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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Pomp And Circumstance

My precious fans, we might already have to create a new page. Didn't we just create this one a few weeks ago? Apparently, we filled it up so fast. I believe it's why we're experiencing issues. It's getting too long. I start rehearsals for my Paris, France shows tomorrow. We are having such a lovely time here. A lot of important ballet people, and I am completely exhausted at day's end. France, are you ready for some glam rock 'n roll and ballet this weekend?!


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - Fairy (once again) gave me (why me, I would not know) honours to present you latest photos. I tease her, 'you should be my photographer, who needs Goldman?' Wild laughter, then she purrs, 'Rudy darling, I can't believe you shared what you did with Greg. You know, the bit about me being such a naughty tart wanting to photograph you after I've - well, you know. Now all my precious honies were looking at the photos I've taken of you to see your expression.'

I must say, this embarrassed me. Recent photo was not taken in that manner. She just took it during one of our sightseeing of Paris. The photo of her is so very alluring, is it not? Effeminate creature.


Hello dears. This thing is already loading annoyingly slow. It has just now turned after 4pm here in France (as you European honies may already know). The final rehearsals for my Friday and Sat. concert dates just wrapped up. Ahhh! Tomorrow is the (first of) the big day!!

Myself, Pavlova and his Haze Theatre troupe (who, as you know, are on tour with me) are so ready for you Paris, France!! So get ready for two wild yet grand nights of glam rock 'n roll and ballet!!

Then we are onto Munich, Germany. That will end the European leg of my tour. The second leg of my tour will be back home in England.

Haze Theatre/Pavlova estate

Not For Use

About yesterday, Greg (like me ...)  is shy, especially when he is teased. Of course, he went off here and didn't reply any more after I teased him. I told Rudy that and he told me, 'I find eet surprising, because, as you know, diva personality are obnoxious loud verbal demanding fools. Not attractive.' (which I agree). He is so fucking sexy and romantic!

He took my black nails left hand, caressing the back of it, his blue-grey eyes gazing at me breathing, 'unlike you, baby, with your sensuously soft spoken purr.' I pulled my hand away, I mean, I just can't - EVER! I turned away, pretending to busy myself with something. I could hear him quietly laugh. Then I heard him say, as I felt him petting the back of my long midnight black hair, 'Tell me (pause) femmka, (I felt embarrassed!!...) why you unable to say blow job to me? We talk of sex we have, yes?' It was too obvious me telling him you, my precious fans, being in the fan club comments posting about looking up past photos of him I had taken to see the expression on his face, after what he (I still couldn't believe it!) shared with Greg about me photographing him after sucking his enormous fucking cock, made him horny ...

Mmm, I had to admit though, dears, it was rather arousing ... I sat there and thought of the satisfaction one must feel (that I myself feel) when you sexually please your partner, seeing the sexed up, aroused, look of ecstasy on their face

afterwards. I wish I knew his inner most intimate thoughts when he looks at me afterwards. What he does to me ...

Maybe once he reads this ....

Any way, the sightseeing excursion we went on, that I took the most recent photo of him. It was very windy. I had my lips ... glossed ... the wind blew a strand of my hair clinging to my lips. I on purposely left it, hoping he would be romantic and move my hair from my lips. I mean, it is truly the only time he ever goes shy around me. I could see he was very aroused by it ... I'll end there... Be ready, Paris, France!!! -- Fairy xx


Hello dears. I trust you had a wonderful weekend. France, thank you for a marvellous time!! I wish we could stay longer. We had so much fun here over the past 2 weeks. Wednesday we will be off to Munich, Germany.

The whole not posting over the weekend bit didn't quite work out did it, dears? Although I am very busy with my two shows I always schedule for Friday and Sat., we usually try to find time to at least post on Sunday. So with that said, we're going back to how it was. We just didn't like the idea of that strange (I don't even believe it's accurate) 'daily insights' report. AGAIN, it showed 'your site is most popular at 8am Monday'. Rudy even told me that confuses him because it should be 'most popular' during the weekends when I'm performing my concerts. Then the 8am bit is odd, because why the hell would people be looking at a rockstar's website that early and on a Monday. I'm not saying you can't, but it really is strange. So enough on that! We're scraping the no weekends bit.

According to Haze Theatre's marketing director, that foolish 'your site is most popular at 8am Monday' has forever been on the 'daily insights' practically since I've had my site.

[section omitted]


Now that I bored you to tears with that boring little negative bitch, we will be starting a new page, dears. Unfortunately, Repertoire became too long, all due to some tart's 'colourized concept art photos', of 'her' (rolls eye lined eyes) and 'her' (sexy) prince. HA! I have a wonderful surprise I'd like to start out the new page with. The new page will be titled (I cheated and got this one from a book on Queen. Omg! I am so awful!! Sorry for the unlike me unoriginality!) Pomp And Circumstance.

Definition of the term: the term pomp and circumstance describes a ceremony of grandeur, a very formal celebration

It seems so regal (most likely why it was being used in a book on the glam rock band Queen...) and so Freddie.

So ballet as well. Talking of ballet ... I mean, that tart posting that sex stuff (last thing that was posted before the weekend) and it's (androgyny...) man wouldn't even reply.... By the fan club comments, I know you honies were all waiting to see if one would come ... More on that on the new page, along with details on my Paris France concert.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. See you on the new page which we hope to have started as of tomorrow.

Fairy xx

(Rudy darling, I chose the gif of me just for you. My sweaty ... tits ... erotically on full display in black velvet, rhinestone accented, wrap top)

From 'Mr. X' : Fairy, I am laughing so hard right now! What you wrote:

Unfortunately, Repertoire became too long, all due to some tart's 'colourized concept art photos', of 'her' (rolls eye lined eyes) and 'her' (sexy) prince. HA! I have a wonderful surprise I'd like to start out the new page with. The new page will be titled (I cheated and got this one from a book on Queen. Omg! I am so awful!! Sorry for the unlike me unoriginality!) Pomp And Circumstance.

Too campy!! You shined so blindly bright in France, and they loved you and your Russian prince's performance!

I wish I could see you perform in Munich. Freddie lived there for a while. His/her true home was always in London.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Because Liza's film 'Cabaret' took place in Germany where the real Kit Kat Club was. I'm glad you thought what I wrote was funny. I'm transferring some of the last bit of this page onto the new page so we can pick up there. France was magical. AHHH!!! I got to meet important ballet people while there!

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - She posts sexual message on public site Thursday. I didn't reply ... Weekend in France (including shows) were spent intense. She pouted ... upset because I don't reply to what she wrote. Then she turns bitch on me in (rather shy) confrontation - 'Rudy darling, you want me to talk about the sex we have -' does not finish.

If she wasn't Bohemian way of life, this would be perceived as rude, no etiquette ... I tell her, 'in person, Fairy. NOT on your website, flaunted to millions of adoring fans, like sordid gossip.' Later I learn, from little birdie ... she does this because she wants people to be jealous of her sex life. As was quite bluntly put to me: '...she has a very well-endowed, athletic man, from a famous legacy-lineage, that her slender little body can barely handle.' I laugh and little birdie asks me what is funny. I say, 'what came to mind is something I was told about Nureyev ... he approached a 'queen' and removed his towel he had around his waist. The 'queen' told him, 'I don't think I can handle that'. Turning Nureyev down because of how 'well-endowed' he was. His reply, 'well, if you change your mind -'

As for 'sweaty tits gif' she posts of herself ... I reply on new page.


My precious fans, all of the above is the transferred section from Repertoire. Once we started creating this new page, we realized Repertoire wasn't all that long after all. So I don't know what the problem was. Oh well. Eventually we would have had to start a new page anyway.


Now for the surprise I said I had for you. This is something I have never done because it is a part of my 'strategy'. That is having 'photos' or a 'gallery' on my site. The reasons are this. I loathe when people will only look at photos. Or watch video. So to trick anyone who comes to my site, they are made to look through it to see photos of me being so

(1970s decade) Freddie. Otherwise, that's all curiosity seeking fools with no real interest will do is come and 'photos' link would be the most 'visited' page. Now, dears, you probably can ask me, well, why do you have a videos page?

I have my reasons ... Oddly, it isn't viewed half as much as my profile.

With that all explained, I have created a photo gallery ... exhibiting ... (sounds so Louvre. HA!) all my colourized concept art photos. As you can see, it's ridiculous. Every 'gallery' you can choose from crops off the photos because, apparently, you're supposed to click on them to see the full photo (rolls eye lined eyes). I just don't like crap like 'galleries' and such. Any way, (heavy sigh) please enjoy them even more so, dears, while I am off to Germany tomorrow. You're better off enjoying them as they were originally displayed on Repertoire and Pouncing and Pooving.

Since it was such a hit, so many of you posting in the fan club comments the 'shape divider' added such flair, I have added another before the footer. Will post more once we arrive in Munich. Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy

From 'Mr. X' - Loyal Subjects, Fairy is glad you guys are in the fan club comments booing photo gallery and applauding her strategy of why the lack thereof. She truly is one unique individual, just as Freddie was. I am letting you know they have arrived safely in Germany and will post as soon as they get settled and get their bearings. Pavlova told me most likely not until tomorrow. Killer Queen is making history with her Phoenix Reborn tour. Thanks to you, her adoring fans! Buying tickets, supporting, and coming out to see her live performances. Each and every single date so far has completely sold out!! We've updated the homepage.


It is already the end of the day here in Munich (as you European honies already know. You're an hour ahead of UK)

We spent the majority of the day sightseeing and are very exhausted. We will try to be on over the weekend and believe me, my precious fans.

Btw, my photographers were laughing. They hate photo gallery shit as much as I do. Philip Goldman's remark to me about what I posed, 'it is very lame for people to only look at photos. No way would I want photos Greg and I have taken, or even the photos you and Pavlova have taken of one another be displayed in a cheesy photo gallery, slideshow or whatever.' --- Any way, enough on that. Would you like to hear something funny, dears? My Teo Torriatte video is trolling that fucking Queen's LoserTube account. You know how that site will show recommended videos after you've watched a video? I'm going up against my clownish competition. **Laughs melodramatic hysterical mad laugh.


I can hardly wait until you hear the naughtiness I've got up to my first 2 days here in Munich. Living up to 'unruly creature' ... Thank you for your fandom, your true interested and support, my precious fans.  Fairy


My love for you knows no boundaries, my Russian prince, such as the message at the end of this video ...

About the video:
The first 1/2 has an explained intro. added.
The 2nd half was put together by Pavlova. He picked out live footage viVid Photo Studio's Greg Hastings filmed of Fairy to put the video together; accompanied by Fairy performing live, to you her adoring fans,

at several venues throughout her 2023 Fairy Soars summer tour.
Performances include:

  • Seven Seas Of Rhye

  • In The Lap Of The Gods

  • 2 different performances (partial and full) of Killer Queen

  • Bonus material - ballet danseur Pavlova watching and emulating Nureyev

A Look Back - 'Queen' Of Firsts?

While we wait for what is in store, I pulled this video from the videos page. When Fairy performed in Germany for the very first time on her 2023 Fairy Soars tour. This will be Killer Queen's very first time performing in Munich. Also, this was

was Fairy's first ever attempt at producing a video herself.

We will be bringing Fairy's profile up to date in the coming week, to keep it current.

Fairy Mercury's First Ever Self Produced Video!!

The video consists of Fairy performing:

In The Lap Of The Gods (live, Dresden Germany)

In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited (live, Berlin Germany)

Bohemian Rhapsody

Somebody To Love

From 'Mr. X': It is well after midnight in Europe, which includes Munich, Germany. Although I am not there, and wish

I was. I am laughing so hard as I write this. I was a bit surprised that I received a phone call from the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova himself a few minutes ago. Usually, you will receive calls from his valet relaying

a message from him. I was so tempted to do a 'header' for this post and title it: Glam Rock Queen Fairy Mercury Enjoying The Sights and ... erm ... Sounds Of Munich.

I can not wait for you, Loyal Subjects, to hear what Fairy has been up to. Pavlova and his valet will post about it tomorrow. They went sightseeing again today, and it got too late. I'll do a little bit of a teaser lead-in. Remember how the divine lush creature's former PR man had a journalist write an article about her to be used for 'backlinks'? Her and her prince criticized one part, saying she wears leather and feathers and where the bloody hell was that being gotten from? Because Fairy DOESN'T! Like her beloved idol she is so eerily incarnate, Fairy adores being draped in satin, fur, velvet. Do your research ... Whereas her ballet bad boy does wear leather, lots of it (as Nureyev did...). The FAIRY ... tale couple just have a bit too much fun, is all I have to say about what Pavlova told me during the phone call.

Following written by Ron Craster

(Haze Theatre stage director and valet for Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova)


Leather has it’s advantages and disadvantages. Have you fans ever sat on a leather chair, sofa, etc. and it tends to

make … noises. I’m sure you know what I am talking about if you have.

Or if you have ever worn leather (especially trousers) and you might get the same … um … results that I am implicitly referring to (a word that starts with an ‘f’ which no one can ever hold a straight face in saying). The legendary Russian ballet danseur Nureyev was fond of wearing leather. From his Vienna cap, long leather (sometimes short) jacket to leather trousers.

Rudolf Pavlova, who takes after Nureyev (for obvious reasons…), also is fond of expensively tailored apparel and leather. He was dressed in leather trousers and seated on a leather sofa alongside the love of his life, glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury. I was seated across from them. Pavlova and I (along with a few others I will not name) were discussing boring business matters. He was holding his ‘queen’s’ black nails left hand, in the other, a glass of cherry brandy.

He leaned forward to sign a document that was being discussed; laying on the table before the sofa. Well, his leather trousers and the leather sofa made … that sound … I am implicitly referring to, as he leaned forward. I saw an embarrassed expression cross Fairy’s face. The leather once again made the sound as Pavlova sat back from signing the document. Fairy pulled her slender black nails left hand from her ballet bad boy’s hand and got up purring in very embarrassed tone, ‘I mean, really?!’ and took off.

A confused looked crossed Pavlova’s face and in Russian he asked me something on the lines of (if interpreted to English) ‘what ees wrong? Why ees she like thees?!’ He excused himself and gestured for me to follow, as he left the room, obviously to find his ‘femmka’. Fairy was before a large oval ornate mirror in the foyer. I entered the area first and oddly Pavlova hung back just outside the foyer. The exotic creature paused from preening her long midnight black hair upon seeing me through the mirror, and turned away from it, sibilant purr purring, ‘what happened to etiquette? Why is Rudy being embarrassing, ugly and unattractive?! You know -’ purr trailing, not finishing. Extreme embarrassed expression crossing her face.

From where I stood, I could see Pavlova outside the room, an embarrassed look crossed his face as he too obviously realized, figured out, what was wrong. Why Fairy took off. To her, he is her fairy… tale perfect prince. It was hilarious (and I am sure the one they refer to as ‘Mr. X’ will reminiscently say ‘so Nureyev humour’, being it he knew both Freddie Mercury and Nureyev well) Pavlova entered the foyer, his broken English Russian accent saying, ‘I not do thees you accuse me of, femmka! Ever!!’ and winks at me. I grin and (in his defence) say, ‘never ever!’ The ballet danseur then adds, ‘eet ees the leather. Perhaps I not wear if eet offends.’ Pushing her long midnight black hair back over her shoulder, her liquid brown eye lined eyes gazing at her princely ballet bad boy, the glam rock queen … shyly … purrs, ‘no, I mean, don’t quit wearing it. I like you in it, Rudy darling. It’s sexy. I don’t do things like that either, you know.’

Cute …. Pavlova slyly grins and then breathes, ‘of course not, my all too perfect forbidden creature. We will not attempt to speak of unpleasant things, yes?’ Fairy shyly glances at him, nodding her head.

Then it was decided we go off and take in more sightseeing of Munich. I was present when Pavlova made the call ‘Mr. X’ wrote of to him. It was funny, he told ‘Mr. X’. ‘you won’t believe very humiliating incident that happen. Fairy mistook sound of my leather for unpleasantness. Please know what I speak of. I refuse to utter such embarrassing word. I have my valet write about because her adoring fans will find it hilarious. I just hope she will not become upset or embarrassed over reading him putting eet into words.’ So this is me writing about it and ‘Mr. X’ was mistaken, Pavlova was not going to post anything about it along with me.

It must be wonderful to be such a perfect fairy...tale prince that not even your sweat smells, right, Pavlova ;-)

From the young nobleman (Pavlova) who so haughtily once told  his Indian femmka (Fairy), ‘Dance ees much like sex, and both I do veree well.’

The ballet bad boy did want me to post this on his behalf, ‘her sweaty tits are so very alluring, sensuous, erotic. Especially after sex we have. Even sweaty, she smells exotic – tantalizing,’

(tantalize defined: to tease something desirably out of reach).

‘She (Fairy) is tantalizingly seductive, yet unattainable.’ Pavlova once said about his ‘forbidden pleasure’ – the love of his life – Fairy Mercury. (below screenshot from past post. Ref. Page: Divine Lush Creature)


Tomorrow, Fairy begins rehearsals for her 10-11 May Munich concert dates.

That was Monday. It is now Thursday and what a very busy week the glam rock queen has had! Between rehearsals and trying to get in more sightseeing.  Rehearsals wrapped up today. Munich! Are you ready for some glam rock and roll and ballet?! Tomorrow is the first of two of Fairy's sold out Munich concert dates. More soon.

Message From Pavlova:

I post this on behalf of Fairy to her adoring fans. I refuse to let her happiness and her Phoenix Reborn tour being ruined by internet foolishness. We can see now posting on week days was a regretful decision. We will go back to only posting on weekends. As you know, Fairy performs in Munich this weekend (10 & 11th). We will only be on the fan club site over the weekend. Her public site still performs poorly, all things 'internet wise'. So it won't matter if we bow out from updating it. She has considered, once again, taking it offline for good and just sticking with the fan club site. We just wish things were different. Our mood towards being online (via public site) has become distasteful. We are glad my femmka's fan club site is protected, always positive atmosphere, on topic always and she has active fan base who has a serious interest in her and appreciates her and her talents.

If any of you, Fairy's adoring fans, know of a decent video editor software, post in fan club comments. Because we would like to create a new video for Fairy. A mix of footage from her Phoenix Reborn tour so far.

We leave Munich back to UK on Monday, ending the European leg of her tour and starting the second leg of tour

throughout Britain.


My precious fans, as those with fan club membership know, I have spent all weekend on my fan club site. Rudy and myself discussed things and I have decided to continue my public site. Changes (heavy sigh) will be made, once again.

As the delectable ballet danseur mentioned in his message (above), we will be leaving Monday (tomorrow) back to England. My next two concert dates will be ... ahem ... 24 - 25 May. Why the 'ahem', you ask? 25 May is a birthday boy's birthday. More on that later ...

As you know, a month later (25 June) is mine and also, on that same date, marks 2 years Rudy Pavlova and I have been married. Isn't that just grand, dears? So just a few quick notes until we arrive back in England and get settled. I miss my precious honies (my kitties) and will be so happy to be with them once again. When we do get settled, I'll post a few photos of Rudy and me that I'm sure you'll really enjoy seeing and hearing about. I took of him and he took of me.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx

From Pavlova (ballet danseur) - As you fans know, we've been in Europe a little over a month; on the unruly campy creature's Phoenix Reborn tour. Yesterday we arrived back in England. We are exhausted and have much, how they say? 'getting our bearings' to do, yes? So please give us a few more days before we get on with any more internet (the public and fan club sites, and continuing promotion). I dread my birthday is coming soon. Cardiff holds no special meaning. The booking agents for venues Fairy is booked to perform on tour were booked, and that's what had to be taken. Besides, it would be utterly dull and predictable if she were to perform at Haze Theatre that day. 25 June, our 2nd wedding anniversary (also her birthdate) falls on a Tuesday. We have yet to make plans. Any way, just a quick note.

I end with this. I told Fairy I woke thinking of her performance of the Queen song 'It's Late'. It was such an odd dream

I had. So I post this video which features her performing the song on it, for you fans to enjoy. Of course, video footage of her and myself. From Fairy's Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour, from 2 years ago. Eventually, we will be working on a new video, as I mentioned a few days ago.

'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions'

Best described by Ron Craster (Russian ballet danseur Pavlova's valet, also stage director for Haze Theatre

and Fairy's 'Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited' tour) - Choreographed by Pavlova.

Fairy performing 'The Millionaire Waltz', 'It's Late' with partial 'We Are The Champions' on the credits.

The glam rock queen's adoring fans, please take note of the perfect timing of some of it that Pavlova did

with the choreograph. As always, read the captions and credits because there's a bit of camp and

a special message from Fairy.


Page the video appears on: Regal And Majestic


Hello dears. Things have finally started to settle down since we've returned to England. The moment many people learned we were back, things became crazy!! As Rudy posted, we've been all over Europe for a little over a month. 

I'm pleased to announce yet another record. Tickets for my Cardiff concert dates for next weekend (24 and ... 25th)

have completely sold out. Shrieks like excited wild feline!! Tomorrow we will begin online presence once again.

I'm so ready! We had so munch fun in Munich the 2 weeks we were there. I shared much of that on my fan club site

because things became so negative concerning my public site. I will share a bit more in getting my public site active once again. Until then, xx Fairy

There is something else I want to add, my precious fans. What Rudy had posted about I was thinking of ending my public site and why continue to update it, etc. Him and I are very upset and angry because we were being fed wrong stats about my public site's performance. Actually, as of right now (I checked it myself) my site has had 132 visits within the past 30 minutes. People ACTIVELY looking through my site. Yes, that includes all of you, my precious 'loyal subjects' as well. I haven't the time now, but tomorrow my delectable prince and I will discuss that a bit more.

All the best, Fairy glam rock fucking Killer Queen

'Drama is for the theatre. Not for real life.' - Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova - lord of dance - Nureyev lineage

These quotes of my beloved idol are so me, dears.

Now, dears. I know, sad faces already, but we won't have time for on topic today. I'm very disappointed, as much as

I am sure you will be. But something came up. Over the weekend, we most definitely will be on. So about the analytics issue. On Wednesday, myself and my entourage held a meeting at Haze Theatre. A little 'regroup' to discuss things. Such as the second leg of my Phoenix Reborn tour, online presence, etc. Of course, David Somes who is head of marketing and sales at Haze Theatre was in attendance. He has also been appointed marketing/sales for me because Haze Theatre and Myaow Meeow Productions are a joint venture. Isn't that just grand, dears? I hope I'm not boring you with all this seriousness. I'll try to throw in a little camp and ... sex.

Right. When the topic of online presence came to be discussed, I ... purred, 'be honest, I can bear it, Dave, am I being a complete failure when it comes to online, excluding the fan club. Because that obviously isn't. It's very active and how many members it has.' I love Haze Theatre!! Not only because of the delectable princely multimillionaire ballet danseur who owns it (I pause, many of you were precious thinking it 'cute' I quoted my prince...) and that I happen to be married to. But because theatre is full of colourful, eccentric 'freaky people'...

Well, Dave Somes decided to be dramatic and he asked that we accompany him to the marketing dept. in the theatre.

I hugged Rudy's arm to my ... tits ... and off we went. He had several screens up displaying 3 different scenarios. I won't mention any, except Google's analytics was one. He pointed out to us the extreme inaccuracies. The one we kept going by (because it was so convenient) was showing only 19 people were on my site. Uh... how could that be? When

I have over 16 million fan club members? Have I lost my audience? My fans? I was distraught and clinging dearly to my sexy prince's arm for dear life, darlings!!

He glanced down at his arm being held to my ... tits ... then said, 'well, then. That doesn't make sense. Make sense of thees, David. Eet doesn't make any sense.' David said that no it doesn't. For one thing, there have been hardly any 'visits' to the new page (this page) and how could that be since you, my precious fans, are looking at it and posting comments in the fan club site about things being posted on it. People can't just 'visit' a website and not be recorded on analytics. So he said, that's deceptive and inaccurate, so don't go by that. He moved on to the other two screens.

Google analytics VS other (again, I won't name). Side by side, we watched the 'realtime visits'. Aww, my darlings, don't feel as though you're being stalked looking at my site by this, if you are! You must understand, it gives us an insight about if your glam rock queen is succeeding in 'her' pursuit of fame, or if there is just no interest in me (pouts).

Where that deceptive inaccurate unnamed crap was showing (at that moment) there were only 19 people on my public site, Google analytics was showing 162 and that other unnamed one was showing 42. Puzzling!! Why the crazy confusing differences?! Well, we narrowed it down even more. The other unnamed one, he showed us how the pages visited never changes - updates. It always seems to stay stuck showing the links at the top of the homepage are the only pages being 'visited'. THEN he pointed out the screen he had Google analytics on. It was so fucking sexy, how Rudy's eyes lit up, and he looked so proud and ... haughty ... I was dazzled! You can see it constantly changing in

'realtime' page after page on my site being shown in the 'pages viewed' section. Constantly 'refreshing' with each 'visit'. Even the new page was showing up being 'visited'!

Tears filled my eyes. Rudy proudly said, 'that settles eet! My femmka ees popular as ever and these other methods are deceiving!' David Somes told us, 'you were accusing all those people in efforts to help promote Fairy and her website for nothing. You were going by inaccurate apps and software.' I have asked him to monitor how my public site is doing ONLY through Google analytics now and send me day's end reports. So that is now settled, my precious fans.

I must be off now. **rolls eyes ... I dread what 'Mr. X' will be posting as the 'coming next' ...

Coming Next - Glam Rock Queen Fairy Mercury Gets Called 'Unruly Little Paparazzi' by Pavlova for secretively photographing him. PLUS! Exclusive photos of Fairy taken by Pavlova! Munich stage! He took the camera from 'diva' Greg Hastings and it was hilarious!

From David Somes (Haze Theatre Marketing/Sales Dept.) - Fairy's adoring fans. Rest assure, the ever so elegant Killer Queen is not a failure. For one thing, you're proof. Since Fairy's post about analytics, the past half hour showed 171 visits. The following half hour, 167. That's 338 visits the site has seen within an hour. Have a pleasant weekend. Thank you for being fans.

Following by viVid Photo Studio’s assistant photographer Philip Goldman

Munich, Germany - Phoenix Reborn Tour


Munich was wild! Especially the second and final night of Fairy’s two night sold out concert dates.

The highlight was when the Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova finished his ballet bit with Haze Theatre troupe during the operatic break in Fairy’s performance of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

Fairy graced the stage again to do the rock part of the song ‘so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye’ (how the verse begins). Instead of ‘exiting stage left’ as theatre talk has it, Pavlova pirouetted his way to the front of the stage where Greg Hastings (viVid Photo Studio) was currently positioned. Ready to take more shots of the glam rock queen in concert. I laughed so hard! Pavlova snatched his camera away from him and started to photograph Fairy. Greg flew into his embarrassing demanding ‘diva’ attitude and tried to take it out on me. He’s afraid of Pavlova.

Who isn’t really … all things about him considered … One you stand in awe of. Fans in the front row were in a wild frenzy over seeing the ‘prince’ photographing his ‘queen’. Greg tried to get me to hand over my camera, and I wasn’t going to give it over! I was laughing myself to tears at this point, because he threw up his hands and I heard him over the loud music and crowd say, ‘I quit!!’ It was one of those, ‘whatever’ moments. How many times has ‘diva’ threatened to quit because things weren’t going his way.


These are the photos he took of Fairy. He even did an amazingly breathtaking overlay. Combining one shot of her with a close up shot of another. When the lordship himself showed them to me. I was speechless. I told him, ‘you really should be a photographer.’ I wish I hadn’t. I too obviously offended and highly insulted him. His reply was: ‘No! I am destined to dance ballet. The lord of dance. I must fulfill destiny. Nureyev was asked in interview about his country. He replied, ‘my country is dance.’ He lived to dance. He had forsaken Russia for dance.’

The only reply I could think (feeling scolded) was to say, ‘I misspoke. I’m sorry.’ Which I had and was sorry.

He apparently doesn’t know of when people will say things like ‘you really should be _________’ not necessarily literally, but as a complement in letting the person know they excel well is what they have done.

Fairy’s Tour Memoirs

written by ‘Mr. X


Fairy’s costume designer came up with this idea a little too late in the Phoenix Reborn tour and everyone (esp. the Killer Queen herself) is upset it wasn’t thought of sooner. A unique idea that would have been titled ‘Fairy’s Tour Memoirs’.

Memoir defined: a record of events based on the writer’s personal observation

The glam rock queen trades her mic to get behind a camera as a personal hobby once in awhile.

Her favourite subject, of course, is her ‘prince’ – the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova.

Recently, the campy queen decided to scrap having the ballet bad boy pose for her. Instead, the unruly rock ‘n roll feline has been secretively slinking about photographing Pavlova candidly (to photograph one unaware, not posed).


She showed me 2 of them. The headshot, she asked viVid Photo Studio’s assistant photographer Philip Goldman to approach Pavlova and talk to him about her. ‘Reaction shot’ she called it.

I told her what has been echoed to her by many from the moment the two (FAIRY...tale couple) met.

‘He’s a man obsessed and in love with you.’ I actually had to catch my breath because Pavlova so eerily resembles Nureyev in the photo. Then to top it off, I became so very emotional when I saw the posed shot Philip Goldman (speaking of him) took of Fairy (it is pictured at the very end of my write-up).

Eerily looking identical as ever to 1970s decade Freddie Mercury! As if she doesn’t, always!

I absolutely laughed over what she did (the thought bubble) and what her sibilant purr had to say about this candid.

‘I thought, what in the world is he doing at my piano?! I mean, what was he looking for?! I asked John (Price – the

rock ‘n roll unruly creature’s mock-up Queen band guitarist) afterwards. He turned red and was looking as though I was going to scrap him. I hissed, tell me, John! There is only honesty in this entourage!! He told me Rudy sat down at the piano and was saying, ‘boy, I leave note for my femmka. You see it? I need it back!! Help me look, yes?’ Quoting him verbatim like a right twat. I laughed over it and purred (yes, she did use this word, talking about quoting verbatim, I am doing that writing what she told me. She used ‘purred’ and smiled with lovely smile over it then continued)

‘umm… okay. I can hardly imagine what it said.’ I laughed, telling her, ‘so you seriously are going to allow me to post the photo on your website and risk your prince’s reaction to it.’

She grinned then purred, ‘why not. It would be absolutely scandalous, darling!’

So Freddie, you really are, Fairy, and I adore you so!!!

‘Little birdie’ has gotten on the glam rock queen’s ‘shit list’ (as people say). 'Little birdie' who is Pavlova’s valet and Haze Theatre stage director Ron Craster’s partner. It got around to Fairy the guy somehow learned of Killer Queen secretively photographing her prince and told him!! This is hilarious, ‘loyal subjects’!

In front of loads of people. Entourage (consisting of stage crew/band members), Haze Theatre troupe, etc. Pavlova as if totally oblivious to their presence, confronted Fairy. Conversation as follows:


Pavlova: I have been told you have been secretively following me and taking photos! Why you do this, femmka?! I pose for you whenever you wish. I pose nude so you can draw. You draw my ballet feet and we are verrry in love, yes?! Why you think you have to sneak around behaving as unruly little paparazzi photographing me! You show me photos you take! Hand them over!!’


(Everyone was standing there with suppressed laughter on their faces)

This was absolutely hilarious! Campy queen at her finest!!

She tossed her long midnight black hair back and tried to mimic Pavlova’s haughty expression.

Inherited from ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev. The expression, even the pose!! (photo I have pictured below is Pavlova in the expression and pose eerily taking after Nureyev)

Fairy (hand on hip with mimed haughty expression, holds out the two photos she candidly had taken and had shown me only a few hours earlier): 'Why can’t I catch the boy I love off guard in candid photos? It’s not like I’m taking unflattering photos of you, Rudy darling, as if you ever are unflattering.’


The ever so elegant ‘queen’ fell silent as the ballet bad boy started to say, ‘I am hardly a boy, F -’ not finishing Fairy’s name as (it was so priceless!!) his eyes fell upon the photo of him seated at her grand piano. The exotic creature stood there, black nails left hand preening the top of her midnight black hair, eye lined eyes looking down at the floor. Pavlova’s princely light brown bob head slowly turned. His blue-grey eyes staring intensely at Fairy. So theatrically, dramatically and so Nureyev, he holds the photos out to Fairy speaking in Russian and exited. Before hurrying after the

ballet bad boy, Ron Craster quickly says to the divine lush creature, ‘he’s embarrassed. Btw, to translate, he said,

‘do what you wish with them, baby’.’ A lovely shy look crosses Fairy’s exotic peach complexion face.

Freddie’s complexion ….

Hello dears. It is just now after midnight here in England. Haze Theatre marketing/sales director Dave Somes has reported to me, at day's end, my website has received 100k active visitors. Now that is more like it!!

What is up next has been inspired by many of the comments you, my precious and much appreciated fans,

have left in the fan club comments.

What became of the note? You don't even want to know what that was about!! If only I could get my hands on it ...

Both myself and Rudy's responses to what Philip Goldman wrote. I mean, how he put that one part had Rudy and I laughing so hard!! When he wrote: 'I was laughing myself to tears at this point, because he threw up his hands and I heard him over the loud music and crowd say, ‘I quit!!’ It was one of those, ‘whatever’ moments. How many times has ‘diva’ threatened to quit because things weren’t going his way.'


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - As Fairy posted last night at midnight, I now post tonight at midnight. Not deliberately.

We would have been on much sooner, but we had company that I completely forgot I had invited to come today, after we returned to England. Fairy is asleep and I will not awaken the sleeping beauty.

I am pleased many of you speak of the portrait photo of her Goldman took. So I have been told. Saying it's androgynous. It is and very effeminate.

Tomorrow, we both find time to be on. Curious creature asked my valet about note. I knew she would. I told him beforehand, when she asks, tell her I had told you it was about the sex we have, and I wanted it back because I didn't think she was ready to hear what I had written in it. Well, he told her just that, because she did ask him. Now she is very obsessed with finding the note. It's lovely.

As for foolish 'diva' photographer. Fairy is such campy queen. Her confrontation. We will talk of that together. But I say this, he is a fool! He 'quits' and it didn't matter because it was the final night show in Munich and only had a 1/2 hour before it ended. As my femmka had made fun during photographer's demanding 'diva' attitude over photo editor software, she wrote it was almost comical, how he tried to make a 'grand exit' and it failed. That was the same. Quits a 1/2 hour before concert is over. No loss. I joke to the alluring creature, and she wildly laughed. I say, 'he should go off and join the opera, if he's going to be such a diva. Opera diva. That is where 'diva's' belong is in the opera. Making foolish demands and being insufferable.' I end there until she can be on with me tomorrow.

David Somes has reported, day ends with 106k active visitors to site. I am sure we have solved that puzzling issue that had us misled.

As you, her adoring fans, know, she begins rehearsals tomorrow for her Cardiff show this coming weekend....

Pavlova (ballet danseur) – I told Fairy, let’s make the confrontation theatrical, but I will not enter peasant’s home.

We arrive at ‘diva’ photographer’s home. With alluring (it arouses me much) toss of her long midnight black hair, Fairy presses doorbell. I was glad our plan was working so far. ‘Diva’ photographer came to door. We hoped sordid gossip costume designer wouldn’t. Theatrically and dramatically, I hold out camera by strap and say, ‘you left Munich without this. I go to return it, and you were gone.’ Fairy pick up from here.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ He took his prize possession, which I really was surprised he left without. But as Phil said, he is obviously nervously afraid of Rudy. I told him, ‘now Greg, you really do need to stop with this new hang up you seem to have; always quitting. I mean, this is rock ‘n roll not opera.’ He interrupted me with a very noticeably embarrassed look, saying, ‘What? Oh, come on!! Don’t tell me you’re still teasing me with that diva bit, Fae!’


Rudy snidely spats, ‘do not interrupt my femmka, you manner-less peasant!’ then, so fucking sexy, winks at me to let me know he’s playing the theatrical role of snobbish aristocratic prince (as if he has to…) Very embarrassing, Greg says to him, ‘please, can’t you tell Fairy to stop with the teasing me with that diva bit! She’ll keep doing it just as long as you are humoured by it!’ You pick up here, Rudy darling.

Haze Theatre

Pavlova estate

Not For Use

Pavlova (ballet danseur) – I take my femmka’s black nails left hand and kiss back of it and gaze at her, telling her,

‘as you were saying, femmka’ I will not grant the peasant photographer’s plea to have her stop! Her lovely sibilant purr purrs in bitchy manner, ‘You are not hurting anyone but yourself doing this! What does Hans think of your behaviour?! Phil can just step in to film and photograph my concerts. Do you really think Mick Rock would fly off and abandon photographing Freddie or Bowie? Can’t you share?’

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Before he can answer, Rudy says, ‘perhaps you are jealous, yes? Jealous at photos Fairy and I take of one another. That we team to choreograph her music videos now. Or is it Goldman? Perhaps all I have said.’

This was his reply, ‘none of what you said. Like the fans, I am in awe of the photography skills Fairy has. Even your few attempts at photography. It’s quite professional, unique and captivating the shots you two take of each other. Philip is a very competent photographer, or else I wouldn’t have hired him as my assistant. Fairy likes to be photographed, even filmed, with an air of eroticism. I try hard to capture that. From the start, I have. I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist.’


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I’m hardly a boy, but it was quite lovely. This is what Fairy replied to him. She purred, ‘you need to share! If my boy wants to be theatrical and photograph me and it’s turning on my fans, than that’s what works. They adored the photos of me Rudy took. You knew they would. You saw how they carried on over my prince photographing me, you couldn’t bear it and Munich back to London; like a mopey upstaged diva!’ I was trying not to laugh! She was being very campy queen and she was trying hard to keep a straight face. Photographer burst out laughing, ‘Fae, you are so melodramatic, just like Freddie. I expected you to be when you confronted me about this, and you are just going to keep up the campy queen bit about diva. Just because your fans find it funny and most of all, your prince is entertained by it. He is amused by it because he’s an aristocrat, and it’s so ‘bohemian way of life’, as he puts it. Aristocrats, like him, find commoners fascinating because their entire lifestyle is completely different from what they are accustomed to.I’ll say it to his face with him standing right here present. He knows it’s true!’

I suppose at that moment a … haughty … expression crossed my face and I look directly at peasant photographer and then theatrically, dramatically say, ‘the ballet of Giselle.’ I turn and head to limo saying, ‘come along, Fairy. Not another word to peasant photographer!’ Unruly creature slinks up along with me and hugs my arm to her … tits … Our trip to my Cambridge estate, naughty unruly creature gave me a blow job and spent the entire time trying to seduce out of me the … note … She purred, ‘just tell me, Rudy darling, is it something bad that I should be concerned about.’

I reply, ‘not at all, baby’ Again, I forget how she becomes whenever I call her this.

She gaspily purrs, ‘what?! I mean – I just can’t!’ and busies herself shyly pawing through her satchel.


Side note from ‘Mr. X’ : For newer fans not familiar with the beginnings of the ‘FAIRY...tale couple’, which I suggest you read the older pages on this site. The ballet Giselle is about a prince who visits a peasant village and falls in love with a peasant girl named Giselle. He returns to the village with his valet in the guise of a peasant to woo Giselle. The below gif, is Pavlova in the ballet. The scene where Prince Albrecht is at Giselle’s graveside. The classic legendary tragic ballet of ‘love found, love lost’ Alongside the gif, I have placed a stunning gif of the glam rock queen, the love of his life, with black eye shadow (Queen II album cover look).

Hello dears. It is after 2pm here in (Bristol) England, for you European honies who have to remember you are an hour ahead of us here. I am just now starting day 3 rehearsals and thought I would pop in before we got started with sound check. As fan club members know, we weren't able to edit what was posted to my public site Monday. It's been sorted.

Although, I am very upset because some of it came up missing and we aren't able to get any of it back. We've edited what managed to be posted since we weren't able to.

This weekend will be very busy and wild. With my Friday and Sat. concert dates here in Bristol and we also have a birthday boy ;)  ... Bristol, get ready for of glam rock 'n roll and ballet this weekend!! More soon. Fairy xx

Temp. Message From David Somes (Marketing/Sales Director for FM)

No I am NOT going to become a 'constant'. The 'constants' to help promote Fairy on her site are the photographers, costume designer and guest 'collaborator' the one they refer to as 'Mr. X'.  Of course, Pavlova.

All direct and relevant people. The glam rock queen took a break from rehearsals (things have been very busy and hectic and will only become more so by week's end. Just so you know, 'loyal subjects'. So don't expect much as for her fan club and public site). This message will be deleted in due time.

We NEED to get her site on page one of Google search results. She is tired of me reporting to her that it forever hovers between 25 and 28. I'm confused by something. Isn't 'organic search' suppose to mean that people search for 'keywords' and/or 'key phrases' THEN click on (Fairy's site) being shown in the results? Why is Google Search Console only recording 3 clicks for practically the entire month, so far, with ridiculously only 106 impressions it's received?? 

Still seems like we're paying for gimmicks.

Backlinks aren't gimmicks. What she wanted to me to post is this (and I chose to bury it on the current page instead of putting it on the homepage...). Fans (or whoever...) if you know of a good reliable backlinking service, please contact the website email. Because we really need to get her fame out there. Reaching a larger audience. Getting her as much exposure to this world (specifically UK, Europe and Asia) as possible. Right now, the site has 233 backlinks (other sites with links to Fairy's site). They are very important for search engine rankings. It shows the site's 'popularity'. 

So if you can help, reach out and let us know.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ My precious fans, I had to read Dave's post to see if I approve of it. I am quickly taking time out from rehearsals (which I'll be wrapping up soon) to post this. We despise drama. So you don't think this is pathetic, dears? Oh yes, it is very true! An asshole website who will close your account with them just because you won't leave cry baby, what's so bloody important about it?!, feedback for their self important users. Or one of the site's cry baby users reporting you because you wouldn't leave feeback for them. I mean, REALLY?! We despise that damn 'feeback' shit! It obviously influences people to behave like right nutters. Yet, they can never give 'feedback' about me and my site ..... Asses wanting all the attention for themselves, while my spotlight gets shut off. WHAT A JOKE!!!

So DON'T suggest a certain site .... I'm sure you know what one I'm talking between the lines of. It just goes to show how ridiculous some things are. Thank you for your fandom, my precious fans! xx

Pavlova (ballet danseur) - I tell Fairy, apparently there's an internet law we're unaware of that FORCES and obligates one to leave this clownish thing called 'feedback'. Clownish cunt who had such a thing for old prick NOBODY. How did it go again? Photographer posted about it in a long ago deleted post, when he was one in charge of website email.

'I thought you were my friend and I'm getting you visitors to your site.' The cunt or the site, not sure which, (probably both) were snooping in Fairy's site, read that old prick (who is not allowed on her site EVER any more) bitching about he wasn't going to leave feedback any more because of how my femmka is treated (which the anger over that is understandable...). Old prick gets email (this happened a few months ago, by the way) saying account has been closed due to 'violation of site terms'. Utterly ridiculous!!! Internet is full of laughs, is it not? I don't mean genuine laughter.

I am talking of shaking your head in disbelief - utterly ridiculous foolishness on juvenile level!!

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Oh my god, dears! I said this just now, 'for one thing, that old wanker is gay and does an old prick even still 'work' after age 60?' Rudy was laughing so hard. Cocky cock with an enormous cock .... I'm sorry. I'm in such a silly mood today.


Pavlova (ballet danseur) - We leave conversation between myself and my femmka on here because it gets much attention from her adoring fans, so I have now been told. I tell her in response to campy thing she says to me.

'Well, then. I only have 21 years before mine quits working. I suppose I better make good use of it in coming years.'

She laughs so hard, she falls off her piano bench and lays there on stage laughingly purring, 'just leave me! I can't!!

Just leave me!!!' But this I do not tolerate. Having my femmka laying on filthy stage floor! So I pick up slender exotic beauty and ... exit stage left ... with her still wildly laughing.

From 'Mr. X' - Yes, yes YES! Keep it on here!! I am literally dabbing tears from my eyes from laughing so hard!!

So Freddie and Nureyev humour through and through!! The rapport - so romantic.

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