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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Glam Rock Queen

Hello dears, It is after midnight here in London. I am not going to bother my PR/web designer over me starting the new page. He can work out the links and all else that goes into creating a new page whenever.


I wanted to post to you how my Xmas went since I see so many of you have been on the fan club / private site comments section anxiously wanting to know. Before I begin, I wanted to post this comment one fan (Alan Porter in Reading) posted that my personal photographer copy/pasted and emailed me and suggested we post it on the public site. The comment has gotten close to 1000 replies to it in agreeing to it:


The reason why the exotic prancer’s fans like the unique creative idea Fairy came up with to have his costume designer and best friend do to bring us fans ‘the candid’ is that Fairy was always left with one sided crap and he’s the freaking star!!! His man always being talked about by him and our star who we are fans of never hear him being talked about because he’s not going to be some egocentric talking about himself. Otherwise, it makes him seem like a nobody while his man might as well be the star.When is our star Fairy Mercury who we are fans of (no one else!) suppose to be talked about and treated like ‘lusted after’ and sexual talk like about his body, etc. So I can see why the protest. Because he is who we are fans of and are even attracted to. I like how the costume designer goes about bringing us ‘the candid’ because it’s focused on Fairy’s talents and not treating him like some freaking nobody – what was it you do again that made you famous? bs. Because fans aren’t fans of nobodies. If I want to be a fan of a bloody nobody, I can easily be a fan of my brother or father. We’re fans of Fairy Mercury because of his extreme likeness to 1970s Freddie Mercury and his talents as that. It’s impressively obsessive beyond words. EXTREMELY attractive.


Here is a rundown of how my Xmas went:

My precious fans, I really do hope you had a wonderful Xmas full of nothing but laughter, love and happiness. This is how my Xmas went and I am still spiraling from it. ‘Floating around in ecstasy’ (from ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’). I arrived by limo at one Mr. Nikolai Pavlova’s home in Cambridge. This man lives like a fucking prince!!! He prefers to be called Pavlova as Rudolf Nureyev was known by Nureyev. Too obvious what was said to me as he greeted me at the door (yes, looking like the gif minus jacket) was him alluding reading things posted on my public website.

This is what he said (with a wink), ‘no Russian, I promise, kitten.’ then ‘ah, look at you!’ literally gazing at my body in the white satin catsuit with extreme lust. He then took the fingers of my left (black nails) hand and kissed the back of it. I mean, I fucking melt, my darlings, how he will pause breathing on the back of it before he kisses it. It literally …. arouses …. the ‘anticipation’.

Match made in fairy .... tale land??


It was so fucking romantic how the majority of the time was spent with him in bodily contact with me. Either his arm around my waist, or holding my (left…) hand or placing my arm entwined in his.I did note the constant (I find it embarrassing) shyness of glancing at my lips (I made sure they were tarted up very erotically drenched in gloss …).

I could not believe this, dears!! He told me, ‘if you bought me a gift, I refuse it, femmka. Your presence is what I want for Xmas nothing more.’I couldn’t resist replying, ‘my presence. So you don’t want me, darling?’ He looked at me with a puzzled look and replied, ‘I don’t understand what you mean’. So this is what I said, ‘you want me here – present with you. So you don’t want me, you know, dear, as in having sex with me.’


The man blushed and lost the romantic body contact he had been doing and muttered something in Russian under his breath. I pressed him back against a wall and erotically pressed my satin clad body against his purring – my glossed lips inches from his lips, ‘you said no Russian! What did you say?’He turned his face to the side so my lips wouldn’t be so near his and said, ‘of course I want you in that way, femmka.’ I stepped back from him telling him lets have dinner.


Dinner was interesting and lovely. It was a combination of Indian and Russian. Apparently the … etiquette … is that you are to dine in silence. After dinner is when things really got .. um .. interesting, my dears.The entire ‘basement’ is a dance floor. Mirrored walls, balance bars – the whole thing. I was taken there I couldn’t believe what his Xmas present to me was. It was a fur coat almost exactly like the one my idol is wearing on the music video for ‘Killer Queen’. He was funny what he told me – ‘now you have something warm to wear over your satin, kitten (I seriously melt over the ‘kitten’ bit …) for when we take walks in colder weather in Hyde Park. Glamorous – no more having to wear my coat – man’s coat is not flattering on you, femmka.’I laughed so hard. He then poured me champagne and got himself brandy … and became oddly quiet.You’re seriously not going to believe this, my precious fans!! After an uncomfortable 5 solid minutes of silence, he took the champagne glass from me and told me, ‘come – let’s dance – I show you’


I become very puzzled as he went over to a bar in the room and started doing something on a laptop that was sitting on the bar. I did what that Dame Eleanor does. He let me create a gif of it (above). This is a re-created scene from a ballet of him dancing as Nureyev on the stage of Haze Theatre props and all. I wanted to make it larger but this damn site will only let you upload gifs of a certain size. Something I’ve been wanting to see. I even asked that Dame Eleanor and even him twice during my surprise visits to Haze Theatre but was met with silence. I told him, ‘you are not going to be picking me up like that are you?!’ He insisted, ‘come, I show you, kitten.’ He literally took me through that entire thing and wanted to use the fur coat in place of the red scarf. I kept telling him, ‘I can’t’ – should I say, shrieking it like a wild kitten cat. (Note: the gif being spoken of has been replaced by the gif above due to issues).

We ended up on the floor alright (HA!) because I caused him to lose his balance and we collapsed to the floor. Again, he glanced at my glossed lips, becoming shy …. I got up and making sure I was looking like a ravaged tart with my catsuit off one shoulder telling him perhaps I should leave now. I mean, I just can’t, my darlings!!! He came up behind me putting my catsuit back up on my shoulder thinking he had torn it telling me, ‘I thought you’d like to stay the night, kitten. You’re not hurt are you?’ caressing his hand on my hip then up my side. I mean, he is VERY strong! But as I said, dears, dance really builds your muscles if you do it professionally like him and Nureyev did.

Anyways, he left and I was left alone. I wandered back upstairs to find out where he went off to and why. I could hear him, obviously on the phone, speaking in Russian. I phone my costume designer (and best friend). I held the phone so he could hear and be able to translate what was being said. Johann told me that he was obviously talking to that Dame Eleanor and was saying, ‘I’ve hurt her and now she wants to leave. I dropped her showing her ballet. No, she wouldn’t relax. She was hysterical I picked her up and I lost balance. Yes we went to floor! I don’t know. Her shoulder, I think.’ EMBARRASSING!!!! ….. too obvious why he thought that part of me was hurt ….


In making this short, my precious fans, I had to reassure him I wasn’t hurt. He drove me to my London home. Embarrassingly, I ended up falling asleep on the ride there. Next I was aware of was him caressing my cheek quietly saying, ‘Fairy, wake up you’re home now. Safe.’ at the open passenger door leaning in. I got out and he walked me to the front door and instead of kissing my hand, he gave me a kiss on the cheek … then asked me if I enjoyed Xmas with him. I told him very much so then I purred (sounding as erotic as possible…), ‘I’m in love with you, dear, and I don’t know what to do about it. Kiss me on the lips.’ He blushed hurrying off to his car (obviously so I wouldn’t see) calling out something in Russian then said, ‘that means, goodnight – think of me’

From Queen’s ‘You And I’ ‘

Laughter ringing in the darkness

People drinking to days gone by

Time don’t mean a thing

When you’re by my side

Please stay a while’

What will the New Year bring, my darlings?

What will all of you being doing on New Years eve??

To Fairy from Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: you can delete this if you want after you read it. I see you posted what I sent you .... Other of your fans posting to that comment saying things like 'notice the nosy jealous haters always copy Fairy and never the fucking nobodies like Nutzarri, etc. Why? Because he's the star and they're jealous and wanting to destroy him.' Then others saying things like, 'tired of everyone being treated like they're really attractive while our star that we're fans of gets ignored like he's some fucking ugly duckling. So yeah, Alan, the shit gets booed because we're fans of FAIRY MERCURY the star no one else!' another one: 'it's alright he has his entourage to help promote him or even a love interest but that shit IS NOT center stage! Our glam rock queen FM lookalike Fairy is or else I fucking leave!' Btw, glad to hear you had a pleasant and exciting Xmas.


Pavlova, Haze Theatre - Hello, Mr. Hastings... Fairy, if you are on, would you like for me to address it? ..... (posted at 2am) Nevermind. I'm going to anyways as your agent. Why are you fans fuming?! For one thing, so much of it is a thing of the past - non-existent. As for the copying, people who do that are pathetic and you can only pity their jealous stupidity and laugh hoping they're enjoying their selfish gain at the expense of 'the real star' - that is Fairy Mercury. Those people walk in the shadows of others and can never be original and get their own ideas. Most likely pathetic struggling has beens trying to stay relevant or ugly low esteem fools being wannabes of someone (Fairy) attractive, talented and interesting showing them up and agitating their low complex. It is much like what I had told Fairy - fools make believe because they are trying to satisfy a hatred (most likely homophobia). Self centered people who never realize how offending and insulting their stupidity is. Making an effeminate gay male (queen) out of a straight macho and their man out of a girl. How ridiculous!! If they were to dare pretend - make believe - I'm a girl, they would be hoping they never come face to face with me is all I'll say.

Now let's talk about bodies .... Freddie Mercury never spoke of his. In one article he even got offended that females were behaving like clowns talking about his penis in his tight trousers. Why? Because he wasn't into females and he's effeminate. Fairy IS NOT going to talk about having a penis. Although I don't think that is what many of you are alluding to in your 'protest'. What confuses me about it is that he is talked about like the star he is and attractive. How slender he is, etc. What more do you people want?! One thing that pleases him the most is that you, his adoring fans, will not and do not 'make believe' about him being effeminate or his idol being that (the many articles throughout the public site, his profile and what's perm. posted at the top of the homepage). Because that is the real him and the real his idol. He isn't going to be fake. You are fans of an honest star - not a facade.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ What a surprise ..... yet again, it would be on boring negative terms, dear... I think I sorted that all out what I had posted on The Millionaire Waltz page. I like what you've written addressing it though. Especially what you said about that damn copying. It's like, well? Are you me and getting allllll the fucking attention you expect copying me - how's it working out for you? It is insulting when people will make believe about you and get you wrong. Then even do it to someone you idolize and want to be. My precious fans are very protective of me. Naive twats who are lost on gay people/lifestyle and making awkward fools of themselves. Not fans, don't get it, go away. Having my Xmas shows ruined was unforgivable just like everything else. Actually to me, 'making believe' about my idol is disrespectful. It is disrespectful of myself and even someone like you or even Johann who is 'behind the scenes' as my costume designer and doesn't matter.


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Hello, Mr. Pavlova. I like what you posted. I like this particular comment one fan wrote: 'it's alright he has his entourage to help promote him or even a love interest but that shit IS NOT center stage! Our glam rock queen FM lookalike Fairy is or else I fucking leave ' Because it would like if you were paying to see someone in concert and someone else shows up instead. They are fans of Fairy Mercury the star - who the public site and the (paid members) fan club is all about. I think they like you out of anyone he's tried to have a personal relationship with best because you would be more his type, Freddie Mercury had a thing for Nureyev, what you're about (ballet, Nureyev, theatre, etc.) is so 'in tune' (as Fairy puts it) with not only his idol but himself, how you treat/talk about Fairy isn't 'make believe' but like the 'effeminate queen' that he is. FM was too obviously attracted to 'muscular men' to 'complement' his effeminate. The 'femme' in the relationship. Nureyev on the other hand was the 'muscular' who was attracted to effeminate males. And as you had told Fairy, if you look at the pix of Freddie Mercury trying to do ballet with the Royal Ballet, he is being treated as the ballerina NOT the 'danseur' (male dancer role).


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Nikolai, what you wrote here: Now let's talk about bodies .... Freddie Mercury never spoke of his. In one article he even got offended that females were behaving like clowns talking about his penis in his tight trousers. Why? Because he wasn't into females and he's effeminate. --- I have something about the man he dated in the '70s talking about how he would 'tuck' his penis to appear he didn't have one in the red/white striped shorts he wore on stage. The guy was referring to it as that old talk 'tuck box'. At the start of Queen, he shaved his chest hair to appear more androgynous but felt ridiculous so he let it grow back. I don't shave mine for 2 reasons, I'm my idol and I sexually refer to it as my 'luxuriant fur' like a kitten cat's fur.... From Mr. Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre - That's lovely, femmka. The last bit you wrote. Erotic. I hope you are alright and that you weren't hurt. I've worried about you since we parted. I really enjoyed our time together alone.

The Aftermath - Interlude Into New Years

Below: Glam rock queen on stage in black satin catsuit with Freddie Mercury's trademark black nails

on left hand only look - the '70s Freddie Mercury incarnate Fairy Mercury.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I'm sure your fans will get a laugh off this, Fairy. First day of the New Year started out with a (lame) 'bang' with me getting another 'barrage' of text messages from - guess who? This is what one of them read:'I've known Pavlova since he was age 27. He is like a son to me. I am without words how in love he is with her although he struggles to understand the unruly creature!' 'Her fans carry on so about their 'budding romance'. I suppose we can expect her to do one of her 'surprise visits' to him at Haze Theatre now the holidays are over.' 'He still talks about spending Xmas with her and how aroused he was over how sinfully divine she showed up looking in the white satin catsuit. How she smelled, touching her. She is all he ever thinks of and talk about!''

Killer Queen's adoring fans, the upcoming new page will be me resuming 'the candid' that I was doing on the glam rock queen. I'm glad you guys enjoyed the past 'accounts'. It was funny what he said to me about the interaction on here with Pavlova last night. That he was upset that damn server connection issue happened because he hopes the man got the sexually implicit he was trying to allude to with the 'fly' comment he made.Him also telling me this, that when Pavlova was trying to show him ballet on Xmas and they fell to the floor because the man startled him literally picking him up and caused Fairy to panic and making Pavlova lose his balance and they fell to the floor. Exotic sibilant purr telling me, 'I wish he would have just took (fucked) me but all he cared about was wanting to know if I was hurt.' You guys will laugh over this. They didn't spend New Years Eve together as was planned because Fairy isn't ready to be alone with him for another time and .... Pavlova has a cold and thought it best he didn't 'subject 'him to it. 'How fucking charming ....' (what Fairy said to me when he told me that).


We are still experiencing that annoying 'lost server connection' issue exotic prancer's PR/web designer posted about. It for real took me a little over a half hour to be able to post this! I want to thank the fan Keith Snyder for giving me permission to post what he posted last night in the fan club comments section that all of you other fans have been carrying on about.Photos and what was posted with it below:I am so in love obsessed with our glam rock Persian queen and the 'delectable' Russian prince's relationship!! When you're a 'match made in FAIRY tale land and matching poses!!' 💗 💗 💗 The expression on his face is so scorching which is way better than hawt! And she obviously is wearing lipstick NOT gloss and is so erotic!

Hello dears. I wasn't able come on yesterday because of that bloody server lost connection issue.I just have to share this with you. An awww moment and a bit of camp. Two things actually. As you know from my profile ... I have 3 cats. Moxie, Ming and Mikado. Mikado (emperor of Japan) behaves just like what Mikado means - emperor. He chewed the ethernet cord of my desktop computer. It's a good thing I also have a laptop which, as you know darlings, doesn't require such. I'm glad he didn't end up electrocuted. HA!! That post from the comments section my costume designer (of all people...) posted on here was funny.Don't think for one moment Greg (Johann's man) is upset you think he's 'hawt' but 'scorching' is 'way better'. I mean - 'kocked' - really?! What a mess!!! Mmmmm my choice of words would be 'smouldering' because scorching means .... shriveled and that man is far from that! (picture me in fits of melodramatic theatrical laughter).

Don't ask me why I'm finding it pathetic to make a point of this, but these are the countries I can't stand.That fucking France, Spain and Americlown. That Spain disturbs me that hellish barbaric run of the bull shit they do. That damn France is so lame. Speaking of ballet, the cry babies became so upset that ballet originates from their shit show BORING country and Russian ballet dancers upstaged them by being where all the legendary dancers originated such as: Nijinsky, Pavlova... , Massine, NUREYEV, .... Baryshnikov, the legendary Diaghilev and Kirov ballet. England, India (mine and my idol's exotic homeland - Persian), Russia and Japan are countries I favor.

Who thinks a shy man is attractive? I guess men tend to be .... My beloved idol was said to be very shy another endless trait of his I have. But I'm talking about a certain type of shy man .... It's funny, dears, it really is how to .... him .... certain things are 'so passe'. Such as having dinner and the 'un-intimate' of talking on the phone.

Forget text messaging because that's childish. Speaking of phone calls and why I've learned what I'm saying is

that I recieved one last night. Obvious .... he ... was drunk which I found interesting .... I guess you're suppose to feel bad for the 'royal family' because that's the only life they know. I asked exactly what - that they never lead the life of an 'average person'. This was my reply - 'I am so very aroused by the forbidden and that is what you are, kitten.' My heart started to sink because I thought .... he ... was trying to tell me we aren't to be together .... intimately. Only a working relationship. I mean, this very long pause. I asked, 'darling, are you still there?' What was said to me .... I mean, I just can't! This is what he said, 'I am very obsessed and in love with you, femmka. How do we become, how you say? - official?' I pretended I had to go because one of my precious kitten cats just knocked over something. Of course, I just had to tell my best friend forever and always who is also my costume designer and courtier personal assistant. Your cue, Johann.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Greg told me he is about to quitplaying that asshole 'fartbender' game because it's giving off a creepy copy/paste stalker vibe ... talking about making a point of things .... (our passive aggressive jabs....). Forever so much the incarnate of your beloved idol Freddie Mercury you are, Killer Queen. Laughing so hard what you had to say about the comment posted by the fan Keith S. .... I liked your cut down of that lame freak show France. Btw, imagine this, Fairy, being so wealthy you own 7 homes and one is literally on an island. Nureyev was that. The one on an island of Li Galli was owned by Massine who Diaghilev hatefully replaced his lover Nijinsky for when they broke up. You can tell if someone is fanatical when they will buy/own things having belonged to idol(s).... Such as your idol worship of 1970s Freddie Mercury that you go to mad lengths to be him, Fairy.

Exotic prancer's adoring fans, when he told me about that phone call, I asked him what is he going to do about it because he can't just keep putting off the (for you, Jorge, our ongoing 'inevitable love affair' joke about the people at Haze Theatre...) inevitable. He's professed his love and obsession for you. He obviously sees you asthe ballet Giselle. Prince Albrecht deceives the peasant girl (Giselle). You being 'unruly glam rock queen' would be like that. Because anyone familiar with ballet knows it's like the 'lifestyle' of 'the royal family'. Certain standard, etiquette and conduct you are born/bred into and have to 'uphold'. Probably why back when Nureyev mentioned 'I'm now dating a rockstar' but wouldn't name it was Freddie Mercury because it would be that 'forbidden' Pavlova KEEPS bringing up - bothered by .... Other than Nureyev kept his personal life VERY private.

Yet, Fairy, you are like that yourself - always have been wealthy. With your fame/success you've become even more so. Not to boast of it, but your net worth being 6 digit figures. Fans, the glam rock queen's net worth was around 60,000 but with his Flight Of The Fairy tour/shows - your supportive devoted fandom - his net worth rose to over 100,000.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ No comment really - what you're saying, dear. I love you so, my precious fans. You always know how to cheer this queen the comments you're leaving ... Remember how that old bird Dame Eleanor oddly always texts you, Johann? You are not going to believe this. I just now got a text and it's from her! It would be serious. Her being glad that (omitted) I'm waiting, my dears, to see if she texts me anything else ... I have the feeling she won't - not about .... him .... It's just too funny why is it Johann she texts. Eat your heart out, Nijinsky and Liza - I'm practicing my future gig where I'll be dancing with 'the Russian prince'...

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: She's probably online and reading our conversation ... I doubt she will text you about him, Fairy. You should text her about him to see if and what she replies back ...

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I did. This is what I texted - I hope you're not upset I posted on my public website about the phone call Pavlova made to me last night. How is he? Not suffering a massive hangover, I hope .... Again, picture me in melodramatic theatrical laughter of hysterics, my darlings!!! Johann, I just can't!!I got a reply back. This is what it said with below gif attached: He is a man very obsessed and in love. As I said before,this gif was how he was the one day after you left Haze Theatre from one of your surprise visits. He's told me he constantly wakes in the night longing for you ... aroused.

My text back - I'm the same. I wake having to masturbate .... When I tart myself up to see him, I deliberately perfume the back of black nails left hand for when he takes it and kisses it. It really is so fucking arousing that thing he does by breathing on it (perhaps smelling the scent...) before he delivers his princely kiss. NEVER have I ever been so taken by any man as I am him! I believe we were/are destined to be together because of my walking in the ballet slippers footsteps of my beloved idol and 'the story' of Freddie and Nureyev.

Message from Mr. N. Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Fairy who is so very remarkably lovely and talented with how you embody your idol 1970s Freddie Mercury as a whole. Your adoring fans forever remain awestruck by it. I hope that annoying server connection quits. Now that we are 2 days into the New Year,things need to become active again about promoting you. I personally can't wait until things get back to how they were when it comes to Fairy Mercury 'online'. Your fans are rather interesting and funny. I have to admit, my heart soared over 'matching poses' .....

In response to what you managed to post today on this, your public site, femmka - it really is funny and 'camp' what you, your costume designer and your adoring fans find so funny. 'Behaving like certain people aren't going to be reading' - as it's put. Now I know why you hung up on me last night ...The truth and not using your cats as an excuse. I would like for you to choose a date this week to come to my office at Haze Theatre so we can discuss several professional and ... personal things.Poor Dame Eleanor, I just don't know what to do about the gossipy old bird and her insisting on 'over sharing' things about me pertaining to you. As for the last bit you wrote (I see your adoring fans are in a frenzy over it...), you have such an erotically exotic smell.... Alluring and yes, arousing ... The times you came to Haze Theatre,in my office and the scent of you lingered long after you left. The scent of you lingered on my person long after we departed on Christmas - after spending so much time so very intimately 'in body contact'.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Mmmm.... things have just gotten interesting with that last bit you wrote, dear ....I want to out-do that fan so hold on a moment (hoping you are still on). When you and your potential man are making 'matching' expressions/faces ...

I would love to go on a walk in Hyde Park with you again, darling, wearing my fur coat you got me for Xmas...and you looking like this again just for me. Me (right) seductively beckoning you - glistening glam rock queen.

So, my darling Pavlova, did you sleep with your clothes on just to keep the 'lingering scent' of me all over you? Mmm... how arousing if your answer were to be yes!

Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Very funny your attempt to 'out do' the fan. The gifs are almost timed up with the lips .... Speaking of lips (strike that...). Freddie Mercury wearing the fur on the music video for 'Killer Queen' was him being Liza and the fur on 'Cabaret'. Just had to point that out. Here's a laugh for you, femmka. Very well then, we'll go for a stroll through Hyde Park so the 'inevitable love affair' staff of Haze Theatre won't be so gossipy old bird Dame Eleanor about us.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Picture me laughing ..... you know the rest, it really is funny though, dear. Awww they just live too much for you being Nureyev dancing ballet as 'the prince'. I adore romanticists - myself being the biggestone there is. You didn't answer my question ....

Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Disappointingly no, kitten. I wish I could be the romanticist and reply that I had slept with my clothes on - all that you said. But no, I didn't. Would you like to meet tomorrow for the walk?

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Yes I would. Any time after noon. As you know, 'sleeping beauty' sleeps until noon and I usually am not fully awake until one. What was it you were going to say about lips, dear? .... Please say it.

Pavlova, Haze Theatre: I will pick you up at your London home around 2:30 then. The word sensuous...

Goodnight, Fairy. You know what, I don't think I will leave it there. Sensuous is it not usually defined as something

sexually gratifying??

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I just kocked knocked over my drink. How clumsy and un-elegant of me. Yes, my precious fans, you are amusing in the comments on my fan club...... Ahem, yes. Like a well endowed cock ....

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio - Me being a right wanker 'sliding in' on your conversation. I was reading in the intro. of Mick Rock's book Queen titled 'Classic Queen' talking about glam rock. The one part was awesome 'and gloss was on everyone's lips'..... (just had to ....).

Two photos of Fairy for you .... glossed lips and dark exotic eye lined eyes.

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