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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Regal Splendour

NEW romance novel chapter PAGE COMING SOON!!

My precious fans, once again you have left me struggling for words of gratitude. I was phoned by my agent Mr. Nikolai Pavlova breaking this news to me. That will be posted about later... So to show my gratitude, with the help of my personal photographer Mr. Greg Hastings, we put together this video. I can't even remember where this live performance of mine was. I believe it was one of my London shows of my Flight Of The Fairy shows. The first round. I played a total of 6 in London. There is now a total of 900,214 fans with membership to my fan club (private site). I couldn't possibly fit all of you into one video. So forgive us for randomly choosing those who gave permission. Please, please PLEASE read the messages on the closing credits. Those are my messages to you, my darlings.

Greg, upload the video and post it.

Greg Hastings, viVid Photo Studio | Personal photographer to Fairy Mercury: Let me post something before I upload/post the video. Haze Theatre taking on managing Killer Queen was more than a 'positive move'. It's kind of almost eerie how Fairy is being treated now over his being 'involved in' professionally .... someone associated with ballet and the theatre and who had emulated the legendary ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev before taking on ownership of Haze Theatre. Fairy is becoming even more known and sought after. Pavlova remains a mystery. He obviously has connections. Without effort, the man privately works whereas that fool Jim Robinson (former manager/agent of the divine lush creature) had such an ugly shrewd brashness about him that is such a turn off. Angry people are assholes. Plain and simple. Anyways, here is the video and I can imagine what the comments you will be posting will be like. As the ever so elegant exotic prancer posted, please read the credits because they are his message to you - his adoring fans.

Message from Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre:

Mr. Greg Hastings, I would like to engage in conversation with you before Fairy's fans if you are on.Let me know. I will only be on for another 1/2 hour. You and miZ Mercury have messed up Mr. Schumann's layout so he will have to redo this entire page. He told me to let you two know that. He has had personal matters he needed to attend to. It is 8pm.

Greg Hastings, viVid Photo Studio: LOL! I had the feeling something was amiss about the new page. It didn't have the feel the others do. Sorry about that, Jorge!! Yes, I am on, Mr. Pavlova. I've been sitting here reading the comments Fairy's fans have been leaving.

Message from Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre:

It's touching Fairy says .... his (I'll use the male ...) fans are the love of his life. Because as like his idol Freddie Mercury who lived for the adoration of his fans, Fairy does as well. For them to 'leave' him - the song would perfectly capture the emotion. 'Don't take it away from me, because you don't know what it means to me' line of the song. 'It' (in Fairy's case) referring to the adoration, the love of the fans. I can tell that Fairy literally lives for that. The stage, his fans, performing as his idol Freddie Mercury who he aspires to be (not be like, but to be - become - 'incarnate' - embody). I advised him of a few things the 'phasing out' phrase of things/people who needed to be rid of.

Mr. F. J. Boyd when he said I should know because the years I've spent in the theatre. I am 38. I've been involved in theatre since my late teens. Fairy Mercury has only been a star since 2018. Only the past year or so he has finally become recognized and reaching fame. Fairy was misguided by people (such as the former manager/agent) who were nothing but negative people with an immature approach. Behaving like foolish thugs and bringing about very childish drama, causing a spectacle. How the lovely exotic creature put up with so many of those people as long as he had, one can only guess. He was always stuck in the middle of all of it trying to bring peace and harmony as the 'romantic' - lover not a fighter - effeminate gay male that he is. Now it's all focused on the star these people are fans of and happiness has been restored. I am sorry it took the death of a very devoted fan (Jason Long) to bring about these changes.

I'll end saying this to you, Mr. Greg Hastings, you and Johann Wagner have been with the divine lush creature from the start of his career. You two have 'survived the test of time'. You are essential to 'the star' who needs photography, video, costume, makeup, etc. to complete their 'fame'. Both of you never cease to amaze his adoring fans with the photography and video of and costumes for the exotic prancer - Freddie Mercury lookalike/emulator Fairy Mercury. Your loyal devotion to him and your complete focus on his success.
If you are reading this, kitten, I never said Johann was to quit the candid bit. Give what your fans want of you; their star. I knew 'the grand event' would sell out. Full capacity, with standing room only - as the old show biz saying has it. 10 minutes is all it took for both nights tickets to vanish into the hands of Fairy Mercury's adoring fans.

Greg Hastings, viVid Photo Studio: Thank you for the complements, Mr. Pavlova. I'm truly touched. Yeah myself and Johann Wagner are VERY loyal to Fairy. I am so very happy that you accepted the offer to manage him. It is what he needed to complete his venture to fame. Personally I can't thank you enough. I know Fairy is very elated to have you as his agent/manager as much as his fans are.I like and agree with everything you said in what you wrote. I'm glad to hear Jorge is alright. We were worried about him.

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - I'd like to say this to you, Nikolai, I am so glad you accepted to manage my best friend - our glam rock queen FM incarnate because he was at wits end about the spectacle of immature drama negativity from those phased out clowns. Their constant nagging and boring negativity. I remember him being in tears telling me there has to be more to life than putting up with this foolishness.As you called it 'thugs'. Clownish bullies with their threats and childish name calling and hatred. Such a boring stark contrast to Fairy's personality of being a (as you put it) 'effeminate gay male' who is a romantic, campy (humor), overtly sexual, fun loving - all things positive.

He very seriously came close to indefinitely putting an end to the public website and only sticking to his fan club (private site) just to escape the stupidity of some of it. When he decided to pay Haze Theatre a visit to meet his new protege, it was an eye opening experience. As Fairy put it, 'a new awakening'. He realized he needed a change - the changes he made that his fans have been seeing. Phasing out old bs, getting rid of the immature drama negative clowns (who were left), etc. We are so very relieved it's over. That was when him and I got creative and came up with the candid bit. What he campy calls 'romance novelist' tease he does of me since I volunteered to do the candid write ups considering I work at Haze Theatre, etc. His adoring fans just love it.

Enough on that. Fans, I can't wait until you see what the pushing boundaries Killer Queen made and will be posting. Familiarize yourselves with Will You Do The Fandango? and the backstage account Fairy posted about for it to make sense. Meanwhile, we need to let Mr. Jorge Schumann redo this entire page since we missed up the format. Until Jorge gets it sorted then Fairy will be able to post it.


From Jorge Schumann - Johann, you are misusing the word 'protege'. Mr. Pavlova would not be Fairy's protege. Fairy would be Mr. Pavlova's protege. The word meaning one who is protected, guided and trained by an influential person. As you can see, I put thing in proper format. So, Fairy, if you're on - feel free to post.


Hello dears. It is 4:30pm here in London and Friday starts the weekend!! What a better way to start off the weekend with a little camp. Jorge, 'the bill' is due in 4 more days. Make sure you pay it this time we don't want the lights turned out again. HA!! It really was that funny, my darlings!! Here is the other bit of camp (and I can not wait to find out what will become of it). I am sure I will 'stir up some flak'. Who's reply I really want is ... his ...


Once again, I tarted myself up and paid a surprise visit to Haze Theatre earlier today. You will hear all about it tomorrow. xx Fairy

Mmmm... I know of one delectably charming man who I am going to have dreaming of a very ... white ... Xmas ...


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy doing his trying to provoke a response he's so known for. I can not wait for you, Killer Queen's adoring fans, to hear about his surprise visit. He did it without even letting me know. Him performing at Haze Theatre is going to be such a memorable event.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Johann dear, talking about size .... compare the leg sizes ... I mean, a male ballet dancer's legs, arms, entire body ... those nude dance poses showing off all that. I mean, there are sooo many ... things ... I could say about it. Today when .... he ... said to me in Russian (when you translated it), 'I am aroused by the forbidden' I just about fucking melted!!


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: What he said was obviously him going on about that conversation he was having with you on here on the Will You Do The Fandango? page/post. You are 'the forbidden'. I think it's what Dame Eleanor meant by 'he doesn't understand her' other than he is Russian and you are Persian and raised in England. If that makes since to you. Glam rock star lifestyle - the 'prima' thing Dame Eleanor said in that one text. Making you 'the forbidden'. Ballet is sophisticated. Well mannered. Aristocratic - pompous. Like I said, he is princely. Refined. Nureyev apparently told that stupid 'the press' - 'I am now dating a rock star' and who the rock star was was Freddie Mercury .... Apparently Freddie Mercury had always had a 'crush' on Nureyev. He met Wayne Eagling who danced in one of the ballets Nureyev danced who got Freddie 'hooked up' with the Royal Ballet. Like Mr. Pavlova said, your idol was an avid fan of ballet, as I'm sure you know since FM is your idol and you know everything about him. So you can almost imagine what he must have thought when Liza Minnelli started dating a ballet dancer - copy/paste Barysnikov.


Greg Hastings, viVid Photo Studio: Me trolling your conversation. Johann, what you wrote to him is again so him being eerily identical to his idol. Because seriously, what are the odds?! Like he posted on the public site he doesn't deliberately sit out to be like Freddie Mercury - it's almost like his idol is guiding him - living through him. What 'reincarnation' means. It's kind of creepy. Btw, exotic prancer, that photo thing you made and your fans reactions to it in the comments section is too hilarious.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ It's why you have to slut yourself out asking 'what size is your cock?' because some people can't 'handle' enormous cocks .... My precious fans, you never cease to cheer up this queen. Yes, you have it right. The camp of the pinky finger (circled part of the photo) the '???' is suppose to be puzzled over 'my cock isn't small if that's what you're implying!' - as if who couldn't handle a small cock. No offense to those who have. This queen lusts the well endowed enormous ones .... I like my men ... bigger ... than me ... What I wouldn't give to have those muscular legs entwined in mine. Johann, I really like what you posted to me. The last part made me laugh. Since Liza was his 'idol', he probably was thinking what are the odds considering he had a thing for a (gay) ballet dancer (Nureyev). Making him more like her. Tomorrow, my darlings. Forever thank you for your fandom. xx 💜 🌈


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury: Fairy, I received 2 texts from Dame Eleanor. This is what the first said: This was how he was like after she left the theatre. Cocky, arrogant - a man in love (this gif was attached to the text)


Then the next text read:

He keeps obsessively watching these (2 vids below were attached)

He thinks the ‘Black Queen’ (black satin catsuit) is “sinfully divine” and the white catsuit is “seductively erotic”.

I see she’s being a silly girl on her public website.


And so begins another chapter of the candid ventures of the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury. (LOL! I just had to. ‘Never gets old’ is right, Killer Queen’s adoring fans).I was cutting out a pattern when Jorge Schumann (the exotic prancer’s PR/web designer) came rushing in telling me that Fairy is here in Haze Theatre doing his ‘surprise visit’ which in turn surprised me because he didn’t let me know so I could be prepared to ‘observe’ for my novel (< just for you, Fairy) write up.

As Jorge and I make our way through Haze Theatre trying to locate the Persian queen, we laugh over how everyone is abuzz doing our ongoing joke ‘inevitable love affair’ over the pairing of the ‘Russian prince’ and the Freddie Mercury incarnate/lookalike/impersonator. The man who heads the stage props production spots us and points in a direction, ‘Naturally, she is heading to Mr. Pavola’s office.’ as if knowing our quest.

Both Jorge and myself hurry off to that area of the theatre. We spot Fairy looking the ever so elegant radiant divine lush creature in his satin gliding down the hall that leads to Pavlova’s office.I call to him and he spins around purring, ‘Johann darling! I was -’ his words are cut off as Mr. Nikolai Pavlova comes down the hall Russian accent saying, ‘Ah kitten, what a pleasant surprise!I take it you are here to see me.’ Campy tease, Fairy purrs, ‘What would you do if I told you I was here to see Johann for a lunch date.’ Mr. Pavlova takes the fingers of the Persian queen’s black varnished nails left hand and bows his light brown hair head to it, Russian accent saying, ‘well then I would be very disappointed.’ Curiously, instead of giving the back of Fairy’s hand a kiss, he presses his cheek on the back of it then releases it and steps away making a ‘go on then’ sweeping gesture.I see Fairy’s exotic dark eye lined eyes curiously eyeing me obviously wondering the same – what does it mean – the cheek bit instead of a kiss.

With a toss of his midnight black hair head, the divine lush creature excitedly purrs, ‘I love my fans so dearly!! I am at loss for words how quickly the tickets went. We knew both nights would sell out. Thank you so very much, dear, for letting me bring my Flight Of The Fairy gig to your theatre.’ and kisses Pavlova very near the corner of his lips. I see the taken aback by it Russian prince quickly turn his face away blushing then hear him mutter under his breath in Russian, ‘I am very aroused by the forbidden.’ Fairy glides over to me taking a hold of me whispering, ‘what did he say?!’ I translate it and he quickly gaspily purrs, ‘what I seriously wouldn’t give to have him fuck me while speaking in Russian! Talking about arousing’ and steps back from me wildly laughing.


We then exchange suppressed laughter as Dame Eleanor comes down the hall, glances at Fairy then says to Mr. Pavlova, ‘I suppose you will be preoccupied entertaining your lovely unexpected guest -’ He tolds up a hand cutting her off saying in Russian, ‘No she has come to retrieve Johann for lunch’ then frowns, ‘to my disappointment’ Fairy turns so his back is face them and listens to me quickly translating. A hand over his mouth trying not to laugh as Dame Eleanor takes a handkerchief wiping the traces of lip gloss near the corner of the Russian prince’s lips saying in Russian, ‘I see she’s kissed you. When will you make it official you are a couple, Pavlova?’

When I finish translating what was said, the glam rock queen takes off down the hall laughing, ‘I fucking love it!!!’ I call out hurrying after him because he shouldn’t be wandering around the theatre by himself. The theatre can have its dangers. Not properly secured falling props, etc. I see his exotic dark eye lined eyes become cast with a dreamy expression as he stops and stares at the sign that reads ‘main stage’. I am startled as suddenly Mr. Nikolai Pavlova appears and approaches Fairy, slowly caressing a hand across his lower back saying, ‘this will be the stage you will be performing on, kitten’ and pushes open both doors which is the back of the auditorium – ‘the house’. With a toss of his midnight black hair head, Killer Queen purrs, ‘in another week I start rehearsals. You haven’t said another word about us doing the Fandango. You were being serious weren’t you, darling? I mean, we’re going to have to rehearse and fit it into the set list.’ his dark eye lined eyes glancing at the former ballet dancer/Nureyev emulator’s body with lust. Obviously still longing to be held to it as he was the day they met ….

I note the shy expression that crosses the Russian prince’s face as he clears his throat saying, ‘you’ll be late for lunch, kitten’ and slyly winks at me obviously out of knowing the lunch bit was made up by the exotic prancer. The divine lush creature seductively caresses his black varnished nails left hand onto Pavlova’s chest quietly purring, ‘let me give you a blow job, dear’ The Russian breathes, ‘ummm’ then jogs off down one of the aisles calling out, ‘Charles! How many times do I have to tell you not to put that there!!!’ as props are being assembled for an upcoming production. For Fairy, I set out to find out the meaning behind the cheek to the back of the hand instead of a kiss.


… to be continued.

Left: The exotic prancer Fairy Mercury looking identical to his idol (1970s decade) Freddie Mercury under pale blue spotlight. Sensuous lips drenched in lip gloss, exotic dark eyes eye lined and clad in white satin.

The photo was taken by Fairy's personal photographer Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio. As you can see, it is not watermarked by vIVid Photo Studio. A now defunct rival photo studio stole the photos and Mr. Hastings ended up suing them for copyright infringement. After Hours Photo Studio ended up having to file bankruptcy and went out of business. It doesn't pay to steal other people's ideas - to be a copycat with a selfish gain ....

My precious fans, it is 9:30pm here in London. I hope all of you are having an exciting day filled with love, naughtiness and laughter. Speaking of laughter ... I am laughing so hard over the comments so many of you have been leaving today. So I will bring you some more camp of the ongoing tease of the world's greatest romance novelist of all time. This now marks his 4th in the series of his saga of the Persian queen and the Russian prince. I love you, my best friend forever and always - talented costume designer Johann Wagner! You make me laugh over how you put it all into words. You, my darlings, make me laugh even harder over how you carry on like how people do over can't wait until some author who is doing an ongoing series comes out with the next novel - the continuation. Oh the drama!!! We're left in suspense!!!! Nail biting drama - orgasmic ... climax ...


Then all of you sit there clamoring for my take and wondering what happened to me and why I wasn't replying

to what Johann came back later on yesterday to post to me about the text messages he had received.

That gif is sooooooooo delectably gorgeous! I sat there watching it in it's constant loop and entertaining such

erotic thoughts ...

My take on my surprise visit to Haze Theatre yesterday, dears.I think ... he ... took off like he did because he was aroused by the blow job offer and didn't want me to see the erection in his trousers. I mean, I would have done it right there for all to see like a tart ... Mmm... I am so pleased ... that I made him 'cocky, arrogant and a man in love' as the text with the gif read. Too bad I was refused. I would have known if I could handle such a *delectably well endowed cock as that ... Ahem ... anyways, it was rather interesting and charming what Johann found out for me - where he left off.I love you all, my precious fans. I can't say it enough - thank you for your fandom!!

*Delectable defined: highly pleasing ...


Love and kisses to you all, darlings. Fairy

Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - I almost dread posting this because I almost know 'barrage of texts' as the exotic prancer put it and him being called 'unruly' and 'prima' will probably be the contents of the texts. But he told me to do it - I put what I am talking about in parenthesis. The rest of Killer Queen's recent surprise visit to Haze Theatre as follows:


I decided to ask Dame Eleanor about what Fairy was curious to find out. Why Nikolai Pavlova placed his cheek to the back of his hand instead of giving it a kiss. I told Dame Eleanor the details. Killer Queen behaving like a campy tart teasing Pavlova that he wasn’t at the theatre to see him but was there to go off for lunch with me. Dame Eleanor explained, ‘it was him implicitly asking forgiveness for being mistaken. That she was there for you and not him. So he refrained from a kiss of her hand.’


Dame Eleanor then told me, ‘his thoughts are consumed by her. He is a man obsessed and in love. Please do not put this on either one of her sites! (does it anyways – LOL!! Fairy told me to – another him pushing boundaries just to entertain you, his adoring fans) Pavlova told me he wakes in the middle of the night longing for her and gets out of bed to look at her public site and fan club. Watching the videos – her elegant effeminate moves and voice. Mesmerized how to perfection she embodies Freddie Mercury of the ‘70s. He reads you putting the two of them into words – their interactions and conversations. She is the forbidden and he is so very aroused by her. Then he admitted to me he is very nervous to dance with her. Dancing is so intimate. He knows in another week she will be there in Haze Theatre for a full week rehearsing and he will have to commit to his offer about doing the Fandango with her. That her adoring fans are now expecting it.'


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ The weekend is quickly coming to an end, my precious fans. Soon the public site will go dead once again for another week .... Zzzzz. Rolls eye lined eyes. Anyways, my darlings, what I find hilarious about what I had my costume designer post in spite of the fact that it was stressed 'do not' ... was that it is always Johann who gets the texts. I never get texts or phone calls. Since Haze Theatre has taken on as my management, only once was I phoned and that was recently by the delectably charming Mr. Pavlova telling me about the tickets selling out in 10 minutes. A voice mail that was left. This is what was said: 'Well, I generally am not fond of leaving messages. Perhaps I should phone back but I am pressed for time, kitten. I phoned to tell you wonderful news. The tickets - both nights - have sold out and in 10 minutes. Never in the history of Haze Theatre has any booked performance sold in such time as that. Congratulations are in order.' Me having such a .... crush ... on the man, I pathetically kept the message. HA!! DON'T TEASE!!


Greg Hastings | viVid Photo Studio: You two crack me up and so does Fairy's fans. Johann, you made me laugh over 'does it anyways'. Yeah, 'glam rock queen' behaving like pushing boundaries being 'unruly' and you go along with it. I can hardly imagine what's going to come of it. Especially considering what you were told not to post is so ummmm not only personal but intimate .... Fairy, what you posted is so you ....


Johann Wagner, costume designer for the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - You are not going to believe this, Fairy!!! I got a phone call from the head of props production. He was having dinner with Mr. Pavlova and Dame Eleanor. I am going to try to recall from memory what he told me. He said he was phoning from a bedroom. He slipped away as they got into a heated row. Pavlova read what I wrote – the continuation and what Dame Eleanor confided in me that he told her, that you had me post in spite of the fact she told me not to post about it.

The man (his name is Ross) told me Pavlova slowly closed his laptop and entwined his fingers, elbows on the table, staring at Dame Eleanor with a ‘cold hard stare’ then asked if she had ‘looked at miZ Mercury’s public website.’ that something had just recently been posted. He then got up from the table furious spatting in Russian, ‘how could you?! You know how she tends to be quite sexual and you KNOW how close friends she is with her costume designer! Did you not think for a moment Johann would go tell her!’ Dame Eleanor got up from the table telling him, ‘she needs to know these things -’ and is interrupted as he furiously replied, ‘that is not the point! It is on the website for the bloody public – her adoring fans to read like some sordid –’ Ross told me his words trailed unfinished there and with a dismissive wave he told Dame Eleanor to leave his presence. This was funny. Ross was like, you know how Pavlova is fond of muttering in Russian under his breath. Well, I heard him say, ‘if she replies to it – I can almost imagine.’ looking very embarrassed.

Dame Eleanor obviously heard him and retreated from leaving and went over to him saying, ‘Why shouldn’t she reply?! She is in love with you! You are afraid of how she makes you feel because she is forbidden. Some rules are meant to be bent even broken, Pavlova!’ Ross heard a door slam – obviously Pavlova having left the dining room. Anyways, I got a text message … from, you guessed it – Dame Eleanor which read: ‘Tsk. Tsk. You went against my wishes – you let the seductive glam rock queen – the unruly creature talk you into it. Pavlova is upset I told you and it ended up on her website for her adoring fans to read.I wanted for you to tell her. I am curious as to why she hasn’t anything to say about it – I’m sure she said something when you told her.’ ..... Are you going to reply, Fairy???

I'll reply .... I can't resist not to ... give me a few moments. When I posted: I know of one delectably charming man who I am going to have dreaming of a very ... white ... Xmas ... I see you are doing just that, aren't you dear?? .... I was VERY aroused over the text from your personal assistant to my costume designer: 'This was how he was like after she left the theatre. Cocky, arrogant - a man in love' with the gif attached. Because many times when I leave your presence, I often wonder how it's 'left' you... Believe me, I wake reaching for the phone - hand ... touching ... myself ... aroused. I read over and over the conversation (the only one) you had with me on my public site

(bottom of Will You Do The Fandango? page) and the email you sent and the card with roses posted (also at the bottom of A Rhapsodic Fairy ... Tale page). Then I think, is this man even real?! You seem like the fictional

prince out of the ballets Nureyev danced as! When you take my fingers - your breath on my hand before the arousing anticipated kiss. When you said that you are 'aroused by the forbidden' that was too fucking much!!

I wish you would come on my site again to engage me in conversation as you did that only time. xx Fairy


From Nikolai Pavlova, Haze Theatre: It is 3:30am as I write this. I understand you usually go to bed at the ungodly hour of 4am. Hopefully you will get this before you go to bed, kitten. Dame Eleanore is a 72 year old widow. She is VERY old fashioned and a gossipy old bird. She has become fixated on you and I - together - as lovers. I really don't know what to say. I feel embarrassed. What I admitted in the card (the one you had Johann scan and post on the rhapsodic page) you are referring to and the email I sent that you copy/pasted onto the same page - I meant every word I wrote in both, kitten. As for our only conversation we've had on your public site .... forgive me that I decline to reply. You really are such a very sinfully divine creature - arousing effeminate queen.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ It is now 5am. I got up to get something to drink and looked to see if you have posted.

I really didn't expect you to. I was very surprised to see you had, Nikolai dear. Are you asleep now?.... I am very sleepy so ... I just thought I would post and let you know I saw your reply. Sweet dreams.


Mmmm how I do adore a man who isn't afraid to be photographed in the nude showing off a male dancer's body in motion .... My darlings, when I went to Haze Theatre on Thursday, he told me that he has always had 'this crush - it doesn't embarrass me I did not know what this slang meant. I have always had that 'crush' on Freddie Mercury, the 1970s him that you embody to perfection.' (yes, his exact words)

Awww, I told him in return that I'm not just saying this either, that I've always had a thing for Nureyev (just like my beloved idol did). I won't lie, my dears, I am nervous about starting rehearsals tomorrow ....I don't have a 'crush' on my idol because that would be egocentric of me to since I am so much like him. I want to be him.

(Note to my costume designer, I'll never quit feeling faint over 'kitten' .....) xx Fairy


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - I overheard him telling Ross that he won't get sleep tonight just knowing you will be starting rehearsals at his theatre tomorrow. Then I heard him tell Ross about you saying 'I'll have you dreaming of a white Xmas' alluding to you looking erotic in your obscenely tight white satin on the promo video. Do you want to know what he said to Ross about it? I know you'll REALLY like it and I can hardly imagine what your reply will be to it. Me acting like I don't care 'the Haze Theatre people' (as your adoring fans hilariously know them as) will be reading this. LOL!


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Of course you know I would like for you to tell me, Johann. Btw, my precious fans, have any of you ever watched Valentino with Rudolf Nureyev playing Valentino and the full frontal nude scene he does in it .... Johann, do tell of me deliberately brushing my had over ... that ... well endowed ... bulge when I took you with me on Thursday to meet with him in his office at Haze Theatre ....


Johann Wagner, costume designer to the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury - Okay I'll tell of it since copy/paste killjoys ruined our weekend plans for your website. Now they're copy/pasting Cabaret. So damn glad the clowns are so obsessed with never ending stalking you in negative ways. IF Gordon Ramsey is, at least he's being positive about it.... Who needs to die next because of them? Fairy? NEVER learn lessons. So damn hard to just fuck off and quit. I still think those boring clowns are gay haters (especially haters of a 'queen' meaning an effeminate/feminine gay male = you and your idol) and a bunch of prudes. Reminder fucking lesbians are hated by our clique.... Now moving on from BORING negativity that we REFUSE to trash up the glam rock queen's website with anymore .... the charming Russian prince doing his taking the exotic prancer Persian queen's black varnished nails left hand to kiss the back of it and told him, 'your hands are very lovely how slender they are, kitten.' Fairy carrying on over the 'kitten' bit (like always) doing just what he said, after Pavlova released his hand, Killer Queen deliberately brushed it against the front of his trousers.


In reply to what I asked if you wanted to hear the reply to, Fairy, he told Ross that when he watches that video he has to 'fight down an erection' because you look 'like an erotic dream in the sinfully divine white satin'. Ross laughed asking him why 'fight down'? I moved where I could see them where they were at having this conversation. I could see Pavlova turn away, blushing, shaking his head with a heavy sigh. I bet the reason has to do with the forbidden thing. Waits for the glam rock queen's reply ....


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Johann, and my precious fans who I love so dearly. I am not going to reply. You know what? I've had it. Copying Cabaret just about does it. Those fucking assholes just want to destroy me and steal EVERYTHING! I think I am just going to end my life. GOOD BYE!


Message from Nikolai Pavlova - Johann, I hope you have gone to her. Or shall I? Not a moment should be wasted. It takes but a moment to end one's life. You know the suicide issues are real with her. Those people's hatred by copying really disgusts me! It is so very cruel and evil! Yes, 'selfish gain' would most definitely be the phrase to define those cruel imbeciles. I see why all of you are so full of extreme hatred towards them. Now what?! Lay it on heavy because they're extremely jealous over the upcoming Christmas shows? We might have to pull the public site and that isn't fair because it makes them win. Appeasing the devil.


Jorge Schumann (web designer) - Pavlova, like you said to Fairy, the fuckers behave like bullies. Trying to destroy his feelings and fame. They act like it would kill them to just give over the spotlight to him and his ideas. Instead they steal it all like jealous pigs. If anyone needs to die it's them. Comment (with permission) from fan Kevin in Oxford - The asses remind me of a movie I watched where this pathetic loser spent all his time copying this popular guy and the guy had enough of it and confronted the loser saying something like, 'why don't you copy that too? You copy everything about me. Like it's really going to make you like me.' They act like they're going to be Fairy and as interesting and popular and famous as he is doing what he does and they're nothing but load of boring ugly ass jokes. BOOO!! Get off the stage, clowns!

There is ONLY ONE entertainer this world needs and that's FAIRY MERCURY! F.A.C.T!!!

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