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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Vainest Creature

'My dear, I'm the vainest creature going ' - Freddie Mercury, 1974

From the ... glossed ... lips of Fairy: 'I read how Mick Rock (famed glam rock photographer) said most rock acts were known for being vulgar. Queen weren't. They had a 'lust for magnificence'

I love that he said that about Queen, because it shows how they stood out and apart from the carbon copy heterosexual bores. I was going to name the new page 'Lust For Magnificence'

but I decided to go with something from a Freddie quote. I love the quote.'

Silly Video Mishap


Hello once again, luvies. So much for my video teaser preview. Aww, I know, sad faces. We had everything all set, then realized we no longer had a video editor! We tried for the Icecream app video editor, but that became weird. I won't go into details with that. So we will search for one ASAP and hopefully sometime, what's left of today

(oh my god! Can you believe it?! It's already after 5pm here in England!), we'll present it to you. Teaser preview.

Not an entire full length video.

For now, I'll post about the note ... (you can read about 'the note' on Pomp And Circumstance) It was rather romantic. I found it on my vanity with a lovely single white rose laying on top of it. Written on it: This is the note I left on your piano and took back. I think now you are ready to read it.

I rolled my eyes and laughed, thinking, 'ahhh, right, Rudy darling, you forget I don't read or understand Russian!' It was written in Russian! So I had to seek out his valet to translate it. THAT, my dears, was so unbelievably awkward and embarrassing! The poor man blushed and said that perhaps I should just have him re-write it in English. 'It's very intimate and sexual' were his words. I told him, please try. He turned even redder and begged off completely. So I gave in and let him write it out in English. Ahem ... I could see why he refused to read it out loud to me!

This is what it said: Fairy, so many nights I wake longing for the delicate touch of your slender hands, handling my cock as though it were fragile, although you must know it is not. Feeling its strength as it swells, becoming aroused, erect.

Your full sensuous lips, so erotically ... wet ... with the gloss you wear on them. Them hugged around my cock as you teasingly, lustfully, greedily suck it. Such forbidden pleasure you bring me. My heart beats for you and my cock throbs for you. Rudolf.

Me being a right tart thinking, as it just ended there, oh, do please go on, Rudy darling!!

I'll be back on, hopefully soon, with my teaser video preview.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I wish for certain people looking at my femmka's site, ("important people") to remember she is unruly creature - Bohemian way of life. I can not believe she went through posting the contents of note for public.

That is all I wish to say ... As for video, this was funny. We gather footage and such, then I tell her, 'well, then, Fairy, how we go about this? Remember you turned on video editor we were using?' Lovely creature tosses long midnight black hair back, purring, 'we'll just use that IceCream app, Rudy darling.' She gets it on and 15 frames in, message 'you have exceeded amount of frames for free version' then something about upgrading to premium version for unlimited.

She shrieks at computer screen, 'oh, fuck you!!' So here we are with no teaser preview video to present anxious fans.

Most likely, it won't be presented until tomorrow.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ That video editor we used to create my video for 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)', those fools wanted you to pay for it by the month. I don't make videos monthly, so it would have been a waste of time.

We liked it all right, and I just now found where you can buy a DVD-Rom of it, you know, so you can use at your own leisure, so that's what I've done. I'm sorry for the wait. I mean, it was rather funny. Rudy and I (along with viVid Photo Studio photographers...) got together footage and a few live recordings from my Phoenix Reborn tour (so far) to put on the teaser preview video. I said, that should be enough to wow them. Rudy was like, 'uhhhh, but where's the video editor?' Oh my god! What a load of screw ups we are! HA!!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Fairy, I wish for you to reply to note and NOT on here ... Perhaps tonight, in bed ...


Countdown begins, Loyal subjects, to an all new Fairy Mercury video!

Killer Queen returns after a week-long break from the internet.

What a better way to do so, than gracing her adoring fans with a new video.

Forget the teaser preview the glam rock queen mentioned!

This will be a full length video which will feature various live performances from Fairy's Phoenix Reborn tour!

You'll see the divine lush creature glittering in the (previously discussed on this page) 'diamond crotch' leotard,

along with many other 1970s decade Freddie Mercury looks. Russian ballet danseur Pavlova dancing ballet as his

Haze Theatre Troupe looks on and much more!


As fans 'hyperventilatingly' wait (you guys really are funny in the fan club comments), I managed to catch up with the lord of dance himself, Rudolf Pavlova. This is what he had to say about Killer Queen's new video:

'We are nearly finished.  Fairy really is lovely to work on videos with. Campy. She insists on being silly girl putting candid things she has filmed of me and I tell her, this does not show talents. But I let her. Look for 'cute' (I prefer adorable, it's more mature) moment photographer caught of her onstage ... emulating ... one of her cats. This was during one of her concerts in France. I hate to ruin things, but the best part is footage we decided on ending the video with it, we must!

I myself was very in awe and emotional. Photographer captured a back shot of Fairy on stage standing before her adoring fans. I said, 'we need to include this footage! It is a defining moment. The star before adoring fans.'

I open the video with something very theatrical - dramatic. Fairy and I hope fans will be captivated by the performances, footage and the production of the video.'

The 'FAIRY...tale couple' leave Vienna for England tomorrow and will present the video over the weekend and will be on to discuss it. According to Pavlova, Fairy might post a little something tomorrow.


Hello, my precious fans. I can hardly wait for you to see my new video!! Tomorrow we put the finishting touches on it.

I am so very emotional at the moment. Rudy Pavlova put the end on and sat back and his delectable broken English Russian accent breathed, 'now that ees the perfect ending.' How he choreographed the end filled my eye lined eyes with tears. Greg (Hastings, viVid Photo Studio) cleared his throat, obviously very choked up with emotion and said,

'absolutely breahtaking.' What Rudy told my PR man (posted above), I felt embarrassed, dears! I took out one of the candid footage and replaced it with another footage of his dancing. He noticed and I told him, 'on my fan club site,

my precious fans really enjoy the special segment I do where I film snippet of you taking to me or someone else.'

His reply was, 'well, that doesn't belong on a music video now does it, baby?' I mean, I just can't - EVER!! ....

The photo of him I took with one of his tunic's draped over his shoulder (below) after I gave him a blow job ....

You'll see footage of him wearing it dancing ballet during one of my Phoenix Reborn (European leg) concerts.


The second leg of the tour was supposed to kick off this month (June), but I delayed it, as you know. As a matter of fact, Monday is when we head for Cornwall for rehearsals for the first set to July dates. I might just take the countdown clock off here. I think it's rather gaudy, and surprise you in your 'hyperventilating anticipation'. Hmm. It could be tomorrow,

Sat., Sunday - who knows when you'll be graced with my new video. HA! Rudy was teasing me how I pronounce my s 's like 'sh' - same sibilant (lispy hiss) purr Freddie spoke in ... I told him not to tease! He told me, 'I think eets lovely, femmka. Besides, you tease about my bad English pronunciation of words, so eets only fair, yes?' ... speaking of talking, accents and all that ... That's a little cryptic lead in to my new video, my darlings. xx Fairy


Hello dears. I'm losing it!! I realized I don't start rehearsals for my Cornwall shows until NEXT Monday!

I was actually relieved only for the fact that I will be presenting you with my new music video tomorrow (nervously shrieks like a wild cat). We might create a new page because this one is getting a bit long, and we'll need space to discuss it and other things. Perhaps we will create a new page and transfer the last part of this page, discussing my new video, to it. So tomorrow for certain. Love and kisses to you all, darlings.


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - All of the above is the last half of Pomp And Circumstance page where we left off discussing her new music video. Jorge Schumann (Public Relations) transferred it in creating new page upon Fairy's wishes.

She is being silly girl today. It is nearing 5pm here in England. All day (she woke early for once, full of nerves over new video). I tell her, well then, it is nearing 5pm and I am sure fans are eagerly waiting new video. She purrs, 'you post it, Rudy darling! I'm just so afraid they won't like it.' I laugh and tell her, 'I don't think there is anything about you they don't like, baby.' I realize I call her this, forgetting how she is when I do. Always, the gasped purr, 'whaaat?!' then becomes very shy. It's lovely. I then tell her I post video then she read fan club comments that will be left about it and we go from there, yes? I don't read fan club comments. Many times she will tell me of some she's read.


Lovely and very melodramatic, she gaspily purrs, 'no! What if they think it's awful?!' I tell her I doubt they will and I find it a bit insulting, since I helped her put the video together. Since I am so 'perfect prince' to her, that is when she decides it is time to present video. So I am doing the honours. Then we await fan reaction before discussing.

The video, as was explained to fans, is comprised of selected footage and snippets of performances of

Fairy's Phoenix Reborn tour. First leg of tour, which was throughout Europe. Vienna, France, Germany. The song we selected from sound board are:

  • Killer Queen

  • Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy

  • Flick Of The Wrist

  • You're My Best Friend

  • Doing All Right

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

I go off now and coax Fairy to look at fan club comments for reactions. I trust fans will adore it, as you do everything else her and I. The dazzling 1970s Freddie stage presence and captivating effeminate vocals. I command the stage (with my Haze Theatre troupe in regal regalia) dancing ballet during operatic break (Bohemian Rhapsody) and for this tour, Fairy has incorporated into it me dancing during her performance of Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together), which she added to the set list for this tour.

** Watch through credits, until video completely ends.

My precious fans, as you fan club members know ... myself and Rudy spent the past two days on the fan club discussing my new music video. The comments many of you left were very welcomed and encouraging. We are thinking of creating yet another video. Later today (it is 3pm here in England at the moment), myself, Rudy Pavlova and the two that never get enough credit, my viVid Photo Studio photographers (Greg and Phil) will be on my public site now to further discuss the video. I loved something that Rudy told me yesterday, that in Russia and actually all 'high society' (wealthy aristocratic elites) that ugly jealousy is classified as degrading ... I told him, I don't doubt that, darling, because it really is such low life behaviour. Speaking of 'vain' - a person who takes pride in their appearance and overall presentation of them self. Why I adore glam rock and ballet because it's so beautiful and very attractive. Homosexuals are usually vain... Any way, expect us later. We are busy at the moment.

Right, my darlings. I am back, going on 9pm now, here in England. We decided to delay this until the weekend. We have too much going on. So continue to enjoy my new music video. This weekend we'll talk and talk and talk all about me and Rudy and all the weirdos can keep snooping and throw jealous spectacle fits over it, while we laugh. Jealous attention seekers really are so pathetic, don't you think? Fairy xx

We now haven't a care in the world about being online ... Before we begin, my precious fans, we have ourselves a birthday ... man ... today! Oh yes, isn't that just grand? So many months in a row. I would like to wish my authorized buyer, Mr. Francis James Boyd a very wonderful birthday! My adopted daddy. HA!! Thank you for putting up with all the bs, for your 'damn well please' remark, and I hope the purple vacuum I suggested you buy hasn't 'crapped out' on you yet. The most camp birthday wish you can get. Following said in snobbish tone ... Mr. Boyd from Oxford.

You'll never live this down when we first met. Screencap below when Greg (viVid Photo Studio) and I were discussing it on my website ages ago (at least 3 yrs. ago).

Pavlova estate/Haze Theatre

Not For Use

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - That is VERY old! When we very first met old. Which was around the time you met Francis.

His story I've had him tell several times of him discovering my Freddie (you). As you now know, femmka, that whole Nikolai name was a sham to protect my real identity. So old, it talks of me being your agent, and I abandoned all that shortly after my 'reveal'.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: LOL! Man, that is ancient. Screenshot from that old site you had 3 yrs. ago, Fae!

You made the mistake saying Francis Boyd was 68 and today he turns 69. At that time, he was 65. Btw, your campy birthday message to him was hilarious.

Philip Goldman (VPStudio) - I thought it hilarious as well, Greg. Such as the other thing she wrote. The trailing dots

... man … bit. Fairy, I'm curious, what to you classifies someone to be called 'boy' and 'man'? ...

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Phil, you're being cheeky, and I am not even going to answer! Francis texted me just now. He told me he laughed so hard and felt embarrassed, I wished him a happy birthday on my site. The 'snobbish bit most likely comes from my interaction with the aristocratic elite, such as your young nobleman Pavlova'.

Rudy darling, you were (still are) such a mysterious man. When we met, you were such a master of disguises.

Remember 'Hugh Dickens' - I mean, really?!

So, dears, the portrait from off my new video pictured below along with a lovely drawing of me done by my fanclub president Geoff Stafford awhile back.

That boy with the sexy Russian accent at the beginning of my new video though ...

Philip Goldman (VPStudio) - Is it just me, or is this freezing up on you guys? It's weird. I went to edit what I was about to post, and the bloody thing started scrolling to the top of the page on its own. Ahem, talking about the beginning of your new music video, I thought it very creative Pavlova came up with that. Him talking about you, the star, then it very theatrically dramatically does that stars transition and you rocking the stage. You know what? I'm going to refresh this.

I had that weird bit happen to me again.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - That's funny, because Fairy and I are experiencing the opposite. It keeps scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Perhaps the 'monitoring', yes? Many fans (as I have been told) 'carried on over' the part I had choreographed, using transitions, when Fairy lilts so effeminately 'I don't want to die' line in 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

where I did the shattering glass effect on the close up of her. That is theatre. Of course, the ending speaks for itself.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ If you lose us, dears, it is because we are experiencing issues with the site editor.

My precious fans, I am tired of suffering for my art (which is music)!! We are trying to get this issue sorted.

Apparently, there is some sort of interference. Mmmm, I told Rudy 'hold that thought and something else'. Being a right tart with my eye lined eyes eyeing that distracting overly abundance of jewels in his trousers. Naughty boy replied, 'is that an invite, Fairy?' Any way, my darlings, since we couldn't finish, we slipped off to Francis Boyd's Oxford home to give him a surprise birthday visit. We brought along 'she keeps Moët et Chandon in her pretty cabinet' (opening line of 'Killer Queen'). I'll talk about what happened later. It's funny. We will also continue discussion of my new music video.

Above top: How me and the delectable Rudy Pavlova arrived to Francis' Oxford home (just kidding!!)

Below: Anyone for a little Moët et Chandon? My idol Freddie Mercury's favourite was Cristal champagne, which s/he would do the champagne toast to the fans during Queen's magnificent 1970s decade concerts.

I've always found it a bit odd s/he gives a nod to Moët in 'Killer Queen', but I think that was because Liza is drinking Moët et Chandon in the film Cabaret. As you know, my precious fans, Freddie wrote the song about the character his idol Liza Minnelli played in the film.

We are STILL experiencing issues. (Screams like frustrated wild cat!!)

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Of course, the alluring shy creature quickly gets off topic and doesn't tell what happened after I ask her if that was in invite ... I should tell when we are able to come back on without issues. I can hardly imagine what she will write about our 'surprise birthday visit' to Francis Boyd's Oxford home. Etiquette I was raised, you are not to call on someone without invite. But this is unruly creature of Bohemian lifestyle...


Philip Goldman (VPStudio) : This is us trying it again.  The issue seems to be sorted. A-hole analytics and it's all been removed ...  As I started to post, Fairy's adoring fans, Pavlova saw the footage Greg filmed on our Killer Queen from the back, on stage, before you her adoring fans. He said that would be the perfect end. A defining moment. What it's all about. The star before the fans. Greg came up with the idea of adding (credits section) clips of Fairy talking to her fans, taken from various concerts off the soundboard. It's speechless, dramatic and an absolute work of art, in my opinion.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - What I thought was funny, Phil, was when Pavlova teased her in attempts to get back at her for always talking about how his Russian accent pronounces words in English. I's are pronounced like an 'E' and so forth. What he is saying at the start of the video, you can hear him several times starting to speak Russian then he goes to English. He was teasing how Fairy pronounces her S's like 'sh'. Shong (song). Freddie Mercury pronounced S's the exact same way. A soft spoken sibilant (lispy hiss) purr was how Freddie's voice is often described in books.

Fairy (as you can hear) talks exactly the same way. I loved the video. What we did with it. The majority coming from the very creative theatrical mind of Pavlova. It would otherwise be a bit lame to end with 'Bohemian Rhapsody', but it worked because it was so intense how he choreographed it with the footage. It takes you through this wild imagery, then ends so theatrically and breathtaking. It's like, there she is, the star (he speaks of at the start) gracing the stage before her adoring fans. I came up with the idea of why not completely end it with clips of her speaking to her fans.

Man, it worked and perfectly! 'Grand finale' as they say in theatre ... Fairy became so emotional, tears were glistening in her eyes as she watched the finished results.

Photo left: candid shot of Pavlova watching Fairy performing (Bristol, England) taken by Philip Goldman.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Phil, leave it up to that crap to be what was causing the issues ... Yes, Greg, I did get very emotional watching the finished results. I like that photo editor. The video was as beautiful as the job Rudy and I did with my music video for 'Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)'. 

It's what you can expect from my Phoenix Reborn tour, dears, so come out and catch a few of my shows! It runs through August. Maybe September extension, it is doing that well.

Now, my darlings, where I left off before we weren't able to go on. I told the delectable Rudy Pavlova, let's do a surprise birthday visit to Francis. I had his gardener go out and snip*snip a variety of flowers from the garden. Rudy telling me, 'we shouldn't, but thees ees Bohemian way of life, yes?' I told him, please make an exception and come with me.
He did. We arrived (Cambridge area to Oxford). I mean, the look on Francis' face when he saw who was at the door.

He launched into this quick apology to Rudy. Something like 'what a pleasant and unexpected surprise! I am sorry, young nobleman, I wasn't expecting you, so I didn't have time to prepare.'

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - He had a guest. she gets this romantic, curious look on her lovely face and I whisper to her,

'they don't use their cocks after 60, remember?' She goes into fit of laughter. Boyd asks what is funny. I pick up conversation, telling him, 'today I indulge in forbidden. Commoner way of life because my femmka insist I accompany her to your home for surprise birthday visit. Flowers are from my Cambridge estate garden.'

When unruly creature finally quits her laughing hysterics, she (overly sexual creature that she is) dares reply to what

I joked, purring 'well, that doesn't mean they can't kiss and fondle.' I laughed and wondered what have I got myself into!

Philip Goldman (VPStudio) : Fairy, it was that a-hole Clarity and their a-hole 'recordings'... If you really think of it, that analytics bollocks is so stalkerish ... Greg, I really like what you wrote about the video! Cheers, mate!

Btw, the visit to Mr. Boyd's home (so far) is hilarious and so 'the FAIRY ... tale couple'.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Well, then, you are so amused by it, Goldman, wait until you hear what became of visit!

When she notices Boyd doesn't introduce guest, she curious kitten ... purrs, 'were you having a private birthday party, dear? I'm sorry we interrupted something.' I reply to this, 'which is why etiquette, otherwise, it is rude. You could be interrupting -' I am unable to finish, because she does just that, interrupts, purring in dreamy tone, 'something intimate'

Well, Fairy, finish? It was your story you wanted to amuse your adoring fans with ... or have I embarrassed you into your lovely shyness .... putting you into words.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ You were so out of your element, Rudy darling, and it really is interesting ... Ahem ... when I said, what he wrote, about something intimate, Francis looked soooooo embarrassed!! That was when he realized he probably should introduce his guest. He muttered, 'excuse us' and took the man into another room. I bet it was to quickly explain to him about Rudy ... When they re-entered, the man looked extremely nervous. Francis just quickly said, 'this is Paul' then he asked if we would like tea. I mean, how awkward this was quickly becoming, dears!!

I hugged Rudy's arm to my ... tits ... (who obviously wanted to leave) telling Francis we'd love tea and tugged the reluctant Tatar prince to the sitting area. Francis laughed, telling me he was still embarrassed, I wished him a happy birthday on my site, and it was very campy what I wrote. I asked him what he got for his birthday ... he was a bit of a bore, dears! He said, 'to use the phrasing of your young nobleman; blasé. When you reach a certain age, birthdays become a bit blasé. They just become a depressing reminder you're growing old. The champagne and flowers are lovely, thank you for them.'

Unfortunately, we have to go off now, my precious fans. I'll finish later. As you know, I start rehearsals for this weekend
(Friday & Sat.) Cornwall shows.

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use!

Hello dears. I have had a very busy past few days with rehearsals. Cornwall, are you ready for some glam rock 'n roll and ballet, tomorrow and Sat.?! I have decided not to finish what we were doing last on my public site. We might continue to discuss my new music video, though. That's important, because that's what this is all about.

We need new gifs. I might make some from off my new music video.

I have also decided that I might give it another go about online promotion for the site. One last try and it better be a positive experience this time. Get the word out about me, gain more fans, etc. Well, I am off now, my precious fans. Will be on over the weekend if Cornwall doesn't rock me too hard ... Mmmm, I love 'too hard' ... and I do want you to rock me hard!!  - Fairy Killer fucking Queen!! xx

I finished rehearsals (it's 6:30pm here n England as I post this) at 4pm. We left Cornwall for Rudy's Cambridge estate. I decided to relax with a book and a lovely glass of wine. His stately manor has a library, as I've mentioned before. I spotted Charlie And The Chocolate Factory on the self. I mean, he is very fucking wealthy and that includes many things he owns. Multimillionaire rich.

I like looking at the copyright to see if the book I am reading is original print or a reprint. This book was the original!

1964. Mint condition. Even the dust jacket was pristine. I laughed remembering the one venue I played and the venue operator said about one of the booked acts, 'what the bloody hell is this?! Willy Wanker and the Cheese Factory?!'

It was so hilarious, it stuck with me since then. About 2-3 years ago.

Any way, I sat in the garden reading it and had to laugh! It had been years since I read the story. Willy Wonka gets his ideas copy/pasted by asshole rivals. I thought, I know just how Wanker, I mean Wonka feels!! He shuts down, makes a comeback and this time the freaks can't copy him. What I do is original, my own creative ideas and to copy would be too obvious! Why am I tell you this, my precious fans? This month marks 3 years I have had - my site, my own URL. I can't appreciate your fandom enough. Thank you all!!

My precious fans, we will be on soon. I just have to tell you about this I saved from all that which I deleted:

Last night (Sunday) I took in the ballet. Pavlova dancing as the prince in The Sleeping Beauty. I am his 'sleeping beauty' and I was going to come on and tell you how I was being a right unruly jealous tart in the VIP section, yes, the glam rock queen reduced to audience member! God forbid!! HA!!

Right. This is what happened. Greg (my personal photographer) was my 'date'. The ballet goes much like the ... fairy ... tale. This is him telling about it:

When the part of the ballet came of the ... lilac ... fairy ... telling Prince Florimund about (the sleeping beauty) Aurora,

I started to get a bit jealous, dears! I should have been the one up there with MY princely man dancing as the

lilac ... fairy ... AND the sleeping beauty!! Then to top it off, me, the glam rock fucking queen and ... her ... photographer was in the VIP section with all these aristocrats! This stuffy old geezer seated on the other side of me kept looking over at me as if he was either trying to work out what Rudy Pavlova saw in me or something! Then I realized it must be Greg, who kept off on and quietly laughing and shaking his head. I asked him during intermission, what was so funny?! He replied, 'you, Fae! You belong up there on the stage rocking it, not here in the bloody audience!'

My reply? I ... purred ... 'Freddie would attend the ballet obsessively to see Nureyev dance, so ...' I left it trailing, because I'm sure he got the point. Below is a photo of me he shot goofing around with his (god forbid!) phone camera.

The other photos, me during my Phoenix Reborn tour Cornwall show. One of Pavlova I sneaked (cameras weren't allowed) during his The Sleeping Beauty ballet performance. We made them black and white because I was going to

do my colourized concept art photos with them, but I changed my mind.

large (24).jpg

Any way, I turned ... unruly ... when the curtain call came, dears! I climbed up onto the stage. His Haze Theatre troupe amused by it, suppressing grins and laughter. Rudy, instead of plucking a single rose from the bouquet and handing it to the ballerina, gave the entire bouquet to me. It was so funny!!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Past few days I've wondered what the unruly and very alluring creature was going to write about attending the ballet. It's campy, as expected. I tell her she is not only unruly but greedy creature. But this behaviour arouses my sex ... because I too am greedy of her. Even this 'cascading necklace' she wears evokes jealousy in me. But, I must remind you, jealousy is a lowly behaviour and demeaning. Of course, the overly sexual creature only hears as far as me saying 'arouses my sex' and gaspily purrs, 'oh my god, whaaaat?!'

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy, I'm laughing so hard right now over what you wrote! I can almost imagine your 'prince' now trying to find out who the 'stuffy old geezer' seated on the other side of you was ... It was hilarious (camp) when you made up your mind you were going to 'jump the stage' and invade the curtain call as if you were a part of the ballet.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ What he's 'jealous' at wouldn't be human ... fucking perfect prince. Greg, what you wrote is funny about trying to find out who that old geezer was. It would be like him, you know ... I see this bloody thing is STIll doing that annoying backspacing, deleting last half of words and changing spelling.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Yeah, so I've noticed. **ghost sound** ooo, ooo it's sooo possessed, just like that crazy internet problem, glitch, data breach or whatever the bloody hell you wish to call it. Btw, not patting myself on the back or anything,  the concert shot I did of you, rather proud of it; how my lens managed to capture your pale blue eye shadow from that distance.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Greg (and my precious fans), you're not going to believe this!! Yes, I know he'll be reading what I'm writing ...  Greg was right! I heard Rudy tell his valet to find out who sat to my right in the VIP during the ballet.

I can hardly imagine what's going to become of it! Yes, Greg, you are as brilliant a rock photographer as Mick Rock was.

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - It is curious ... one who sat to your right, femmka, wished to speak to you but knew you did not speak ... Russian ... He tells me (for you in English...) 'this raven haired creature you've married is quite androgynous and ravishing.' He wondered who the friend who 'seemed delighted to be her guest' was. If only you knew ... I shall tell you who he was, but not on here. Anyone who knows ballet and appreciates it, knows and reveres Nureyev, Nijinsky,

Anna Pavlova, Diaghilev. There are those who still exist who knew and/or were related to these ballet legends.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Remember this (below), dears? From the page ... Androgynous Hermaphrodite (hailed as my second profile page). Nureyev was said to be the wealthiest famous person ever. He actually owned and lived on the Mediterranean island of Li Galli which was once owned by Massine (the ballet dancer Diaghilev cruelly left Nijinksky for).

The top, pictured above, was scanned from one of the books on Freddie and Nureyev's well hidden personal relationship. I am literally at loss for words and in shock, dears, at the moment. What I had revealed to me!

There is nothing like being married to someone who is full of mysteries, and I really have no comment ... UNREAL!!

I just seriously can't right now.

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Erm... yeah. Right. If you guys only knew what Fairy is on about. I'm speechless as well. The Killer Queen texted me. One thing she wrote was 'everything seems so small right now. I can't get my head around the vastness!' If you fans only knew! She was texting like a person in shock. One after another. 'Gloomy Russia'

(from novel Eugene Onegin by Russian novelist Pushkin...) being read at Nureyev's graveside, being recalled to her by Pavlova who was there at age 9-10?, destroyed Fairy emotionally. More soon, when the glam rock queen composes herself.


In the meanwhile, continue to enjoy ....

Manchester, this is what you can expect to see! The glam rock queen Fairy Mercury along with the multimillionaire Russian ballet Pavlova will start rehearsals, in Manchester, Monday for Fairy's 26-27 July concert dates! #PhoenixRebornTour

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