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Fairy Mercury is a famous Freddie Mercury (of the 1970s) lookalike/incarnate.

"This day and age Freddie Mercury" claims his adoring fans

Featuring: Russian ballet danseur Rudolf Pavlova

Let Me Entertain You

Once again, a note to the exotic prancer’s adoring fans, and just a reminder, Pavlova prefers to use the effeminate/feminine to speak of Fairy, as Freddie Mercury was by close personal friends/associates of him.

As if you guys need reminders ….

I arrange for my personal assistant (the gossipy old bird Dame Eleanor) to order the rose bouquet I have chosen suitable to bestow upon the exotic queen if/when she comes for rehearsals.It’s amusing how everyone decided to leave off after the taking everything out of context gossipy old bird decided to join in. She tends to overreact. I decide to take her up on the roses because the sinfully divine glam rock queen most certainly brought down the curtain over the fans reaction to the video for 'All Dead, All Dead'.

A ½ hour later, bouquet arrives. An hour later, I receive word the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury has arrived at Haze Theatre. I haven’t quite yet decided on what I told the ‘divine lush creature’ – whether to stay away until she’s ready. A knock comes on the door of my office as I stand at the mini bar savoring a cherry brandy. I sigh as I see it’s the rather annoying gossipy old bird who sternly begins to say, ‘Pavlova, did you not -’ Then my heart soars as I see her, the enticing exotic creature, who consumes my thoughts/emotions brush past the annoying Dame Eleanor purring, ‘Excuse us’ with an elegant dismissive …. flick of the wrist … and closes the door. I laugh, ‘thank god! I was bracing myself for another taken out of context meddling – oh never mind, kitten.’


She glides over to me, throwing her arms around my neck and the drenched in gloss sensuous lips kisses me – at the corner of my lips – teasingly denying me of a full on kiss on the lips. I wonder if she feels the erection pressed against her she has given me as I hear her excitedly purr, ‘we did it! Omg! My fans’ reactions to the video – wasn’t it just grand, darling?!’


I gaze at her face inches from mine and find myself telling her I love her – in Russian. I become even more … aroused … as ‘Killer Queen’ with the incredibly ‘killer body’ tosses her long midnight black hair, pressing the black nails left hand onto my chest purring, ‘speak English, dear’ then caresses a finger on the corner of my lips. I turn away finishing off my brandy and go over to the table where the rose bouquet is and bring them over to her telling her I bought them to congratulate her on the overwhelming reaction her adoring fans had being surprised by the video.

Worth watching over and over - endlessly


I really have no comment as it goes to her overly sexual personality. The unruly glam rock queen takes the roses, the exotic eye lined liquid brown eyes on the front of my trousers, purring, ‘For me?’ obviously not meaning the roses being for her but desiring something else … from me. Now that I have learned that ‘official’ to the exotic queen is to have sex, I decide to play her erotic game with the information. ‘Well then, kitten, will you be rehearsing today? I’m sure you didn’t grace Haze Theatre with your lovely presence just - ‘ My words are silenced as she finishes the sentence for me purring, ‘to see you’ the eye lined exotic eyes gazing intensely at me. I ‘sit’ on the front edge of my desk, arms crossed waiting for her to go on. She does and it’s rather lovely.

She starts out with elegantly – I’ll pause to say, her movements are so feminine. Elegant and erotic.


Obviously to entice me…. She slowly brushes a stray strand of the lovely long midnight black hair threatening to go into one of her eye line eyes purring, ‘I am so fucking in – I mean, I am so in love with you, darling’ I press my lips suppressing grin over how unruly glam rock queen corrected leaving off ‘fucking’ even after she had already said it. Oh, but I long for the ‘prima’ – the unruly – undisciplined – the forbidden which she most certainly is. When I keep my …. nonchalant … composure, she turns away quickly changing the subject purring, ‘I want to do another video. One for ‘Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy’ and do it similar to what we did with ‘All Dead, All Dead’ (Oh what have you done, Mr. Francis Boyd? This, below, really was funny... Prima: undisciplined.... one of many things that makes her so delightfully forbidden....)

‘That would be much welcomed by your adoring fans, femmka. They can never get enough of your talents and likeness to your idol Freddie Mercury.’ I almost knew this was coming … she faces me and purrs, ‘where did you get that footage of me being a silly tart camping it up pretending a maraca was a tit?’ I laugh pulling myself off the edge of the desk and go to the mini bar telling the exotic creature, ‘isn’t that what fans do, kitten? Film concerts even if it’s illegal. How does one say in the music industry? Bootleg? The venue you’re so fond of in Brighton. The man who books shows happens to be a good friend of mine. He tells me you do Freddie Mercury to the minute detail even the chest thrust out pose. Thrusting out your tits.’


I can see her out the corner of my eye staring at me, expression unreadable. What are you thinking, femmka? I wonder. I pour myself another cherry brandy and hear the lovely sibilant purr erotically in almost a whisper purr, ‘fuck me’ I pretend I didn’t hear it as I think of how she watched me as I danced the other day for her.


My heart sinks as I hear the door of my office being opened and closed. She has left – why?! I rush out of my office practically yelling, ‘where is she?! Where is Fairy?! Who’s seen her?!’ Several staff gesture in the direction which leads through Haze Theatre to the main stage. I hurry off in that direction. I find her seated at the grand piano playing what I recognize as the song ‘You Take My Breath Away’ …. she is not singing – only playing. As if doing ballet, I make a flying leap up onto the stage and dare to approach. Without looking at me, the ever so elegant Fairy purrs, ‘I’m sure you read all the lovely things my fans were saying about us. How perfect we are for each other. You are everything (word stressed) and more that I have been looking for in a man.’ The dark exotic liquid brown eyes move onto me as she purrs, ‘Russian prince’


Then she does something I strictly forbid! She gets onto her knees. ‘Get up!’ I nearly yell, ‘what are you doing?! Get up now!’ I have scared her.I watch as the sensuous glossed lips part. I close my eyes refusing to see this lovely creature on it’s knees! I then hear the unruly glam rock queen purr, ‘let me suck your enormous fucking cock. I need to know if I can handle it, dear’ ‘Not here’ I say in Russian, the unruly glam rock queen’s straight forward overly sexual desires I am unused to.


I open my eyes as I feel she is now off her knees and standing before me. Her lovely slender hands pawing my chest in desirous lust. She continues to express her overly sexual desires for me as her mixed Persian (India – the sibilant purr) and British accent purrs, ‘I mean, when you danced for that video and for me the other day all I could think of was how masculine and strong and that very fucking distracting well endowed cock in those leotards.’ I lick my lips thinking, ‘your lovely little ass in the obscenely tight satin is just as distracting, femmka’ then I decide to say this aloud to her and taste those erotic gloss sensuous lips once again. I draw her closely to me and do just that.

I couldn’t believe what happened. She literally fainted in my arms!! I was panicked. Of course, never had I had anyone do this!


The head of stage props was suddenly there telling me, ‘she has fainted, Pavlova.’ then teases, ‘you are truly a prince. You have the ability to make an effeminate queen faint. Ladies would faint over Nureyev, you know.’ At the moment I didn’t find it funny. I thought my love – my star had died! I watch as those erotic glossed lips sip the glass of water held to them. The eye line liquid brown eyes gaze at me as she reaches out her hand to me. ‘No, it’s best you don’t’ one of the stage crew quietly tells her, taking the black nails left hand and places it to her … tits. I look away trying not to laugh over how a man in love can become so easily obsessed by even silly teasing. Yes, I have undeniably become a man very obsessed and in love with the divine lush creature. My thoughts drift off to the size of my penis … and the erotic creature’s lust and curiosity for it. Could she ‘handle’ it?? … I quickly dismiss the thoughts.


She was revived and was told it would be best she go home and rest. To my disappointment because I was willing to give in to the forbidden desire. Back in my office, I sigh an annoyed sigh as my phone’s various ringtones alerting to messages, voice mail, etc. keeps going off. I snatch it up off my desk and my heart soars as I retrieve the voice mail messages. The most recent being from the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury.


The exotic Persian sibilant purr in a very erotic tone of voice telling me, ‘I can’t believe I did that! (wild laugh) Oh no, actually I can, dear! The Russian prince has not only swept me off my ballet slippers feet but stole my fucking breath away – isn’t that what causes one to faint? (more wild laughter – then the purr) mmmm (followed by) all I wanted was for you to slide your enormous fucking cock in my wet lips (very campy and overly sexual) you don’t even need lubricant for those lovelies – get it, darling? Gloss. Mmmm to have your cum slowly slide down my throat. That incredible muscular body of yours – I bet you fuck as intense as you dance. You said I must have her in what you wrote. So why not (slight pause, soft ‘mmm’ purr) take (another slight pause) me. Take me – take as in fuck me, darling, in case your Russian doesn’t know the talk. Mmmm then for you to speak Russian to me while you’re fucking me would be so fucking arousing. I already can’t stand we’re apart, my charming prince. Oh yes, I am verrrrry much your queen.’ --- Call ends there.


So here we are again, the candid for Fairy Mercury’s adoring fans and myself wondering what her reaction will be when she reads this.


Coming Next: 'Killer Queen's' reply?? and new video, plus much more!!


From Jorge Schumann/PR and web designer Fairy Mercury - Well, fans, here is what silly girl Killer Queen wanted me to transfer here from off the homepage. Note to Pavlova, I have the feeling she's in one of her 'silly girl' campy overly sexual moods. So watch out....


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Why are you letting that creep 'provoke a response'? Negative attention seeker....You are right, Pavlova dear, they are on the same level as those freaks. PLEASE delete ALL OF IT and let's just forget it. I'm NOT putting myself on the level of any of it! I'm distancing myself from the shit show. It upsets me and my fans.

From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: For you, exotic prancer, I will because I love and care for you that much.I've had enough of the negativity. I'm not going to let your fans be made disappointed and upset they are denied of their star. There! It is all gone but us, femmka. What your adoring fans want.'The perfect ... fairy ... tale couple. The two most attractive people/couple in the world' The India born glam rock queen and the handsome Russian ballet danseur prince.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Mmm now that's more like it, my delectable prince! You aim to ... please ... Now about the reply to that voice mail I left you you copied word for word. HA! Oh yes, my darlings, I more than LOVE your 'thread' calling him ... and I 'fashion icons'.

From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: You know how to get your audience riled, kitten, I do as well....How about we make a deal. You tell me your thoughts on the ... sweaty ... resting after ballet performance photo THEN I will reply about the voice mail. I was going to phone back but it is as I wrote. I am not used to your type of overly sexual - how does one say? Prowess? That word has such a feline sound to it....

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ I'll melt if your answer is yes to this, dear. Was it taken after you danced for my video?I mean, well ... I'll confess - yes, I was being overly sexual queen when I saw it while reading what you wrote. I thought if that's what you look like after having sex ...... Now Jorge sorted that, I'll continue. Remember how it was 'just art' you being nude and emulating Nureyev? Now, how do you REALLY expect a queen to react other than become ... aroused? Then you KEEP doing it, shirtless delectable photos AND to top it off, that distracting fucking enormous cock ...... Now reply to the voice mail msg. I left, dear. I believe I have given you more than enough 'thoughts'.


From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: About your 'note' to me, Jorge, trust me I can 'handle' .... the sinfully divine creature. Such as the 'plunging' very revealing erotic obscenely tight cat suits and your (and your idol's) idea of ballet leotard. Actually, femmka, I would like to talk on the ballet leotard for a moment. We all know catsuits are feminine. The style and how it's worn by your idol - which you wear (replicated by your costume designer) leotard would be designed in well, just that. An erotically sexual effeminate (keyword) way. It's lovely in comparison to the masculine danseur that I and my idol Nureyev wears to dance. I don't wish to be partial, kitten .... but I fancy the satin cat...suit on you the best. Satin anything. There is just something very erotic about satin. Oh yes, the voice mail ... it was a bit too much. You have no reply to all of what I wrote about your most recent visit to Haze Theatre? You missed the opportunity because I was going to ... how shall I say to ... arouse... you, unruly glam rock queen? ... I was going to 'take you' .... But you fainted. What you wrote about your lips and ... the gloss ... I was more than aroused ... if you know what I mean by 'more than' ...

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Correct me if I'm wrong, dear. 'More than aroused' meaning cum .... In reply to what you wrote, I am the effeminate to your masculine. How romantic. I'll reply to all of what you wrote, darling. It was just what many of my precious fans were commenting when they read it - 'homoerotic' and very romantic. If I'm not able to handle your cock - what then? 

From Pavlova, Haze Theatre: Please tell me exactly what you mean, femmka? I don't want to embarrass myself assuming what I think you mean every time you say that. This is embarrassing discussing my penis is it not?! And yes, I do find your 'tits' arousing as well as your full sensuous lips - all of you, actually.


+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Let me text you my reply, darling. I have to go off now, this is no excuse. I'm annoyed we're being interrupted doing this. Something came up I need to take care of.


Fan comment: 'The two most attractive people in the whole wide world!!! '

We agree


Hello dears. Things have been very sombre these past few days upon the untimely death of Dame Eleanor. I have temporarily put rehearsals for my spring tour on pause due to it, out of respect. I might have my PR man/web designer Jorge Schumann transfer what my costume designer and I wrote about it on the homepage onto here to be kept. As a matter of fact, I think I will. Do this for me, Jorge.


I did speak more with the distraught  Pavlova. He is holding up. For those of you, my precious fans, who have been curiously wondering who writes the 'captions' on the photos. It is either my personal photographer who takes them (unless otherwise specified) or Mr. Jorge Schumann in his PR efforts. We're hoping to pass our mourning stage soon and 'on with the show'. Until then, xx Fairy


Below: comments/statements on Dame Eleanor's passing made by the exotic prancer Freddie Mercury lookalike/impersonator Fairy Mercury and costume designer Johann Wagner


Message from Johann Wagner, the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's costume designer - I have some very sad news. Dame Eleanor has passed away. As all of you know, she had been Mr. Nikolai Pavlova's personal assistant for the past 14 years. She adored Fairy being the mirror image of 1970s decade Freddie Mercury. And like you, Fairy's devoted fans, she loved the idea of Pavlova and Fairy becoming a couple - working relationship as well as personal. She will be deeply missed.

As you know, I not only design Fairy's onstage and much of his offstage wardrobe, but I am also his best friend. In remembrance of Dame Eleanor, I fondly remember one of the last things she told Fairy with me present. 'That entire 'glitch' and everyone involved are immature and need to grow up! It's shameful how childish that media alone conducts themselves. Promise me, Fairy, to stay away from all of it. You stand out. Don't blend in with their ugliness.'


Fans, glam rock queen Fairy Mercury will be making a statement on the sad passing of Dame Eleanor soon.

This couldn't have happened at the most ... words escape me. I suppose 'All Dead, All Dead' would be very appropriate now for me to have performed and release the video on.I went off here after the sexual conversation with the handsomely delectable 'Russian prince' because something came up. About 20 mins. later, he phoned. I could tell he was upset struggling with the 'stiff upper lip' nonchalant composure. I told him to cry.

This woman of 73, was a mentor to him and like a mother. One thing I found touching about her considering her age, was how very open minded she was about homosexuality. Yet us gays love and gravitate to theatre and ballet. All things sensitive and lovely. Unlike fucking macho - all man trash of the straight bores ... such as sports .... So being around gays must have made her tolerant, not judgemental, compassionate and understanding.

'We Are The Champions' was undoubtedly written by my beloved idol about ballet - his crush on Nureyev the greatest Russian ballet danseur of all time. 'I've taken my bows and my curtain calls' It is customary to present the danseur and ballerina with a bouquet of roses at the curtain call and call out 'bravo!' So, Dame Eleanor, BRAVO!

I'm crying as I compose this, my darlings. I loathe how death is so final. Fairy Mercury

Live rehearsal of 'We Are The Champions' with various concerts clips

‘I’ve taken my bows and my curtain calls

You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it

I thank you all’ (from Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’)




Johann, are you still online? I hope you see this. In case you don't, I'm sending you a text to look. I know I could phone you about it, but I decided to post about it for my precious fans to be included. Fairy The delectably handsome 'Russian prince' phoned me again. I just can't, Johann!! Kind of like him telling me he likes my 'tits'. I couldn't even reply to it!! Awww he is so distraught! I was wishing I could phone you to have you translate but I couldn't very well be like, 'oh wait!' and get another phone. He was like, 'Femmka, it's me again. I speak Russian. No English and you will listen.' All I could manage to say was, 'all right then.' Several times during it - me wishing I knew Russian, I could hear him pause obviously crying .... I feel so sad - so very upset. It was unexpected! I remember how she arranged to let me have those almost life size nude photos of him that were hanging in the main hall of Haze Theatre and how taken by my likeness to my idol she was. I will wait for your reply, Johann.

Message from Johann Wagner, the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's costume designer - I am on. Greg is playing his stupid games. I'm besides myself with grief. You are right, it was unexpected. Remember how I toldyou it was too obvious why it was me she would text. It was funny, Fairy. Now it's no more! She helped me in my pursuit to become a costume designer in theatre. What you call 'gave me my start'. She was part German and Russian. Both languages she spoke fluently. You have it wrong, btw, what you told your fans.Probably because you're upset. At the curtain call, the ballerina is gifted the bouquet of roses and she removes a single rose to give to the danseur. I am haunted by how she kept stressing how Pavlova is a man in love and obsessed with you, Fairy. That is more than obviously true about him. I dread going into Haze Theatre tomorrow. I'm glad there were no productions over the weekend. I bet he won't come in. Most likely Ron Craster will take place as his personal assistant.


She was like the Matriarch of Haze Theatre and the oldest longest member. About what you said about your ... 'tits' ... I don't blame you for not being able to reply to it. You're so 'unruly' and forbidden to him and I get a kick out of reading those 2 things he wrote up about you and him. The 'gossipy old bird' was in playful joking in case fans were thinking he'd call her that being mean.Again, as the ever so elegant Fairy has said in the past - you guys don't know us personally. So you don't get 'inside jokes' - etc. and we don't stop to explain. Which we should so things aren't taken out of context with stupid wrong impressions gotten. Kind of like the stupidity that you guys were trying to start over me. Btw, I'll be 'bringing the candid' to you once again on Killer Queen. Pavlova wanted to do it obviously to express his feelings for Fairy. Something different.

+++ Fairy Mercury +++ Johann, thank you for what you replied. It tells my precious fans more about Dame Eleanor. I cried even more over what you wrote about the 'barrage of texts' as I would campy-like call it. It makes me sad it's no more. You're right, it was funny. As for the things ... he ... wrote about me and him. The one recent one where he's talking about wondering if I felt his erection pressed against me. Oh my god!! I didn't, but I wish like hell I did!! TAKE ME, YOU HANDSOME FUCKING RUSSIAN PRINCE!!! Then wanting to 'taste' my lips. I mean, this man is so fucking 'prince charming' and romantic like the prince in the ballets Nureyev would dance. That ... he .... would dance as Nureyev. Then today when he said he was going to fuck me but I fainted and missed the opportunity. I mean .... I just can't!!! What my precious fans have been having a laugh calling it, 'what type of homoerotic porn am I even reading from the perfect most attractive talented couple in the world' My precious fans, I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Message from Johann Wagner, the ever so elegant Fairy Mercury's costume designer - In spite of everything, what you wrote is so campy and so you! What I can't get over is how you react to him calling you 'kitten' and what you carry on so over about the way he will breathe on the back of your hand - smelling the 'exotic scent' of it before he 'delivers the kiss'. The ways he phrases things is what Jorge Schumann said - princely and as if he's choreographing and living out a ballet. Of course, his personality and the things he does is so 'princely'. I loved what you wrote to him, Fairy, about - 'I am the effeminate to your masculine. How romantic.' Which I noticed your fans were carrying on over it in the fan club comments section. The conversation you and him had on here several posts back. People would say Nijinsky was effeminate while Nureyev was masculine. As you know, your idol Freddie Mercury took up wearing the Harlequin leotard look admitting he was inspired by Nijinsky. And Pavlova said it would be Nijinsky because Freddie was effeminate and androgynous like Nijinsky. I think Nureyev had a thing for Nijinsky. Like Pavlova said, Nureyev fancied effeminate gays/queens. Then it was not surprising when it was rumoured Nureyev was dating Freddie.

Ron Craster has become Pavlova's new personal assistant.     

'The March Of The Black Queen' the exotic prancer. 

Dark, dramatic

Up Next: The Send Off. Matriarch defined: a woman who rules a family or group of people. The matriarch of Haze Theatre Dame Eleanor's final wishes for the glam rock queen Fairy Mercury and Russian ballet danseur Pavlova. Plus, Satin queen Fairy's ... tits ... they really are quite lovely, right Pavlova?? .... Fans, remember how Pavlova wanted 'her' to come for Xmas in the 'plunging' white satin catsuit? .... 'Naughty boy ....' find out the rest of this quote from the glam rock queen. And So Much More!!


In moving on now, my darlings .... I have to laugh sitting here reading through the recent 'thread' that was created on the fan club comments section. I let slip that one day that the Peter Pan statue (pictured below) in Hyde Park is myself and the delectably (highly pleasing...) handsome Pavlova's 'favorite meeting spot'. Now all of you are obsessed knowing the statue for me and that.

I still wish that one day, some day I could play Hyde Park like my beloved idol did back in 1976. More on this and ... ahem ... my latest 'ventures' with Pavlova as we make efforts to resume creating a new music video for me to grace you with, dears. Along with more details of my spring tour (SO EXCITED!!!) which will begin some time in March. Let me elaborate about 'more on this'. The day him and I met there and I was recognized by several of you 'haunting' around the statue in hopes of 'catching a glimpse of' me.

Below: Fan drawn - the exotic effeminate queen complete with eyeliner and glossed lips. Stunning!!

Hello once again, dears. I hope you're having a lovely start to the weekend. I am laughing so hard over the latest conversations going on in the fan club comments section. My curious darlings wondering if I've seen ... him ... since the conversation him and I were having on here where he told me he finds my tits ... 'arousing'. I'll share something campy with you in answer to your curiosity. Then I'll share something rather touching yet funny. As I posted about yesterday, that I was going to tell about my 'latest ventures' of moving forward with creating another video. I went to Haze Theatre this morning (current time here in London: 6:20pm). Being campy, I decided NOT to tart myself up by being overly dressed - to deny him of ... bare ... tits ... It was too obvious my plan was noticed and it was rather embarrassing how the delectably handsome 'Russian prince' was behaving. I will tell more of this over the weekend including how he told me 'Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy' being one of my beloved idol's vaudeville-cabaret type numbers he was fond of writing, that it wouldn't be 'ballet material' and 'no possible way would I be able to dance to that, femmka'. I am fucking in love with him!!!!


Btw, dears, the one 'move' where he's standing 'balanced' on one leg, that is called arabesque. The spinning and 'pivots' on one foot is 'pirouette' that he wanted to teach me. I am so fucking infatuated with ballet just as my idol was.... Now onto the touching yet funny I mentioned. His new personal assistant Mr. Ron Craster texted me telling me it was him keeping Dame Eleanor alive and the way she would make gifs of Pavlova, etc. to attach to the texts she would send. Apparently 'they' got a kick over all of you, my precious fans, calling Pavlova and I 'fashion icons'. Glam rock queen and ... her ... fashionable Russian prince.


Anyways. this is what the text read: 'in keeping Dame Eleanor's memory alive since you were so amused by the text msgs. thing. Attached, the 'Russian prince' sporting dapper ... nonchalant .... look.' Then a second text came that read: 'I was going to do 'barrage of texts' (you really are so campy calling it that). If only you knew the things Pavlova has confided in me about his feelings for you. Remember he admitted being 'aroused by the forbidden'? ... I'm sure your adoring fans would like to hear some of it, 'unruly glam rock queen', because you really were funny/campy how you would post on your websites and not care 'the Haze Theatre people' were reading.' I've asked the man to share it. I'll post it once I receive it along with the 'sporting dapper ... nonchalant ... look' photo also photos of myself for you to enjoy. Until then, xx Fairy

From Pavlova, Haze Theatre - It is 3:30 am as I compose this. I wonder if the lovely 'divine lush creature' has slinked off to bed. Isn't that her usual bedtime, fans?? .... Using fans' talk 'so me right now'. Tsk. Tsk. after reading your 'preview' on the homepage, Jorge, Ronnie old boy is taking after gossipy old bird Dame Eleanor. I suppose it's going to be a sordid 'tell-all' just to indulge the lovely creature's curiosity considering I'm such a 'mystery' to her. She's so curious, she deliberately brushes her hand across my - how does she put it? 'Distracting fucking enormous cock' then admits to not having any knickers on under what she's wearing. I can hardly wait to read what I am sure will be rather telling. I regret the tits video & admittal now, Jorge.

From Jorge Schumann (PR and web designer for FM): Pavlova, you have to admit the using a maraca for a tit video of her you were given by the venue operator really is sexy as hell. You tend to use the word arouse a lot. It def. is just that. Talking of tits ... this photo in the white satin top and the white satin knickers. Imagine dressing like that in concert. It's the 'tart' look - ('Big Spender' Queen encore song which was so 'obscene cabaret' act) overly sexual effeminate queen who so eerily mirrors idol Freddie Mercury. She emulates to perfection. Thoughts on the photo, Pavlova?? Erotic glossed lips and all.

From Pavlova, Haze Theatre - Jorge, as Dame Eleanor kept telling that one fool about me. I will give her anything she desires. As for using the word arouse a lot. What can I say, Jorge? The sinfully divine creature is just that - very sexually arousing. That is my thoughts on the photo. She is my 'counterpart'. We are the 'love story' of Nureyev and Freddie Mercury. Completes each other. I keep thinking of this. It was funny. When I told her it would be impossible to dance ballet to the song she had in mind. I told her any dancing to that would be tap dance. She laughed. Her laugh is so intoxicating. I never believed the pathetic story behind that particular song of why Freddie Mercury supposedly wrote it. I believe he was inspired to write it because of his 'crush' Nureyev played Valentino in that movie. Anyways, after I made the tap dance joke, she laughed, pouted the sensuous glossed lips a little then decided on 'White Queen (As It Began)'. Then I tell her, ah-ha! Now that would be ballet.

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