats my authorized buyer as if he's of nobility. I mean, it's hilarious!! I'll post more about it soon. We're forcing ourselves to get help for the issue with my site at the moment..... 

The hosting has to turn the issue over to their techs. So, I guess more unable to do anything. At least we're able to post. We're just not able to create links, change the text (italicize, things like that) for now. 

Right. So I had invited him to Rudy's Cambridge estate. We were looking at Amazon, and Francis mentioned he needed a new vacuum for his Oxford home. His 'crapped out on' him. I mean, that talk for one thing!! I saw this lovely purple vacuum (one of my fave colours other than black and silver) ...


Myself and Rudy in 'matching poses' - just for those particular honies in Ipswich (you know who you are) who go into 'hyperventilating hysterics' pointing out 'matching moments'. Any ways, I told Francis why doesn't he get the purple one. Gay, but not effeminate ('queen') type, he adds it to the cart. Rudy came in and saw and thought Francis was buying it as my authorized buyer (on my behalf). He started angrily speaking in Russian. His valet translated that he was telling Francis he will not have his femmka being a peasant vacuuming! Francis had to explain it was being bought for himself. Rudy (now in English) replied, 'purple? Thees hardly suits you, Francees.' I told him that I suggested him to buy the purple one. His gorgeous blue/gray eyes gazing at me, he breathed, 'well then, as long as you (would italicize the word 'you', for emphasis if that option was working, dears. HA!) aren't being a dull peasant Cinderella running it.' I ... purred ... 'what about the ballet of Giselle. Being a peasant and all that?'

He sat down and gestured for his valet to bring him a brandy, and sat gazing at me. Francis spoke up saying, 

'you are aware your femmka asked you a question.' He sternly stared at Francis saying, 'it would be rude for me not to reply, don't I know all that, Francis?' in this very ... haughty ... tone. I snatched my laptop away from Francis, and looked this up on my site and got up, very bitchily, dropped it onto Rudy's lap (hoping it would make contact with his enormous fucking cock and hurt ...) 

(shrieks like wild cat!!!) AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This is now getting worse!! I can't reposition the text boxes and the font size has changed!!! I'll finish this up, my precious fans, then I guess we wait to continue when this bloody thing sorts itself out! 

He laughed, reading from off it, 'my alluring sinfully forbidden fiancée' I like that, although you are no longer fiancée. What of eet, femmka?'  -- I suppose I'll leave off there, dears. Hopefully able to finish it soon. 

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx 

(Note to Francis - I like Chrome so far .....)

:: Update :: Hello again, dears. The issue has been resolved! Isn't that grand?! I personally went through and fixed the spacing, font size, positioning, etc. that I was being such a melodramatic 'queen' over yesterday. I have to admit, those hosting people are impressive, how quickly they resolve issues.

Now the show must and shall go on, starting this weekend. 

Oh believe me, darlings, I have even more campiness. That was my 'Trust Pilot' review of Wix. HA!!

It (your Trust Pilot remark) really was THAT funny, Mr. Stanton (of Leeds).

Apparently those Ipswich honies desperately want attention, so I'm giving it ... Now they've made a gif and this is what they put in the comments along with it:

'Our perfect gay couple - the FAIRY ... tale couple matching in getting their hair out of their eye (gif we made) has us in hyperventilating hysterics. Fairy is so effeminate and elegant how she moves, and her prince is so regal and princely. We're crying over how beautiful our glam rock queen's new video is!! '

I've added the picture of them alongside the gif they made. Now I suppose you'll really go wild in the comments section when you see this. Thank you for your fandom. Fairy xx


Keith            Leigh          Chris

Who wants to see things like in this gif (below) in yet another new music video of mine?? ....


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Oh, believe me, you're not the only ones' upset that clap board is concealing most of her lovely face in gif she made. Yes, those are her arms in the part of me. I think she already explained that one. We were backstage and I was joking with her about my ... 'bob'.

This is funny I had to share it with unruly silly girl’s (Fairy) adoring fans. She has Francis Boyd buy her games. Two of her recent favourites is a game named Fate’s Carnival and another Runaway Geisha. I recorded screen of part of the Fate’s Carnival one (see below). It is silly. She sits there laughing doing these things over and over, especially what happens to cat when it’s combed, she’ll laugh like wild … feline over it. On screen record I did, I chose to click that part last.

Then she gets upset that you don’t get money to be able to buy all things for cat. So she plays game over several times, just so she can buy and see what happens with all items. Then she decides these she bought (screen record I did) are the funniest and best.

The Geisha one, it’s quite a lovely game for obviously being an older game.

It’s about a Japanese girl who finds out she’s been kidnapped by her father. That her mother is a ‘famous’ Geisha.

The unruly creature’s lovely sibilant purr, telling me, ‘I wish I were a famous Geisha. I told my fans if I weren’t a glam rock star, I would want to be a Geisha. I was being serious, you know.’ I tell her, ‘when I was younger, which wasn’t all that long ago. Probably 10-15 years ago, I naively thought Geisha’s were ‘tarts’ (using her and her idol’s choice of word. British slang for ‘slut’, etc.)’ She laughs then launches into telling me, ‘Francis gets a laugh over it, Rudy darling, when he gives me that look whenever I swear and I’ll tell him, rockstars swear and if you’re unruly like one and a tart, well, that’s not ‘lady-like’. I’m not proper, Francis. That’s dull.’





I laugh over this and tell her, ‘forbidden, Bohemian way of life. I find it, you, very captivating.’

Her and I laugh over Runaway Geisha game. One part where jealous hater auditioning along with main character to be a Geisha, spills ink on main character, ruining main character’s obi (sash that hold’s kimono tied together). I joke to my femmka, ‘no wonder you like game, I bet all your jealous haters wish they could do immature things like that to you.’ Oh, we have so much fun together, don’t we, baby? …. 

Recent photos of Rudy and me, dears, for you to play 'Trust Pilot' with (picture me in wild melodramatic laughter). Seriously, let me know what you think (just ignore the distracting enormous fucking cock in the one... How he dressed when we married ... Nureyev's famous prince tunic look from the ballet The Nutcracker). Then some tart trying to be a Geisha with black nails left hand on display. I added my own creative touch to them just to be different.

I'll post more soon and possibly reply to what Rudy posted ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy 


From 'Mr. X' - Since Fairy no longer has a PR manager, her entourage will take turns playing the part, I offered to do so as well. I am proud to announce, as you 'loyal subjects' know, tickets for the glam rock queen's Haze Theatre concert

(22 - 23 March) went on sale yesterday. Both dates have sold out!! 

'met a man from China, went down to Geisha minah' - from song 'Killer Queen' ... 

As with you fans, I too am in awe over the two newest photos you were lavished with of the 'FAIRY...tale couple'.

As for Fairy's new music video. I am at loss for words. So I'll try to (as I did with Fairy herself when she asked me my thoughts), well, I'll just tell what I told her. I cried. She was so Freddie. The footage they selected from the hours of concert her photographer has filmed of her performances. The vocals. ALL of it.

The lord of dance Pavlova takes after Nureyev ... I wanted to hear more of their making of the video, as all of you did. Romantically, it was just the two of them who put it together. I think meddling fools need to quit snooping and upsetting the 'divine lush creature' and jealously ruining the things she is doing to entertain her adoring fans.

They will be on soon. They have been very busy.


Hello dears. I am so excited! Because next week I start rehearsals for my Haze Theatre concert at week's end!! It has been far too long since I've graced a stage and performed live before you!! I am starting to feel like a wilted flower.

So any way, this is to Rudy ... I looked up in a dictionary geisha defined: 'a Japanese trained in dancing, singing, the art of conversation to serve as a hired companion to a man.' So, Rudy darling, you really weren't being too naive when you thought they were tarts. That definition sort of sounds as if they are ....

As you know, my precious fans, 'Killer Queen', my idol wrote inspired by Liza's Cabaret film character. As Freddie described the song: 'about a high class call-girl'. 

Who wants to see a documentary on me hosted by 'Mr. X' with footage like this in it? We even have a title for it.

'Fairy Mercury - Freddie Mercury Reborn'. That just might be a future possibility!  I'll be doing more of my colourized photos for you soon, dear. Until next time, stay naughty!  💋 Fairy

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Welcome to weekend fans who call yourselves 'loyal subjects'. I share this with you about unruly exotic creature who is your 'star'. I see 'stay naughty' she signs off to you with at 2am before she slinks off to bed. I decided to be just that myself, naughty, and reply to geisha thing she posted on here to me. I tell her (when she, dressed in only satin knickers) slips under covers, 'I read what you write about geishas, femmka, what do they wear under kimonos?' She wildly laughs, 'oh my god, Rudy darling! You are so fucking naughty!! Well, what I (sibilant purr with long purr heavy emphasis on word 'I') wear is nothing or my knickers' caressing lovely slender black nails left hand down my bare chest. Of course, I become very aroused by all this. I not tell rest ... She would, I won't. 

I am told her 'concept art of colourized photos' of us she did was quite the hit with her adoring fans. So she will be doing more. I ask Goldman to take photos and give to her. I don't know about 'diva' photographer. He gets worse from what I hear. If things didn't end up ruined over us discussing Fairy's new video (which got much attention and I am pleased) she would have told about 'diva'. We are done with jealous prying fools jealously trying to ruin eventful things my femmka is doing on her public site. Such as with her new video. But we go on now. No more hindrance. 

As for documentary thing that has all of you 'carrying on' over, I'll let her tell more about that when she comes on. 

I sent her away to her London home this morning. It is 3pm (in Britain) as I compose this. I am forlorn without her here with me major part of day. But she will return to me this evening. 

I forget to add about photos she 'colourized'. The one of her in kimono is alluring, is it not? I had the one of myself taken to gift to her. I try to do this on regular basis. Have Goldman take photo of me, just for my femmka, to gift to her.

I decided to dress in ballet/tunic I wore when we married. 25 June will mark two years. Her birthday. It is on Tuesday this year. So weekend before, we must plan something special for her Phoenix Reborn tour. 

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ You're on, Rudy darling! I miss you so!!! I can not wait until your valet comes for me and returns me to my prince! It's funny about you sharing with my precious fans what you did. Mmm why do you hesitate to tell them the naughty bits, dear? .... Right, my precious fans, you liked my concept art of colourized photos so well, I call it 'dreamy'. That's what it is supposed to represent. Such as enormous cock 'princely Pavlova' looking like he's in a dream 

fog or mist of violet. The one of that tart me in ... kimono ... was taken by 'that diva' - my personal photographer.

I mean, I don't know why he's turned into such a creep, acting like such a diva ever since that photo editing software incident. He asked me why did I do that to the photo of me. I told him I wanted to be different and explained my whole concept art bit. Then I added, 'you're so protective, Greg' and he got this embarrassed look on his face and stormed out as if trying (and failing miserably, might I add) to make some grand exit. 

Me and Rudy being like .... 

The bit about my new video. I have to pause a moment, dears. I am so very elated, chuffed, that you adore it so much!

Rudy and I had so much fun working on it ... Any way, when I mentioned I wanted to do a video with me performing

'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)', Greg was like, 'have fun with that, Fae! Windows Movie Maker no longer exists and that computer I had that and the photo editor on needs repair.' I told him we are going to get a more modernized video editor with MANY options. Anyone familiar with movie maker, that is so basic and limited. I am truly embarrassed the majority of my videos were created using it!! He got mopey and went off on something about being familiar with movie maker. Rudy was present, and he told him, 'you not take thees attitude with my femmka! I am now doing ALL choreograph of her veedeos. You are dismissed from that duty and you steek with photos.' He obviously did not like being told off by Rudy one bit and again, stormed off as if trying to make some grand (diva) exit. 

(picture me in fits of wild hysterical laughter, dears!)

I made it a point to ask him after Rudy and I presented the video to you, my precious fans, what he personally thought of the video. Face to face. He just heavily sighed, shaking his head and said, 'what can I say, the man is perfect. He completes you and you are perfect, Fae. I'm literally awestruck and speechless.'

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - She ask diva photographer if he wants her to show him new video editor. Telling him, it's basically a lot of drop and drag of audio and video segments. He declined, telling her to have fun with it. I not tell you this, Fairy, I met with him personally. I am surprised you weren't told by him or his sordid gossip peasant costume designer partner. I tell him, when Fairy started out, all she had was you and costume designer and undesirable fool posing as manager/agent. You are professional photographer, but you obviously have no skill in video. Ballet is choreograph art form. Elegant beauty and grace - which defines her, yes? Take look at your attempts, and I wish not to be harsh, but you start out with video with music put to photos. It's boring. It does her talents no justice, insulting and amateur.

He did swallow pride and agreed. I then tell him, she has become, how I say? 'bigger' - in need of more 'crew' - entourage. She now has what she needs to succeed properly. It is no longer you, costume designer and her. You must accept change and not think you are to take on more than photography. Film her concerts, but let me put together video for her with what is filmed. So now that has been settled. I expect embarrassing 'diva' attitude to quit now, femmka.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Rudy darling, put your name in coloured font like I do, so that it stands out that it's what you posted. Amazingly, no, Hans has never told me about you meeting with Greg. I'm surprised... Aww, I loved how you put it to him and that he agreed with you. I mean, take a look at this video. It's one of the first attempts and it is just what you said, boring and awful!! Any video on the videos page from 'All Dead, All Dead' up, was when we had Greg quit his attempts at videography. 

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I do as you say, baby. Video you chose is perfect example what I am saying. Amazing effeminate vocals put to photos. Yes, photos of you on video are ... erotically ... alluring, and I am not saying it's boring, by no means, femmka. But who wants to sit through a video full of photos, where it can be brought to life by moving imagery. Your adoring fans want to see you performing, moving - outside of still life photos.  

Her fans laughing (in comments) over her saying 'grand diva exit' - she is very campy queen, is she not? I laughed too.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ See, Rudy darling, that is more creative and stands out having you color font your name. Gif of me in miZ Mercury/Nijinsky look making grand QUEENLY exit. Gif I put along side it, I mean, I fucking melt!! He is so sexy!!

Not For Use

Not For Use

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Gif of me she used, was made using 'Icecream' app. That was something else diva photographer brought up. He wanted to get that app's video editor because it was much like movie maker.

We make another new video now, Fairy, yes? It is now almost 6pm. We have dinner at 7. My cook Prescott has prepared lovely Indian dish with Russian dessert for her arrival. My valet has been sent for her. So we go off now.  до скорого

From 'Mr. X' - I am laughing so hard! Yes, Fairy is so campy queen and so Freddie!! I edited some of Pavlova's posts

(I hope he won't be upset by it) his English is being exceptionally poor today. I am obsessed with Fairy's new video for 'Teo Torriatte', just as you, her adoring fans are. Exquisite!! Killer Queen being campy when I asked her, why not do a documentary on yourself? You're so unique and captivating in your climb to 'stardom' and then adding your multimillionaire Nureyev lineage 'destined to be lord of dance' Russian ballet prince into the mix - your life. Your adoring fans would just love to see something like that done on you. She laughed and purred, 'only if you host it and add in the bit about 'putting men on the map' - oh my god, that was funny. Meeen - being said with such lust for them.'

I adore Fairy. She really is so Freddie through and through. Have a bit of Russian caviar on me ;-) with an elegant sip of Cristal champagne (Freddie's fave also Fairy's) topped off with cherry brandy ... Cheers!

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I hate to say this, but we'll have to start a new page soon. This one is getting too long. 'Mr. X', I am obsessed with the video as well. Magnificent work of art. It's stunning, to say the least. Fairy's vocals on the song is so moving and Freddie to perfection. I loved what Pavlova (most likely...) did with the crossfades and overlays, etc. Even the credits at the end were stunning. I've watched it endlessly. I envy the man's creativity. I guess it comes with having a background in theatre and ballet. Fairy is campy and she loves to entertain. I get such a laugh over her silly 'diva' bit about me. A little stretch of her campy queen imagination, really. 

Hello dears. I loved this particular page, but ... Greg ... is right, it is getting a bit too long. So what I have decided to do, is transfer the last bit we posted yesterday, up to what Greg posted, onto a new page. I ever have the most grandest name for it! You'll just love it! Repertoire. Isn't it regal? The word defined: the stock of plays, operas, songs, etc. that a company singer, etc. is familiar with and ready to perform. All the musical or theatrical works of a particular category available for performance.

So give us time to create it. Ahh!! I am so excited! Tomorrow I start rehearsals for my Haze Theatre concerts this coming weekend. Officially starting my Phoenix Reborn spring//summer tour!! Spring begins Tuesday. Bye dull, dark and dreary winter!! 

Loyal Subjects, this end this page. It has been continued on newly created page: Repertoire.

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