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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Loyal Subjects
Volume 4

All The Queen's Men


From the public site footer:


About Geoff Stafford fan club president and comments moderator for Killer Queen’s fan club. Geoff formerly from Kent and now resides in Brighton is a long time fan of Fairy, from the start of the exotic prancer’s career which kicked off in 2018. Geoff was the first fan Fairy met!


Let me add more details to that (even though it's all in the fan club...). My best mates Jerry and Dave along with my partner Clive are childhood friends from Kent. Last year, we relocated to Brighton. It being a well known 'gay community'. Where our exotic queen Fairy got her start - performed her first ever show. So it has a symbolic meaning. I was the first ever fan Killer Queen met. I am so proud of where she is today in her fame. Thinking back on her struggle for success.


You can read about my first 'encounter' with the glam rock queen, my idol, Fairy Mercury on the first 'edition' of my online Fairy fanzine here: Loyal Subjects

Thanks for being fans of fabulous Fairy! Geoff Stafford, devoted avid Fairy Mercury fan, fan club president


Hello, Fairy’s ‘Loyal Subjects’. Welcome to volume 4 of the online Fairy Mercury fanzine.

Named after you Fairy's loyal, devoted so appreciated fans.

We just realized that Fairy covering Queen’s ‘Nevermore’ and ‘Jealousy’ emulating her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury to perfection was never added to the videos page.It’s been added but I decided to start out the new edition of Loyal Subjects by posting it. Befitting for the exciting news I just learned from John Price (guitarist for Fairy’s mock up Queen band).


Fairy is bored with not being able to grace stages before you her adoring fans, so she will be playing a surprise show this coming Saturday night (14 Jan.) at the cabaret in Brighton where she got her start!! Of course, I am going to be there because any chance I can get to see my glam rock queen idol perform I’ll jump for the chance. As those familiar with me, I live in Brighton and I was the very first fan Fairy ever met. I told my story of meeting her on the premiere edition of the fanzine.You can read all about it here: Loyal Subjects (As It Began).

'Nevermore' and Jealousy'

What Fairy had to say about the video: Yes, it is me performing/emulating 'to perfection' with backing tracks 'Nevermore' and ... I just had to ...'Jealousy' ... Snippets. 'Nevermore' with the lyrics (by my idol) 'why did you deceive me' brings to mind the ballet of Giselle, is what Pavlova had to say about it. The second is 'miZ Mercury' (my cabaret name...) - Liza-ish - cabaret sounding. My vocals: 'Freddie with a touch of Liza' as the cabaret owner puts it. We started the video very theatrically, with the Haze Theatre curtain.

Coming Soon!!

It's been awhile since this was experienced! (Probably the sucky cold miserable time of year is to blame) Fairy and Pavlova sighting at Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park! Two fans recall the unexpected experience😲.

Until then, Geoff Stafford (devoted/avid Fairy fan, fan club pres.) #FAIRYtalecouple #obsessed #incarnates

Msg. from John Price … guitarist … : As with the rest of you, happy to have Geoff back at the helm with me running Fairy’s online fanzine. Fairy’s adoring fans in and around Brighton area and you carrying in hyperventilating hysterics over the surprise announcement that she will be playing a one night gig at the cabaret in Brighton. It has completely sold out this morning!!It will be only the 2nd time I play guitar in her mock up Queen band. I am so excited!! We will be starting rehearsals for her European tour the end of this month (Jan.).

Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president -

Fairy's adoring fans, you guys kept track and I personally am soooo glad the wait is FINALLY over!!
It took my exotic idols' PR man and her personal photographer a month and 1/2 to complete her
new and improved public site!! FOREVER basically!!!
John and I feel nervous about creating the vol. 4 fanzine page. Mr. Schumann met with us to
show us what we need to do so we don't mess things up. Because we're on our own now.
So I'll start out copy/pasting what I had posted on the homepage that I wanted to transfer onto here:


I seriously can't wait until my exotic idol Fairy Mercury's public site is complete!!
Mr. Schumann and Mr. Hastings confirmed on her fan club site that all they have
left is the start of vol. 4 of Loyal Subjects (where things left off at New Year),
the videos page and the links and that's it!!
I can't wait any longer to post about this, so I nearly begged Mr. Schumann if I could
post about it (it will be moved to Loyal Subjects vol. 4). Fan Paul Neumeier posted
this in the fan club comments the other day and I have been in obsessive hyperventilating
hysterics over it ever since!! 'Casually just wondering if any eagle eye fan of Fairy and Pavlova
has noticed the black and white in back of limo photo Fairy took of Pavlova, he has Fairy's fur
draped across his lap. If it were in colour, it would be more noticeable

FINALLY my exotic idol posted about it (ref. Fairyland). I told John, so what do you think we're suppose to be 'reading into it' as? Her fur is covering his lap after she gave his 'enormous fucking cock' (as she puts it)

a 'naughtily erotic blow job' (more of how she puts things).

I honestly feel for John. He is never going to live it down him talking about the divine lush creature's Russian prince's well endowed 'over abundance' of 'jewels' (as she silly girl also once creatively in her overly sexual tart
naughtiness has put it). It's too obvious, if you dare talk about ... ahem ... what fucks her (Pavlova's
cock) and that she gives blow jobs to, .... well, let's just put it this way - what the exotic glam rock
Persian queen's dashing multimillionaire Russian prince/ballet danseur once said, 'she adores the
male anatomy.'     Obviously a bit too much. 😄😅

(Above: me just having to post her in her lovely fur gifted to her last Xmas by Pavlova and candid shot by Phil Goldman taken of Pavlova emerging from vintage 1970s limo). What my lovely exotic idol posted about her 'tits' along with responding to the comment fan Paul Nuemeier I posted about ... She is STILL making gifs from that reaction video she filmed of her multimillionaire ballet danseur prince! (Below the latest one you guys saw she posted in the fan club along with gif of the exotic glam rock queen performing with her ... erotic sweat  drenched tits on full display - what a tart!! 😄😅 Seriously, I wish I had that black velvet 'wrap top' she is wearing in that gif. Actually, I don't blame her from obsessively making those gifs from off that 'reaction video' she made of her dashing prince. You guys, her adoring fans - Loyal Subjects - were carrying on so over how Pavlova talks to and looks at her and behaves while talking to her, while she was filming him. So in love!! 💗

#fanaticobsession  #queenlyprincely  #FAIRY...talecouple

Talking about videos, exotic bitch, when are you going to quit teasing 'new video soon' and grace us - your Loyal Subjects with a video?! We're dying here and it's been ages since you have!!

Signing off for now. Geoff Stafford

'Glitch' - Data Breach Issue Explained For Final Time


From John Price:

Greetings, Loyal Subjects! The following has been transferred to this page of the fanzine per Fairy's request.

Along with what she posted about it. I did a screenshot of this from off the antivirus I use below. Along with screenshot Killer Queen's PR man Jorge Schumann did awhile back while searching the topic. Fairy awkwardly learned her emails from that stupid unused old gmail account she has was being 'leaked' while she was corresponding back and forth with that one oldie. Pavlova put an end to those two idiots associating with them.


No one is 'sending' anyone anything - end of story!!!

Jorge S. (PR for FM) - Moving it to the fanzine is where it should be. I'll pass it on to Geoff and John to do so when they get vol. 4 up and running. I'll let them post about the following in the upcoming new fanzine page. Geoff was so worried about how fans can view the 'sub-pages' of the fanzine. Go to the navigation menu - the lines at top right of homepage - once there, mouse over Loyal Subjects and you will see the other 'issues' (vols.)

DO NOT look at Fairy's site on a damn phone!! It ruins the intended original looks of it!

Up Next!

viVid Photo Studio's assistant photographer finally joins us and talks about what it's like working for 'this day and age Mick Rock' Greg Hastings, trying to capture candid shots of 'the FAIRY ... tale couple', photographing the glam rock queen's upcoming European tour plans and much more!!


Me being overly dressed no tits on display …

Rest of Fairy's post in this area has been removed because it's no longer


Now, my darlings, apparently Philip Goldman is going to post on the page Fairyland some candid he took of Rudy (this leaked to me and ruined the surprise. Awww) I can hardly imagine .... Also, 'Mr. X' (we all know he is by now don't we) is going to share something I've asked him to. Coming this weekend!

I'm having to do my own bloody PR now. HA!! I am personally going to go through this evening - it is 2:30 pm (at the moment here in London for you, my European honies) and do the links throughout my public site myself.

Seriously, PR man is still very ill. Get well soon, Jorge!

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president - I seriously can't right now, you guys!!!

For real am in hyperventilating hysterics over this!! Without so much as a warning - this appearing on the fan club (accompanied by caption underneath). I had to add it to the fanzine. My queenly exotic idol being PERFECTION!

'Listen to me, luvies, listen' - Fairy with her 'miZ Mercury' (Freddie-Liza look in Nijinsky harlequin leotard look)
emulating her idol 1970s Freddie Mercury to perfection. Hair .... and all. Are you ready, her European honies?...


John Price ... guitarist - Geoff, I'm just having to. The comment I posted on the fan club comments section. All of Killer Queen's adoring fans thought it was funny, so I'm going to post it on the fanzine. I wonder if that's the strand of hair Fairy no longer has 😄 (ref. above teaser video). Btw, her reply to the new photo Phil Goldman took of Pavlova ... the photo is very attractive (ref. Fairyland page). I have the feeling Fairy was a bit disappointed because she was expecting some flaunting cock shot ...

~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Omg! Are you serious?! What is with the '...guitarist' bit? You better start accepting you now play guitar for this famous queen or I'll find a new guitar player. Then you have the nerve to set yourself up even more talking about cocks!! You are so jealous at my Rudy, aren't you?!

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur) - What boy wrote about strand of hair was funny and my femmka and I are glad someone got it ... Then we read on and what else boy posts - well, put it this way - not even true!! She was not expecting no such thing and was not disappointed in the least. I do not 'flaunt' the size of my cock.

My femmka flaunts her tits and it's very erotic.  Are you having 'issues' sexually? ... perhaps get a cock ring ...

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I can't resist replying. First off, what you two posted in reply to what John wrote is too hilarious!! I have no comment about your strike through, Pavlova, but to say this, I'm sure you appreciate that fan's fandom even more that they lust your femmka's tits like you do.

I bet it pained you to depart with a strand of your princely hair because now you're a peasant with a hacked off strand. Unless you needed a hair cut. LOL! You most likely had it taken from underneath your princely bob.

To John (and any fans), you have to remember Fairy is very shy of Pavlova.... him having Philip Goldman taking photos of him just for her is something that would make her very shy. What you joked about the teaser video was very funny, John.


Story behind why the footage: Greg told Fairy, I have footage of you that would perfectly fit that fan wanting a strand of your midnight black hair. We should use it for a teaser video not only for the European tour but to see how many people got the cryptic you -' His words were cut off there as Fairy's lovely exotic sibilant purred in her naughty overly sexual way laughed, 'oh my god, Greg! I hope you're not going to use the word fondle!' Greg turned so red and was like, 'I was going to say preening the strand of your hair - the word constantly used to talk about Freddie's habitual 'preening' of his/her hair.'


John Price, guitarist for Killer Queen - Fairy's adoring fans, I have been asked to clear something up since so many of you the past several days have been so irate in the fan club comments. There is no such fan and no one is receiving strands of the FAIRY...tale couple's hair. It was for publicity. Fairy never has and never will believe in being partial to any fan. Geoff was just an exception being an avid fan to run Fairy's fan club, with his 'story' (first fan the exotic prancer ever met). The glam rock queen's public website will become active again very soon after we wrap up what they've been recently doing on the fan club site.


Francis J. Boyd, auction broker: Wasn't sure if I should post this to the fanzine page since miZ Mercury has been talking of having it done away with. Disappointing actually, because I think Geoff and John do a brilliant job running it. Anyways, thank you the FAIRY...tale couple's fans for liking me. Campy queen Fairy is such a silly girl. Besides having me look for things for her '70s decade Freddie and Nureyev collection, she will ask me to purchase on her behalf a few other things. You guys were full aware of that silly Sea Monkeys. She still has. I was shown today and they are still doing fine and well. Now this is the silliness she has inquired of me about. I leave it to you guys to post comments about it in the comments section. What a silly girl! I can almost picture Pavlova's reaction would be the same as that 'reaction video' (and gifs made off it) Fairy filmed of him over the Sea Monkeys bit.

Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president - Mr. Boyd, I literally idolize and worship Fairy!!! That is one of my very fave gifs of her, although I seriously can't be partial. Thanks for adding content to the fanzine. Of course, all her adoring jumped right on posting comments about what you wrote about her wanting that silly game. I am laughing so hard - being such and obsessed fanatic of Killer Queen, I did an image search and the cards in that game is hilarious!! They're calling it 'Russian ... roulette card game'  Taking about being dead 😄 I am so 'dead' over the new photos of my exotic idol and her handsome prince posted on the Fairyland page!! Can't wait to see what becomes of the recent photo Phil Goldman took of her prince just for her. I wonder if what she wrote is suppose to continue.


John Price, guitarist for Fairy's 'mock up' Queen band - Greetings, Loyal Subjects! While we wait for what becomes of the rest of the page Fairyland ... I want to tell you guys this about Darcy. She introduced herself in the fan club comments and everyone of us welcomed her. It was sad when she said she edited out her partner in the photo out of dignity. Her partner who passed away at age 32 of a brain tumor. She is a welcome addition to Fairy's fan base.

I spoke with Mr. Greg Hastings (viVid Photo Studio) and he informed me that both Pavlova and Fairy have strongly approved of her and her fandom. Especially after her brief conversation with Pavlova on the fan club and transferred to the Fairyland page. According to Mr. Hastings, Pavlova said Darcy seems well-read and well-spoken and he approved of the things she had to say to him about himself and Fairy.

'Their relationship is so romantic like ballets are. I am totally hooked on being a fan of them. I am glad they were brought to my attention. At least that was a major positive that came of that stupidity. I am glad Geoff Stafford approved of my fan club membership request. Pavlova made me nervous and I couldn't believe he agreed to speak with me. When he thanked me for my 'lesbian complements' on his 'femmka' and that those 'features' about her were provocative and desirous to him as well. I wanted to tell him, I get it. She adores men and she is not going to be impressed by a lesbian complementing on her effeminate queenly-ness. I counsel ALL homosexuals - LGBT. I get all of it. I am so excited to be a fan of theirs!' is what Darcy wrote to me in the fan club messaging system when I asked her to comment on her granted conversation with the multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur.  


Message from Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur)

I hope my femmka's (Fairy) European fans will understand and not become upset over what I say. To help you understand, put yourself in place. The only places she has been is India (place of birth) England where she 'grew up' as her idol also from India did. Then Vienna upon meeting and marrying me. You go to foreign country you've never been, unfamiliar and don't know the language spoken. Even in spite of her sordid gossip costume designer and

PR man are German and have been translating, she tells me, 'I'm scared, Rudy darling. I don't think I can do this!'

So now her European tour only will consist of 6 dates. 2 in Dresden (this weekend) 2 in Berlin (following weekend) and 2 in France (last weekend March). The remaining of her Flight Of The Fairy spring/summer tour will bring her back to UK. I am sure her UK fans will be elated. I ask European fans not to give up on her! It is new to her and she has never toured Europe and she thought she was ready to. Perhaps she will have change of mind mid-tour. Venue operators who are contacting for bookings have been told I am advising Fairy and encouraging her and possibility

of her performing at their venues is not - how you say? 'Completely off the table'.

Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president - Since we were interrupted in getting Darcy situated in joining me in running my Fairy online fanzine all due to drama of that disliked embarrassing fan ... So glad the point was FINALLY gotten across about them. Darcy will be joining me soon. As fans with fan club membership know, she is now living with Mr. Boyd and his partner of 16 yrs. Raymond Giraud.

So who's excited about the book The Fairy Tale Couple seeing the light of day?! I am dying to obtain my copy!! Reviews galore from all of us fans, I'm sure!!!

Darcy and I will soon be talking with the exotic, erotic elegant Fairy Mercury's mock up Queen band guitarist John Price over what happened in Germany (the princely multimillionaire ballet danseur Pavlova's message above).

Darcy Jacobs, gay right activist: Fairy's adoring fans, me and Geoff just can't right now!!! Mysteriously we were sent these two photos with only 'please post on fanzine' accompanying them. What can it all mean?! I think it has something to do with The Fairy Tale Couple book!!! Fairy looks exotic and lovely and so 'queen' in her Japanese kimono in that photo. As always, Pavlova is so princely and that expression is so 'come hither' 😄

Geoff and I will be talking with John Price hopefully by Friday. The day of Fairy's first show of her European Tour. They've been very busy all week preparing for it, so he's trying to find the time to come on and talk with us.


John Price, guitarist: Yesterday, Jorge Schumann (PR man for Fairy) successfully blocked that damn Americlown country from being able to view our glam rock queen's site. This is permanent. So glad!! I was asked to briefly post that.

All the activity throughout the week has been on the divine lush creature's fan club site and since Darcy and Geoff started this here on the fanzine page ... I finally was able to come on. As you guys know, Fairy plays her first show in Dresden Germany this evening. It is going on 4pm here as I post this. Things has been so hectic!! If you guys remember, the first and only live shows I've played was her last show of her magnificent

Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited tour. Then when she did that surprise show in Brighton at that cabaret last month. So, like the glam rock queen, I am just as nervous! I've never been to Germany either. Her entourage keep talking about how they've never seen her this nervous about performing. But I'm sure you German fans of hers will make her feel very welcome once she graces the stage tonight and tomorrow.

Fairy posted the past few days on her fan club site her experience, photos and video Mr. Hastings and Mr. Goldman have taken. Sunday (day after the 2nd show) we head to Berlin. The first night there has already sold out and the

2nd night is nearly sold out.  More soon, especially now we're breathing a sigh of relief ....

Photo left: A seductive sight in white satin. Glam rock 'queen' Fairy Mercury with eye lined eyes, black nail varnish on left hand only Freddie Mercury trademark look with midriff erotically exposed.

Darcy Jacobs, gay rights advocate: John, thanks for finding time to come on and post. That photo of Fairy you posted is so lovely!!! Aw her lovely little midriff.  I have something funny to share with her adoring fans. As you guys know, I was given that unbelievable offer from Pavlova estate. I've been telling my clients about it and the transgender 'queens' are being like, 'oh, you bitch!! And she's so exotic and glam!! Ooo and look at her man!!!' drooling over Fairy's princely multimillionaire ballet danseur. Because I'll be showing them Fairy's public and fan club sites telling them, I am now working for this very famous rock star - a 'queen' and her husband is literally a multimillionaire from a regal ballet lineage. It's hilarious! How their eyes grow really wide and are like, 'what?! Get out of here!! How did you get so lucky, bitch?' and I show them her sites and my Pavlova estate invite and me being pictured on the exotic, erotic, elegant queen Fairy's public site and my brief chat I had with the handsome multimillionaire. I have yet to engage the lovely queen herself, you guys!! Eek!!!

Btw, John, I can imagine it would be an overwhelming experience to be in a country you're unfamiliar with and don't know the language. I'm sure her fans will make her feel at ease once she graces the stage. They're so excited with their fan club comments and encouragement to see her perform. What I love is reading when she talks about her prince being Russian and speaking to her in Russian when they have sex. 🤭

The book The Fairy Tale Couple, co-written by the famous man who is good friends with the Russian ballet danseur who knew Freddie Mercury and Rudolf Nureyev in the 1970s, will be available to you fan club members starting Monday (the first day of spring. Yay!!)

Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president - LOL, Darcy! Me still breaking you in to how this works. John is not the one who posted the photo of Fairy. #awkward!! 😄😅 Either her photographers, costume designer or her PR man are in charge of that along with captions. If Fairy or Pavlova post a photo and/or video, it is specified; since they are the stars.

Or I'll post a photo and, of course, it's obvious I posted it because I'm talking about it. Kind of like, omg! My newest photo obsession of the FAIRY ... tale couple. Btw, Darcy, the Bristol show photos (below) of the erotic exotic tart with her sweaty tits on display are from the first ever show John played guitar as Fairy's mock up Queen band guitarist that he mentioned.

Darcy Jacobs, gay rights advocate: I'm laughing so hard over Geoff teasing me over my awkward moment. I love working with him on his fanzine page and the discussions we email, msg. text etc. about it. He gets so fanatically hysterical over his idol worship of Fairy. It was so cute when Fairy got on her fan club a few minutes ago posting to you, her adoring fans, that her costume designer has taught her a few things in German to say to her German fans tonight. She takes the stage in 15 minutes!!! It is now 7:45pm in Dresden.

Good luck, glam rock queen!!! You too, John...

Look at how slender and lovely the Persian queen is in her little Harlequin (Nijinsky) leotard with her 'miZ Mercury' (her cabaret Liza with a Z - Freddie looks/name) - inset photo of her talented costume designer from Berlin Germany Johann Wagner.  Like so many of you fans, I prefer her long midnight black  looking identical to Queen II album look, which she favors. I have a thing for long hair, like those 'sweaty tits' photos😀 and her little midriff. LOL! The dyke in me coming out. Then I had to add a photo of her drool worthy princely Russian ballet danseur.

Always remember: positivity and love wins out in the end. That's what I tell my special LGBTQ youth I advocate for.

Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president - What can I say but W😲W!! I am for real speechless, you guys!! As you know (from the fan club, those with membership...), the book The Fairy Tale Couple was going to be available to German fans starting last night's show. I got my advance copy today. Obviously considering I'm sort of entourage with running the fan club and my Fairy online fanzine. I mean I seriously just can't even!!! It is sooooooooooo romantic, revealing and beautiful. The cover, the photos and I love how it reads like a classic fairy tale. Even starting off with 'once upon a time'. Needless to say, an absolute MUST for any Fairy and Pavlova fan. Darcy wants to thank you guys for really REALLY liking her premiere. She's fun and funny, huh? I already really like having her help me with the fanzine.

Okay now about Fairy's first ever show in Germany last night. Btw, it is going on 5pm there. Europe is an hour ahead of us here in UK. A LOT of activity on the fan club comments from German fans. I translated all of it that wasn't in English. Killer Queen killed it!!! I am so proud of my beautiful exotic idol!! I was reading that they were in total awe. Her performance was so surreal and theatrical. The operatic part where Pavlova comes out to dance ballet during 'Bohemian Rhapsody', Fairy danced a little with him (reminiscent of when they did Pavlova's choreographed version of the ballet of Giselle) . It was very theatrical with Pavlova being carried off like in footage in below video and Fairy taking to the trademark 'half mic' Freddie Mercury used in the '70s to resume the rock part that starts out 'so you think you think you can stone me and spit in my eye .....'

Being 5pm there in Germany as I write this, we still haven't heard from the glam rock queen and camp. Fairy will be taking the stage for the 2nd night sold out Dresden show in 3 more hours.

As viVid Photo Studio's photographer Greg Hastings explained about the video, something happened to the volume when they made the video, so you'll have to really turn up the volume. I hate it too because EVERY performance Fairy does emulating her beloved idol 1970s Freddie Mercury is so 😲😲😲. The Video footage of her and her handsome prince is stunning. Watch and re-watch endlessly all her video on the Videos page.

'The Prophet's Song'

A live performance Fairy did of Queen’s ‘The Prophet's Song’ during her last show (in Bristol) before going off to Vienna to get married. We hope you enjoy the video and if you haven’t seen her perform, we hope the live footage moves you to want to see the very talented eerily 1970s Freddie Mercury lookalike/incarnate’s tour. It was once again choreographed by Pavlova. One part will absolutely send chills through you that he brilliantly did. The footage of himself as Fairy is singing: ‘Heed me not, let all your treasure make you. Fear for your life, Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you, should death await you ’ – The footage is very theatrical. Pavlova had this to say about the particular lyrics of the song, that it reminds him of the ballet of Giselle….

-- written by Johann Wagner, Fairy's costume designer

Page the video appears on: Funny How Love Is


Greetings, Loyal Subjects. I'm back after things were finally sorted. Apparently my exotic idol and her dashingly handsome prince took issue with a few things and had my fanzine page temporarily ended until they decided what they wanted done. You can read the first ever Loyal Subjects and editions 2-3 by using the navigation menu at top right of page. I want to start out by saying this, I encourage fans who haven't already, sign up for fan club membership! You can read details in the footer of It is VERY active and has exclusive content. Photos, videos, messages from Pavlova and Fairy, etc. that you won't find on the public site. Exclusive for fan club members only. It is very well worth it. Along with merchandise. Such as the breathtakingly revealing book The Fairy Tale Couple co-written by the famous man who graciously refuses to let his identity be revealed because he's not bound to upstage and all else he explained - the one who actually knew Freddie Mercury and Nureyev in the 1970s - that they refer to as 'Mr. X'. Crazy amount of copies of it has been sold to fan club members and concert goers. It (along with tour merchandise) was sold during Fairy's 'Fairy Soars' European tour.

More about that shortly. I wanted to post this. The recent stats .....


One fan lashing out in defense stating, 'jealous haters just can't be happy for Fairy.' Nobody cares about non fan haters and their unpopular opinions. Just stay away because you're either on board or you're not. Enough on that not worth dwelling on spectacle of a topic. So, Fairy and Pavlova's fans, I hate it that Mr. Jorge Schumann (my exotic idol's PR man) never mentions that 25 June is when she not only married her multimillionaire princely ballet danseur but that is also her birthday. Pavlova's birth date (I've learned from reading the captivatingly revealing The Fairy Tale Couple book) is 25 May! EXACTLY a month apart! They both will be 39 this year. Those of you fans who bought the  book, did you notice throughout it kept alluding to the possibility that Pavlova is related to his legendary idol the lord of dance Rudolf Nureyev. It featured more excerpts from that Dame Eleanor's very revealing diary.

(Reference page: Funny How Love Is) Not to be partial or anything, but I totally love the content on that particular page. More soon, but in the mean time, who isn't obsessed with the newest photos of my exotic idol and her prince? Her erotic af 'nip slip' photo looking identical to her idol off Queen II album (the look she is obsessed with mirroring - without effort, mind you) and him looking lusciously  sweaty and fit af.

The photos they so 🌈 romantically 💗 had taken for each other.

Signing off for now, Geoff Stafford avid FAIRY and Pavlova fan and fan club president

(I mean, I wish soooo much I looked like you in your erotic, just for your prince, 'nip slip photo, exotic bitch! Your multimillionaire ballet danseur prince is so unrealistically dreamy - real life prince out of a ... FAIRY ... tale. I can easily see why you're struggling so much with thinking he's not real. Then you flaunting in the recent post you made on your public site about him having cum over your new erotic photo you had taken just for him. I worship you!!!)

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