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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova



Candid photo of ballet bad boy – lord of leather with single flower from bouquet. The ballet tradition – at the curtain call, the ballerina is gifted a bouquet and she is to take a single flower from the bouquet and give it to the danseur (male in ballet). This was from the much raved about ‘Giselle’ ballet Pavlova choreographed which was covered in depth on Fairy’s online members only fan club. They ended the ballet following this tradition. Fairy danced the part of Giselle opposite to the Russian ballet danseur destined to be Nureyev who danced at Prince Albrecht.

Photo Right: Concert shot of the ever so elegant androgynous glam rock ‘queen’ Fairy Mercury with her exotic long black hair and 'erotic full sensuous lips' (Pavlova's description)

Below was taken from a discussion being held, well, put it this way - the exotic Persian glam rock 'queen' was 'holding court' with several of us, her 'courtiers' (entourage). Her being her campy self. What was being discussed was issues with the public site. I (Jorge Schumann, PR for the divine lush creature) was asked to keep the following portions of the discussion.

Fairy Mercury -- Hello, Greg, how are you and Johann today? I'm still laughing over our recent 'emulation photography' effort you and I did that sent my precious fans into such a wild frenzy.... I like Wix the best. Change is good. If we have to spend hours, days and even weeks being amateurs copy/pasting it all in order to transfer, so be it. I 'suffer for my art' as the old saying  has it and Greg knows the extents I'll go to for my fame and to please my fans. 


Jorge S. - Then talk it over with Pavlova (unless you have already). In the meanwhile, I'll work on revamping the homepage over the weekend. I agree that change is good. Because I know you and Greg did mention that when you tried out Wix before that you never experienced any issues and def. not the annoying ones we keep experiencing with Nitwit Shitlutions. 


Fairy Mercury -- Jorge, I just have to tease Greg about this. Just as long as it has that 'slider' option that Greg was so enthralled by right, Greg dear? The close up shot of my eyes that 'slides' with a brief summary of me you created. HA!! I fucking love it!!! Now if only 'Goldman' will do an emulation shoot of Rudy where his enormous fucking cock 'steals the show'. Then my tits and his cock will have 'stolen the show' (picture me in fits of wild theatrical laughter, my darlings).


Greg Hastings: Hilarious!! Everything you wrote, Fairy! If I remember right, it did have several slider styles you can choose from. Unlike old limited Nitwit Shitlutions which only has the one. I'll pass it on to Phil (Goldman) special request from the 'queen' herself. I'll be laughing when he tries to get up the nerve to contact Pavlova's valet to ask Pavlova's presence for a 'sitting'.


John Price (guitarist...) - I will be more than willing to help create Fairy a new site/transfer this one to Wix. I think it would be a fun challenge. That is too unique what you wrote about that rare plant you found, Killer Queen. ........


Everyone has left the conversation


John Price (guitarist...) - Oh come on!! Let me guess, Fairy wrote that!! 😅😅😅😅 ........


Jorge, FAIRY and Greg has left the chat


John Price (guitarist...) - STOP IT!!! Me for real - 😅😅😅 😅😅😅😅 Campy queen most likely is who's posting it!


Fairy Mercury -- You only came on here because we were talking about cocks ....


John Price (guitarist...) - Come on! You have got to let me live it down, Fairy!! This is no excuse to cover my ass and get you to quit. I only mentioned your 'prince's' cock those few times because your fans keep carrying on over the 'tucking' bit and your overly sexual talk of the size of his 'well endowed jewels'. 'This day and age Mick Rock' (aka Greg Hastings) and you REALLY got them carrying on endlessly about 'erotic holding tits' photo of you. I'm going to copy/paste all this to the fanzine if you don't mind. It's campy and so you, Killer Queen. Because I know eventually it will be deleted.First side by side was made by one of your adoring fans. Second side by side you made of you erotically in your 'satin queen' satin knickers and sexy midriff Freddie look and your 'wind swept prince' (as you put it), taken by you, in tight shorts and all your fans carrying on over how the hell did he fit his 'enormous fucking cock' (again, as you put it) in shorts like those. 


Fairy Mercury --- Mmmm yes do keep it - now that you posted those photos. This naughty tart wants some of ... that ... for New Year's Eve .... 


Greg Hastings: So he found the Mick Rock signed Killer Queen book for you, Fairy .... when do you plan to make your  move about it?? Btw, that was beyond campy the left conversation bit when John joined in. John, of course, you're  more than welcome to help - old lame saying 'the more the merrier'.


Pavlova - We keep what I write here, Jorge, up to dull business part I will start paragraph on. While many of us are 'nursing a hangover' (I learn many these phrases from those I know...), I tell my femmka's PR man (Jorge Schumann) the silly fool who believes him and I go way back and I am only 38 and I wish to know what is 'way back'. You were funny, I suppose, with 'you've come a long way (trailing dots) baby' you wrote. You expected me not to say anything, didn't you?

The exotic creature wildly laughed over it calling you a 'smart ass'.


So I tell her adoring fans this. She was doing her silly girl pretending to be asleep and I knew she was. I was laying behind her (on her side back to me). I pet her lovely long midnight black hair quietly (as not to wake the not even sleeping desirous creature), 'oh, my sleeping beauty, should I wake you with a princely kiss or take advantage and bestow you with my scepter (cock),' I then breathed in her hair, 'your hair smells so very exotic, baby' Campy silly girl does her gaspily purred, 'oh my god. What?! I just can't!!' and gets out of bed fleeing ... naked ... into the bathroom. I not let it go at that. I get up and go to bathroom door - tap, tap - 'Femmka, now that you have ... aroused ... me' .... I end there. Let's just say she got her New Year's Eve wish ...


Jorge S. - Gladly, your lordship. I take it you had an ... eventful (for lack of words, or should I be a 'smart ass' ...  and use the word ...  arousing? ...) New Year's Eve. Where would you like what you wrote kept? Start of one of the new pages or the one we left off on? So then, I'll abandon the redoing the homepage plans. What would be the sense in it if we're moving the site.


Pavlova - How does it work, Jorge? Why I suggested that is if anyone goes to her URL they would be brought to unfinished site and her original site will no longer be connected. You understand what I say? Won't her original site be forced to have generic url and no longer her custom url? To Fairy - Yes, my erotically enticing creature, business is very dull when pleasure is what you and I long for…

Fairy Mercury --- Mmm my romantic lover boy ... I absolutely loved what you posted to me. We can try make this an exciting endeavor (not as ... exciting ... as your enormous fucking cock) I'm already excited over so much this site has to offer. 'Beautiful newsletters'  and so much more!


Following was saved from off the old homepage:

Message From Fairy

Isn’t this just grand, my precious darlings?! My new homepage is finished!!! I might have it revealed tomorrow. Friday is a bit lame. We are going to start one of the new pages on it. Fairyland. I am having my PR man transfer the ‘highlights’ (mainly the naughty bits) from the ‘discussion’ then it will be deleted. I will also have him transfer what I am posting next on the new page. I mean, he (Pavlova that is) is so fucking SEXY!! When we were having the meeting in his office at Haze Theatre, Jorge (my PR man) pointed out that my website has never been submitted to search engines. This is how he replied. He took a sip of his cherry brandy, then his broken English Russian accent breathed, ‘well then, there’s the problem. There is a difference between an audience and fans. My femmka is forced onto clowns who aren’t fans due to crazy technicality. Submit her site to search engines and she will have interested in her people come to her – not her forced onto non-fans with no interest. People searching for her idol from ‘70s, that band Queen from that time or even perhaps my idol Nureyev’

Then he winked at me.      Us …..


He then said he is going to compose a ‘foreword’ for the revision that will be done to the Flight of the Fairy page. I am so fucking in love with him, dears!!! So anyways, say goodbye to this old homepage. Some time tomorrow - the 4th, I will reveal my new homepage. Ahhhh!!!! I’m so excited! Jorge did a wonderful job on revamping it. My precious fans, I’m already back. I just love when you become riled with excitement going into your ‘hyperventilating hysterics’. Always reminder - As they say, about sex ... 'half the pleasure lies in the anticipation' You should see the campy surprise I have in store for Rudy Pavlova on the new page. It is too funny and I can hardly wait for his reaction … to it.

A little teaser for you, dears: I was approached …. I purred in reply, ‘yes, I still have that little number’

Ron Craster (Pavlova’s valet, stage director Haze Theatre) – Fairy, he saw what you wrote. He is missing you over dinner. It is going on 8pm as I post this to you. He had dinner with Sir Thomas and others. This is what he said over cherry brandy in the ‘visiting room’ after reading what you posted on your public site – ‘We can only hope it’s more of her tits’. Sir Thomas with slight blush, clearing his throat scolded, ‘Rudolf, behave!’ Pavlova laughed and said in Russian, ‘behave? Did Nureyev behave? You know (heavy emphasis on word) he had his hidden forbidden pleasures.’ I slipped away to quickly post this to you for your adoring fans to read. Must get back! I heard our lordship inquiring, ‘where’s Ronnie old boy? I need more brandy’. I’m anxious to see the new improved homepage of your public site.

Jorge Schumann, PR for FM: Ron, I'm sure her fans will REALLY carry on over what you posted... I'm keeping it to put on the new page, if you don't mind.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Jorge, do keep it. She read what Ron wrote. It’s cute, her adoring fans, how very shy she is of Pavlova – her Nureyev. I said this to her, ‘so that is how your prince talks about you when you’re not in his presence.’ Her lovely exotic Persian peach complexion (same as her idol’s was described) slightly blushed and didn’t say a word. Keep what I’ve written too, Jorge. Makes for a good ‘lead-in’.


Which brings us to the present ...

Following written by glam rock queen Fairy Mercury:


After the meeting we had at Pavlova’s office in Haze Theatre, I was approached by Philip Goldman ….The man is hilarious, my darlings! He brought up what I myself and Greg had posted; copy/pasted below:


Fairy Mercury -- Jorge, I just have to tease Greg about this. Just as long as it has that 'slider' option that Greg was so enthralled by, right Greg dear? The close up shot of my eyes that 'slides' with a brief summary of me you created. HA!! I fucking love it!!! Now if only 'Goldman' will do an emulation shoot of Rudy where his enormous fucking cock 'steals the show'. Then my tits and his cock will have 'stolen the show'

(picture me in fits of wild theatrical laughter, my darlings).

Greg Hastings: Hilarious!! Everything you wrote, Fairy! If I remember right, it did have several slider styles you can choose from. Unlike old limited Nitwit Shitlutions which only has the one. I'll pass it on to Phil (Goldman) special request from the 'queen' herself. I'll be laughing when he tries to get up the nerve to contact Pavlova's valet to ask Pavlova's presence for a 'sitting'.



He told me what became of it. He phoned Pavlova’s valet Ron Craster and asked him if he would ask Pavlova to grant him a photo shoot. Ron Craster laughed telling him (exactly as it was told to me) ‘this is about Fairy being her naughty self saying Pavlova’s cock should steal the show now, right?’ Philip laughed replying it was. Followed by silence on the other end. He was about to ask Ron if he was still there.

He then told me, ‘then this thick Russian accent - ‘I stopped him there telling him, ‘omg! Don’t use that work, you know, thick … it makes me think of, well you know, a thick cock.’The man blushed and laughed, ‘all right, heavy Russian accent came on the phone. Of course, Pavlova. This is what he said, ‘should I slip into a pair of my leotards? I suppose this is about what my femmka posted on her site about my cock’ - He then told me it was then arranged that one of theatre security was to take him (after the meeting) to an area of the theatre to do the photo.


This is it (below) …. I am not even going to express my feelings about it, dears. Not right now, anyways! He is on the main stage at Haze Theatre before the curtain.

'I've taken my bows and my curtain calls' - from Queen's magnificent 'We Are The Champions'


Will his 'enormous fucking cock' steal the show of the new page 'Fairyland'?

We'll soon find out....

Philip then asked me if I still had the Freddie Mercury replicated (offstage) outfit I wore in the first ever photo of Greg and I took together (Greg cherishes the photo. It was taken by my costume designer/best friend, his partner Johann Wagner). For a piss take, because Greg has been long overdue for a good tease, he wanted us to emulate it. Me with Freddie Mercury champagne glass and all, just like in that photo. Of course, he would be in Greg’s place in the photo. I told him it would be an absolutely campy way of introducing him into the (no pun intended) picture … and since Pavlova thinks Philip is so Snowdon, I’d like to see his reaction to it. Me overly dressed and he’ll be expecting another looking like a half naked tart with tits out shot. Mmm, Rudy darling, I only dress like that for you! So, my precious fans, here is the side by side photos.


Taken by Killer Queen’s costume designer Johann Wagner who transformed it into ‘old photography look’ because Greg is very fond of old photography. Both Pavlova and Fairy are fond of black and white photography. It’s funny, Fairy’s adoring fans, if you noticed (like the eagle eye fans you are) Philip Goldman watermarked it with his trademark ‘stereofidelic’ font.


Pictured below: Mr. Goldman’s premiere as assistant photographer for viVid Photo Studio. He was hired by Greg Hastings to cover candid and offstage shots of the ‘FAIRY … tale couple’. (wait's for Greg Hastings and Pavlova's replies ... Sorry, Pavlova, no tits ... only an overly dressed Fairy 😄)


Following transferred from discussion per Fairy's request:

Greg Hastings: [first half edited out] Fairy phoned sibilant purr sounding in elated tears. It was too hilarious what she said about John. 'Then that cheeky wanker who talks so much about Rudy's enormous fucking cock like he's jealous or something or maybe not getting bent enough (followed by wild laughter) has to put his two pence in about fish markets stealing the show.' TOO FUCKING CAMPY!! Me and Johann are STILL laughing over your phone call, Killer Queen!

Jorge S. - I'm literally crying laughing so hard, Greg!! What you shared on here with her adoring fans. I seriously don't think John gets 'bent' - he's no 'effeminate' 'queen' type gay. She's so wild.

Greg Hastings: Fairy has always been like that. Flaunting. Showing off that her prince is very ... well endowed ...  Like we keep saying, VERY sexual. Both of them are. As that referred to as ‘Mr. X’ who actually know Freddie Mercury in the ‘70s and Rudolf Nureyev said, both were known for being ‘overly sexual’ – those two are exactly like their idols in that aspect Referred to as ‘Mr. X’ who actually know Freddie Mercury in the ‘70s and Rudolf Nureyev said, both were known for being ‘overly sexual’ – those two are exactly like their idols in that aspect.

While doing the homepage summaries of the site's pages, I fondly remembered this (copy/pasted below) from the page A Rhapsodic Fairy ... Tale from when Johann used to do those 'write ups' ---- Things already start out on a campy note as the ever so elegant Fairy's sibilant purr is telling me, 'I wonder why a person's nipples become erect when they're cold.' Totally unaware the 'Russian Prince' has walked up behind him hearing this!


 Jorge S. - [first half edited out]Pavlova’s cock did ‘steal the show’ of the new page and it’s too obvious Greg doesn’t like to be teased. Too funny him jokingly saying he’s going to fire Philip Goldman.


Fairy Mercury: [first half edited out] As for Greg … I almost knew he would react like he did. He gets so embarrassed (like that John whoever he is does). Then when he read Johann was behind the camera taking that ‘pisstake emulation shot’, it was too obvious it REALLY made him even more embarrassed. Strangely, Rudy hasn’t even commented on it.


 Omg, my precious darlings!! You won’t believe this and it’s hilarious!! I went to throw out the Sea Monkeys thing and they came back to life!!! They even have babies. Awww!!! I quickly fed them because I seriously thought they died and I hadn’t did anything with them for nearly 2 weeks. Poor things were probably starved! I think they went into their ‘suspended animation’ then for whatever reason came back to life. It’s wild how you aren’t suppose to feed them only every 5-7 days because they’re so tiny and they’ll ‘suffocate’ if you over feed them. Just a few little sprinkles of their special food is all they require. Anyways, I got so excited I started being a bit melodramatic shrieking like a wild feline … where is the Sea Monkey food, they’re alive and need to be fed!! Pavlova looking startled by my sudden outburst (I mean, he is sooooo fucking sexy, dears!!!) was like, ‘the what? What eez thezz you speak of?’ Then he rolled his handsome blue grey eyes flatly saying, ‘oh that’ then, ‘why you still have, kitten?’ I love them, my dears!! They’re fun. Sweet dreams, my precious darlings. Forever thank you for your fandom. xx


Hello dears. I know all of you are tired of waiting for my public site to be finished. It should be the first week of February. I haven't posted to the fan club because Rudy and I are taking a much needed holiday here in Vienna.

One more month and I'll be touring Europe!! Shrieks excitedly!!!! Are you ready, my European honies?

These two quotes from our idols is so us right now:

'Light go out and I die, tomorrow I will be born again, tomorrow I will dance again.' - Rudolf Nureyev

'I always get depressed and upset when a tour stops. Suddenly you're back home and you have to will

yourself back into the pace. You have to make you own cup of tea again, and I'm used to being

pampered and cosseted.' - Freddie Mercury, circa 1970s

Here are some photos for you, my darlings. I turned them into black and white because we love black and white photography. One of Rudy I took myself of him in the back of his limo .... (get the cryptic trailing dots)

The other from my Flight of the Fairy ... Revisited

tour in Freddie's take on the Nijinsky harlequin leotard look. Longing for the stage - performing for you, my precious fans, who I love and appreciate so dearly. I hope you enjoy them. Love and kisses to you, darlings. Fairy xx


Fairy Mercury: Hello dears. I hope I don't mess this up! We have to get used to it. My PR man and personal photographer have become VERY familiar with it these past weeks. Pavlova and I just returned from Vienna this morning and we're knackered! But I just had to post to my public site for a change now that it is nearing completion.

It is now 34 days into the new year and this is crazy what I realized. They completed the last major page (other than the videos page) today.  By Royal Appointment. This is how long they've been at this. The last post was at New Years.

34 bloody days ago!!! Jorge (my PR man) ended the page with a touching 'write up'  very briefly outlining my journey to fame and what will my future hold.

The videos page comes next. I have asked them to start the fanzine (Loyal Subjects) from the new vol. 4 and go back to the first (premiere) of it. I slapped Rudy Pavlova! Him and his 'humour of Nureyev' saying to Jorge over the phone, 'you put my femmka's enticing sweaty tits photos on. Do page first when they upstaged new fanzine page.' I mean, I don't think I can ever ... I don't know how to put this, so I'll just say this. The 'tits' bit about him. He is always staring at my 'cascading layered' necklace (as my costume designer describes it) and he's always, the first time he lays his delightful blue/gray eyes on me for the day, 'there you are and there they are' ('they' meaning my 'tits'...). So with that embarrassment out of the way, I asked Greg and Jorge to do the fanzine from newest to premiere page.

Doesn't Jorge do a wonderful job at PR, dears? With his summaries trying to lighten up this tedious task. 

I am so happy they are nearing the end. 4 pages of the fanzine and the videos page.

We'll worry about where we left off, 'revisiting' and revamping  the 'Flight Of The Fairy' page later.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy  (new video hopefully soon!)

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Killer Queen, didn't want to ruin your 2 weeks in Vienna with this. So I waited until you got back. Do you remember, like weeks, before you met Pavlova and all that, you ran this thing in the fan club asking fans to submit photos of themselves so we could include them in the video we were going to do of you performing live Queen's 'Love Of My Life' and that touching thing you posted when you presented it to your fans that they are the love of your life and your aspirations to be your idol 1970s Freddie Mercury and performing on stages as him (in your incarnate likeness of) for them and if they would ever quit being fans of you, it would break your heart (as the lyrics say). Umm... whatever happened to the video and that post you made?? Jorge and I could have sworn it was on the Love Of My Life page since that was done DAYS before you met Pavlova. The video isn't even on the videos page. (Twilight Zone theme music) Creepy and what the mysterious hell happened to it?! Unless it's on the Flight Of The Fairy page we plan to eventually revamp. I'll have a look later. Can't now.

Fairy Mercury: That was so long ago, Greg. I removed it because negative reactions towards it ... We could put it back on here, maybe. Let me think it over. There is going to be no more negative irrelevant off topic trash on my new site and Pavlova and I meant it when we discussed it with all of you. New Year - changes and move on.

My precious fans, I think I am going to upload the video Greg just asked me about.

Pavlova told me to. In his words (he always talks like theatre, ballet and princely), 'do it, femmka. It would make for unique prelude - return from old to new website.'

So here is the video with just a selected few of you, that gave us permission to use your photos to put in it.

My fan club's membership now consists of 9.2 million. I LOVE YOU ALL!! Thank you for your fandom!

Please read my message at the end of the video. Fairy xx

Love Of My Live - live from soundboard

Fairy performing during Flight of the Fairy 2021 'mini tour'

Dedicated to her millions of adoring fans throughout UK, Europe and Asia


I mean, I just can't, dears! This part I might transfer to the Fairyland page.
First off, I'm glad the one fan noticed and pointed out my fur in that photo of Rudy I took...
I on purposely had it covering his lap ... (read into it, dears ...)
Today I decided to 'overly dress' - Remember the last thing I posted about on that page?
Him and his ... tits ... bit. How he'll say to me first thing he see me for the day.
'There you are and there they (my tits...) are'. He started to say that and when his eyes moved to my chest and saw ... tits ... were overly dressed and denied of him, he so fucking adorably frowned and said something in Russian.
His valet translated it, 'well then, are you cold today?' He took my black nails left hand delivering his princely kiss to the back of it and walked off.
Those 'sweaty tits' (btw, Johann, thanks for the embarrassing photo caption!) photos of me on Loyal Subjects vol. 3 that all of you let 'upstage' that page in the fan club comments, he has become obsessed with them...

I seriously just can't ...
Yes, I think I will have this moved to the Fairyland page ...
Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Thank you for your fandom! Fairy xx

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: I take the photos and I let Johann create the captions.
He just won't let it go that Pavlova got so upset and angry at him on your website, before all your fans telling Johann off and accusing him of trying to tell him how to (ahem) make love to you ... or should I say ... your 'tits' ... Just as much as Pavlova blames Johann for it being all his fault you asked them if they didn't think it embarrassing getting in arguments over your tits.


Here is photo Goldman took of me while in Vienna. He accompanied us there the two weeks we were previously there. I await my femmka's response to it. (Being 'asshole' - no 'enormous fucking cock' on display  Ref. Fairy's strike through on Loyal Subjects fanzine 4...)

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ I absolutely love the photo, Rudy darling!! I love it when you have Goldman Philip take photos of yourself just for me. He does a very good job at creating the vintage photo look. I laughed so hard over your strike through, dear! I also am laughing over my precious fans reaction towards the surprise teaser video we posted on the fan club site yesterday. Geoff put it on the fanzine like a good boy. Awww, my darlings, don't 'just can't even' and you're going off to be losers to like some 'boring ugly dog lesser thans'. I love you all!! 


By Royal Appointment

Darcy (pictured below. She made her photo black and white just because) requests to speak with the multimillionaire ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova and to much surprise, the request is granted! Transcript from off glam rock queen Fairy Mercury's fan club site as follows:


Darcy J. - Your 'femmka' is stunningly 1970s Freddie Mercury. Since I've joined her fan club and indulged
myself in all the content off it and her public site and interacting with her remarkably devoted 'loyal subjects' fans,
I admit, I am obsessed!! I nervously requested to speak with you hoping you understand me with the knowledge
that you are very wealthy, Russian is your first language and that you are 'aristocratic' (a man of great nobility).
The 'exotic creature' is provocative - her 'tits', glossed full lips and satin knickers not to mention the tight
little outfits. You are a very lucky man to have her, sir.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): Do not call me sir. I am not 'Sir'. Sir is for those given CBE.
Sir Thomas is 'Sir'. I appreciate your ... 'lesbian' ... complements on my femmka. Those features
you find 'provocative' are so very desirous to me. She is my world. I understand you are fan of Queen
and classical music that which ballet is danced to. One of greatest classical music composers is the
legendary Russian composer Tchaikovsky which I speak of here in video. You have excellent taste in music.
Diverse. But Freddie Mercury (my femmka's idol she aspires to be, as though I need to make mention)
had diverse taste. Classical music of likes such as great violinist Paganini, Johann (ahem...) Strauss,
rock music, the camp of vaudeville/ragtime (music of Cabaret). I suppose you are fan of Liza Minnelli, no?

Darcy J. - I love your reply!! Liza!! Who wouldn't be a fan?! Her and her mother Judy Garland are thee greatest gay icons ever. The only deserving, in my opinion, gay icons are Freddie Mercury, Rudolf Nureyev, Liza and Judy. All the rest are boring, ugly uninteresting pandering idiots. Fairy is a gay icon 😀 I adore her!!!
She is so much a cross between '70s Freddie and Liza. You two 'the FAIRY ... tale couple' really are perfect together. Such a beautifully attractive couple. I just can't get over the both you and your extreme likeness to your legendary idols! I can see why those 9.5 million fans have fan club membership and are very obsessed with the two of you. I have become like that myself. Yes, I am a fan of 1970s Queen - the glam rock and Freddie's effeminate looks that any lesbian would be attracted to. Your femmka - I'm at loss of words really is unbelievably lovely.
How you dance ballet is breathtaking. Stamina and strength and it's theatrical and artistic. Fascinating.

Pavlova (Haze Theatre/ballet danseur): Again, thank you for complements on myself and my femmka.
I agree with gay icon statement. You understand you are first female to be granted membership to my femmka's fan club. I try not to sound snob, if it weren't for you being gay rights advocate, you would not have been accepted as member. No straight people!!
So you have been accepted and you, how they say? 'fit in' with other fans - gay men. I have no more time for
discussion. We end here.

Darcy J. - I feel honored I was accepted considering the terms. Thank you for granting my request to speak with me.

Fans please note: the following was written by the divine lush creature that is Fairy Mercury.

viVid Photo Studio has (as always unless otherwise stated) supplied the photos accompanying the 'write up'.

The glam rock Persian queen is unaware of and has not seen yet the photo of Pavlova taken by Philip Goldman that appears in what she has written. We await her having seen it and response.

It is yet another photo he had Mr. Goldman take just for Fairy ...


My darlings, I just can't!! This very embarrassing conversation I overheard! Francis Boyd is now here in England.
What I overheard: Francis was saying, 'so it appears that idiot got caught with their dick in the blender.'
Pavlova's broken English Russian accent: 'what ez thess? Obviously figure of speech. Explain.'
That Sir Thomas said something in Russian and Pavlova then said, 'Ah! Guilty. Why you not speak so I understand, Francis, and why would someone have their dick in a blender? Where do people come up with such talk? Creative nonsense of peasants, no?'
Laughter from all three of them.

Auction broker Francis James Boyd shares a laugh with multimillionaire Russian ballet danseur Pavlova

I glided into the room and my charming prince gets up from where he's seated giving his glass of cherry brandy

to his valet and saunters over to me, takes my black varnished nails left hand and delivers his princely kiss to the back of it and, I seriously mean it, dears! I just can't and never will be able to!! Him saying, 'ah, there you are and there they (pauses glancing at my overly dressed ... upper torso ...then says) and there they aren't.' then releases my hand with a sigh saying, 'Why you play such games? Deny me like that, baby?' ANOTHER I just can't and NEVER will be able to.

I wanted to take off out of the room so bad, my darlings!!

But I did something that is so ... forbidden ... that is to ignore him ... 'Proper royal etiquette' it's considered rude and showing great disrespect to his stature (a person's status in elite society)

Being campy tart, I glided over jokingly ... purring ... to Francis Boyd making jest out of one of you, my precious fans, fan club comment threads. 'So, Francis, you finally found the drive belt for your exercise bike. My precious honies were hoping you would because they felt for you having your buying activity broadcasted to all the data breach snoops.'


Francis who lacks humour - although such a pleasant ... old gent ... smirked and replied, 'what a pain that was!!
I have the bloody thing because of circulation in one of my legs and it was helping immensely until the bloody belt broke after having it for only a few months.' I could see Pavlova out the corner of my eye gesture for his valet to bring him another cherry brandy and glaring at Francis obviously for not saying anything about the ... bohemian queen - with no proper royal etiquette ignoring him. That Sir Thomas sternly eyeing both Francis and I, obviously over it.

I mean, I just couldn't, dears!!! He snatches his cherry brandy from his valet and in this snobbish tone, 'well then, should Sir Thomas and I leave the room while YOU entertain MY femmka who apparently does not wish MY company this afternoon, Francis.'

I just tossed my long midnight black hair ... and glided over to a table with a bronze nude male statue on it and stood erotically slowly caressing my black nail finger over it's muscular form hearing Francis say, 'most certainly not! I was only replying to her silly girl camp she tried to engage me in.' My dark eye line eyes move onto the sexy prince with distracting enormous fucking cock
as I deliberately, very slowly caress my black nail finger tip over the nude male statue's cock - while gazing at him.
His lips slowly parted as his dreamy blue grey eyes watched my finger. I then raised my finger to my drenched in gloss lips and slowly slid it into my mouth - suggestively. He had a VERY NOTICEABLE erection in his tailored ... trousers over it. I nearly laughed as I glided out of the room and I could hear that Sir Thomas sternly say, 'that unruly creature never excuses herself before leaving a room (heavy sigh) but you wish not to - as you say, Rudolf, 'tame' her - so be it.'
I could here him say, 'I must be excused, speaking of that, Sir Thomas' - embarrassingly too obvious to take care of his hard on ....

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - Fairy's adoring fans anxiously waiting and posting in the fan club comments, I thought I would quickly post. Yes, she saw the photo (above) Pavlova recently had Phil Goldman take of him just for Fairy. She arrived at myself and Greg's house late last night after having seeing your comments and then she went to this page to look at the photos that was added to what she wrote. I'll be posting about her reaction/visit to our home in a few hours.

Before I start this, I want to post this message to Darcy.
Apparently you have made such an impression on Fairy and Pavlova and those 'important people' having to do with him, that don't be surprised if you get a formal invite asking if you would like to take part in the Loyal Subjects fanzine.
Believe me, it's unheard of. As has been explained many times by Fairy herself, these people are looking at BOTH of her sites. Apparently they've been reading Darcy's fan club comments /interaction with our glam rock queen's adoring fans. Then her brief conversation she had with the powerful Pavlova - who is so sacred to these people. 'Destined to be the lord of dance Nureyev'.... the ways she spoke of Fairy (especially...) and of Freddie, Nureyev and even Liza. Her interest in 1970s Queen and classical music (that which ballet is danced to...) made a big impression upon them.

Now onto Fairy's reaction to the photo. She showed up at myself and Greg's home unexpectedly. It was going on midnight. She doesn't drive. I asked her how the hell did she get here?! Her lovely Persian sibilant purr told me she had Pavlova's valet drive her, then slinked in past me. With toss of her long midnight black hair, she then purred,
'I don't know what to do, Johann. I was reading my precious darlings comments they were leaving about what I wrote. They were carrying on over what my reaction will probably be over 'the photo'. I went to look to see what photos Greg had Jorge post to accompany what I wrote.' She paused there, her exotic dark eye lined eyes looking off. Greg offered her tea and she accepted it and sat with me on the sofa. I asked her what was wrong. This is what she (melodramatic queen...) purred, 'none of this is real is it, Johann? That prince out of some fairy (smirked over the word - her name ...) tale. Nothing about him is real, is it?' The next part Greg and I exchanged suppressed laughter looks over how very serious it was being said. 'What man has such an enormous fucking cock and is so fucking romantically
sexy like out of a romantic ballet. I mean, everything about him. Especially the ways he treats me and talks about me. Now I'm expected to respond to this photo which is like all the others. This not even real prince of a man has had taken just for me.'

Above photos screenshot Geoff Stafford made and decorated up from past post, I have posted deliberately...
Greg behaving like a cheeky bastard cleared his throat and said, 'don't feel bad, apparently I lost my assistant photographer who has become prince charming's Snowdon. Phil told me he was offered crazy sums of money each time to do those photos. How many has there been now in total? I believe four. 'Wooing his femmka' as Phil puts it.'

I just couldn't, Fairy staring at Greg in this most melodramatic way, hand trembling placing her tea cup clattering on saucer. I took it from her before it spilled on her lovely little satin outfit... Then in melodramatic way, she purred, 'he's going to expect a response and for me to come home to him. I'm surprised he hasn't phoned here asking after me!'
I didn't want to encourage the melodrama ... although I replied, 'or hasn't come as he did that other time in person to claim his Giselle - his Freddie. If he phones - or comes, we'll just tell him you're asleep. As for you responding about that recent photo, why don't I do a write up about your visit here tonight to post.' I couldn't believe what the exotic Persian queen did next! She placed her hands over her face tearfully purring behind them, 'I wish he was real, Johann!'


Insensitive cheeky bastard Greg who I could have seriously slapped at that moment said, 'there's no such thing as fairy tale princes coming to life out of books' Killer Queen lowering her lovely slender hands from her face (melodramatically...) sniffling, purred to Greg, 'so then I've woken up and it was all just a fucking dream, is that what you're trying to say, dear?' I mouthed 'damn it, Greg!' to Greg who cleared his throat and grabbed up one of his cameras sitting on the end table alongside the chair he was seated; busying himself with it. Aloud I spat what I had mouthed, 'Damn it, Greg!!' as the divine lush creature got up from the sofa (melodramatically) taking Pavlova's cock ring she wears on her black nails left hand wrist as her 'fashionably naughty bracelet' and threw it.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.

Right: Glam rock Persian kitten queen with black claws nails, left hand only, on display.

Above: The too good to be true ... princely ballet danseur Pavlova dancing at the 'FAIRY...tale couple's'

'romantic regal extravagant' Vienna wedding held 25 June last year.

I let Greg answer it as I tried to calm the now VERY melodramatically upset distraught Killer Queen.
Not knowing when to quit being cheeky bastard, I heard Greg come back into the room saying to whoever was at the door ... the lord himself ... 'apparently she's woken up from her dream of you and now she's upset she no longer has a princely husband.' Lord Pavlova comes sweeping over to me saying in his Russian, 'is this over the photo? Give her to me!' pulling Fairy out of my arms. I reply in Russian, 'yes, she believes you aren't real.' Romantically, he presses his light brown fringe (bangs) to her midnight black fringe quietly breathing, 'no tears, femmka. I am very real. I find it hard to believe you are real, my perfect forbidden desirous creature.' I whisper to Greg, 'show them out or else it wouldn't be
proper etiquette for us insulting peasants.' Greg tried not to laugh over it as he showed the powerful important Lord Pavlova and my best friend the famous glam rock queen Fairy to the door.
This now being the following day as I post this, oddly there has been no word from the 'FAIRY ... tale couple'.

I phoned Fairy and it went straight to voice mail.

Message from Pavlova (Haze Theatre, ballet danseur)
It is 7:20 am here in Dresden Germany as I compose this. Fairy and myself (along with entourage) have been doing much site seeing since we've arrived. My femmka has also become acquainted with venue she will be performing the opening shows of her Flight Of The Fairy European tour.
She is asleep, many long time fans know, the 'divine lush creature' is fond of sleeping until noon.

[Section Edited Out]
We have been very busy organizing Fairy's upcoming shows here in Dresden, so if you, Fairy's adoring fans, do not hear from her (any of us) understand why.

~~ Fairy Mercury ~~ Hello, dears. I just wanted to quickly pop in this time on my public site. I'd like to add to what my Rudy posted earlier today. Francis Boyd is my only purchaser on my behalf for items for my '70s decade Freddie and Nureyev collection. Francis does a wonderful job at what he does and he is very well received and liked by you, my darlings. He connects well with people because of his 'auction broker' background and interacting with 'high society of aristocrat elites' (such as Pavlova...) representing people as such in the famed auction houses of Sothebys, Christies.  

That 'data breach' issue was explained and anyone still 'stalking around' about it better get it clear. They need to leave they need to stay off my public site if they aren't seriously interested in fans of myself and Pavlova.

Don't go coming around thinking it's about anyone but us two!!

Fans Please Note: We are experiencing issues with uploading photos to the site. Fairy tried to post a screenshot of the header and other photos. Please note this site is ONLY about Fairy and Pavlova and no one else is what she was trying to make a point of. - J. Schumann, PR for FM

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