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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

The Fairy ... Tale Couple

' I'm causing a mild sensation '

(from Queen's 'My Melancholy Blues' written by Freddie Mercury)


Fan club members know that yesterday hours before Fairy's second time gracing the main stage at Haze Theatre for her 3rd performance of now marking 4 sold out shows at the magnificent theatre, the divine lush creature had a surprise guest appearance of a very well known famous figure - exclusively for fan club members only. It sent her millions of adoring fans into hysterics.

Completely unexpected and so like Fairy to be unpredictable - full of surprises.

During the interview, the man stated: 'Fairy has replaced Freddie Mercury in modern times. I am completely captivated and in awe of the extreme likeness.' The 2nd well-known famous figure associated with Pavlova to bestow such praise on Fairy.


Rich B., an avid fan/collector of 1970s decade Freddie Mercury since 1974 had posted this in the fan club comments afterwards: I am even more in awe! I didn't realize the magnitude of Fairy. She is a mega superstar and so deserving!! I am spellbound by her and Pavlova's relationship. This is saying a lot considering I am a loyal devoted fan of '70s decade Freddie Mercury (self professed expert on FM) but to me, not only has Fairy 'replaced Freddie Mercury' as two famous people have now said, but to me, Fairy is more interesting. 

As Fairy Mercury's adoring fans know, her 2022 spring/summer Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour kicked off in London. Her first ever performance at the grand Haze Theatre owned by her soon to be husband Russian ballet danseur Pavlova. The first ever rock concert to ever grace the stage of Haze Theatre which has only seen ballet and theatrical plays/productions. It made history. This is what the Russian prince had announced about the exotic Persian queen's ticket sales:


Message from Pavlova, Haze Theatre/pro ballet danseur: Fairy Mercury's fans, your star has out done the 'making history' part she has posted in this section on the homepage from the other tour. The tickets (through the fan club) sold out in 15 minutes for both nights of her Haze Theatre shows (19-20 March).

As you, Fairy's adoring fans, also know, before the first night concert, the exotic prancer and her prince met at the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park which holds a symbolic special meaning to Pavlova ... where Pavlova, upon the glam rock queen's wishes, gifted her the engagement ring in princely manner - delivering a kiss to the back of her black varnished nails left hand then he knelt on one knee telling her, 'I want you to be mine forever and always' while many fans and very well known figures witnessed the romantic regal exchange from afar.

More Erotic Highlights

Above photo: Fairy was looking at Pavlova in the VIP section at that moment ...

Gif - video footage of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury performing her first two ever

sold out shows at Haze Theatre

(note to Pavlova: where she throws her long midnight black hair head back

and her full glossed lips and tits are thrust out is too erotic, don't you think?? ....)


Romantic FAIRY .... Tale Couple


What is known so far about their wedding plans. 'I want it to be regal and very romantic like the ballets Nureyev danced ' - glam rock queen Fairy Mercury

Pavlova rehearsing ballet of Giselle as prince Albrecht (left). Right - how the glam rock queen will be dressed to marry her Russian prince/ballet danseur. So far, this is what has been revealed. How the FAIRY ... tale couple will be dressed to marry one another. Pavlova as he danced as his idol Nureyev and Fairy in the white satin pleated fairy ... winged frock her idol '70s decade Freddie Mercury wore. The very wealthy Russian prince/ballet danseur Pavlova who has homes in France, Vienna and England. Originally, the former Bahiri Raj Masoudi, now the famous glam rock Persian queen Fairy Mercury wanted to marry in her motherland India. Plans have changed. They will marry on the sprawling grounds of Pavlova's Vienna mansion. They will honeymoon in India.

So then what is the significance of Vienna? Many of Nureyev's ballets were performed in Vienna, Austria. Such as Swan Lake which was attended by Lord Snowdon and photographed Nureyev for the ballet and many other times - having been very close friends of Nureyev. Queen (in the '70s) performed in Vienna and 'The Millionaire Waltz'.


'My idol loved classical music - Chopin and Paganini and, of course, his love for ballet ...

(life long crush on Nureyev ...) ' - Fairy Mercury


About the song 'The Millionaire Waltz' - it was done like a modern day 19th century Viennese waltz. Freddie Mercury and his love for ballet (Nureyev) which classical music is danced to, took inspiration for the song from Austrian composer Johann Strauss' 'The Blue Danube'.

Side Note: Fairy is thinking of updating the video of her performance of the song adding concert footage of herself and Pavlova dancing ballet to her performance.


Last night, the divine lush creature performed her 3rd sold out show at Haze Theatre. Tonight, another 1/2 hour as of this write up (current time in London: 7:30pm), Fairy will grace the main stage of Haze Theatre for her 4th sold out show. Afterwards, she will try to take time out to post to her millions of adoring fans about the shows, more wedding details and much more.


Update! Fairy's adoring fans, her concert has just now ended. Expect your exotic elegant star to be on soon. I was told something very hilarious both her and Pavlova staged shortly before her concert. It will be one of the things discussed. In the meanwhile, this was sent by Keith Snyder and friends Leigh and Chris in Ipswich (pictured below).


Too hilarious comment that was posted with it as follows: Well our exotic glam rock superstar Fairy's fans, myself and my mates Leigh and Chris made it to London. This is no attention seeking story or lie either! Our car broke down part way to London (as you guys know, we're in Ipswich). We ended up having to hitchhike the rest of the way because we weren't going to miss our Persian queen's concert at her prince's theatre for the world!! We got picked up by this old geezer and we were like 10 minutes late and had to bribe our way in. Security at Haze Theatre is really tight and not the friendliest blokes. I hate we missed 10 minutes of her concert!!! She was so perfection like on the Freddie Mercury trademark champagne toast part, her exotic sibilant purr saying this, 'for all of you, my darlings! Thank you for being fans of me and for those who savor brandy - I prefer my elegant champagne' We were straining to see her handsome prince seated in the VIP section, but it sucked how far from the stage and that section our seats were. Do any of you fans care to put me and my mates Chris and Leigh up for the night? We would REALLY appreciate it, Keith

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy's 2nd night concert at Haze Theatre ended an hour ago. She is still mingling backstage with box seats and VIP section guests. I made this gif of Fairy emulating to perfection this move/pose of her idol. I had Greg slow down the video in slow motion so you guys can have a good detailed look at the fairy winged frock. This will become the wedding frock the exotic prancer will marry her handsome Russian ballet danseur prince in. I can't wait until you guys hear what Fairy and Pavlova got up to an hour before her concert tonight. Ron Craster, as you know, is Haze Theatre and Fairy's stage director and Palova's personal assistant. He was in on it and will be the one to tell about it. For those who bought tickets and went to Fairy's shows last night and tonight - endless thanks for your fandom and support.


Following written by Ron Craster (Haze Theatre stage director - stage director for Fairy Mercury's

Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour and personal assistant to Pavlova):


Of course, Fairy’s fans, you’re very familiar with ‘the wildly hysterical old couple’ as she has labeled Sir Thomas and Martha (Henderson isn’t really their surname). Pavlova was surprised to be informed they didn’t give up their VIP seats and actually came to see the divine lush creature perform tonight. I was informed by the booking agent who asked if I would pass this information on to Pavlova. Myself, Pavlova and Fairy were in the Russian ballet danseur’s office. Upon seeing the glam rock queen being so amused by it with her wild laughter, purring, ‘oh let’s do something incredibly naughty, Rudy darling!’ This was too hilarious. I wish I thought to video tape it although Pavlova probably wouldn’t have let me, let alone let me share it with you. He had me contact the booking agent and have either someone from security or an usher escort ‘the wildly hysterical old couple' to his office.

Pavlova has as security camera that he can view activity going on in the vicinity outside his office door and a corridor close by. Once the old couple came into view outside the office door escorted by one of the theatre’s security, very loudly the two of them launched into their plan.Fairy gaspily purring, ‘oh, Rudy! Do it harder!! Yes, yessss!!!’ Pavlova breathlessly, ‘I’m going to cum, baby!’ You could hear that old bird gasp, ‘oh goodness!!!’ then her husband start to say in a noticeably embarrassed tone, ‘perhaps we should -’ I was motioned to open the door.

Hilariously, Fairy perched sideways to the mini bar in the office, exotic dark eye line eyes looking at her black nails left hand, purring, ‘I should have re-did my nails for tonight’s show – the varnish is chipped off two of them.’ and Pavlova says nonchalantly in Russian, seated behind his desk, pretending to be looking over paperwork, ‘I suppose this will do, Ron.’

The old couple looking into the office with bewildered expressions that the scene inside the office didn’t even remotely match what they heard through the door. I was trying so hard to keep a straight face. It was too hilarious! Pavlova gets up saying, ‘oh do come in. So glad to hear you keep your VIP seats. I make plans to give them to others. Now standing room only.’ Fairy no longer being able to suppress laughter, gets up laughingly purring, ‘I better get back stage and get ready, dear.’ gliding over to Pavlova and drenched erotically in gloss lips gives him a kiss at the corner of his lips – teasingly denying him of a kiss on the lips. As Fairy glides ever so elegantly to the office door to leave, the old bird snobbishly says to Pavlova, ‘you’re not going to keep – that – (word stressed and very snobbish tone) on your face are you?!’ The husband, ‘Now, Martha, it’s not your business. They’re in love and young. Do we need to keep going over this?!’


Pavlova looking obviously embarrassed by it and what I mean by ‘it’ is traces of Fairy’s lip gloss on his face. He goes over to the mini bar getting a napkin off it muttering, ‘please go. Leave now.’ Obviously none of them are aware that the exotic Persian glam rock queen is still in the open office doorway quietly watching and listening to all this. Quietly like a cat … she slinks off. I hate to disappoint you, Fairy’s adoring fans, but apparently she won’t be posting anything tonight. Her and Pavlova … ahem … went off to have sex …. I’m sure they’ll be on tomorrow.


Hello dears. I'm sorry I never came on either my public site or fan club yesterday. After my concert last night, it was way after 1am by the time all the backstage activity ended after my concert. We are experiencing SEVERE that annoying server connection issue especially when trying to add photos. I am so fed up with it!!! So far, I have sat here for almost a half hour trying to what little I've posted here! Aww, I hope those little stranded sweethearts were put up for the night ... I loved what the kocked, you will NEVER live it down ... fan Keith Snyder made.

I don't think 'matching' will ever get old. My other precious fans find it amusing and myself, Pavlova and my entourage thinks it's funny. My personal photographer laughed over asking permission because as long as you don't be a wanker trying to remove the watermarking and pretending you own the rights to them, you're fine. Make these entertaining little things all you want, my darlings. I love you all! You truly are thee best fans I could ever hope to have. Talking about making things like that .... this from an older page on my public site.

UNREAL!!! Apparently everything Pavlova just posted ended up disappearing. Fairy is in tears extremely upset. Fans, I just now had to contact that damn company the public site is through because we can't add photos

without that annoying 'server lost connection' problem now things that are posted aren't publishing and disappearing! - J. Schumann


Jorge, I will re-write and this time to text document and save to my computer. Then I can copy/paste if annoying issue happens again. She is very upset. Regards, Pavlova

Jorge, don't be kind to the fools in your contact with them. I did 'publish' and got message what I posted did publish successfully. Close browser, come back on, what I posted was completely gone.


Pavlova, I did contact the fools. I haven't gotten a reply back. If I don't, I might have to go into that damn chat method where you have to fake you're dead fan Jason Long. - Jorge


Here is what I wrote. I left off writing I was going off to find Fairy and see if she was all right. As I say, I close browser after 'published successfully' message. Come back, open browser - everything I had written - gone!


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur:


Story of Bohemian feline. Cats are nocturnal creatures. ‘Cat nap’ is just what they do. I don’t believe they sleep for lengthy period of time. I was woken by my personal assistant telling me gardener had fright and will only tell me. This makes me furious because gardener is peasant and needs to go through personal assistant not insist talking to me directly! My temper is quickly dismissed when I learn what gardener wants. ‘Your (pause) guest (another pause) is out in garden (points to 4 French doors in room) naked scolding stray cat for trying to eat the birds and squirrels at feeder.’

I go out thinking what an unruly forbidden creature you are, femmka!! A word such as ‘modesty’ does not apply nor exist to you, overly sexual campy queen. There the exotic creature was, holding stray cat, Persian sibilant purr scolding, ‘if you’re hungry, I’ll feed you! Birds and squirrels aren’t good for you!’ I clear my throat to let the exotic creature know I’m there. Upon seeing me, she purrs, ‘Rudy darling, this is Minkus’ My reply, ‘Oh? As in the Austrian composer Ludwig Minkus who did the score for Nureyev’s ballet Don Quixote. If not, how you say femmka? ‘what are the odds’.


I dip my finger into the birdbath avoiding looking upon her … nudity. I can see out the corner of myeye the unruly creature has noticed my avoidance and then her lovely slender black nails left hand …tucks … what I wish not to see between her legs. I then say, ‘why all your cats name starts with‘M’, femmka?’ She purrs with toss of midnight black hair, ‘because the mmmm sound when they purr and meow -’ stops wildly laughing then purrs, ‘remember when you arrive drunk in Manchester for my first night show there and you told me how cats in Russia say myaow and cats in England say meow because they hear different.’ I tell her, ‘don’t’ talk of that or even remember it – it embarrasses me.’ At that moment, my personal assistant arrives with one of my robes for her.


 She started to post what she did, tried to add photo and damn 'server lost connection' message. She sat there over 1/2 hour trying. I happen to be out of room when she was doing this. I hear her, 'I'm going to fucking scream!!' then I catch glimpse of her angrily leaving room she was in. Ronnie old boy told me she locked herself in bathroom - crying. She will be back on to try again. Although without photos, it's foolish. I love her beyond anything imaginable, her millions of adoring fans. With trembling hand, she pointed out which photo she was trying to add. I am going to see if I will add for me. My heart soars! It added for me. She told me, 'you're my perfect prince, I bet it will work if you do it for me, Rudy darling.' What is my just reward, femmka?? ....


~~~ Fairy Mercury ~~~ Your 'just reward' would be for you to let me suck your distracting enormous fucking cock. I'm not a bit surprised, darling. Because you are the perfect prince. I am so fucking in love with you. Actually, I'm glad that happened and you wrote what you did (even though I'm embarrassed now...). Because it had to do with what I was TRYING to write about the photo thing I was TRYING to add to what I was writing. So anyways, my precious fans, that hilarious photo thing from a past page I was trying to add. My 'natural' - untamed - unruly... hair (left). Before I use heating tongs on it to straighten it to the glossy sleek look (right).

Then you get him always looking the perfect handsome oh-so masculine prince. When he wakes (or after sex...) his princely bob makes him look like this wind blown prince. So I told him that whenever we sleep together ... that I hope he always wakes after I do and if he doesn't for him not to look at me because I don't want him to see how I look when I'm not glammed up.

Well, this morning, I woke startled because he was laying there (both on our sides facing each other) gazing at me - watching me sleep! I started to grab one of the pillows to hide my head under it and was stopped. I told him, 'Rudy darling, I know you're Russian and maybe you didn't understand me when I told you -' my words cut off as he pressed his fingers into my ... lips ... silencing me saying, 'not to look, there is a Bohemian peasantness about you, kitten (paused, didn't finish, then sighed) very well' rolling over onto his other side - his back to me. He obviously fell off to sleep because of what he wrote. I got out of bed probably a 1/2 hour after that and I went out on the balcony and saw the cat in the garden below trying to hunt the birds and squirrels!! The balcony is grand. It has stone stairs leading down from off it on both sides to that part of the garden. So I went down, yes naked (as I often sleep) to stop the madness! Btw, dears, I am laughing so hard as I write this - looking at the comments you're leaving in the fan club comments section. That fan so fond of 'matching' and his friends are on. Saying this: ' Our glam rock queen's long exotic bob that matches her handsome prince's medium bob'

Speaking of fans, I need to comment on this. The fan Rich B.. First off, as you know, my precious fans, I had the 'surprise guest' in the fan club, exclusively for fan club members only on Friday a few hours before my Haze Theatre concert. The fan was funny posting, 'things just got real' over the well known figure stating, 'Fairy has replaced Freddie Mercury in modern times. I am completely captivated and in awe of the extreme likeness.' The man doing what is written on the scan from a book on Queen that has been posted many times throughout my public site. Referring to myself and my idol (1970s decade FM) as 'she' and 'her'.

It's touching, at least to me, that fan's extreme fanatical devotion and love for 1970s decade Freddie Mercury and me being identical to that. They consider themself an expert on all things '70s decade FM (besides me, of course). The fan lost it over the surprise guest and the things they had to say. For them to then post when they finished in the fan club comments section what they had stating that they think I'm 'more interesting than Freddie Mercury', I took as an undeserving high complement.

Coming next - more on the FAIRY ... tale couple's June wedding. Flight Of The Fairy ... Revisited tour resumes. Pavlova continues to tell about the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury being nude in the garden (in spite of the divine lush creature being embarrassed by it ... she deliberately interrupted her Russian prince due to that fact ...) and what became of 'Minkus'. Plus! Possible new music video.

As you know, dears, I couldn't come on last night because that annoying server issue. The moment I came on here just now, guest what? 'Server lost connection' message. Since changes have been made about certain craziness that has become completely non-existent now. Never to be mentioned again ... I still refuse to have anything done on my public site during certain hours of the day ... So hopefully this evening around my Zzz time, we can try this again. All of you, my precious fans ...... know of Prescott - Pavlova's cook. Apparently he was told to make sure Minkus is fed. I now have four kitties!! Isn't that just grand, darlings?! I have Mikado, Moxie, Ming now Minkus. All of you have been wondering about concert news since there hasn't been anything posted about ticket sales. Oddly, I have no concerts scheduled this coming weekend. More this evening, darlings. xx Fairy


Pavlova, Haze Theatre/ballet danseur: Fairy's millions of adoring fans, I am sorry she won't be on again tonight. She has not been well. She has gone off to bed several hours ago. So I post this for you about her instead. Then I too shall be off to bed. Perhaps she will be on tomorrow. This what happened. The ‘divine lush creature’ makes me promise to feed stray cat now named Minkus. I have my personal assistant drive her to her London home. As you, the unruly ‘glam rock queen’ fans know, Tuesdays is when I have tea with who she has labeled ‘wildly hysterical old couple’. They come for tea. While we take tea, the cat comes into room. I see cat now has collar. Then realize collar is familiar! It is my custom made £10,000 cock ring! Embarrassment consumes me! I excuse myself and leave room to phone the unruly creature.

Exotic sibilant purr answers knowing it’s me, ‘hello, Rudy darling, how is tea with that wildly hysterical old couple?’ I tell her, ‘the cat come in room and why have you given it my cock ring for collar, femmka?! You let it leave your

wrist – depart with it now for cat? I nearly laugh when I see this because it was so campy!’ She laughs and purrs,

‘take it off him and put it on your – oh god! Should I? Oh yes!!! The word delectable, dear, as you know means highly pleasing. Mmm – your delectable – you know highly pleasing enormous cock. Then I will come claim it and Minkus. I just know my other 3 kitties will just love him!’ ‘What now?!’ I say as I hear the old bird crying out, ‘Thomas, do something!!’Fairy has heard and laughingly purrs over phone, ‘what are they doing, dear?!’


I go back to tea room and can’t help but laugh, the cat is hanging from drapes! I tell Fairy, ‘Minkus already takes after you … kitten … unruly and prima. Cat is hanging from drapes and the old bird is in hysterics.’ She … shyly … laughs. I call for my personal assistant and tell him, ‘do try to get cat down from there without hurting it.’
Sir Thomas and wife decide they should go. My personal assistant gets cat and I tell him, ‘get that from off it’s neck and give to me!’ With Fairy still on phone, I tell her cat is safe and I have my cook Prescott feed cat. She tells me tomorrow she will come get cat and her prize possession, my cock ring – correction – what the unruly creature calls her ‘fashionably naughty bracelet’. Tomorrow we have arranged to meet in Hyde Park at our jealous friend (as she calls it) the Peter Pan statue...

I mentioned yesterday, my darlings, since so many of you were wondering why there haven't been anymore concert dates announced. Oddly there was nothing booked for this weekend. Pavlova noticed that oversight and it's unfortunate considering there have been many venues that have been contacting Haze Theatre wanting to book me. Next weekend, I will be performing at a venue in Bristol. It will be the first time I've played the venue or any shows in Bristol. I'm excited. I know many of you, my precious fans, are in the Cardiff/Bristol area.


As for what Pavlova posted last night. Awww, he has been so very concerned about me as well as all of you have been, dears. I have brought Minkus home with me and he is so happy and Moxie, Ming and Mikado welcomed him and love him. I might come on later or tomorrow (I still prefer only posting on my public site during the weekends...) and talk about our visit to Hyde Park... Yes, my curious darlings, it was seen/gotten and you were heard ...

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy xx


Through The Lens Darkly

By Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio


Fairy, I hope you 'come around' out of your emotional lapse you've gotten into because your adoring fans want it back on topic of you - their star. You ending what you posted by mentioning you might come on later or tomorrow to talk about your visit to Hyde Park and the cryptic 'it was seen/gotten and you were heard' is being carried on about. Several of your London fans were haunting around that area of Hyde Park ... Anyways, I want to say this. Why I titled what I'm writing what I did is because I'm going to touch of the dark candid. Btw, ONLY FANS of Fairy should be reading, looking, etc. ... Yeah, I'm fed up with it all as well. EVERYONE is. Fairy's entourage to you, the fans. I agree, the shit needs to be let go of and dropped for good now. I have been friends of Fairy since 2015. Me wanting to be the next Mick Rock - 'the man who photographed the '70s'. He was mainly known for photographing androgynous glam rock - Bowie and Queen. Of course, Fairy wanting to be the next 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. His/her idol and who Fairy had constantly gotten so many people telling Fairy how identical to Freddie Mercury he/she looks.


So we decided, let's go for it! You emulate FM to perfection and are so identical to him in so many unrealistic ways. You have the talents - having taken up piano at age 10 wanting to be FM to being able to sing and emulate Freddie's vocals to perfection. It really isn't even emulating, Fairy is more less the incarnate of FM. I bankrupted that fucking AHPStudio, I wont get into that tired story, for copyright infringement. Asshole trying to steal and take credit for my photos of Fairy such as these with their ugly gaudy watermarking.


And of course, these 2 (left) of Fairy looking erotic with glossy lip gloss on exotic full lips, eye lined eyes and the midnight black fringe look FM wore in the '70s. The look Fairy is so stunningly spitting image of. In 2018, when that laughing stock biopic came out, is when Fairy made her/his move. Seizing the moment. That clown act 'the glitch' that unfortunate fan has was just what that fan remarks - the ONLY positive about it is that is a good 'freebie promo tool' - getting Fairy advertised to the masses. 


I am personally NOT going to feel like my photography of FAIRY is the subject of jealous fucks who THINK they're going to be in competition with me. What we - and who I mean by 'we' is myself, Fairy and Johann Wagner (Fairy's costume designer) have 'sat up' as a team to seal Fairy's unique one of a kind success can not be duplicated - copied. Because it would be too fucking obvious and a joke.


This quote from myself:

'When I started photographing Fairy, I made it a point to try to capture erotic shots in order to capture the overly sexual demeanor of the exotic prancer, which his idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury was well known to having possessed as well.'

-- Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio

Which appears as the foreword in the photo book 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury Becoming 1970s Freddie Mercury' I created on Fairy, exclusively only for fan club members. I remember back in 2015 discussing with Fairy ways we could be unique and make him/her stand out when it came to photographing him/her. That is what we came up with. Fairy already is unique and stands out as a person and entertainer. The dark candid side. It's sad when you have to make decisions such as photos of Fairy with Pavlova are no longer going to be appear on the public site and only in the fan club - to fan club members - fans who are just that REAL FANS. Not some crazy jealous cruel stalkers. Fairy is very fond of black and white photography. So many photos I convert to that. It's pretty bad when assholes are so jealous you can't pose with others because they become like right sods about it. Conducting themselves like fools. You know, like insulting, offending what's with the damn sexually depraved making up you're a couple and in love stories. 'Relationship wreckers' crazy crap...


Photo of Francis Boyd posed with Pavlova - I was told to cruelly crop Fairy out of the photo when it was posted awhile back. That's pathetic considering Fairy is the star!! I know you fans will be upset over me admitting that. We are sick and fucking tired of stalkers and 'catering to' their stalking and jealous fuckuppery! It's kind of like the fucked up jealousy reaction towards the first ever photo posted on the public site of them together. When Fairy posted 'the story behind it' of signing autograph for famous figure and I was instructed to crop out the person and I made the photo black and white and used that Mercury filter on it. Then our contest of the autographed photo of Fairy. All the fucking stalkers acting like this is all being done for them proved their fucked up bs on eCunt. Going into jealous at Fairy meltdowns copying photography, autographs, concert tickets shit as if they were in some fucking jealous competition.

Rock Majesty - The Glam Rock Queen

by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


Hyde Park at the Peter Pan statue. As you fans of my best friend – the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury know, she doesn’t drive. After she tarted herself up in her lovely obscenely tight satin, eyelined her exotic dark liquid brown eyes and drenched her ‘sensuous’ (Pavlova’s choice of words to describe) full lips, the Persian queen preened her long midnight black hair with her black nails (on left hand only) fingers – the finishing touch-up before getting out of the car. We reach the statue with ‘symbolic meaning’ to Pavlova and that Fairy’s millions of adoring fans have come to relate the statue to her. After making it known for ‘the meeting spot’ and especially after the ‘fairy … tale’ engagement ring presentation that took place at it in March.


Gif left: the habitual 'preening' habit that both Fairy and her idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury would do.


'The person who was edited out of the photo I was signing an autograph for kept telling me how awestruck they were by my 'striking resemblance' to Freddie Mercury, 'you even move like her' (yes, using the feminine...). It made me uncomfortable how the person kept watching almost rudely staring at me! Like in this reflective way. As if remembering. You know, one of those old scenarios of meeting someone who was a 'long time friend' of the family and they're saying to some child, 'you look just like your mum, you even have some of her habits' and then sitting there watching the child as if reminiscing about mum. That was how the man behaved towards me.'


Fairy talking of famous figure who ballet danseur Pavlova knows who knew both Rudolf Nureyev and Freddie Mercury.


Reference: photo below and page 'Bohemian Queen'

When we reach the statue, we find Pavlova hasn’t arrived yet. The exotic prancer sighs, sibilant purr asking me what time is it. I tell her it’s just after six and as she knows, Pavlova doesn’t leave the theatre for the day until close to 6:30pm. ‘Perhaps he’ll leave sooner since he knows he’ll be meeting you here. He wouldn’t want to leave his queen waiting and you are all he lives for and thinks of. He would drop everything for you in a heartbeat.’ I tell her. Her dark eyelined eyes stare at me slowly shaking her midnight black hair head then looks up at the Peter Pan statue purring, ‘I am so fucking in love with him, Johann. How I feel for him no words could begin to express. I told him that I hope he knows how I feel for him through the sex we have.’ Her exotic dark liquid brown eyes then lower to the plaque. ‘It’s like a dream – Cinderella and prince charming.’ I hear her quietly purr.

At that moment, Killer Queen’s Russian prince materializes almost like out of a … dream … out of nowhere startling us both. He is naturally accompanied by his personal assistant Ron Craster (also stage director at Haze Theatre and for Fairy’s ‘Flight of the Fairy … Revisited’ tour). The handsome prince Rudolf Pavlova takes Fairy’s black nails left hand and delivers his princely kiss to the back of it – letting his lips linger on it – breathing it’s exotic scent. He then presses her hand to his cheek and gazes at her saying, ‘how I miss you, I barely live when we are apart, femmka.’ The divine lush creature’s glossed lips part about to say something when we hear nearby a male voice excitedly gasp out, ‘Omg! There they are!!!!’ followed by quiet nervous laughter of several people.

Pavlova’s arm protectively goes across Fairy’s buttocks … umm, a little higher, Pavlova – the waist to be exact. Because of this, Fairy purrs, ‘mmm’ aroused by it, like the overly sexual queen she is, as Pavlova is saying, ‘We go. Come!!’ then in Russian to his personal assistant, ‘Keep them away. Don’t let them come near!’ That is when Fairy realizes what’s going on – several of her adoring fans too obviously having read about how they made plans to meet at the statute decided to haunt around it in hopes of catching a glimpse of ‘the FAIRY … tale couple’. The effeminate queen’s sibilant purr purrs, ‘no, let’s stay, darling. They won’t approach.’ with a toss of her midnight black hair over her shoulder.


Pavlova heavily sighs giving his personal assistant a look as if to repeat what he had told him – keep them away. Fairy steps to the statue purring, ‘what’s this?!’ with a laugh and Pavlova angrily says, ‘they dare litter the statue!’ The exotic prancer take a piece of paper that is literally taped (the extent…) to the rabbit at the base of the statue. Fairy wildly laughs, ‘Omg! I love it!!! My fans are everything! Rudy darling, it’s from Oliver Duncan the fan who won the autographed photo of me in that contest we had for Easter!’ unfolding it and reading what’s written on it.

This is what the note read: I hope this is found by the exotic talented ‘this day and age 1970s Freddie Mercury’ glam rock queen Fairy. Since you’re so camp, I hope you get the humour about me having left this on the rabbit part of the statue. Easter bunny gif you thought was so hilarious and it’s what made you to choose me out of your millions of fans to ‘win’ the stunning autograph photo of you. I received it and framed it and will cherish it forever. THANK YOU!!! I’ve seen 2 of your Flight Of The Fairy shows and so far, 2 of your Flight Of The Fairy … Revisited shows. One of them being at Haze Theatre. No words are sufficient enough to describe how very talented and very elegantly lovely you are to see, in person, performing for your fans. I witnessed Pavlova gifting you the engagement ring at the Peter Pan statue here in Hyde Park. It was so romantic, regal and most of all ‘FAIRY … tale’. Your fan forever, Oliver Duncan

I made a video of the statue including close ups of the rabbit at the base and the area of the Serpentine it overlooks.A heartfelt message: It has been an obsession and long time dream in Fairy's aspirations to be 'this day and age1970s decade Freddie Mercury' is to play/re-create Queen's legendary 1976 Hyde Park - 'Picnic By The Serpentine' concert. The concert attracted more than 150,000 people - one of the largest audiences to date for a concert in London. Pavlova, please try to make this dream come true for Fairy.

Oliver, this is us letting you know the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury found your letter. Of course, a web page on entitled ‘The FAIRY … Tale Couple’ wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have this pictured on it ….

Coming Next - Killer Queen's adoring fans, you find it so funny about Ron Craster being stopped by Pavlova when he sneaks coming on here to post 'tell-all candids' - hoping he isn't stopped this time, he recounts the 'aftermath' of the recent visit to Hyde Park. The divine lush creature gets her 'fashionably naughty bracelet' back... Also, Fairy gets invited to a lavish masquerade and Pavlova literally sweeps her off her ballet slippers feet. Along with a new page to be started soon - details on the homepage. Pre-sale tickets for the glam rock queen's Bristol shows starts Monday. Special prices for fan club members. Fairy will not have any shows in June. She will be in Vienna the entire month at Pavlova's Vienna mansion preparing for their regal wedding to be held at the mansion on 25 June.


:::: Fairy's adoring fans, visit the new page My Fairy King Queen for the 'coming next' mentioned above.

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