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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

The Millionaire Waltz


 Fans protest taken from comment section of the divine lush creature's fan club as follows:

We have a major complaint! Why is it that Killer Queen's man always has his body talked about whereas 'her' killer body is practically ignored?! There is more to 'her' than just 'her' exotic Freddie Mercury lookalike face (eyes, lips) and hands, you know!! 'She's' so erotic dressed in 'drag' (like FM of the '70s would) in the 'obscenely tight' satin catsuits and showing off even more of 'her' lovely fit slender body in the ballet leotards look. We seriously L-O-V-E the idea of our glam rock queen 'this day and age Freddie Mercury' involvement in Haze Theatre and being with the extremely handsome Mr. Nikolai Pavlova. The man is the perfect fit for our queen.

They're like a real life 💓 FAIRY 💓 tale. We want to see them dance ballet together!!! We love the 'candid' idea and are really sorry for being mean about Killer Queen's costume designer. They were extremely focused on the music, Fairy's talents and did show us a lot of a candid side of the effeminate queen.

Signed, Fairy Mercury's adoring fans

(below: 1970s circa)


Message From Fairy



My precious fans, I am sorry I’ve upset and worried you over what I’ve done and am deeply distraught that I have denied you of my Xmas gigs I was to do this weekend for you. I force it out of my mind or else I will cry and go down a dark spiral of despair. Maybe I will come up with something for New Years instead. It’s not like it’s the end. I hope all of you will have a lovely Xmas the following weekend full of laughter, happiness and most of all love. I believe these three things are a must for anyone’s soul as well as kindness and empathy…


I want to clear up a few things after reading through many of your comments you’ve posted these past few days in the fan club comments section, my darlings. Although you are my fans and fans tend to develop a personal attachment to the star which many times leads them to believe they actually know you. You don’t know me. To know me is to actually live with me day by day. Seeing how I live in my personal life, how I interact with friends even ‘business associates’. I only allow a certain amount of my personal life to be public. All of you turned against my best friend which is also my costume designer and for reasons which are false. He IS NOT ‘effeminate’. He is just a typical average gay man. Just like his partner Greg Hastings (my personal photographer) is. I am ashamed at you considering my fanbase is hugely made up of the gay community throughout England and a few other countries. You should know better and be able to discern things. Unlike the lost straight freaks in society – naive about all things ‘gay’.


I am the only ‘feminine’ (effeminate) – the queen around here. I do not associate myself with other ‘queens’ (feminine gays) or fucking lesbians. I only fancy masculine gay men to complement my effeminate. Just as my beloved idol did … All this had been made clear fans and even entourage of mine who made it a point to get it straight about quit making believe about me and my idol Freddie Mercury. I really do feel sorry for pathetic straight people and how pathetically lost they are on the gay lifestyle. No wonder they ‘make believe’. As my agent said in a deleted off here comment – they do it obviously to pacify their hatred (homophobia).

Speaking of my agent, apparently he doesn’t like my costume designer (best friend). I was surprised to read that a majority of you decided you didn’t like the ‘candid’ angle that was actually my idea that I came up with for my costume designer to do. Why? Because of foolish misconceptions. Again, you don’t know any of us personally. Don’t assume. NEVER assume things! Rethink it. It’s not like it was replacing you actually hearing from me, my dears! You got upset because I wasn’t coming on as often as I had been talking directly to you. We can even it out.


Speaking of feminine. The only ‘real female’ (as I’ll just put it) I will allow on my site as a promo effort to promote me is Dame Eleanor. I think the old bird is funny. She has been my agent’s personal assistant for the past 15 years. She is open minded for being 72 – not some old fashioned homophobic. But the theatre is majorly made up of gays (especially ballet).


'Once we were mad, we were happy

We spent all our days holding hands together

Do you remember, my love

How we danced and played In the rain we laid '

(from Queen's 'The Millionaire Waltz' written by none other than Freddie Mercury)

Fans, doesn't the lyrics obsess you?? ....


About my agent – one Mr. Nikolai Pavlova … he has been nothing but (as expected) charming in being so attentive to me since what happened. I just have to share this with you, my darlings. I was asleep and I woke feeling someone caressing the back of my hand (left one with the black nails…) - it was him. I pretended to be still asleep. I then felt him touch my hair – petting it … quietly saying, ‘what do you dream of, femmka?' I opened my eyes and caught him staring at my lips …. He quickly got up from the chair that had been placed alongside my bed saying to the private duty nurse that is doing a 24 hour suicide watch of me in my home, ‘I must be off now.’ and hurried out. I suppose it wasn’t proper for him to be caught in an intimate setting (my bedroom), sneaking touching me and probably lusting for a kiss of sleeping beauty's my lips …. (mmm… where’s my lip gloss …..)


So anyways, my dears, I will back soon with loads more music – entertaining you, my precious fans, who I appreciate your fandom to no end. I promise I will post again to all of you very soon.

Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy Mercury


My darlings, I am back. I fell off to sleep after I posted. I am fighting even more depression!! I have been told the recent COVID is worsening. I hope it's not those clowns playing sensationalizing.That's disgusting and ... selfish gain ... to do that just to sell their rubbish. Disregard for human beings being put at risk over a literal life and death situation such as a deadly virus.

Anyways, I want to praise thanks to Allah for blessing me to be able to grace stages before you,my precious fans, during the summer/early fall months. It will be unforgettable and cherished by me.I want this horrible virus nightmare to end!! I live for my aspirations to be my idol - for the stage - for you,my precious fans. I am like a wilted flower when these are taken from me.


I would also like to thank all of you for your lovely kind apologies for being mean about my costume designer (and best friend). He will gladly continue the 'candid' idea that I came up with and asked him to do. I love you all! Forever and always thank you for your fandom, dears!!! xx Fairy

(Gets out saree to wear as a glam af face mask. I love the part of Liza's movie 'A Matter Of Time' when she's wearing the saree and dreaming.... of being with a prince.... buying her jewels. So me ....)

To be continued with Fairy's holiday plans and the most recent happenings! In the meanwhile, enjoy the performance. Video is a bit messed up at the beginning. Sibilant purr clip of the Persian queen then it takes

a bit and you'll hear his emulating to perfection live performance of 'We Are The Champions' snippet then 'The Millionaire Waltz'. All Fairy being identical to his idol ('70s decade) Freddie Mercury.

Btw, 'The Millionaire Waltz' would be so perfect to perform ballet to because ballet is danced to such music (classical music) .....

Can't wait until this page/post REALLY gets underway. Btw, 'Keith from Ipswich' who goes into 'hyperventilating hysterics' over your 'queenly idol' Fairy. Never living down 'kocked'. The glam rock queen is convinced you were behind the 'protest'. You thinking 'the Persian queen and Russian prince are a match made in fairy ... tale-land' and are so 'dead' over the few conversations they've posted on the public website to each other. 'Addicted to' reading Johann Wagner's writings of their 'encounters' - the candid. That is true that Fairy's idol had a crush/thing for the chiseled god of dance Nureyev, fans of his idol would know that. Freddie Mercury talks of becoming good friends with the head of EMI (Queen's record label) who was also the chairman of the Royal Ballet.


Killer Queen's adoring fans constantly wanting to know what it's like to look like and be so identical to (1970s) Freddie Mercury. Fairy would answer to you it's surreal - like living out a fantasy. You get an idea what it was like to actually be him. He for real is 'prancing in the ballet slippers footsteps' of his idol.


Following by Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury


As the divine lush creature’s costume designer, I am not only in charge of creating his 1970s Freddie Mercury stage wardrobe and some of the off stage looks the rock icon wore for him but I sometimes ‘take care of’ Fairy’s lovely midnight black hair. Why I say ‘sometimes’ is that there are times he gets upset and demands to style it himself. With that said, speaking of being ‘prima’ – ‘unruly’, the glam rock queen’s hair becomes ‘unruly’. Being Persian (India descent), his midnight black hair has a natural wave to it. The ‘natural look’ has been often photographed. He likes to use heating tongs (like his idol was known for doing) to ‘straighten’ his hair. As for makeup, he does his own.

I wish you, his adoring fans, could have seen this! It was so vaudeville/camp. The Russian prince paid him another visit to see how he was doing. I was present when this happened so I am able to play up ‘romance novelist’ bringing the latest ‘candid’ on Killer Queen. Mr. Nikolai Pavlova looking relieved to be told Fairy isn’t in his bedroom but in one of the downstairs rooms ‘resting’. He is shown to the room. The Persian queen is laying on the sofa and Pavlova strides over to it, Russian accent saying, ‘come now, kitten, you must get up and resume life! I have things to tell you and show you, femmka. Come now, sit up.’ Half asleep, Fairy moans pawing at the Russian prince muttering, ‘no, go away’ then realizing who is disturbing him, quickly grabs one of the pillows covering his midnight black hair head (which looks a complete disarray) gaspily purring underneath it, ‘send him away! He can’t see me like this! I’m awful!!’


The Russian in his princely manner laughs saying, ‘that’s not possible. You could be dressed in sack cloth and still look glamorous. Come now, kitten. I’ve come to invite you to my home in Cambridge for Christmas.’ tugging at the pillow which the glam rock queen grasps onto for dear life. He is dressed in one of his silk kimonos completely naked under it. The throw he is covered with falls to the floor and I watch as Pavlova’s face, turning deep red, glances upon the gaping wide open kimono – Fairy’s nudity completely exposed, quickly strides off far away from the sofa over to a window across the room saying in Russian, ‘Perhaps I should leave. I’ve come at a wrong time.’ I hurry over to the sofa grabbing up the throw covering the exotic prancer with it and quietly tell him, ‘he just saw you’re naked under your kimono!’ Upon hearing that, the overly sexual queen goes into tart mode obviously no longer caring about how he looks. He gets off the sofa and glides over to where the Russian prince is, who turns away taking off saying, ‘You’re right. I shouldn’t see you like this. I’ve forgotten my manners coming uninvited. How very rude of me. Forgive me, femmka.’


Fairy not bound to let his ‘crush’ leave, glides after him and corners him in the foyer. Coming up behind Pavlova slipping his arms around the front of him and quietly erotically purrs, ‘I see what’s going on in your trousers, dear, just put it inside me and fuck me.’ The Russian clears his throat reaching for the door handle. I nearly laugh as it’s just out of his reach. He literally does the famous ballet move ‘pirouette’ to get away from the Persian queen and hurries out the door. Very camp and so like the divine lush creature, silk kimono flying out behind him, rushes after the Russian prince, black varnished nails left hand held out palm down, calling out, ‘but, darling! Aren’t you at least going to give me a kiss goodbye! You can’t just rush off like that!’ Pavlova now at his car, looks over the top of it laughing, ‘you unruly silly girl! Get in before the neighbors see you!! Yet such exotic beauty should be adored by all’ and gets in his car leaving.


Inside Fairy’s lavish home, he busies himself at his laptop to see what his ‘precious darlings’ have been posting on his fan club comments section. That’s when (it never gets old and it’s what Killer Queen finds the most funny about Dame Eleanor) the texts start to my phone. I bust out laughing and show them to him. He wildly laughs reading them. They are as follows:


  • Pavlova has phoned and told me he had just left her London home and she was naked all but a kimono! I have asked him why hasn’t he made their relationship official then if she is letting him see her completely nude?!

  • He will give her ANYTHING she desires! Do you tell her that?! How does she react/reply when you do, Johann?!


Hilariously, Fairy replies to the second text – ‘anything, huh? This is Fairy not Johann. He’s shown me your text. Why then did he not fuck me just now when he became so aroused? I wouldn’t call that giving me ‘anything’ I desire. I want his well endowed fucking cock in me so bad !’


We sit laughing waiting to see if a reply comes. It does after nearly 5 minutes. ‘Must you use that language?! Oh, I forget you’re a ‘glam rock queen’ so that unruly language is expected. He is dealing with being afraid of how you make him feel. He doesn’t understand you.’


The exotic prancer sighs rolling his dark eyes (minus eyeliner) and texts back: ‘What exactly do you mean he doesn’t understand me?! I am so fucking in love with him! I am obsessed with the man. The ways he treats me, talks to me, his looks/body – everything about him. I masturbate over thoughts of him fucking me.‘

He wildly laughs purring, ‘I shouldn’t be writing things like that to the old bird. It really isn’t proper is it? I hope she shows it to him.’ I tell the divine lush creature, ‘I’m sure she will. I just wish we could see the look on his face when he reads it.’ Oddly 5 then 10 minutes pass and no reply back.

A half hour a text comes with gif (below) attached that reads: ‘He has just gotten out of the shower. I showed him what she had texted. His expression was unreadable then he told me, ‘never before have I been so obsessed with anyone as I am with her. I did want to give her what she desired of me but the costume designer was there and I didn’t want an audience.’


Hello dears, it is midnight here in London as I write this, my precious fans. I am going to reply to the last thing my costume designer (and best friend) posted. Something I said to him when he showed me that text msg. Why couldn’t he have Johann leave?… I teased Johann about it telling him if it wasn’t all because of him playing up romance novelist I could have had that delectable man.

This is what happened after that. The following day he phoned asking if he could come see me. I couldn’t resist teasing, 'your attempt at a surprise visit' – I didn’t finish but asked him who lets him in.He laughed telling me the private duty nurse who thinks he’s my ‘suitor’. I was laughing so hard, my dears!! He then told me, ‘don’t laugh, kitten. Dame Eleanor uses old fashioned talk such as that. So I see Johann is back to putting us into words. I do wish Dame Eleanor would quit being such a gossip!’

I asked him about that text – the last one Johann wrote about where the funny old bird told my costume designer what he had said when he got out of the shower, my darlings. I was like, ‘would you have fucked me if Johann wasn’t there? You could have told him to leave.’ I could not believe his reply!!!

The broken English Russian accent is soooooooooo fucking charming!! He was like, ‘No, femmka. The moment would have been ruined. It would have been gone. Well, you know.’ I about died, my dears!! ‘It’ obviously was referring to his hard on – erection – whatever you wish to call it!!! I AM SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH THIS MAN!!! He for real is like the princes Nureyev danced as!!I couldn’t even reply to it! I asked if he would like to come for tea. Then I realized I’m STILL not ready to be alone with him after I hung up and he said he would and would be by in a ½ hour.I just had to phone Johann and tell him all this and asked if he would come. HA!! I made sure I was VERY tarted up for this visit …

Btw, the ‘Russian prince ‘in character’ photo was delivered to me by Haze Theatre’s ‘special courier’ with a card telling me how ‘dreadfully sorry’ my Xmas shows at Haze Theatre was ruined. I guess it was of my own doing, my sad disappointed precious fans. Those loathsome freaks who NEVER quit are so NOT worth ending your life over, becoming upset or angry at – all they’re worth is ignoring and blocking them out. That fucking COVID isn’t that worth being kept informed about because whatever will be, will be. Back on topic now, when he came – he did his charming taking the fingers of my black varnished nails left hand and kissed the back of it. He noticed Johann was there and he said this to me, ‘if I ask you to come to my Cambridge home for Christmas, come alone, kitten.’ then just stood there, still holding my fingers caressing the back of my hand staring into my eyes.


I asked him if anyone else would be there. He glanced at my lips …. I realized something very embarrassing about him! That about me (my lips...) … obviously makes him nervous because he then spoke in Russian. I wasn’t going to let him become shy and embarrassed! I did what I did the time in his car, I caressed my finger alongside the corner of his lips – purring … in the most erotic tone (deliberately), ‘speak English, dear.’ He wouldn’t look at me, he just muttered, ‘no, only cook will be there’


I almost forgot to add. I wanted to address 'the protest' ... I laughed so hard. I believe that complete mess 'Keith in Ipswich' was behind 'orchestrating' it because I'm sure all over 900,000 of you with membership to my fan club couldn't have simultaneously composed it. Someone had to be 'the ringleader'. HA!! Awww, seriously I loved it. It was so in tune with the scan from book on my beloved idol my PR/web designer included below it. Dressing in 'drag' in satin catsuits, makeup and nail varnish. I adore wearing satin it's sensual and erotic, don't you think, dears? ...


Again, we don’t care if this gets read do we, Johann? HA!! It really is funny. I will have Johann tell what happened over tea. That will be 'the continuation'. I hope all of you have had a lovely weekend, my precious fans. I am working on a New Years surprise for all of you. xx Fairy


Hello dears, it is going on 4:30pm here in London. I thought I'd wake you from your Monday snoozefest (weekdays are rather dull). The greatest romance novelist of all time my costume designer wanted me to tell what happened over tea for whatever reason. Actually there really isn't much to say except for that I daringly accepted to spend Xmas with one Mr. Nikolai Pavlova at his Cambridge home. I can hardly imagine what that is going to be like!! It will be the first time I am ever completely alone with the man and I'll admit I am so nervous!!


I have a bit of camp for you, darlings. That eBay account was sat up for me by (R.I.P.) 'ultimate fan' Jason Long. Foolishly putting the name on the account as Moxie Ming - the names of 2 of my cats. Note to one Mr. F.J. Boyd, change it to my name because Moxie is getting tired of people sending him emails. What a diva!! (picture me in melodramatic theatrical laughter, my dears). Really?!


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: You NEVER fail to bring the camp humour do you, Killer Queen? No lie, his adoring fans, I literally spit out my tea just now as I took a sip reading what he posted about his cat. Laughing so hard. Thanks for making the rest of my day, divine lush creature. Have fun on Xmas ....


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ It's nice to see you're coming around, dear. You've been so quiet ever since you heard your idol Mick Rock passed. I am still saddened over it myself. Have you read in the comments on my fan club, my precious fans hailing you as 'this day and age Mick Rock'? Awww. I was touched by it. Talking about touching, my darlings, let me share something that is just that. The card I spoke of that was sent me via Haze Theatre's special courier with the 'Russian prince 'in character' photo, ... he ... wrote that on Friday and Saturday (that was to be my 2 sold out Haze Theatre Xmas shows) he was going to have the stage 'lit with a single blue spotlight of melancholy for the absence of the exotic prancer who speechlessly embodies '70s Freddie Mercury'. I cried and I'll admit, it set me in more of a depressed mood. I am better now. The private duty nurse left this morning lifting the 24 hr. suicide watch of me. Without you, my precious fans, where would I be? You have brought me through time and time again with your loyal devotion of fandom. Love and kisses to you all, darlings.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy, I'm sure your fans will really enjoy this. I received a text from you know who. Below three: gif, video and photo were the attachments. I can hardly imagine what your reply is going to be when you read/see this ... This is what the text said: 'It is all he thinks of and speaks of now is her. He has bought TWO bottles of Cristal champagne knowing it's her favorite because it was said to be her idol's fave. Nureyev's fave drink was cherry brandy which is what Pavlova drinks. I think he plans to get her drunk. He has expressed that he wishes for her to come looking like she did during this performance in Manchester (video) please relay that to her since you are her costume designer. Have you let her know Haze Theatre will be closed all week? In case she decides to be an unruly silly girl trying one of her surprise visits to see him.'

Waits for the glam rock queen's reply ... below are the 3 attachments that was with the text:


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Getting tired of 'server lost connection' msg. and the page refreshing. I cleared my cache and it quit... whatever. Johann, no comment. I can't wait until he sees it and replies. His adoring fans already are going into a wild frenzy over it ... I just had to post this and I know the exotic prancer will find it hysterical. Posted in the fan club comments section from goes into 'hyperventilating hysterics' Keith in Ipswich and has gotten over 100 replies to it already of the other fans carrying on over it. The fan really is funny. This is what the comment read and pix attached to the comment:

I am so dead!! Did you see how Fairy replied and talking about her dressing in drag in the satin catsuits?!

What she wrote about sensuous and erotic!! Her hair is so exotic so I made this hoping it's seen!


Here's a photo for you (below) .... Enjoy! - Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio

"When I started photographing Fairy, I made it a point to try to capture erotic shots in order to

capture the overly sexual demeanor of the exotic prancer, which his idol (1970s) Freddie Mercury

was well known to having possessed as well.'

-- Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio

(Forward from photo book: 'Mirror Image - Fairy Mercury Becoming 1970s Freddie Mercury'

exclusively sold only to fan club members. )


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ That is too funny, Greg, what you took out of the fan club comments. 'Kocked', really?! Don't be such a mess!! .... I suppose Greg became even more 'hawt' that he's given you even more attention. As long as you realize that's Johann's man and you don't dare about MY potential man .... and speaking of that ... Johann, oh my god that gif!!!!

Mmmm... someone's going to have a very unforgettable Xmas this year, my darlings .... How did it go?

The one text msg. that was posted on the Regal Splendour page? He thinks the ‘Black Queen’ (black satin catsuit)

is “sinfully divine” and the white catsuit is “seductively erotic”. Text this back to that old bird, Johann, I'll come in

my white satin catsuit ONLY IF he looks exactly like that gif for me .... Epitome of 'delectable'!!!

Now this queen is so fucking aroused ....


Clearing Up A Misconception


My precious fans, I noticed many of you were bickering in the comments section on the fan club about Hyde Park. Queen were not being booed in the replicated by me below video. Why the fans were throwing things was that they were upset Hyde Park placed a curfew on the performance.

I will be on tomorrow but most likely Xmas Eve day. I am so fucking nervous, my darlings, about Xmas .... xx Fairy

Hello dears. It is after 6pm here in London. Does that officially start 'Christmas Eve'?? I have only been awake for almost 5 hours. My usual bed around 3-4 am sleeping until noon then I have (ahem...) last minute Xmas shopping I needed to consider. This is no lie that I am now recognized because that's how much of a 'well known' star I've become. So I guess my costume designer acts as my 'personal assistant'. Anyways, I asked if he would go out and get things for me. When I woke I had loads of texts, emails and phone calls. My public website has been bombarded with emails as Mr. Jorge Schumann (my PR and web designer) has told me. Awww I love you so very much, my precious fans!!! All of you carrying on over 'the Russian prince' treating me like the Persian queen for Xmas with what little he revealed. I will entertain you with that.

When you see your 'dream man' (left) and you go into toss of midnight black hair head flirty tart mode (right)


Yesterday, again, the special courier Haze Theatre has arrived at my London home. A card and a single rose is what was delivered this time. I'm not sure I even want to tell you what the card read, my darlings!! I mean things have gotten ... well .... I don't know how to put it - since my suicide attempt but mainly since that visit ... he ... made to my home when he saw me naked under my kimono... It is too obvious tomorrow ... he ... has plans on making us 'official'. I'm about to pretend to be sick. HA!!!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: What I think is funny is your adoring fans going into 'hyperventilating hysterics' over - let me just copy/paste some of the comments they've been leaving in the fan club comments section because I know you're finding it very amusing, Killer Queen. One that read: I'm dying!!! Our glam rock queen is going to have the most exciting Xmas with her Russian prince!! While everyone else's Xmas will be just Dullsville. #theonlyentertainerthisworldneeds Another that reads: Seriously how f 'n romantic the Persian queen and the Russian prince's budding relationship! I could see why Freddie Mercury had a crush on Rudolf Nureyev if Nikolai Pavlova is so Nureyev! I'll NEVER get how 'incarnate' Fairy is to his idol. Who isn't obsessed?


I could sit here for awhile copy/pasting so many of them. Btw, that Dame Eleanor has gone so quiet. I haven't heard anything from her since that text msg. I posted on here.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I have the best fans ever. What I can't get over is requesting me to come dressed in the white satin catsuit. He wants to dance with me, Johann!!! I mean I honestly don't think I can do this! That's basically what the card read. It was instructions. This is what he wrote: Ever so elegant Fairy, you never asked when you accepted my Christmas invite how you were to get to my Cambridge home. I have rented a limousine that will arrive at your London home precisely 11am and transport you to my home. How do you move in such sinfully erotic tight clothes such as the satin you are so fond of? I hope you can dance in the catsuit I asked that you wear. I see the message was relayed, of course, on your website... Or we can dance .. naked ... 'unrestrained' as you put it. You will be all mine for the day and I yours.


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: I can't wait until you tell me (even your fans) about it. You should sneak off into a bathroom and phone or text me. LOL!! I'll be having Xmas with Greg and all the time wondering how yours is going. One last EXTREMELY hilarious comment one of the exotic prancer's adoring fans posted: Fairy's fans being like on Xmas - letting their dinners get cold whilst they sit there obsessively online waiting for Killer Queen to grace them with how his Xmas is going. Yeah, I would want the glam rock queen showing up looking like the killer performance nailing looking like and sounding like '70s FM on the 'Seven Seas Of Rhye'/'White Christmas' video because how erotic af!! Too bad 'her' Haze Theatre Christmas shows it was a 'teaser' for ended up ruined. Leave it up to the meddling never changing BORING jealous hater assholes.

MERRY CHRISTMAS FAIRY! #theonlyentertainerthisworldneeds

Who's Ready For It?? ....

Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: Fairy's adoring fans, you guys clamor for the candid of your star so much, so I thought I would share this with you because it's too funny. Before I do, I want to touch on the death of Mick Rock. It had such a profound effect on myself and Fairy. His photography of 1970s Queen (more less Freddie Mercury...) is what inspired me to become a photographer. As Killer Queen had posted, Rock's photography in and on the albums Queen II and Sheer Heart Attack of his idol FM is what he looks the most identical to and is obsessed with looking like - as if he has to try to achieve the looks because it really is overwhelmingly speechless to the point of surreal how identical he is to 1970s Freddie Mercury. Not only in looks but his personality and speech.


Side view shot emulating the famous Queen II album cover pose.

I have been photographing Fairy for probably over 6 years now. As was explained in past posts on both the fan club and the public site, he would take poses and try to re-create them. Just like how Johann Wagner replicates the 1970s stage wardrobe and even some of the off stage wardrobe Freddie Mercury was often photographed wearing for Fairy. That is how devoted, fanatically obsessed he is with wanting to become 1970s Freddie Mercury. It's safe to say, he's more than succeeded because his fame says it all. R.I.P., Mick Rock.


Now about 'the candid'. Johann telling me he just came from Fairy's house and the glam rock queen is freaking out about tomorrow. As Johann posted on the homepage of the public site yesterday, it really isn't like Fairy. Knowing him like I do (again, photographed/worked for him for over 6 yrs. now), I have the feeling the nerves are because he truly is in love with the man and the unknown as in not knowing what to expect. The man is Russian - speaks fairly fluent English with heavy Russian overtones (like Nureyev did). Of course, the thing that's been teased a lot - 'prima', 'unruly', 'forbidden' and all that. Anyways, Johann telling me that he is worried over Fairy freaking out being such a bundle of nerves over it that he considered either phoning Mr. Nikolai Pavlova himself or that Dame Eleanor. Like you guys, I think it's funny how they post about these people behaving like they don't care they'll be reading it. Rebellious is a word that comes to mind, talking of words such as 'unruly' and 'prima'.


I told Johann to just let it alone. Not to bother either one of those people. I'm sure Killer Queen will manage. Apparently now he's not going to sleep at all tonight. It's after midnight as I post this. I seriously can't image what his Xmas is going to be like. It really was too campy and so him telling Johann he might befriend the cook since Johann won't be there. Then his overly sexual behavior telling Johann how he wishes the man would fuck him and speak Russian as he does but there would be no one to translate so how would he even know what is being said to him. Yeah, I wish his Haze Theatre shows he was going to do for Xmas wasn't ruined because those of you fans who would have gotten to attend were in for a real memorable treat. Nothing like being back at stale mate. Fairy really comes to life when he is able to grace stages.

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